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BFG thread? BFG thread.

Post pics, including your favorite fleets. Tell us interesting stories, show us custom ships.

Interesting questions:

Since BFG is no longer supported and players are harder to find, what's the easiest method to play online? Does that VASSAL module still work? Can we make a new one?

Are the following revisions (some possibly made by former devs after the game stopped being supported by GW) any good?

>Battlefleet Gothic 2010 Compendium, a set of updates made by a bunch of community members who worked with Specialist Games before GW axed it. It includes updates and FAQs to the main rules and all official fleets, plus new fleets for the Imperium (including the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Inquisition, and Rogue Traders), the forces of Chaos, the Eldar, the Orks, and the Tau.

>Battlefleet Gothic: Revised, an effort to rebuild BFG from the ground up. The original coordinator retired from the project in July 2012 (which is a shame, since he had a slick dev blog), but development is continuing actively at the Specialist-Arms forum (which is still getting updates).

Links to the above can be found here: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Battlefleet_Gothic#External_Links

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WIP pics of my Rogue Trader fleet.

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On the 2010 compendium, from the very site you linked to OP:

The FAQ and Compendium 2010 have been made by the BFG rules committee, also known as the High Admirality. The good part is they made it in close relationship and with a lot of feedback from the community, the bad thing is is that Games Workshop does not want to upload all this work even despite the fact it provides rules for ships they are selling and they don't have rules for on the website (Rogue Traders) plus it makes their main 40k army finally a space worthy Space Marine fleet.
(And, yes, the FAQ may contain elements someone doesn't like, I don't use all from it either, but all in all it is fine FAQ to have and would be an improvement if GW placed it online).

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why was this never a video game of every game they ever did this would have been awesome.

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Pic might be the inside of a ship, what do you anons think?

Well, there's actually some homeworld mods.

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i love their ships

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OP is asking about virtual tabletops for it, which practically make it a vidya gaem.


Nice, have this bomber bay.

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Nice WIP. That gonna be the whole fleet?

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Does anyone have the source of these? I want to print them out but not on a shitty black background.

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Google image search traces them to here: http://fractalsoftworks.com/forum/index.php?topic=5539.15

Some user named Helmut pulled them off another thread on the matrix games forums, they're a mod for Distant Worlds. Probably your best bet is photoshop.

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Use the website Roll20.

Allows you to create a background map, assign tokens to players and have everyone in the same online room moving stuff, chatting and rolling dice.

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Does Roll20 allow for the creation of automated rulesets like VASSAL does?

'Cause this is one of those games that would be much, much easier and quicker to play if some poor shlub didn't have to run the rules in his head.

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some conversion inspiration

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The compendium 2010 also makes Orks a worthwhile fleet to play, and noticeably more enjoyable to play.

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You can set up dice macros, or just dedicate a corner of the map for copy/pasta images of core rules straight out of a PDF / typed out yourself (for quick reference).

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That's only the Rogue Trader's vessel. My fleet is a Pre-Heresy Sons of Horus Fleet, and currently has a Lunar, a Gothic, and a pair of Vengence Class. All of them will have the Eye of Horus painted on the prow like those old Phoenican Vessels from before the Romans.

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Thanks, anon. Was hoping for rule automation, though.

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Nice. Have a picture.

Tell us more, anon.

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fuck yeah, battlefleet gothic

have a bump

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Battlefleet Gothic is shit.

Here, have a far superior game, Full Thrust.

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Do nids get to take part, can they even do space combat?

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Yes, there are rules for nid ships. I've heard that lots of nid players enjoy converting ships from bits of 40k tyranid pieces.

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I wasn't sure there was even any fluff for it, I got the impression their fleets are more big squishy nid factories and stomachs than anything else.

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Could you try recommending other games and not be such a terrible cunt?

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Stop it. You're going to turn people against a good game.

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Man I loved this game, When I got rid of all my GW stuff years ago I kept the BFG stuff.

I wonder how much I could get for it...

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Full Thrust *is* good, but BFG *isn't* bad.

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half right, Tyranid ships are genearlly comperable to Imperial ships in size and firepower, though lacking a little in range. Primary Nid weapons are railguns firing shells full of starship dissolving acid and huge plasma cannons kinda like a scaled up version of the plasma bugs from starship troopers.

They also have huge claws and tentacles for killing enemy ships in CC. Tyranid ships really excel in boarding actions, to the point where a Tyranid Light cruiser can take on a Space marine battlebarge with nearly even odds on the tabletop.

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that we do, the gaunt box is great for doing little ships.

These are the different sorts of smaller ships I've been working on for my fleet. Still trying to figure out another type for how I want to run things.

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heh, those are really neat

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Oh that is pretty. I like that.

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Those do look cool. Are nid ships called void kracken or is that something else?

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I thought they were going to release ALL the Specialist Games as modern video games after Blood Bowl came out in, what, 2009? But I guess not.

I would so love to have a game for Epic, Mordheim, Necromunda, Battlefleet Gothic, and even Gorkamorka.

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So 40k Total War?
God I love a game of this in the vein of something like X-Com in terms of play style. That would be tops.
See above for how game can be done, I just don't give a shit about it.
Could be really cool if done right. Do something sort of akin to Sins of a Solar Empire, minus all the colonizing stuff because that wouldn't make any sense.
Eh, just re-skin Mariokart and add in even more fucking annoying accents.

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>Total War
No, an updated Final Liberation.

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I posted too early. I meant, just like Blood Bowl, take all the Specialist Games and make them into video games. Not video game derivatives. Not "based off of"s. Just make them into vidya and add in a couple things, like they did with Blood Bowl.

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Anyone wanting GW Total War can eat a fat fucking dick. TW games are a shitfest with fuckawful AI and shit mechanics.
This is what we should aspire to.

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Emperor knows if there was a 40k TW game I'd just make a full stack of artillery anyway.

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Eh, I think Blood Bowl worked because the mechanics of it can translate really easily to the computer. The others I feel would get too bogged down if they were just straight ports.

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thats one name thats thrown around for them.

Specifically in BFG there are Leviathan Hiveships, Razorfiend Cruisers, Krakens, Vanguard Droneships and Escort Droneships.

But terms like Deathburner, Ramsmitter and Smeltfeaster are also mentioned s types of Kraken, Prowler too i think in some fluff.

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And I think precisely the opposite of that. Battlefleet Gothic would be very simple, as would Aeronautica Imperialis though that's Forge World and not Specialist Games.

Mordheim, Necromunda, and BFG would all need a solid scenario creator and obviously online multiplayer as well. Direct IP connect would be best.

Final Liberation can truly be Final Liberation 2, or Finaler Liberation. It too would need a solid scenario creator though.

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>TW sp gameplay

Siege, siege, kill rebels, siege, defend a siege against an AI army with retarded composition, siege, siege, kill rebels, siege, minor open battle against rival empire, and so on. One time in a hundred you might get a large major open battle against an AI army.

And as for the battles themselves, sieges are just a grindfest. Open battles are nearly all one to two minutes of pushing and shoving followed by five minutes of chasing down routers.

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Hey, this thread survived.

What else do we know about the 2010 compendium and BFG: Revised?

Any ideas for what virtual tabletop to use for a port that has the capacity to run the rules instead of just being a dicepool manager? No disrespect to roll20, I just need something more substantial for my purposes.

Maybe something partway to MegaMek.

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BFG revised is still a work in progress and fully fan made. Haven't looked at it very closely though I'm not a fan of the direction they're taking nids.

2010 compendium is official (it just hasn't made it too the GW site yet for some reason), it was written by the group appointed by GW too take care of BFG. They're the same group who wrote the Ad Mech fleetlist.

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Wait, wait... you mean you could play this with just cardboard tokens? Would that seriously impact the gameplay at all?

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You could no problem. All measurements are taken from the base. The minis are just decorative.
Most ships are on a 30mm based. Those with 10+ HP and 3+ shields are on 60mm.

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I thought in BFG you measured from the stem, meaning the base wouldn't matter.

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Some things use the edge of the base.
Ordnance and things like asteroids do.
Cant remember exactly what does and doesnt use the edge.

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I always wanted to make a daemonfleet. Tentacles and gaping maws on all the ships. Sounds like good stuff.

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