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Prepare your anus.

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Now, there's a philosophical quandary. Can the OP itself be a hijack?

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No, because the OP sets the course and one can not divert the course of a thread if it has yet to be given an initial course. The OP, as an entity, could change it at a later point, but the OP itself cannot.

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No, a hijack in the OP merely means the thread is about thread hijacks. Metajacks.

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I would say no. Unless the hijack is layered in subtly so that it takes effect at a later point in the thread.

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They're Slaaneshi, they're probably high, and there definitely will be jacking.

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I guess it's kind of like if you bust out of your own bed every morning, steal your own toothbrush, use it, put it back, and then smash through the doors of your own closet only to decide what clothes (of yours) you want to steal.

Then, after disguising as yourself, you go downstairs and snag this dude's (your) leftovers.

You then find the keys to your own car and proceed to hijack it from yourself. You drive away giggling like an idiot while listening to this guy's excellent mixtape (the one your girlfriend gave you).

Now that I think about it, that's the only way I can imagine a worshipper of Slaanesh going to work every day.

Fuckin' chaos.

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Probably just jerk off for the 12th time this week.

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Dude, it's monday.

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Competitive jerking? Is this a thing?

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I know.

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it is now.

ready, set, go!

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Hah! You'll never defeat my prostate technique!

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i love you silly cultist

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Wait, are we going for speed? Endurance? Style?

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My opponent was... A woman... All along

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This is actually a thing in Japan. There is a masturbation champion and yes he has a girlfriend.
>sometimes I cry for the earth

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I dont even need to do anything to get off, checkmate

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Each category is allotted a different amount of points.


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Holy crap! He ate the quaker oats guy!

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She loves you too

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What's the difference between style and technique?

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16 times in one day is my record tg, whats yours?

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Only 12.
As someone who worships the Dark Prince, I am disappointed in myself.

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Style would be the fapper's artistic style, and technique would be his technical ability to use that style.

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Dear god what?

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Style deals with flair and things that add something distinctive to your wank. Technique deals with how well the wank is executed as well as distance.

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>as well as distance.

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Can't say I've ever counted.

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damn it i know there's an infographic about how much semen japan produces in a day but i just can't find it

it's something like 92,000 bathtubs

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tfw you'll never have a cultist gf


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Just gotta lose all feelings of shame and the freedom will feel fantastic.

I'd swim in it. Or watch a woman be drowned in it.
Fuck, I'm gonna have to fap again.

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That picture bothers me. Pyramid Head was a manifestation of self loathing and shame, not something decadent and delightful.

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And not one drop ends up in a vagina.

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Fuck it, lets just make this a cultist thread

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Maybe you should be feeling self loathing and shame for finding him decadent and delightful?

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i do. and i knocked her up

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At least that image doesn't have the retarded beachball belly going on like all those other 40k pregnancies

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Don't worry, Cultist has never managed to survive for a full 9 months.

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nuh uh. I bet I'm hornier than cultist.

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Slaanesh would be proud of this thread.

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Cultist was the first Xeno

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