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Your name is Adam, but for awhile you went by Anon. When you won a street fight you became a World Warrior for awhile, battling your way to the finals before losing to a huge German named Erich. You made some friends, might have met a girl, took more punches to the face in those few month than you had in the rest of your life combined.

That was then, though. Another life. On quiet nights you think of that time as a cocoon. The caterpiller that was your directionless and ambitionless life went in, and out came...something new, you suppose. A new life.

That's all besides the point, you think to yourself as you shake yourself awake. This Helsinki cab is so warm you almost fell asleep. After overtipping the driver (you don't really understand the currency) you step out and brace yourself to knock on the door of a charming little house.

Somewhere in that charming little house is a life-or-death struggle to the bitter end. More accurately, the Scandinavian World Warrior title waits for you.

>Roll 1d100. Who's our Finnish Champion?

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Rolled 52


>> No.23893289

Rolled 77

A very Dapper big Game hunter

>> No.23893290

Rolled 46


The Finn. He's mostly naked, screams horribly Finnish profanities at us, and wishes to remove our kidneys with his rusty knife.

Also, no more Covert Ops Street Fighter Quest?

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>The Finnish champion is a ghost

Too spooky! I meant the general SFQ "roll 1d100 and give us a picture and idea of a character."

If nobody else chimes in he might just be a poltergeist.

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>no more Covert Ops?

There will be, but I wanted to switch back to check in on the original cast here and there to get a sense of other happenings in the SFQ verse. Since our original trio are back in the protagonist seat for a bit I figured going back to the original title would fit.

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Stick with the poltergeist idea.

>> No.23893339

Rolled 74

A strongman.

First he gives you some oats. Then it's time for squats.

>> No.23893410

Rolled 29

Amiable but corrupt chief of police.

>> No.23893452


You steel your courage. You can do this, man, you're tough.

Before you can knock the door is flung open. A gigantic Finn stands before you, decked out in full hunting kit. He looks like he stepped out of a photograph from a hundred years ago, actually.

"Ripping stuff, eh, old boy?" he says. "You're the fisticuffs chap I'm to fight, right? Come on in, lad, no sense fighting out in the street like barbarians!"

You follow him inside, allow him to take your coat. He directs you to a sitting room decked out in an old-world style. Even has a roaring fireplace in spite of it being a nice spring day.

"So you're the Anon chap, eh?" he says. "I always understood you to be more of a gentleman. I would have mistaken you for any other ruffian on the street if I hadn't seen your photograph!"

>Explain that you gave it up to forge your own identity.
>Say that the nice clothes weren't suitable for traveling Southeast Asia for months on end.
>Claim your old Misfits t-shirt and the grubby coat you got for five bucks in a thriftstore are actually from a cutting-edge avant garde designer.

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>Explain that you gave it up to forge your own identity.
>Say that the nice clothes weren't suitable for traveling Southeast Asia for months on end.
It's a little of both. We're starting fresh.

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>Say that the nice clothes weren't suitable for traveling Southeast Asia for months on end.

I like to think we're still a proper gentlemen in our own way, just more practical about it.

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>>Explain that you gave it up to forge your own identity.
>>Say that the nice clothes weren't suitable for traveling Southeast Asia for months on end.

>> No.23893584

Rolled 81

>>Say that the nice clothes weren't suitable for traveling Southeast Asia for months on end.

>> No.23893642


There's no point in ruining fine suspenders and shirts every time you get challenged by some thug or other. And believe me, that happens often. Besides, one can be a gentleman even if dressed like a bum. A friend of mine taught me that.

>> No.23893673

"For one thing, the bowtie look wasn't really good for traveling Thailand and Indonesia," you say.

"Ah, yes, I certainly understand that," he says. He motions to his own hunting apparel. "Bit like going on a safari in a tuxedo, what?"

"Precisely," you say. He offers you a brandy that you take out of politeness then sits to join you in an oversized leather chair. It makes you think of a gentleman's social club.

"I also needed to forge my own identity a bit," you say. You swish the brandy around in the glass and take a sip. Jesus christ this stuff is strong. Teddy throws it back like water then nods sagely.

"So I went on a sort of...training expedition for awhile," you say. "And then I decided to start testing my mettle again. And so here we are."

"Here we are indeed," Teddy says. "You've already defeated the World Warriors for half the European Union, haven't you?"

You bite your tongue on that to avoid sounding like you're bragging. Started by barely defeating your new master in a silat battle in Jakarta, made your way to England where you single-handedly pacified a football riot, went to Ireland to battle a dandified poet dressed like Oscar Wilde (who turned out to practice a unique yet effective martial art centered on his gorilla-like strength and just beating you mercilessly with his fists), worked your way up the continent by rail. You'd have to doublecheck but you think you're the World Warrior for eight districts now.

"I understand the urge myself, boy-o," the Finn says. Why does he have a ridiculous quasi-british accent, you wonder? "Spent some time as a hunter, you see. Killed all these."

He motions to the walls around you. Lion heads, tigers, a stuffed bear...lots. "Killed one of everything that wasn't endangered and a few things that were, if I'm being honest. Then it stopped being a challenge."

"So you took up..."

"So I took up hunting new prey. The most dangerous game." He leans forward. "Street Fighters."

>> No.23893736


Uh... I'm pretty sure that's illegal. And deathblows and exploding palms kind of stuff has been banned in the World Warrior tournament since its inception.

>> No.23893744

So do you kill them?

>> No.23893749

With sparse exceptions, the World Warrior tournament is a decidedly nonlethal tournament.

>> No.23893751

Please tell me he killed them all with his fists.

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A quick question, a bit off this one.

What's Fighting Ops protags fighting stance like?

>> No.23893770

Does he have wolverines up there?

If he has, beware.

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>field too long

You think this over.

"I haven't read the new rules, but I'm ninety-nine percent sure that shooting me is against the rules," you say. He laughs uproariously at this.

"No no no, boy, not bullets! Chi! I mean, I shot all these with bullets." He motions to the various stuffed creatures again. Is that one a lemur? Maaaan, those things are adorable. Who shoots a lemur? "But when dealing with prey that I can't kill, I just use the gun to conduct chi."

"You...how'd you learn to do that?" you ask.

"Hunting guide in Africa," he says. "We were being charged by a rhino and fresh out of ammo from all those meerkats we'd shot." That explains the diorama. "The man ripped the gun out of my hands, meditated for a moment and then shot a bolt of energy from the gun, scared the huge devil off. Never seen anything like it! Learned the trick from him that very night," he finishes. For the first time you notice the huge stack of guns in the umbrella stand he's sitting beside.

"So it's like a gun-fu thing?" you ask.

"Oh no, nothing silly," he says. "I just use mystical powers to draw energy from my very soul and then shoot you with it. Good fun, it is," he says.

"Ah." You sigh deeply and set the brandy aside. he gives you a bloodthirsty grin. "So I guess it's time to get started?"

"Tally ho," he says. He reaches for the guns.

>Stand, kick the guns away from him, beat him down with our fists.
>Play it safe. Get to cover, try to flank him and then beat him up. If stand still while he's pulling the guns we might get a face full of shotgun chi.
>Go for one of the guns on the wall for ourself. PEW PEW PEW time.

>> No.23893776

"I don't think my head would look good on a wall."

This. We need to be sure.

>> No.23893782

Considering our character is a blend of Cammy and Vanessa, something like this. Keep in mind Lindsay follows Jeet Kune Do, so it probably would look something like that.

>> No.23893786

>>Play it safe. Get to cover, try to flank him and then beat him up. If stand still while he's pulling the guns we might get a face full of shotgun chi.

This. Besides, it would be ungentlemanly to rob him of his weapon before the fight has even started.

>> No.23893797

>Stand, kick the guns away from him, beat him down with our fists.
Fuck that noise. No guns, no ki bullets. Remove his gimmick, and this fight is in the bag.

>> No.23893807

Stand, Kick the guns away

>> No.23893819


>Play it safe.

We've got the Gentleman's Reply to counter projectiles. Besides, I'm sure we improved that move during the timeskip.

>> No.23893835

We gave up our sticks at the end of the quest. Strictly speaking, we don't have the Gentleman's Reply anymore (though no one says we can't just bat projectiles away anyway like Vanessa and Shen Woo do).

>> No.23893856


She's into Jeet Kune Do, so the standard ready stance from that, I think? I'm trying to find a good picture of it and coming up short.


We also stopped using the sticks during the timeskip since Anon decided to focus more on silat.

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Vanessa can obliterate projectiles with her cross combo, reflect projectiles with a heavy hook, or just dodge them completely with a bob-and-weave spotdodge, quickstep, or duck (universal roll).

>> No.23893876

It's basically much of any other standard stands with one side forward, though if I'm remembering my Tao, Bruce said to put your strong side forward. I wouldn't worry about that too much.

>> No.23893891


We will be known as Adam the Bullet-Dodger.

>> No.23893895


>Get to cover

>> No.23893975

>opinion seems split

You're frozen in indecision for a moment. On one hand, this whole chi bullets thing seems improbable. On the other hand you came up her expecting to fight a police chief or a strongman or a strongman police chief and found this guy instead, so he must have deposed the previous World Warrior. Therefore he must know his stuff? And if he just shot them he'd be in jail. Unless defeating the police chief in Finland means you're not immune to the law?

While you're thinking this over he's managed to get his hand on the stock of an ancient double-barreled shotgun. You have enough presence of mind to stand and kick the stand full of guns - scattering them across the room - but he manages to keep the shotgun.

You never noticed how huge those barrels seemed until they were pointed at your face, an old hunter breathing deep and exhaling quickly as he builds chi. You decide to see exactly how this thing works before you try to deflect one. You make a tactical withdrawal out to the hallway just in time to avoid a blast that punches a hole in the wall.

Faster than you can see, that's good to know. Slight blue-white energy discharge. Strong, too. All important tactical information.

"Good strategem, that," he says. "None of my previous opponents thought to try it. Shame you weren't faster though," he says. "It's also a shame you're going to try to play cat-and-mouse with me in my own house. Surely you realize how poor an idea that is?"

>He's right. Stick to the living room.
>He's psyching you out! See what's on the other end of the hallway.
>Quietly leave. Go home and just sidekick for Boss Honda, I heard he was going to fight a Mothman soon or something.

>> No.23893995



Dude has to have a recharge time for these things. Close in and punch face.

>> No.23894008

>He's right. Stick to the living room.
All we have to do is disarm him. Be smart about dodges.

>> No.23894064


Stick to the living room.

We didn't come here to not punch face.

>> No.23894136

Rolled 36

>>He's psyching you out! See what's on the other end of the hallway.

>> No.23894151

Rolled 42

Check da hallway.

>> No.23894195

He's gotta have a recharge time, you think. Took him a few seconds to work up that first shot.

Furthermore, it's double-barreled but there's only one single hole in the wall. Would it be more oval-shaped if it was both barrels? You're not completely sure. Come to think of it you've never been shot at before. Some guys would pull guns on you here and there while you traveled, but you usually knocked them out or broke their arm before they could use it. You make a mental note to develop more than just a perfunctory knowledge of firearms if you live through this.

You stay low as you come back into the living room, hands raised in a fighting stance, quick and nimble as you can.

You find yourself staring down the barrel of that shotgun again, the hunter grinning as he squeezes the trigger. Guess he still had a shot left after all.

>Roll 1d100 for dodge!

>> No.23894205


Channeling Boris the Bullet-Dodger

>> No.23894216

Rolled 98


>> No.23894219

Rolled 84


>> No.23894220

Rolled 11


>> No.23894243

Rolled 24

Praying to the Dice Gods for a nat 1.

>> No.23894403

Rolled 33


>> No.23894416


>do /tg/ dice not hate us anymore?

You duck. The blast grazes you so close that part of your jacket disintegrates.

Part of you still cant believe it even as you punch the hunter in his unbelieving face.

>be another of our numerous protagonists?

>> No.23894452

Let's check in on Ellie and the King of Fighters team. We'll see if Tatsuya kept his word and didn't leave home again.

>> No.23894458

Rolled 11

Be Ellie

>> No.23894472

How many do we get to choose from? I vote for Boss Honda or "Snake".

>> No.23894480

>Be Belle

>> No.23894503


Voting for Moira

>> No.23894539

Falls under >>23894452

>> No.23894782

>be Ellie

You sit in the corner of your father's dojo, as usual, watching Moira and Belle at work while you browse the internet. The two of them have formed a King of Iron Fist team - a two-man tag-team tournament - and for weeks now have been trying to work on an effective tag-in move.

"I still say I should just throw them straight up into the air," Moira says. She's abandoned the nun clothing for now, and almost seems...directionless? You worry about her sometimes. Belle tries her best to bring her out of her shell, but even that barely works half the time.

"Alright, fine, well try it," Belle says. She motions to you. "Yo, Queen of Fighters, mind being a training dummy for a sec?"

>Roll 1d20 for how this goes.

>> No.23894819

Rolled 5

It goes terribly terribly wrong.

>> No.23894823

Rolled 5

Ah the lack of faith

>> No.23894826

Rolled 113

hopin for a 20

>> No.23894828

Rolled 1

Through the ROOOOOOOF

>> No.23894843

Rolled 8

This will be awesome!

>> No.23894844

Rolled 19

I've figured it out: Street Fighter Dice hate women. Must have been beaten down by Chun Li in an earlier life.

>> No.23894845

Rolled 18

Hoo buddy.

>> No.23894890

Two fives, a 1, a 19 and an 18.

No idea what this'll do.

>> No.23894914

Rolled 16

My roll wil define it,

>> No.23895092


>crit failure and some good rolls
>so we'll do good in a way that's a sort of failure

You take up a ready stance. the tag-in rules of the King of Iron Fist Tournament never made a lot of sense to you, but you can lob Moira an easy punch and let her take it from there. It's actually kinda fun when she launches you into the air.

When she actually grabs your arm something instinctual takes over. Before you realize it you're breaking the hold and throwing an elbow into her face out of pure instinct. It would've connected if Belle hadn't stepped between the two of you - somehow - and taken the brunt of the impact against her shoulder.

"Jesus fucking christ, Ellie," she says.

"I don't - I'm sorry, it just sort of happened," you say, flustered. You can hear the blood pounding in your ears. It's that night the three of you fought outside Garcia Stadium all over again. The night the King of Fighters team ended for good.

"I don't...I think I'll sit this one out," you say. You continued fighting as a one-person King of Fighters team for as far into the tournament as you could, until you started hitting rounds where it was technically illegal. "Maybe ask my dad if he'll give you guys a hand."

"That'll work," Belle says, smiling reassuringly. She's a decent fighter, but that's all. Her real strength was always that she would be a friend to the bitter end. "Actually, maybe we should call it a day. Moira, you were going to dinner or something?"

"My friend Lindsay's in town," she says. She's serene again, completely unfazed by the fact you would have nearly hospitalized her if your elbow connected. "I think I'll get going." She leans in first and hugs you. A genuine and warm hug. She legitimately doesn't hold any of this against you. "It's going to be okay, Ellie," she says. "Just take care of yourself, okay?"

>field too long

>> No.23895142


>oh god that crit fail

>them feels

>> No.23895216

Kyoguken is not good for making friends, apparently.

>> No.23895223


After she leaves you and Belle sit in silence for some time.

"It's getting worse?" she asks.

"Sort of. And stop talking about it like it's the Dark Hadou or something, it's not like that," you say.

"You want to fight someone strong enough you don't steamroll straight over them. It's so bad you broke up your King of Fighters team and beat us in a street fight. You fought as a solo entrant in the King of Fighters tournament until you got bored and dropped out," she said. "Whatever it is, it's bad."

"It's just boredom," you say, staring at your feet. You hate talking about this with Belle. All you can see is Moira laid out on the pavement, you pulling a punch a fraction of an inch from crushing Belle's skull and both of you knowing that, just because the two of them insisted on beating you. They wanted to take you down a peg so whatever this urge to fight is might go back to sleep. They were trying to be good friends.

"Look, this is getting grim and weird," she says.She smiles that warm smile of hers. You have better friends than you deserve. "You're strong so you want to fight strong people. If anything you're gonna feel like a dick when Moira and I catch up and pay you back for all of this."

"Ha. Yeah," you say. "Seriously, I think you guys are going to be good at this whole Tekken thing."

"We will be if we ever get this combo shit down," she says, sighing. "You give any more thought into what we talked about yesterday, by the way?"

You think it over. There are still strong combatants left in the King of Fighters, but in the last year the strongest fighters have been flocking back to the World Warrior tournament. Including the one man to beat your father. You stand and stretch.

"Yeah. I'm going to go find the nearest World Warrior rep and beat his face in." You offer your hand to your best friend. "Want to come along?"

>> No.23895265


That got slightly darker than I meant it to, didn't it? In any case, I've got to make dinner so that's it for this interlude for today. When we come back it's going to be Lindsay and her opposite number Wu Song. I'll be around a bit for any questions about the setting or clarify any questions or what have you. Thanks for reading!

Oh, final note, the quest has a twitter now, @sfmquest for updates on when the thread will run now that things are slightly irregular. I'd also like to extend an apology to whoever keeps archiving these things for making this one needlessly difficult to categorize. Also thanks for archiving all this shit all this time, whoever you are.

>> No.23895270

Rolled 40

>I'm going to go find the nearest World Warrior rep and beat his face in
Ellie VS Anon confirmed?

>> No.23895285


Oh, sure, it's not the Satsui no Hadou.

It's totally Orochi Power though.

>> No.23895289

She kicked Anon's ass last time.

Thankfully he's in Finland right now.

>> No.23895317

Orochi is sealed, though. Ellie is just hyper-competitive.

>> No.23895344

There seems to be something inherently about Kyoguken that demands you prove you're the strongest.

Ellie has a history of completely fucking people up.

>> No.23895377


Anon's currently the World Warrior for Finland, every time he claims another region he cedes his previous holdings. He doesn't really care, he's just been finding and fighting the strongest people he could in order to find out more about the current meta.


It's nothing supernatural, she's just stronger than everyone she's fought lately and growing restless because she doesn't feel like anything's a challenge anymore. She's like a cross between Akuma and One Punch Man.

>> No.23895395

To put it another way, she's turning into Cody, although she's not nearly in as harsh a condition as him.

>> No.23895403


I think it would be hilarious if she'd get the Riot of Blood shit going, though.

>> No.23895414

Which means her and Anon will eventually fight, they'll have a damn fun fight, hug it out, and go out drinking together.

>> No.23895737


>/tg/ dice
>Ellie one-shots Anon
>bored, she punches a hole between universes and starts invading other quests

>> No.23895755

I miss when this quest used to go on for long enough sessions that we could get some actual shit done.

>> No.23895794 [DELETED] 


I miss being unemployed too, buddy.

>> No.23895998

Rolled 2

Hey, SFM, are you still there?

I think this went unanswered last time (at least, I was unaware of a response), but I was wondering if you have planned to run a quest based on the samurai showdown/last blade setting?

>> No.23896765


>you still there?

My evil is eternal.

Yeah, that thread died before I saw and responded. Samurai Shodown and Last Blade are technically in continuity, but due to being so far in the past don't impact the current-day story. Might run something in that general vein someday, though, in that sort of alternate history where swords were always sold dull and you beat enemies by whacking them with your dull blade until they lost consciousness. Naturally Soul Calibur is set in this same universe.

After this run of the quest I might let the setting lay fallow for awhile, though. Like always I'll probably play it by ear and do whatever I think is the most fun.

>> No.23897001

This one didn't even manage three hours.


>> No.23897333

Rolled 14

>Including the one man to beat your father.

Did Anon beat Tatsuya last quest?

>> No.23897483

Yeah. While Ellie held the Metro title, Anon went training with Tatsuya for a while. At the end of the training, just as they got on the train bound for Metro City, Ellie called her dad and said she relinquished the title to him. Tatsuya said Anon had until the end of the train ride to earn his title back. Cue Segata Sanshiro spirit journey and beating Tatsuya to regain the title.

>> No.23897563

Rolled 3

Ah right, forgot about that

Hey SFM, any chances of seeing Joe back with Saul?

>> No.23897602

Riot of the Blood is a blood curse caused by Iori's clan making an unholy pact with Orochi out of jealousy of the Kusanagi clan, becoming the Yagami clan.

>> No.23897773

>Urban Reign

Oh Man, that game was underrated as fuck

One of the best multiplayers ever


>> No.23898184


Very possible, Joe and Saul's ultimate fates were still up in the air. Saul at least is definitely coming back before too long, he's got a place in the current plot.

>> No.23898760

>She's like a cross between Akuma and One Punch Man.
Oh fuck.

>> No.23899847


At least we finally know what Kyokugen's extreme training regimen is.

>> No.23899963


>>extreme training regime

>>basic PT for most irl marines

laughing girls

>> No.23899988


That's the joke. One Punch Man's training regime to gain his setting-breaking power is just basic strength training, which everyone calls him out on in the next page.

>> No.23900002

it was lampshaded in the actual manga for being a weakass training regime that should not have created the super human the main character is.

>> No.23900057

>>>basic PT for most irl marines
given our setting, it probably is. And the marines wind up being Super Soldiers. and even MORE cultish

>> No.23900157

get out of here T.R.O.P.E.R.

>> No.23902612 [DELETED] 

Dude, it's a legitimate term, no need to get so bend out of shape about it.

>> No.23902625

Dude, it's a legitimate term, no need to get so bent out of shape about it.

Can't be having with those spelling errors.

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