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How do you become a real life PC?

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By getting off 4chan and doing something with your life.

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Become a gutter punk and hitch hike across the country?

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Give away everything you own bar the clothes on your back and a weapon. Burn down your house/living area. Start killing people for their money, never staying in one town for more than a few days. You are now a murder hobo and therefore a real life PC.

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If only we knew. Not hard to become a minor NPC though.

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Instead of paying rent this next month, buy weapons and ammo. Continue to do so until you're evicted.

The rest will just come naturally.

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You'd better mean that the anon is the minor NPC, not the musketeer/machinist. Because that dude is a PC.

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You need four things
Every real life PC needs to be skilled. Be it in an art, craft or profession.
A real life PC needs to be able to defend themselves and others
A real life PC must be unafraid
The real life PC must seek an adventure, for it will not seek you. Go out into the world.

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>A real life PC must be unafraid

Bravery is being afraid, but being able to work through that fear. Only a fool isn't afraid of anything.

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What are you, a fucking cartoon hero?

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Man the papers would've been sweet if that guy died.


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I'm not a cartoon.

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You're not a hero either.

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Yeah dude, bravery is the total absence of fear in all its forms.

Courageous people don't have fear or recklessness, they have caution, and rational evaluation of risk.

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If that's what you need to tell yourself to handle the fear, good for you; don't treat the rest of us like you.

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You don't know me, I could have done anything and you would be none the wiser.

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Oh shit, that image makes me want to run a marathon.

Makes me sad that I just ended my workout so (comparatively) short.

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Have you ever seen a PC (D&D/Pathfinder) get scared?

The usually just go "Charge, Power Attack" at the nearest hostile-looking creature.

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Eh, sometimes, at a big enough creature. mainly PF characters have Caution, but not Fear. Which is good.

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>Have you ever seen a PC (D&D/Pathfinder) get scared?

yeah, made up people don't have to be scared, cause, ya know, they aren't real.

it's easy as fuck to be unafraid when you're playing a game of pretend covered in cheeto dust and mountain dew.

knows what the fuck he's talking about

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In the olde days you went on viking or crusade.
Then we had the foreign legion, but they are not much for adventure these days I hear.

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Buy some basic survival equipment, train yourself in some urban speedrunning, head to a wartorn african nation and just be the batman.

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Come on bros, let's DO THIS.

I'll follow you on the bike and spot your running.

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Step one: grow a moustache...

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Of course. Though /tg/ has its fair share of PC stories too.

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Maybe we should make our own pillaging/raping/destruction group.

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Well, pillage and rape does not sit right with our modern sentiments, most of the time.
A little bit of destruction and debauchery is expected, though,

But really, what would one do today for adventure?

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>they are not much for adventure these days I hear.
Nope. They're more for OPERATAN OPERATIONALLY these days.

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Go hiking, hunting, fishing, trekking, backpacking.

Irl PC Mode; Go without cellphone

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You could go to Africa and be a cowboy. Hell you could do that in any third world country or very poor area. Just be a vigilant.

Wouldn't last long most likely but it'd be cool the couple of days you're doin' it.

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So basically, do like /k/ and go innawoods.

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Go fuck around in south east asia or Africa somewhere.

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>be white
>go to a 3rd world country
Hm...there is something about looking like the people who own the corporations that are fucking their country unlubed that does not appeal to me...

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>south east asia
Specifically, fly yourself out to Thailand, and drive south. Keep driving south until you reach a bridge with a noose hanging from it. Cross that bridge. Look for a bar called the "Yellow Flag". Walk in. Wait around until someone comes offering work.
By the way, make sure you have a gun. It's a rough town.

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Adds to the adventure.

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Well there would certainly be enough enemies...

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That and you have a justification to kill everybody you meet.

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>Objective: Save Africa

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If there's another world war you could pull something like Lawrence of Arabia.

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Guaranteed millions of hours of gameplay

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Unless you play on Easy mode and just launch nukes at it all. But you can only get the Bad End where everyone on earth is killed in atomic hellfire that way though.

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I'm curious how you could actually fix Africa at this point.

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Pochahontas, Dances With Wolves, the Last Samurai, Avatar...the WASP coming to understand the plight of a non-white group of people and then becoming better at them at everything is actually really common, as far as most media is concerned.

Go for it.

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I thought about getting some adventure the way my father and both my grandfathers did.
By signing on to s ship. Hunt whales or seals or make long trading voyages...
But these days you need a specialist education for that...

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That outside is always better than the normal people. See: Outlander

>> No.23864538

You'd have to look chinese for that

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1.kill all the warlords
2.remove the debt to the world bank
3. throw the corporations out
4. never gonna happen, the corps own all.

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Stop supplying the warlords with money in exhange for exporting cheap goods?

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Won't change the fact that many modern African nations consist of several old tribal territories all mashed into the same small area where old grudges can fester and flare up constantly.

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Become a warlord yourself then and unite them.

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Tenaka Khan pls go

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I don't think you understand how bad these old grudges are.
You know how, in Ireland, the Papists and Prots keep blowing each other up, no matter how much people try for peace? Imagine that on steroids.

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They just need good old enlightenment.

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The first step is to realise that the idea that it's all the same south of the Sahara is pant on head retarded. The place is fucking huge, and most of it is actually making really good progress.


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TL;DR: Become a badass.

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Hasn't helped the Irish one bit.

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Unite them as one people through a rigorous regime of warlord-mandated marriage / interbreeding. If the new family ties don't unite them, their hatred of the warlord surely will.

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>posting an image from that abomination of a film

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That's from a film?

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What Africa really needs is to have a charismatic dictatorial figure who will declare, like Pol Pot did, that "This is year zero." A complete cultural reset encompassing political, economic, religious, and social reform, enforced by the execution of everyone who resists. I'm talking forced break up of families, relocation and dispersal of the population of towns, etc.

If you want stability in that region, you've got to break the tribal identity of the people so utterly that successive generations won't even know who they descend from or what their traditions once were.

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Worked for europe.
Used to be that people would go out of their way to fuck over the neighbour village and now, if you fuck with a small village belonging to their nation they all come after you.

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A hollywood abortion of an adaptation of the book All You Need is Kill, which is quite good.
The movie is pretty much GUTTING the whole thing to make a generic action movie.

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But Pol Pot was terrible. Like, the worst ever.

Dude had his soldiers spend all their time piling up mountains of skulls. Does that sound like a good nation building activity to you?

>> No.23864902

Good point...
Have the kids do it!
Bring all the schools together so the children learn to bond over tragedy!

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Maybe he just wanted a skull throne.

>> No.23864917

>not loving Pol Pot

>> No.23864937

Sounds like a pretty decent way to get people to stop hating each other and develop a united hatred of skull-piling.

I'm not advocating this approach (there has to be a non-violent approach to developing a pan-African cultural identity, if that is what you actually want to do), but it would probably work.

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Goddammit Japan.

>> No.23864949

I guarantee if you go to SOmalia with an AK and ask the authorities for a quest, they will
be desperate enough to point you in the direction of a warlord. Take his loot, gain experience and repeat

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I'm not sure if this has been made into an anime yet, but I'd definitely watch it if it was.

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You think THAT'S bad?

>> No.23864971

Please tell me there's a collection of Dictator Girls

>> No.23864975

> experience
This is real life, you don't get an additional 1d6 hitpoints every N kills.

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Where do you think that picture came from, bro?

>> No.23864995

There are dozens of them. Any requests?

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No, I know of Hitler-kun and Mengele-chan, I just wish they could keep their fetish within the bounds of nazis, not every single mass murderer in existence.

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Man, fuck Africa.
Go to some rundown hellhole of what once a city like Detroit or Gary and try to instate change there.
I guarantee you'll have a comparable chance of success, and you'll save yourself a flight across the Atlantic.

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Let's go off the mainstream.

Francisco Franco?

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>> No.23865051

More like 'The Thrilling Fields' amirite?

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Actually, bishonen Hitler there is an ASSHOLE. Dude attacks the Earth with his army of moon nazis, but not before challenging the Pope to a game of Mahjong, and proceeding to go Super Aryan on his ass.
And then there's Yulia Tymoshenko blowing up Josef Mengele with a tiny improvised atom bomb made with plutonium mahjong tiles.

>> No.23865093


Probably doesn't exist, but...Pinochet?

>> No.23865095

I reiterate:
What the FUCK, Japan?

>> No.23865102

I just looked this up myself and that fucking exists.

A+ Japan!

>> No.23865105

oh it does...

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>not even the same hair colour
what is the point if they are just gonna make it a random animu chick? why not go full R63?

>> No.23865152

Oh, that's unfair.

You shouldn't lump Kemal Ataturk in with Pol Pot.

>> No.23865154

The Legend of Koizumi.
The greatest /tg/ related manga of all time.

>> No.23865166

>Won't change the fact that many modern African nations consist of several old tribal territories all mashed into the same small area where old grudges can fester and flare up constantly.

The obvious answer is to leave the warlords, break up any warlord that is crossing tribal territories and then remove government and corps.

4x africa may the strongest survive.

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Mi general can't possibly be this hot!

...How about Perón?

>> No.23865203

Glorious, glorious sauce:

>> No.23865237

Juan and Eva Peron.

>> No.23865238

What about Radovan Karadzic?

>> No.23865260

Be like Japanon, he was a man who came to /tg/ a while back and told us the story of how he is a real life PC. He even has a real life waifu.

The man is a hero.

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>> No.23865271

With a mysterious little ticket that few have called


>> No.23865294

Tragically, I don't think there is a girly version of Radovan.

His hair is too glorious for anime.

>> No.23865314

holy shit

>> No.23865322

did you read the thread?

>> No.23865329


More like a expert bullshitter

>> No.23865342

Let's have a moment of silence for the moe dictators we've lost in recent years.

>> No.23865361

later bitches!

>> No.23865373


Reading in spanish is always so weird

Also no Kurisutina no buy

>> No.23865388


That's for fags

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Greetings from Yugoslavia, niggas.

>> No.23865435

I fucking lost it with the Turkmenistan president and her melons.

>> No.23865470

This thread made me want to learn more about history and fap

>> No.23865510

>> No.23865527

You mean you haven't been fapping to history all along?

>> No.23865561


I know I have been.

Especially history involving tanks. Oh lawdy...

>> No.23865566

Talent is shit without the will to use it

>> No.23865610

Well, if you read moon you could pick up a copy of Nyotai ka!! Sekai no Dokusaisha Retsuden, the book all of these come from.

>> No.23865620

These images remind me of something...wasn't there some card game with WW2 animu girls?

That looked...interesting, yes...

>> No.23865621

My fucking sides.

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>> No.23865669

Welp, found something

>> No.23865698

Why is Lukashenko-chan so cute?

>> No.23865710

Espansion pack perhaps?

>> No.23865720

But it's not legally a handicapped spot unless it has both the mark on the pavement AND a sign.
So: Close, but no cigar, Satan.

>> No.23865741


Ahh Lukashenko, Belarus will never have a hockey team that will rival Russia or Canada.

He had big dreams.

>> No.23865754

>> No.23865763

>Belarus will never have a hockey team that will rival Russia or Canada.
Sure we can. What we do is, we assassinate the Canadian and Russian teams a week before the Olympics!

>> No.23865771

who cares if it is legal? it is still gonna mess up someones day.

>> No.23865781

I wanna see what girly Putin will look like.

>> No.23865795


Probably topless while riding a Tiger, hunting bears in Georgia. And by bears I mean Georgians

>> No.23865801

The biggest assassination attempt in Canada was that guy that threw a pie at a Prime minister.

>> No.23865813

>> No.23865821


And then Chretien strangled and punched the dude.

Best PM.

>> No.23865838

no way?

>> No.23865857

>Best PM.
Nah, that title goes to the Gas Witch of the Ukraine, Yulia Tymoshenko.

>> No.23865891


Let my clarify; best CANADIAN Prime Minister

>> No.23865893

>you will never commit genocide in Darfur with a 10/10 delicious brown dictator girl

>> No.23865931

You have the first part of the?

>> No.23865936

>Mussolini as a meganekko
>I hate meganekko

All of my whys

>> No.23865957


I dunno, my votes for Churchill.

>> No.23865963

Because God hates you, anon.

>> No.23866104

>I hate meganekko
All of MY whys

>> No.23866133

>hates meganekkos AND likes Mussolini
THAT is all of MY whys.

>> No.23866199

in english!

>> No.23866204

I don't know anon, something about glasses puts me off, I find that I dislike them more often than not.

That goes for RL as well, I have no esplanation
I fail to see how the two things can be related

>> No.23866239

Not him, but it makes me sad that they didn't depict Mussolini doing his classic trollface expression.

>> No.23866240

well, you complained about Mussolini being a meganekko, that implies that you desire Mussolini to be something more attractive, implying you like Mussolini.


>> No.23866286

Clearly they are related because there is something wrong with you.
The brain of a normal heterosexual male (that is, a heterosexual male who is normal) is wired to, upon seeing a woman in eyeglasses, immediately desire to blow a load all over said eyeglasses. Clearly there is something wrong with you. This would also explain why you like Mussolini over the CLEARLY superior Pinochet.

>> No.23866291

No one can really give you advice to have an adventure, because "adventure" means different things to different people. Some people see adventure as getting wasted and waking up in a strange house, or waking up in the drunk tank.

Others see it as going on a nice organized tourist thing like going on a cruise or hiking with a large group.

For the kind of adventure most of /tg/ seems to crave though, you are going to have to go with the extremes of things. Set your bar HIGH, and try and push yourself to get at it.

Personally, I want to travel around the world, including Antarctica, then join my countries secret service eventually.

>> No.23866308

No, I mean...what if I like Mussolini (not considering him a saint, mind you) and don't like meganekko? If there's a pattern I fail to see it

>> No.23866325

see >>23866286

>> No.23866337

I am the Mussolini/glasses guy. As someone who wears glasses, I think you pointed out the reason why they unsettle me...

>> No.23866389

What, you DON'T wanna look your girl in the eye (conveniently not irritated by gobs of semen due to her glasses protecting them) while she licks them clean?
The fuck is wrong with you, man?

>> No.23866402

I...I don't know, anon!

>> No.23866443

it would be interesting to see which dictator you find most attractive.

I like petite with short hair so I'll go with Jomo Kenyatta (whoever the fuck that is)

>> No.23866456

Well, in his case the glasses become a point of reference, putting himself in the place of the girl. Ergo when he blows his load over the glasses he blows it over himself and when she licks them clean he licks his own semen.

Not wanting this just means he doesn't want to be the little girl and something is CLEARLY wrong with him

>> No.23866467

Never change /tg/.

>> No.23866471

Who is that? King Leopold II of Belgium?

>> No.23866487

Clearly you become a real life PC by fucking cute dictator girls.

>> No.23866491

Always been a sucker for uniforms, so Saddam, Haile or al-Bashir

>> No.23866504

Aw man, now I really wish there was one for him

>> No.23866516

It's Jomo Kenyatta, first Prime Minister ('63-'64) and President ('64-'78) of Kenya.

>> No.23866524

You can't see lions in Belgium, only in Kenya.

>> No.23866534

These dictator girls images actually have NTR in them.

I'm pretty sure this is a picture of Somalia cheating on China with the US.

>> No.23866548

If we're going by the images here, Francisco is winning in my mind, for the moment

>> No.23866560

>north korea and south korea are twins
>north korea is pissed that her sister left to be with the US

>> No.23866569

>Slutty pink-haired chocolate

Not bad at all...

>> No.23866573


That's a really interesting and insightful video anon, thanks for putting it up.

>> No.23866582

Gotta say I love classy ladies with lewd bodies, so it's gotta be Pinochet.

>> No.23866595

Depending on my mood, either Saddam or Choibalsan.

>> No.23866618

Aw man, they don't have Kim Jong Il, but they do have his dad.

>> No.23866626

North Korea has Kim as a k-pop singer.

>> No.23866660

Telling Russia to fuck off, actually.
>After the Soviets broke with Barre in the late 1970s, he subsequently expelled all Soviet advisers, tore up his friendship treaty with the Soviet Union, and switched allegiance to the West.
So it's more like Russia cheated on her with that WHORE Ho Chi Minh, and she went out and shacked up with America, originally out of a desire to get even, but eventually developed actual feelings for him.

>> No.23866665

He was the king of Belgium that was responsible for the colonization of the Congo, which was horrifying in the sheer number of atrocities committed. Its primary export was rubber, which was gathered from gigantic tree-hanging vines by natives that were essentially being enslaved by the state. Besides that, dude had a sweet ass beard.

>> No.23866695


>> No.23866723


>> No.23866790

Omar Al-Bashir even though i have no idea what he ever did

So why Salazar is a nun?

>> No.23866819


I... YES


>> No.23866832

Being a bonafide badass is hell (no one will willingly pay the price only those who have no choice become one).

>> No.23866842

>i have no idea what he ever did
>So why Salazar is a nun?

>> No.23866868

>no one will willingly pay the price
Russians will.

>> No.23866871

Dem puffy shorts

>> No.23866881

>Omar Al-Bashir even though i have no idea what he ever did
He's the current dictator of Sudan and is largely responsible for this genocide.


>> No.23866887

pure undiluted bullshit.

>> No.23866924

>All dem brown girls

Jesus, this is heaven to me
delicious evil genocidial heaven

>> No.23866939

Fuck you Mao. Taiwan strong!

>> No.23867003

Tojo wasn't a dictator
He was just a scapegoat

>> No.23867056

Too bad for you she's a RAGING dyke. Hope you like being NTR'd by Maggie Thatcher.

>> No.23867061

> Have a thing for latin women
> See moe Fidel

I just filled the cup right there.

>> No.23867248

>Tojo wasn't a dictator
>He was just a scapegoat
Regardless of if that's true or not, remember that these are all done by Japanese artists.

>> No.23867255

Mugabe is basically Hale from Hale+Guu.

>> No.23867278

I really wonder how history will remember Fidel Castro.

>> No.23867311

So the only way for a terrible person to be remembered fondly is to become a dictator and hope that Japan turns you into a woman?

Sounds bleak.

>> No.23867329

Truly, the best of all possible worlds.

>> No.23867332

Not true

Hitler wasn't a dictator for example

>> No.23867335

>White maids
I didn't think you could make the man more racist, then they added a dash of where the white women at.

>> No.23867365

here's how.

>> No.23867453

Bullshit: The Animation.

>> No.23867539

How could it be good? There are so few nations that can be overthrown these days, and even fewer where you can establish your own dictatorial quirks and eccentric cult of personality long enough for Japan to find it interesting.

Living long enough to become genderswapped illustrations is hard.

>> No.23867602

Thank god nobody would go for such an obtuse goal in real life.

>> No.23867627


Even if it is Bullshit is still a nice story.

>> No.23867640

>There are so few nations that can be overthrown these days
That really only applies to Europe and North America, and is probably just a temporary condition. At the dawn of the 20th century, nobody would have guessed that every country in continental Europe would be overthrown repeatedly in the next couple decades.

You never know when things will suddenly take a turn for the worse.

>> No.23867651

Becoming a dictator is its own reward. The chance of being immortalized as a cute anime girl is just a bonus.

Also, would a female dictator be drawn as a cute boy?

>> No.23867658

Dunno. There'd have to be one first.

>> No.23867674

Arguably the current ruler of Thailand counts. She was elected, but it's a very politically un-free country.

>> No.23867691

Depends where you go.
Follow the directions in >>23864385 and you'll find yourself in a town where you can do pretty much anything you want, as long as you're willing to pay your bribes.

>> No.23867752

Should I join up with a delivery group? Where do I get a gun in thailand?

>> No.23867754

>dat outfit
Looks like she's already been turned into an anime girl.

>> No.23867764

Fucking around in south asia: A book written by anon

>> No.23867786

>Where do I get a gun in thailand?
There's a little shop in town, ask around for Praiyachat. Guy does great custom work, and has a really good selection.

>> No.23867860

Oh god no. Saddam. I haven't heard that name since Iraqi Freedom.

>> No.23867913

that is being a little unfair to Otpor.
those guys were MUCH smarter than the 99% occupy movement

>> No.23867915


Careful on who you mingle with though, you have no idea who owes the bartender a lot of money...

>> No.23867925

>Oh god no. Saddam. I haven't heard that name since Iraqi Freedom.
Mostly because there's no Saddam anymore.

>> No.23867936

In the immortal words of Dos Gringos:
That fat old bastard is dead and gone.

>> No.23867955

What the hell man, Atatürk wasn't a dictator, he created one of the few countries that is fairly great to live in in that part of the world today.

>> No.23867957

Nothing inspires confidence in a nation's legal system quite like a bunch of thugs in ski-masks hanging a guy in a dimly lit room...

>> No.23867968

Technically, any rule by a single individual is a dictatorship.

>> No.23867975

Sounds great.

>> No.23867999

Would you get the PC label by having served in an actual conflict? Or would you just be a generic soldier?

>> No.23868004

I'd advise a SIG. Reliable, accurate, available in a wide range of calibers, and nobody notable in town uses 'em yet, so you'll be memorable if for no other reason than being "That guy with the bitchin' SIG."

>> No.23868037

Depends on what you did.
Corporal Rob Furlong? Definitely a PC.
PV2 D*****l S******d B******e (name censored because I'm not gonna toss a friend's name around online)?
Not a PC, just an NPC Technical Engineer.

>> No.23868051

That's definitely the definition of dictator. I'm still right.

>> No.23868060

The man with the silver SIG.

>> No.23868085

>taking a fancy epithet for yourself
>in Roanapur
Better start wearing body armor and a cup, because you just doomed yourself to being comic relief. Good new is you'll probably get to live with/be the personal toy of two hot women.

>> No.23868100


I'd say go double hand with something sexy. However, an automatic is out. Unless you go into something that's a .45 or maybe go with revolvers?

As the band Red Rider says, Nothing cooler than Cowboys in Hong Kong (just sub HK for Thailand)


>> No.23868128

You want sexy?
How's this?

>> No.23868149

Russians didnt have a choice, being born is forced upon you

>> No.23868162

Couldn't be THAT bad. But I might not know who you're talking about. I haven't watched past season one due to the disks not arriving in the mail.

>> No.23868173


"Hi I'm impractical in every situation due to excessive barrel length"

Sexy should be practical Anon.

>> No.23868185

Yes, but Spetsnaz is what happens when a normal Russian decides to be MORE badass.
In the words of Earl harbinger "Nikolai's a badass Russian. Badass Russians only have three emotions. Revenge, depression, and vodka."
He was making a joke about The Wizard.
Tell that to everybody's favorite little nun from Langley.

>> No.23868275

Oh boy. It's like a nerd. A nerd who became a mercenary. I should use this in my next game.

>> No.23868285

what a doll!

>> No.23868295


Let me be more precise.

This is sexy.

>> No.23868327

Enjoy your six rounds, scrub. I'll just sit over here and be the sexiest god damn 9 ever built.

>> No.23868343

i gotta go with stallin, the cute girl that's in WAY over her head and losing it as it all comes crashing down... wonder what that says about me

>> No.23868356



Let me give you my spare stopping power from my .357 bro.

I only got 6 shots because I only need to kill 6 men at once. After that, everyone is smart enough to leave me alone.

>> No.23868357

>dat first model
>dat obscenely high quality construction

>> No.23868369

also look out for the crazy's

>> No.23868376

>stopping power dick measuring
Well if we're gonna have THAT competition, lemme introduce you to my brother, Bren Ten.

>> No.23868398

>stopping power
Listen buddy, if you can hit your target right, pretty much any non-anemic gun will do. There's a reason nobody uses .357 in wars.

>> No.23868410


Both of you are retards.


>> No.23868423

we would need a nuke to stop her rampage...

>> No.23868425


This ain't war son, this is personal protection. If some asshole wants my stuff, I'll fix him with a fist sized hole in his chest.

>> No.23868442


>> No.23868445

>stopping power
It was a retarded urban myth in 1975 and it still is today; except that during the intervening period, it's been disproved ad nauseam.

Back then people who believed in "stopping power" were merely stupid and ignorant. Today it's practically anti-knowledge, of the "CIA invented AIDS" or "black people came from the moon" sort.

>> No.23868454


A man has his preferences regardless of how it is justified. Fact or not.

>> No.23868456

Mozambique drill and much faster reloads, buddy.

>> No.23868475


Being good with superior weapons is less impressive than being good with inferior weapons.

Because if I am in a gunfight with a knife, and win... That is immensely more badass.

>> No.23868481

>/tg/ talking about shit that doesn't involve sitting in a basement and playing games

Yeah, no, this never turns out well. Especially in regards to firearms and martial arts and such.

>> No.23868495

Doesn't change that he's claiming to be an expert on practicality while fellating the ol' .357. If he REALLY wanted STOPPAN POWAH he'd go with >>23868376
.357 Magnum 158 gr. Buffalo Bore heavy delivers 1,049 joules of force.
10mm auto 155 gr. Underwood TMJ Full Metal Jacket delivers 1,190 joules.

>> No.23868497

Who is this? Sauce?

>> No.23868511

I forget name but it is a got bondage scene

And she has a dick

>> No.23868522

Over a hundred years, and still the sexyist

>> No.23868523

Yes, and?
You were saying that 9mm isn't practical.
Now when I point out that Mozambique Drills, high capacity, and fast reloads make it at least as practical as your precious magnum, you're changing your tune.
See, if you just prefer .357, that's fine, but don't go shittin' on other rounds just because they aren't what you prefer.

>> No.23868524

you are the worst person

>> No.23868527


>> No.23868528


Some people are not exclusive to /tg/ you know.


However, this man is correct. A .357 may be sexy, but its not as practical to an auto these days.

I still prefer revolvers myself

>> No.23868540

Yeah, they make one of those chambered for best millimeter, too.

>> No.23868558


You're right. I am at fault here. I cannot win my argument with what I have. But to my defense, we are talking about a crazy mid-90's animu here.

>> No.23868567

True. But if you're embracing the crazy, then there's no reason not to go all out with it, and make everybody's day.

>> No.23868578

>mozambique drills
>having to shoot twice

Doesn't that completely invalidate the point of having a higher capacity?

>> No.23868584

not a pistol but if reliability = sexy then this baby wins hands down

>> No.23868603


And you gotta admit, if Revy hung up the cutlasses for one episode for two Model 29's... that would be pretty sexy.

Have the speed loaders ready, flinging the cylinders open and close. Aww yeh.

>> No.23868674

Well yeah, but even in Roanapur you're not gonna walk down the street with an AK in a tactical sling. Unless you're with Hotel Moscow. And even then only if you know you're gonna need it. And then you're probably in a van. Otherwise you'd probably be packin' either a Makarov, a Stechkin, or a Viking.
That would be pretty awesome to watch. Next time Roberta comes to town, she decides "No more fuckin' around?"

>> No.23868682

they also have chimps that now know how to work Machetes and Ak's

>> No.23868715

why on earth would I want to do that?

>> No.23868729

I honestly thought I was on /k/ for a second.

>> No.23868765

it was to spite his request for a glorious execution.

>> No.23868798

Oh god, i just imagined a post apocalyptic future where all historic knowldge came from leftovers of Moe-ified dictators and hentalia clones

>> No.23868805

oh god no!

>> No.23868810

That would either be terrible, or wonderful.

>> No.23868850

>Otherwise you'd probably be packin' either a Makarov, a Stechkin, or a Viking

They use Tokarevs. Disgusting. Makarov is much nicer.

>> No.23868926


>> No.23868943


Revy is an unlikable bitch and Black Lagoon is a mediocre anime.

>> No.23868952


5/10 could've tried a little harder but not bad, great image

>> No.23868966


>implying I'm trolling
>implying it isn't the truth

>> No.23868975


Yeah, fuckkin' saved that image. Will use next time I troll

>> No.23869044


Revy is a one dimensional, generic "badass chick" character, with the added "bonus" of being even more unlikable than the average generic, poorly written "badass" female.

Black Lagoon would have been a far, far more watchable anime without her.

Deal with it, nerds~

>> No.23869076


Boy I sure love all of these opinions you are throwing around, I should most definitely take them as total fact without regard for my own personal taste.

>> No.23869092


I just want people to have opinions that aren't shitty, anon.

>> No.23869103

Y'know, I tried to take your post on it's own merits, but all I got out of it was
>I've never read the manga

>> No.23869134


No, no I haven't. If I have to read the manga of an anime to appreciate the anime, that's a bad anime.

>> No.23870190

I've been called being real-life PC once. But it was only thanks to my mental instability.

So, CoC PC here. Living the life.

>> No.23870226

im a real life PC when i go out

sitting in front of your computer is literally the best way to not be a pc, unless you have network security training and programming skills and youre obsessive compulsive about gaming or have a setup more expensive thant he rest of your life

anyway, tldr: go outside and dont be boring

>> No.23870387



Deal with it nerds

>> No.23870561

I wonder if that guy ever realized he was part of a random encounter?

The trick to becoming a real life pc is to dress how ever the fuck you want and keep edging yourself out of your comfort zone until one day you wake up with a wooden leg, a pet iguana and are hurtling through the sky above the Sahara desert in a light aircraft among 3 friends being chased by tribesmen on camels with shotguns.

>> No.23870810

>if I have to read the source material to appreciate the adaptations the whole thing is shit

>> No.23872650

Corruption of Champions, you mean?

>> No.23873005

If he was so good why did he get shitcanned as soon as the war was over?

>> No.23873619

This is probably a long shot,but did you get that from a gemmell book?

>> No.23874433

>one-dimensional "badass chick"

Oh god, I have to bite. I saw the anime recently, never read the manga, and I need to point out to you just how wrong you are.

I was always turned off of Black Lagoon for the exact same reason - from trailers and such, Revy just looked like a "one-dimensional badass chick." But when I watched it, I found out that the show's writers actually understood violence and how it affects people in real life. Revy's problem can be summarized with that old chestnut from Samuel Johnson, "He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man." This is literally what Revy does. When Rock unwittingly reminds her of her humanity in the submarine, by opining that it's wrong to rob a war grave, she starts flipping the fuck out soon after, going full murder-hobo on the neo-nazi ship. Boss Blackman even says as much, and notes that she did the same thing the last time they got a new, non-psychotic hire (Benny the IT man.) This culminates in her TRYING TO MURDER ROCK IN COLD BLOOD in an open-air cafe when he calls her on her shit - and in the ensuing conversation she admits to why; violence is the only thing she knows, the only thing she's good at, and the thing she tries to solve all problems with. It's far easier to be a murderous animal, living like one, then to deal with the emotions and conflicts of being a proper human.

She didn't try to kill Rock because she's "badass." She did it because inside, she's quite weak.

>> No.23874461


Because the British are a bunch of fucking morons who can only trust leadership to a real leader when the danger is not only nigh, but literally kicking down their fucking door. That dumb FUCK Chamberlin comes back blathering about PEACE IN OUR TIME when everyone else is like HEY DUDE, I'M PRETTY SURE THEY WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO RE-ARM AT-FUCKING-ALL, WHADDA YA THINK THEY'VE GOT PLANNED EH BRO?

And then all the whiny cunts who go CHURCHIL WAS INSANE HE WANTED TO ATTACK RUSSIA. As if the untold miseries of the Cold War; including the NARROWLY-AVOIDED NUCLEAR APOCOLYPSE didn't prove him fucking right.

Fuck. Fuck. FUCK.

>> No.23874688

The cult of churchill has convinced people he was an effective and rational leader. The man was a political strongman who had a cult of personality closer to Hitler and Stalin than the role of President.

He was a warmonger what would have been laughed at were he not also faced with another similar warmonger. The fact you think that the cold war proved Churchills point just shows what a shit job people do at teaching history. He didn't have amazing innovative ideas, he was just the only faggot who was dumb enough to want a war after the last one. Which translates to the fallacy that he was smarter than Chamberlain, because Cracked-style pseudo-historians like you don't realize that hindsight is not a legitimate historical perspective.

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