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This is how I chaotic neutral

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This is how I spot check

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This is how I ride

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This is how I intimidate check.

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This is how I listen check

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This is how I intimidate.

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This is how I build friendships

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This is how I intimidate

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This is how I Alchemist

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This is how I slight of hand

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This is how I search the room

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This is how I intimidate.

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This is how I intimidate

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This is how I intimidate.

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This is how I critical failure

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This ishow I intimidate

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This is how I intimidate

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This is how I intimidate

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This is how I intimidate

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This is how I bard.

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This is how I mount

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This is how I intimidate

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This is how I infiltrate

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This is how I cast Banishment.

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This is how I bluff.

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This is how I master Athletics

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good job snake

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*licks lips*

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This is how I chaotic neutral.

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This is how I true neutral.

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Are seagulls sea creatures?

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No, they're considered coastline creatures. Also they're birds.

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>Free Shrug Guy of Earth
>You have great apathy
>Join the grey lanterns... or something...

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This is how I ride check.

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>Caring enough to make a sign and stand around for a photo op
Clearly the guy is chaotic good.

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This is how I Avenger.

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This is how I animal companion

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This is how I BBEG.

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This is how I awaken construct.

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Funny, that's how I hide/bluff check.

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>This shit
That fetish baffles me completely.

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u wot m8

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This is how I Chaotic Evil.

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This is how I SLAV PALADIN.

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...what...is that thing?

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Whitetail deer. Probably covered in a type of skin infection/benign tumor growth.

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Yup. Pappilomas.

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...no squatting?

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This is how I druid.

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This is how I craft magic arms.

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This is how I warlord

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Bullshit. Seagulls are sea creatures. They have 'sea' in their name.

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is this a real thing? Do you have a link?

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is this a thing or just a meme

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He's a real man, and he is that badass. Some guys on /k/ actually contacted him, and he was reputed to say, if anyone thinks they can take me on, my door is always open.

He was Gen. Schwarzkopf's personal bodyguard, and even though he looks like someone in drew Carey's office, he is the most OPERATOR AS FUCK OPERATOR alive.

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This is how I druid

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Looks like it's doing that over dramatic anime or fat man laugh.
"Oooh, oh oh oh oh"

I approve.

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This is how I cast flight.

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Funny, that's how I cast stinking cloud

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I wonder who this dude is?

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It's funny 'cause it's true.

The UA part, not government killing people, that is.

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