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After reading Nemesis, It has come to me that there are more assassins groups that the Officio Assassinorum runs than the usual Vindicare, Callidus, Culexus, and EVERSOOOR!1!!. That they had poisoner types, hackers, and bitches who plan accidents to happen.

How come we never see these in the minis, fluff-rape of Horus Heresy as usual.

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Err... Perhaps because those assassins actually employ their nefarious skills OUTSIDE the battlefield?

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...You see much call for a poisoner during a pitched battle?

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Because. if you think about it, the other assassin clades would not stand in the battlefield. Because, as you might know, wh40k are battlefield engagements.

Poisoners, hackers, and accident planners work better in the Political Arena of SCHEMES WITHIN SCHEMES WITHIN SCHEMES.

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>wh40k games are about battlefield engagement

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Would be interesting if they fluffed out the other Assassin Clades.

Besides poison/hacking/accident-arrangers, what other assassin groups would you guys expect the imperium to have?

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For one, I believe the Imperium ought to have assassins for Xenos in the political field.

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Callidus does that. Just look at OP's pic.

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The accident arrangers are the same guys as the poisoners, just FYI to all of you who seem to think they're different.

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What >>23873375 Said.

In one of the Novels, a Callidus killed and Hijacked a WARBOSS and usingthe disguise to direct the dead warboss's WAAAAGH into a shit end, effectively assassinating both the warboss and the WAAAGH!

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in what sense of engagement?

inb4 "can love bloom..."

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No one but you was thinking Love Can Bloom though.

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The Venenum and Vanus come from back in 3rd edition, in the Assassin codex.

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Hey, the Inquisition have Doctor Who-equivalents, I'd like to see more Clades getting a mention.

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Ordo Chronos is not.

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>In one of the Novels
The novels are notorious for their shitty representation of the Orks, and for using them as the go-to beatstick, often by throwing out whatever portions of fluff the writer feels like ("lol, lasguns effortless blow them to bits"). I don't think there's been a single BL novel ever that portrayed Orks in a remotely decent manner, with exception to Deff Squadron.

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>lol, lasguns effortless blow them to bits
Funny, most Imperial Guard novels I know mention a lot on how Orks can shrug off las-bolts that do not hit anything vital and are bad news in close combat for any Imperial Guard regiment.

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Are Callidus assassins actually women?

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So, what would the Vanus and Venenum assassins be like gameplay wise?

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Nemesis described them as Sexless, though the Callidus there maintians a feminine identity and form.

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It was an exaggerated example emphasizing a point, not a direct quote. There's plenty of novels that toss away major portions of Ork fluff that goes beyond their toughness (which is subject to the whims of the writer).

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Yes, they are.

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Poisoners ought to be like, I dunno, wielding poison darts and blades with rules for poison-reaction (i.e. effects or even the lack of).

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I liked them in the Cain novels. The old reason Jurgen was able to kill a few of them so easily is because Valhallans are raised from birth being taught how to fight Orks.

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Dark Eldar do.

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Depends on when you ask the question.

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Thats not what they do, they quietly poison someone without ever being caught, they don't charge up to them on an open field in the middle of battle and shank them with a poisoned shiv.

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And Callidus assassins are masters of infiltration. Things don't always go as planned.

My guess is they'd get needle rifles, rad grenades, and Venom Nails.

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Callidus are actually fighters as well as infiltrators though.

Giving the poisoners random weapons with a 'poison' theme is not the same thing.
Not everything need to be changed to make it viable for the tabletop, there's such a thing as background information for a setting that doesn't involve the gameplay.

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The Cain novels are still an example of what I'm talking about.

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