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stupid weapons thread.
I discovered that folder of mine, and tg haven't had one of those thread for a while.
so lets begin.

Bonus question, what incredibly stupid/original/strange melee or sorta melee weapon would you suggest for a Brujah from a VTM LARP?

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check this


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It may look stupid, but imagine punching someone in the face with a circular saw. That'd be badass.

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That is a hilarious image.

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An anchor sword.

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What the hell is that even supposed to be?

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a portable axe

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Collapsible axe

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I prefer 'tactical hatchet'

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bubble sword?
it lets you kill enemies in a cute way?

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Needs more single family dwellings in that sword.

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That one is actually pretty fucking badass and doable.
It doesn't fit the steampunk world in the slightest but it's still pretty damn cool.

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The way it's being used, I'd say it's more of a dispenser for a magical focus. See how it makes that magic circle in the air? I'm betting that that girl's a wizard of some kind.

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>trench shovel
I bet you lost WWI

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Poor man's gatling gun. I might use something like this in Only war if the players ever have to stamp out a rebellion.

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Shit, I thought it was a saxophone

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I don't think swinging giant gyroscopes around is ever a good idea.

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I nostalgia'd.
Thank you.

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Awesome weapon thread?

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That's why you don't swing them.
You send jabs & uppercuts with them.

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And take care to not get into a situation where you need to turn around.

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This thread is not over yet.

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Buzzsaw shield/katar? This is just brilliant.

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I assume there's probably a throttle on it. You can probably shut it off completely when you need to not have a motor pulling on your arm

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Does Hellboy know that some old lady stole his gun?

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I have no pics, but honestly fucking twinlinked weapons look stupid as all hell to me.

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That's not a gun, that's an amputation device designed to take off the arm of anyone dumb enough to use it.

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Look again, the trigger is to far from the grip, that thing can't be fired with the same hand that holds it. Clearly it is meant to take off both arms.

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I know.

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That's not gonna help you much if a guy jumps you from your left. Spinning it up/down would create all kinds of torque as well.

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But then what's the point?

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Maybe it's two-directional. Have you seen the RWBY trailers? They use momentum in all kinds of bizarre ways.

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I don't think it has a point.

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knifepunchgun is top tier.

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The whatnow trailers?
But yeah, using two blades might actually help.

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Oddly enough, this is the right thread to point that.

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RWBY (pronounced "Ruby"). It's a new show from Rooster Teeth, headed up by Monty Oum (of Haloid and other things.) It seems so far to just be about improbable weapon users.

Here's the red trailer.

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Behold, the most useless sword in existence.

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Shut the fuck up.

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That'd be great for farming kills.

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Get on my level.

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Batum tish-tish.

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I love the scythe rifle. It's unrealistic as fuck but I play exalted so realism is kinda thrown out the window anyway.

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That would shoot horse straight in the ass.

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What now.

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It's best when she puts in the propulsion rounds

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Good God, this is like the action equivalent of cheap porn. There's no tension, no excitement, it's just 5 straight minutes of watching someone being "Badass".

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what if the circular saw on a stick with a motor?

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I believe that is the Colt Single Action No. 2, made in 1904, if anyone wants to start scouring Ebay.

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So, who wants to go bird hunting?

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I do.

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Damnit, now I want to play exalted.

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I don't give a shit for the red one, but the white girl's a great concept for a video game.

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Chuck Norris? What is this, 2002?

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No, it isn't. The idea is as stupid as it looks.

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It's clunky, overly complex, you'll wind up spending half the game debating over what rules mean, and what charms do, and it's all so fucking worth it.

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>not wanting to punch someone with a circular saw

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I think he meant it was a stupid weapon.

Perhaps the stupidest.

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Yeah, pretty much. I have hope for the new Exalted edition but it's too early to tell anything and the hints they've dropped are too lacking in substance at this point (not that I blame them, no point in releasing early info if they're just going to change it anyway).

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I want this gun. I want it so bad.

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Damn it, now I want a demonic pentagram gun

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We all do.

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Anyone ever watch that spaghetti western "Sabata"? The main character has a gunthat was another barrel inside the handle, for when he runs out of bullets in the main chamber

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Wow, phone. "A gun that has"*

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I have been wondering the name of that movie for what I believe is half of my life by now.

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I think you mean BEST weapon

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Too late.

Gunhats are now the thing.

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this shit is fucking awesome.
where the hell is a devil so i can sell him my soul

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>Demonic pentagram
It would have one part longer than the others lrn2symbols

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Old-tyme tacticool.

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>Harpoon peppergun
Is this love?
that I'm feeling?
Is this the love that I've been searching for.

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I... what? Why is there a candle?

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you dare so much?

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For shooting in the dark.

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It's the tac-light, of course! For clearing dark stables of hidden rustlers.

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Sup bitches.

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My first thought was that it was to light the alcohol-soaked bullets on fire or something.

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Ladies and gentlemen; I give you, INDIA.

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So you can be a Hot-shot

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flail with a razor blade

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>mace with hidden sword

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>Magic sword with a baboon/snake spirit
>That can turn into a razorwhip
>And give you powers

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Go home.

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Dohohoho, you funny guy. I kill you last.

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op here
i knw im persistent
is need to convince the LARP ST of VTM to let me use something idiotic
what would you suggest and how?

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15/10 for badassary, 4/10 for actual usefulness.

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What indeed. It's clearly one of Talim's weapons.

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I like this one better

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Polish drunken ingenuity at it's best.

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What exactly am I looking at here?

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But mine is more useless because no trigger.

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that thing would shatter after 2 or 3 swings.

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>Actual usefulness
Knowing back in that time, and place...that was probably the only thing you could get.

It's like katana, you guys have to think that for that time, place, materials and use, katana were awesome.

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I fucking love how orky some of these designs are.

Some have lods of dakka.

And some have tons a choppy too.

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Is just a evolution of the old underbarrel greande laucher.

IIRC the "sight" at the top was for programming the grenade fuze

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World's first laser gun made in russia during the space age.

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Yeah, but it's made for dex characters, so dodge and quick attacks.

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>please plant an explosive on my tracks

>> No.23840223

Not really. Palm wood is quite light and springy. You could wack people with that all day and it would stay in once piece. The teeth might get pretty well chipped, but of course nobody's got armor around there anyway.

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Its FELIN,the french future warrior system.Dunno if its actually good but that scope looked like something out of 90s low budget sci fi.

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Luca's sword is made of melted angels and is explicitly made to be non-lethal.

So yes, sort of. It's more like a police baton than a sword in functional use. Except with magic sealing properties.

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>please, you don't even need to aim...I'm fucking huge.

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>Yfw you're a nigger and someone passes you the cammo paint.

>> No.23840258


Not to mention you have to consider how much of a bitch it is to take fucking shards of shark teeth or obsidian out of your body with the only thing close to a doctor is your fucking shaman.

>> No.23840262

>melted angels

>Martyrium rresonn
Is that what's it called, captcha?

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>> No.23840280

These look like Hammerli pistols, mauufactured for target shooting. They funny grip in the first is actually pretty comfortable once fitted to your hand. Not quite so sure about the second, though.

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>> No.23840283


Most black people don't have the same skin colour as charcoal.

>> No.23840298

>pistol-kun, you can't be a rifle, you aren't old enough
>b-but rifle senpai...

>> No.23840303

>not realising skin oils and sweat can make your face stick out once the sun starts reflecting off of it.

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>> No.23840320

Fun thing, Mosasaurs became the dominant shallow water predator in just a few million years, making giant sharks extinct (until they "reevolved" when whales appeared), and changing plesiosaurs into ocean hunters.

And then, they had no more enemies left. But they still evolved extremely fast.

Because they started killing eachother.

So they kept getting bigger, and tougher and stronger...

If that comet hadn't hit, everything in the ocean would be mosasaur, or small animals. No whales. No big sharks. Just mosasaurs.

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>they dodge it
>remove own face

>> No.23840348

Looks like something that'll be in Bayonetta 2

>> No.23840357

We future now.

>> No.23840360

Oh god, that's *almost* a magazine-fed Shortstop pistol right there.

>> No.23840372

If that is what I think it is, that was the first gun I've ever fired.

>> No.23840395

Bereta NEOS.

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Yes. Melted angels. Luca is a cute shota who fights monstergirls that rape men. His goddess prohibits relations with monstergirls, and many of them choose to rape dudes 'cuz they're giant inhumanly powerful monster girls. Same thing happens to Luca if he loses a fight.

He befriends a Lamia princess who rules over a monstergirl nation, and has been fighting the goddess for a good while. He refuses to kill monstergirls with his sword, so she gives him that one.

It's made of angels that were captured and melted down into a sword. It's designed to seal monstergirls into harmless forms. He *cannot* kill a monstergirl with it. Ever, by design. Because he doesn't want to kill that sweet booty.

He also has elemental powers gained from defeating some elemental spirits in battle, but that's a separate thing. They're basically monstergirls that give you powers if you beat them.

>pcaover speculation

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Yep, it is.

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>> No.23840461

How else do you plan to shoot ruffians in the dead of night?!

>> No.23840465

When is part 3 coming out?

Because despite that it's a shitgame, and has a dumb story, it's very funny, actually interesting... and it's good for spanking the monkey too...

>> No.23840470

What HEATHEN would strip an obrez?

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>> No.23840483

You clearly haven't actually played it for any length of time. It has it's faults sure, and it's certainly not an easy game to get into.
But the core Attribute + Ability system is one of the best RPG systems out there, the charm trees are flavourful and well designed.

>> No.23840485

Do you guys want some homemade guns?

>> No.23840503

Worse things lurk in the dark corners of our world.

>> No.23840515

>as versatile as a six-armed monkey
My sides where stolen by a gorilla

>> No.23840534

That sounds like a recipe for a very painful, or very sudden, death.
In other words please continue.

>> No.23840549

Just wait until laserguns become common.

Can you imagine what happens when Jimmy Billy Bolly botches up his powerpack for his lasergun?

>> No.23840564

yo dawg, I heard you like revolvers

>> No.23840566

Awwright.This one i know the story behind.
Made by an eight grader and brought to school.Got the kids together and they fired a shot in the air for fun.Shenanigans ensued but nothing serious.

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>> No.23840577

Laser guns with never become common, because any energy storage medium dense enough to make man-portable laser cannons possible would be more useful as a grenade.

>> No.23840593

Some guy on /k/ makes those. .50BMG single shot.

>> No.23840602

>try to create land ship
>that moves over uneven terrain
>don't make it segmented
>actually believe that one solid hunk of metal that weighs thousands upon thousands of tonnes would be able to move across uneven terrain without fucking snapping in half every other bump.

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>> No.23840611

The dakka is strong in this one.

>> No.23840621

my shoulder hurts from looking at that fucking thing

i want one

>> No.23840629

Have you seen the black trailer?


>> No.23840635

afaik the prototypes had more problems with falling over when they fired their guns than breaking in half

>> No.23840636


>> No.23840641

>> No.23840647

>implying you can throw grenades as far as lasers
>implying a hunter will hunt with grenades

Are you retarded, or some American cunt that thinks every gun should be for killing humans?

>> No.23840649

Wait a minute, I thought that was something the Chechens threw together?

>> No.23840651

One of them did split in half crossing a ravine, though.

>> No.23840658

This one looks almost factory made.

>> No.23840664


>> No.23840669

That is the weapon of a lvl 20 Housewife.

Also called the housekeeping bane

>> No.23840671

>implying you can throw grenades as far as lasers

>implying any man-portable laser system will have any energy output worth mentioning past 100 meters on the outside.

>> No.23840676

Implying there arent guns that can fire grenades nowdays.

>> No.23840685

I was sitting there, thinking "You dumb motherfucker, that can't even touch the gustav gun, cause that actually had a use." Then I realized what I was thinking. Tanks on a train track are stupid as fuck, you just don't go near their tracks. Gun that can shoot a building 30 miles away with a bullet the size of a car on a track is some scary shit.

>insane phficab

>> No.23840689

>Implying that isn't fake

>> No.23840691

But- but...that doesn't even make any sense! How the hell would that even work!?

>> No.23840697


>believing urban legends

The Soviets never build shit like that.

Stalin would KILL the guy who would have engineered that thing.

Stalin himself said that tanks with two or more barrels were bullshit.

Just build a strong tank with a big barrel and heavy armour.

You know. Like the T-34. The tank everyone copied after WWII.

>> No.23840705


>> No.23840708

>implying Stalin wasn't batshit enough to finance one or two
>implying WWII wasn't the last great hurrah of ludicrous weapon design
>bat bombs
>giant rocket wheels made of explosives
>mine flails

>> No.23840722

If I had to choose between a laser rifle and a micro-grenade launcher, I'd take the launcher every time.

>> No.23840723


Protip, it wouldn't.

>> No.23840725

Why would you hunt deer with a laser. That would be absurdly expensive.

>> No.23840729

No, you hunt deer with a gun that shoots BULLETS, because that makes SENSE.

Hunting deer with lasers, in any real-world sense, would be like building some elaborate Rube Goldberg contraption to kill deer.

>> No.23840731

>Implying anyone coppied the T-34

It's a deviant art project you massive retard. Try finding anything on it other than that one image.

>> No.23840733

>> No.23840734

Actually, Stalin talked about how multi-barreled tanks were retarded, and that you'd be better off making a proper MBT. Which the Soviets did first, actually.

>> No.23840739

Ill try and find the news article.

>> No.23840745

No, I'm actually in an ongoing game that's been running for a good 20 sessions at least. The basics are simple yes, but the DV stuff can be a bit annoying, and when you get to certain charms interacting, you could spend hours debating what trumps what.

I was not calling it a bad system, I was saying that for all its flaws, it's well worth playing.

>> No.23840748

What does everyone use nowadays?


What's the T-34? Earliest MBT.

>> No.23840758

If you honestly think that in 500 years bullets will be cheaper than a lasergun that can be recharged at home... you're fucking retarded.

>> No.23840769

Please explain how you expect chunks of metal to become more expensive than complex electronics.

>> No.23840777

>> No.23840793

All I can think when looking at this is someone took a door hinge, and the spring from an old storm door, and made a gun. I don't know why that is the only thing I can see, but it is.

>> No.23840799

>What's the T-34? Earliest MBT.
The T-34 was a medium tank, not an MBT. It was not designed to fill the same role and the concept of an MBT was not in existance until twenty years after its development.

If you honestly think that the energy required to kill something with a laser will be cheaper than a bullet you are retarded.

>> No.23840806

because the price of metal will rise and rise?

>> No.23840809

>20 sessions
It generally takes about twice that to really get to grips with the system. What I’ve found with Exalted is that, for a given group, the first campaign is just to teach everyone the rules and get them used to the system.
The second campain is what really brings out the beauty in the system.

>> No.23840810

Let me know how much a fresh lasing medium costs in the future, I doubt it will be cheap.

>> No.23840815

Depends on how much you shoot. If you shoot never, yeah, bullets are way fucking cheaper, but if you are a storm trooper, yeah, them lasers are gonna be cheaper in the long run.

>> No.23840816


Don't. It makes absolutely no sense. Since each rifle has its own action, there is absolutely no reason for them to revolve whatsoever. That's not how Gatling guns work.

>> No.23840817

actualy i doubt any prottip of thoose was ever made
they just look stupid to even try

>> No.23840822

Because those chunks of metal will need production facilities working non-stop.

Because a powerpack can be reused. It only has to be made once.

And because no one is going to use bullets in space.

With a lasergun, you can at least tone down the intensity to avoid killing everyone.

>> No.23840830

no i go fishing with a grenade lancher

>> No.23840831

Ops you are fucking right.They just used the pic to ilustrate the article.Sorry.

>> No.23840847

God damn, you're retarded.

Economic value is not the same as actual material value.

If people start going into space, what will happen, bullets will become less and less popular.

Economic market working will kick in, and despite bullets being dirt-cheap will skyrocket in price.

>> No.23840856

Fun fact: he paid the head of the moscow zoo a ton to breed humans and chimps because he wanted an army of hybrids. When it failed he had the guy killes.

>> No.23840861

>> No.23840874

>And because no one is going to use bullets in space.
Right, right, instead of using a simple and loss-less medium to impart force, you'd use laser that lose power due to bloom at any range worth mentioning.
A bullet in space will never slow down. A laser needs a fucking reactor attached to allow it to actually have any effect once it's bloomed out and only ~15% of it's actual output is hitting the target.

>> No.23840886

>> No.23840893

So because people in space don't use bullets people on Earth will stop using them as well?
Furthermore frangible rounds used by many law enforcement agencies would not penetrate an aircraft fuselage and would work perfectly well in space.

>> No.23840895


It wasn't. They've stopped developing it and systems like it, because they're dogshit. The slight advantage gained one time in a hundred is not worth the extra weight and the fact that it's so easy to break.

>> No.23840902

Simple flare gun...

>> No.23840906




No. That never happened you fucking cunt.

Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov did that all on his own volition, and he got Soviet funding by reaching out. No one told him to do that.

You been visiting Cracked or some shit?

>> No.23840924

Quit forcing our current energy constraints on the far future, you idiot.

You'll look as retarded as the Victorian cocksuckers that didn't imagine flight was possible.

>> No.23840927

>bullet: requires a fairly simple chemical compound and a chunk of something heavy
>laser: requires power source, lasing medium (for best results, rare-earth-doped sapphire), photon source, lensing array.

A laser will never be cheaper than a bullet in the same sense that a sword will never be cheaper than a heavy stick.

>> No.23840937

Some pro's work.And im out.

>> No.23840947

My favorite.

>> No.23840953

>Quit forcing our current energy constraints on the far future, you idiot.

>He thinks energy constraints are going to change at a personal scale!

>> No.23840969

Sure is fellow elege/tg/entle/k/ommadnos finding somewhere to hide from the day/k/are in here.

>> No.23840971

You haven't read my post. And you fail to understand economics.

Go buy a plow. Go! GO!

A plow is fucking cheap. But if you want to buy a plow, you'll spend more money than someone buying a tractor.

That's the combination of advancing technologies and economics.

Obsolete technology increases in price, until it becomes unobtainable to the normal customer.

>> No.23840986

So you have a perfect knowledge about the material sciences and engineering that spans perhaps thousands of years of future human discovery and engineering?

>> No.23840998

...with that heavy stick in this case actually being a longbow.

>> No.23840999

"It doesn't need to turn, it will drive straight to Berlin."

Every time.

>> No.23841007


That's actually a real thing. Not used much, though.

>> No.23841018


>>air rifle
>>air pistol

God fucking damnit, Ausfailia. Even the Britfags are laughing at you.

>> No.23841028

Nambutana time? Nambutana time.

>What's the T-34? Earliest MBT.
The earliest MBT was the British Centurion, the so-called 'Universal Tank'

>> No.23841041

The fuck? Is that a stripped-down Barret .50 cal?

>> No.23841043

I would shit myself if that rolled out of the fucking woods.

>> No.23841045

>Maus guns as the tiny turrets
I have the biggest boner...

>> No.23841053


That's because they're fucking idiotic. Almost exactly the same as a Derringer except impossible to aim and useless at more than point blank range.

>> No.23841056

Economics will only act such when something is useful enough to warrant it. A tractor grants an enormous improvement in efficiency over a plow, so people poured money into tractors.
Rifle-sized laser weapons do nothing much more than a rifle does. They're for killing things, and a bullet does that about as well as can be expected of anything else. Will laser rifles be made? Certainly. Will they overtake chemical propellents? Never. Just as, to your example, tractors haven't caused plows to cease to exist. Just as despite having guns, bows are still made and improved on. Just as despite nearly everyone having a phone capable of being used to take notes, we still have pens.

>> No.23841059

>>Implying anyone coppied the T-34
If they didn't copy it, the were heavily influenced by it's design. Unless of course you're actually stupid enough to think that the Panther wasn't really a "T-34 is a good tank, we need something built on that design..."

>> No.23841068


Kill yourself you fucking CoDfag.

>> No.23841072

This is a stupid weapons thread. That thing is fucking awesome.

Imagine how badass it would make you look when you're in your max swag gothic plate

>> No.23841079

>If they didn't copy it, the were heavily influenced by it's design.
Unless you mean the concepts of sloped armor and easily producable equipment they were not influenced by its design.

>> No.23841084


Go to /k/ and lurk. You will learn a lot. That is a bubba'd Mosin Nagant M44.

>> No.23841088

Google tells me I can get a plow to put on a truck for around $300. I think most tractors go for a little bit more than that.

>> No.23841093

>implying you know anything about the qualities of laserguns

For all we know, laserguns will have properties that guns can't even think of.

Stop thinking you know the future.

You don't. You're just a useless little basementdwelling shit with no idea of physics, engineering or predicting future technological advancements.

>> No.23841104


Try to get a COW PROW.

>> No.23841106

>false comaprisons
>not realising by the time we go into space we will be able to mine like crazy, making bullets cheaper dues to plethora of resources on other planets
>cannot into economics

just stop. you're embarrassing yourself.

>> No.23841125

Plos haven't ceased to exist because metal doesn't rust away very fast. Bows are still made because people use them for sport and hunting now, because you don't lose your arrows unless they break. Bullets can't be shot again without collecting the fragments and then going through the whole process again. If we ever get to the point where lasers can be handheld, yet still rechargeable, bullets most likely will be phased out. Mostly because if we get to that point energy will be almost without cost because we will finally be rid of fossil fuels, and had moved on to the not retarded things.

>> No.23841132

>they were not influenced by its design.
You are really fucking retarded. The panther's development and design was directly influenced by the T-34. It was quite literally a case of "this tank is really good and is mauling the fuck out of our Panzers. Let's make one like it ourselves, but with blackjack and hookers."

>> No.23841136

Well. They would have the properties of lasers. Which we do know. So. Yeah.

>> No.23841143

>>bullet: requires a fairly simple chemical compound and a chunk of something heavy
Bullets are ammunition for a gun
>>laser: requires power source, lasing medium (for best results, rare-earth-doped sapphire), photon source, lensing array.
This is the gun.

Say the laser power source and any degradable components are good for 1,000 firings. The cost you need to consider is laser vs (gun + 1000 * bullet), not laser vs bullet.

And 30 years ago computers took up entire rooms, now the pc running my pocket telephone is better than the computer I brought to school 3 years ago, and half the price. The bullet is very good, but it is probably as good as it will ever get. Electronics are getting better and cheaper every year.

>> No.23841150

Why hello EMP.

>> No.23841156

Yeah, but the problem is that if you replace bullets with lasers, combat changes so fundamentally, it ceases to be interesting. You lose ad dramatic flavor, and you have to think up an entire new way of waging war, just so you can have fucking lasers in the story.

>> No.23841168

but you're acting like you know the future by proclaiming 'lasers will be the best thing evar and can be way more awesome than guns so wil be cheaper despite overabundance of minerals in space' You are the useless little basementdwelling shit with no idea of physics, engineering or predicting future technological advancements who has to resort to ad hominem.

>> No.23841169

Which would you prefer that metal to go to? Making little slugs that you can shoot at people, or make more ships with laser guns that you can fly around and shoot people with energy?

>> No.23841170

>implying anyone is talking about the material costs of bullets

I thought we already established that as technology improves, old things simply become obsolete, no matter how much cheaper they are compared to newer technologies.

But hey, if you wanna be an analphabetic cunt, enjoy yourself.

>> No.23841175

Why the fuck does mentioning lasers incite shit arguments? I mean fucking seriously, I only ever see like one or two guys who know anything(and usually not very much), and then a bunch of guys that are arguing their opinions on things they clearly know nothing about.

>> No.23841190

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>> No.23841192

Who's talking about war, you dumb faggot?

I wanna hunt deer with a laser.

>> No.23841208

Son, think about what you're saying.

Lasers have been around for more than half a century. We understand the physics of lasers. We can predict the properties of laser guns, just like we can predict the properties of bullets by looking at the physics of small heavy objects moving very fast.

Incidentally, is anyone else having trouble posting? I had to wait five minutes for the "you can't post for 20 more seconds" timer to count down.

>> No.23841212

>One German tank
Are you going to claim it was the best tank of WW2 now?

>> No.23841215

>Implying there's any sport in bagging a deer from miles away through a computer-aimed scope

>> No.23841224

The proprieties of lasers are well known. You're trying to say that the laws of physics are subject to improvement via development. They are not. There is a maximum energy density that can be squeezed into a given volume of material. No amount of research and development will change that.

>Plos haven't ceased to exist because metal doesn't rust away very fast.
Which is why new ones are still being forged and used, right? I'm not talking about leftovers, I'm saying that outside of commercial farming a simple plow is still a common option.

No matter how cheap they get, something that requires literally no work outside of pouring it into a mold. Lead and iron are everywhere, and they will always be cheap. The materials involved in a laser system of comparable power will NEVER be cheap, because not enough of those elements EXIST on this planet.

>> No.23841232

You do realise you can use lasers for many different things than just shooting things dead?

It's a LASER. Not just some bit of metal that's propelled by chemicals.

>> No.23841242

While I appreciate that he was, in fact, told, I must kindly ask you to please fuck off back to /b/.

>> No.23841244

You can do a lot more with a laser than you can do with a bullet.

That's something we all know very well.

>> No.23841246

>implying we can't use the power of SCIENCE to make bullets better
>implying we haven't been improving guns, but the improvements aren't cost-effective
Remember when guns were a giant barrel with no rifling and smokeless gunpowder? they probably thought it wouldn't improve then. look where we are today.

>> No.23841252

That's not stupid. I don't know how many times I have found myself in need of a folding pocket axe.

>> No.23841254

>implying EMP would be a problem in the future

There's shit out there in the universe that makes EMP seem like a fucking joke.

>> No.23841265


You mean... you mean you might have to USE YOUR IMAGINATION?!

Also, you're talking fucking dogshit. Lasers and bullets: two things that need energy to make them go, and then fly off in a line and destroy whatever they hit at the other end. Yeah, totally fucking revolutionary. NEVUR BIN DUN BEFOW!!!!11

>> No.23841269

You know, if you're calling him told, why don't you check the first "told" box? I always just assumed that was a lazy copy-paste thing, but it happens every time.

>> No.23841273

You mean the plows that we attach to tractors that are nothing like a plow that was used before farming with a tractor?

>> No.23841278

you guys are dumb as shit. you can use a lasergun as a communication device AND a gun AND a lighter AND a flashlight.

>> No.23841279

OP I played a Gangrel in a nWoD LARP at an anime con and I made use of a Stupid Replica Buster Sword specialization to great effect.

>> No.23841293

Yes, but this is a discussion of laser GUNS. A gun is, specifically, a widget for putting holes in things at range, usually living things or things that other people would rather not have holes in.

Can you use lasers for stuff besides killing shit? Hell yes. I challenge you to find something lasers HAVEN'T been used for, or considered for use for. But that is irrelevant.

>> No.23841296

We're talking about lasers as weapons. That's the whole point of this discussion. Moreover, a laser built to operate as a weapon will ONLY operate as a weapon. You're throwing everything involving phased light under an umbrella term. By the same logic, you can do tons of things with exploding chemicals, so they're better than lasers. Stop mincing the argument into topics no-one was talking about.

>> No.23841312

Given the laws of physics, eventually the bullet will need more chemical propellant than the entire universe to be better than a laser of roughly the same scale.

>> No.23841313

But we're not talking about laser eye surgery, laser cutters, laser etching or laser rangefinding. We're talking about laser weapons. Do you want us to start bringing in the uses of bullet materials? We can build shelter, armor, tools far more cost-effectively then laser variants.

>> No.23841320

You're a fucking idiot, you know that? A weapons grade laser doesn't have a fucking "low power" option. It has "burn the fuck out of something" though "burn the fuck out of all the things."

>> No.23841323

I was responding to the OMG LAZUHS SO MYSTERIOUS!!! I know you can do a lot with lasers of varying strengths and types. It's unlikely that a laser designed as a weapon would have much functionality outside of a weapon. Melting things maybe.

>> No.23841331

yeah, i don't know. I just copied and pasted the thing.

>> No.23841337

>hurr a laser will only ever shoot one type of beam

>hurr guns will only be able to shoot one type of ammo

Modern shotgun says fuck your face.

>> No.23841339

I don't think any of those are properties "we can't even imagine", since you just imagined them.

What I was objecting to was the statement that laser guns will have properties we can't even imagine.

>> No.23841341

And that level of scale is also the range in which a nuke will out-preform them both, so what's the point of this argument?

>> No.23841348

So you have a lasergun from the year 2800 then?

>> No.23841353

The difference is that bullets have a set range, are affected by wind, and take time to travel. A laser is nigh-instant and can ostensibly travel forever with nothing in the way. That means the range on these things is literally as far as the curvature of the Earth will allow without letting the beam fly into space. If that's not going to completely revolutionize warfare, I don't know what will.

>> No.23841362


You've never used a hand axe for any real work apart from fucking about, have you? That would break in minutes flat and likely take your fingers with it.

>> No.23841364

Are you autistic?

You must be autistic.

>> No.23841377

Actually, lasers eventually outperform nukes.

Learn your physics kid.

>> No.23841382

>bullets are a self-contained packet of whatever it is they're shooting, needing only a barrel to be fired from and a bit of metal to wack the back and start the whole deal
>a laser is formed by the entire lasing apparatus, i.e. THE ENTIRE GUN, meaning that changing the effect of the projectile would involve effectively getting another gun

>> No.23841387

>yfw we'll do it anyway
>yfw when you realize that's enuff dakka

>> No.23841393

Yes. But at that scale, it's not a laser pistol or a laser rifle, it's laser cannons and laser artillery.

As large-scale weaponry, especially for ship-to-ship space combat, lasers start to win out over bullets, because you have less mass that you have to lug around in the form of disposable ammo.

At the single-person vs. other-person/deer/lock/skeet scale of man-portable weaponry, the bullet wins.

>> No.23841395


Oh look, a modern mouldboard plough. It's not made of wood and iron, but they certainly still get manufactured today.

>> No.23841397

Even if a laserweapon would have no adjustable energy output settings, you still have a rifle that doubles as an cutting axe and a pickaxe.

>> No.23841402

I'm not sure you know what "autism" actually is.

>> No.23841415


>>ostensibly travel forever

Because lights don't get dimmer when you're further away from them.

Do you even listen to yourself? Or just watch too much anime?

>>curvature of the earth

We've had artillery that can fire beyond the horizon for 100 years you dumb fuck.

>> No.23841417

That goes behind a tractor ya dummie.

I clearly said a COW PLOW!

>> No.23841419

>A laser is nigh-instant and can ostensibly travel forever with nothing in the way.
>not knowing about energy dissipation and reflection
>not paying attention in basic high school physics
lasers don't work that way, son.

>> No.23841426

> A laser is nigh-instant and can ostensibly travel forever with nothing in the way
There's this stuff you breath that's in the way. It can be overcome, but it's a disproportionately big problem for lasers. Bullets are affected less. With modern technology, guided bullets can ignore it or even take advantage of it.

>the range on these things is literally as far as the curvature of the Earth will allow
So...it's shorter than almost all modern artillery. Nice for defense, but it's no revolution.

>> No.23841432

And is that scale within the range of actually being useful? It doesn't really matter if a laser is better than a nuke at cracking a planet in half if you never need to crack a planet in half.

>> No.23841439

Laser guns exist since the cold war
There is even a wiki archive about it in this fucking thread
You are all morons

>> No.23841440

I don't think you know that not everyone takes every word they write at face value.

>> No.23841444

and lasers are outperformed by whatever beats them in future, you useless little basementdwelling shit with no idea of physics, engineering or predicting future technological advancements.

>> No.23841448

Jesus christ, guys, I'm so sorry.

This was actually a pretty nice thread. I didn't realize that saying that lasers needed massively more energy than bullets would derail the entire thread into a fucking stupid argument and butthurt on both sides.

Anyone mind if I just start another Stupid Weapon thread, for actually posting stupid weapons in?

>> No.23841452

>A laser is nigh-instant and can ostensibly travel forever with nothing in the way.
Google bloom. Lasers lose power over distance even in a perfect vacuum.

>> No.23841454

Just sayin'.

You can cook empty space with a laser, but you can't with nukes.

>> No.23841463

No shit. Future shit is ALWAYS better.

>> No.23841466

Duh. But they haven't been useful weapons until the last decade; and won't be useful for anything besides anti-air for another 2 decades.

>> No.23841474

do it, while we're stuck in here arguing over the internet. but a disclaimer or something on it too.

>> No.23841476

And what's the point in doing so? It doesn't matter if it can theoretically do something another weapon can't; it matters if it can do something USEFUL.

>> No.23841479


>>curvature of the Earth

You know what that is for a 6ft tall man?

3 miles.

There's sniper systems that can outshoot your hypothetical laser by standing them on a step ladder.

>> No.23841480

The wiki article is two sentences long. I can't find ANY reputable sources claiming that this thing ever actually existed.

Also the whole "pyrotechnic flashbulb" thing as a way to project a laser beam makes exactly no sense.

>> No.23841481

A guided bullet requires a secondary form of propulsion, and more computers. So, to make it overcome what a laser already overcomes by being a laser, you want to put a rocket and a computer on it?

>> No.23841483

You can cook empty space with 2 plates in a lab. Cooking space is not an indicator of useful weapons.

>> No.23841493

>what's the point of doing physics experiments

Are you fucking retarded?

>> No.23841510

Oh but it proves the varied range of things lasers can preform.

All bullets can do is deliver kinetic energy.

>> No.23841518


Leonardo Da Vinci invented the helicopter, but he didn't own a fucking Black Hawk, did he?

Shut your idiot fucking hole, you have nothing to contribute. So dumb you're probably a troll/10.

>> No.23841521

No, it doesn't need secondary propulsion, because get this: it's in an atmosphere. It uses tiny fins to change it's shape against the atmosphere to move.

Those are trivial to make compared to adaptive lenses, the laser equivalent.

>> No.23841541


>> No.23841544

>There's this stuff you breath that's in the way. It can be overcome, but it's a disproportionately big problem for lasers. Bullets are affected less. With modern technology, guided bullets can ignore it or even take advantage of it.




>> No.23841554

>The bullet is very good, but it is probably as good as it will ever get.
Actually bullet design is the most steadily advancing part of modern firearms technology. The bullets they make today far outstrip those of 20 years ago.

Mostly. Where saving money doesn't overwhelm quality. (Muh A-square, muh LRBT, muh Bear Claws, etc.)

>> No.23841557

There's a difference between doing something for the sake of seeing if it can be done, and expecting the more "advanced" option to win out over another on no greater grounds than it's more advanced. People will experiment to test boundaries. They will not go and spend billions to replace something that works just fine with something that works no better.

>> No.23841563

>calling people troll
>implying that we can some how improve the laws of physics
What are you, a useless little basementdwelling shit with no idea of physics, engineering or predicting future technological advancements?

>> No.23841565

/pol/ please go

>> No.23841567

>it's really cheap and really easy and really effective

Like the JSF right?

>> No.23841571

And I think that's a wonderful sign that the thread's passed the point of no return. Goodnight, asshats.

>> No.23841583

You're still talking about the military. And no one is talking about the military but you.

I just want a lasergun to burn shit, and cut trees in half and make instant-baked deer.

>> No.23841592

but we're talkking about the GUN function. Not laser eyes surgery function, etching function, or lightshow function, but the GUN function and why bullets are more cost-effective, and thus, unlikely to be replaced by lasers.

>> No.23841604


That's it, thread's over. Day/k/are in my /tg/. I'm out. Later guys.

>> No.23841610

shut the fuck up, you useless little basementdwelling shit with no idea of physics, engineering or predicting future technological advancements.

>> No.23841611

Anyone who wants to actually post stupid weapons head here:


Anyone who wishes to argue about lasers vs bullets still, you're welcome to stay here.

>> No.23841634

Plasma guns>Laser guns

>> No.23841668

And that will never happen, for a multitude of reasons. Cramming that level of power into a man-portable system is physically impossible. Any if some development proves me wrong on that account, no private citizen will ever be allowed to own something that could split a tree in half with a trigger pull.

Plasma flamethowers are pretty great, sure.

>> No.23841676

I don't need a galaxy sized round to kill someone.
In fact even a battle rifle sized round is excessive in most cases.

Directed energy weapons aren't competing with Schwerer Gustav, their competition is AR and AK platforms.

>> No.23841686

there is a photograph of it in the thread
the same picture is archived under a list of soviet guns on wikipedia, no clue why the article doesn't have it.

Leonardo Da Vinci made a prototype helicopter but not the conventional engine nor design we know, your point is invalid.

>> No.23841736

very good but we need more pics.

Also this is my first time seeing tg thread degenerating in something on topic
PS both parts are stupid

>> No.23841751

The issue being that, while laser pistols are in fact theoretically possible, plasma weapons are just stupid.

Plasma really, really wants to repel itself- it's like trying to blow hot air at your enemy.

>> No.23841756

>implying that photographic evidence means anything in this era of Photoshop and prop building

>> No.23841767

Plasma thrower.

When you want to melt the enemy soldier.
And the bunker.
And the rock that the bunker is built into.

>> No.23841789


>> No.23841794

That's why I referred to it as a flamethower. Sure, we'll never have fallout-style plasma rifles firing bolts, but we can have flamethowers that hit the temperature of the sun!

>> No.23841795

Fuck it.
I'm out.

>> No.23841833

I don't think you understand what I meant when I said the plasma repels itself.

Let me put it this way. The velocity at which a plasma bolt tries to expand is known as the Alfven velocity. It is typically something like 500-5000 km/s.

This means that after a single second of travel, your "plasma flamethrower" has expanded into a 500 kilometer cloud of slightly hot air.

>> No.23841866

So, why don't we just scrap the plasma thrower, and make a lasergun with a backpack fusion powerplant.

Just put the backpack in the water, and you recharge your gun, your laptop, your 4DSSSS...

>> No.23841868

That's only if you're in a vacuum. If you're in air, "plasma bolts" are actually possible- see also, Ball Lightning.

>> No.23841887

at first i thought it was kakashi

>> No.23842085

Stupid weapons, you say?

Can you beat a gunscythe?


>> No.23842099

>Bow and Arrow: Requires a few pieces of wood, some string and preferably a few chunks of something heavy for the arrow heads
>Flintlock: Requires a ton of expensive metal, a highly explosive material that becomes unpredictable when wet, and finally requires flint and steel to set off a spark.
>Guns will never be as cheap as a Longbow.
And yet, today, we're using firearms instead of bows and arrows.

>> No.23842183

And a bow is still cheaper. Well, a wooden one, anyway.

>> No.23842275

True, however guns have a number of other advantages, such as rate of fire, range, and ease of use, that ensures that the longbow is now hopelessly obsolete.

>> No.23842414

It would work though

>> No.23845572

take a pick

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