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Hi, I'd like to start a drawthread if that's okay.

Trying to get back into practice, so I'll take PC art requests and anything else you may have. I'm also trying out new styles so I may be drawing your characters in a way similar to shwig's, although I'm still starting out there. In any case reference is always appreciated and please try to keep your requests fairly simple.

Thank you!

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This guy as a badass knight?

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Give me a heavy metal lamia.

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Is he...The Dark Knight?

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Two gay kobolds being adorable together.

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Big, asian looking guy, hard, weathered face, scar over left eye.
Wearing a leather coat, boots and wide pants. May or may not wear a strawhat.
Carrying three swords and a lance on his back.

Out of curiosity, what program do you use?

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I'm looking for a pic of a barbarian - long beard, long hair in braids, dressed in furs and chain with a breastplate. His arms are tattooed with swirling designs up until about his elbows. He's wearing a sash around his waist.

Young, friendly expression.

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Requesting a female Tau, and a male eldar out on a date.

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Forgot the line in the middle of his lip and chin where he can split his jaw open voluntarily

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As in Batman? No.
Was some sort of warlock-knight with a dragon mount.

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Red hair and blue eyes, by the way. And his beard is neatly-kempt. If any of that matters.

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Here you go, sir

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Can you draw a Paladin with his bro horse named Dinky? Basically I named my horse after my dog. So anyway during a game my dog got a hold of my sock and was chewing it up. I was on skype at the the time so it seemed like my horse got a hold of my Paladin's sock.

So IC they heard "Dinky! Stop! Give me back my sock. Stop Chewing on it." Many lulz were had after that.

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Fuck yeah.

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Emaciated wolf vomiting up tentacles, with ruined eyes and some gunshot wounds.

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Traitor Cadian Guardsman with a Daemonette claw for his left hand. Maybe even rocking other Slaaneshi icons.

Pretty please? He's going to be an enemy in my Only War campaign.

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How about an iron golem resting on a chaise lounge in a sensual pose?

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Okay, the girl pictured wearing the duster pictured, except open. Underneath it is blue jeans, sensible hiking boots and a white t-shirt with the pictured letters on it.

As for pose I'm thinking of either something casual like her leaning back against a wall or badass like crouching forward with her fingernails extended into claws and her canine teeth into fangs.

Doesn't have to be hugely detailed, that's just for a guide to what the character looks like.

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Though that does sound hilarious.

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> newfag

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Here you go, sir

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De.. um.. Protoculture, if you'd be so kind draw my party leader.
Brujah murderloli.
Looks about 14, has long fair hair, wears frilly dresses, fights with short slim sword and parrying dagger (if you'd like to draw her "at guard"), but the most important part is cunning/wicked expression she has at all times entirely unsuitable for the girl he age. Also them vampire canines.

If it won't be much hassle, two more characters in the backgroud:
huge Lassombra - classy looking Italian dude with rapier surrounded by some thick black tentacles (in totally-nothing-perverted-about-it fashion and most certainly not to make it look like these tentacles are reaching under her skirt )
and hooded lanky Malkavian that has expression of being "a bit off", no visible weapons but wears christian cross around the neck

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Would marry you. Also, draw a tall straight haired boy in a toga standing next to a shorter, short, curly haired boy in a toga. Any jewellery is okay as long as it fits roman aesthetics.

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I'd like to request a Dark Eldar succubus getting ready for the arena.

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If anyone would do this i would be really grateful.

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Since the new tau codex is soon out, we need blueberries. That is to say tau girls. With big hips. doing cute things.

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Here you go, sir

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Gavrill Madaraki (pic) and Magical Girl Kharn the Betrayer looking curiously at each other. Comparing bust sizes.

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I'd like a drawing of a character of mine. Shadowrun mage, male caucasian twentysomething. Wears a lot of America-themed clothing, and has a penchant for using his magic to throw giant, waving American flags everywhere.

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Hi, /d/eviant here.

Could you please draw /d/-tan in plate armor (no helmet), armed with polearm of your choosing and standing in victorious pose.

Our drawfriends don't want to draw her like this because there's not enough dicks in the request.

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Kharn the Betrayer enjoying an afterwar nap.

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I love it. The little sailor hats really make it.

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That's perhaps because there's no such thing as a drawfriend, only drawfags.

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Pinochio farting into a blender while jepedo laughs

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draw moot in plate mail

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Futa Sisters of Battle

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a bespectacled business lady shouldering a multi-rocket launcher

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Got a request for a Pokemon tabletop campaign I'm in. This chick here but in a fuller body shot and with some Unown floating around her. The rest of attire not shown in the reference should look modern and practical, like what someone might wear while doing urban exploring and slinking around abandoned buildings and the like.

If you could add a pair of nightvision goggles pushed up onto her head, that'd be peachy.

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Here you go, sir

And I use SAI

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A weaboo version of the Adeptus Autisties, the sonic fandom space marine chapter.

Preferably a cutesy space marine in an action pose saying one of Sonic's overblown and stupid quotes like "gotta go fast" or "way past cool".

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Gimme your best beam katana maid, Protokeep. With a cute hair bow.

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do you ever do scenery or landscape sketches?

If so I'd like a high angle view of a wide, shallow, dry riverbed. The surrounding area is simple pine forest. In the middle of the riverbed there is an island on which a single tree grows. The tree looks like a maple but is completely made of a crystal substance. Since the island is so small and the riverbed is dry, some of it's roots are visible below the old water level.

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Give me some time and I'll have this done for you.

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A normal man encountering his bizarro clone from the Anime Dimension.

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Crimson, Cookie, and Katya posing together?

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Hey, its protoculture! Would you like to draw Blue building something orky? Or just Blue.

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Thanks man! good work

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Or just any blueberry.

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How about a female wizard with an obnoxious, stereotypical wizard hat?

>> No.23838294

Could you draw a man hanging from a grate eating an ID badge?

I didn't ask if the badge could fit through the grate before I rolled a crit success.

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A cute lucha girl

>> No.23838319

Ah, right thread this time. Can I get Sister Miriam Godwinson trolling some innocent people?

>> No.23838320

A self-portrait of you.


>> No.23838321

Wait - who's eating the badge? The grate or the guy? I'm confus.

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A female thri-kreen operating a drive-through window at your fast food restaurant of choice. She's trying to convince a half-orc barbarian to actually order something, but the half-orc's too confused, intimidated, and generally indecisive. The barbarian is on the verge of tears. Please bro.

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The guy.

I did this. I was about to be arrested. I'm not good at quick decisions.

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I'd like to request an image of a samurai girl, who looms more or less like pic related, but outside of her armour. She has her arms crossed under her chest in annoyance and is giving the viewer a stern glare.

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A Richter Belmont as fabulous as possible.

>> No.23838416

Can I get Vaas getting icecream?

All I can think is, this will likely end in either tragedy or awesomeness.

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Your games sound awesome.

>> No.23838423

I haven't drawn a tau in a while, this brings me back

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Where are her hips gone?

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Her hair is real pretty. I like that.

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Can you draw a original Strike Witches character with pair of zweihänder?

>> No.23838457

oh, I forgot about that...

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The DM is fantastic.
I still have to find that bathroom and collect the rest of the identification that I didn't eat.

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>not sure if goo girl or tau
stop combining my fetishes

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You're not the first one to confuse blueberries and googirls. It's just that blueberries are so juicy...

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Here you go, sir

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Bumping tau Request.

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Thank you!

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oh god muh dick

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Dark-haired lumberjack loli, please.With the flannel and the axe and the toque and everything. Maybe throw a bear in there too.

>> No.23838600


P-Please bro?

>> No.23838614

Great, now I dont know whether to put that in my 40K folder or my monstergirl folder

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Hey, Protoc! I'm in a Shadowrun game playing a catholic mage of uh...schoolgirl age. Think angelic and the like, probably somewhat magical-girlish (think the anti-Enyo...which probably just outed who I am, but, eh :3).

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Hey, he's doing the requests in order.
You're going to have to wait a while.

>> No.23838624


duplicate images.

>> No.23838628


Here you go, sir

>> No.23838634

Er...elf too. *coughs* Probably with an assault rifle. Long hair. Blonde. Yeah ^^;

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For the greater goo!

>> No.23838645

A Hydra girl serving as a Kings one woman Harem

>> No.23838695

Gooberries are nice.

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>> No.23838768

Alice from MGQ in a school uniform.

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There is a severe lack of Aztec requests in this thread. I don't have one personally, but, you know. They just seemed like flavor of the month recently. Last DrawThread I saw had a ton of fulfilled requests.

>> No.23838856

I penguin, rather short and squat, with a large plate helm holding a spear and guarding a wooden door.

>> No.23838858

>There is a severe lack of Aztec requests in this thread
Thank fuck. That mesoamerican spammer was getting tiresome.

>> No.23838896


Here you go, sir

>> No.23838935

Seconding this.

Could you make her like a female counterpart to The Shark of the Land?

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>> No.23838979

A bald female half-orc luchadoress with Maori/Polynesian tattoos, honoring the mask? Fuck yes!

>> No.23839002

Yes, this does please me.
also >filename

>> No.23839003

I'd like to request a character I play. He's a Lawful Neutral Abjurer, upper class-type who adventures in slightly-too-good-to-adventure-in fancy coats, with a monocle. About a 28 year-old human with his hair in a ponytail.

>> No.23839014


How about a sneaky ork kommando? Bonus points if he's disguised as a necron. Pretty please?

>> No.23839015

Forgot to mention he ought to be overly concerned with cleanliness.

>> No.23839025

Working on this.

>> No.23839039


Except he isn't. Which is fine, I can understand doing requests you like the most first.

>> No.23839059


I'd really like to request my players' Shadowrun team. A one-armed girl with fox ears and a katana, a middle-aged cyborg with a trenchcoat and robocop's head, and a walking soda machine with sunglasses.


>> No.23839064

Requesting a character portrait of a character I have no pic for; an elf seafaring psion, dressed in fairly pirate-esque clothing (flat shoes, waistsash, tunic, vest, long-shorts, that kind of thing). She should have a tattoo on her left arm looking fairly "elfish-script" and carrying a curved dagger. Hair should be cropped short.

I'd be really grateful to the drawfriend who makes this character come to life!

>> No.23839082

There's plenty of Blue.
How about Fizzgutz krumpin' some git, using Da Buk.

>> No.23839089


>> No.23839102


Here you go, sir

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>> No.23839147

And yet, it suits the dark elder perfectly

>> No.23839159

I would be okay with that, too. Or Urtylug going apeshit in a coffee shop.

>> No.23839162

It really doesn't, unless the dark eldar is 14 and has a facebook page.
Which they don't, because they're the dark fucking eldar. And I don't even like the filthy xenos.

>> No.23839214

A human fighter with a claymore on his shoulder. 25 at best with an Adam Jensen goatee. Armour should look badass. Pony tail would be nice for hair.

>> No.23839299


Did both at the same time, here you go sirs

>> No.23839304

Could you draw an Eldar ranger having a picnic with an Ork? Some kind of dialogue would be fun if you can

>> No.23839334


Replace Lana with Blue.

>> No.23839415

You should draw azzez more often. Now I must request Chiakibutt.

>> No.23839503

request seconded

>> No.23839513

Except you basically explained their entire civilization.
OnIy instead of Facebook they have Kabals

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>> No.23839539

Seconding this one.

>> No.23839563

OR here, thanks!

>> No.23839565


Here you go

>> No.23839595

This guy as a Heroic Necromancer.

>> No.23839603

A thin, hispanic-looking guy in a (purple) pinstripe suit, with ridiculous shades, and an automatic grenade launcher smoking from the barrel in his hands. Optionally surrounded by gore and pieces of homeless people.

And he was supposed to be a peace-loving, charitable doctor too.

>> No.23839633

A magical girl in a landsknecht outfit, complete with enchanted zweihander.

>> No.23839636

That would be nice

>> No.23839674

A drawn representation of this scene.

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>> No.23839713

I'd like to request my cyberpunk game party.

The first is a Japanese American girl, 20s, grifter, charismatic, pinned back hair and dresses to flaunt her assets (Miniskirts, T-shirts with cut collars). No piercings or visible tattoos, but has herself a pretty nice handgun she keeps strapped to her thigh. Has a slight violent demeanor.

The second is a thief character, brown hair that's swept back, eyes slitted like a cat's from a mutation enhancement, with an athletic figure. He prefers to wear classy clothes (Designer leather jackets, fancy boots) and can usually be seen with a custom made Stun Gun/Taser. Tends to be more upbeat and smiles a lot.

The third is a black guy, short cropped hair, tall and thin, wearing a simple black suit. He tends to wear sunglasses everywhere and always has a serious expression on his face. He often carries his custom laptop with him, and constantly pats his ribs to ensure that his firearm is there. A bit paranoid for a hacker and troubleshooter.

>> No.23839746

For a thousand summers, I'll wait for you.

>> No.23839752

Well, I guess I might as well.

What I need is, essentially, a kid version of Kamen Rider Shin (picture), though with white chitin [not an issue with lack of colouring], as well as wearing a scarf and a flat cap. You know, the cabbie/street urchin kind. A heroic pose would be best, but it really doesn't matter, even just a shot of the head would suffice.

>> No.23839773

seconding the one woman hydra harem

>> No.23839817

Alright, I think I need to sleep now. If the thread's still alive after I wake up I'll pick up where I left off.

Thank you for the practice, everyone!

>> No.23839860

>that tension

>> No.23839890

Requesting this girl on the left in a Gallian military uniform (on the right for reference).

>> No.23839902

>that feel when you stumble on a deculture drawthread too late


>> No.23839944

It's okay, let's just keep the thread alive until he wakes up!

>> No.23839976

Bumping this one in the hopes it gets filled.

>> No.23840193

Yeah, let's just keep it alive. I'd still like to see that "draw me like one of your French golems" idea I came up with, anyway, even though it's more suited for a /v/ drawthread.

>> No.23840302

Requester here, this is fantastic, thank you. It's pretty much exactly how I envisioned him.

>> No.23840391


Thank you Based OP.

>> No.23840587 [SPOILER] 


>> No.23840892

I wish to request lewd Maverick.

>> No.23840945

I'm with these gentlemen

>> No.23840968

okay assuming I don't get bogged down in colouring, come back in an hour or so for your request.

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>> No.23841229


>> No.23841669

Just out of curiosity, what is a psion? Do they look any different from your average elf? It is relevant, I'm going to take a crack at this one.

>> No.23841696


a psion has psychic powers.

and .. crystal based psychic powers, assuming it's a d&d style whatever the fuck.

>> No.23841764

What >>23841696 said. Basically, there's nothing making it any different from a wizard other than the fact they never need to carry around a spellbook, just a crystal.
thank you

>> No.23841772

Indeed, I googled it after posting the question, but I still have no idea if they look any different. Do they have crystals in their foreheads? Crystals that float around? Is the fact that the character a psion even relevant to her look? These are the questions I should have asked, and am asking now.

I'm assuming you're not OR, but if you are please tell me

>> No.23841800

Would very much like to have my party re-drawn, Please and thank you so much in advance, as far as the party dynamic goes just think of Lupin the 3rd.

>> No.23841810

forgot pic

>> No.23841816

Requester here, just having a crystal necklace or earring would be fine (I have her disguise it for obvious reasons; playing her as a straight rogue)

>> No.23841843


heh, that's like my pixie with a skin condition.

is actually a vampire pixie

>> No.23841857

a vampire and werewolf, they are clearly lesbian lovers

>> No.23841863

Danke, kind sir. I shall begin work immediately.

>> No.23841921

That's an interesting mix. Got any stories for us?

>> No.23842292

Is it allright if another drawfellow where to join?

>> No.23842348

Not OP but it is generally accepted. OP isn't even around at this time anyways.

>> No.23842357

Deculture is likely asleep, considering the time on the moon, but it should be fine.

>> No.23842397

I would like to request a old-looking kobold in a set of too-large robes and a pair of glasses, carrying a staff with a bend in it, looking like an upside down L, and has a bat hanging off the underside of its 'branch'.

>> No.23842403

Excellent! I'll see scroll uppwards and see if there are any stuff I can get on with right away. But feel free to come with new requests in the meantime!

>> No.23842428


Polite bump of >>23842397

Thank you muchly.

>> No.23842813

like so?

>> No.23842920

If it takes forever, I'll wait for you.

>> No.23842962

Could you try to do our party? not pictured the paladin girl.

>> No.23842979


Yeah!... Oh god my character is Pan-Pan.

>> No.23843039

I think I'll stay away from group pictures, no offense. But they take an awfull lot of time and I really just want to do fast and somewhat simple pictures at the moment.

>> No.23843049

bumping for >>23841810

>> No.23843244

actually, seems like I didn't have quite as much time as I at first thought. I'll have to go, sorry folks...

>> No.23843362

No problem man.
it's mostly an excuse to not draw madoka.
I can't do hair.

>> No.23843525

Hello... Had a new character come up, bit of a high-powered martial-arts game in the vein of Dragon Ball Z. I'm pretty much playing an android character. What I was thinking was my character wears a bodysuit like in the example, under a zip-up vest with multiple storage pockets on the front and a padded collar around the neck going down the front half-way. If possible leave a clear circle on the shoulder bits, and the suit itself can be left white. I can do color and what not on my end. The character also should have shorter hair (falling just a slight bit past the shoulders instead of the waist) and not kept up like a ponytail. If you do a full-body, the boots should be knee-legnth with self-closing straps.

>> No.23843627

Requesting thin, wiry man with a ponytail, wearing military fatigues and a rain poncho, holding a shotgun, and with a mask shaped like a skull over his face.

If it isn't too much to ask, I mean.

>> No.23843936


OR here, thank you very much!

>> No.23843973

Requesting a manly retro space-captain or a retro-styled combat droid.

Or hell, both of the aforementioned fighting each other to the death.

>> No.23843995

I was kinda out of my depth so it took way longer than expected, sorry about that.

>> No.23844012

Holy fuck

>> No.23844020

...I love it. This shit is going on my character sheet _right_ _now_.

Thank you, sir!

>> No.23844063

>dat face

oh my god she is adorable

>> No.23844065

Hory shet!

>> No.23844066

She doesn't look pleased about the cute hat. Great pic though!

>> No.23844078

That's almost impossibly adorable.

>> No.23844089

Looks more like she's shy about lifting the brim to me.

>> No.23844105

she looks more like beyond mad about having to use it.

>> No.23844174

Requesting Lord Murdo McRitchie brofisting Freddie Mercury.

>> No.23844258

I hate to bail out on you man, but I just found out a friend of mine got killed. I just don't feel like drawing anymore, a thousand apologies. Hopefully someone else does your request.

>> No.23844282

Ok, how about two modern solders standing around a humvee and skeleton's emerging out of the solders line to sight.

Yay for complex requests.


Sorry to hear that. My condolences

>> No.23844290

Not requester, but my condolences.

>> No.23844291

Wait, wh-
Man, that's terrible.

Hold tight, anon. Hold tight.

>> No.23844294

Oh dear. My sympathies, drawfriend. Good luck to you and yours.

>> No.23844309

Dude, I'm so sorry. Don't worry about the pic, just do me a favor and take care of yourself, bro.

>> No.23844329

Requesting a draw of a college student turned Demon Hunter.

I'd like a portrait of a male college student, within an age range somewhere between 18 to 24. Ethnically, the guy mixed race is half-black, half-asian (the family heritage is half African-American, half-Japanese: look up the Enka singer Jero or Hiro protagonist from Snow Crash).

Physically the guy is not overly bulky - his movements are agile and reflect a toned/lean frame. He is of average height, and would not be armed.

Personality-wise, I was thinking along the lines of a 'slightly seasoned/a touch crazt' Hunter: the Vigil character - he knows there's some weird supernatural shit out there, and he's also fairly certain his sanity 100%. Think of a combination of gutsy when the going gets weird, and second-guessing himself ("Did I save someone from a monster, or did just kick the crap out of a shaggy drunk?")

Any attempt on this would be much appreciated!

>> No.23844355

Whoa, shit. Fucking hel.

I'm sorry. Forget my insensitive and fuck-useless post.

polite sage

>> No.23844372

I've got a somewhat odd request.
I require an image of a variety of little dudes from folklore from all 'round the world, fighting.
Details: a Swedish hustomte, a Scottish Brownie, a russian Domovoi and a greek penates all fighting each other in a ye olde kitchen, using things like whisks, ladles and brooms as weapons and pot lids for shields, possibly with some of them flinging cantrips at each other.

Please and thank you.

>> No.23844381

Here you go, sorry I'm shit at drawing.

>> No.23844476

Thanks /tg/, you're an alright bunch of dudes. If any of you are drinking tonight, lift a glass to Sgt. Wade of the 573rd Clearance Company will you?

>> No.23844497

Will do. I'll have the bar take a moment of silence

>> No.23844499

I'm sorry to hear that, anon.
*internet hug*

>> No.23844512


He will be missed!

>> No.23844558

I had a beer in hand, so I just went out of my wade to recite cheers for the guy.

It would have been a bit more dignified if I had remembered to put some pants on first.

>> No.23844586


I'm sorry for you loss, drawbro. Pull through.

>> No.23844600

This is familiar...

>> No.23844617

>*internet hug*

The most offensive thing you could write.

>> No.23844625

good luck man

>> No.23844691

Draw me a sad beholder who's sad because he just got dumped by his sexy mindflayer GF please!

>> No.23845010

Would've been better last night as I was breaking out the champagne, but will do tonight as well.

>> No.23845142

A grizzled merc dude, around the age of 35~40
Wielding a halberd
prepared as fuck levels of preparedness, backpack with shovel, hatchet, knives, maps, etc

>> No.23845159


>> No.23845231


>> No.23845238

That's Chink, not Proto.

Look here, retard: >>23839817

>> No.23845256

Bumping, with no expectations, but hope. Lots of hope.

>> No.23845276


Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

>> No.23845304


>> No.23845351

/tg/: Life Lessons.

>> No.23845603

I actually sort of expected that reaction.

>> No.23845688

I'm back! Sorry, had a ceremony to attend D:

I'll be drawing requests again in a little while if people still want me to!

>> No.23845712

Welcome back.

>> No.23845723

Sure. How about either this headless dryad. There's a portal coming out of her severed neck and the head is rather shocked by this apparent development.

Or a bipedal fox, hauling a large sack of gems.

>> No.23845728

Welcome back! I hope everything went well.

Could you do >>23843627 if/when you decide to start back up?

>> No.23845736

I'm sorry, he just reminds me of Chink a lot. Especially this.


>> No.23845747

Damnit, Swiper! No swiping!

>> No.23845756

Yes, please.

I'm >>23839890 btw.

>> No.23845763

I'm not sure if it is too soon to humbly offer this to your desk...

But I offer this.

>> No.23845777


If you want to tackle my manly spaceman go ahead, but other anons seem a little more intent on having their requests filled so do them first if you prefer.

>> No.23845788

Welcome back!
I'm >>23845142 if you're interested
I'll post his inventory to give you a better idea of his preparedness

Halberd, Candle (10), Glass Bottle (rolled up paper), Lantern, Bedroll, Leather Armor, Backpack (Filled), Flint and Steel, Hammer, Oil (1 pint), Pitons (10), Pouch, Belt (filled), Rations, Trail, Rope, Silk (50 ft.), Waterskin, Masterwork Knife, Flask (Alcohol), Glass Bottle (Charcoal), Clay Bottle (Human Waste), Whet Stone, Wooden Stake (5), Small Bells (5), Cloth Strips (7), Grappling Hook, Sunrods (2), Spool of string, Waterproof Tarp, Smoke Bombs (5), Small Tin, Bundle of tinder, Masterwork Handaxe, Masterwork Shovel

Yes that is all at level 1
Yes, he's under the weight limit for light load
Yes, he still has money left over

>> No.23845808

I humbly request a drawing of my male Ratfolk fighter, he dual-wields swords with a tail blade. I've always imagined him wearing a desert cloak, something Jawa-eqsue, no shoes, a jerkin of studden leather for armor.

>> No.23845849


>> No.23845868


Wedding? Those are fun!


I'd like you to draw one of my characters. She's about 160cm, BWH 79-53-66 (or somewhere there), shoulder-length hair.

She's in her magical girl outfit. One is a decidedly tame dress. It’s orange with black outlines and dark blue highlights. The other is... well, based off pic related. IT MUST HAVE SPATS.

Damnit decu if you know who I am you know where to find me

>> No.23845881

A stone knight with a tower shield and sword (sentinel golem) on guard with a small girl leaning on his leg.

>> No.23845920

(re)requestig Chiakibutt.

>> No.23845950

I humbly request someone to draw my Only War Regiment, the Saguenayan 54th.

They essentially look like the Mobile Infantry from the Starship Troopers movie, with Krieg-style gasmasks, and maple leaves on their helmets.

>> No.23845963 [DELETED] 

OP your style is cute.
Would you mind drawing the dude in the Mohawk with one of the awesome looking guitars? I've also included a fullbody picture, he and the blue guy are the same race.

>> No.23845993


Draw a futuristic Lizardman in power armour.

>> No.23845995

Decu is all about cute.
And healing.
And lewd.

>> No.23846017

Rerequesting >>23838370.

>> No.23846029

A young, feminine man with big, big eyes. His skin is pale, and he wears a long red cloak - and nothing else, though he keeps it clasped so that he isn't flashing everyone.

He has short blonde hair, and webbed hands and feet.

>> No.23846036

Welcome back! I'm pretty excited cause if you were just going down the thread, you had almost gotten to mine before you left. Love your work man.

>> No.23846038

Hmm, can you draw a portrait of a guy that kinda looks like Jean Reno, wearing a knit cap and lugging a bolt action rifle on his back?

>> No.23846044

Could I get my DH character getting dressed up in aristocratic frills by a giggly noble woman and looking thoroughly unimpressed?
Much obliged!

>> No.23846045


Draw this but with Moses as an Eldar Farseer and the priests as a pair of Necron Crypteks.

>> No.23846086

can you do a male halfling rogue in leather armor with a big cloak, shortbow, and shortsword?

>> No.23846114

I'll just bump my request here again for you. Glad to see you're back!

>> No.23846119


>> No.23846129

I-I hope someone's still here.

A proud Eastern warrior accompanied by a sassy black Lamia. She has a little red cape wrapped around her with a 'skirt' underneath.

>> No.23846183

How even do you (or shwig or whoever originally)
do this? I have a tablet, but like, is it just pressure settings and...what? Is there some kind of "hey man, don't anti-alias my shit, please" setting that I can't find.

>> No.23846326


Here you go, sir

>> No.23846334


It's done with the Binary Brush tool in SAI!

>> No.23846362

For anyone willing:

Macho Monk Randy Savage
Blackguard Tommy Wiseau
Paladin Nick Cage
Multiclassed into literally every class Steve Buscemi

Please, I will love you forever.

>> No.23846375

>dat filename
Oh Protoculture.

>> No.23846427

Thanks! It's cute.

>> No.23846468

what's so bad about anti-aliasing?

>> No.23846487

Doctor Dick as a warforged bard. It's what I plan to play as next.


>> No.23846531

Ran without hat holding a handheld console, being scared yet curious.

>> No.23846626

Here's hoping my request is enticing enough; I have to leave for the evening.

>> No.23846671

Pic related
Nothing, it's just...kind of how that style works. Also, pixel art. Depending on what people do and don't consider pixel art.

On that note, I'll probably be jumping in to draw things.
Although in whatever style I feel like doing whatever in.

>> No.23846675

A Dark Eldar Incubi with a necklace of ears from various creatures and factions.

>> No.23846680

Also my GM took a look and decided that "Disapprovowns" are gonna be a thing in the campaign now because of the expression you put on those guys. Tldr everyone thinks the portrait is adorable, and you're the best.

>> No.23846690

Is this thread still alive? o.o

>> No.23846693


Do Tau have ears?

>> No.23846704



>> No.23846711


I don't believe so

>> No.23846722


>asking a dumbshit question

You need to go.

>> No.23846747

Bumpin for this, please.

>> No.23846751

They're internal ears.

>> No.23846771


>hears internally

>> No.23846780


>Blackguard Tommy Wiseau

I could attempt to drawfag this for you

>> No.23846804

Rerequesting the lucha girl here

>> No.23846809

worse concern would be necron and tyradin ears

>> No.23846832


Maybe a necklace of fingers would make more sense.

>> No.23846838

May I have Geralt of Rivia seducing two female Dryads at the same time? You know he would (and he did).

>> No.23846840

A stately gryphon dying in the snow.

>> No.23846867

Sorry, force of habit and forgetting where I am. It won't happen again.

>> No.23846961

Yayy! Thanks, you're my new bestest friend now.

>> No.23847005

Can I uh, have a fellow with three green cybernetic eyes, wearing light carapace and robes?

>> No.23847008



>> No.23847066

I haven't done a drawthread in a while...

Anybody got any requests pour moi?

>> No.23847074

That would be awesome.

>> No.23847135


I'll have to do them all as separate portraits though, is that acceptable?

>> No.23847145

You having soft taco's later?

>> No.23847215 [SPOILER] 


These pics were taken off of my phone in my dingy-ass apartment. Requests taken won't be as orange.

>> No.23847259


Mmm, yes. That ass.

C-Could you try mine out? >>23846129

>> No.23847269

I typed this up for a draw thread a few days ago. Sadly no response.

Rush Sykes

A Halfling Rogue type. He takes everything to the extreme. His personality is that of Ace Ventura. He’s wacky and goofy, yet he still makes sure to get the job done. He was not always a happy person, he used to be a ruthless Assassin but has since given up that life style in favor of his current more silly one. Now he’s always grinning ear to ear.

He has medium length white hair with various blue and purple streaks throughout. He loosely wears a newsboy cap. He’s got a brown coat that hangs to his shins; under it he wears a Victorian suit and vest combo. He wears pants that are slightly too large, almost like parachute pants, they are a bright red color with black stripes on them vertically. He wears thick brown adventurer boots with a large gold buckle on each. On his back he has a backpack that doubles as a parachute, as he tends to find himself skydiving more than usual; which is why he also wears goggles. Across his chest he wears a bandolier of small pouches. He has fingerless gloves, that have arcane markings on the palms, because they are gloves of storing.

>> No.23847292

Aye, that's perfect.

>> No.23847300

That sounds delicious!

>> No.23847309

Sit tight, Lemon-Pie.

>> No.23847334


Here you go

>> No.23847344



>> No.23847419


>> No.23847529

Anyone able to draw me a picture of a Sister of Battle, the Ordo Hospitaller to be specific... the Ordo Vespila to be more specific, but either way.

Standing there with her hands on her hips and a dis-satisfied look on her face, and if so inclined, a second Sister of Battle, this one a Seraphim, standing next to her with her arms crossed under her breasts and panty helmet on. Both with sky-blue armor and bits of frost frozen on. If you felt like coloring it, anything would be awesome though. Thanks.

>> No.23847553


>panty helmet

Sisters of Battle are so adorable.

>> No.23847657

Yesss it beginssss thank you!

>> No.23847678


Sorry for the long wait and shit quality. I spent more time wrestling with my tablet than actually drawing, it's being a piece of shit for some reason.

So yeah, sorry about that

>> No.23847819

Carlos McConnell the Scottish-Spanish Rogue Trader who the felinid homeworld is named after, pictured here, standing or sitting at the bridge of his ship surrounded by catgirls. I mean felinids. And by felinids I mean catgirls, but in WH40K.

>> No.23847838

I would still like >>23839674 if you don't mind.

>> No.23847842

Absolutely fantastic
WRESTLING your tablet
get it?

>> No.23847848

I'm only bumping this to have my e-mail posted up for this request if someone does it. Nothing more. I'm really loving everything that's getting posted up.

>> No.23847856


I realized the pun after the fact.

But seriously my fucking tablet is being a real dick right now

>> No.23847928

Oh man haha, that's great

>> No.23848067

So, I told someone in the last thread that I'd make necromancer Gordon Ramsay yelling at some zombies.

I haven't had time to work on it until now - but I am working on it. It's godawful right now. Sorry about that. Trying to pull it together.

>> No.23848101


Here you go

>> No.23848110

This is extremely relevant to my interests.

>> No.23848191


Well hopefully you love Tommy "Blackguard" Wiseau

>Oh, hey Mark!

>> No.23848218

Oh, damn, I completely forgot. The hair is held back with a large uncharacteristically cute bow rather than a tiny ribbon.
Presence or absence of a cute little fang is up to your discretion.

>> No.23848235


>> No.23848276

I love it!

>> No.23848291


Thanks brother. Normally I'm a bit less sloppy and shitty but my tablet is only picking up one out of every five or so movements and it refuses to register quick or deft touches.


Thank you anon

>> No.23848306

The BIG MAN Jeff Skylark from skywars taking a loser jedi to the next level of word eating

that, or him sitting on an intergalactic space throne looking baller as fuck

>> No.23848490

Almost done.

>> No.23848634

Anyone care to do mine? Please?

>> No.23848708




>> No.23848781

>You want this skull?

>> No.23848801


It's purple, but at least it isn't orange.

>> No.23848842

'dass nawyse

>> No.23848850

I fucking love you
You are the best person ever

>> No.23848877


No problem, I'm a huge fan of Nic Cage anyway

>> No.23848917

Now in monocrome.

>> No.23848922


also as a bonus:

The sword says "anything but the bees" in latin.

>> No.23849028

goodle tronslatte sez it's "anything but the bees" when you do english>latin, but "nothing except the bees" when you insert the latin>english. Da fuq? Latinfags, help?

>> No.23849056

Are you gonna retire for now, or do the Steve Buscemi with a level in every class?

Additional stuff, if you feel like it:
Mel Gibson as a Melee Ranger with Favored Enemy(Jews)
Mel Brooks as a Cleric
Michael J Fox as an inept Rogue
Gary Busey as a Barbarian
John Lovitz as a Wizard

>> No.23849066

Thanks proto
I'll cherish that pic forever

>> No.23849073

>Da fuq
Back to leddit with you.

>> No.23849074

I love you

>> No.23849075


I'm gonna do Buscemi, though how the fuck I communicate the idea that he's a munchkin is beyond me

>> No.23849083

Grow a pair of nuts, faggot.

>> No.23849148


Fellas, there's no need to pollute an amicable drawthread with such behavior.

>> No.23849181

I think that's enough for me today, need to get back doing other things. Thank you for the practice again everyone, I'm sorry for those I didn't get to do!

>> No.23849318


Oh man, I love it. Thank you, drawfag.

>> No.23849386


>> No.23849437

Seconding this; would be awesome.

>> No.23849441


>> No.23849532


My pleasure!

>> No.23849615

Are you going to continue drawfagging, or take a well earned rest?

>> No.23849632


Gary Busey is too good to pass up, then I'm out.

>> No.23849814

Finish it later. Falling asleep.

>> No.23849980


Beware the Buserker

>> No.23850010

Can you make Torrente(santiago segura) as an inquisitor?
Empra's stupid arm

>> No.23850073

Fucking great

>> No.23850091


So what exactly is the reason for all the "celebrities as X, Y, Z" requests? Just for shits and giggles? Also, thank you.

>> No.23850152

They're all NPCs in my campaign. Minor NPCs for comedic relief, but still.

There is room for more, in both the Thursday and Friday game slots(different groups) if you happen to be looking for a game.

>> No.23850184


I'm flattered, but also rather busy despite all the time I spend fucking around and drawing on /tg/ so I'd just end up being a burden and non-entity. Thank you though. Interesting idea, do you use voice clips of these actors while presenting them to the group?

>> No.23850191

Damn I'm late. Uh could I get my CoC character drawn? Short guy Italian, messy black hair, untidy goatee, has a scar across the top of his right eye where he missed with a scalpel and his left one is covered in gauze bandages like he just got discharged from the hospital. Outfit consists of a very messy military jacket over a shirt saying Watch the Stars also very dirty and some cargo pants. Never seen without his lucky double barreled shotgun named Lucy. Basically he looks like Charlie Kelly after a couple of run ins with things men were not supposed to see.

>> No.23850254

I do some pretty good impressions for most of them.

My offer stands, though. You seem like you'd be fun to run for. And I'm not the type of DM who punishes people for having a life(despite my not having one).

>> No.23850297


What's the game? Also is there any way I can contact you in the future?

>> No.23850348

It's 4E(Easy to run, easy to learn), and set in a custom world. The starting level is one, currently. If other people level up before you join, the starting level would go up.

My skype is in the Email field.

>> No.23850377



>> No.23850406

I'm from Massachusetts. Does that narrow it down?

>> No.23850426


Yeah I got you. A fellow Masshole.

>> No.23850609

...Mesousa...do you know what happens when you're not a good bunny?

>> No.23850776

Decided to draw this instead of getting drunk. Hope you're still around to see it

>> No.23850888


Any can draw for me? I would love a pretty picture of a Seraphim Panty helmet. I cannot find one.

>> No.23850931


I'm not familiar with 40k. Give me a few pictures for reference and I'll get on it.

>> No.23850962

I guess I'll bump this shit over there.

>> No.23851069


Here are two Battle Sisters, add a jump-pack and it's a Seraphim.

>> No.23851080

And Ordo Hospitaller.

>> No.23851337


Thanks. I'm on it.

>> No.23851383


Thank you!

>> No.23851526

oh shit, i doodled

>> No.23851575

Not the OR, but fucking saved.

>> No.23851970


Note to self. Get a decent scanner. I hope this is kind of what you're looking for.

>> No.23852007

I love it, anon.

>> No.23852278


Both those are awesome. Thanks :3c

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