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Could someone please explain the FATE / Fudge / Legends of Anglerre system to me? I don't understand it. At all.

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but my matress smells nice and doesnt make fun of skinny girls

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Oh god.That picture reminds me what it actually is like.

I'm choking on my morning coffee now.

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>Legends of Anglerre

This thread is all you need to know about Legends of Anglerre:


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You roll some dice and add the result to your stat. Add some bonuses if you use an Aspect or some other shit. If you hit the target number, you win.

To use an Aspect again, you gotta get a Fate Point. You get those when other people use your Aspects against you or to force you to do something. You want this to happen, because you want to use your Aspects as many times as you can.

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I don't "get" Aspects or declarations or whatever. It doesn't make sense to me.

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So you have an Aspect called "Duelist Extraordinaire" or some shit like that. You get +2 to any roll when you Invoke it on a roll you can work it in on, but every time after the first costs a Fate Point. Maybe you want to relate to someone who's also a duelist, or you want to intimidate some pleb who's on your case, or you just want to stab some douche. Invoke it to get a bonus to the roll.

Someone else can Tag your Aspect to get a bonus against you. So if they know you're an honorable duelist, they can tag it when they know the weakness of your style, or when they know how you would react. You can do this to your enemies, so do your homework.

Finally, someone can Tag your Aspect. They give you a Fate Point to say how you might react to something, and to turn it down you would need to pay one of your Fate Points to the bank. If someone wants to duel you, they Compel you, and if you're a total pussy about it you get a free Fate Point. Do this to your friends to keep them involved, and do this to your enemies to sucker them in when they don't want to be there.

That's the basics. I don't really play FATE, so if I made any egregious errors I'm sure someone will correct me.

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An Aspect can be anything about your character that you think is important, but it's gotta have all three parts to it: an Invoke, a Tag, and a Compel.

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Then why would anyone (assuming everyone has a bed) have sex with a fat chick?

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That picture is fucking hilarious.
Half-choked on my protein-shake from laughter.

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They're eternally grateful and so you can get away with shit that other women wouldn't let fly.

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Fatgirls are even more likely to threesome

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I haven't bothered to check the new updated version of core yet. How much did they change?

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I can't say I know the system backwards and forwards, but this seems right.

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You mean fatgirls are more like having a threesome?

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Personally - because I assumed it's just slander and wanted to give her a chance (benefit of the doubt if you will). It didn't turn out very well.
But hey at least now no one can say I'm prejudiced without real reason.

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>Mfw you've all had terrible luck.
The fattest girl I've had sex with was also the best fuck.
Actually, I'm pretty sure it's just been uglier-girl-better-sex for me.

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would still totally bang the chick in this picture

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You are not alone, and if you're doing it you won't be when fucking the bitch. Nothing in the world is as fun as making some fat slut air tight.

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You heard him! Fucking my mattress is totally legit now, none of you can deny it any longer!

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It's not even that fucking a fat girl is gross or wrong or anything, it's fine. It's just that they often have shitty attitudes to go along with their shitty bodies.

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How fat is fat?
my girlfriend is 5,9 and 75 kgs.
def chubby, but she puts up with my shit so I don't mind.

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>Be 6'3"
>223 lbs
>Work on a small fishing boat and do construction as a part time job so I've got muscle but not defined muscle, just the muscle that makes you look thick
>Get turned down by all the boys[/spoilers]
>Can't wear most shirts because too tight around the arms and gut
>Everyone gets intimidated in the showers before we hop in the pool

Goddamnit being big is awful.

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>this is my fetish
i'd hit ya

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Welcome to /tg

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That's a lie, Fat Chicks are more fun than mattresses.

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Invoking your aspects always costs a Fate point. You're confusing them with aspects you created during the game by yourself, where you get to use it once for free.

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If you have to ask, she's fat.

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Being tall is fucking awesome. 6'2, here. Ohh but, no, not when you have a vagina. Bad luck, bro-sis.

I have a friend who is a wee-little guy and his wife was complaining once that she can't ever sit on his lap. Sad times. That's you always.

I'm just fucking with you, tall chicks are cool - except when they try to start wrestling you. Then it gets creepy. Pro-tip, don't ever try to overpower a man you're into, even if you think it's cute.

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How would you make an aspect 'Fat Chick' to have more pizazz?

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You know the rules. A threesome doesn't count if paid for or above the five hundred pound total weight limit.

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>my girlfriend is 5,9 and 75 kgs.
You want me to translate your bullshit moon-math for you? Do it yourself. Stop measuring things with how heavy a stone is.

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That's very sweet I wouldn't want to burden anyone with how much Dinner would cost

Also my accent is super fucking thick and incomprehensible, english is very difficult for me to speak in person. So you'd need like...an interpreter for my crazy nordic helltongue.

I'm not embarrassing myself by speaking english again.

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Unless they're into that sort of thing, of course.

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>five hundred pound total weight limit.
wut? Half of that is the man, unless he's some emo bitch in which case that's just 3 girls anyway.

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>except when they try to start wrestling you.
Implying this isn't my fetish

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banging fat chicks is actually pretty great, so long as they bathe correctly. if fat girls don't scrub underneath their fat folds they reek pretty bad.

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5,9 what? Feet? Meters? Furlongs?

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>crazy nordic helltongue.
So what else can your hell-tongue do? Le wink.

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>Pro-tip, don't ever try to overpower a man you're into, even if you think it's cute.
But bro, that's hot as fuck.

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I know! Especially since my fetish is to be overpowered, and to be the smaller partner to someone much bigger.

Not happening at my size.

Also man ok I guess I need to stop putting my male friends into headlocks...?

Not gonna stop letting the girls ride on my shoulders though.

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>~180 cm
>75 kg

That's slightly chubby at best, nowhere near fat.

That's the problem nowadays, nobody has a sense of scale anymore.

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Then you better lose some weight, buddy. "Oh, I tricked two land whales with low self esteem to get naked in the same room because they are starved for attention! I'm the mack daddy!"

No sir.

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Aww shit, negros. Forgot where I was for a second!

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I'm 1.70 and like 80kg or something and I'm barely skinnyfat/builtfat
But then again, people fatten differently

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Who does not want to be ravished by an orc barbarian?

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10/10 would slay dragons with.

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That's the fetish of most women.

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>making some fat slut air tight

Yes, please.

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>MFW male friends see me after a fistfight and I'm bleeding all over my shirt and smiling like a madman, eyes swelling up and loving the pain

I think they think I'm crazy

They just don't know how good it feels

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>not "Lewd is gewd"
step up, senpai

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Really now, given who is my patron deity... you think you could not be boner-inducing?


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>Not following the bellowing War Chants of Khorne as blood pulses in your ears so hard you can hear the throbbing

Haha, oh anon, I'd be rough with you.

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...Are you Pam from Archer?

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oh boy, now you've done it

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While I understand and respect your taste for puns, I do, however, respect the language more, and I refuse to embrace poor literacy for the sake of humor.

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your mom is heresy

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>be 5'5
>have a thing for tall girls
>live in the country with the tallest people in the world on average
Life is goooood.

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Oh god Pam is my favorite character on that show. I just started watching it yesterday on netflix and I finished season 1.

I want to squeeze her and bring her back to my frozen homeland.

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holy shit that is amazing!


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Given OPs pic, I thought this was a Nurgle thread.

(O dayum, that's a burn)

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Your pants are heresy.

Here, let me help you purge those

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hey, we're down to roll with damn near anyone once. twice to see if we really liked it

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Scandinavian or russian?

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lucky bastard. tell me your secrets!

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Hope Solo is about as muscular as I'll go on a chick.

Love me some Hope.

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They also smell.

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No it's not, it's a shitty depiction of Slaanesh since there's hardly any dicks around.

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In my opinion, a girl can be built like a freight train so long as she keeps a feminine overall figure and a pretty face.

The problem with this is,to be built like a freight train women often use steriods, which destroys their feminine figure and gives them the worst case of manface.

So yeah, it's about as muscular as I'd go too, but only because more muscular than that and you get into steroid munchers

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I don't mind fat, there are a lot of great fucks out there who are just chubby. It's the fat chicks who don't take care of the rest of themselves. Like if they have excessive facial and / or public hair, that is a boner killer.

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6'2 is tall? What country you live in? Its just slightly above average.

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you dont need DICKS EVERYWHERE to be Slaanesh. (s)he can be subtle, seductive, the warm tingling sensation you get up your spine when you know you're doing something bad, but are enjoying every second of it

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Body building is ugly as shit.
REAL athletic women however...hoh mama...

>> No.23907680

And then the dicks come out. I like your style, anon!

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I'm 177 cm and 110 kg, am I fat or chubby?

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The secret is not being intimidated. In my experience, tall girls are used to guys (at least smaller dudes) being somewhat frightened of them. Take the initiative, show you've got guts and you're already ahead of the crowd in most cases.

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>implying the average male human isn't 5'7"-5'10"
>implying 6'2" isn't tall

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What was this thread about again?

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Well, I'm 180 and ~85 kg and I'm overweight. That would put you at fat.

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Land war, Asia, yadda yadda yadda.

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This is how you spend your time? Animals! Mere animals!

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>average male human
I guess if you count norks, japs and pigmy, then yes.

I am 1m 85cm tall and majority of men i know is only slightly taller or shorter than me. So it IS average height here.

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>180 cm
>85ish kilograms

you got issues

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If its muscle that its looks good, but if its fat... Muscle weights 5 times more than fat.

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According military inductee reports from the USA, Canada, Great Britain and the European Union cited in The Navy Times December 2012, the average height of males is 5 inches taller than it was during the 2nd World War.

>> No.23907796

It's possible that's because there were a lot of teenagers recruiting during WW2, though.

>> No.23907799

>So it IS average height here.
Don't be vague, where is "here"? I'm 'Merikan. The thing is when we go call, we also go big- like a football player. Ya'll sweeds or wherever get a few more inches tall at the expense of being lanky, inbred looking mother fuckers that we keep in the middle of the country, by the swamps.

>> No.23907820

>You got issues

Maybe. I also got a shitload of fat and zero muscle. Should probably do something about that, like exercise and stop eating cereal all day erry day

>> No.23907821

Well, also bear in mind the differences in nutrition between then and now. Particularly considering that young men in WWII would've spent most of their later childhood and adolesence in the Great Depression.

>> No.23907824

I find that most people in general have shitty attitudes regardless of body type.
Don't you think that maybe it's just you subconsciously wanting them to "make up for" what you perceive as faults?

Because I've seen that a lot. People look at a fat chick and think "oh but i bet she's real nice when you get to know her" and then it turns out she's just another brain, yet her mobile platform has 30kg of additional flab compared to other models.

>> No.23907838

It is about awesome women and how they come in all shapes and sizes Anon...

...Especially all shapes and sizes!

>> No.23907870


There are some women that can put on a lot of muscle without steroids, really.

I have a good amount of muscle definition(and I'd like to think an overall feminine frame and face), and I've never used steroids. It might help that I have a more lean type of muscle.

I do have a lot of scars, though, so that might be a turn off for people regardless of muscles.

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...Not if she's got a fucking Happy Trail, I don't.

>> No.23907888

It still dos not change the fact that 5'9" - 6'0" has been the average height of humans in 1st-world countries for 30+ years.

What everyone thinks was the average height came out of the same inductee reports from WW2.

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>Implying this is not...
well you know.

>> No.23907897

scars are not a turn off for many men as long as they're not a spiderweb of stretch marks over a wobbling ocean of blubber.

>> No.23907905

Scars are usually great though. Scars indicate toughness, and who doesn't like a tough girl?

>> No.23907920


Depends on the scar type. If you can spin a convincing tale about how you got them by wrestling bears, you're good. If you can tell that story in a thick Russian accent, you're golden.

>> No.23907933

If the guy you're with doesn't care about your muscles then he won't care about your scars.

>> No.23907942

.. A huge amount of men?

Not saying I don't, but I just can't recognize the idea that most men should supposedly feel that way.

>> No.23908003

>Strong like bear
I want you. One day, I will have you.

>> No.23908009

In my experience of fucking a couple fat chicks is that beside their usual "I'M FAT AND I'M PROUD" attitudes, they have horrible dexterity and usually complain that they can't do much because they are said fat and can't either hold a position or even get into position for that matter. Ultimately the positions come down to doggy or a variant of missionary, except in doggy the girth of the ass or thighs prevents you from even getting close to the goods unless you have lets say a 8 inch wang just to manage and slip 4 inches in and this is without trying to spread her yourself, it gets tiring and lets all admit trying to get your shit in there only to come face to face with the confines of skin that have been pressing together for the whole night isn't the best boner medicine. Missionary is the best as they just lie there, they are soft, they have a hole, and you can just pound away on it.

So in sense yes fucking a fat chick is just like fucking a mattress but this doesn't have to be a con. Like women who on occasion think they need to indulge in the biggest dick a man sometimes gets the urge to find the roundest woman he can and just put the dick to her medium style all night long cause hell, who wouldn't want to just hump a giant thing all night if it never complained and was sweet sweet release.

>> No.23908013

Get back on your horse, Brienne

>> No.23908041

Im from Siberia. And fuck you for insulting swedes. Spounting random insults dosent make you look better, it makes you look dumber.
But wait. You ARE american after all.

>> No.23908060

Proff or didnt happen.
Im betting that you are some sub fat neckbeard just fapping to your own musclegirl fantasy.

>> No.23908066

/usa/ pls go

>> No.23908069

This works on military chicks as well, by the way.
Assuming you're non-military

>> No.23908088


What's with anime and girls with eyepatches?

>> No.23908090

Looooool. /tg/ gives advice on how to get laid with girls.
U guys. Srsly.

>> No.23908099

Nips are weid.
Thats what.

>> No.23908105

... I've gotten laid plenty and I'm a nerdy motherfucker. The fuck you on about?

1990's plz go

>> No.23908131

Is it bad that this is my motto, word for word?

>> No.23908149

For some reason most nerds i know manage to be annoying obnoxious selfish, passive-agressive and shy at same time.

>> No.23908166


Then you're the exception to the rule.

I'm 27, have my life together otherwise, and I haven't even been on a date. Tried online dating, sent out about 70+ messages this month and got 0 replies and 2 views.

I hope the Wizard myth is real, I could use some magic.

>> No.23908183


Hey. Hey. Can't we go back to talking about musclegirls? Or, you know, traditional games? Since that's what this board is about? Guys?


I probably should have expected that from /tg/. I'm sure you'll find your scarred musclegirl waifu soon, anon.

And now I feel like an attention whore for attempting to post relevant to the discussion.


Actually, honestly, that is somewhat sound advice for picking up some muscly women. Women in the military, too. But everyone is different and generalizations are bad, so...

In an attempt to actually be /tg/ related, what would be the best system for an Alien game? Call of Cthulhu?

>> No.23908198

>> No.23908211

Topic was FATE mechanics, though. So we could talk about what aspects a musclegirl could have?

>> No.23908242

Ha-ha. Thats weird.
My female frinds always asked me why you guys do that and shit. And after i got into one realy nasty fight and retyrned wih lots of obvious wounds. They just all cut contact with me, thinking that I AM CRAZY and dangerous.
Tough i never provoked anyone, just always stood up for myself instead of runnig away and avoiding shit.

>> No.23908265

Thought that said FATAL. Reminds me of something I did once.
>be a few years ago
>take brother to LGS, with plan already formed.
I look around, he goes to counter
>keep in mind he is 12 at the time
>"Hey... Do you have the FATAL system starter for sale here?"
>clerk's face goes white
>brother struggles to keep a straight face
>laughter was had

>> No.23908269

Yeah, this is sounding more and more like some neckbeard's fantasy. An amazonian musclegirl, scarred from fistfights? Get real.

>> No.23908273

>an Alien game?
Like Alien movies? With acid bloodand facehuggers?

>> No.23908314


I never said anything about fistfights, anon.


Yes. Ideally Alien specifically, rather than Aliens. Call of Cthulhu sounds like it would be able to replicate the first movie fairly well in terms of horror rather than just shooting everything with military equipment.

>> No.23908343

CoC is not an option. I mean of it is Marinec vs Aliens in should be very acrion-y. Thogh with soe horror, still you need a good combat system, not a san checks.

And where did you get those scars then? We call it bullshit.

>> No.23908363

So you're retconning your fantasy now? ok, whatever I guess.

>> No.23908405

That was someone else, dude. MuscleScarAnonette never mentioned fistfighting.

>> No.23908450

>MuscleScarAnonette never existed.

>> No.23908455

That's a really pissed off looking Jon Snow.

>> No.23908469

To be fair the sequel could probably be easily done with CoC as well, considering a huge portion of the second movie was devoted to just showing how even trained military have no fucking idea what they're doing and are little more than meat for the aliens.

Note, they said first movie, not the sequel.

>> No.23908509


>> No.23908529

Perhaps it's selection bias (I only play with sane people) but every fa/tg/uy and ca/tg/irl I know is quite happily married, have good jobs, are good conversationalists, etc, etc.

>> No.23908586

There comes to a point in every man's life, when after reading a story on the internet they must stand up and call 'bullshit'. This is your moment now, anon.

>> No.23908604

I guess you have HUGE list of people to chose from.
To be sociable, normal, happy, andcompatible with your liked settings, systems and playstyle.

>> No.23908646

she got it cut out in the war. She's former Finnish special forces.

>> No.23908676

this sounds like a battle sisters thread

>> No.23908786

>this thread

>> No.23910639

Now with image.

>> No.23910774

Did this with my best friend in high school. We Eiffel Tower-ed a chick at a party. She actually wasn't that fat, but she could suck a dick, and everyone watched. It was mostly chicks at the party though.

And then the guy who owned the place actually liked the chick we double teamed and got pissed and we had to split before we ended up beating the shit out of him (There were three of us total).

Well I'm 300 alone, my girlfriend is 140, so as long as the third chick is less than 60 we are good to go.

>> No.23914328

Christ the gang's all here.

>> No.23914801

Easy : don't care that they are tall.
"-Oh but I'm so much taller than you.
-No worries sweetheart, we're all the same height lying down..."

Last girlfriend was 1.80m 75kg.
I'm 1.65m 65kg. My rule is : if I can carry her around, she ain't too big. Plus they get a massive ego boost seeing a smaller guy carrying them around :P

>secrets ntseersh
That's right Captcha, but it's a secret worth sharing :)

>> No.23914842

You've actually met guys who didn't like scars? Or you just assume that's why they rejected you?
Because pro-tip : we guys think it's fucking badass when a woman has scars.
Unless it's like on your tits, they yeah, that's pretty sad :-/

>> No.23914922

>fucking badass when a woman has scars

Depends on where the scars are and what kind of scars they are. Scarification or obvious self inflicted wound scarring is the biggest red light for batshit insanity and emotional baggage you can get.

>> No.23917008

So far in this thread I've seen mention of

>Big women
>Tall women

It's like /tg/ is trying to hit every single fetish of mine tonight. This thread is truly the work of Slaanesh

>> No.23917108

I love fighting, but I never get the chance to do it. Any tips on how to get into fights without getting my shit wrecked by the law?

>> No.23917141


>implying my fetish isn't emotionally vulnerable and easily exploitable women i can con into being loveslaves

>> No.23917225


Ever met some of the really crazy chicks? The second you walk out the door to hang with your friends you're in trouble. WHY ARE YOU ABANDONING ME ANON? WHO IS SHE? WHO IS SHE? And then they start tearing the place apart, or threatening to harm themselves and tell people that you did it to them. You won't have any friends that you can hang around with because they don't gel with your new wife (and believe me that's what she will see herself as), and she won't want them around or again the insane tantrums. It all seems so fun and exciting on the outside, but not once you're changing the locks because she breaks in after you said you needed a little space and arranging for a new phone number.

>> No.23917254

See? That wouldn't happen if you beat them into submission from the beginning rather than act all hypocritical and soft-tongued to seduce them.

>> No.23917271

This is the best thread on /tg/ in ages.

>> No.23917281


>walk in
>your girl looks pissed as hell
>gives you the cold shoulder
>you try to ask what's wrong
>she just keeps giving you the stinkeye
>she shows her ire eventually by leading to yelling/slapping
>finally get an answer out of her
>"I had a dream about you and another girl."
>You're in shit because SHE had a dream.

>> No.23917330

My girlfriend is a Baptist that doesn't believe in evolution and doesn't believe in the strong and weak nuclear force.

Huge sex addict though. Also 5'10 and 125lbs. I'm 6'2 and 125lbs. We're a weird couple with me being a techpriest and all.

>> No.23917380

What if I do have eight inches of wang and just happen to have a thing for fat white women?

>> No.23917787

>and doesn't believe in the strong and weak nuclear force.
I'll pass on evolution, but how do you "not believe" in universal forces? Even if God is running the damn show, that's how he's running it.

>> No.23917847


Just remember, they aren't talking to you. They are talking to themselves. I avoid people like that as often as I can. You can tell from simple interaction that they don't even speak to other people normally. That is one of the most basic indicators of crazy.

>> No.23918185

Goddammit, Pam! I swear I'm gonna puke if you keep telling me about your sex life!

>> No.23918251

Only if you're specifically into exactly that.
Otherwise, years of societal engineering kicks our fight or flight system into high gear: She can force sex on you, and then YOU get jailed as a rapist if she feels like complaining afterwards.

>> No.23918253

I will never fuck a tall, statuesque woman covered in delicious tanned muscle .

That's what I get for being 5,7" and 112lbs That's cool, my waif-like girlfriend has an ass with perfect width-depth ratio, I'm a happy man.

>> No.23918275

Fairly muscular, tall and pregnant. that's definitely where its at.

I don't care either way for or against scars though.

>> No.23919094


My girlfriend is Icelandic... came to Canada from Iceland. 6 foot, 160 pounds, a blacksmith farm girl. Love her to death.

The Valkyrie of my dreams

>> No.23920566

Get into a combat sport i.e. kickboxing, boxing, MMA, knockdown karate.

> I love fighting, but I never get the chance to do it.
You may like it, but after training a while and getting your shit wrecked in the gym by guys that are much more experienced, you may not like it.

I've seen guys walk into the gym with this same attitude, thought they were "street fighters", would come in and brawl on the mat or in the ring, but weren't so into it when a more experienced guy would step in and spar with him.

>> No.23920806


Oh lawdy, I've seen this soooo many times I don't even count anymore. I've been doing boxing now for a couple years, and the amount of hot-shots that come in to try their hand at a match get their shit pushed in so far they get it stuck in their teeth.

>> No.23921218

Good thing I already know i'm a huge pussy who can't stand confrontation or pain.

>> No.23921560


this nig gets it

>> No.23924600

I think it will be telling that the average height of females hasn't changed.

>> No.23927359


Mattresses or fat chicks?

>> No.23927773

Jesus dude, thats just kind of depressing, are you massively ugly or something?

>> No.23927854

This is largely true for my group too, I think we've got one guy who has had a recent breakup but the rest of us are dating someone.
I suspect it's a combination of selection bias and the terrible socially awkward neck-beards being more memorable than the more sane and normal roleplayers.

>> No.23927940

Why the fuck would you not want to train with more experienced fighters?
How the hell else do they think they are going to learn?

>> No.23931131

Why do you assume you aren't the exception?

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