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If the Eldar weren't such arrogant asshole space elves, they would be one of the only "good" factions in W40k.

Out of all of the different factions, they have the one of the more noble goals.

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Eldar thread by the way.


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>they have the one of the more noble goals.

Trying to rebuild their Empire that they fucked up isn't really noble. It's a decent motivation, but it's no more noble than an Ork that wants to fight because it's in his genetics to fight.

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I thought they were just trying to destroy Slaneesh and fix the mess they made.

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Morally "good" Eldar, in the DnD sense, would be lame. I like them as racist Machiavellian high-tech Bastard Elves.


It's 40k, what do you expect.

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Depends on the Craftworld and the individual Eldar. Biel-tan for instance refuse to believe their race is on the decline and believe in the destruction of any of the "lesser" races that move into the areas they consider to be theirs.

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Eldar=Dark Elves
Dark Elder=Vampire Counts

There are no High Elves in 40k, unless you count the Tau due to similar playstyle. But even then the Tau theme is wrong lore-wise, they're too Bretonnian.

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Everything to exist somewhere in that setting.

It's already that way with Guardsmen.

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Necrons=High elves

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Blame the monkeys.

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Stupid lesser beings.

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We warned you of the price of your actions, now you must pay it in full - in blood.

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Not with Eldar. GW explicitly stated that they wouldn't do a 'traits' system for Eldar like the old Guard had because it would imply a degree of infinite variety that wasn't present in the declining Eldar race.

Having said that, I wouldn't want to rule it out completely and say it's 100% impossible. I don't like trying to dictate to other players like that in 40k unless it's something black and white wrong (e.g Chaos C'Tan). It's possible there's some shitty Astro Lothlorien craftworld somewhere filled to the brim with golden-hearted elven-folk. But it would be lame.

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It's not really that unlikely, at least on a small scale. Eldar are sentient like any other race, and capable of caring about others, so it's possible for some of them to decide "hey, let's not go around wrecking other people's toys unless our lives are at stake".

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Fuck that, I want the crossover from 40k to Fantasy where High Elves, under the command of a very bold Prince, take over a craftworld and set out on a mission to purge Chaos and uplift humanity.

Fuck, I wish 40k had a Teclis/Tyrion equivalent. Not like "strong psycher, and a strong melee warrior" I mean like personalities.
Hippy college professor, and Ogami fucking Ittō.

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Commander Farsight and Maka set up an alliance of good somewhere.
Creed joins them.

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>Eldar=Dark Elves
Goddammit, this is not unreasonable.

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>Elven Prince "Behold, O Dear and Noble humans! We come to you in peace and offer you the best of our strength and lore! Let us raise you up from the dirt so you may soar the skies like eagles!"
>Inquisitor Lords "Kill them"
>Chapter Masters "Kill them"
>Ecclesiarchs "Kill them"
>Grand Admirals "Kill them"
>Lords Militant "Kill them"
>Imperial Nobility "Kill them"
>Mechanicus Lords Magi "Kill them"
>All 12 High Lords "Kill them"

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Crappy leadership that self-destructs, no unity racially, chickenshits with giant ships that hide, fall to Chaos like nothing else, worship a god of murder and a god of trickery, douchebags among douchebags, and finally doomed to Chaos even in their winning scenario.

The only difference is that in Fantasy, they didn't create Slaanesh. Indeed, Slaanesh is MUCH weaker.

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I'm really nervous about the 6th ed Eldar codex. IMO the Space Elves are the best-designed faction in 40k by a considerable distance, and new models would be awesome, but lately the design team haven't exactly been knocking it out of the park...

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Who says they get a choice?
One planet at a time.

Switch from worshiping the God Emperor to worshiping Asuryan, and you get elf space marines guarding a palace where daemons disintegrate upon setting foot in it.

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>giant suit of Exarch armour that makes the Wraithlord (which it is bigger than) completely redundant

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>making the best model in all of 40k redundant
I seriously hope those guys don't do that.

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>One planet at a time

See you in 10 billion years, Elven Empire.

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>If they weren't such dicks, they would be nice

Well, duh.

I sorta want to make a Craftworld that is all self loathing. They realize that the Eldar ruined everything for everyone, and refuse to admit it. They are really gloomy and depressing, and the Path of Grief is pretty common for them, like the Path of the Seer is pretty common on Ulthwe.

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>Eldar=Dark Elves
>Dark Elder=Vampire Counts


>High Elves
>Similar play style to Tau


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>They realize that the Eldar ruined everything for everyone, and refuse to admit it

I mean they think the other Eldar refuse to admit it. They know they fucked up, and advertise it.

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What's the main difference between the High Elves and the Eldar, despite technology and High Elves being friendlier?

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>They are really gloomy and depressing
Isn't that Ulthwe? They always seem like the most emo of the Craftworlds. Although I guess fighting kay-oss keeps 'em busy.

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Nothing really, Eldar just have a bigger leaning towards FATE while High Elves are just generally MAGIC. And I suppose High Elves have the strongest warriors of all the "good" races compared to Eldar who take a back seat to Marines.

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Ooooh, or Iyanden, of course. Or the one that vanished into the warp.

...yeah, the Eldar are pretty emo. That's why I tend to prefer Biel-tan and Alaitoc. Not Saim-Hann, though, those guys be crazy.

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See >>23901081

I think anon has a point. In all of these features they're pretty different from High Elves, and closer to Dark Elves.

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HE can last that long.
They've got much longer lifespans than Eldar, and no "sex makes daemons rape us" forbidding them from reproducing. Just the old fashioned low conception rate.

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Shooty, not great in melee unless you're investing points into it (and nowhere near as good as armies known for it).
Big bad large models that cost a fair amount of points.

Prone to being assraped when rushed by bigguns.
Relies heavily on scenery and controlling the field positions for strategy.

What 40k army do you think High Elves play like if you disagree?

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>They've got much longer lifespans than Eldar

How old is the oldest High Elf?

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or the craft world in Sol

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>Or the one that vanished into the warp.

Altansar. It's where Maugan Ra hails from.

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>I think anon has a point. In all of these features they're pretty different from High Elves, and closer to Dark Elves.

Except he's wrong. Dark Elf, High Elf and Eldar leadership is about the same level of crappy, Dark Elves are way more unified than High Elves or Eldar, Dark Elf Black Arks routinely make assaults, Eldar rarely fall to Chaos, Dark Elves worship only Khaine while Eldar and High Elves revere the whole Pantheon, Eldar don't torture people for fun, in Fantasy everyone is doomed to Chaos.

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He dragged it out of the Eye of Terror. They're all shady as fuck though; other Eldar are worried about Chaos corruption, and they somehow have moved really close to Terra.

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Fantasy relies a whole lot less on shooting and has no transports like 40k, so army comparisons don't work to well.

However High Elves aren't that shooty on account to bowmen being shit and ultimately having nothing heavier than a bolt-thrower. They've got some great assault units though and some serious magic punch, something the Tau lack in spades. Their armour is also pretty light in general, compared to the Tau's good armour.

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High Elves are on their way out due to civil war with the Dark Elves.
Other than that, they're the dominant faction. They're also the only ones keeping the world from being destroyed and saved it more times over than mortal men have threatened it.
Their heroes are bright shining examples of the paragons of virtue, and when one falls it is a VERY dark day for all beings.
Even the lowest among them boast self control, restraint, and discipline only the greatest of other races can match.
If High Elves fall, the non-Chaos factions (and the Chaos factions not allied with the Daemons) are all FUCKED. Rape/murder/plague/PLAN rocks fall, they die. Although Dwarfs and High Elves dislike each other (more on the Dwarf side than the HE one), they're the ones who enable the great alliances of good to occur. They uplifted mankind from the darkest days after the fall of Rome through the Renaissance, and believe in coexistence through mutual benefit. The High Elf gods are a very real force in the world, with Asuryan's temples being places not even Greater Daemons can set foot in while fully manned by monks (thus daemons rely on mortal servants more heavily on fantasy).

Eldar are the cause of the fuckups. Eldar lost before they began. Every story about Eldar ends with "and darker days are ahead". Eldar heroes invariably become corrupt and die miserably. Everyone hates Eldar, and they hate everyone else. Eldar end strategy is killing Slaanesh before everyone ceases to exist. Eldar tech is very high above everyone else, but nowhere near as much as HE are to the fantasy world with magic in comparison.

tl:dr High Elves are Space Marines in a noblebright setting, and Eldar are the screaming slutty girls in a slasher movie.

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None of the named High Elves are given ages or are all young for elves, except Caledor who remembers the birth of Chaos.
Teclis is old enough to remember cavemen level humans though, and he and Tyrion are young men.

But Caledor is trapped in a magical vortex outside of time, so it might not count.

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>Eldar heroes invariably become corrupt

Not true, Eldar hardly fall to Chaos at all.

>Warhammer Fantasy


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Eldar used to feel like 40k high elves, after 2nd edition that feel started to quickly fade.

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>Teclis is old enough to remember cavemen level humans though

Nah, when Teclis was still a boy there were Human Traders in Lothern. Cavemen are more Malekith old.

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Eh…Marketh sort of, in the sense that he totally is a HE prince. There's that Everqueen chick, although I don't know if that's an immortality thing, or a reincarnation thing.
They can go for a few centuries on their own, at least.
This is why we need more Corsair princes.

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Humans didn't invent civilization until like 12,000 years ago. Assuming that the humans of the Warhammer world had a similar technological development, I think that would mean that they are around Vect's age.

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Forge World is weird.

>make rules for Space Elf Goddamn Pirates
>finally have opportunity to make Eldar the Pirate David Bowies In Space they once were and always should be
>release only one set of infantry, none of whom look like Bowie

Aside from Bowie, a Corsair Prince who actually looks like Prince would also have been acceptable.

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Not older than Eldrad. Shit, the oldest Elf is Malekith's mom, who's only alive because of sorcery, and she's not reached the big 10,000 yet.

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Everything you said is wrong.

>Dark Elf leadership
Pirate kings who are more mercenaries that work for their homeland than leaders, and the incestuous pair of a spoiled prince and his mother. Said mother is planning on sacrificing him to Slaanesh.
Anyone with too high a LD is killed since there's a prophesy about a male DE wizard killing the prince.

High Elves are a democratic nation with "kingdoms" (which function as provinces, not as actual monarchies) that elect a supreme commander of all the High Elf military forces, and have a hereditary female monarch who rules in all aspects of society outside warfare.

Eldar sneeze and fall to Chaos. Not fall like become a worshiper, Daemons just snatch their souls away due to them looking at a phallic object too long.
High Elves worship the whole pantheon, but regard Khaine and Loec as beings to fear rather than revere and only pay them lipservice: their shrines are banned.
Dark Elves worship Khaine, Loec, AND all the Chaos gods. In particular Slaanesh, and the queen of the Dark Elves is SLAANESH's CHOSEN LEADER. Not his champion, that's Sigvald. Morathi is his "closest devotee and favored daughter" according to the books that came out within this edition of the rules.

Eldar don't torture for fun, true. But they show the same level of "kill them all" that the High Elves don't.

In fantasy, Chaos can never be defeated. However there's no ticking time limit on when they surge forth. Indeed Chaos has had it's ass whooped quite well and been quieted for tens of thousands of years in the past. Unlike 40k, where corruption is inevitable and reality outside the warp has a life expectancy.

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Everqueen is the Avatar from Avatar: the Last Airbender.

It's an essence that comes in mortal form. Each firstborn daughter inherits it upon the mother's death though, but can commune with all the past ones at will. Also, god help you if you manage to make them go Avatar State on you.

Everqueen channels pure life magic, not the life lore that's channeled through the Winds of Magic (which originate in Chaos).

Pure Life magic is stated flat out to be stronger than anything in the Fantasy version of the Warp, or even the Chaos gods themselves.

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Caledor is older than her.
She was a bimbo when he was an old man.

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>the queen of the Dark Elves is SLAANESH's CHOSEN LEADER
OK, that's very different from both Eldar and Dark Eldar. Although I prefer to think that the only reason the Deldar are alive is because at the time of the Fall their ancestors sold their souls to Slaanesh, and kept it secret from their descendants.

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Aren't the Eldar's goals the manipulation and domination of all other species? Not something that I would consider good.

Chaos just wants FREEDOM!I'd say that they are the good guys.

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Warhammer world is 8,500 years old (starting at -6,000) since the Old Ones showed up and made the current races. Teclis and Tyrion are at least Aenarion's grandchildren, as they are descended from his first wive's children, and he doesn't show up till -4,500.

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Yeah, Slaanesh wasn't created by the Elves in fantasy. He, and all the others, existed long before and it was the fall of the Titans that allowed them to come into the world (nobody knows how that happened, could be the Titans are elsewhere and haven't noticed Chaos coming through, or were killed, or just don't give a fuck).

True divine forces trump Chaos ones. A priest of Sigmar is stronger against a Daemon than a Space Marine of the Emperor, because faith is more like a cross to a vampire in fantasy than an empowering force like it is in 40k.

Dark Elves exist because they worshiped Slaanesh in the Cults of Pleasure. That's literally where the race starts, and every Dark Elf is essentially a Slaaneshi Chaos Space Marine. The Slaanesh Cults among the Warriors of Chaos regularly team up with Dark Elves as equals and participate in blood orgies where Daemons show up as party guests and survival rate is less than 5% (not a literal figure, that was a joke. Don't ask for a citation on a joke).

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That might be Biel-tan's, but every Craftworld has a different goal. Some want to just keep the Eldar race alive while others are awaiting the moment all Eldar die to supposedly form a god made of every Eldar spirit and defeat Slaanesh.

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Old lore refers to a much bigger timescale in the pre-Chaos days, that's gotta be a recent change.

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There's no actual number on how many craftwords are doing that. In fact, I highly doubt they're just waiting around to die.

It goes like this

Eldar wanting to rebuild the old empire (Biel-Tan)
Eldar wanting to stop the encroaching powers of Chaos (Ulthwe)
Eldar just trying to survive and live their lives out (most)

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That is the Imperial Calendar straight from the 8th edition rulebook. The current HE book also lists Aenarion's reign as Phoenix king starting in -4,500 (Imperial).
I should clarify that the timeline says that in -6,000, the place was overrun with Dragons, then in -5,900 the Old Ones came and started their magic. So the planet is older, certainly, but Elves and men and everything else is roughly 8,500 years old, in their modern form.
Nehekhara itself comes to prominence in -2,500, a brisk 2,000 years after the Elves stabilized the world.

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Have you met the Tau? Yea they are commies but they are the least grimdark and seem to be the most "good"

>> No.23902236

Dark Elf nobles are raiders and sadistic torturers living in a society were only the strong survive, and kept under the iron thumb of an ancient tyrant. Sorcery is extremely limited. They worship only Khaine.

Dark Eldar archons are raiders and sadistic torturers living in a society were only the strong survive, and kept under the iron thumb of an ancient tyrant. Sorcery is banned. They respect only Khaine.

High Elves live in an idyllic environment, though their number dwindle and their cities grow emptier every year. They are ruled by both the Phoenix King and Everqueen and their noble courts and are famed for their citizen militia. Magic is available to those who seek it. All the Gods are venerated, but Khaine is feared and called upon only in times of war.

Eldar live in an idyllic environment, though their number dwindle and their Craftworlds grow emptier every year. They are ruled by both the councils of Autarchs and Farseers and are famed for their citizen militia. Sorcery is available to those who seek it. All the Gods are venerated, but Khaine is feared and called upon only in times of war.

Eldar do not often fall to Chaos, and Chaos worship is not legal to any of the Elves. Both High Elves and Eldar will attempt to thwart Chaos, while Dark Elves will occasionally ally with Chaos, or have in the past attempted to drown the world in it by shutting down the vortex.

>> No.23902342

So... The Harlequins? That's what the Great Cosmic Joke is after all.

They'd be a bunch of sad sacks if it weren't for the twisted irony of it all that they celebrate with their false faces and ridiculous outfits.

>> No.23902364

Eh, the Communist aspect is probably the most 'good' thing about them. The open-ended military expansion... not so much.

>> No.23902378

...not that they're actually Communist, obviously. But the concern with collective benefit at least SOUNDS nice.

>> No.23902382

I'd count the way they do it on par with a "reuniting" army. Like Charlemagne.

To be fair, Hitler had the same vision. But the view of the Greater Good seems more "glory of god" than "let's see how long I can ride this thing" to me.

>> No.23902433

Millenial reminder: Exodites are the best Eldar.

>> No.23902542

thats a nice little exodite world you have here
it'd be a shame if...something was to happen to it...

>> No.23902550

Don't forget they're the patrons of the Tautonnians.

>> No.23902569

Don't worry! I'm sure that the Dark Eldar and their wonderful Haemonculi will show up to help us!
>Eldar: When you win, you still lose

>> No.23902602

Dinosaur Knights. Your threat is invalid.

>> No.23902626

It can't be reuniting, though, because they never claim to have controlled it in the first place. It's straight-up 19th-century-style imperialism, i.e. conquering and claiming it's in the interests of the conquered. Although there is a difference in the stress on equality, which I guess makes it a bit nicer - the Tau don't seem to go in for racial theories. But I'm sure in practice they would go for British Empire-style paternalism, since they'd need to teach the natives the Greater Good and all...

>> No.23902644

To be fair, most of the humans they've come across have been wallowing in shit for the last fifteen or so thousand years.

>> No.23902693

fulgrim never had a problem dealing with eldar

>> No.23902723

Well, true.

>take up the Earth Caste's burden...

>Tho' I've belted you an' flayed you,
>By the livin' Emprah that made you,
>You're a better Tau than I am, gue'la!

>> No.23902739

Never had problems with dicks up his ass either, they slide in with no problem.

>> No.23902768

>that hideous giant-pauldron'd armour
If it's true that Spess Muhreens are getting updated before Elfdar, that sucks.

>> No.23903137

So I just finished Path of the Incubus, and I gotta ask; is Motley a good representation of the Harlequins? Because if so, wow. They are amazing. Eldar that look at all 4 factions and simply see one race, that genuinely wish to help and unite all of them, but at the same time are self aware enough to realize how fucked the race is, and that the conflict serves only to fuel the very Chaos they fight. Hence all the masks and jokes. It's just their way of laughing at their own doom. That's the kind of shit I can get behind.

Which I guess leads into a second question: how best do I run Harlequins on the table?

>> No.23903250

Not literally reuniting, I mean like the way they're doing it.

It's not outright conquest, but it's still expansionistic.

I'm comparing Alexander the Great to Charlemagne and the latter feels more Tau.

>> No.23903327

>ignores massive codpiece

>> No.23903457

Even more impressive when you consider that, assuming he doesn't have a pin head, his genitals start somewhere at the top of the belt-eagle.

Aaaaah. I should read more on those at some point.

>> No.23903460


Those are briefs...

>> No.23903513


Looks a little long for briefs.

>> No.23903591

...and his feet don't quite reach the knees.

>> No.23903718

>It's not outright conquest, but it's still expansionistic.

What the Tau do is outright conquest. But the 40k galaxy is so grimdark that being conquers makes them one of the least evil factions. When they go to war their goal is conquest instead of genocide.

>> No.23903824

if his codpiece is of needed size, then no wonder the emperor's children were so sensitive to external stimuli

>> No.23904142

the galaxy is so fuck huge that the notion of being a conquerer is almost a joke

>> No.23904279

Imperium almost managed.

>> No.23904297


They orgied so hard they tore the galaxy a new arsehole -- LITERALLY!!

>> No.23904305

I actually thought that was Sanguinius

>> No.23904317

Eh, I don't think they've set a time limit on it. It takes as long as it takes. Although I can see the Nids being a problem.

>> No.23904328

>winged claw on pauldron
>Aquila on chest
>not sculpted legs
>no wings

>> No.23904332


The Eldar also were known to... "compensate."

>> No.23904361

>> No.23904412

Eh...I think that's a stretch. The only real connection is the boats, and the Dark Elves don't even live on the boats, so there's barely even that.

Remember, High Elves worship Khaine too. But, like the Eldar, they revere him primarily as a god of war. The Eldar also pay homage to the rest of the High Elf Pantheon, if only culturally. (Use of the Eye of Isha, calling the Blackstones Talismans of Vaul, etc)

The Eldar are also missing a variety of other major Dark Elf thematic touchstones: the Darwinian social climbing, the rampant murder, the constant shifting of internal alliances, the slaving, the depraved violence, etc, etc. There's really a lot more common ground between Dark Eldar and Dark Elves than Eldar and Dark Elves.

>> No.23904518

>Space locusts that assume they can predict the future, so they constantly act arrogant and rashly, backstabbing factions they could potentially have negotiated non-interference with
>Their god's Avatar is constantly fucking up and bumbling over space marines as they tear pieces off the dead god

They took the defining attributes of normal elves and made it 40,000 times worse.

Don't even start on Dark Eldar, most exodites got mind nuked by Slaanesh but somehow the faggots that were actually causing the problems survived?

Actually I wish GW would grow some fucking balls and progress 40K's storyline.

>> No.23904536

>progress 40K's storyline
How do you mean? Which storyline?

>> No.23905808

>But they show the same level of "kill them all" that the High Elves don't.
I remember reading a story about a small village in the Old World. A hunting people from the village stumbled across an obelisk covered in strange runes, in the middle of nowhere. One of them touched it, but other than that they didn't do anything. The hunting party started marching back to the village, but not all of them made it back, as several of them were picked off by unseen assailants, with not a trace left behind. Yada, yada, some guys show up at the village and find that everybody is gone, only an arrow of strange design left behind.

>> No.23905882


>Hey guys, I posted an anti-brony pic, am I cool yet? Yeah we all hate those bronies here, am I rite?

>> No.23905903


>Getting that defensive over a picture

>> No.23905924


Because there is literally zero brony presence on this board, or any board on 4chan except /mlp/ these days, and yet people still try and act like they're a scourge that is destroying everything they stand for.

It's mindless pointless hatred that is done purely to try and desperately fit into a culture that is virtually non-existent in the first place.

>> No.23905944


It's one picture, and it's more of an anti-furry picture. Hell, look at the file name, it's probably more of a trolling attempt than anything. The only mindless hated is in your mind. You're not being persecuted.

>> No.23905955

Well, we have an eldar thread here.

Spirit stones- do they seriously only come from Crone Worlds? Don't all eldar have them, lest they be painfully devoured by the warp upon their deaths?

>> No.23905980


Far as I know all craftworld Eldar (not sure about their dark cousins or the Exodites) wear one on their chest in case they die. It acts as a spirit trap allowing other Eldar to recover it and take it back to their craftworld so it can be added to the Infinity Circuit and stop the soul from being claimed by Slaanesh.

>> No.23906002

Yeah, but...You have to get them from the freaking Eye of Terror. Seems extremely dangerous to say the least.

>> No.23906032

It is. On the plus side, it's something that only has to be done should a number of Soul Stones be lost or destroyed; normally, IIRC, when an Eldar dies and their soul is transferred from the Soulstone to the Infinity Circuit aboard their Craftworld, the now-empty Soulstone can be given to someone else.

>> No.23906065

Oh. Good to know.

And the Exodites then, they don't give a shit if their souls get devoured by Slaanesh? And Dark Eldar too, though they engage in ridiculous torture to extend their lifetime apparently?

>> No.23906071

He's a pretty good example of them, although other harlequins will have different viewpoints, that one is common.

As for a Harlequin army, any of the three Eldar lists should do. Harlequin Elites, Jetbike fast attacks, have your troops as mimes.
At the corsair and dark eldar lists have venoms.

>> No.23906073

>And the Exodites then, they don't give a shit if their souls get devoured by Slaanesh?

Their souls go join the World-spirit of their planet.

>And Dark Eldar too, though they engage in ridiculous torture to extend their lifetime apparently?

Yeah, they feed on pain to regenerate themselves.

>> No.23906079

Exodites use soulstones, their soul gestalt is the spirit of their world itself. Which can be dangerous as hell for invaders.

>> No.23906095

Oh, neat.

Okay, clearly I'm pretty far out of my depth for Eldar fluff. Is there a good book from the Eldar point of view that can immerse me? Or a good source of Eldar fluff?

>> No.23906097

Exodites do use Soulstones, but they replace the Infinity Circuit with the Worldspirit of their planet. Dark Eldar feed on pain and suffering to increase their lifespan and counteract the constant leeching of their souls, and can even be brought back from the dead in the right circumstances.

>> No.23906103

Try Gav Thorpe's Eldar Path series (Path of the Warrior, Seer, and Outcast). Andy Chambers is also doing one from the Dark Eldar perspective (Path of the Renedage, Incubus, and forthcoming Archon).

You could also try Farseer, by...Bill King, I think? Either way, it's pretty good.

>> No.23906106

hey man nobody was doing any fursecuteing here.

>> No.23906107


Ahem. Renegade.

>> No.23906110

Didnt you get your attention today whore ?

>> No.23906115

Oh, Exodites use soulstones (Though Lexicanum insists they're spiritstones, I like soulstone better) too then.

Are there groups of brave eldar adventurers that go back and forth from the Crone Worlds in brisk trade of soulstones then?

>> No.23906139

They're alternately called soulstones, spiritstones, or waystones. Probably they all use the eldar word Ra.

And yeah, that's part of what outcasts (Rangers and Corsairs) do.

>> No.23906151

"Join us in practical slavery to the Tau and the Ethereal caste or we will cleanse your entire species." I'm not saying any other faction is any better, but I certainly don't think the Tau are any better than anyone else. The main thing I love is that they preach equality, but that the Tau themselves are so much more equal than everyone else.

I read Kill Squad last night - few funny chance quotes in that. I believe one of the Fire Warriors in the battlesuits was screaming something about all of the human worlds burning but it being a shame the protagonists wouldn't live long enough to see them suffer.

>> No.23906152

Orkz are da good guyz wif da most noble goals! tink bout it!

>> No.23906174

>I certainly don't think the Tau are any better than anyone else
They're better than the Imperium. The details of what you call 'practical slavery' are unclear, but it probably beats being burned to death because you weren't born human enough for them.

>> No.23906184

The Path of the Eldar series is decent, from what I've heard around here. There's some skub in it, but overall it's okay.

>> No.23906202

>some skub
That's a funny way of saying 'I downloaded the sample on the Black Library site and the terrible prose made me actually want to claw my damn eyes out'.

>> No.23906225

I was referring more to the invasion, as that seems to be what most people get pissed about. The prose may or may not be terrible; I wouldn't know, seeing as how I don't read any novels published by BL.

>> No.23906236

And the Orks, Necrons, Eldar etc etc.

Tyranids and Chaos have claimed entire galaxies before.

So Galatic conquest is a piece of cake.

>> No.23906247

Not really. The Imperium controls a million worlds in a galaxy that has billions of them.

>> No.23906257

>Galatic conquest is a piece of cake.

It is, but everyone is too polite to take the whole thing so they purposely act in stupid ways any time they get too much area. It's like touhou, to the outsider it looks like a major brawl but at the end it all ends up with a tea party.

>> No.23906270


The Imperium controls a billion worlds. So says one of the High Lords!

>> No.23906281

Maybe, but the Tau don't understand the Warp or Psykers. Their choices are to execute anyone showing the powers, or let them develop to the point where I sincerely doubt there hasn't been any gateways to anal rape opening on entire worlds without controlled psychic populations.

>> No.23906288

The Path series gives me cause to wonder if the Eldar are going to further become Pointy-Ear-Humans.
Generally loathed as it seems to have been, the Oldcron fluff did do the Eldar the favor of giving them a purpose beyond Yet Another Empire that the newer fluff is starting to bend towards.
And that's boring. Everyone in 40k with an IQ higher than a day-old Ripper wants to rule the galaxy. What would that even look like? Where the hell would the Eldar get the population?

The Eldar can be arrogant and cruel, but they need to be not stupid most of all (exempting the DE). They don't have the latitude of survival nor the self-delusion nor the gross cultural influence of anything like the Ecclesiarchy giving them reason to stupid.

I blame the Imperium's gradual drift towards Nobledark. As the wars become increasingly less pointless, the sacrifices less unnecessary and, most of all, the gradual revision of the Emperor's role is less of one of monstrous hubris and more earnest "no, really, this is BEST POSSIBLE outcome even Emps could arrange" the Imperium could acquire a most disgusting quality: moral superiority.
Race-wide plot armor. Right Making Might.
The worst thing imaginable for 40k.
I'd rather have actual MLP minis.

>> No.23906302

>Must be smart to survive with the population they have
>Better spam Guardians so they die like Guardsmen

>> No.23906304

The first race added to the Tau Empire was a pysker race and there are others.

The Tau have centuries worth of experience dealing with them. They're not that ignorant.

The fact that the human population under their control haven't exploded due to the lack of Imperial knowhow, shows they know what they're doing or are just lucky

>> No.23906318

"The Tau have no psykers whatsoever among their ranks, for their souls are so feeble they barely register in the Warp at all. They are largely oblivious to the malevolent forces of Chaos, who in turn take no interest in the crumbs that are Tau souls. No Tau has ever been corrupted by Chaos."

To be fair though, I think what you just said is an oversight by GW, if anything.

>> No.23906334



The Tau don't have any Tau psykers, they do have other races working for them that are psykers however.

>> No.23906339

Dude...They don't have pyskers within the ranks of their species.

But within the ranks of their Empire they do and here is one Pysker race.


>> No.23906357

Eh, sorta makes sense. Maybe their allied psykers get nommed by Daemons every now and then and the Tau just stand around saying 'now what was that about, then?'

>> No.23906370


Or they've seen what Chaos can do up close in the Medusa Campaign they had a few years ago, they just don't quite know what to do with it or how to deal with it.


>> No.23906392

I agree.
Tarpit tactics are moronic to begin with, and the Eldar are the worst possible people to be using them.
At the end of Void Stalker whatsisname the Dreadnought is limping away from butchering some dozens of Guardians in close quarters and ADB is relating how as the Dread lost both it's arms to ...whatever weapons/plot devices the handful of then-surviving Guardians were reduced to rushing it with improvised clubs and rocks before finally being stomped out of existence.
To what end, I can't possibly imagine. Even if they'd manage to actually breach it's casket and kill the marine within who was going to help them against the rest of the squad?
Maybe it was supposed to be a testament to the tenacity and savagery of the Eldar, but it mostly sounded really fucking dumb. Banging on the skin of a Night Lords dread with discarded shoes, hip deep in their own dead, and nobody has the wit to disengage long enough to dig even a pistol out of the mound of the liquified dead?

Stupid. Stupid stupid stupid. Jain Zhar talking herself to death stupid. Banshee helmets that don't include noise-dampeners stupid. Swooping Hawks without parachutes stupid.
I wouldn't insist the Eldar always triumph, but even their losses should be less humiliating then the IG's worst day.
That _was_ the IG's methodology after all; winning despite themselves. "Drown then in bodies", "give me enough men and I will stuff the Eye of Terror shut", etc. But then the Dumb Dead Grunt became a Martyred Combat Specialist, and so the Idiot Ball got passed to a faction that not only kept losing, but got DotA-fucked for that little extra rectal-spice as well.

My 6E Eldar concepts wishlist:
1) High Elf Karma: you know what to do, and the way to do it, and you lose anyway because the setting hates you. Fine. Death with Dignity isn't too much to ask.

>> No.23906402

Well, Biel-Tann wants to unite the craftworlders, their colony worlds and the exodites into an empire, and have done since the earliest days of their fluff.

Hell, their very name means the rebirth of ancient days.

The population would come from the Exodites, who are relatively populous, especially when compared to the Craftworlders. Biel-Tann in fact spends a lot of time trying to recruit Exodites into their fold, when they're not fighting humans, orks, or other threats to Eldar resurgence.

Of course, part of the problem is that the Exodites don't want to be part of Biel-Tann's new glorious empire, and view the Craftworlders as two steps from the disasters which caused the Fall.

>> No.23906432

I didn't say they did have pyskers within their own species. I was saying they're ignorant to Chaos.

>> No.23906446

Which is something I'll not whine about. That's Biel-Tann's purpose. They're larger, stronger, and more militant.
But they're only 1, granted an enormous and powerful one, Craftworld.
The new Eldar tone likes the idea that _all_ Eldar blissfully yearn to re-conquer everything.

Dunno about Exodites being very numerous. Given that the Eldar control virtually none of the galaxy I imagine Exodites get by by being on worlds too far out of the way or in interstellar hazards or maybe dead zones that the Imperium doesn't have interest in or can't get to.
Those worlds aren't pointy-eared hives, either.
The Craftworld idea's good because it gives the Eldar a plausible elusiveness.
Forging and maintaining an empire creates a visibility unhealthy to a population unable to sustain the massive turnovers caused by constant defense actions and elevated military readiness.
Or in other words: Craftworlds can run away -planets can't. Exodites aren't the foundation of an empire; they hide in the trees until danger's gone or reinforcements come.
IMHO few things are less appropriate then a phrase like "Eldar-controlled space."

>> No.23906509

Stop this.






>> No.23906516


But that guy actually has an idea that makes some sense, whereas you're just loud and obnoxious.

>> No.23906582

>Dunno about Exodites being very numerous. Given that the Eldar control virtually none of the galaxy I imagine Exodites get by by being on worlds too far out of the way or in interstellar hazards or maybe dead zones that the Imperium doesn't have interest in or can't get to.

Most Exodites make out their existence on worlds with very bad conditions, living as nomads or with limited agriculture. So yeah, pretty much, for the most part.

>> No.23906585

>Stop this
>Nobody was even talking about that anymore

>> No.23906601


>> No.23906607


Your opinion is wrong, even if I happen to agree with it, whatever it actually is.

>> No.23906886

Eldar Exodites: Wood Elves?

Eldar exodites: Some of the Farseers understood that the Eldar mainstream culture was going to self-destruct, and started a series of mass-migrations to colonize several far-away solar systems. While craftworls were basically last-moment "grab all you can carry and run" -efforts, Exodites were able to plan and execute the mass migrations in more leisure pace over a millenia before The Fall.

Exodite worlds were colonized some 11.000 years ago, so they have had enough time to develop in different directions. Some exodies may have small low-tech settelements on one planet only, while others may have everal fully-developed solar systems with capacity of building battlecruisers.

Imperial Navy may call Exodite defence fleets as "Eldar Corsairs".

White Dwarf magazine had some articles of one exodite group, who lived in a planet with dinosaur -like native beasts.

>> No.23907025

Actually, a lot of Exodite worlds are also colonised by the Imperium, or rather the Imperium's sister empire, the Adeptus Mechanicus.

The Knight Worlds which help provide men and food to Forge Worlds are also inhabited by Exodites. It's just that they rarely attempt to throw each other off, just occasionally clashing for more mundane reasons, like food or the occasional bit of territory.

>> No.23907177

You're adorable.

>> No.23907225

I doubt they'd rely on ships as much. If they were spread across several systems, they'd be more likely to use the webway gates to get from one to another.

We do know some Exodite worlds use wave serpents and falcons, so it's not as if larger craft are impossible though.

>> No.23907512

Does no one who writes for BL pick up a book on military strategy/tactics/history/anything?
Holy shit.
Anyway, as I've said before, I completely support 6e guardians being 4 points a model, squad size 40, armed with nothing but pistols (no change in range there!) and haywire grenades. At least they'd be useful then.

>> No.23907545

the neckbeard levels of that post were off the charts.

>> No.23907573

Nope, you said they don't understand Pyskers and the Warp.

Clearly, they have some knowledge and experience with both.


>> No.23907589

Give them Ld5, and they immediately fall back/are swept if in combat and cannot regroup if an HQ dies or something. And dump the heavy/assault weapons. They are crappy as fodder, and no one wants to make them worth 8 points, so may as well make them good fodder.

>> No.23907619

The most sympathetic faction and the only one with the righteous cause are the Necrons.

Think of it. They were victims all their lives and even in undeath they suffer from Eldar bigotry.

They just want to be left alone or maybe get their homes back.

>> No.23907673

>They just want to be left alone or maybe get their homes back.
>Race that took over the galaxy before descending into civil war
>Said civil war ended only when they found another equally powerful civilization to have a galactic-wide conflict with
>Said conflict only ended when they unleashed Physical Gods
>And now they are at it again, only with some clown noses and other wacky shit thrown in
Necrons don't "want to be left alone/get their homes back". They want everything. Or petty things (I've got to kidnap a whole planet for my museum/drastically alter the timeline so my prediction is RIGHT).

>> No.23908044

Yeah, no.

>> No.23908806

>drastically alter the timeline so my prediction is RIGHT

I love this.

>"I can't be wrong! The universe is wrong, I'm gonna do it over!"

>> No.23909234

Well, now that Chaos is all Srs Bizness _somebody_ in 40k has to mu-wa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! to blasts of ominous thunder.
And Necrons do get various lightning, thunder, and weather effects to command...
And who better then legions-of-mindless-mook commanding immortal Egyptian death bots?

Also, have replayed Space Marine yesterday, I wish to include the obligatory FUCK THQ! dose of vitriol.
Goddamnit! Why is it this hard to get a strong, stable 40k action series off the ground?!
Christsakes, buncha idiots.
If having to say and mean "help me EA, you're my only hope" isn't cause for *headdesk* what else is?

>> No.23909278

>Srs business

Does not compute.

Only the Tyranids are serious bad guy and that's because they can't talk and have always appeared as threatening in their fluff.

>> No.23909341

>Judging an entire race for the action a small minority

Stay classy, anon.

>> No.23909350

They are trying to make Chaos "the real threat" again.
But everyone is wanking off to RT/2nd, so everything is going back to being goofy/retarded as hell too, and it's this whole big mess.

>> No.23909377

>Out of all of the different factions, they have the one of the more noble goals.

The survival of yourself no matter the cost to anyone else?

>> No.23909547

Actually, since every single one of them is compelled by programming to conquer the galacy, the Necrons who give zero fucks are in the minority.

>> No.23911454

If you can't achieve dominion over everything that exist in your world you aren't a serious conqueror? By that standard there have never been any serious conquerors in history. Even at the peak of the British Empire they only controlled about a quarter of the earth, and they were vastly more successful than any other empire in history. The Roman Empire at its height had about half the land area of the modern United States.

>> No.23913290

What about the poor Tyranids? They don't bear anyone ill will. They're just hungry. But wherever they go, just looking for food, they're met with hated and violence.

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