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Sup /tg/

Found out I probably didn't get into the art school I desperately wanted to get into and feel pretty down on myself. So uh... Draw thread?

Doing portraits and really simple scenes or whatever. Only rules is no 40K stuff, I don't know anything about it and can't be fucked to look stuff up for each pic, sorry.

Also of course its not the board for it, but if anyone has crit I'd be fully open to hearing it.

Dumping art stuff until requests, just some pieces from my sketchpad.

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Could you draw a cosmic flower with a pearl in the centre of the bloom, with an orange star overhanging the flower and a ring of kaleidoscopic multicolored fragments circling it?

Any style, from realistic to stylized.

It's a representation of a setting I'n writing and I'd be really grateful

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Guy in a military style uniform, brown hair short but not crew cut, leaning against the leg of a golem-style mecha and reading a trashy adventure novel.

Its for a quest thread, and will be appreciated by more than just me, if that matters.

My thanks.

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The dean of your art school on his knees begging for his life to a shadow runner.

If you've never played shadow run think modern criminal of the 27th century.

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Here's my admittedly awful try, but I'm no drawguy.

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Two tiny Myconids hugging.

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Hey op, major bummer. Do you think you could draw my mech pilot? Wiry haired Cossack in an olive drab jumpsuit, white us naval captains cap, with a bushy beard. Tall. Striped undershirt, posed in goofy wrestling stance.

Was that your only school?

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A wizard drinking an ale in a tavern with his feet up on the tavern, while looking at the barmaid seductively.

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second tavern is table my bad

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I am quite sure, sir, I have no fucking idea what you are interested in, but I hope I captured it in some fleeting capacity

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A fighter with gladiator scissors on both his arms on top a heap of dead ogres.

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I would like to request a human sorceress, with long red hair falling past her shoulders, shooting a beam of energy out of her outstretched hands. Heels, long, flowing garments, and looking slightly evil.

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Buff female lizardfolk. Chipper-looking.

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Next up.

Haha, wouldn't want to hurt my chances for next year though, now would I? ;D

Realized the wand in OP goes through the cloak lol. Pic: from same project as OP.

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You know who else launched a majorly ambitious project because he couldn't get into art school?

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awesome, thank you.

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I wait with bated breath, friend.

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Yay, a draw thread. I might take requests in a bit here to fill in OP's 40k gap.

Here's a really gay sketch of Lucius I've been working on forever. It's part of a lineup of pre-heresy Emp's Children. (I gotta fix his fucking foot.) Saul Tarvitz is next, and Fabius, Eidolon, Julius, and Marius are also in it. Eventually. Concrit welcome.

>captcha: rldlc straight
no, not straight, captcha

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I'd like a...hm.

You know, I don't know.

Maybe like, a general Holy Roman Empire soldier from the 1500s-ish with a halberd. He'd have the poofy clothes, the breastplate, maybe a helmet or maybe just a bowl cut, and a halberd.

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This might be a hard one but kudos if you do it cause I need it for reasons
Three people, one an asian woman ~20, a teenage boy ~16 and a heavyset man ~50. The man carries a shotgun and the other two hold pistols. They look fearful.

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I'll give it a shot.

Can you draw a young Knight on his early twenties? Wearing practical, simple full plate with a very light gray colouring, in near-pristine condition, and a long, dark blue cape. Finally, also wears a golden, simple necklace with a blue gem in the middle of it.

A rather youthful if slightly feminine face. Light gray eyes, long dark brown hair going a few inches past his shoulder, and a slightly angled chin.

If possible, also have him with a ornate, white Bastard Sword on one of his hands.

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Some punk wearing big ol boxy cyberpunk goggles. Maybe chilling on a jetbike. Really anything cyberpunk with goggles like this.

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if you do this for me op i will love you
half dragon ifirit dark glowing red scales male built frame super muscly hand extended shooting off a fire imbued magic missile hes wearing leather armour

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Hope this works. Is a golem style something I should know about? idk I just freehanded it lol, hope scale isn't too bad.

What is a myconid?

Working on this in the meantime

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For the curious, that gif comes from this

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That about what I expected. Thanks for doing it, the guys over at Demi Quest should love it.

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I think you mean from this.
Feel free to use it as inspiration.

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>What is a myconid?
Not that guy, but its a mushroom man. I dont think they have faces like this one does, though.

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Do you draw thri-kreens at all? I'm always on the lookout for new thri-kreen art.

How about a thri-kreen making a chatchka (three-pronged knifey/boomerangy thing) out of dasl (crystal material made from thri-kreen venom, sand, and the root of an unnamed plant, mixed together in the kreen's mouth)?

Make it look like pic related, sorta.

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ok I need a pick of my thief (shortsword) and our paladin (longsword) engaged in a swordfight
My guy losing
(yes he is Dennis Renalds from It's Always Sunny0

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Requesting an updated picture of my PC from Pokemon Tabletop Adventures. This is a pic of him when we started the campaign about 5 months ago.

A few differences I suppose, now he wears a white lab coat everywhere over his original shirt, with the left arm of the coat torn off showing off his prosthetic left arm. (Got torn off, long story.) Other than that he now has a backpack and a full belt of 6 pokeballs. I know the differences are only slight, but I'd also be very curious to see him drawn in a different art style. He keeps the tan skin, long brown curly hair and the angry scowl however.

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>not using a gun
this guy isn't smiting hard enough

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I'm stealing that picture.

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Accually it's a semi-tech setting and he is trying to get a hold of one

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Hey there! It'd be awesome if someone could get one of my players' characters drawn, if you've got the time.

Similar to the pic, but older, around the early 20's, and more rugged, with brown hair and noticeable stubble. He's lean, but still muscular, and is wearing a hoodie and beanie. If you could have the beanie either have a diamondback (like the rattlesnake) pattern, or some sort of snake reference, that'd be fantastic.

He's sort of cocky, but also chronically unaware of his surroundings, so him looking a little bored with his big headphones on would be the most accurate depiction I suppose.

Last but not least, his CD player is a seashell. Long story. However, what kind of seashell is up to your interpretation, let your imagination go wild. Thanks for all your effort, it's really appreciated!

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I honestly didnt realize your picture was supposed to be a dude at first. Im still not entirely convinced.

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well i apologize sir i forgot some dms dont like using guns so soon in a game

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Hope you like it.

Regretfully. My second choice is very far from where I live, commuting is basically impossible and I really don't want to live outside the city.

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Hah, yeah, seriously. Apparently this popped up in a character art thread and it was the closest approximation he was able to find. So hopefully a noble drawfag will at least be able to take a bit of inspiration from it.

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Oh, and this might also be helpful. The character took a lot of inspiration from this guy, minus the bigass sword.

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Seconding this becase I love IASiP

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On that note, I would like to request the Its Always Sunny cast as a fantasy party. You can choose the race and classes for each, though I would think Charlie would be a necromancer since his favorite hobby is ghouls.

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Would you mind doing a character sketch for another player's PC in a game of Adeptus Evangelion? An Iraqi ex-child soldier, now child mecha pilot.

Yusuf Al-Mansur is a fifteen year old pilot and child soldier of Kurdish descent from the wartorn 'buffer-zone' of Iraq in our Adeptus Evangelion setting. He is slightly under average height and somewhat malnourished, but is still rather lean and strong for someone his age. He carries a somewhat-guarded and unsure expression on his face for everyone except his crush (who happens to be a Canadian girl, whereupon he just goes full spaghetti). He loves Disney movies.

He has black hair, roughly cut with a knife, that hangs to just under his ears, and brown eyes that have seen the horrors of war from a childs' point of view, and yet are uncertain and lost in the niceties and formalities of the first world. The expression on his face is probably one of hesitance. His skin is also olive, albeit considerably darker than Leahs'. His left palms' skin has burn scars from when he accidentally gripped the barrel of a recently fired machinegun, and his chest bears a gunshot scar, although this is probably hidden under clothing.

He usually wears nondescript clothing; in this case, probably a simple white undershirt with a battered, old leather jacket.

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Mac is a low level monk

>> No.23921497

Mac is a low level Catholic Monk

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Tall, slender dark elf (ash gray skin) male. Sharp features, red eyes. Bleached white hair, buzzed short on the sides, long on top and in the back leading down into a pony tail. Shaved eye brows, abstract tattoos starting at his neck and going down. Fine, but simple dark clothing clothing; sleeveless. Tattoos around his wrists.

He's the Governor of the town my new group is mostly spending their time in and around. Just introduced him tonight, was fun. They don't know it, yet, but he's basically going to be the BBEG. He's a vampire feeding on his townsfolk (which he claims to own) like cattle, as he owns all the property of the town and surrounding region. The group's working for him to fix up the area on the promise of land and title.

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Alright then

Gotta grab some grub, be back later on

Probably won't be able to get to everything thanks to my glacial pace but ill see what i can do tonight

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This is a character a friend drew for me a decade ago when I was still in my weaboo phase. Now that I'm entering into some Mutants and Masterminds, would it be too much trouble to ask for him to be redrawn in a way that's less anime-ish and way less effeminate? Also the star thing is gone.

He's a superhero themed around constellations. He makes tiny stars (orbs, not five-pointed) that he can link together a la constellation charts, which allows him to create tools, weapons, or giant star scorpions to fuck up a villain's day. His skin reflects the intensity of the star power, white being his standard, and whatever stars/constellations he has out reflect it. He's strongest at night and in darkness, and weakened somewhat in the day and brightly lit areas.

Please and thank you!

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>> No.23921598

Can I get a satyr girl with short hair and a hoodie? She's got spooky black eyes and sharp teeth.

Changeling character.

>> No.23921688

a mindflayer
that's about it

>> No.23921761

Can I get a Mongol with a spear standing next to a really, really tiny horse, like the one in the pic?

>> No.23921771

A robot cowboy with cowboy boots, poncho, and cowboy hat.

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Suck the meatiest nigger dick

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Cheer up chap!

>> No.23922587

A tiefling in black, thin armor. Wields a glaive and has antler horns. Long, black hair. Making him have a serious and determined face is a plus.

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Not that guy, but why the rage?

>> No.23922764

Every single fucking thread.
Like clockwork.

>> No.23922785


incredibly depressed dragon looking at the picture of some princess, with an equally disappointed knight patting the dragon on whatever he can reach

>> No.23922806

Draw an Abysmal Mantis Demon and his horde of followers.

I don't care how you do it, just that you do it.

You get payed inside .jpegs of suitcases full of Money.

>> No.23922832

No seriously, I'm confused.

>> No.23922930

He's complaining because every drawthread, there are people who come in, and re-request things, even if they'd already been drawn.

It's quite annoying.

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Thank you. I don't know why I like Myconids so much... I really don't.

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yeah, well, bump

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Too bad you didn't get into the school you wanted. I know that feel.

Would you mind drawing Jaela Daran? She's a NPC for Eberron. Description here: http://eberron.wikia.com/wiki/Jaela_Daran

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hopefull bump

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Can you draw me a picture of a dwarf chief with blood and shit smeared all over his apron please

>> No.23927339

Something like this, but with less shit on her head, hair that reaching down mid back, and playing a violin, if you had the time.

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not op but i'll give this a go

for myself, this guy only wore the mask until he was 18, and now I'm writing him in his mid-twenties
he has a large tattoo (lazily tacked onto this picture) on his back, now - it's a focus for him to draw magic from, and he's taller and actually has some muscle on him
any chance i could see someone else's interpretation of him?

>> No.23927551

A mecha pimp with a shotgun for a cane. Preferably based on the looks of A Pimp Named Slickback (Pic related)

>> No.23928586

That'd be really cool.

>> No.23929143

just to check, about his skin - is it pure white? or just very pale?

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>> No.23930945

Anyone still here or did they all move on to the other thread?

>> No.23931128

here you go
i tried my best to make him a bunch less anime, had quite a lot of fun with translating his clothes. i really liked the tailcoat so i thought it might be nice to keep. any good?

>> No.23931206

Looks great! The tailcoat's really cool.

Thanks for keeping at it.

>> No.23931231

A riptide pulling a dreadnight pilot out of its baby carriage would be great, thanks.

>> No.23931459

But don't these people have art of their characters already? Why draw more?

>> No.23931474

tell me you will be sticking around?

>> No.23931615

ive been lurking drawthreads for a while now, too nervous to actually pick up my tablet
so uh
is that a good thing?

>> No.23931701

Yes it is, I think that you did a nice job on that person's request.

>> No.23932917

Think that you might be willing to draw my dude? He's the red dude with the Mohawk playing the air guitar. I'd like to see him in something like the vest-coat things like the dudes in the reference pictures. And the blue dude is a fullbody reference, both him and the red-Mohawk dude are of the same race.

Not sure if you can do it but the tech backpack is kind of painful; its connected to the body with mechanical tubes in the flesh and so on.

>> No.23933114

>Yusuf bump

>> No.23933413

Could I get a wizened, middle aged man with a gaunt face and long white hair. He wears a robe and has a serpent coiled over his shoulders.

>> No.23933622

oh man tell me more about this tech backpack, i like the sound of drawing that. (plus i love fluffy mohawks so i am on this like butter on toast)
does he also have plain white skin or is that a stylistic choice?

>> No.23933762

Are there any non-OP drawfags here? Not that I don't like his stuff, but I have some 40k characters I would like drawn. If not, ignore this and keep up the good work, OP.

Two options for you, both from Dark Heresy (40k).

The first character is named Vigo.

He is an Arbitrator. Basically, mix Judge Dredd with Robocop and the personality of Dirty Harry and you've got this guy. He's a lanky fellow with black hair and blue eyes. His skin is rather grimy. He's wearing what looks like riot gear and is leveling a FUCKHUEG revolver. Kind of the pose in the pic, but with a revolver and the helmet is optional. Ultimately, I trust your artistic license.

The second character is named Felix.

Felix is basically Friar Tuck, IN SPAAAAAACE. He's fat, balding and wears a simple, rather ragged robe. He should be either smashing a heretic's face in with a skull all while screaming a Litany of Faith or reading a huge tome with the skull strapped to his shoulder and a candle sticking out of the top of it.

Alternatively, a cleric that's a straight rip off of Father Anderson would also be awesome.

>> No.23933832

Uhm well the backpack is this machine that connects to them, and is sort of like a medical kit; it produces a ton of little nanomachines that police the host's body; keeping it clean and in tip-top shape. It's not actually comfortable having it in, they've just grown use to the aches and pains of having it in their insides. It also has a tracer-type thing on it, allowing the government to know who you are, where you are, and what you are doing, as well as how alive you are.
His skin tone is white, perhaps a little bit of a red undertone to it.

>> No.23933960

aight ill get on it but its pretty late here so ill probably sketch it today and finish it tomorrow

>> No.23933979

Alright, if this thread isn't up, do you have like a DA or something?

>> No.23934001

Could you draw some cool pics of Ancient Roman and Greek style stuff?

I manage a group of developers for a pretty popular Crusader Kings II modification - Mare Nostra - which focuses on the time period from 280 BC to the early years of the new millenium.

Unfortunately we need five to ten images of Roman, Greek, Egyptian etc. scenes as a background that we can't find anywhere else :/

If you could make even one or two, that would be extremely useful to us! If you want to contact me directly, my email is in the subject line.

Radan Rusanov
Mare Nostra Lead Developer

>> No.23934039

sure yeah

>> No.23934571

well here's the sketch
this the kinda thing you were hoping for?

>> No.23935655

I hope the artist is still here. I need a male and female generic simple sketch for an alien race I'm doing.

These being are mammals. Their posture is hunched forward when running (with a long thin tail for balance) and squatting or laying down when standing still. They tend not to stand straight up unless they're trying to reach something up high. Their ankles are raised rather than at ground level giving them a somewhat zigzag leg structure. Their fingers are somewhat shorter than human fingers with claws retracted and somewhat longer with claws extended. Their cosmetic trappings are those of lions with large mains for the males and nearly nonexistent breasts on females.

I have two images here I found on the internet to use as examples. Neither one is right but I can point out some stuff from them. This first one has the correct legs, tail and hands.

>> No.23935679

and this one here shows the correct forward leaning posture I'm looking for.

>> No.23935952

>well here's the sketch
>this the kinda thing you were hoping for?
I'm noticing the most recent time tag is an hour before my post. Shall I assume this thread is dead? I was really hoping to find a drawfriend tonight.

>> No.23935973

Blanka! What have they done to you?

>> No.23936091


I'm feeling sweet, so:


>> No.23936261

Thank you, kind anon.

>> No.23936328


You're making it less likely for me to get my own request filled, but I'm just a giver like that.

>> No.23936726


When do you plan on releasing this? Or is it available now?

Man I love CK2 and this mod looks awesome already.

>> No.23939106

Could you do a close-up of a gothic lolita princess, with an eyepatch and heavy eye-liner?

>> No.23939210

Thanks in advance if you draw for me OP, really appreciate it.

The character I'm currently playing is a changeling psion telepath (3.5). The form she takes most of the time is a 5ft tall slender woman, with black, wavy hair that ends just below her shoulders. She wears a short, scarlet dress with gold lacing around the edges. The dress ends mid thigh on one leg and past the knee on the other. She has thigh high black boots and a brown satchel that she wears over one shoulder.
As she is a psion, she also has a psicrystal that she usually keeps in her satchel but for illustrative purposes, if you could draw a palm sized gem with ghostly legs (think a ghost spider-crystal) on one shoulder, that'd be awesome.
I've attached an image I made for a previous 'draw your party thread', to give you a better mental image.

Thanks again, if you choose to draw my character.

>> No.23939223

just noticed the new thread, moving on.

>> No.23940640

Heck yes that is perfect!
I really like how you carried the tubing up into the neck, it's awesome!
I will be over in the new thread if you are still around.

>> No.23942564


I feel you there I'm always hesitant to post anything in the draw threads.

>> No.23943274

Trying to trick the requester into appearing.
I guess I'll do fullbody out of this.

>> No.23943489

Ohh, you actually got the picture!
I spent the longest time wondering about that.

>> No.23943897

There is a story that goes along with my request. One night, while driving through a particularly upscale part of San Diego, I decided to roll down the window and play the Powerglove version of the Batman theme. While I was drawing a combination of angry glares and cheers (from rich old white folks and college students, respectively), I started to think about what the show would be like if it was appropriately "metal" to match the Powerglove cover.

So before I try and run a homebrewed game loosely based on pokemon table top adventures, I'd like to see something. Just to see if it "works".

I'd like to see a shiny Gardevoir dressed kind of like Maya from Borderlands 2, with a Siren tattoo and a Maliwan SMG. My preferred Head/Skin combination would be Admiral Asskick with Ruby Wings.

>> No.23943935

Would you be able to draw a Silver Dragonwrought Kobold Sorcerer?

Has wings

He's an old "man" around 121 years old, walks with a cane that has a stylized dragonclaw clutching a red orb.

>> No.23944154

And by Batman I meant Pokemon.

Fucking jetlag, man.

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