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>My face when I take a Vindicare assassin and a female eldar farseer as an ally and make sure they never leave each other
How much of a faggot am I?

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You're more of a troll than a faggot.

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Considering we just had an LCB thread last night/this morning... not too much of one to me.

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In a scale from one to faggot you get off the charts.

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Not much.

Honestly I think its nice you'd favour spending points on a theme you enjoyed over the mostly likely to grind out a victory army build.

Good for you Op. If more players were like you in my area I'd still be interested in 40K.

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Good job, OP.

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10/10 would devote entire force to killing those two

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I'd probably have my heavy weaponry all aimed at them the first turn.

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I think it's kind of cute. But then I do have a romantic streak which LCB has a habit of tickling.

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I would devote every single unit to killing them as soon as possible. As soon as they both died I'd concede the match.

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Nah, man. The crueler option would be to kill one of them and make sure the other survives the battle.

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That's extra heretical!

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Either of those units are pretty dangerous on their own and honestly I like the idea of their huge romantic climax being ended within an instant by two well placed shots.
Doesn't matter what love they had, they're just dead bodies now like all the rest.

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Y hello thar.

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Too romantic of a death and took far too long.
I'm thinking more of a WW1 living your life and then losing everything the second you go over the top sort of thing.
Also that movie was hilariously bad.

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I agree, I'd have a laugh and enjoy playing against you.

So why are the blueskins disco rather than jazz themed?

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Well jazz can be far too sulky or have connotations of negativity to them.
Disco is endless state mandated happiness.

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Your decision is respectable. I myself have similar, if more arcane traditions. The narrative that emerges from your army is the greatest appeal of 40k, at least to me.

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Disco actually was considered ideologically opposed to punk rock- punk rock fans famously despised disco as being feel good, soulless and politically apathetic.

I think Tau Disco in light of this is kind of brilliant and would explain why so many 40k players dislike Tau- it's just a rehash of a conflict from forty years ago. 40k (originally) was quite punk inspired, and many people have often talked about how Tau don't fit, so...

Did LCB ever finish?

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>There will never be a continuation of LCB
>They will never leave the rape shack
>They will never ride off into the sunset

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Never thought that deeply about it, but yeah it makes sense.

Also I think LCB is ded.

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I once played a game in which I had a paragraph written for each guardsmen in the army. It was a small paragraph, just what their names were, where they came from, were they married, how many siblings they had, what they had wanted to be as children, something special about each of them.

Then I just checked them off at random in my notebook as I took casualties flinging line after line of footguard at the Tau. At the end of it, as I stood victorious over the shattered ruin that was his army, having bayoneted dozens of fire warriors and kroot, dragged down power-suits and broadsides and vehicles, and brutalized their tender occupants, having won entirely, I picked up the book, and read who had died. I have a thing for ruining victories for myself.

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A farseer and a vindicare option is pretty good thinking about it. Farseer give the vindicare rerolls or something.

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>not spending your soldiers' lives as casually as their ammunition

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Someone whould write rules for having the both of them as a character unit or something.

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That's really awesome actually.

Did you keep the veterans for the next battle, and then add in fresh recruits to replace those lost?

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Every night I go to sleep listening to the Soviet National Anthem, to try and grow more Russian so that I can.

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What army would take them? Both eldar and Imperium would despise them.

They would make a cool mercenary team, but 40k fluff seems to rigid to allow anonymous mercenaries that are handed payment and not asked questions.

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It was an excessive amount of work. For a while I had a system where I only used names, and would transcribe them to the next page in the book, filling in the lost blanks with new names. But I never checked to see who had survived for how long, because it would be too depressing.

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Ah, fair enough. You could make a quick little program though to generate them, and make it so you can edit the output for survivors to personalize them more.

Actually, I'm going to go do that for myself. RIGHT NOW. FUCK 4CHAN.

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I'm about as computer literate as a Bosnian goatherd, or I'd try that.

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Allies? Or just house-rule it.

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Try doing it with rolling tables and the copy/paste function, that's about as low tech as it gets.

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WS:8 BS:8 S:4 T:4 W:2 I:7 A:4 Ld:10

Wargear: Blind Grenades, Exitus Pistol, Exitus Rifle, Synthskin.

Good start?

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This is... Amazing. I'm totally going Spoon River Anthology on my guardsmen soon as I have them all in one place again.

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I thought they didn't have female farseer models?

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Good start.

I think also worth noting they should only have special abilities when they're both alive. Maybe roll a table if one or the other dies to change what they'll do as well. Emphasis on a duo.

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Green stuff works wonders.

Is that a regular temple assassin statline? Because JESUS.

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I am getting in to the hobby because of ally rules so I can run IG + Eldar.

Until I heard that I could do so, I had no interest in 40k. I still don't care for the setting, though.

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Well, war is 80% bureaucracy.

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Forgot the save. 4+ invulnerable save, move through cover, fearless, and fleet of foot.

Would ammo choices be available for the exitus rifle?

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Same as normal. So yes.

LIIVI would be a normal Vindicare for all intents and purposes, maybe +1W for being a named character and special rules for Love Can Bloom, but no other statline deviations.

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Other guy? Are you still here? If not, I'll take over.

I'll need a bit of help for special rules. That, and I still need to find the latest eldar codex. Looking looking.

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Mankind's Oldest Dream: While LIVI is an HQ choice for your army, Eldar allies count as Battle Brothers

Okay, so we're done with his special abilities.

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Same guy; other special rules are as normal for vindicare. Someone get his point costs for equipment and the like.

Speaking of, where does one find the current stats for a Vindicare?

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Codex: Grey Knights.

>> No.23850899

Grey Knights codex.

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god fuck damn titty nipples Hell of a day for me to be away from my books.

What are the stats of an Eldar farseer again?

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...Any anon kind enough to remind me from where on earth LCB is?

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...let me prephrezae that: Why LCB ...bloomed

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LCB is from /tg/. Pure, jan-yoo-wine unfiltered from near the beginning of the board /tg/.

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Pleasure to meet you Sgt Bastonne.

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They probably should have a special rule that they can distribute damage between each other if in cohesion, ignoring rules about whoever's closest.

Also, LIIVI should be able to fire on targets from Taldeer's line of sight due to psyker fuckery.

If one or the other dies, roll a d6

1, 2, 3) They're down, but not dead! The other keeps fighting as normal, without special abilities.
4) They're wounded, and fading fast. Surviving model tries to withdraw with the other off of the board.
5) They're dead. Catatonic shock sets in. Surviving model is unresponsive for two turns.
6) They're dead. BERSERKER RAGE. Surviving model must move towards closest enemy model and assault when within range.

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A huge one, since LCB wasnt even that good.
Granted, I do the same thing with an ogryn and a SoB, so I cant talk

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Oh snap.

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I cried bitter manly tears after Bob and Garv.

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Wargear: Rune Armour, Ghosthelm, Shuriken Pistol, Singing Spear, Runes of Warding and Witnessing, Spirit Stones.

What Psychic level should she have? Level 3?

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Actually, her stats should be similar to her Father, Eldrad.

And should we stat up Lofn as well?

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me too ;_;

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In my homebrew DH sector, there is an ogryn world, with no permanant structures bar the one templum to the emperor.
The Magestic (to the ogryns, who dont know better) Cathedral of St Gav

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I was going to say "Don''t you mean with an ogryn and a servitor" but.. Then I felt bad...
I want guard allies for my sisters now...

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Whoa man, let's not go crazy here- Eldrad is kind of a big fucking deal in Eldar circles, and though Taldeer should be skilled, I don't think she should be ELDRAD skilled.

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It's not even canon that the two are related. Fuck off with this fanwank

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I love disco and I love punk.


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Which canon?

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You will be as Icarus and fly too close to the funk and have your polyester melt!

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Eldrad is tougher than other farseers because he's old and turning into crystal.

That's his only statline distinction.

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I honestly think that LIIVI and Taldeer should be generic or even a little bit sub par examples of their craft that only get special bennies being around each other.

Whole greater than the sum of its parts and all.

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Together, they are more than just the sum of their parts.

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Taldeer claims she has seen her death for ten times the life of a space Marine.

Space Marines can live up to 1000 years.

So a little math : 10X1000 = 10000!

She was present at the fall and one of the oldest Eldar in the galaxy.

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But....both of them are dead.

LIVI was killed by Thule and Taldeer was tortured to death by Kyras.

Really says something when Relic hates your fuction

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... Wait, Thule killed LIVI? When?

>> No.23854224

The battle of Victory Bay.

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Trusting the lies of the xenos now are we?


>> No.23854227

And Angry Marines aren't canon, so? Might as well have fun with the thought experiment of statting them up.

>> No.23854231

What is shit is that you have to run fucking grey Knights to use assassins now. Give me 2nd and 3rd ed rules where I can run them with any Imperial army!

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It is the truth!

>> No.23854262

Agreed. I really liked my Guard-counts-as-Mechanicus army having a really good long range squad pinner god damn it.

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Freedom never sleeps.

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First turn i would tachyon arrow, leaving me to easily win the game

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What a lovely way to begin any discussion, with animosity right out the gate.

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My favorite part about LCB is the loli lesbo mind and body rape

>> No.23856243

man if that's the thing where Lofn is broken by the SoB


That was a bad end. Bad end.

>> No.23856266

>Bad end.
More like Rad end.

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I've seen some grimdark shit and laughed it off but not this man

>> No.23856332

Cool story bro.

>> No.23856342

What can I say, I liked it.

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>mfw still no fanart of Love Bloomed in Her Mouth

>> No.23856395

Well, I know where my Earthshaker shots are going.

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that gif is fucking awesome

>tfw you will never have a solid slug game based on 40k

>> No.23856464


I like how everyone but the comissar has ear protection and covers their ears with their hands too.

You think they loudly crack jokes about the emperor behind him just because they know they can get away with it?

>> No.23856493

>You play as Randy, a Scout of the Raven Guard against Tyranids/ Traitor Guard and Necrons

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You're not just a faggot, you're a wonderful faggot. You're my favorite faggot.

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>mfw she probably got put into a wraithseer

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Different anon, but I guess you could have one more.

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Her heart was pounding in her chest and her head was spinning as her hand grasped his cock again. What am I doing? She thought. She closed her eyes for a second; almost as if this was just a weird dream ... something from a wild fantasy, never to be thought of in the light of day. She almost hoped it was a fantasy. However, when she opened her eyes LIIVI’s cock was still staring her in the face.
It's so big, she thought. The girth and length of the mon-keigh’s cock simply amazed her. Her fingertips could barely touch. Suddenly she gave a start when she felt LIIVI's hand on her head.
She looked up and saw that his eyes were closed and his mouth was open. Then she felt pressure on the back of her head, drawing her face closer to him. This was crazy, insane…she thought. Yet, she put up only a moment of resistance before allowing him to draw her lips closer and closer to his swollen cock. A second later her lips were touching the dripping head. With a flick of his hips, she felt his cock part her lips and enter her mouth.
"Ohhhhh…. Taldeer…" LIIVI moaned.
"Mmmmphhh," the Farseer answered, making a weak attempt to pull her head back. She felt LIIVI's fingers entwine in her hair, holding her gently, but firmly, in place. A moment later she could taste the juice dripping from the head. "Mmmmm," she moaned as the sweetness reached her taste buds. It was the first time she had ever had a cock in her mouth. She began to suck.

>> No.23857791

"Yes," LIIVI hissed.
The room quickly filled with the sucking sounds coming from Taldeer's lips.
LIIVI gasped, his hips beginning to move slowly back and forth in a rhythmic motion.
Taldeer grasped the back of LIIVI's thighs, her nails unintentionally digging into his flesh. Her head followed the movement of his hips. There was no longer any hesitating. She had longed to do this to him since she first laid eyes on him. Never in her wildest imagination would she have believed that she would be doing it to a mon-keigh. Her mind could not process the enormity of that. Instead, she allowed illicit pleasure to rush through her like an uncontrolled daemon. It blocked all rational or moral thought from her mind. The feel, the smell, and the taste of LIIVI's cock were like aphrodisiacs, overcoming any shred of resistance she had left. She was floating on a wave of sensuality like she had never felt before. There was a ringing sound in her ears. Suddenly, she felt LIIVI's legs trembling and heard him moaning something. It sounded far away.
"Taldeer…," LIIVI gasped. "I'm ... I'm ... going ... to ... cum," he warned.
She heard the words, but it took seconds to register. When she realized that he was close to climaxing, instead of pulling away, she sucked harder. Then she felt LIIVI's body tense. In the back of her mind she knew what was happening. But now instead of reluctance, she wanted him to cum. It was crazy, perverted, but she wanted it ... wanted the human's sperm in her mouth ... wanted to swallow his cum. She moaned deep in her throat.

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Love Bloomed in Her Mouth

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And that's how Lofn was born

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>> No.23861475

From a blowjob? No wonder she is so retarded.

>> No.23861521

Dat's the twist: Eldar procreate via giving delicious mouth hugs.
Poor poor LIVII thinking he was practicing safe sex, now he's gonna live with Taldeer in a trailer park on some redneck craftworld with a thousand babies. Probably gonna sit out on the porch shooting at squirrels with his Exitus Rifle and watch grav-tank Nascar

>> No.23861537

Right. Eldar don't have sex, they only have blowjobs. Coitus isn't sex, it's a pussy blowjob.

>> No.23861572

is your story also on 1d4chan ?

>> No.23861586

We all did.

>> No.23861626

what the fuck you went from PROMOTIONS to white trash super quick. You projecting or something?

>> No.23861638

It was a joke, McCarthy, chill out.

>> No.23861654

I liked it
...tell me more about this inbred craftworld

>> No.23861737

Beata my boner...

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>> No.23863550

M dicks are so hard right now

>> No.23863609

Just need to kiss him a little lower now.....

>> No.23863819

Do you guys know if there's any more, or if someone else has carried on? I thought there would be at least a messy finish all over her face or something, and maybe her soul going over to slaanesh, for the immediate gratification of LIVII during round 2.

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>> No.23867303

Taldeer's final moan finally pushed LIIVI to the limit, and he shuddered for a moment before succumbing to carnal bliss. He erupted in a sea of human genes that poured into her throat and she found herself nearly choking on his essence. She slammed her face forward, reaching the base of his groin and driving his rod as far down as she could handle it. This final act made her excited enough to reach her own orgasm, and she leaked her joy through her ceremonial farseer robes worn by her predecessors for the last ten millennium.
To her, this final outburst drove her into a mad frenzy to utterly reduce herself into a sexual being. To finally give in to her mon-keigh lover's lust was dominating her thoughts, consuming her entire existance. The very act itself was a heresy contrary to the natural order of the galaxy itself and Taldeer embraced it, spitting (and swallowing) on everything her conservative Craftworld society taught her. Her soul was even left briefly vulnerable to the grasp of Slaanesh as LIIVI's cum entered her gullet and she felt it merging into her being.
The introspective moment was brought to a halt as more physical needs such as oxygen became pressing. She tried swallowing the first bursts but it was too much for her to handle, as even an Eldar needed to breathe. Eventually she drew back her head and his cock slid out of her mouth covered in lewd juices. However, LIIVI was not yet spent, and Taldeer closed her eyes while he continue to spurt white sperm over her perfect elvish features. When he finally finished, he gazed upon Taldeer's glazed face while she savored the human's salty yet earthy load and consumed it in one sultry and agonizingly slow gulp. Taldeer eyes were filled with afterglow and bliss, while she licked her lips still covered in his fluid before moving onto his sticky member and cleaning him up with her dexterous tongue, which gave LIIVI a final jolt of pleasure.

>> No.23867413

Welp tried to continue that last section, felt it ended too abruptly, feel free to comment or write your own (don't think mine's that great to be honest)
Also, my nostalgia face when Love Bloomed in Her Mouth thread again

>> No.23867521

I'd proofread that if I were you but otherwise, I'd maybe save that thread to post on 1d4chan.

>> No.23868050

>he erupted in a sea of human genes

I just burst in to treats.

>> No.23868079

Lol, yeah I dunno if I should take that out or not.

>> No.23868131

Make it clear that he's cumming down her throat, and not dissolving into a cloud of DNA. Something like, I dunno, "She felt the monkeigh cock tighten, then her mouth filled with a sea of human genes," or some thing like that if you wanted to keep that metaphor.

I dunno. I can't write fapfiction for shit.

>> No.23868145

sounds like a good end in 40k

>> No.23868152

Actually that's pretty good. Yeah I don't write fapfiction almost ever so might as well use that.
I just wish drawfags were still around....

>> No.23868194

When did that get drawn? I don't recognize it.

>> No.23868218

any one write Lofn getting mind/body raped by sisters of battle

>> No.23868235

Oh for the love of fuck, that's the most blatantly transparent post of yours yet.

>> No.23868241

Its already been written. Look up Whips, Oil, and Lofn on 1d4chan.

>> No.23868256

"It's like she's savoring the flavor all over again."
Poor Macha hasn't even lost her mouth virginity lol.

>> No.23868270

I love you

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>> No.23868550

>mfw:This entire thread

>> No.23868618

Its got everything /tg/ has to offer. Manly tears, child rape, and elf porn.

>> No.23868657


That's a bit harsh.
Though not untrue.

>> No.23868666

It wasnt meant as an insult.

>> No.23868702

My body doesn't know how to feel about this.

>> No.23869060

We should write all the things, for science of course.

>> No.23869176

"I can always give you a secondhand taste, dear sister..."

>> No.23870253

I'm disappointed that instead of stats we got fapfiction.

>> No.23870323


What the fuck did they do to Mercutio!?

>> No.23870346


Same here. I want house rules for the two of them so I can play my Female Farseer and Vindicare together.

>> No.23870543

Well, do you have any ideas? We've got the base statline of a Vindicare and an Eldar Farseer already. The only thing would be special rules for the pair operating together.

>> No.23870589

Basically, the two of them count as battle brothers on the alliance charts (Hence Taldeer can use her psy powers to boost LIIVI), and LIIVI get some variant of the bodyguard rule (all hits on Taldeer can be reassigned to him as long as he is witin 6 inches of her, must take up challenges in her stead, gets FnP and Eternal Warrior as long as she's alive).

Shouldn't be even that unbalanced to play without changing their point costs tbh...

>> No.23870602

And forgot: LIIVI cannot move further than 6 inches of Taldeer willingly! He's her fraggin' BODYGUARD, lewd innuendoes mandatory!

>> No.23870611

Well there you go.

Add in the table of PTSD if one of them dies for a drawback, and then add up the points of an assassin and a Farseer.

>> No.23870832 [DELETED] 

First Draft.


WS5 BS5 S3 T3 W3 I5 A2 Ld10 Sv4++

Wargear: Rune Armour, Ghosthelm, Shuriken Pistol, Singing Spear, Runes of Warding and Witnessing, Spirit Stones.

Psychic Level 3. May choose her powers from all disciplines available to the Eldar.


WS:8 BS:8 S:4 T:4 W:2 I:7 A:4 Ld:10

Wargear: Blind Grenades, Exitus Pistol, Exitus Rifle, Synthskin.

Special Rules (for the Pair)

Love Blooms on the Battlefield: the two of them count as battle brothers on the alliance charts (so Taldeer can use her psy powers to boost LIIVI), and all hits on Taldeer can be reassigned to LIIVI as long as he is within 6 inches of her, must take up challenges in her stead, gets FnP and Eternal Warrior as long as she's alive.

Bodyguard: LIIVI cannot move further than 6 inches of Taldeer willingly! He's her fraggin' BODYGUARD, lewd innuendoes mandatory!

>> No.23870861

First Draft for all you fine Fa/tg/uys to check over, suggest ideas and nitpick over.

LIIVI and Taldeer: 265 Points for the pair.

The two must be used as presented here.


WS5 BS5 S3 T3 W3 I5 A2 Ld10 Sv4++

Wargear: Rune Armour, Ghosthelm, Shuriken Pistol, Singing Spear, Runes of Warding and Witnessing, Spirit Stones.

Psychic Level 3. May choose her powers from all disciplines available to the Eldar.


WS:8 BS:8 S:4 T:4 W:2 I:7 A:4 Ld:10

Wargear: Blind Grenades, Exitus Pistol, Exitus Rifle, Synthskin.

Special Rules (for the Pair)

Love Blooms on the Battlefield: the two of them count as battle brothers on the alliance charts (so Taldeer can use her psy powers to boost LIIVI), and all hits on Taldeer can be reassigned to LIIVI as long as he is within 6 inches of her, must take up challenges in her stead, gets FnP and Eternal Warrior as long as she's alive.

Bodyguard: The two of them count as a single unit, and LIIVI cannot move further than 6 inches of Taldeer willingly. He's her fraggin' BODYGUARD, lewd innuendoes mandatory!

Love and Death: If one or the other dies, roll a d6

1, 2, 3) They're down, but not dead! The other keeps fighting as normal, without special abilities.
4) They're wounded, and fading fast. Surviving model tries to withdraw with the other off of the board.
5) They're dead. Catatonic shock sets in. Surviving model is unresponsive for two turns.
6) They're dead. BERSERKER RAGE. Surviving model must move towards closest enemy model and assault when within range.

>> No.23871227

Eh. It'd be hard fitting them in to my army.

Wait. Does this mean that Taldeer can move more than six inches away from LIIVI but LIIVI can't resolve movement more than six inches away from Taldeer? Might want to clarify that a bit.

>> No.23871239

How does Taldeer's brother fit in all of this?

>> No.23871247

iunno. You figure it out.

>> No.23871251


>> No.23871289


no we've got a stat block fucking hell we're not going back to fapfiction.

>> No.23871332


>> No.23871344


>> No.23871345

We never left.

>> No.23871401 [SPOILER] 


>> No.23871464


>> No.23874184

But why don't we stat based off the fapfiction.

>> No.23874350

You mean like a special rule "Get on her knees" and LIIVI regain's one wound and gets +1S and +1BS for the rest of the game.

>> No.23874374

Anyone got the link to the original comic/pastebin?

>> No.23874417

Just google Love Can Bloom and it'll be the 1d4chan link. Careful there are plenty of promotions inbound.

>> No.23874444

Not enough promotions

>> No.23874839

>Implying soldiers are as valuable as ammo

>> No.23875646

Think of what you're doing to the poor Lofn /tg/!

>> No.23875902

>Think of what you're doing to the poor Lofn
Oh Im gonna be thinking about it a lot.

>> No.23875945

So lofn gets laid and macha is still un-bukkaked (but still virgin). Where are the write fags that can save her from such a fate

>> No.23875984

Hope that can't be used cumulatively or that'll be overpowered as fuck.

>> No.23876352


>> No.23877277

i think this can have a bump

>> No.23877409


>> No.23877431

we are preparing her for the horrors of the universe

>> No.23877572

We are also buffing her anal circumference for said horrors.

>> No.23877586

roll for anal circumference

>> No.23877607

Rolled 28 + 50

+50 added for eldar flexibility

>> No.23877757

stop ruining the romantic atmosphere

>> No.23877761

78! Ain't gonna be nothing little about her thats for sure.
Captcha:oursuon succeedess

>> No.23877765

How many corruption points does 4chan deal out?

>> No.23877829

Uh what's not romantic about 2nd base? Maybe it's LIIVI's birthday and she wants to give him a special treat downstairs because she loves her mon-keigh so much. Plus when LIIVI goes back to work, he can brag to all his co-workers what he did to his hawt eldar wife duh.

>> No.23877840

How many do you have?

>> No.23877855


Err... He'd better not brag to his coworkers, they might get an irresistible urge to hav a live shooting range session... With him as the target!

>> No.23877940

>implying facefucking Eldrad's daughter is not grounds for every male friend he has to go "Nice...."
They'd shoot him outta jealousy though I'll give you that.

>> No.23878045

Is it bad that the thought of a human defiling an eldar makes my neckbeard senses tingle with anger.

>> No.23878138

Even in case it's the Big E?

>> No.23878171 [SPOILER] 

The Emperor is a faggot anyway

>> No.23878197


>You will never have a pet Tyranid

>> No.23878201

Oh hey there Eldrad when'd you get here. Well you better not read:
Might raise your bloodlust a little bit.

>> No.23878210

Yep. The defiling of the perfect, pure, immortal space elf and reduce her to, in her peoples eyes, beastiality should make something else tingle.

>> No.23878217

Already did and it made me feel sick

>> No.23878237

Im probably gonna get flak for this, but I never felt like LIIVI and Taldeer had a very loving relationship.

>> No.23878284


>> No.23878313

I'm not into that kind of shit, if anything it just makes me feel depressed

>> No.23878326

Taldeer's only in it for the mon-keigh juice. As previous stories confirm.

>> No.23878328

a lot
bout the same as fucking slaanesh in the ass

>> No.23878339

she could hide a baneblade in there

>> No.23878367

You realize she's an eldar right? The race that fucked so hard they made Slaanesh. Compared to that, a little light oral foreplay is relatively tame, hell she could be a virgin for all you know and just stops it there. After all, I assume she's a consenting xenos adult she can make her own choices.

>> No.23878437


>> No.23878464

She is a perfect, pure, immortal space elf....with jizz on her face. It's just extra, like ketchup on a hot dog.

>> No.23878499

stop it

>> No.23878521

Time for her to get a prison boyfriend so she can smuggle all the things.

>> No.23878586

Lol, I'm sorry. It's just killing me right now heh.
Maybe it'll be good for her complexion, gotta get that protein

>> No.23878589

Or she can just smuggle him out.

>> No.23878611

In fact, the proteins in semen break down some forms of keratin. Regular facials can ease wrinkling and give you finer hair, although you need a whole fucking lot for the latter to work consistently.

>> No.23878628

Anon can you please stop this

>> No.23878676

You not into space elves, boy?

>> No.23878685 [SPOILER] 


>> No.23878687

Lets agree to disagree about our perspectives of eldar reproduction. Cool?
A whole fucking lot you said, excellent huehuehue.

>> No.23878690


Indeed. Everyone knows Chaos make the most tender and skillful Eldar lovers.

One of our Gods knows everything they like, after all.

>> No.23878724

Do chaos space marines even have dicks?

>> No.23878728

suddenly titans
titans everywhere

>> No.23878759

Not that one.

>> No.23878773

>mfw Lofn walks into a human casino and smuggles in a titan legion.
OceansEleven 40k style.

>> No.23878799


Blessed by ruinous powers, their dicks have powers all their own.

>even loyalists love 'em.

>> No.23878829


Creed's already put a couple in there for his next display of Tactical Genius.

>> No.23878833

>"O-oh gods, that volcano cannon is so hot!~"

>> No.23878850

Gawd look at them hips and lips on Macha mhmm. Maybe someone should write up a sequel with Macha tasting some Chaos or Eversor "essence" before her mate knocks out early and can't get it up again

>> No.23878855


Oh, how little you know.


>> No.23878886



>> No.23878924

>implying you wouldn't leave a "deposit" all over Taldeer and take all the photos
You know the true path boy.

>> No.23878952


>> No.23878955


Depends which god they follow.

Khrone: Yes, perma-rageboner.
Nurgle: Maybe, It tends to rot off or be infected to worthlessness.
Tneeztch: Mutated. It may still be useful.
Slaanesh: Several.

>> No.23879006

abbandon finally did it
he won
he had beaten that bastard creed
his enemies are running in fear
but ho
whats this
where once stood a near broken pile of a man
now stands a loli half eldar
well to the victor the spoils
as he prepares to 'sacrifice" her to slaanesh
he feels something
about her
very wrong
by time he notices it is to late
his finale words can be heard beyond the known universe as he is blasted in to nothingness by a legion a titans held in the small girls buttocks
the enemy of the imperium
is dead
then creed emerges from his hiding place among the titans
lights a cigar over the pile of ash that is abbandon
and laughs
"Tactical genius"

>> No.23879021


>> No.23879042

That's dirty

>> No.23879069


>> No.23879070


>> No.23879093

>yfw Creed sent that Vindicare Assassin after the Farseer knowing full well they would never slay each other, and would produce such a potent weapon of the imperium later on. IT WAS ALL PART OF HIS SCHEME ALL ALONG.
>or he just wanted to pedofuck a little eldar hybrid in the anus. IT WAS FATE.

>> No.23879097

thank you
I'll be here all week

>> No.23879125

he knew her anus could hold things of impossible size
he knew

>> No.23879130

That was awesome, thanks anon.

>> No.23879162

/tg/, traditional games and Eldar rectal physiology.

>> No.23879166

just doing my duty to emperor

>> No.23879188

God can someone screencap this. This thread man, good lord. Also those guys talking about dicking eldar, laughing my ass off.

>> No.23879207

A drawfag should make LIVII rubbing Taldeer ears.
I need it for...scientific purposes

>> No.23879227

I agree

>> No.23879241

Yes, scientific purposes. I also request this image for similar purposes.

>> No.23879265

Me too, this thread needs to be archived.

>> No.23879297

then do it noble anon
though I'd enjoy a screen cap as well

>> No.23879300

Man we need to find these artists:
And have them draw that, plus pictures of Taldeer or Macha doing lewd things. Wouldn't take much, just their faces blushing and seductive while covered in "salad dressing" or their mouths full with "human kielbasa"
All I want in life man, then I can die happy.

>> No.23879306

close enough, not mine but from google.

>> No.23879316

I'm an Eldar fan, and I think all these LCB fans are huge sad faggots.

>> No.23879354

I am not noble, just a common anon who has never done this before, anybody who knows how to archive a thread, Pleeeaase help and archive this one.

>> No.23879367

>implying you don't want Taldeer swallowing LIIVI's jizz and using unique Eldar blowjob reproduction to create Lofn, whose anal circumference will save the Imperium during its darkest hour
Typical xenos, do you even read the thread?

>> No.23879375

Really? I've never liked it, but I understood the appeal, at least.
What really creeped me out was the fans of >>23879306

>> No.23879376

gimme a name and I shall do it

>> No.23879377

You mad because your inferior race is receiving the Descartes philosophy

>> No.23879384


>> No.23879393


Yeah, and I still think you're a huge faggot who always has a hand on his dick.

>> No.23879426


Half-Eldar have been in the setting since Rogue Trader days. I just don't like poorly written fanfics and pathetic fags who lap that shit up.

>> No.23879460

Because you will eventually succumb to the eldar lust, it is unavoidable. I'll bet you'll never even be able to eat a glazed donut again without even thinking of sexy little Taldeer or Macha enjoying their white organic showers.

>> No.23879485


Dawn of War really brought a lot of cancer into the hobby.

>> No.23879492

I have this comic.

>> No.23879506

Nah, we need Lofn deploying titans from her ass.

>> No.23879507

Thought that Warhammer was all about war .
Care to explain their lore?

>> No.23879523


>> No.23879527

I just archive it

>> No.23879536


>> No.23879538

See, I was conflicted. Because I fucking love elven earplay, you have no fucking clue how much I love elven earplay, but all the rape and mindbreak disturbed the fuck out of me. And then he went and retconned her into jailbait and that just made it worse.

>> No.23879543

Lol getting this mad already? Anyways, the original guys are gone, this thread is like 3 days old. We all new people, now get your eldar women on your knees and let the magic happen.

>> No.23879554

Reading the Xenology it would be impossible since the bodies of a Eldar works totally different from a human.

>> No.23879567

Where'd you archive the thread? Chanarchive is down, but I think foolz is still up.

>> No.23879575

It's a good thing Xenology is third party then.

>> No.23879578

Wait, where's this from? Earplay gets my machinespirit revved up.

>> No.23879589


>> No.23879590


I don't care, I'm still mad. You guys are just as bad as Tau Diapergirls.

>> No.23879592

How in the nine fucks the space marines allowed it?
If the Deathwatch see it, they will go full retard on him

>> No.23879611

If them Eldar got a mouth and a bum, humans are gonna have a go at it. They've done worse.

>> No.23879620

I mean the geneseed was from a human, how it didn't get rejected?

>> No.23879621

I dunno maybe "Eldar Vindicare 2013", I know it`s crap but I can`t think of anything better, maybe just "tg/Eldar thread"

>> No.23879657

He's not a space marine. He's an astropath.

>> No.23879659

Not >>23879543
but while I won't advocate for those diaper guys, I don't think there is any real need to get upset. Eldar aren't real after all, so nothing is really getting defiled. Let the fappers fap, its a free country.

>> No.23879662

Suptg, The Commissar and Marcia. Drawquest that abruptly died one day. Started with earplay, then tried to have a plot, then just died.

>> No.23879692

Doesnt make it any less of a creepy fetish.

>> No.23879702

but name love can bloom turned to ass smuggling titans

>> No.23879705

>/tg/ learns about Lofns Anal Circumference

>> No.23879706

>If something isn't real it can't be defiled

>> No.23879707

The images show him wearing a power armor, that means he have all the Space Marine implants

>> No.23879722


That's a shitty name for your product, and a shitty place for the label.

>> No.23879734

It's par for the course on here. I mean we were just talking about elves having sex, not like some /d/ stuff that goes around.

>> No.23879766

I meant the eldar rape, not the eldar blowjobs.

>> No.23879771

It's 1st edition. There was no black carapace back then.

>> No.23879774

Lots of people in 40k-land wear power armor, blockhead.

>> No.23879786


I don't want lewd shit here. It belongs on /d/

>> No.23879812


>> No.23879863

>implying eldar don't always want it.
Xeno-lovers like you are why the race is always dying, you should be more like your more successful Dark Eldar cousins.
Shamefur dispray.

>> No.23879899


Dark Eldar clone themselves. Dark Eldar have less kids than Craftworld Eldar.

>> No.23879905


>> No.23879976


Get your crossboard shit to /d/. /tg/ would be so much better if you took out all the porn and fetishism.

>> No.23880002 [DELETED] 


You need some Jesus.

>> No.23880050

"It's always excuses with you Eldrad, this lack of testosterone is why your females are forced to procreate with backwater animals"
-Children like you are why I'm glad we died out.

>> No.23880055 [DELETED] 



>> No.23880074


Don't start the fake persona shit, it's a grimdark setting.

>> No.23880117

No need to take it seriously.

>> No.23880126

That may be the most blasphemous pic ever.

>> No.23880169


I don't. I know it's a grimdark setting. So I know that the Eldar are doomed to suffer.


Jesus fucking Judas is worse.

>> No.23880336

Were these drawn just for this thread? Because if not, they fit way too perfectly. Good pictures too.

>> No.23880376

No, I think they were left overs from previous threads. They might still be around.

>> No.23880494

Previous threads? Any chance these threads were archived?

>> No.23880963

There hiave been multiple stories where Macha has been in a romantic relationship, hasn't there?
One with a Commisar, I believe there was.

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