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New 40K player looking for some advice:

I'm having difficulties deciding on an army to build. I'm kind of into the idea of having a super choppy army. I also enjoy Kharn. So should I go Chaos Marines? Or are they terrible and should be shunned.

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Chaos is about as choppy as it gets in the current game. At least, without sucking.

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Cool stuff. What do you happen to play and why? Just out of curiosity.

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CSM main + IG allies.

I run a Chaos Lord with Mark of Khorne, Juggernaut, Axe of Blind Fury, and Sigil of Corruption, which is basically the Factory Standard Khorne Lord.

Two Rhino-mounted Berzerkers as troops.

Havocs with Autocannons.


IG Infantry Platoon.


Put those together, and you get a solid Chaos army that has assault threats.

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Chaos is also good because you can choose your mileage on how much you give a shit about the hobby. If you have a big plot-boner, you can have a plotty army. If you like customizing, they're fantastic for conversions and sculpts and crazy color schemes. If you just like battles, battle on - and there's plenty of general-powered units to be functional without being an ace at tactics. You also never have to worry about being ignored by GW for decades.

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Going up against IG with my CSM. Anyone got any tips?

I was thinking of bringing noise marines in groups of ten. They should mow down guardsmen in droves.

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