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Whoo! Can't believe it's been one whole year since we evolved three simple creatures, and ended up with a planet full of creatures and civilizations!
>What is it?
It's the continuation of the Primordial evo games, where people play out the civilizations that rise from the creatures that were evolved in the evo games.
New players are always welcome!
>How do I play?
Well, all you need are five things: a tribe/civilization name, a species your tribe is made of, a logo or emblem of your tribe, where your civilization would be located, and a short backstory.
You can be a subgroup of a larger tribe, or a fresh, brand-new tribe. In order to help you flesh things out we'll put the description of previous tribes later.
>What about rolling?
Anytime you want to do an improvement to your tribe, exploring stuff or generally do something, you roll a d20 per action.
1 means crit fail, 2 to 5 is failure, 6 to 10 is minor failure, 11 to 15 is minor success, 16 to 19 is success, 20 is the awesome roll.
For improvements or inventing something, if you have tried three different times and failed, you will get what you tried to have. It's supposed to be your tribe learning from their mistakes.

Now, on to the races available for choosing!

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1) Joorod
The Joorod are descendants of the Bord, an avian-like creature. Even though they possess frailer bodies than the other races of the East, it doesn't stop them from creating the first known martial art in the continent.
Previously, there are two prominent tribes of Joorods:
The Ca'rethill, who built walls, made ships, and invented martial arts;
and the Friggan, who trade across the seas and contacted the Enclave, a multitribal entity from the West. Some of them became their spies.

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2) Govkar
The Govkar emerged from the swamps, initially a bit xenophobic and superstitious. Some found magnets, others domesticated creatures called Gohroks, and others embarked in a long exodus.
Previously, there are three tribes of Govkars:
The Gwiliak, who domesticated Gohroks and mastered the swamps;
The Silith, who discovered metalworking and magnets. They have 'soul metal', metal forged with the sacrifice of the deceased;
and the Kharum, the ones doing the long exodus from their homelands. They may have been subsumed into other tribes.

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This is cute, I like this.

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3) Skulk
The Skulk are a race of semi-plant people, who has more than one way of reproduction, their main one involving a Mother Tree. They were a bit xenophobic, but naturally curious.
Previously, there were three tribes of Skulks:
The Za'Siel, a refugee skulk tribe living in a natural cave;
The Kaze, who had their Mother Tree suffer a disaster and were accepted into the Mohu'awane Gantu tribe;
and the Sama'Guchy, who are determined to bring fire into their control.

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And the last but not least race native to the East...
4) Gantu
The Gantu are huge and powerful, but also compassionate and laid-back. They have discovered metallurgy and ships.
Previously, there is one tribe of Gantu:
The Mohu'awane. They took in the Kaze tribe under duress, and vowed to help other tribes who experinced troubles.

Keep in mind the tribes mentioned here are by far not the only ones available; You may want to create your own tribe.
Also, there is a possibility that non-natives may also come into play; There is of course the Enclave, who had only managed to make a single colony in the northwest of the East continent; A potential player had expressed interest in playing as shipwreck survivors from a race from the South.

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Speaking of other races, have the latest size chart!

Also, how to use the coordinates for the opening map: first pick the big squares, from A-G and 1-6. Each big square contains 100 smaller squares, each representing 100km square. These small ones are A-J and 1-10.

So, before we begin, roll call for the players and their tribes! To reiterate, you may make your own tribe, or pick an existing tribe and create a subgroup from that. So, for example, you can play as trader dynasties, mercenaries, a particular martial arts school, a splinter tribe, a cabal of thieves, etcetera.

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Almost forgot, the links and stuff:

and yes, today is the 1st year anniversary of this shindig. Can't believe all this started from just three small creatures, eh?
I thank /tg/, whose creativity-rich environment allowed such a thing to happen!

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Kharum reporting in.

Long journey through the northern wastes had been harsher than any would have thought and many were lost. But there are people in the world who are ready to support those in need. Onolkeshan colony of Black ice helped them and for that they are grateful. But now Kharum stands in crossroad. They could settle down and take the help of the West or they could continue their exodus, to find their promised land where they can live in peace..

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Enclave here.

Primary missions:
1-provide support to mainland for war efforts in the form of resources and technology.
2-Develop settlements in the region, improve infrastructure
3-Honor agreement to protect Za'siel as terms of enclave membership.

Secondary missions:
1-establish contact with locals, develop mutually beneficial relations.
1a-determine potential value for enclave.

2-disseminate introductory technology via intermediaries to indigenous population, ensure stagnation is avoided.
3-Establish contact between local tribes when viable.

Tertiary missions:
1-Readdress Gantu/ Silith tribe hostilities. if needed, wait for generational gap.

Lem Objectives:
1-Investigate the glowing rift. (large crescent)
1a-Investigate local skulk tribes.
2-Eradicate hostiles.
3-Prepare for tomorrow war.

Lem Secondary objective:
1- (internal note) Times have changed, the other race's values and mentalities have as well. New complications exist, current common mentality is poorly understood. Currently require Joorod intermediaries.

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Oh yeah, almost forgot.
One of the key things in the previous civ thread of the East continent is the Skulcrows. They're microbial organisms who pick up dead body parts and shamblw around like zombies. Initially, they had a primitive hive mind, and infected some Za'siel skulks. They got better, and returned the favor; this caused the breakup of the hive mind and caused individuality and perhaps sentience in the Skulcrows. They are also available as a race choice, albeit a hard mode one; The other races will kill a Skulcrow on sight. Whether that attitude will change in this game, we will see.

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Aaaaaand the new map is kinda done.

New people are welcome to join. Now would be a good time to as we are starting up. Ask and you shall get answer.

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Sweet I always find this late..first game gearing up!

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1) Zinsith tribe
2) Govkar
3) Pic related
4) D2, if I got that Right
5) Breaking apart from the Kharum tribe, the Zinsith tribe wanted to settle down and nest.

(Back story is weak I know, I'll see about improving it after some coffee)

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Coordinates requires the second part. the current location of Kharum , for example, is B2.F3.

Also i'll throw in short history. Kharum originally embarked on great journey to escape the horrible life of marshes. Red dots show the first exodus "written in history" and it was full of danger and hardship. They were constantly harassed by wildlife and other sentients and this taught them how to fight (they have trait "tastes like chicken" meaning they have boost against bird like creatures). First exodus ended when they met Gwilian Govkars (who actually are related to Kharum from the time they lived in marshes) and they settled in Great falls.

In great falls they learned to use primitive explosives. In time some of them wanted to continue the great journey and as they did so those who stayed joined with Gwilian tribe and so the second exodus started. They were last seen to wander into the cold wastes of the north..

What happened in the north is unknown but what is known is that they met Onolkeshan expedition in the northermost part of East continent and there they still are. Kharum have little technology but they are skilled warriors and know how to survive in the wilderness. you might want to rethink the starting position OR tell us how they ended up so south from the main exodus. Lost in the snowstorm?

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Welcome, good sir! Glad you could join us!

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I love the logo, it looks freaking great.

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Joorod pic without the Ca'rethillic armor.

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>Nalzo Otavan eska Nulaaz
You remebered the Riklun name for the Glorious Kingdom of the Valley! Feels good to see that up there man.

On to the game!
It is the fiftieth year that the Nalzo Otavan has reigned over the Valley. A third Ota, a King, comes to the throne, and looks at his kingdom, and almost feels the jungles whisper his name "Doso". The Kingdom was united by his grandfather, who brought the other Otas to heel under him in a great campaign. Doso's father abolished all noble and royal positions but his own, and established the three pillars where he allowed lesser nobles and skilled peasants to find better lives.

The Bureaucracy runs well, providing organization and guidance to the peasants, but some reject that guidance and foolishly demand to decide the courses of their own lives. How selfish can they be? Do they not understand that only by working together can the People of the Valley reach greater heights? Do they not know that own stuborness and independence can only bring disorder and uncertainty to themselves? The peasants must be quelled, and the authority of the Royal Bureaucracy reasserted

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The Priesthood tends to the spiritual needs of the people, and appeases the gods. Little troubles the Abotamoz in the Valley, but beyond the mountains and the River Mouth, heathens dwell and praise other gods. Traveling priests are finding little success in converting the infidels to the path of the true gods, who provide the only true protection. They create tension that may need to be resolved with more than faith and words.

The Tonaika, the warrior cult, is small and atrophied, having shrunken after decades without war to swell their numbers. They are no longer the mighty hosts of fierce youngbloods, charging into battle with nothing but a shield and a spear, but small groups of experienced veterans, with armor and skill. To expand them to the size of the Grandest Army that formed the Otavan will take time, and several wars, to be done. For now, any armies must consist of peasants led by brave Tonaikok.

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So how long has it been since the events of Tribal?

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I think that ng said that it would be about a hundred or so years after the end of the last thread.

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I am interested in playing a splinter group of the Kharum, who maybe got seperated during the exodus.
anything I need to know about culture tech and stuff about them?

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50-100 years. Enough time for a generation. You can role play it how you want, and choose to spread one project that is simple. such as Education, or some minor research. It was a time of recovery after all the turmoil. It also lets you start with new characters and lets old grudges either settle, or fester depending on what you want.

obviously if you want to RP that time being a hardship for you, feel free.

Kharum are nomadic wanderers on a journey for a promised land where they do not have to fight anymore. They have fought many enemies on their journey and take trophies from each group. While extremely proficient at fighting they do not love it, and this skill comes from experience not drills or practice.

They are survivalists on the move. Parents carry their children in packs on their back until they are old enough to walk.

Kharum are moderately skilled with basic metals, but very skilled with utilizing simple explosives, to include primitive rockets (Think early history Chinese rockets.) They have knowledge of building simple fortifications as well.

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thanks, I can work with this.

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In the northern a group of Kharum Govkar, discover a small fertile valley troug wich runs a river.
weary of their long travels, and certain they will never find the other Kharum, they decide to make this area a new home for their new tribe called the Carltum.
rolling to see how the settling goes.

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forgot to roll.

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Whats up Mr.Gentleman!? Some quick questions;
Did the Skulk evolve from the Mevola?
Have I been away so long that the Mevola died out?( Im assuming all of the Trex sized monster ones were hunted to extinction)
Are the Frogermen or any Frawg species still around?, because they were pretty dominate at one point in time.

Here's an old pic I drew from back then for old times sake

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forgot to roll

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>River valley Govkar


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"How to roll dice: "dice+2d6" without the quotes in the email field rolls 2d6. "dice+5d42+23" rolls 5d42+23. "noko+dice+2d6" rolls 2d6 without showing the roll in the email field."

Here you go

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like this?

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Rolled 7


more like this
(i hope this goes right)

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you need to add the 1 in front of d20 so its dice+1d20 not dice+20

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Rolled 17

damn im new, this better?

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The map showed it was unsettled, am i doing something wrong fluffwise?

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Oh yeah. IRC channel is following:
easy to join. just add nickname
Good place to talk about game, ask questions or talk nonsense

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Not IG, but a poor approximation. He will be around. Bro, welcome back, the Mevola are still quite alive. They exist on the western continent, this one is the Eastern. Skulks are unrelated to the mevola. The Giant T-rex sized ones are alive and well.

Frowgs of all species are alive and well, and the Frowgmen now called Frowg for short of Frowgmagnon are part of the Enclave, a faction that has holdings on 3 of the 4 continents of this planet.

Stop by the IRC for a history lesson on what has gone on.

click the yellow server link and type in


Nick: whatever you want

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Rolled 20

The ker, being more pleasure seeking than most joorod decided that a nomadic life was not for them and set off on ships eventually running out of intoxicants around D2,G7 and deciding to set up a city where they would focus on growing their own stock and trading it to others

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He also has Govkars in river valley so i would say he is complimenting you.

Could you say whereyour tribe is located in the map?

>> No.23873904

Great! the Carltum build a settlement that runs from the river to the slopes of the mountains.
where they build their longhouse..

>> No.23873932

You are golden man. As for your settlement, you can keep that 17. Welcome aboard. You can either fluff your own results as long as you adhere to the result of the dice

(1 is crit fail and requires a GM response, 2-5 is major fail, 6-10 is a minor fail, 11-14 is a minor success, 15-19 is a major success, and 20 is a critic success.

crit- negative effect
major- negative effect but can build off of it.
minor- you just failed to do what you wanted at a small loss of time/ resources
crit- major gain/ improvement
major- accomplish what you wanted exactly like you wanted it quickly.
minor- what you wanted/ more less/ slightly imperfect.

rules of three: provided you did not roll a crit fail, after three failures your tribe can achieve what they were trying to roll for counting it as a minor success from learning due to all their mistakes.

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Rolled 1

rolling for my peoples attempting to eat/smoke various plants they find

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hey gave in, welcome back. Please toss up your tribal logo and we are ready to rock.
The ker's direction and vision are unparalleled. The city is impressive in it's own right, featuring extensive but functional gardens and aqueducts. Their knowledge of construction was not amazing, but with combined effort many homes and buildings were constructed from local materials.

((in the future, hook me up with some more story, like rolling for gathering local plants or rolling to see what around them is good for "use", you can make multiple rolls in one post, the long of it is the more story you give me, the more i can give back. I left this response a little less detailed so you can indicate what your homes are made of, how big they are, etc.))

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Here is the basic info picture of the Gwiliak tribe along with some copy paste about the Gwiliak from an earlier thread.

The Gwiliak nation is ruled by six families, that originate from the key members of the tribe that helped to shape it during the formative years of the nation.
Each of these families have different roles in the nation, though competition between them is quite commonplace.
The families are as follows: (Final names might change, thus far they are named by the founding member.)

Nufa's family:
Traders and merchants, they are the most outwardly projecting of the families, as they often trade and associate with other tribes of the continent. They also have large bookkeeping archives and they run relatively sophisticated "banking" system across the whole nation.
Due to their blood ties, they also have greatest influence in the river lands, and the mountain areas the Gwiliak inherited from the Kharum when those who decided to stay instead of move on, joined the Gwiliak.

Daki's family:
The most militaristic family, which favors strength and focuses heavily on the defense of the Gwiliak nation. They oversee the training of the Gwiliak militia and elite warriors, and during times of peace, they often participate in hunts to feed their people. They are very adamant about keeping intruders out of the marshes, and thus, they are perhaps the most xenophobic of the families. Their interest in the riverlands is low, as they see the area as an unruly and lawless place, where only problems exist. They have a traditional rivalry with Nufa's family, that somewhat imitates the rivalry the two siblings had in their youth. They are usually also the "leader" family in the council, though they do not rule over the nation in a despotic fashion. Their, sometimes even harsh, rules and decisions are all born from the urge to protect the Gwiliak as a whole.

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Dang, forgot to change my name.

Anyways, continuing:
Jun's family:
The artisans, gatherers and farmers of the tribe. They provide the food, clothing, and other utility materials for the nation, and they have almost a sole monopoly on the food production of the Gwiliak. When the fisher village of the coastal areas was incorporated to the tribe during the aftermath of the Skulcrow war, Jun's family was quick to adopt this new method of food production into their fold.
Perhaps the most important family, in a sense, as without them, the Gwiliak nation would grind to a quick halt, due to supply issues. They favor modesty and co-operation, and usually are quite keen keeping the ties between the families strong.

Macia's family:
They are the family which raises and trains the numerous gohrok servants of the Gwiliak nation, along with other quite useful fauna the Gwiliak have started utilizing in their society. They are the beast masters of the nation and their Gohrok husbandry also gives them a large supply of shed gohrok plates, that can be used in armor. They use the Gohroks in construction work, clearing the rivers of the marsh from clogs, guards and so on. Though the Gohroks might seem like primitive beasts, they are treated as full members of the family.

Niru's family:
The "engineers" of the nation. They are responsible for overseeing the construction of the more sophisticated technologies of the nation, such as the disk launchers and the armors. They also oversee the continuing project to cultivate the marshes and manipulate it's growth in ways that further benefit the nation. They have many workshops scattered across the marshes, constructing various tools and devices for the Gwiliak to use.

>> No.23874060

((i also forgot to ask for your tribes name))
Members walk out to try some of the local plant life but end up smoking "skulcrow's hair" an infected local form of long grass. The heavy, dank smoke contained traces of skulcrow lem'uy microbes and transformed the inhalers into braindead husks that soon began to move with a shambling confused motion, attacking those around them. ((you are probably going to want to deal with that zombie problem.))

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Nar's family:
The "scientists" of the nation. This family focuses heavily on finding new ways to utilize the marshes to the advantage of the Gwiliak, as well as further refining the already existing technologies of the Gwiliak. Nar's and Niru's families co-operate heavily, and they are often regarded as a singular entity, by the other families.

The seventh faction of the Gwiliak are the Kaduk warriors, who are sworn to protect the govkar people everywhere. They are warrior poets, who travel across the lands, often working as advisers, teachers and trainers in villages, along with solving conflicts and in general, maintaining the peace and unity of Gwiliak people. They also offer their protection to govkar tribes outside of Gwiliak, as they consider themselves the universal protectors of the Govkar people, but they are still heavily tied to the marshes and the Gwiliak, due to their history.

There are also other groups and factions that have a degree of autonomy while still operating under the Gwiliak banner.
The most significant of these factions is the City located a the mountains, where the members of the Kharum who chose to stay behind live. They are members of the Gwiliak nation, but they have very differing traditions and customs, and they operate with a great degree of autonomy. They have strong ties to Nufa's family, due to blood ties.
Other factions include smaller tribes that were absorbed by the Gwiliak, whose culture and traditions still live on. Gwiliak nation mostly just expects certain resources like food to be given in exchange of the protection and services they themselves provide to these minor tribes.

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Rolled 7

right right symbol here the houses are made of the basalt i can presumably find being so near the volcano, in the wake of my disastrous efforts to find drugs some of the joorod moved higher into the mountains to focus on training their bodies and tapping into a votal life essence they believe ca only be fund through abstinence form drugs, martial arts, and self-dicipline(sorry if thats not ok since you said crit fail=gm response)

>> No.23874102

Rolled 2

we're called the ker, I suppose we will try to kill those zombies with knives and various blunt objects

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(I took the liberty of adding the other larger settlements of the nation to the map, besides just the Gwiliak capital Gwekenaak and the Great Falls city (what is it called btw?)

Here is also a blank version of this picture:>>23870748
For easier editing.

>> No.23874118

Rolled 12

the brave men wade out into the brush to strike down the zombies their wives looking on they manage to slay one maybe two but before long they all succumb to the skullcrows

>> No.23874201

Rolled 6

on the backs of their failures the remaing joorid decide to just set the field alight and try to burn all the skullcrows they can

>> No.23874253

Thanks man, and you can always pick the direction of your tribe. Since we are just starting and you are new have this:
In the wake of the skullcrow attack fences are built around the city, and while not sturdy will slow the monsters enough to provide time to muster a defense.

Those in the mountains progress slowly on their training, often suffering from hangovers or withdrawls and occasionally slipping back into old habbits. A few fighters have actually gone so far as to become inebriated out of their mind, and created a new style of fighting based around this state. ((tl:dr: perhaps drunken boxing if researched, but not to override or negate your option to gain monk like warriors. either in addition to or to be ignored if wished. the story of your tribe is yours to make as simple or complicated as you wish.))

>> No.23874255

Rolled 8

The fire burns brightly around the skullcrow but they shamble on unscathed, now the ker decide to bring the fire straight to the skullcrow trying to hit them with torches

>> No.23874286

Rolled 2

after repeated failures the joorod gather together in the house of karn and attempt to figure out an efective skullcrow slaying weapon to arm themselves with while the beasts gather around the fences

>> No.23874315

Rolled 19, 17 = 36

they couldnt think of anything new but did decide to put some men along the fence with torches and buckets of water to set any skullcrow that get too close alight and put out potential fires caused by this practice in the mean time further attempts at inventing a new anti-skullcrow weapon are carried out

>> No.23874511

Rolled 16, 7, 15, 20, 18, 16 = 92

One hundred years.

It's been one hundred years since the end of the Skulcrow herd's encroachment into Silithi lands. One hundred years since we harnessed the power of the spirits, infusing their holy essences into hungry metal to give us keen blades without equal and carapaces of hard steel. One hundred years since our mastery of cold stone and magnetism allowed us to carve the capital of Muskato, seat of the Sild (may his wisdom be eternal) and nexus to our colonies, one of which has gained a reputation for a particular type of metal known to kill the blacksmith who dares infuse it.

One hundred years of peace and prosperity, yet we tremble.

The arrival of strangers to our shores a lifetime ago had seen to that. Wielding tubes of lightning and wearing odd fetishes upon their chests, they came to our shores with one hand outstretched in friendship, and another wielding a truncheon. They spoke words of kindness (much like a butcher before slaughtering a beast) and smelled the sweet perfume of civility, although fine smells often hide fouler ones. We must prepare for their return, for we know they shall.

Our people hunger for more, a want brought on by roads too well traveled and lands long-since settled. The Sild has proposed expansion into unclaimed lands, and since he carries the wisdom of the ancestors from the Iron Crown, his word is law. Scouts will be sent, lands will be mapped, the holy fires of our temples shall burn bright with the fierce and terrible fury of the spirits submitting themselves to the hammer and anvil. Census takers will mark the number of citizens within our borders, to better gauge just what our next move in Sildarin shall be.

Roll for:

- Scouting of unsettled lands (first roll is for the general success of our scouts, second roll is for fertility, third roll is for mineral wealth)
- State of industrial output
- Size of population
- State of the nation (how are our settlements holding up, our infrastructure, etc.)

>> No.23874705

Rolled 1, 11, 4, 14 = 30

As Ota, as King, Doso is master of all his people. Everyone in the Nula River Valley owes fealty to him, and he speaks with the authority of the ancestors and the blessings of the gods. His people prosper, and though they might grumble under their heavy burdens, their efforts make the Valley greater than ever before. The gods and ancestors are pleased, and the Tonaika are strong though small. Yet, to the south, west and east of the southernmost city of the Otavaan, Vlamos, lie the foolish, unorganized masses of other nations. They have been shunned under the reigns of Doso's father and grandfather, only being allowed to set foot in Vlamos, and allowed to trade very little. Not one outlander has set foot in the valley in forty years. Perhaps it is time for the doors to Outlanders to be opened again, that they might bring their goods to the Valley, and the Valley might bring its Order, the Gods and Strength to them. Kulamot, for Great Prosperity and Progress

Not forgetting the basics of trade, Doso has his highest bureaucrats tasked with finding those things that the Riklun posses in abundance, but that are rare beyond Vlamos. Records of food stores are to be taken, and the population measured in a great survey. Abotanoz, traveling priests, are to head out into the Outlands to spread the word of the gods, Horbau Lord of War, Zures Daughter of the Earth and Kezmuv the Craftsman.

Rolling for
Tradable resources
Outlander Nations (neighboring npc nations)
Spreading the good word (proselytizing)

>> No.23874730

OUCH. No mass armies for me anytime soon. Also, it looks like the Wars of Unification took a heavy toll on the people

>> No.23874889

Rolled 2, 6, 1, 20 = 29


Due to my need to focus on some real life stuff, I might not be very active in this game, at least with pictures, during this week.
However, if there are people interested in playing a faction originating from the Gwiliak, feel free to ask questions.

Also, I forgot to ad the fact that the Gwiliak know how to utilize clay to the info picture. They have clay pottery and the roofs of their basket huts are usually made out of clay and bark.

The Gwiliak have been steadily growing and expanding during the past century. The already existing settlements have grown, and in their expansion to the yet unclaimed parts of the marshes, the Gwiliak have annexed many small tribes and communities into their fold.They have mostly stayed in their marshes, not really concerned with the matters outside of them. They have been trading silk for the salt of the Silith, and various other resources with the mostly autonomous areas of the western river banks and the great falls.

The 6 families running the Gwiliak nation rule trough the council of elders, to which each family appoints one of their members. This tradition was started by the Great 6 founders, and it is followed by their children's children.
Out of the great 6 only Niru and Nar remain, as they were the youngest of them. Both old, they have left politics to younger generations.
The Gwiliak have settled the marshes in relative scattered fashion. Most of the marsh is still dangerous wilderness, the settled areas have been connected to each other trough a network of waterways and canopy bridges. The great project to direct the growth of the marshes has also been going on during these years, and it is finally starting to bear fruit.
New times bring out new challenges, and the new generations of the Gwiliak must face them just as their ancestors did.

Rolling for:
General population (how much it has grown)
Absorbed minor tribes.
Success of the marsh taming project.

>> No.23875041



Riklun and Gwiliak cannot into large population it seems

>> No.23876023


>> No.23876083

Rolled 10

with our new anti-zombie weaponry we the ker attempt to destroy as many skullcrow as possible

rolling for skullcrow slaying

>> No.23876111

Rolled 14

will provide description of anti-zombie weaponry not sure how much fire it will utilize yet, also is there a chance that skullcrow are sentient and not just zombies? if s i feel kinda bad for murdering them, er trying to murder them

>> No.23876765

the tribe rallies and uses teamwork to drive back the monstrosities, armed with what they could get their hands on. Simple tools, hatchets, things for harvesting crops. They tribesmen focused instead on disabling the skulcrows, aiming for knees and feet, hands, then retreating, and repeating the process. By the end of this last night the living husks had all been quartered and thrown into a great heap to burn.
the scouts have explored southwesterly, and done well. The region is a rocky outcropping in the midst of a field. The rocks are red with rust and this is good, and all around them is shallow, fresh water. The arrival of the strangers has not faded from the memory of the Silith, and they have nearly doubled in size, their smiths toiling day and night, the city has grown somewhat upward as well as outward.
((your magnets are both a boon and a setback as metal near them is a nogo for how strong they have to be to support what you do. show me some stuff like this that you can apply to your ancient technology and ill go with it.)) Within the city proper magnetic lifts and skids are supported by this raw primal force, and non ferrous materials, people, and stone are ported about in a quick and efficient manner. Life is good, the people have prospered, and the military is well equipped.
((you said unification war)) A great crusade was launched to end ties of family, of tribe, of city, no, this land will be of one united great people, indivisible, with perhaps liberty, and justice for all....it was years later that the land was united, with only one people, but out of necessity, that so few remained they could no longer afford to fight less there be no one left to inherit the spoils...on the upside there is much land, resource and food to go around with so few to share. A trickle of metal, stone, and clay flows in.

>> No.23876943

the outlanders too were pulled into the war, either as attempting to conquer a land weakened by civil war, as mercenaries, or by chance. In the end they suffered the same fate, decimated to a point where they had no choice but to band with the survivors and become one great, empty nation. Though this did not happen until the emissaries of the nation approached the survivors of these outlaying regions, offering peace, unity, food, and companionship in place of war, division, hunger, and enmity. They chose to take.

It is a new dawn for a country that is a sleeping power. As tragic as loss of life is, it can be replaced in time. ((you have gained additional territory around your region, representing the npcs joining your people. They bring with them a collection of skills that represent a one time +1 to three rolls, or to be combined one a single roll.))
The tribe has not expanded much, the population has maintained due to an outbreak of disease one horrible year. They have just finished recovering, and the diminished population only allowed for a continued upkeep of the existing infrastructure. The minor tribes near by actually attacked, and were repelled with some loss of life. Great battles were fought directly on top of two of the most eastern forts abandoned by the enclave. For generations the Gwiliak will remember the battle of the Omala and Moala. there 30 defenders in each fort held out against 1000 of the unified tribal horde. In the end they were all slain, but the horde left gwiliak lands, not wishing to venture further into the swamp. ((tl:dr, no friends, only hostile small barbarian tribes))
The one thing the gwiliak never gave up on was the swamp, it would take their life, but also gave them everything they had. They cut down trees for lumber, uprooted weeds, and carved great ditches in the ground to divert water. New trees, new grasses and plants were put in place and slowly the swamp took shape to their needs over the years.

>> No.23877026

Nearly a century later the swamp is changed. To the outsiders it is still largely the same, but to the gwiliak It is now a sort of paradise. Food is abundant, there are many places of hidden refuge and fresh water. Beasts can no longer get to them as easily, and if you know the waterways a journey that would otherwise take weeks can be done inside of a few days. The swamp higitans and gohroks have reproduced in this environment well, and now there is an abundance of these creatures. Silk ngungs appear to be wild, but are in fact free range creatures who's bounty is collected weekly by trained Gohroks. The most extreme example of the taming of the swamp came from one of the descendents of Jun. A breed of Giant ribboners are tamed in limited numbers, and can be seen flying above the canopy with their riders.
Feel free to detail a weapon developed in haste during this time, if you want include an MS paint drawing. Teamwork was your greatest asset in that battle.

>> No.23877730

Rolled 20, 17, 12 = 49


Reports of a suitable location for expansion bode well for the Kingdom. Upon hearing the reports the Sild (with the aid of the Council) set to work on plans for settling of the region.

The census takers have reported our industry and population have grown immensely. While this is good news for our people, we must be careful as to where we should allocate this surplus. Records have shown that our people have... Not had the best martial discipline, and given decades of peace we might've even slipped further into military incompetence. For this reason the Crown has issued a national focus on improving the army, refining discipline and ability through skill-at-arms and unit cohesion.

We have not forgotten our giant friends to the South, the Gantu by the sea. An emissary bearing gifts of steel, salt and silk shall be sent to them, asking for a renewal of our mutual friendship and, perhaps, something more. The Gwiliak will be sent a similar gift, minus the silk, to reinvigorate the bond we have with our primordial brethren.

Roll for:

- Settling of Red Rock
- Increase military size
- Improving martial skill and morale

>> No.23878966
File: 98 KB, 1000x310, cropped-HMLR-OW-Panoramic[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good Morning

A greeting to any who hear and a greeting to the new dawn itself, sometimes interpreted as a greeting to Little Brother himself.

The world has changed so much since the time of the greats. U'amahu. Lumawaihe. Polahu. Tala'alahe. Tewane.

The world has changed. The Gantu? Not so much. Still the massive bros with an even bigger appetite for life they have always been. Their borders are larger now, extending even so far as U'amahu's Last Stand. Some of their villages are so far away that they cannot even see Mother Ocean. For a long time, this caused great distress, but by now, a few generations have grown up in these savannah cities long enough that it's no longer an issue.

The savannah tribes are a slightly different breed. Hard and rugged, used to hunting big game, as the bountiful fish are not accesible where they live. Death is a much more common thing to the plains villages, usually due to hunting the massive critters that roam the land. That being said, they are sinfully delicious. So, white meat or dark?

The fleet of coastal boomer-chariots grows, though they are all fishing or trading ships. The thought of naval warfare is an alien thing to these Gantu. The trading goes to Moskatu, hold of the Sild, friend of Mohu'awane.

>> No.23880275

So yeah. again. new people have good spot to join now while we still are getting engines started

>> No.23880324
File: 48 KB, 736x956, Mevolafortribal.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They also have an updated appearance.

>> No.23881692

Cups, you still in? Then write up some rolls for your tribe!

>> No.23882102

Rolled 14, 20, 14, 10, 13 = 71

To help bind the peoples of the Valley and the Outlands together, the High Priests intorduce a new form of worship of Horbau, which will alter the way the Tonaika perform their duties. Instead of being a god of war, Horbau shall become a deity of protection, justice, and law. The Tonaika will become law-keepers, dispensing justice and upholding the laws of the land. If they can be convinced to change their ways that is.

The Nula river influences the lives of all people in the Valley. The floods deposit soil to be farmed, and they sweep away more soil when they flood again. The river has been known to sometimes sweep away errant villages built too close to its banks. Worse still, in some places it bloats till it becomes a marsh, particularly towards the mouth. If it can be tamed, then transportation and farming will become much easier, and help the Riklun and their new friends to prosper.

Proselytizing continues, though some priests request aid in creating shrines for the gods, to give proper places for prayer and offerings. A single temple for all the gods is also on a list of requests for Vlamos.

In the Nula Valley, travel is difficult during the rainy season. So much so that a good storm can stop trade and traffic along roads for days. Good stone roads are needed, to help link the Valley together, and to make it easier for people to settle the empty lands left by the Unification War.

Can I get a word of who these npc that have joined me are? Gantu, Govkar, Skulk, Joord?

rolling for
Changing the worship and natue of Horbau
Turning the Tonaika into police-soldier-judges
Controlling the Nula river
Preaching in the Outlands

>> No.23883757

Bump for the bump god

>> No.23883932

Most of the flock approve of Horbau's image change, welcoming the lawful aura the religion had adopted. The Tonaika are not just respected, but also revered; many younglings wish to become Tonaikas one day.
The Nula riverbanks have been reinforced with bricks and sandbags in a pattern of raised terraces, this helps quell the fury of the river.
So far, only a single omni-temple has been built, due to rather scarce supplies. Only some outlanders were interested in joining the religion.
Adequate roads were made, using stone and brick. These will last for some time.

As for the identity of the outlanders, I'll leave it to nongent.

>> No.23884039
File: 331 KB, 1232x1038, infosheet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finally finished my infochart. I'll either start updating tonight or tomorrow.

Going to draw this out later.

>> No.23885849
File: 13 KB, 520x336, Scared Joorod Colored.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23886568
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\\13.54.796\\ Representing network.

>> No.23886685

Hey nongent, I'm kind of stumped, I have no idea what to do with my tribe, no idea as to how to advance.

>> No.23887000

Remember how they reacted to the Enclave. They might want to start going around and helping people?
Or maybe you want an event to test their bro-ness?

>> No.23887040

Rolled 9

Now that you mention it, i've got something.

The villages on the border suffer great casulties due to their hunting of large game. The seaside communities need to come up with a safer method of hunting for their bretheren, to limit the otherwise many deaths.

Rolling for:
> safer hunting of large monsters (for food)

>> No.23887060

You need to look at your tribe and see where they are, what they want, just because they are content, does not make them complete. They have goals, and objectives.

Examining them, they are curious about the world, about what there is out there, you can use their own attitude to facilitate a need to explore and experience the greatness of this world. Invention is also a form of exploration. They also have a desire to protect, i do not think they will be idle.

where your korobushka tribe was filled with intrigue, why cannot the gantu be filled with wonder, exploration, a desire to lead, or make the world a better place. Diplomacy? What of fun? Do they wrestle the indigenous life forms for sport, on the inland villages? What innovation can make their lives better? Do they see something another tribe has and say "I think i could do this better, make a difference."

just because they are peaceful does not mean they are not innovators. New nets, new ways of catching food, new things, or refinements of their martial arts. all viable.

>> No.23887156

the current elder of a large Mohu'awane village sat in her hut, looking at the low table that held a small collection of trinkets and artifacts from great times past. A gentle tinkling in the breeze came from a windchime made of gantu horns from previous leaders. All great people, some heroes. She had hoped that ancestors would offer some advice.

No advice, just the hollow helmet of one of the "enclave" left behind in the sands so long ago. It offered no advice, and still her children's children would suffer in their great hunts less something be done, and so it came to her. Armor. For so long the Gantu relied on their great size and strength. Perhaps it was not enough. If only they had armor they could test their strength and find sport against the wild life, with a greater degree of safety.

But...no one makes armor within the gantu like that. There are many ways to find this armor though...she is old and has seen many things.
To the north the Silith make metal armor. Heavy and strong
From the north west there are the Gwiliak, traders with the Silith, and their armor is light and mobile, made of natural things.
In the cold and dark of the snow lands where she hears little of, there is the enclave with their strange knowledge.
The Joorod traders stop by now and again, perhaps they may know something.
To turn inward they are a smart and creative people, and the skulks who have lived with them so long may be able to help out as well.
So many choices. She was going to take a swim, eat a little fish, then take a nap, and then think on it. *yawn/ stretch*

>> No.23887274

Rolled 4

You describe them well. The chieftaness thinks on this. Better to not bother their friends if it can be helped. Perhaps by armoring themselves their hunters would be safer...

The metal, the gift of the Silith. She goes down to one of the few blacksmiths in the village. She asks a curious thing. To make a shell for a Gantu.

"A... shell?"
"Yes, a metal shell like the red-skinned warriors of Muskato."
"That will... take quite some time."

She decided she would help him, make sure the metal would be struck, exposed veins existed further inland (and a good thing too, mining isn't something the gantu have discovered yet).

Rolling for the armour.

>> No.23887417

Several problems arise early in the development of said armor:
-the armor proved to be brittle. Pure iron isn't the answer?
-there is not enough iron. They must look for more.
In the meantime, another hunter has been killed by his prey; but he took the Slasher Ramel down with him.

>> No.23887606

Rolled 12, 6, 7 = 25

Upon inspecting the armour, the chieftaness of all the gantu frowns. The damn thing near crumbles in her very claws.

"Send word to the tribes of the land, their best armorsmiths are to come here, and teach us, and will be richly rewarded for doing so.

Rolling for the reactions and aid given by the various tribes.
1. Silith
2. Ca'rethill
3. Gwiliak

>> No.23887827

Forgot about a couple techs.
>Ramel husbandry

Brittle isn't an issue with pure iron. Softness is.

While they're on good terms with the Mohu'awane, the Nation of Ca'rethill is a rather secretive one toward all outsiders.

>> No.23887864

ah, I derped on metallurgy. So yeah, it's too soft instead of brittle.

The Ca'rethill and Gwiliak envoys returned empty-handed, but the one sent to Silith lands managed to convince a middle-level smith to teach the Gantu of Mohu'awane. The smith imparts knowledge of putting impurities into the iron, so that it is tougher. Will the Mohu'awane smiths manage to successfully copy his methods?

>> No.23888583
File: 6.62 MB, 239x214, borgasIV2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Here's your problem. You aren't cremating your dead in your forge."

bump before bed

>> No.23890482


>> No.23891764

The Za'siel skulks had been accommodating, and proved themselves to be a viable member of the enclave. Their long range communication and detection skills of the skulcrows were invaluable. Their territory had been bolstered with fortifications, reinforced tunnels, and troops. Even now, the first generation of citizens were being born on this foreign land, growing up never having seen the capital city, or the great wars. The settlement would need to be improved upon to accommodate it's growth, expand beyond original perimeters. At the same time the mainland needed resources for the growing vyrii war. On top of that there was an issue of potential hostility between the local populations. Then there were their Onolkeshan allies to the north. And the mission.

The director of the region couldn't wait to step down from this. It was a headache and he leaned back in his chair kicking it up on two legs and balancing for a moment. "I don't know how the lem do it." he muttered to himself. Keeping the grueling pace was not hard per say, but defiantly taxing. He began to write out the missive to the settlement of black ice.

He was going to have to address the lack of available technology soon, perhaps indigenous equipment and know how would be required. They were short on nearly everything, and unlikely to get the new turbine engines, weapons, armor or more any time soon.
The following day teams of scout flyers were sent out to with letters and instructions.

team 1. Contact the settlement of black ice, and discover their status. Request mutual effort to build pathway for transport between two locations. See if aid is required. Speak of developing new technologies/ methods to deal with shortage of equipment in the region.

team 2. Arrive on outskirts of Gwiliak territory, attempt to contact leadership, request collaberation effort on local materials utilization and construction/ gwiliak education methods. Willing to compensate with weapons/ armor concepts.

>> No.23891839



>> No.23892137

Rolled 1, 9, 6, 18, 17 = 51

The weary leader made his way down to the joorod merchants. "Whats the latest?" he kept it short.
"The Gantu are trying to learn armor, trading more metals. Other Joorod real quiet. No say on the others. Oh. skulcrows attacking some village to the south. might not so so well." Nothing too surprising there, but the lem need to be told the last bit very carefully, he didn't need another crusade on his hands.

The Za'siel had been working on an early flying device but that research was quickly abandoned in the wake of the the scout flyers the ta'mirel had brought with them, but they were short on ramel hide and needed to revisit new efforts. Approaching the smiths and engineers with new requirements he kept it simple. "everything we do, we have to do with less, smarter. This isn't the mainland, so we can't operate like it is." There was some grumbling from the older engineers and smiths who were set in their ways, but for the most part the challenge was accepted eagerly.
rolling for: contact efforts of team 1, team 2, Lean manufacturing principals, revisiting old flight za'siel flight concepts, attempts to develop simplified jet engine.

>> No.23892210

Enclave operating out of the Za'siel territory, now just enclave territory.

>> No.23893738
File: 14 KB, 640x480, dock.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 14, 20 = 34

In the port town of Häthnik, dock workers were busy loading up The Ribboner, a ship soon to embark on an expedition far to the west. With just a fishing net and a supply of fresh water, a voyage could go on for a long time It was a large vessel which could accommodate a crew of 30 (albeit being a bit cramped). A finely carved slizer figurehead adorned the bow. To encounter a bladeworem of that size. Not even the sea itself could face such a beast. The sailors counted on it. All that it needed now was just a good crew.

The to-be captain, Eis Ukirsn, was commissioned to lead the exploratory voyage to the far west. "It is a fine vessel," he concluded after inspecting the ship himself. No leaks. Spacious enough for a large crew. If the dock worker were telling the truth, fast too.
He make sure to stay out of the way of the workers loading supplies onto the ship. Drinking water and alcohol. The sloshing coming from inside of the barrels being rolled up the ramp onto The Ribboner made that quite clear. Seeing how the packing was nearly done, it was time to finish assembling the crew.
Eis already has eight sailors who serve under him, but that crew manned a much smaller vessel. Just a small trading vessel which went between Ca'rethillan ports and occasionally to Mohu'awane. Not near enough manpower for this ship.

Rolling for gathering a crew, and finding a cartographer.

>> No.23894167

Rolled 13, 5 = 18

Lots of copper and tin in the area. Perhaps this can be added to the iron. Traders to Moskatu also learn of the idea of mining, of making great holes in the land and finding riches therein. But... how to know where to dig?

The armour is put to good use by the hunters. Fewer are gored by ramel blades, but many are still crushed by monstrous feet or by impact. It is a small victory.

The chief of cheifs, or queen, is now considering sending fish over to the outer towns. Is it close enough to allow the fish to arrive before rotting? Or will the gantu discover the existence of decomposition?

> Rolling for:
1. Learning how to mine, either from the Silith or by discovering it themselves.

2. distance between villages. is it close enough that the fish can get there in time?

>> No.23894442
File: 148 KB, 546x366, Bordle_improved.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hello salt trade.

>> No.23895972
File: 76 KB, 501x585, They're here.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Well well well, looks like the Go- I mean Gantu might be needing our salt. Since we're such good friends we'll gladly sell it at a discount, hehehe.

>> No.23896133

A quality crew is assembled in quick order. The cartographer is a wily joorod with a strange accent. He claimed to be a former "navigator" for the "black cart traders". While leery of a foreigner, there is no doubt of his expeirence or knowledge. The route is secured. ((+3 to any roll related to this journey's navigation until its conclusion))
The gantu take to mining well. Though why you give such a name to such a simple task. It is digging, thats all. Rotten fish.

>> No.23896302

Rolled 2

Self-judging this roll.

It wasn't too hard to assemble a crew. There were always some young men looking for pay by the docks. It wouldn't be too hard to find more experienced sailors either. Brothels, gambling houses, restaurants, inns. Places which those of the business frequent. By the end of the day, Eis had gathered fourteen more members for the crew. Some of them young, and not having yet gained their sea legs. Others, life-long sailors.

It'd be difficult to find a better cartographer to have along. Steady hand, photographic memory, and an experienced navigator. His services wouldn't be cheap, but Eis's employers, a merchant house from Häthnik, shouldn't have any trouble covering the cost.

At dawn of the next day, they would set out.

Rolling for if that's enough manpower, or if they'll have to make a stop at a Mohu'awane port (1=yes 2=no)

>> No.23896344
File: 3.50 MB, 1458x1486, East continent territory map.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The Gwiliak have endured this century, grown in strength and in their mastery over the marshes.

The Council of Elders has decreed that each settlement will pay a tithe to pool resources for common projects, such as the continued marsh "engineering" as well as general upkeep of the infrastructure of the nation.
These tithes can be resources, like wood and food, as well as manpower. Each great family receives a portion of this tithe, for their own projects.
Once again, the time has come to collect the tithe, servants of the council are sent to the two coastal villages and their nearby territories, and up river, to the other two villages. The council itself supervises the collection of tithes from Gwekenaak and the surrounding territories. The only territory exempt from these tithes are the areas beyond the marshes, far to the west, where the Great Falls rules (Does the village have an actual name?), as the council respects their autonomy. To them, the council instead sends a formal request of resources for common good, along with other lucrative trade opportunities.

As the tithes are being collected, the Great Families prepare to conduct their own projects.
House Daki seeks to restore the old enclave forts near the edge of the marshes, to better defend against further incursions to the marshes. They ask for the assistance of House Niru, in solving how the forts were built, and how to maintain them.

House Jun is trying to expand their vindra farms, by creating artificial shallow pools of water, trough damming off small portions of the river, and thus forming ideal growing grounds for vindras.

>> No.23896367
File: 99 KB, 800x600, Gwiliak warrior sketch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 6, 19, 1, 19, 1, 11, 4, 2, 12 = 75

Nufa's House, along with House Macia are seeking to establish a port at the coastline, so that trade trough the waterways could be conducted with their Silith neighbors. The ships of the Silith can't pass into the marsh rives, nor can the riverships of the Gwiliak travel far in the open ocean. The port would allow the Silith vessels to drop their cargo at there, and allow the Gwiliak to move them up river without a large hassle.

House of Nar has always been intrigued by the natural gas that occurs in the marshes. They have sent out explorers deep into the uncharted parts of the central marshes, to seek out untapped gas pockets. (could you mark them on the map?)

Meanwhile, the mighty Kaduk warriors are once again, preparing to seek out new "witch born" from the govkar settlements of the marshes, so that these younglings could join into their ranks. They send their emissaries to all the villages of the Gwiliak, to the Great Falls and even to the borders of the Silith, in their search of new recruits. The parents of the mutated children will be compensated fairly, if they are willing to give the child away to the Kaduk.

Rolling for: (9 rolls)
Collecting tithes: (4 rolls, the coastal villages, areas around the capital, upriver villages, and the formal request to great falls.)
Fort restoration project.
Expanding vindra farms.
Constructing a port.
Seeking out more gas pockets.

The Kaduk seeking out recruits.

>> No.23896418

Small patch of rough weather hit the Ribboner, but the crew was able to keep control of the vessel. No need to hire some Gantu muscle for this trip. A stop was made just to trade some fish caught on the way for some more water and empty barrels.

>> No.23896628
File: 264 KB, 475x242, Yay first time Co-GMing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Usually, the hardest part is getting a ship. It takes wealth, right materials, men who know what they are doing and most importantly, time.
Now the easy part really is finding a crew to man that ship. There is always young men and boys eager to leave their homes in hopes of glory and wealth. Sure, they are unskilled and not used to life onboard but at times like this man can't be picky. Luckily there is good basis of trusty men who can teach the ropes.
Crew of the ship is ready but the true jackpot was the cartographer they found. On top of being skilled in cartography he claims that he can use the stars to know the position of the ship even on open water where you can't see the sea. If what he claims is true, this trip will be much more interesting.


Distance to Silith was great and it would take some time before they would get instructor from there. This forced Mohu'awane to learn basics themselves to be able to get metals they need for smithing. Without the help of Silith they would need to start from the beginning. From outsider Gantus might seem easygoing and primitive, but they would be wrong. Gantus aren't stupid and anyone thinking so would be horribly mistaken. They knew how to start: in no time simple shovels and picks were made out of stone and bone to make the digging easier. Strong as they were, removing the earth was fast and even larger stones could be moved out of the way.
Now the tricky part is to find the metal itself. Miners would need to go combing through the countryside, often through creek beds and along ridgelines and hilltops, often on hands and knees looking for signs of mineralisation in the outcrop. Once a small occurrence or show was found, it was then necessary to intensively work the area with pick and shovel.

Middle of the journey, Gantu who were transporting the fish smelled something horrible. It seems that the distance is too great for the fish to stay fresh.

>> No.23896665
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Awwwwwwwshi. I was too late.

always too late.

>> No.23897593
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Is that a cat in a highway patrol officer's hat. Squee!

>> No.23897682

Don't worry, there is always the next ones.

>> No.23898301

Nah man. Yours are awesome. Besides, players can mix and match results. Hell. Notrip has three. I tjink it adds to the story as it is rare they contradict eachother.

>> No.23898403

Rolled 6, 10, 9, 4, 2 = 31

Could I get a word on who the Outlanders are? I'd like to know if I have non-govkar in the Kingdom.
The temple in Vlamos is conscecrated in a great festival in honor of the gods as the Grand Temple of Outlands. A second temple will be built in the capital of the Valley, Nulan, next to the Royal Palace. Other than that, no other large temples are needed, only shrines for the Outlands for now. To help bring the Outlanders into the fold, some of the High Priests are debating whether or not to include an Outlander god in the Pantheon. If they do, it might greatly ease tensions between the two portions of the Kingdom.

A small outbreak of a disease in a herd of domesticated ramels in the northern edge of the Valley sets of a small panic when it spreads to govniks and boomers kept on the same farm as the ramels. Worries about the danger of losing entire herds grips the Royal Bureaucracy, and it sends out envoys far and wide to find crops suitable for Govkar consumption, to supplement the meagre roots and vegetables already grown in limited numbers. Some farmers look to their current crops and try to find ways to make them more edible for the less than vegitarian Riklun. If the these researchers find good foods that can be easily grown and eaten, they may well replace meat as the staple of the Riklun diet.

Excited by the ease with which the Outlanders are joining the Kingdom, the Royal Bureaucracy makes grand attempts to assert its authority over the people of the new lands, both to ensure peace, but also the supremacy of the King. If they are successful, this will go a long way to integrating these two, likely culturally (if not racially) distinct peoples. If unucessful, it may well turn the Kingdom into two states head by a monarch, a less desirable solution

rolling for
Building the temple in the Nulan
Bringing in an Outland god
Finding new crops (2 rolls, one for old crops, one for new crops)
Expanding the Bureaucracy

>> No.23898419

Rolled 7

Forgot the sixth roll. Come on Bureacuracy!

>> No.23900250

I'll call in a roll bonus for the temple in Nulan, partially just to bump the thread, but mostly because those are some abysmal rolls.

>> No.23902374

Rolled 10

Looks like for now, the hunters must fend for themselves. Some of them tried to eat the rotten fish, but got sick as a result, some mortally so.

So, that's right out.
A different tactic is tried. The husbandry of both Wooly Boomers and Coastal Boomers has been such a success, what if the Gantu could breed meat animals? It won't be easy, as the game they hunt is ferocious (like giant ramels). Who knows though? A brawling Gantu still hits like a damn train. Perhaps they can wrangle some of the smaller critters into submission.

> Rolling for:
1. meat animal husbandry

>> No.23902442


Results for these rolls?

>> No.23903630

Plenty of settlers colonize Red Rock, more out of word of mouth that the place is full of good energies. A good portion of those volunteer to join the military, seeing the new settlement and plenty of settlers needing protection. They are trained by old veterans; progress happens piecemeal, but definitely closer to what it was before.

since nongent is a bit absent, I'd say they're mostly neutral govkars, some skulks, and a few joorods.

The temple and shrines were beset by delays caused by the domesticated ramel disease. Many of the farmers are busy tending their sick herd, only a few were sent to look for new crops; sadly, they returned empty-handed. The priests stayed with the status quo for now, since the plague is making more Silith ask the gods for mercy. An addition of an Outsider god is seen as not a wise choice for these harsh times. So far, attempts at governing the outlanders are held back by the crop quandary; currently only a middle-rank government official is posted to handle all Outlander bureaucracy or problems.

Some Gantu tries to wrestle the ramels, but they either kill them or they got killed instead. It seems a softer approach might be in order.

>> No.23903873
File: 17 KB, 435x417, Coastal_govnik[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 14, 20 = 34

Trading with the Silith and the Ca'rethill, even the Gwiliak, continues. The silks and art objects of the Gantu are traded for luxury items not found on the coast.

There is unrest in the villages. What of this mysterious "Enclave"? Will they return? Can Mohu'awane stand against them if they do?
What's worse is the horror tales told by the Gwiliak and Silith of the dead-things that walk. What could these creatures be? Are they a threat to Mohu'awane?

So many threats... what's a Gantu to do?
The martial art of the Gantu (basically refined brawling) is refined, for use against any possible invaders. A variant for the Skulk is also needed.

Ramels are too big and dangerous for the Mohu'awane to tame. Instead, a smaller, less lethal species is looked at. Coastal Govniks. Perhaps by luring them in with food, the Gantu can get a good breeding stock in, and finally lessen the deaths via hunting.

> Rolling for:
1. development of martial arts, including skulk adaption
2. luring in the govniks

>> No.23904947
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Bump before bed

>> No.23906244

Some hunters start to find good ways to tackle and throw Giant Ramels, and taught them to other hunters. Within a short time other Mohu'awane also learned these disarming throws and fluid tackling, and a martial art is born. Think a mix of Aikido, Rugby tackles, and Wrestling.
Meanwhile, it seems like the Govniks came... peacefully. And in numbers, as well; it seems like they view the Gantu more as a curiosity instead of fear. At about the same time as the martial art being invented, the Mohu'awane managed to domesticate Coastal Govniks.

>> No.23906417


I could use some roll results.

>> No.23907151
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>> No.23907360

Rolled 2, 4, 5, 17, 12 = 40

Red Rock appears to be a tremendous success. The widespread availability of precious iron and it's naturally defensible location seems to make it a hotbed for both settlement and the more martially-inclined of our people to settle there. The Council has discussed fostering this growth in our military by turning Red Rock into a training ground as well as a mining colony, we'll have to see what happens...

>Two days later<

The Gantu came today, asking around for blacksmiths for some unknown purpose, although we could surmise what it was. They took a blacksmith with them, a young journeyman in the holy art of armorsmithing (may their carapaces remain unbroken.) Although some from the Council found the entire thing amusing, others saw it as an opportunity to better arm our kindred allies with shells of steel. Although I couldn't see the purpose behind it, the Elders who suggested we forge a progenitor Gantu carapace were also those who were adamant about Red Rock becoming a military installation. How queer...

The initial stages of forging a new form of armor has reminded us that improvements can still be made. Our metallurgists (may their mixtures be as pure as the stars) suggest looking into stronger alloys of soul steel, different combinations of living and non-living material to feed the flames of industry. They have even suggested we begin looking into alloys that do not react to magnetism. An odd request, but the Metallurgists speak with the spirits, so they must have a purpose.

Roll for:

- Red Rock Development
- Red Rock Military Installations
- Gantu armor
- Refined/improved Steel
- Non-magnetic Steel

>> No.23908822

Rolled 8, 11, 19, 4, 13, 8, 9, 3, 13, 1 = 89

While making a quick stop in a Mohu'awane village, Ukirsn decides that it'd be wise to ask around to see what the Gantus know of places to the west.

After a day of rest on land, the crew boards the Ribboner and sets off again.

>Rolling for finding out general knowledge of the west from the Mohu'awane, weather, how far they get for now, distinct landmarks (six rolls), and supplies holding up.

>> No.23909044
File: 23 KB, 550x593, 1356304997157.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Traveling progress

So, middle of of the wilderness, hundreds of miles away from known civilization with no supplies left.

>> No.23910586

the efforts of team one were disastrous. During a mid level climb they were attacked by hostile ribboners and killed to the man.The second team arrived much later then anticipated and crashed a little more deeply into the gwiliak territory then was intended. Attempts at making more efficent products resulted in flimsier equipment that was easily broken. The Za'siel had extensive documentation on their efforts and it would benefit the new project. The engineers rose to the occasion and built a new very simple engine they called a "pulse jet". It was as simple as you could get, and a bit dangerous. It would need refinement, but for now this was good.
the costal villages offered very little in the way of tithes and some would suspect they were holding out. The capital areas offered a large bounty of resources which would benefit future development. The upriver villages outright refused, arguing that they give enough. The Great falls was very generous and gave much in the way of explosive materials, food, and manpower. The fort restoration project met a great deal of problems. The one only left in any useable condition was the far eastern one still occupied by the enclave, the rest were badly degenerated and overgrown, the periodic squatters who lived in them took poor care of the structures, often stealing stone. The only benefit of this is that a group of enclave scout flyers crashed nearly on top of the restoration team. ((see above)) the vindra farms have gotten a slow start, but it is proven that these new pools will grow food. A violent storm ruined the early port leaving only wooden poles sticking out of the water. Attempts to find gas pockets were offset by attacks from large, hostile, wild ghoroks. The team had to retreat and even then a few were killed. The Kaduk manage to get a reasonable yield of children this season. Infanticide is slowly becoming a thing of the past, with families preferring a stipend over nothing for their witchborn.

>> No.23910758

red rock's development was set back from a govkar tribe claiming the land was their ancestral burial ground. When it became clear the silith were not moving they attacked, and while their efforts were futile in the end, they did manage to significantly set back development of the town by forcing it's settlers to fight instead of work, and burning down/ destroying come structures. A few smiths worked on the gantu armor during this time, but very little came of it. New and improved metal came from burning of the attackers and their possessions. Their metal was foreign, even to this land, and was clearly traded for. By holding magnets over molten steel they have been able to remove that which is magnetic, leaving behind dregs of non magnetic alloy. The problem is that the alloy is soft, and poor for war.
((do me a solid, and link me some non magnetic metals, as well as their characteristics, and we can work on this easily enough))
Ukirsn finds little knowledge of the far west from, the gantu, and few talk of their travels other then that it was by the coast. Many minor features are cataloged, but an impressive coastal cavern is discovered, full of crystals encrusting the walls. All supplies have run out, and you are lost deep within the crystal caverns. There is little light, no fresh water, and no attempt has been made to eat the local life.

>> No.23910908

May I join? This sounds fun and I like the design of the Govkar.
How would I start out?

>> No.23911056

Go ahead. Fluff up a primitive culture, pick a spot on the map.

>> No.23911127

Oh dear lord, we've adopted another one.

>> No.23911144


It's quite simple, first, pick a race, make a symbol, come up with some basic fluff for your tribe, and place them to the map.
Bam!, you are ready to start.

>> No.23911149

Will you help me along and point it out if I do something terribly wrong?
Remember to feed me and change my diaper.

Is the area around E - 2 taken?

>> No.23911188


Come in here and bother us. We'll explain everything except how babbys are formed, because everyone knows it's the Stork.

>> No.23911192

don't think that anyone's within the E2 square. The spots are the squares within squares, like (E2, H5) as just an example.

>> No.23911421

Rolled 6, 12, 11, 3, 11, 1 = 44

After failing to hear back from black ice or the scouts construction of a roadway to the keshan town and ports began, and as much as the settlers want to, they must first support themselves before they can support the enclave proper. For this to be accomplished they need new scout gliders to replace their aging first generation models, as well as a supply of pulsejets, preferably improved. Engineers have been given a large amount of resources to continue independent development. Contact with the natives is still needed.

The Za'Siel skulks will need to contact the kaduk soon for the next augmentation of witch born children.

The Joorod merchants continue to speak of gantu obtaining metal, and attempting to make armor. A single detachment of junior smiths is sent on a goodwill mission to offer technical assistance.

rolling for: building pathway to black ice, second attempt at contacting black ice, improving their settlements, improving the safety of the pulsejet, continued experimentation of engineers, flight of blacksmiths.

>> No.23911566

>((do me a solid, and link me some non magnetic metals, as well as their characteristics, and we can work on this easily enough))

Aluminum, copper, chromium, sodium, tin, magnesium, and lead are some notably non-magnetic metals. Non-magnetic steel however can be produced by high concentrations of carbon or silicon (the the end result is quite brittle.)

*True* non-magnetic steel however is produced via a mixture of chromium, nickel and manganese added at high temperatures (coincidentally this would also produce stainless steel.)

>> No.23911816

this is meta, but right now the silith are good blacksmiths by chance. Sort of like the AdMech. Their knowledge is dogma. They will have to learn that there is a way to seperate metals, and how to identifiy them, or find that knowledge externally. The result may shake their faith though, unless they choose to hide the reality that it is not spirits but carbon that reinforces their metal.

>> No.23911914

Maybe carbon IS a metal spirit! It becomes a sacred thing.

>> No.23911928


I was under the impression they know adding different metals does different things, but they just don't see it in the lens of proper science.

Some metals are toxic to steel while others permit the "binding" more readily, that sort of thing.

But yeah, sooner or later the Silith are going to need to realize there's more than just religion going on, and once that happens there'll probably be some bloodshed.

>> No.23912245

the pathway to black ice is starting off rough, snowstorms and hostile life forms make progress incredibly slow. A second group of scout flyers have made contact with the settlement and brought with them pulse jet schematics as well as a request to jointly build the pathway between the two places. Living quarters for non lem are improved and simple houses of learning are made for youths, more closely resembling barracks and military education. The pulse jet is not any more safe, indeed, while going a bit faster, it is more prone to structural defects. A new concept has caught the interest of the engineers, gyroscopic action. It was discovered during examining a Gwiliak disk launcher's flight path. The young blacksmiths experimental pulse jet scout flyers all detonated in mid air, no survivors.
It took the Expeditionary forces longer then desired, but the existing flight devices were too dangerous, or too old to risk being used on a non critical mission. The mixed race approach had to be abandoned in favor of a more expendable all lem force. Over land they eventually arrived to the Gantu outskirts and attempted to request conversation with the large beings. Their objective is to share introductory knowledge of metallurgy and blacksmithing to assist in the Mohu'awane efforts. Their reasons for this are simple, a stronger Gantu offer regional stability, are not hostile, as well as being a potential trading partner.

Casual conversation still reveals the lem believe the world will eventually find itself facing a final war, and that they indeed still plan to prepare for it. At the same time they do not expect anyone else to believe this, any more then the Gantu would expect the enclave to believe in their deities. The lem are still highly direct, which can be off putting though they explain themselves slightly better now. To introduce yourself as anything less then you are capable of is to hide capability, to lie.

>> No.23912273

i like the "sacred carbon" approach, though for now carry on as you wish man. It is possible that a sect of smiths could begin to document individual metals more specifically, and while still maintaining their own beliefs. Perhaps these metals contain specific sprits, so on. The path to non magnetic steel is open to you.

>> No.23914142

The memory of the first Enclave Lem is long forgotten by now. Given the recent troubles in making armour, the arrival of the Lem is seen as a good omen.

That is, once the terrified Gantu stopped freaking out about flying Lem landing in their territory. Some of the braver ones even ask how these foreigners managed to fly through the air.

The curious and the brave gather around this stranger, peppering him with questions. The only thing that saves the stranger is his knowledge of the Gantu tongue.

The tribe's shamans ponder over the words of the Tomorrow War. They cast bones and read the signs, hoping to see the truth of the words, what Little Brother was trying to tell them.

>> No.23914675

How the Lem responds to this is up to you, ng.

>> No.23914812


The council is most displeased with the tithe output of the coastal and upriver regions. There is a slight suspicion, that these villages have forgotten how much the Gwiliak have done for their sake. Without the protection of their militia, the trade and infrastructure they provide, these villages would still be sitting in mud, living like savages. Not to mention how the Gwiliak saved many of them from utter destruction during the skullcrow war.
The council decides to send investigators to both the coastal and upriver regions, to investigate their overall state, and how truthful they were with their tithe claims.
Also, as an example of what loyalty towards the council will grant you, the council sends great gifts of silk and other Gwiliak craftmanship to the Great Falls.

Though the enclave forts could not be restored, House Daki still requests that House Niru would use their expertise to study them and maybe learn something useful about their nature, that the Gwiliak builders might emulate.
The crash landing of the flying enclave things causes great concern in the members of house Daki at the restoration project, and they decide to quickly apprehend the strangers, and try to figure out their motivations. Uninvited quests to the domain of the Gwiliak are always suspicious. Their strange flying devices, are sent to house Nar, for study.

With the success of the vindra farms, Jun's house can now focus on other matters, such as expanding their silk industry. They have heard of the strong streams far upriver to the west, and wonder if they could use these streams to power even larger loom machines. They send investigators with some experts from Niru's house to prospect the upriver areas for suitable sites where to build silk facilities.

>> No.23914828

Rolled 8, 16, 10, 15, 17, 11, 17, 16, 16, 9 = 135

Nufa's and Macia's house continue their efforts with the port, the rough start does not intimidate them, as it just proves what the port must be able to withstand to be successful.

The explorers of Nar's house continue to seek out gas pockets. They hire few Gohrok raisers of Macia's house to work as experts on how to deal with the wild Gohroks of the deep marshes.

Meanwhile, the Kaduk start training and teaching the young mutated children about the ways of combat, meditation, and wisdom. They will be given the option to join their ranks as full members, when they reach of age, as Hakel, the leader of the Kaduk, is adamant that each of them should be free to choose their own destiny. However, they will still be given a proper education, and taught how to defend themselves.

Rolling for: (10 rolls)
Investigating the tithe claims of coastal and upriver regions. (2 rolls)
Sending a gift envoy to the Great Falls.
Studying the enclave forts.
Figuring out the motivations of the Enclave intruders.
Studying the flying contraptions of the Enclave.
Prospecting good sites for silk facilities upriver.
Continued port project.
Continued search for gas pockets.

The Kaduk raising and training the young witchborn.

>> No.23915413


Setbacks setbacks setbacks. For starters, the damn tribals around Red Rock claim it's part of their ancestral homeland; while we can sympathize with such sentiments, the land would really be better as a part of the Kingdom. As such, soldiers were dispatched and word has come in they've been killed to the man, although at the cost of much time better spent building up the territory. At least NOW we can get to work doing such.

Besides Red Rock, our Gantu shells turned out to be failures. Apparently we need an actual Gantu to model for us, odd... Or perhaps their fleshy skins are just not fit for proper steel. Regardless, we've been unable to make suits of armor for them, a damn shame.

Our metallurgists however HAVE reported some consistent successes; the tribals had some nifty metal the likes of which we haven't seen before, where could it have come from? They've also reported some successes in producing non-magnetic steel. It's a tad bit brittle, but I'm certain the Metallurgists will be able to appease the spirits enough to allow a better product. Even the spirit's have to eventually cooperate with God's chosen, eh? (Note: The non-magnetic metal is the high concentration of carbon bit, not true Stainless Steel.)

>> No.23915444

Rolled 16, 10, 12, 12 = 50


Onto more recent matters; Elder Joriah is looking into developing magnetic strips, which is odd since we already have them. When pressed on the issue, he just chuckled and explained he meant THIN strips, which further confused me since I'm fairly certain our strips are thin enough (he's suggesting something as thin as an arm, perhaps even thinner. That would require some miniaturization...)

Elder Damantrix, the old gasbag, is talking about the latest boomer gas reserves like they're some sort of gift from the Spirits! Steel is a gift from the spirits, fire is a gift from the spirits, MASONRY is a gift from the spirits, but animal gas? The Elder talks about improving our existing gas canister designs to involve both metal and pressurization, but I hardly see how that would be possible.

Roll for:

- Non-brittle Steel (Stainless Steel)
- Magnetic "rods"
- Metal gas canisters
- Pressurized gas

>> No.23916013

>Strong streams


>> No.23916174

Over my long years as Elder Metallurgist, I have discovered the sacred craft of my order is one of profound meditation and study, and it is through this study that the Metallurgist earns their trade. Any child can tell you that there are spirits all around us, or that some spirits inhabit metal while others are lifeless, but only a sanctified Metallurgist can *speak* to those spirits through the holy fires of the Foundry.

It is through these communications with the metal spirits, aided via the holy communion of smelting, that I have come to a most interesting conclusion, and one that might be of some controversy amongst my fellow Govkar; that Iron is the most holy of metals. To obtain this conclusion, one has to realize that, of all the metals known to our people, Iron is the only one that readily draws in the spirits of our mortal realm. Metal may bind with metal, spirit with spirit, silver with gold, but gold may not bind with a Silithi spirit; the spirits make that apparent enough with the product being brittle or soft. This somber finality is recognized with all metals... Except iron.

Iron not only accepts the spirit, but it becomes a better metal because of it; the product becomes greater than the sum of it's parts. It is through iron that we can not only enter the spirit realm as a metal greater than any other found in nature, but we can introduce the spirits of other metals into the iron to join our own; Nickel and Silith becoming one through iron to become greater than any of the three alone.

"So why not claim Steel as the holiest of metals?" You may ask. After all, shouldn't the product of this union be the apex of divinity? Not only is such thought misguided, it's also forgetting the point; Iron is holy because it is a vessel, a metal created by the Gods for the sole purpose of giving us divinity. Would not a road carved by the Gods be more connected to the divine than the destination it leads you?

>> No.23917061
File: 8 KB, 420x414, dude revolt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Such glorious metaphysics.

This is the difference between religion and spirituality, and you have given such life to these Silith.

>> No.23917395

The delay being caused by the Crop Question is untenable. Temples and shrines are not being built, and the Outlands are not fully under the administration of the Kings most loyal and able servants, the Royal Bureaucracy! Ota Doso and his highest advisors will attempt to implement some changes to make each of the situations easier to be dealt with.

Firstly, the Skulks of the Outlands, long regarded with suspicion by the Riklun, and even some Outland Govkars, are to be granted the full protection of the King himself, should they use their strange witch powers to find those plants most suitable for growing and acceptable for digestion. This will hopefully bind these strange beings to the Kingdom, and bring security to the food supply of the Kingdom in the future. Perhaps the worship of Zures, the Daughter of the Earth could be spread to bring them in even further? Brave Abotanoz (priests) will be needed to go amongst the witches if the worship of Zures is to be spread to them. If they respond poorly, well..... It might be time for the Tonaika to wet their blades in proper battle once more.

>> No.23917410

Rolled 19, 16, 8, 9 = 52

To help the Outlanders feel loyalty to the Kingdom, it is perhaps time to let them join the upper echelons of the Bureaucracy, that they might govern themselves in the Kings name. The Roan, the five highest ranking officials in the RB are uncomfortable with this plan from the King, having been picked by the previous king for their outstanding hatred of the Outlanders, whom they are now expected to be brothers-in-arms with. They counsel their master, warning him that the Outlanders cannot be trusted, that good RIklunak must rule them for the land to be secure, but Doso will have none of it. Resentment could be just as deadly to the Kingdom as a lack of control. A seperate, Royal Bureaucracy of the Out-, no, it is time that these people be referred to by their own name for themselves. A seperate Royal Bureaucracy of Carcin.

The City of Vlamos is sits at the mouth of the Nula river, watching it as it flows into the Thelont Bay. It was once a prosperous city, were ships and merchants came to do buisness. But now, it is barren, bereft of the commerce that once made it so lively, and the people who lived in its streets. The taxes collected at its height could have funded the Kingdom at the moment, so low has the land sunk. Inhabitants are needed before Vlamos can be a great regional city again. Perhaps it might exceed its past glories, and merchants from distant corners of the world will one day dock at its ports and sell their wares in the markets. Some day perhaps. Some day.

Rolling for
Getting the Skulks to help us find crops
Converting the Skulks
Establishing Bureaucracy of Carcin
Incentivizing the migration of people to Vlamos

>> No.23917900

Rolled 14, 10, 19, 12, 12 = 67

A small party of four were sent to explore the cave. It was surprising how deep the cavern actually went. As they went further in, it became more twisted and maze-like. Eventually, the four were lost. They didn't have much food and water with them, as they were planning for a quick trip. One of the younger members had begun to panic from claustrophobia, and ended up tearing the water skin on a crystal. To make matters worse, the fuel for their alcohol lamp was running low.

Things weren't going well back aboard the ship either. It seems that some of the barrels that held the crews drinking water were damaged. There would be a search for a supply of fresh water or something else drinkable on shore.
When the exploration party didn't return in time, the crew got worried. Arrangements were made to send a search party into the caves. They'd be sure to mark where they've been, and would be given plenty of lamp fuel.

>Rolling for finding the way out of the cave, search party going in to get them, seeing if the weather turns rainy (for water), finding a steady supply of something drinkable, and setting out the fishing nets.

>Not much food was packed since they could just cast large nets into the water to catch fish.

>> No.23917997

Also, where would this cave be located, any ideas for what sort of crystals these might be? Beryl? Corundum? Quartz? Something else?

>> No.23920160
File: 56 KB, 640x480, lostinthecave.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was about to self-judge, but I'd rather see what Onol can come up with for this.

>> No.23920213

the coastal villages seem to legitamtly have less then the other villages, but a little more then what they claimed. The excess was taken with no fight, but some hard feelings. The Upriver regions quickly fell into line at the audit, and payed their dues. The flying things from the west were cause for concern and fear for protection. The enclave forts are of a design unfamiliar to the Gwiliak and while it is understood they are made of stone, and built with junctions and connectors, how is a bit of a mystery. Perhaps their "visitors" have further information. The motivation of the enclave "intruders" is apparent. They are seeking assistance and landed within Gwiliak territory instead of just outside. They wish to know how to utilize swamp resources, and to study their teaching methods. An exchange of knowledge has been authorized. They also wish to trade. The powered gliders are badly damaged, but are clearly lifting bodies that operate much like a kite, and it's shape could be easily replicated. Their power source is foreign to the engineers and would require outside explanation, particularly in it's destroyed state. A few of the Vindra farm inlets and outlets are discovered to be good locations for silk refinement. The port is rebuilt, made with very similar materials to the tribe's armor. sturdier and better now, trade will be improved. With proper protection a few large gas pockets are found, particularly near skulcrow territory around the old enclave forts. The Kaduk children are somewhat mischievous and disobedient as young are prone to be, often disregarding the importance of a solid education.

>> No.23920325

Improved steel has been made, clearly more holy and sacred then before, at least by 60%. Praise. Magnetic rods are a bit hard to figure out in such a small diameter. Metal gas canisters were not too difficult, and while heavier, can hold a higher pressure then their Gwiliak counterparts. Using traded Gwiliak valves, piping, and waterwheels, pressure is slowly fed into the cylinders, it is a slow process.
My lore hard on is at full capacity. You have done well.
The skulks seem to be naturally adept at foraging for plants, and plant based food is quickly found in obvious places. As roots and tubers, berries and fruits, and edible grasses that were previously mistaken for weeds. Food is all around the tribe, just not as they are used to seeing it. The skulks seem pleased with the worship of Zures, and perhaps more so, guaranteed protection. Their loyalty is assured. Bureaucrats do as bureaucrats do, plot, lie and back stab. In this case upon even themselves. The creation of the Bureaucracy has been caught up in none other then Bureaucratic red tape due to the five trying to dick one another to see who can come out on top as de-facto leader. With a lack of security or upkept roads people are leery of migration.
I will wait for onol.

>> No.23920755

The lem explain that contact was made one before with the Mohu'awane, and lem have long memories. Questions about old times are replyed with the lem's own recollections. "We were interpreted as a threat, and left on less then quality terms. The interaction must be repeated, but will be explained in detail this time, once your leader is available. Prior lack of knowledge to local customs has led to an undesired outcome." The various lems explain things about themselves and their culture. Flight is explained that there is no magic, only knowledge, and it is better. To that they make a small paper airplane and toss it. It flies.

The lem again explain what they are, their principals, and that to hide what they are capable of is to be disrespectful, but not to intimidate. Firing off their weapons at distant targets their own capability is demonstrated, a formal apology is made that they cannot display feats of physical capability due to the heat. It makes them weak compared to normal.

When the leader questions them the response is simple "The knowledge is offered freely. We seek trade but it is not conditional to the offer." Basic metal working knowledge is imparted by example. Stacking various sheets of metal, then layering or twisting, how to attach and create an under harness for armor. what makes strong metal during smelting, what to look for, and how to heat and quench properly. By the time the night had claimed the day the lesson was nearing it's close.

"The Govkars of the Gwiliak have knowledge of non ferrous construction that would be of benefit to your frames. Lighter weight for higher mobility and reduced fatigue. They may be persuaded to manufacture armor, or exchange knowledge" Parts of the smaller creature's language were lost on the leader, but the map was not. It detailed the location of the remaining enclave fort, and the edge of gwiliak territory.

>> No.23921129
File: 9 KB, 275x274, 1354194720099.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Our visit is concluded but a final matter. We must make one other offer. The enclave is not an unfair community to be part of. Members gain much, and loose little, but what is lost could be called important. Consider the implications when we offer this.

To share, knowledge, resource, culture, manpower, protection and offensive capability.

All our knowledge, resources, and military capability will be offered, your people the freedom to live in our cities, and room to be made for them, in turn we request the same of you, as well as a mixed force garrison of troops within your region, the bulk to include your own people."

After letting that settle in the Lem spoke again.

"Immediate reply is not expected. A delegation of your choosing may accompany us for further investigation of our claims."

>> No.23921596
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Bump before bed

>> No.23922344

Rolled 19, 17, 11, 14, 10 = 71


(Self gm the roll of 10 for gift envoy. The Envoy manages to reach the Falls, but they fell under numerous attacks of bandits, and lost some of their cargo.)

The council is content with the results of the investigation, though the concern of the underlying loyalties and the overall development of the border regions. In the western upriver regions, there is lawlessness and slight insubordination every now and then, whereas the coastal villages are noticeably poorer and less developed than the other regions.

The Council decides to focus a portion of the pooled tithes into developing better infrastructure to the coast, so that the people there could eventually reach the same standards as the rest of the Gwiliak. The great port project receives some extra resources due to this.

Upriver, the council authorizes House Daki to send their enforcers there, to uphold law, and keep dissenting tribes in line by reminding them of the reason they joined the Gwiliak in the first place; protection.

House Jun starts to construct their new automated silk looms, with the assistance of house Niru engineers. They hope that the output of these new facilities will allow them to export even more silk.

The captive enclave members are further interrogated, as some of the more cautious members of House Daki are not yet ready to accept their tale. Members of house Niru however, are willing to return them to the enclave forces operating in one of the forts, if they are willing to part with some insight into how the forts are constructed.

The gas excavation team of House Nar prepares to start harvesting the new gas pockets. They try to use the expertise of house Macia's gohrok tamers to recruit some of the local gohroks as work force.

Rolling for: (5 rolls)
Developing better infrastructure at the coastal regions.
Sending house Daki's enforcers upriver to uphold law.
Constructing the new silk facilities.
Further interrogating the captive enclave forces.
Harvesting swamp gas.

>> No.23922948

The coastal region's soon gain a much needed boost to their own capabilities. Fisheries and improved waterways crop up, as well as simple shipyards. The port project expands into a small community of laborers and fishers. House Daki's enforcers quickly put down the lawless bandits in the region, an individual enforcer reminding them "I AM THE LAW". The punishment was hard labor at the coastal villages, to repay for their crimes, and to show them how much worse others have it without resorting to thievery. The new silk facilities are modest, but being to crank out ngung silk fabric quickly enough. With a bit of tweaking and refinement they will be excellent. The local Ghoroks are only good for imprecise labor, and manage to knock over siphon pipe.

The captive lem are of an older mentality and fail to grasp the hostility, for them the skulcrow war was nearly yesterday and they had just fought side by side against the monstrosities with the gwiliak. To the gwiliak five generations or more have passed. With that said they are very cooperative. After being shown the sate of the forts the Lems explain they are salvageable, to a point that with some resources and time can be brought back to operation. They are willing to share knowledge, and repair the three forts in exchange for tutelage on gwiliak construction/ armor construction methodology.

>> No.23923167


The Council is pleased with the development of the Coastal regions, and the results that the Enforcers had in the upriver regions.
Now that the tithe issue was handled, they could focus more on other matters, however, there still lingers the concern of the loyalties of the outlying villages and tribes. The council decides, that a cultural unification is the only way to ensure the future unity and common good of all the marsh dwelling govkar tribes.
A plan to revise and improve the schooling methods used in the Central Gwiliak territories, and to introduce them to the outlying regions is set in motion. Ultimately, the council hopes that they could instill cultural unity to the children of all the villages, trough their education. Best teachers and tutors of all the Great families are gathered, to develop the new teaching methods.

House Nufa and house Macia are both quite pleased with the success of the port project, and they hope that it will bring increased trade opportunities with the Silith. Some of the fishers have also brought forth the idea of making larger ships, so that they could fish on deeper waters for increased bounty. This idea intrigues house Nufa, and the funds for this project have been allocated for it.

House Jun is content with the new silk facilities, though they do continue to slightly improve them, without seriously hampering the output of the silk. In time, these minor improvements will hopefully have a great effect.

House Nar excavators try to put the Gohork in better use, by making them carry stuff, and lift heavy equipment, while they themselves continue to work on the gas extraction process. The gas is important to Gwiliak, as it can be both traded, and also used as fuel.
Some of the House Nar researchers continue their studies on the wrecked enclave flying machines. The metallic engine is of particular interest for them, and they try to seek audience with the captive enclave members, to better understand them.

>> No.23923175

Rolled 5, 5, 18, 3, 8, 4 = 43

As for the enclave captives themselves, the Gwiliak are willing to agree to with their terms. They will instruct the enclave members on how they treat silk with azrach sap to harden it, how they weave their basket huts, and some information on their education methods. They will, however, be very adamant about the keeping the exact details of how they maintain their equipment, and many other aspects of their knowledge of the marshes a secret, as they wish to keep their homeland advantage over the outsiders.
In exchange, they expect to learn how to make forts, and how to maintain them.
They hope that with the knowledge of the forts, they can further increase the security of their homeland, and protect their borders even better.
Meanwhile, the Kaduk continue to train and prepare the young witch born for their potential future as one of the Kaduk.
This will take years however, and in these times of peace, the Kaduk often send out pairs of veteran and young warriors, so that the young ones might learn from the veterans in the field. These pairs will often wander the lands, offer their wisdom and aid to those in need, learn new tales and skills that can be recorded in the memorial walls of the Kaduk, and meditate on the nature of the world and the places they visit.

Rolling for: (6 rolls)
Developing new teaching strategies for cultural unification.
Developing larger fishing boats for the coast.
Improving the silk facilities.
Continued gas extraction project.
Studying the flying contraption.
>Kaduk roll:
Continued training of the youngsters.

>> No.23923298

Initial attempts at unifiying cultures are met with resistance due to tribal loyalties and an inability to see future benefit from such an action, despite existing gains. Larger boats built with existing methods simply crumble in rougher waves, lacking the support for the harsher waters. The broken hulks wash ashore. The silk facilities are streamlined, Slow moving nets constantly feed in and out of them in a circular fashion, and it is there ngungs make their homes. The webs are automatically pulled off the net, and the ngungs just keep moving forward with their lives. Again, attempts to get Ghoroks to operate outside their capabilities results in failures, particularly Ghorok foreman and his subordinates. Angrily snapping at the hissing gas coming out of a pipe he accidentally caused an ignition that blew him and the other ghoroks to pieces. The flying device is not bad, but offers no significant improvement over their own domesticated ribboners, and the complex machine at its core is too destroyed to figure out anything other then that it is metal. The Kaduk encounter frustrated youth, they do not want to journey, but play with their own kind. The hardest lesson they have to learn is that they do not have "an own kind" being born with the marks they have would get them exiled or worse had the kaduk not taken them. Few communities are tolerant of their kind, and even the kaduk themselves are shrouded in mystery from their own apprentices. Life is not always fair young ones. Some run away and are lost to the swamps, while others attempt to futilely fight with their mentors.

The Enclave makes good on their agreement, and within a few days a large workforce is already on site at the forts repairing and doing basic maintainenace, in conjunction with the local Gwiliak and their Ghorok. Upkeep of the "expedited defensive fortification" is explained in detail, it was there Gwiliak engineers decided they could potentially improve upon the existing structure.

>> No.23923342

Rolled 15, 19, 11, 9 = 54

within a few weeks of tireless work the forts are now at a point where they are no longer on the verge of collapsing. The enclave engineers have taken particular interest in the equipment the guards use, even managing to get them to give a demonstration a few times on how it works. It is pointed out that a very simple modification to induce spin on the projectile could allow them to effectively arc their disks around objects at range, denying cover to an adversary. At the same time there are marked similarities between the Za'siel construction methods and Gwiliak. Samples of Za'siel weapons are brought before the Gwiliak for mutual study.

Meanwhile the techniques of youth education are put into practice and attempts to hybridize them with existing military education are underway. This would result in a better future generation of workers and citizens. The road to Black is continues to be developed.

Back at base the pulse jets continue to be refined to where there is at least some magin of safety to them. The lack of dependable turbine engines forced an early adoption of these unproven devices which has lead to a loss of skilled junior smiths as well as a veteran scout team. A majority of the remaining first generation turbines are stripped off the scout gliders and put into storage for future use and upkeep.

rolling for: gwiliak fortress improvements, spin inducing mechanism, youth schooling/ training, pulse jet refinement

>> No.23924193


(i'll do what i can but i'm not home atm)

Strong punch and the youngster had something else to think about than being scared of closed spaces. After that only choice they had was to follow the air currents and hope that they would lead them out. They only had tiny amount of fuel left when they found something unusual. They found two crystals that even in darkness brought light to their surroundings. They grabbed these crystals for light and soon after that they met search party. Afterwards they tried to look for more crystals like those two but without success.

When they got out of the caverns it was raining. Those left behind had fixed containers and collected enough water to fill them to the brim. Collecting rainwater was as stable source of something drinkable as they could find in this unknown land. Nets were plenty with fish and all this meant that they now had food, water and strange crystals that saved them that day.

>> No.23924800

Rolled 7, 4, 1, 1, 12 = 25


You know, I didn't know Elder Damantrix had it in him; the gas canisters work! And pressurized to boot, although it's certainly not the kind of gas I'd want to be near. Damantrix merely mentioned that "all good things need to start somewhere" upon hearing my views and wandered off. Elders truly operate on a different level than us commoners, last I saw he was overseeing a few holy smelting events, although he was inspecting the *vapors* coming from the joining, rather than the joining itself, and was reportedly ordering blocks of marble and limestone for his own personal use...

Joriah seemed all over the place today. Apparently the magnets didn't work as he had hoped, although it didn't hurt his hopes for the miniaturization, "we didn't discover metal in a day" he told me, which is certainly true. Still, I wonder what he intends to do with these magnetic strips. The recent breakthrough with steel improvement certainly improved his spirits however. Steel that's not only immune to rust, but immune to magnets while seeing an increase in strength is certainly an improvement, the Spirits must be on our side.

In more recent news, there has been edicts by the Sild and the Council at-large concerning urban revitalization. Apparently Muskato and her surrounding provinces aren't good enough as-is. Hmph, we'll see what the end result of all these masons and craftsmen is.

Roll for:

- Inert gas discovery
- Magnetic Strips
- Development of Muskato
- Development of surrounding provinces
- Random event get!

>> No.23926444

bumb, where is everyone?

>> No.23927285

I was sleeping actually. Didn't get any last night.

>> No.23928709

Rolled 6, 8 = 14


Gonna post a short update.

The Council continues it's efforts to culturally unify the denizens of the marshes. They try a subtle approach, offering benefits to those tribes who adopt the civilized Gwiliak culture, while continuing to introduce cultural loyalties to the teaching they conduct in their territories. The Council has decided to make basic education for all young mandatory, for the common good, and this way, they can ensure that the cultural unification will occur, eventually.
At the port, the ship builders have hired some engineers from house Niru to investigate the reasons why their large boats failed. They hope that they could improve on the failures in their next attempts.

Rolling for:
Continued cultural unification.
Larger boats.

>> No.23930793

Why so silent?

>> No.23930840

I'll be posting sooner or later

>> No.23931799

I have bronze and nad. So where are the rest of you guys? Not feelin it? Are you not entertained? Im trying hard to pace it so people are getting even attention, but this for me is the problem i always face. I have very active players and less active players, compounded with some people choosing to self gm. Is there something you folks would like better of me? I see this as a direct cause to why some tribes are very developed and some are less so. This is ok to me, i just dont want a repeat of the past.

>> No.23931873

I'm fine, I've just been busy with schoolwork, is all.

>> No.23932124

I'm busy, sad, and wishing I had more engaging stuff to do with the GLORIOUS KINGDOM OF THE VALLEY AND CARCIN. Some neigbouring nations to deal with would be nice. You know, trade deals, crises, skirmishes, economic warfare.

>> No.23933859
File: 9 KB, 493x318, Scared Joorod.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When the search party went into the cave, they were surprised to see that the exploration team was almost the the exit already.
The water they had would get them by for a while, but not for the whole return trip.

>To be honest, glowing crystals was the sort of thing I was hoping not to get. That can be figured out later.

Nongent, could I get coordinates for the cave's location? Has to be nice and far from known civilization.

>> No.23934072

Rolled 15, 12, 11, 8 = 46

Mindful of the bickering of his top advisers, Doso decides against putting one of them in charge of the Carcin Bureaucracy. Perhaps a leader from the Govkars might have suitable skills? Or perhaps a joord, since the few joord that come through the Valley seem to know how to handle organization well enough. But probably a govkar from Carcin really. Might need to keep the Skulks in loop also, despite however magical and witch-like they may be. Speaking of which, perhaps a few could be brought up to the Valley, to show the farmers how to grow these new foods?

With the food crisis on its way to being resolved, it's time to get back to building the Grand Temple in Nulan. This time, Doso wants it to have a shrine to the Kings Passed, who must surely now be the greatest spirits among the ancestors. A single shrine for all of them would hardly be out of place next to the gods. The High Priests are wary of the idea, but aquiesce to their King. He is after all the Chosen of the Gods is he not? Manifest Will of the Ancestors? Of course he is, so he must be speaking with their authority here.

The Tonaika seem to be taking their newly adventureous duties a bit too far, abandoning old patterns of patrol along the main roads from Vlamos. Unacceptable! A full fifth of the Tonaika are to be recalled, to guard the roads and assist poor and unfortunate villages with "migration" to Vlamos. For Kulamot* of course.

*Do you understand the term Kulamot NG? It's suppossed to mean "for great prosperity and progress/the King" It's a phrase that has been developed over the two kings preceding Doso and it is slowly being ground into the fabric of society as a valid reason for the actions of Kingdom. Sort of like Divine Right to rule but with more practical reasoning

rolling for
Carcin Chief Bureaucrat
Farming new crops
Grand Temple of Nulan
Tonaika recall

>> No.23936305

Rolled 3, 18 = 21

Three shall accompany these strangers, tourists to the Enclave. A shaman, a warrior, and the village chief's son. They shall be witness to see if the stranger's promise holds true.

The news of the event spreads throughout the territory, reaching the capital of Mohu'awane. There the chief of chiefs, the Big Kahuna, hears news of these visitors. She is privy to the memories of old, the tale handed down by her predecessors. She knows of the foreigners who came professing peace but dressed for war. She would have to handle this carefully.

Meanwhile, the application of the lem's techniques prove useful, and the armour is quickly put to good use. Soon a working set of armour is produced. Now to test it. An armoured warrior goes toe to toe with the most delicious of prey beasts, the giant ramel. Let's see if all that hard work of armoursmithing was worth it.

Trading with the Silith and the Ca'rethill continues. Some minor trading is sought with the Gwiliak, but given their isolationist tendencies, this might not amount to much. Still, never know until you try. The Gantu will try and make friends of even the sourest bunch. Seriously, if they could hug a Creulb, they would.

> Rolling for:
1. the armour's effectiveness
2. diplomatic relations with the Gwiliak

>> No.23936913

The warrior goes face to face with the beast, and the two battle. After some blows, it seems like the armor is suffering more than the warrior; dents easily form, and the design turns out to be very unergonomic and limits movement. The warrior ditches the armor and uses the new martial arts (got a name for it yet?) against the giant Ramel, and barely succeeds in killing the creature. The warrior then relays his findings to the researchers, covered in cuts and bruises. Ouch.
In the meantime, the Gwiliak diplomats and the Mohu'awane diplomats arrange a sort of cultural exchange fair in Gwiliak lands, and the Mohu'awane brings their wide array of culinary delicacy and dances. It turns out to be a big hit in Gwiliak lands! Demands for Giant Ramel and Coastal Govnik meat increase, and some Gwiliak are interested in the martial arts of the Mohu'awane.
(This also counts as an event for the Gwiliak)

>> No.23937429

Well, just woke up right now. Where are the new guys at? More new tribes and factions are always welcome!

The Carcin chief bureaucrat is chosen from the lot, one with the most charisma and integrity. The populace like him, and he plans ahead, but the other four head bureaucrat (currently serving under him) are less so. This may create friction inside the bureaucracy in the future.
New crops are tried, most of them grow well but a sixth of them aren't as nutritious, or were disliked by the superstitious populace.
The Grand Temple's construction goes well, but it could be built faster if most of the workforce is not away migrating to Carcin or planting new crops.
Of the Tonaika, two thirds of them return and guard the road, but currently a third are either still unreachable, or is too far from the roads to go back. These guys sure have wanderlust.

>> No.23937707

hey IG, ill let you take the reigns on this round. Notrip is looking for a location to his crystal cave, and the only cavat is that it be somewhere on the coast, a distance from his main settlement.

also in the land of people who fight for money and aircraft that are jet powered your presence is requested

>> No.23938802
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Bump before bed

>> No.23939316

the donated forts are restored and improved, with sealant and drainage to keep them from flooding for a while. An attachment to existing Gwiliak disc launchers is made, and allows for arcing of disks around corners, time will tell if there are customers for such a thing. The youth project is moderatly successful, but a lack of knowledge about the project existing slows it's efforts. The pulse jet is brought into an acceptable level of safety, no longer spontaneously exploding with regularity.
The gas discovered is inert enough, but quite toxic (carbon monoxide). Attempts to improve magnetic strips continue to meet with problems. Now the right shape, the magnets are too weak for the desire results.

A great project to provide light at night, and heating indoors will be spread throughout the silith empire. Miles and miles of gas lines are laid, and even reinforced with holy steel and blessed neodymium. This project was the apex of it's time, however they only knew the results of what would happen and not the mechanisms behind it. For months the people knew the good life, but one night it all ended with a catastrophic chain reaction. A single house fire set the entire gas distribution network into a conflagration, spreading to all regions. The amount of lives lost had not been recorded since before a time of writing, and the network was reduced to twisted scrap.

In this bleak moment the people had no choice but to press on and rebuild. A focus on safety would be mandated on future projects.

The explosion was felt across the northern part of the continent, and drew much attention, drawing in new blood to the society, as well as opening up new opportunities for individuals to rise to the top and fill voids that in past times they would have never had a chance for. It was a time of great upheaval.

The explosion blew open a network of crystalline caverns. around the Silith territory.

>> No.23939363

By reaching to the younger generation the council has assured a unified people, not within these immediate generations, but now more slowly and assuredly. Children spend a portion of their day at the educational centers.

The wrecked boat hulks are examined, and it becomes apparent that the larger an object becomes the more reinforced it's base components must be to withstand the forces it exerts on itself, let alone the pounding of the waves. the next boating attempt will turn out better form this knowledge.
c6, 9 across, 10 down.

>> No.23939553

The three who would become tourists of the enclave emarked on a journey that would change their lives, and potentially the fate of their own tribe. They would be gone for years, unable to forget what they saw.

The journey by foot back to the enclave compound situation in the cave network of the Za'siel provided little the seasoned gantu had not seen before. The strange manners of the lem gave way to an honest appreciation for the hunt that the large warriors could relate to. That the lem did not rest was unsettling, but it became an beneficial fact as they entered the marshes and unprotected sleep would guarantee death. Though the bog they saw more then the occasional Govkar tribal peering curiously at the entourage, occasionally stopping to trade trinkets of metal, small daggers, bones and chitin plates from kills, for safe passage food or information.

Arriving at the Skulk caverns was forewarned but not what they expected. It was for lack of a better word, busy. Individuals of many races were in motion, moving boxes, excavating, building. There were a lot of Joorod traders here. The Za'siel matron made a moment to introduce herself. There was something a little off about these skulks compared to their own back home. Sort of quiet. It was here the travelers were outfitted with thick furs and bindings to keep them warm, and their weapons oiled and sharpened. In the morning they would begin their trek to black ice.

In the morning they were accompanied by a small contingent of Joorod and Frowg. The skulk did not journey with them as cold will eventually kill them, but offered blessings and provisions. They new companions to be better conversationalists then the lem, who explained the best they could their own feelings about the enclave and the world and would openly joke and laugh. It was a nice change of pace despite the increasingly bitter temperatures. The path to black ice was partially completed, but soon gave way to unfinished terrain.

>> No.23939627

There were a few attacks by opportunistic noord bandits, but were quickly driven off by the ranged weaponry, sounding with thunder and fury. The soldiers did their best to explain how they worked, in the end they settled for saying it was like throwing a little arrow as fast as you could. However arrows do not explode on impact.

The lem would occasionally disappear into the snowstorm, leaving weapons behind to hunt with tooth and claw. Apparently they do laugh. It was not something they cared to hear again. The frog told stories of ancient, half forgotten, times, back when there were monsters in the tundra from where they were from. It was not a far stretch draw certain comparisons.
Eventually they arrived at black ice, the wrecked ship was nowhere to be found, just an endlessly long wall of metal that they called a settlement. The realization that this thing...this large thing was the ship was a bit much to take in, let alone that it had somehow become stuck here.
((its getting a bit late for me, so ill leave it here, feel free to pick it up. The long and short of it is that the Gantu are to be escorted to an airship, then to a proper floating warship taken to the Keshan bay near their city, and then through the Enclave lands. Shown the city, and taken south to see a taste of the Nad'lun way of life. The central continent would be bypassed as the enclave has nothing there save the northern most island, which is a stopover to the eastern continent. The Tl/DR is that the travelers would see everything, the good and the bad, the beautiful and ugly, they would see the interactions with their neighbors. The fact that the enclave is trying to do something grand, but also that you loose parts of yourself to it. That even the criminal organizations act in a slightly militarized fashion. all your meta knowledge of would be applied to these gantu. Their final portion of the trip would be to see the Vyrii war, both the conflict, and the toll it takes))

>> No.23939649

((for the gantu to see and judge for themselves if practicality, or compassion will win a war, and what you have to give up to win. Can a person endure after that, and can they deal with the knowledge that the lem patiently waited for a generation to die off before they reproached the Gantu. Was there anything even wrong with that, do we not let arguments cool off sometimes? That is the experience your "tourists" will have, and there is a strong chance it may change them.))
A violent rumble was felt during morning breakfast, and the clouds took a shape never before seen above far away lands. It warranted investigation. ((see solomon's results))

>> No.23941065


>> No.23942524


>two nat 1s on development and a "positive" random event.
>Fiery holocaust that decimates the population and reduces our infrastructure to smoke and ashes.


>> No.23942813

I guess the fireball is the result of the 1s.
The positive random event would be the crystals, I assume they are varied. Perhaps it is a boon?

>> No.23943873

Rolled 19, 15, 20, 16, 17 = 87


Seems a little extreme for some nat 1s, but whatever.


What hubris had we, before the ground beneath us quaked and belched forth fire.

It has been said that fire was what drove our people to abandon their old lives deep in the southern jungles, perhaps this shall mark the fiery rebirth of something new? It must be, for the damage to our people has been great; Muskato burned for days, our leader amongst the first slain. Who will take up the mantle of the Iron Crown now? Those that remain look to me as their new leader; a leader of dust and bones, but a leader nonetheless. As I take up the title of Sild I shall bring back stability and prosperity to my people, to our new Dominion. We shall rebuild, pick up our old projects, and become all the stronger for it.

Even in tragedy one can find progress. The explosions that rattled our lands revealed a subterranean world bristling with mineral wealth; I have sent a considerable portion of the military to guard these openings while teams of prospectors plume the depths for what riches lay beneath.

Roll for:

- Reconstruction (Muskato)
- Reconstruction (surrounding territories)
- Strengthening the magnetic strips
- Exploration of the Crystalline caves
- Discovered mineral wealth of the Caves.

>> No.23944037

I think you are reading a little too hard into the result. the result is this that your tribe created a great interconnected natural gas distribution system. That entire system is destroyed, and many, many homes have suffered damage, some have been outright destroyed. A lot of people did did. The country is not reduced to the stone age, the only major loss was the gas distribution network which you did not have prior to that post. It is more of an RP opportunity to shuffle things around. As for the crystal caverns, please do not dismiss the journey laid out ahead of you. I don't think i have ever really shit on a player.

>> No.23944607


No hard feelings, seeing it as a perfect opportunity to develop the Silith culture into something more. Elder Joriah becoming the Sild, for example.

Also I'm quite interested in seeing what will happen with the Crystal Caves; it doesn't seem like the same system found in South...

... Speaking of crystals, what kind are they?

>> No.23944627

Govkar are a resiliant race, an existance of trails has left them hardy, able to breed quicky to overcome problems with numbers. For long the people of Muskato have fallen out of that practice, but it is a welcomed fact that they are still able to recover so. Thanks to strong black stone buildings many structures actually only took superficial damage, and were quickly repaired to a livable condition. The debris of the gas system were collected, metal and magnets put in great piles for "recycling". They knew a bit more then before, and could possibly do this better. A city that is never dark, a flame that burns through the night.

The surrounding territories ended up cannibalizing what was left of the magnetic pipelines for their own ends. The black stone buildings now incorporated bits of shining metal that showed the scars of their healing.

(( read up on this, it will benefit your plans that you can explain in your lore what happens, plus, pretty cool: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnet http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rare-earth_magnet ))
The magnetic strips are improved vastly. In the wake of the disaster new ideas, techniques, and methods emerge. A very precise mixture of elements is combined, forged at a very precise temperature, and then treated to exacting standards, now considered near holy and guarded closely. tl/dr: Industrial grade magnets in strip form, and knowledge to push forward.

The crystalline caves are explored slowly and methodically, leaving markers. They go on for miles, and the crystal is dense. The crystals are apparently come in several varieties. Some emit light, while others change light into rainbows. Some of the crystals are softer and cloudy, or even have a metallic sheen.

>> No.23945138

Wait, so they actually see the Vyrii War, the constant fighting. Dang.

Dang, that's got to be the best set of rolls I've ever seen.

>> No.23945374

That's the wrong direction. I was exploring to the west. Jungle and Islands area.

>> No.23945419

give me an idea of where you are by your own coordinates, roughly. The long and short of it is that in the meta, your tribe has discovered the same crystaline network that solomon's tribe has. It is a valuable resource.

>> No.23945518

Somewhere in the general area of E2 would be my expectation.

>> No.23946467

Rolled 18, 10, 17, 13 = 58


The Iron Crown that sits upon my brow is heavier than it has any right to be; is the spirit of Polyandos critical of my efforts, or proud? As it stands our people have shown a remarkable ability to withstand hardships; Muskato is largely back to how it was, although scars of the catastrophe still linger here and there in the outlier colonies.

Our Neodymium based magnetic strips have come to fruition; powerful and lightweight, we'll need to work out a few kinks with them before they can be put to proper use. Efforts are being made to make Magnetic anisotropy brought upon by shape manifest itself within the magnets. Simply put, one side of the strip is magnetic while the other side's not. It'll take some coaxing of the eldritch spirits that inhabit magnetic materials, but I believe it will be possible with a bit of faith and effort.

Beyond metals, we have revived the efforts to discover a better form of inert gas for pressurization. The gasses the late Elder Damantrix discovered are toxic, but there certainly must be others.

The prospectors have returned with news on the crystalline caves, and the reports are good. Vast tunnels of precious stones with properties both familiar and new to use have become available. Some destroy light into colors, while others emit a light all their own. What sort of spirits inhabit these materials? Could they be linked to the Suns? Mining of the crystals have been ordered immediately.

Roll for:

- Magnetically anisotropic materials (Uni-directional magnets.)
- Carbon Dioxide Gas discovery/production
- Mining of the Crystalline Caves
- Discovered properties of crystals

>> No.23947075

But lo! Look upon the North and see how the Blackcrests struggle to make the land safe for the settlers from the south! See the grandeur, the scale of what the Army of the Black Ramel does! Thousands of people working to destroy an immense threat to the rest of the world. New inventions everyday, all so that we can live in peace one day!

Do not fear Giant-Blade-Faces. We shall be victorious here, and you shall enjoy the fruits of the peace we make.

>> No.23947946

Bump for Kulamot

>> No.23948440

It seems that Onol had wanted those two glowing crystals to be unique items, just to pass the message.

>> No.23951880
File: 2.21 MB, 2810x3024, best map.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23951963

Strange clouds warrant investigation! Or at least, that of a few Abotanoz, maybe a Tonaika or two to guard them. And maybe one of those joord fellows, they seem to know more foriegn tounges than anyone else.

The small band sets off from Vlamos and heads southeast, following the land till they can go north to where the clouds came from. Perhaps it is the seat of the gods taht the clouds came from? They might just find out.

>> No.23951976

Rolled 2, 11, 6, 10 = 29

To help integrate the new crops into the Riklun and Carcin cultures, the Royal Bureaucracy comes up with an ingenious solution that will also take care of the excess livestock taking up good farming land for the crops: A festival! Live stock will be slaughtered by the hundreds, and new dishes made from the new crops will be presented alongside huge platters of meat, and jugs of the preciously seen wine! It's brilliant, so the bureuacrats say.

Ota Doso sits heavily in his throne. These first few years of his reign have been draining. His grandfather conquered and his father purged, but Doso? He is stuck with holding together not one, but two empty nations, devestated by war. And beyond his lands is little immediate help, only the jungles ((are there no npc nations neigboring me?)). Perhaps skulks live amidst the more secreted parts of the New Outlands, but they are nothing to build a nation upon. And above all this stress, Doso is alone. He is the Chosen of the Gods, Manifest Will of the Ancestors, and Sole King of the Valley and Carcin. Yet he there is no one like him, no one his equal. He speaks and is listened to, and of course obeyed, but he is not HEARD. He longs for someone to be his... friend? Perhaps. The most he has is the kindly old High Priest, Iual. He cannot stand it anymore. Doso comissions a grand fleet (grand for his empty empire that is) to make contact with all the peoples of the world, he prolcaims. They shall come to the doors of the Royal Palace, and they will beg his wisdom. And perhaps he might finally find an equal.

Rolling for
Temple in Nulan
Building the Grand Fleet
Expedition progress
Festival (gib name plz)

>> No.23952857

Continued studies into magnetic characteristics yield new capabilities and understandings allowing for magnets with strange new behaviors, clearly beneficial in the future. The search for a less toxic gas is still unfruitful. The crystalline caves are a good source of hard but brittle metals once extracted and melted down. The glowing crystals immediately stop glowing upon being broken from the walls, odd. ((sorry, this was done to keep onol's crystals unique)) The crystals themselves exhibit weak magnetic potential.
and so the endless wave of ta'mirel, keshan, capital, and even syndicate forces facepalm and keep on fighting. glorious!
Along their way they encounter a joorod leaning against a black merchant cart. "Good day, may I interest you in exciting new products?"
A mountain can exist as a solid slab of rock, or a great pile of pebbles. However the rock will endure when the pebbles scatter and fall. So to was this the case of the grand temple in nulan. Magnificent in scale, but lacking a solid foundation or architecture, its resplendent glory was known for all of a week and a day before it collapsed and crushed those inside. Every story must start with a begining, and so Ota Doso's fleet begins with a single large keel, big enough to house the king and a crew of 300. The expedition was halted during a chance encounter with skulcrows, the beasts were mindless as always, but seemed to act different, with more cunning? impossibru. Still they were forced to retreat into the jungle, and eventually into a clearing where they ran across an odd merchant. see above.
The grand festival was a bit quiet. People gorged until they could eat no more, and then slept, woke up and repeated the process. One thing that would be discovered later was that the people would find themselves with children. Clearly a grand way to repopulate the nation.

>> No.23953037

Good job so far. So this is an evolving game, in addition to being about evolution. I'd like to take this moment to talk about story and technological process.

I am more likely to reward and even be able to tell a better story, if you tell me how it is you are attempting to achieve a specific goal. What the process is. I am using Solomon because it is an immediate example, not because i am picking on him.

So i know he is going for carbon dioxide, i do not know what measures his little minions are taking to achieve this end. Tell me.

With this i can better offer input to anyone, and hopefully create a better experience.
On technology: Any tribe is welcomed to try and move into the territory of another when it comes to R&D, but keep in mind when you start trying to duplicate the efforts of another nation that has been doing it for a few hundred to thousand years, you are going to be behind the curve. a lot. I look at tribes as component peices and see how they fit into each other. Not that they always will, but in an ideal sense.

In the meta, as the enclave developed in this last session in the west they created effective refrigeration via rapid expansion units from modified turbines. the progress worked enough for me to not want to vomit on my own writing. Here in the east, we have a tribe who has created pressurized containers and another who specializes in gas harvesting.

Sure each tribe could attempt to duplicate that knowledge, but it is a richer and more interesting experience to RP the trade.

Gwiliak harvest gas, the Za'siel would end up liquifiying it, and the Silith would store it. This new product is much greater as the sum of many whole's then one individual tribe's efforts.

I like when players interact, and i know that is not always the desired path each of you have for your tribe. That is fine, but trade exists, and it sort of sucks if you just keep having me make NPC's or sitting in the corner by yourself.

>> No.23953074

At the same time if you want that experience, I am going to do my damnedest to give it to you, to create bar none, an awesome time.
E2, 7 across, five down. with the location picked by you and the specifics by me, there are events in motion. please make rolls and events.

>> No.23954016

What do I do, ng? I can't seem to RP my way out of a paper bag. I can't seem to develop technology in any way that seems fair or sensible. I think I'm hampering myself, and at this rate, I'll never get Gundams like I want (eventually). I don't have this engineer's like knowledge of how shit works, no practical ideas to make shit work. Just handwavium, which isn't what I want to do.

GAAH. Why do I suck at this?!

>> No.23954141

Well, for starters you could go buddy-buddy with the more advanced tech factions. You are currently a cultural giant.

>> No.23954345

I could buddy, but I'd like to become a power on my own. But honestly, at this rate, the damn real world Polynesians weren't as primitive as my Gantu. Grrr. Not trying to throw a pity party or anything.

>> No.23954461

Well, think of it like this: you start out by appropriating Gwiliak tech into your own methods, and create something new entirely. Sorta like how anime started out as the Japanese trying to copy American cartoons, but also by adding their own culture into the mix. Sometimes you gotta try another person's shoes before you can find your own.
Also, them boomers got secretions right? McGuyver your way into making forges by using them? Inspiration comes from anywhere. You can also create a new 'local genius' type character to reason it all in.

>> No.23954502

Huh, actually, that doesn't sound too bad. Thanks IG. I think I'll try that.

>> No.23954669

Rolled 12

Back home, the lessons of the Lem are applied to armour, the results are miles away better than before, able to stand at least two blows from a ramel before denting. Imagine what they'd do against a smaller force (a sword for instance).

In other news, an enterprising young Gantu from the capital notices the way rivers flow, and that, for every trade, the gantu go upstream. If only there was a way to harness the power of the river...

> Rolling for:

>> No.23955084
File: 5 KB, 519x260, skip.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The young unknown has created his prototype...the problem is it has no mechanical drive, but the wheel can freely spin. Pushing it by hands and feet does create forward momentum...sometimes backwards. This is a start. Standing on the front of his little raft he reaches out to destiny.

((a wheel needs motion to tread water. i suspect the next step is to develop some sort of method to drive it. Either all business in the form of ropes and pulleys, and perhaps a pedal. or fun in the form of a wooly boomer held on a harness treading on top of the wheel.

then perhaps rudders as observed from the skulk ships. do not forget you have those, and those and what is left of their knowledge.))

>> No.23958057
File: 292 KB, 1600x1200, Water_Mill[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was meaning like a mill or something, but I suppose after that, this wouldn't be far behind.

>> No.23959997

Maybe the inventor just thought that it was a good idea to build a platform in the middle of the river.

>> No.23961933


>> No.23962249
File: 137 KB, 800x506, Priests_traveling_across_kealakekua_bay_for_first_contact_rituals.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, the skulk had sails, the Gantu developed a sort of seaborne chariot with the Coastal Boomers... Now we add manpower by rowing these water wheels. We have three different methods of sailing.

>> No.23962673
File: 29 KB, 473x337, turning of the water wheel raft.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a picture of the water wheel/circular raft

>> No.23964284
File: 4.66 MB, 1464x1523, Maps for the mapgod.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 12, 7 = 19

(updated map)
(bombard me with things i have forgotten to add)

In the cold north lives a tribe of govkars experienced with hardness of life. Their time with Onolkeshan had been good for them and many were born during this time period. However this was not the promised land they sought and it was time to move on. Onolkeshan ships were ready to take them south in exchance for some of the knowledge Kharum had and for them it was low price to pay. Ships they were going to use were normal trading ships Enclave used to transport goods between colonies and bases around the world. And this is how the exodus continues once again, but this time the tribe would ride the waves in their search for land of peace.

Rolling for how much the tribe grew and sailing south

>> No.23964510

((forgot a little spot near "the husk" called the game trail, a region rich in walking meat, though that could just be too small to include to the "big map" and more a local bit of knowledge.))
The Kharum grew by a half of their original size while staying in the lands of the Keshans, and when it came time to move on, they moved as a whole, leaving behind their knowledge of local explosive materials and craftsmanship. A fair trade for a three good boats, though the lem seemed overly happy for the knowledge. The southern journey was difficult, and the seas were rough. They had no idea other then the quick educaiton they got from the lem on how to use boats. They made little progress, and used much food, soon it would be time to drop net and anchor to see what the sea will provide.

>> No.23964592

The ancient satelite entered the atmosphere, its gyros spinning well past normal operational limits, trying to correct the inevitable. Small portions flaked off, and the AI continued it's upload to the rest of those still in orbit, and would do so until impact.

all tribes roll 1d20. someone is getting a little gift from the heavens.
The Silver tree cult has grown since it's inception , separated from Vlamos by a mountain range, the two were unaware of each other.
All around the great crater the skulcrows have begun to band together into warring troops. Each with conflicting goals, degrees of sentience, and forms, it is only a matter of time before they begin to spill out into the rest of the continent, perhaps not in war this time.

>> No.23964736

Rolled 2

Oh boy, oh boy!

>> No.23964767

The commander of the outpost looked from his office out over the small community cropping up around the cave network. They had managed to supply the mainland with knowledge and bodies, but true resources were still out of reach as they needed them to simply survive. The road to black ice was still under work, taking longer then projected, and a new generation of scout flyer units was still in development. At least the youth were getting an early start on education. He thought back to his own childhood, filled with work and play. He was unsure that this was the way to go, at the same time, his youth had long since passed, and the creases of age were starting to etch themselves into his face.

Scouts reported a volcanic and unstable region known by the locals as the burning mesas, rich in resource. It needed to be exploited, but the heat of the area made it unsuitable for lem, and they were short on bodies still.

New technologies were cropping up from the mainland and desgins were starting to flow in. The stored turbines would be used for these new devices, cooling units.
The Travelers who had first visited the enclave have been gone for over three years, they had met many, made friends and seen a few die, slummed it in the under city, visited the nad'lun of the south, flown in the sky on ships that howled, and seen war on a scale they never dreamed of, saw the dead fed to giant war beasts, and struggled with the morality of enforcing things to operate at peak capacity. If not for the necessary cruelty the beasts would have to be fed food otherwise going to the population, did it matter? Would they have never even gone on this trip these kinds of moral dilemmas would never have had to play out in their heads. It was a cold morning when they were woken up by an elderly frowg commander. "Its time for you to leave, things are about to get worse."

>> No.23964892

The travelers had initially staid outside the fight, observing, but eventually had to join in. They were outfitted in very custom equipment, given the best weapons, and fell into the soldiering lifestyle for a while. Their presence was always celebrated. Komowune lost his horn, and it was replaced with a steel counterpart courtesy of a smith.

Now they were being told it was time to leave, but there was so much left unfinished. "This is not your fight, your land to die in, your blood to freeze on the ice. It is time to go home, to all you left behind. Do not forget what you were before this." They remembered life before all this, simpler times, better times perhaps. All this complication, but their comrades, they would never see again, the people they left behind. They boarded a large flat aircraft from the crestlanders called a "preyben's fist". With a cought of thick black smoke it noisly made it's way into low altitude flight and took off towards the keshan port....

They finally made it back home, "the Fist" touched down outside their home village, and they walked out still clad in their armors, holding their weapons, looking at the mass of people coming to greet them. The fist reved it's engines up to flight power and kicked up sand behind them as it took off. What the fuck had they just been part of?
The Enclave commander directed the Joorod merchants to make contact with the Silith, and Gwiliak, there was profit to be had, as well as trade. A facility would be built on the burning mesas and it needed many bodies, more workers then the "small" enclave outpost had less it loose its own security. Also request was trade, to the Silith a special order for magnetic coating to keep two surfaces from touching, to the Gwiliak a bulk order of valves, tubing, and expedited structures made from local material to support the burning mesa project. Up for trade is metal, stone, and pulse engines, as well as cooling units, and perhaps knowledge itself.

>> No.23964921

rolling for

population increase, engineers work on the early gyro, continued work on the road to black ice, the next generation of scout flyers for the east, continued civic works at home to include child care and education, and expansion of the settlement. and one for the event

>> No.23965185

Rolled 10, 9 = 19


Kharum were skilled hunters but fishing was still something new to them. They will attempt to fish some food but if it doesn't work they must stop to hunt instead.

Rolling for fishing and event

>> No.23965718 [DELETED] 


If the Silith asked the Jorood merchants why they would want this technology, what would they answer?

>> No.23965735


If the Silith asked the Jorood merchants why they would want this technology, how would they answer?

>> No.23965925

two things, the joorod are not getting the technology but the product. The tech cannot be replicated by another faction as it is. They might gain an understanding but the infrastructure, technique and precise knowledge took your tribe so long to get to. Also you seem to hold a monopoly on the resource in the region, as well as knowing what to look for.
"We require it for simple trade and to spin our wheels better by overcoming friction on our sail carts, and barter in far away lands outside your reach for a reasonable markup to compensate for our own difficulties." true enough, the merchant's reach is further then your own.

>> No.23966103

Rolled 15, 2, 11, 20, 9 = 57

Insight into uni-directional magnets has come to fruition. Production has been ordered to begin immediately, and research into applications is underway. I must say, seeing the material at work is truly fascinating; the metals seem to be inhabited by two spirits, neither of which desires to interact with it's doppelganger. Negative attracts positive, but dramatically refuses to combine with negative. The sight of this repelling force has made me ponder if there could be a potential military application...

Once again the search for an inert gas has proven elusive, although recent reports from the colonies may have proven to solve that problem for us. Some settlers have reported noticing large plumes of smoke arising from areas where the natural gas we used for heating comes into contact with water. Perhaps that is the source we've been looking for? Upon hearing of this development, orders to procure Gwiliak gas have been given, along with efforts to make the gas canisters both smaller and more pressurized; existing gas canisters are capable of expelling their contents with almost violent force, it doesn't take a Sild to see the applications such a product could have.

Although it is not my realm of expertise, the reports on how gas reacting with water to produce a desired gas has made me aware of our need for a proper understanding of how non-metallic materials interact with one another. There are more spirits to this world than just metal it appears, why not hear what they have to say?

Roll for:

- Integration of magnetically anisotropic materials into construction applications
- Carbon Dioxide production via methane and water reaction (other elements produced from said reaction include hydrogen and ammonia.)
- Gas canister miniaturization
- Increased gas canister pressurization
- Chemistry!

>> No.23967893

Rolled 17, 7, 6, 8, 19 = 57

The four who were lost in the cave showed the crew the pair of glowing crystals. It was the faint light that they produced which allowed the explorers to find their way out.
With the issue of the leaky barrels, they cannot yet set sail for home. Until supplies are produced, they'll have to stay in the jungle.
Aside from that, there is work for the expedition that has yet to be done.

Rollan for the satellite event, setting up camp near the cave, building and repairing water barrels, cataloging some of the local flora and fauna.

Due to some joking in the IRC, crystals are Red Beryl. Just to make them look like vyrii crystals.

>> No.23968789

Rolled 11, 8, 10, 7 = 36

Doso is now obsessed with bring the strength of his kingdom, its strong central government, to the other nations of the world. He, with the aid of sycophantic advisors, is convinced that his is the greatest, most prosperous way to rule. In the process he can set up trade deals to export excess food and rare materials in return for the goods from other nations, reviving trade in Vlamos, and strengthening the Kingdom as a whole. He even has a word that he now spouts at the end of every speech he gives: Kulamot! For Great Prosperity and Progress! His advisors are using it as well to please him, though the can see the benefits of reviving Vlamos, particularly in positions for themselves.

The priests are tired of waiting, and lend their hands to the rebuilding of the temple. Perhaps this time, with the faithful participating in its construction, it will finally stand tall and proud as a monument to the gods. An old Tonaika in charge of the guards protecting the priests from thieves offers a well recieved idea: Why not make a giant statue of the king atop the temple? Of course! Kulamot!

As the expedition retreats in the jungle, it tries to continue onward, moving closer to the mountains, and up to the foothills where the trees thin. Hopefully now they can make their way more peacable to find the source of the clouds, the possible home of the gods. As they make their way, a few young Tonaika discuss how the skulcrows attacked. They blame the skulks that have been taken under the protection of the king, and think they should turn back to warn their sovreign. The Elder Tonaika leading the expedition chides them, reminding them that the king is MANIFEST WILL OF THE ANCESTORS AND CHOSEN OF THE GODS. HE DOES NOT MAKE MISTAKES. Suitably chided, the two youngbloods bring up the rear of the expedition from then on

rolling for
Building the temple part fifty three: electric boogaloo
Building up the fleet
Expedition progress

>> No.23969344

Great scott, where do I go from here?

>> No.23969365

Rolled 13, 6 = 19

I guess I should give some attention to things back home.
Update from during the timeskips: The frilla sapling that wandered in early Ca'rethill has taken off. It currently stands at about 60 feet in height.

While not eaten, the fruits of azraches are pressed for juice for drinking and brewing alcohol. Seeds tossed aside from pulp waste have been found growing.

Poorer citizens in Ca'rethill are not always able to get a meal of fish or meat, often have to resort to finding vegetation to eat, which is very difficult for Joorods to digest. One particularly desperate vagabond discovered that vindra tubers weren't so bad to eat if enough a species of mold was to grow on them first.

Rolling for beginning agriculture, and domestication of a fairly harmless fungus for making veggies edible.

>> No.23970651

Well, you've seen the causes of why the Tamirel Lem believe in the Endless War, and realized there are bigger threats in the world. How would Big Kahuna react to this? Knowing that there are a whole world of different races, threats, and pleasures outside of the Mohu'awane, or even the East?

>> No.23971669

Perhaps they realize that the world is not such a nice place, but perhaps they can fight for a better world. A world where such war does not happen.

>> No.23971699

There we go, a burgeoning ideology. Now, how can you translate this into technology?

>> No.23972042

ya know there is the beginning of a musical number with that little unintentional rhyme.

>> No.23972768

folks, im feelin pretty fatigued tonight and not much for anything, so bear with me.

The Kharum give a go for their first attempt at fishing, and catch some nuro and odd squid like things, but a lot of the net was filled with carnivorous glubs (spherical piranha like things) There was some meat on these, but not much.
((lemme know specifically what in the construction you want for future rolls like this)) A dynamic mag lift has been created, scaling it to larger sizes is possible. While feeling that they were gathering significant amounts of inert gas, it was actually explosive hydrogen. Thankfully only a few people were killed from this, and it sparked an interest in hydrogen itself. Smaller gas canisters are an easy enough thing to make, they do not hold as much as a larger container would, but a new MASTERY OVER TIME AND SPACE...ahem...a mastery of the knowledge of pressurization leads to significant developments that create much better containers able to hold gas even better by regulating it's temperature with a container within a container supported by small metal posts between the two shells. This controls expansion quite nicely. Attempts into basic chemistry have resulted in fart smelling gasses. much in the science of tom foolery, and pranks has come of this.
The camp is rudimentary to say the most. It is the entrance of the cave and some sleeping rolls. The water barrels seem to be suffering from a rot of some sort, and new ones may have to be made. A great deal of local flora and fauna is cataloged in a comprehensive hand written book that may some day lead to some sort of theory of evolution. Even slight variations between individuals of the same species. Of practical use is that there is a tree that naturally grows as a hollow tube, a fine replacement for the barrels.
The Ca'rethill take well to agriculture and soon are cultivating several types of crops. The fungi works half the time, diarrhea the other half.

>> No.23972864

Rolled 16, 9, 13, 8, 17, 18, 11 = 92

The new temple is not just a temple with a giant statue of the king. nay. it is a giant statue of the king that is also a temple. at night his eyes blaze with fires, symbolic of his divine fury and knowledge. Glorious. The giant king temple is a bit lopsided and lumpy though. It will need to be cleaned up some, less people start thinking the king is deformed. The fleet is taking shape slowly. a grand fleet of large longboats. the expedition becomes a bit lost, the trees start to have a strange silvery veining in them....
write man. put yourself in the shoes of those gantu. they would try to get back to "normal" maybe, maybe not. Also they are wearing ideal armor for a gantu, the method behind it is not known, the weapons are not know, but could be studied, duplicated in part perhaps. also prosthetic nose horn. where does life take these guys now? What of the elder, surely she will want to know what is up. basically man, tell me a story from your perspective, or your characters perspectives.

>> No.23973042

The outpost's population and number of above ground buildings has increased significantly, but many of those are youth, and now the schooling system is in full effect. Basic knowledge, physical training, and junior survival skills to include marksmanship are practiced. The engineer's continue to work on an early gyro, but the mechanism often spins itself to bits and pieces. The road to black ice is now cleared and continues to be paved. The next generation of scout flyers is a stumbling point but after much work a functional prototype from local materials is devised.

>> No.23975439


>> No.23975757
File: 10 KB, 640x480, Lem.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Something I did. Just needs textures!

>> No.23976501
File: 87 KB, 866x771, blast back computer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Awesome sauce.

>> No.23976797

Rolled 15, 18, 17, 6, 16 = 72

Jorood merchants came today, asking for magnetic coatings for their mobile caravans. They offered a fair price for the materials, so it would've been unreasonable to refuse. Still, the encounter made us aware that we need to extend our reach within the continent; more lands mean more resources, and more resources means more industry and trade. With this in mind efforts for expansion are being drawn up once more, much like the late Sild before me. Along with colonization efforts, further exploitation of the crystalline caves is in order, given their boon is most beneficial to us.

The efforts to discover inert gasses have given mixed results. While pressurization has improved and we *have* discovered a gas from the methane/water process, the gas... Wasn't as inert as we expected. Still, it has potential given it's high buoyancy and flammability. Efforts are still underway to isolate the inert gas produced from the reaction however, along with a strive towards a more respectable form of Chemistry; I refuse to let it persist as the impotent fancy that it is now.

For the gasses and future projects, large orders of valves, tubing and finely-crafted parts have been given. Since we lack the technological base to produce two of those items, we have placed orders with Silithi merchants heading out into Gwiliak lands for tubing and valves. With luck they'll return with the things we need.

... We have heard whispers of Strangers inhabiting this land, bearing gear and looks similar to those that came a century before. Could it be true? Could they have returned? Scouting parties have been ordered to investigate the rumored locations of their settlements; if they return with conclusive evidence... I don't know what will happen.

Roll for:

- Scouting uninhabited/tribal lands
- Continued exploration of the Crystalline Caves
- Carbon Dioxide isolation
- Chemistry?
- Search for Enclave bases/settlements

>> No.23979200

Rolled 11, 20, 8 = 39

While there aren't many notes on the local flora of the jungles, a few important items are written down.
The catalog of animals from the region is however quite expansive.
Hollow azraches are harvested for the construction of barrels.

A couple people have built a couple turf huts near the cave

Rolling for construction of new barrels, how long the crew needs to stay there before the return trip, and the general attitude of the crew.

>> No.23980247


>> No.23980611

somehow I am transported back to the early 2000's and it feels good. also, that flesh colored lem is terrifying on a scale far larger then anything I've seen before. awesome job.

>> No.23980791

The Big Kahuna sends a message to the honored Sild. The strangers from long ago have returned, and in greater force. They have so far been peaceful, but she wants to know that Joriah has her back.

The Travelers bring news of great things... terrible things. Of iron soldiers that glow red like the sunset and giant ramels that feast on the dead. Magnificent cities of stone and metal, and flying canoes. Of a land where white powder falls from the sky and where the warmth of Little Brother is weak and hard to be found. Where Mother Ocean is cold and uninviting. It is a grand tale, and unbelievable tale. But the shaman, the warrior, and the chief's son would not lie.

It seems that the world is a big place. And a frightening one at that.

>> No.23980809

The years following the great explosion were a time of exploration for the Silith. The Military was culled in such a fashion that the classic problem of corruption, ineptitude, and laziness were weeded out in a fiery conflagration. Only those with the will to rebuild survived or floated to the top to form a new leadership caste. They had a strong desire to become an expeditionary force, able to project their power, and the first step of that was to study the land at large. Forces were sent out radially, in all directions, each on a year long mission to learn as much as they could.

The regions immediately around the Silith territory were a mix of lightly populated govkar and joorod tribes, all much lower in capability and technology. One tribe though, had a base level of scientific capability and used a fire to inflate large sacks to carry aloft some sort of "hot air balloon"

The crystalline caves stretched on for miles and miles, though there was no apparent life within them. An observation was made that at one time the tunnels were flooded and now the water was gone, apparently leaving behind these crystals. ((look up Mexican crystal caves to see something similar to my ideas here))

Co2 isolation has been created and is about as good as it will get in this era, with the tribe's own methods. Chemistry is a concept that is hard science, and the tribe's own theology leads into Alchemy, the precursor. It works well for them, and allows them to experiment searching for the purest spirits. the hunt for chemistry continues.

Finding the enclave is apparently as hard as finding dirt under a rock. A joorod merchant apparenlty had a map he was more then willing to part with for a bit of smoke root. It detailed the entire mainland of the continent, and showed two locations in the far northwest, as well as locations of all other tribes. the quality of the map is quite good. ((same map as the one for the first post, sans water or islands.))

>> No.23980878

The new barrels were a bit leaky at first around the top and bottom until azrach sap was applied, and the barrels briefly exposed to fire, after which they held fast. The crews urge to return home was so great that they built a fine ship from the local Azrachs. What started out as a raft ended up as a trimaran style boat. It was quickly loaded, and they were off towards home in record time. The trimaran is excellent to the point where it may be duplicated. The crew has been gone for a while, and a lack of good food, and good company has left them a bit edgy, needless to say there were no sea shanties sung this trip.

>> No.23981800

So correct me if i am wrong,

but i can choose the gantu,
Make my civ name.

Gierigheid, gantu. Logo X, section 2D and if i give a backstory i can just immidiatly stay playing?

>> No.23981983

Rolled 10, 1 = 11

The ship itself was still in decent shape. Just the barrels couldn't hold water for the long journey. Old ones got jumbled around, and then mold. No guarantee of rain to refill their supply when needed.

At least the crew wasn't angry enough to commit a mutiny.

Random events on the return trip.

>> No.23982126

Rolled 8, 19, 11, 12, 8, 20, 9, 13, 12, 12, 12, 6, 7, 15, 16, 4, 13, 20, 14, 13, 14, 2, 4, 20 = 284

For a good portion of the journey, it was smooth sailing until a storm begun brewing suddenly. While the Ribboner was a mighty vessel, it stood no chance before the powerful winds and mighty waves. The ship was dashed upon the rocks near the entrance of a bay where they were going to seek shelter.

Rolling for survival of the captain, the navigator, eight original crew members, and 14 hired hands (seven inexperienced, five experienced, two veteran).
>will self judge

>> No.23982223


Yeah, pretty much.

>> No.23982575

bingo man. create a backstory as well, how they came to be, are they a break off of the other ganu tribe or a new one? etc. you got it.

>> No.23983333


(Anyone who wants to encounter one of these Silithi scouting groups can encounter one, no problem here.)

Initial Scouting has reported numerous minor tribes of Govkar and Jorood inhabiting the unclaimed lands beyond our borders... Lands that we would very much like to claim, following the discovery I shall outline below. Emissaries with armed guards will go to the most powerful of these tribes, offering gifts of salt and Lapis with offers of steel and citizenship if they bend the knee and accept our Dominion. Those who refuse... Well, the Dominion's will is that of the Spirits, and the Spirits are sacred. Cooperation or annihilation, it's their choice.

In less martial news, we've finally made progress in CO2 production, finding it to be a most valuable gas for both it's inert nature and density. Our burgeoning Alchemical caste has reported it to be a spirit much like the kinds we exhale with every breath. Odd. Regardless, we have discovered a new field of study that seems every bit as holy as Metallurgy, although I do not completely understand the scripture associated with alchemy.

>> No.23983413

Rolled 5, 2, 3, 3, 9, 12 = 34


Metallurgists working with magnetic strips have noticed strange behavior when one lays them side-by-side. The metal spirits seem to work in tandem, flinging bits of metal forward with often violent force. Insight into this behavior will have to be documented before we can properly utilize it for proper applications.

Our craftsmen have grown restless by our focus on magnetism, most notably the glassmakers of our fair city. Glass is a product our people apparently have a firm grasp of, so I will give them leave to do their own research in developing new glass products. Last I saw of them, they were putting lenses of different angles, sizes and thicknesses together, seeking to enhance the natural magnifying effect into something truly extraordinary. They were also working with bits of crystal found in the Caves; "quartz" they call it has properties every bit as good, if not superior than normal glass. We shall see how this "crystal glass" holds up.

What would we do without the Jorood? They are the ones who had introduced our people to both magnetism *and* glass, sparking the new age of industry we are experiencing... They have also brought some of the most troubling news I have yet seen: The Strangers, the "Enclave" are on Sildarin, and they have been for quite some time now. It is a weary thing being a ruler, especially when there are threats to your realm nearby. Although we will have peace, for a time, it will not last; eventually we shall have to either submit to their gilded yoke, fight to be free, or drive them from our shores. The latter will require land, manpower and technology... Three things I as Sild seek to give my people.

Roll for:

- Integration of Govkar/Jorood minor Tribes
- (If above was unsuccessful) annihilation of Govkar/Jorood minor tribes
- Understanding of the Lorentz Force
- Scopes/Binoculars
- Improved Glass
- "Crystal" Glass

>> No.23983584

Rolled 15

The implementation of the wheel continues, it's use as a mill is but one potential, could there be others? A pulley, a cart...

But for now, how to apply the mill waterwheel? Remember, the gantu are carnivores, and have no need to grind grain or anything like that. What use could this waterwheel serve?

> Rolling for:
1. Finding a use for the waterwheel.

>> No.23985033

The bright inventor found some uses for his round contraptions: He put meat into the grinder, and ground meat happens. Then, just for fun, he made one huge wheel a Gantu could run in, and started rolling it everywhere. (Think hamster wheel, but Gantu sized...) Some kids thought this is fun! He also found that a wheel can make another wheel turn, if they have fitting teeth cut in them. Mohu'awane has discovered gears!

>> No.23986514

Rolled 13, 9, 15, 11, 16, 9 = 73

Glorious Ota Doso will be willing to entertain guests before he embarks on his voyage to bring the light of the Glorious Kingdom

The Expedition continues onward, though now are becomeing unverved by the strange trees. A few animals looks odd too, much to grey and with strange hard pieces on them. No one likes it, but they think is just one of the strange lands they've heard of from the travelling priests, like where giant trees stretch as tall as mountains, or corals that breach the waves. Nothing to be truly troubled by.

Soon, soon the King will set forth and be alone no longer. Other nations shall feel his glory, and they will bow down before him, as his father and grandfather always told him as child they would. So very, very soon. Arrangements must be made though. Who shall run things in his absence? To his suprise, Doso finds out that his lands are run reasonably well by the Twin Bureaucracies on their own, so he need only set forth general goals to be pursued in his abscence. Firstly, the Temple-Statue must not be refined yet. Doso wishes it to depict him as he returns from his voyage.

Firstly, mines are needed by the Kingdom, badly. Those iron, copper and tin mines currently open are yielding little, and may soon dry up. More mines are needed to prevent a tremendous blow to production from not having enough metal tools. And perhaps a few weapons. The savages on the Grand Isle to the south ((closest island)) are becoming restless. They had best not try to raid the Carcins, for now the Tonaika and the Valley protect them, and Doso is not willing to speak with them

Secondly, the protection of the skulks from more ignorant subjects must be assured. The current lands held by the skulks will be granted full protection by the Tonaika, and if the skulks provided services and aid to the Kingdom, they may receive additional land.

Rolling for
Expedition (getting away from the silvertree vyrii)
Fleet building

>> No.23986657

Rolled 4, 4, 15 = 23

Woops, meant to include more rolls but no space. I'll just take the first three


Thirdly, forts are to be built, as central locations for the training of the Tonaika. Barracks in cities are fine, but forts will be needed for the more rural portions of the Kingdom. This should help ensure a steady flow of apprentices of the Order, and increase its size in the future. Formalized training will also be needed to ease the process of handling so many youngbloods

Fourth, the Bureaucracy must also formalize its training process, with schools. Additionally, in a strange in difficult command, elder Bureaucrats are devise a new system of writing to handle complex issues the Bureaucracy handles (Doso thinks more complicated writing will make the R.B. more efficient). No one is sure how to approach either process

Rolling for
Fort building
Bureaucrat training
Writing complicating

>> No.23987002

Hmm. This new ground meat is easier to chew... and to store. But, having all this meat around, it starts to go bad, it smells like a corpse.

A young gantu gets an idea, fish don't stink when they are in the water, maybe we should put meat inside water!

Barrelled and full of salt water, the meat is preserved.

>> No.23987541

Hmm, not sure. You could try looking one up on Board Game Geek. They've got a whole host of shit, as well as reviews on the various games there.

>> No.23987973

Opening trade negotiations. Ca'rethill has expansive salt production. What resources do the Mohu'awane have?

>> No.23988035

Not much, I'm afraid. To think of it, anything more than wood, food, art objects, or basic implements is not available to us yet.

Plus, they haven't figured out that it's the salt in the saltwater that keeps the food preserved. Then again, not that this will stop them from trading salt... to them it'd be a completely different method.

>> No.23988100

Wood and art are fine. There's not for trees in the open plains.
As player knowledge, they just boil dishes of sea water to gather salt. Lots and lots of sea water.

>> No.23988113

*not much for

>> No.23990227
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Needs more Aggrod.

>> No.23993350


>> No.23993852
File: 92 KB, 300x300, carving_with_Milo-colorSML-300x300.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Then in that case... tikis. So many tikis. Here's a question, what will you do with the art objects? I mean, the azrach and tapascu wood are one thing, but what to do with all this foreign art?

>> No.23994447


Damn, that guy is a dreamboat.

>> No.23994463

I beg your pardon? What's that mean?

>> No.23994645

What do you think would be done? People would collect and/or display it. It shouldn't be too surprising that a wealthy merchant or governor would have an interest in acquiring such things. Basic luxury goods.

>> No.23996535
File: 6 KB, 141x144, SHOGUNGLUND.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23997100

Ah, there's a face we haven't seen in a while.

>> No.23998238

What began as a cry for manifest destiny, a nation that would spread to all corners of the continent became a stumbling point, mired in extended conflict against the indigenous populations of near by lands. Many troops were lost, their bodies and equipment captured by the enemy. bide time, build glorious nerve gas. There is a force that the scientists do not understand, but they are aware it exists, what it is however...*Shrug*. A failure to develop scopes results in trading for them from joorod traders (tech already exists.) they proved to be affordable enough, the traders only wanting metal and raw glass. An improved glass with higher durability was not attained, it instead exploded when being tempered, no one was hurt. However experimentation has revealed a higher quality glass with virtually no impurities. It somehow sings. (look up crystal singing glass)
ooc: The gantu have a large workforce, and access to many, many options from traders who likely use their village as a stopping point. There is something to be said for becoming a trade hub with a convenient port location. Controlling the beaches would be beneficial. Get a little cut of everything that rolls through, but be so hospitable you cant say no to it. Look at what other players have developed, and see how you can implement it. Also, I strongly suggest you keep at the digging, maybe a little deeper.

>> No.23998476
File: 11 KB, 744x328, welcome to die.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the explorers deftly steer themselves out of the silvertree forests, and back towards the source of the great rumbling, making good time. One of them, Godal, was bitten by a small silvery insect. (in your next post roll for godal's condition) The fleet has taken shape. Grand longboats, now built two levels high fly colorful sails of fine quality, oars are dropped in preparation for rowing when needed, such as getting out of the docks. Each ship can contain a crew of about 200, though they are staffed with only 80 which is enough to run the ship, and many supplies. The kings personal ship has a compliment of 150 crew members, operating much easier then the others. Apparently digging deeper into the dirt yields more metal and existing mines can benefit from this. Metal begins to flow once more.
Rainy weather makes for muddy ground, and builders, supplies, and pack animals get mired in the sludge like ground of this region. The early foundations of the forts are somewhat lopsided now from shifting in the mud. The bureaucratic training goes either very poorly, or excellently depending on how you look at it, already they exhibit shrewd minds that compete aggressively with each other, to the point where they often forget the original issue or it no longer becomes a point. Rules and procedure choke one another as new legislation is passed. Writing is gloriously complicated, each symbol starts off as a square. That square is then filled with a series of 12 dots. The sequence of dots, where they are missing, where they are present, and what color they are all greatly impact the value of the square and what it means. On top of this, squares are arranged in 12s again, the order of these squares dictates the same things, but again on a much larger scale. woe to the other races who try to decipher your glorious writings. woe indeed.

>> No.24001282


>> No.24001611

Rolled 20, 3, 3, 14 = 40

War is hell, but the Silith trudge doggedly on, refusing to submit just yet until it seems victory is clearly impossible. During this time the glassmakers were given leave once more to ply their craft, searching for a useful luxury good to sell to prospective buyers beyond salt and steel (crystal glass is still a fairly expensive process and thus largely reserved for the wealthy.) Developments into discovering the Lorentz Force proved fruitless, but in a moment of recklessness brought on by the current conflicts the Silith had decided it was a force they perhaps did not need to know right away. Instead, efforts to perfect the process of making barrels out of the strong, non-magnetic steel developed prior had begun, along with efforts to improve their craftsmanship to small pieces of metal (think metal components that could fit in your hand.)

Roll for:

- Conquest Progress
- Efforts to produce improved glass (clear glass?)
- Metallic barrels
- Miniaturized Metal parts/components

>> No.24002166
File: 1.79 MB, 245x180, oie_2420959SYW3Np9r_1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>nat 20 military conquest

>> No.24002857

Behold! The Govkar are truly the masters of the Eastern Continent! They hold the greatest, largest nations, from the Silith metal masters, to the Gwiliak Marsh Dwellers to the Riklun-Carcin Kingdom!


>> No.24003414

Due to my focus on real life things, I have been pretty much out of the loop from this game for the last 4 or 5 days, so in case there are some events or things related to the Gwiliak that you guys have come up with, please point them to me. Heck, I don't even remember the most resent thing I rolled for, nor the plans I had for the Gwiliak.
I might post an update tomorrow.

>> No.24003779

(this game for the enclave is to tie in with the western game)

Za'siel settlement Public works council notes:
The road to black ice has been terminated, and will be left unfinished. Resources can be better directed reinforcing our northern supply point and getting to black ice by ship in quicker time. This is not the west and we do not have the resources to expend on such efforts in this era. All available manpower and resources will be diverted towards exploiting the burning mesa region and establishing a mining settlement. Hazards include heat to where the Lem are not viable, super heated and toxic gas vents, as well as local Joorod subspecies reported hostile by the Kharum.

Za'siel settlement Project lead notes:
The engineers have been hard at work attempting to develop gyroscopic devices, a fancy word for when a wheel will self balance itself at higher rotational speed. Thus far the experiments have proven novel, but not practical. While not resource intensive, it has cost much in the way of researchers. With the pulse jets operational we can begin to search for new applications, to include weaponry. Some study groups have a high degree of interest in the Gwiliak and Silith gasses, apparently pressurized and ignited it has potential destructive capability on materials at close range. Recent upgrades from the mainland include schematics for a turbine upgrade, we will attempt to utilize new materials and magnets to our benefit so the unit can be lightened and operate at a higher efficiency.

Joorod Syndicate: Black Cart traders:
The locals have proven to be a wealth of information, and trade willingly for our products. The military is kept off our back by a little cooperation, which rubs no one wrong. The Onolkeshan settlement of Black Ice has begun to turn out equipment, and we have managed to make a little disappear. Most of them are refurbished or rejected units, but they are still operable.

>> No.24004074

rolling for: northern port expansion, establish burning mesa outpost, gyroscopes, pulsejet applications, gas welding/ torch attempt, using a cooling unit on the gasses, magnetized turbine discoveries, syndicate theft of property and subsequent trade
The savages who fought against the Silith learned quickly that those they first fought were but the vanguard of the war host. Out runners surged ahead of the war, spreading news of the coming annihilation, demoralizing the enemy, they carried treasures of colored glass, and metal trinkets, along with a promise of more power and better life, buying the loyalty of key tribal elders. When the war began the locals found themselves fighting a war on two fronts, former allies turning on each other and the Silith surging forward in burnished metal armor and cleaving swords of dark spirit who left wounds that would not heal. In the coming weeks and months, the war would be over quickly. Most of the opposing tribe's males were killed, and their culture would be eradicated. Oh hey, spoils of war: the entire peninsula and islands coming off of it are now yours, as well as a modest increase in territory by two squares radiating from your boarders.

No new gasses yet, same with metallic barrels, too busy fighting war. Smaller metallic components are easy enough to craft, with finer tools. Some have even made novel trinkets and finely wrought figures or moving curios that traders will eagerly barter for.

>> No.24004106

Rolled 11, 3, 4, 9, 9, 8, 14, 4 = 62

bronze: I have not caught you lately, but do you want any interaction with the silver tree cult (likely positive, provided there is not a cultural hostility)?

>> No.24004274

There will ONLY be hostility from a band of explorers from a nation that has not even reached the early industrial age. Nope, no friendliness from these guys. Not unless the Silver tree cult Overmind plays up being a physical manifestation of a divine entity. In which case it might be embraced. if the rolls are good. Let's roll for how Godal does right now

>> No.24004286

Rolled 2

lets try that again

>> No.24004412
File: 48 KB, 400x309, samoan face.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24005863

Come Blade-Face! Join our Empires and sail the high seas with the wind at your back and never ending horizons! Take our people to distant shores and see wonders beyond this world! Do so for Kulamot!

>> No.24007324

Rolled 5, 13, 5, 1, 19, 18, 20, 19 = 100

Godal grows quite pale over the next few days, at least as pale as a govkar can, but he manages to keep up. He complains of a slight buzzing in his ears, and collapses periodically. (from here on out each time you make an expeditionary roll, roll to see Godal's progression. prognosis: poor.)
Is the sweat of the gantu's brow not his own?! Nay says the young empire, it belongs to Kulamot! No says the Silith, it belongs to the gods! Well by little brother, the Joorod traders tell me of a land where you are your own man, the Enclave! A place of endless opportunity! Why one of my great uncles walked onto the flying metal bird to the Vyrii war, a young gantu of 17, and when he came out at 21, he came out a wealthy man!

*If wealth is valued by severity of post traumatic stress disorder. consult your local lemchiatrist for emotional further details.

>> No.24008158

Rolled 12, 4, 4, 4 = 24

Fine. We keep digging. Maybe we'll find some Bord wreckage if we're lucky. L0L.

In the meantime, the paddle-boats, powered by sail, wheel, and boomer start plying the seas. Some to explore, others to trade, going so far as to even trade with the Enclave outposts. The Gantu have little to offer beyond their rich cultural heritage, but surely some will trade useful goods for it. Perhaps they will even pick up some useful tech along the way.

> Rolling for:
1. digging, any precious metals or other interesting goodies?
2. exploring, what new lands will we discover?
3. trading. for that sweet, sweet loot.
4. any possible absorbtion of the technologies of our trading partners?

>> No.24008171
File: 8 KB, 268x200, 4144184+_22d0db72be0d296035ab00017c4c9fab.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> all those 4's
> all that fail

>> No.24009248
File: 14 KB, 286x359, 1333357670983.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bump before bed

>> No.24009646

Hey guys, if I were to make a new tribe, would I be restricted to Joorod, Govkar, Skulk, Gantu and Skulcrows or would I be able to pick from a species from a different continent? Just wondering, I'm kind of new to this thing.

>> No.24010206


Nongent please! this is medieval time! (relatively)
Welders? turbines? gyroscopes? pulsejet? no. NO!

>> No.24011897


The spirits have seen fit to grant the Silith total victory over the godless hordes that squat just outside their border. The tribals who remain will be re-educated, bringing them in line with the one true faith of the Dominion. Those that refuse to accept the Silithi government and faith shall be fed to the flames of industry; if they will not submit in this world, they will submit in the next.

Joriah looked upon his new realm and found himself content, for now. The Silith have gained new land, but they now must develop it; engineers will be sent to develop the road infrastructure, colonists will go to ideal former tribal lands for colonization, and prospectors shall scry the worth of the dirt and rock of these lands. Interest in improving their naval capacity has as well increased, spurred by the acquiring of nearby islands. Bigger ships powered by both oar and sail shall be looked into, even metallurgical murmurs of metal plating for the ships have been heard, citing the usage of magnetic strips as "pins" to hold the plates in place.

>> No.24011925

Rolled 18, 14, 10, 9, 19 = 70


Of course, such an effort would require considerable amounts of metal, something the Silith are beginning to be strained of. More efficient means of metal production would have to be developed, and the Silith may have found a solution; a massive, largely vertical building where large quantities of soul-laden bodies and ore may be added at once, aided by pressure and the absence of disrupting spirits such as air due to the countercurrent exchange process between ore and air. They call this structure a "blast furnace" for the blasts of noxious, carbon monoxide choked air that belches angrily out of the top. It may seem a bit grandiose, but it would significantly increase the amount of steel produced by the Silith, leading to more applications of mass-produced metallic goods.

Roll for:

- Development of conquered lands
- Mineral wealth of conquered lands
- Improved ships (Galleas?)
- Magnetically aided ship-bound armor plating (Not for production, but to prove the concept is sound)
- The Blast Furnace

>> No.24012415
File: 32 KB, 600x800, Gwiliak merchant.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As the new education doctrines begin to slowly take root to the Gwiliak nation, the council directs it's attention to other matters. Traders of House Nufa have brought news from outlands, such as the greater movements of the enclave outsiders, and of the disasters and conquests of the Silith. Normally, the council cares little for the goings beyond the marshes, but this time, they decide to send some scouts to investigate and verify the rumors of the traders.
The council is also preparing to conduct a census operation, to get a better idea of how many inhabitants live in the marshes.

The Great looms of house Jun produce high quality silk at a steady rate, but as always, there is room for improvement and innovation. Some of the artisans of House Jun are experimenting on creating improved dyes so that they could color their silk.

In his older years, Nufa, the founder of his house, had started developing a standardized trade unit, based on the shiny metals found in the mines of Great Falls. Thus far, these units were mostly just used between the traders of his house, as most of Gwiliak economy was based on bartering and services. However, even after Nufa's demise, the currency project continued and expanded. The elders of the House are now trying to push this new method of trade to the rest of the Gwiliak nation, as in their opinion, it will amount in much more open and profitable markets.

House Daki is concerned of the potential threat of the skullcrows, looming in the rift, and thus, they have sent a war party to scout the area, and cull any hordes they encounter.
They also continue to fortify the claimed enclave forts, while also utilizing them as forward bases for the militia.

>Pictured is a Merchant of House Nufa. Notice the jewelry, high quality Joorod feather and silk clothing, which indicate her high wealth and status. She has also adopted the Silith tradition of using the glowing moss to adorn oneself, though in her case, the ornament is quite minor.

>> No.24012422
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Rolled 19, 20, 19, 9, 7, 14, 6, 13, 18, 10 = 135

House Nar has been constructing the gas extractors for few years now, as there had been many difficulties with the project. Of course, they have also conducted other research as well, mostly focused on improving medicine, and developing ways how to preserve metallic objects better in the marshes.

Niru's house has been aiding the other houses here and there, while also continuing to overseer the cultivation of the marshes. A particular focus has been on growing and planting the trees in a way, that they would filter and collect the detritus with their roots better. This allows two things: It makes the water of the marshes clearer, thus safer to drink and easier to fish in, and also allows the detritus to be collected and used as fertilizer for vindra farms.

House Nufa and house Macia continue to fund and support the great boat project. They have hired engineers from House Niru to overseer the mixed Gohrok and Govkar worker force, and house Jun to weave great Silk Sails for the boat.

Meanwhile, the Kaduk are preparing to conduct the transformation ritual for the juvenile apprentices, who have chosen to join as full members of the order. Hakel once again, approaches the Skulks of Za'Siel for their part in the ritual.

Rolling for: (10 rolls)
Scouting the outlands and investigating the general status of the nearby regions.
Census operation.
Developing Dyes.
House Nufa spreading the gold based currency to the marshes.
House Daki's scouts to the rift, and their success at culling skullcrow populations.
The gas extractor project.
General improvements delivered from House Nar's research.
Marsh development project.
Great Ship project.

Kaduk transformation ritual.

>> No.24012780

Rolled 2


Oh, and I also planned to roll for a random event, but apparently I forgot.

So here I go!

>> No.24012784 [DELETED] 


Oh dear.
Well, this ought to be interesting.

>> No.24016247

the northern port expands past a simple series of docks into a small shipping town. The burning mesas are deadly, and claim the first settlers. The gyroscopes are finally developed but are very rudimentary, being nothing more then a suspended wheel. Pulsejets can be made for improved furnaces, but nothing martial so far. Early attempts at welding result in warped but not melted or fused metal. The magnetized turbine actually is not as safe as hoped, it's outside has become electrically charged, becoming the first PMG. The syndicate has been pilfering a lot of second hand equipment but now has to stop for a while, still enough has been funneled away to last for a bit.
The Gantu dig, and dig, and blub...blub....strange black fluid begins to slowly fill their pit. What is this stuff?! I take all those failures and make a success of sorts now. The Gantu have explored far and wide, encountered skulcrows, and the silver forest, and cautiously backed away from each. those who return bring back samples of wha has been found. From the skulcrows they return with a strange gift. They were not attacked, the husk simply pulled off it's arm and handed it to an explorer and walked away. The arm still twitches and moves. In the silver forst they collect strange silvery branches and a small broken thing that looks like a large metal bug that is laying on the ground. This is also brought back home to show their leader.

>> No.24016605

Onol, bro you talked two ways now. On one hand you told me in IRC the game isnt earth and can go different ways, and then you say no here. All the things I proposed are available with the current level of tech. A plusejet, go look it up, the valveless kind, can easily exist in any era where they have alcohol, a tube to siphon from a barrel, and some basic smithing ability. The dude, why are you complaining but not playing? If what you want is more medieval, i hate to say this but it is going to be ending, what I can offer is the creation of a new not primordial game that is rooted a lot harder in medieval times that we could hammer out, with a much more "hard" set of rules.
The conquered lands are quickly reformed to better serve the churning furnaces, roads offering up their mineral wealth from numerous mines. The shipbuilders keep working and are close to a breakthrough. The magnetic armor sort of sticks, but slowly slides off. The blast furnace is a triumph of engineering that greatly increases the amount of metal that can be churned out.

>> No.24016951

Rolled 7, 1, 3, 14, 17, 8 = 50


With the lands placated and prosperous once more, direction can be focused inward on projects we had put to the wayside. The Lorentz Force will be given a second look-over (along with the development of metallic barrels,) while glass will be yet again a hot button topic. As for ships... Well that goes without saying; our shipbuilders are at the verge of a great discovery, something they say shall allow our Dominion to project it's power across the coasts and beyond. Armor can be put on the backburner for now... After all, what does anyone have that can shatter the hull of a ship?

Pillars of smoke rise from our developed cities and towns, heralding the fusion of soul and metal in quantities we thought impossible. We will need to increase our production of ore to keep up, but how? A popular method being hypothesized is the use of pressurized methane gas in shaped "charges," placed in carved nooks of the rock and detonated via a fuse. Experiments into the feasibility of this will have to be done.

This seems to be the start of a glorious age for the Silithi Dominion, what could possibly go wrong?

Roll for:

- Lorentz Force
- Barrels
- Clear Glass
- The Galleas
- Shaped Charges (Mining)
- Random Event!

(OOC: What sort of resources does Silithi lands have beyond iron, Lapis, marble and Rare Earths?)

>> No.24017048

fuck yeah merchant
The outlands regions show a buzz of enclave activity. Their endless road has been halted, and they have fortified their northern porn where supplies are sent and received. An attempt to build in the burning mesas has met with failure, but this is to be expected. the silith have been very, very busy aggressively expanding their territory in recent years. Every govkar in the region is accounted for, in detail. Each govkar is assigned a number, and will be done so from now on. A veritable plethora of new dyes have been created from many sources, mineral, crushed insect shell, dried stuff, plant. Gold based currency is only partially adopted, but those who use it benefit greatly. House daki wages a small battle against a very confused and oddly behaving skullcrow population. However instead of fighting the creatures simply run, and run, and run. Well past the rift towards the southern lands of the gantu. Well..they seem to be gone now.

The gas extractor works great, and soon is filling containers full of blue flame gas to be used in cooking devices, lights, and more. The looms are improved and work faster now. The marsh's waters slowly become less stagnant and bog like, now clearer and dotted with glowing algae, as well as fertilizer being collected for their plantations from the base of the tree roots. The great ships are built. The Kaduk candidates who have survived or stuck with the program thus far meet the Za'siel with a bit of trepidation and fear. Their transformation into full Kaduk warriors begins with an infusion from the skulks, and in the coming days or weeks they will become complete.

>> No.24017068 [SPOILER] 
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>Lorentz Force.


>> No.24017234 [DELETED] 


>This is now the official theme song of the Dominion.

>> No.24017723
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That is far better than a four would entail, but I'm not complaining.

The use of the black liquid is yet to be found, but the discovery is ordered to be barreled. Unfortunately, the wooden barrels leak. So, a Gantu smith creates a metal barrel. Inside these barrels is sealed this strange black liquid. Kept in several homes and storage houses until a use is found for it. A guard is also put around the black liquid. Who knows what this strange thing could do? I mean, liquids aren't exactly always inert on Borgas IV.

(There aren't any emils on East, but I imagine some slime-type creatures wouldn't be too uncommon everywhere. It's not exactly a difficult form to develop, so convergent evolution woulnd't be too unbelievable.)

Tales are told of the stranger who gave his arm. It is brought to the Kahuna of a village, who sends it to the Big Kahuna is Mohu'awane. The skulk recoil from it, terrified, for some unknown reason.

The silver metal is more interesting... What could it be? A strange buzzing sound emanates from it. For now, it is but an interesting trinket in the possession of the tribe.

>> No.24018251

Rolled 2, 11, 5 = 18

Just some generic stuff for Ca'rethill. For pre-game timeskip and in future.

Rolling for expansion beyond the wall, within the walls, and expanding the boat canal network.

>> No.24018525



>> No.24018532

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