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What do Assassins do when not on deployment? Is it just training, sleeping and new briefings all the way, or are they allowed some freedoms? I mean, a Culexus is basically just severely autistic, but a Callidus would likely be allowed to socialize with its handlers, seeing as how social skills may be needed to uphold a disguise. Or do they just repeat phrases they practiced before being deployed?

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They practice cool catch phrases.

You know, shit they'd say before killing someone, like

"This hurts me, more than it hurts you." or "You ever had ramen? It's delicacy back on Terra"

I mean, what kind of jackass kills someone without saying something cool, that's just poor form.

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Not sure about the other temples but Eversor assassins are kept in stasis until they're deployed.

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Yeah but it's hard for Eversor's to even be considered 'people'.

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Eversors are kept in some form of stasis


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they do badass shit, like ride flaming bicycles and shit on horses faces

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Thing the most Grimdark Grimdark option and you have it.
But I still like to think of them as peoples.

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Eversor assassins are kept in cryogenic stasis, since they're so hopped up on drugs that they wouldn't live until the next mission otherwise. Plus, it keeps them from killing anything you don't want dead.

As for the rest, Officio Assassinorum agents are even less human than space marines. Odds are their schedules reflect this.

> seeing as how social skills may be needed to uphold a disguise. Or do they just repeat phrases they practiced before being deployed?
Social skills are probably hypnomat conditioned. Ie there's an implant in your brain allowing skills to be more or less directly downloaded via your optical nerve. It's used extensively with space marines.

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Fanon 40k can be more enjoyable than the real thing.

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"You can try to best me. However, by that point you'll have been torn to pieces."

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Even in the grim darkness of the far future, Love can Bloom

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They're basically autistic as hell when they're not on deployment. It's when they're set loose that they come out of their shell.

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If Net Gain can get $300 more dollars we'll find out.

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maybe they eat babies
or play poker
or secretly hold dance offs
or hold cook offs
or train dogs
or learn how to sing in the rain

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why would they shit on the face of a horse?

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Why WOULDN'T they?

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because pissing is more cost effective

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Catch up on sleep
Clean and maintain their weapons
Work out
Go to shitty bars and get drunk

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Got any more of these? They're pretty funny.

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As someone with a lot of mental problems I sleep a lot when I'm under stress but have still some free time left. Granted, I have nightmares and shit but I wake up very refreshed.

Think about the people with most experience in any field, doctors and teachers, for example, a lot of them drink, or are womanizers, or do drugs, or have an unhealthy obssession for some hobby, anything to let those troubles breathe and give the conscious mind some space. Some of them are even great artists, or closet scientists, and I have no doubt some of them even post on /tg/ and try to ignite edition wars.

IRL also this balance of having an interesting or hard job makes them either very dull and dead inside or pretty interesting dudes to be around. Unique activities give unique views of every situation, and those who are near dead people often learn to appreciate life in strange ways.

So I imagine a successful assassin as someone able to blend in any crowd, a little quirky but with a small crowd of admirers. Many lines rehearsed and a disarming smile prepared for most situations, and something that relaxes them like watching movies or playing minecraft on creative mode?

It depends on each one's personality too, the reason they have for killing, their previous experience and how much "free time" they really have. Are they independent agents or are hired by an agency? Those things.

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benezidrine cut with cholizarone is a hell of a drug, mate

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They keep some strange acquaintances. It's not inconceivable that they themselves would be a bit strange. I mean shit, man, they must bottle up something fierce.

Just the ones I got from 1d4chan.

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Sir, I am not op, but I have them.

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did it work?

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I was always wondering. about eversors and that the mission parameters are uploaded to their brain while they are still sleeping. What if they dream while they are in a the stasis and others could "communicate" with them if they go to that dream state with some kind of machine

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Only this one.

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>and I have no doubt some of them even post on /tg/ and try to ignite edition wars.
assassins that in their free time troll the shit out of the internet and acting like ten years old kids.

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In 40K, assassins are trained, and in some cases bred, in the Assassin Temples. They have information they need downloaded directly into their skulls. They live only to kill in the Emperor's name. They do not get names, only numbers. In some cases everything that they are is wiped away and they are mindless (And in some cases SOULLESS, literally soulless) killing machines.

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OP is net gain programer looking for ideas

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I believe I was summoned?

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>They do not get names

Some do. Tarik Ziz and Meh'lindi from the Callidus Temple for instance.

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I forgot M'Shen from the Callidus as well.

There's a X-13 from the Vindicare temple so it might be something that differs from temple to temple.

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The $25K stretch goal lets your operatives hang out at your base. The creators are /tg/ natives and show op here often.

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To make one of your own!

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And some templates.

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Ah, Miko. How I miss thee.

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I wasn't talking about 40k assassins, I was talking about more generic assassins.
Still, accuracy is appreciated.

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Dude, these are old. OLD old. Back then the asterix actions were pretty common.
These guys are about as old as /tg/ even.

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You're right. To be honest, I'm glad we graduated from that and the "WE ARE LEGION" bullcrap. Don't you love how things change?

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Some changes have been for the better, some for the worse.

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>implying we aren't Legion

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>owing Callidus $20 credits...


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Actually, a full list of every cool catchphrase that even has or will be uttered is already implanted in each Assassin's brain.

And they said that particular STC find was useless.

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now what's this doing here...

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Collector, you glorius bastard. It has been ages.

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Yeah, it's been a while.
I mean, I'm here just about every day, but I haven't done an image dump for a spell.

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Does /tg/ wish for me to continue? The rest are all Love Can Bloom related.

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There is an assholetep codec somewhere I seem to remember.

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Go right ahead.

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Very well.

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Fucking awesome.

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I like this one

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My sides have fallen victim to the Xeno's hilarious manipulations!

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And now my favorite one. Makes me want KFC every time I see it.

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The Emperor is such a bro...

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I hope you've enjoyed this.
I'm going to get myself some chicken.

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You do that. I'm off to get some sleep.

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anybody have more Love Can Bloom stuff?

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We's recordin now

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Ask and you shall receive.
For the time being anyway, I have plans for later tonight.

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It was the manner of his life that he existed in the thick of the killing. He had a dim understanding of the other times, the times when he would lie in the baths of amnio-fluids as the patient machines of his clade healed his wounds or upgraded the stimjectors and drug glands throughout his body. The times when, in the dreamless no-sleep between missions, hypnogoge data streams would unfold in his head like blossoms of information, target profiles linked to mood-triggers that would give him bursts of elation for every kill, jolts of pleasure for each waypoint reached, jerks of pain if he deviated off-programme.

These things had not happened here, though. He reflected on that as he completed his leap, his augmented muscles relaxing to take the impact of landing, the sheer force of his arrival killing one of the fleeing technicians immediately. As he spun about, the knife-claws on his hands and feet opening veins, the grinning rictus of his steel skull-mask steaming with splashes of blood, he searched for a programme, for a set of victory conditions.

There was none. Digging deeper, he reached for his stunted past. He remembered back as far as he could – an hour, perhaps? He replayed the moment. A sudden awakening. The transit cocoon that held him in its silent, womb-like space, where he could wait out the non-time until his next glorious release, suddenly broken. An error, or something else? Enemy action? That assumption was the Garantine’s default setting, after all. He reasoned – as much as he was able – that surely if he had been awakened for any other reason, the hypnogoges would have ensured he knew why.

But there was nothing. No parameters, only wakefulness. And for an Eversor, to be awake was to be in the glory of killing.

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there you go bunch of heretics

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In the likely event of my departure, here's a download of my LCB-Macha stuff.

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Ah, well... like now. See you later.

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Some book had a psyker that encountered someone that turned out to be a callidus assassin. Their brain was...empty. Normal people have a solid accretion of ego and identity, like a rock in a pot of bubbling stew. This guy was...nothing.

Callidus literally have no face under the mask. Just a polymorphine addiction that keeps them loyal, keeps them coming back for the fix.

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> dat ending

That's heresy but I'll allow it, hahaha

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What I always wondered: do Culexus assassins have any feelings at all, or are they just blank in all senses of the phrase? What does being soulless in 40K entail?

Disappointed that they seem to get the least love in the fanon, they were always my favourite for some reason.

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They do have feelings and what not, they're just... Off.

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Define "off".

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You fucker.

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In the Eisenhorn trilogy, pariahs are shown to be completely normal, emotionally and mentally, but the effect they have on people, the revulsion and disgust being "soulless" has on people (even if they don't know you're a pariah, they'll sense it) can cause some social issues.

But, for instance, in the Ravenor trilogy, the main pariah character, Wystan Frauka, enjoys chain-smoking lho-sticks and reading cheap, terribly written porno dataslates. He's mostly bored, because his job is to stand around and de-activate the device that supresses his powers when asked.

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I always pegged Callidus and Vindicare being silent when on mission (Except when the Callidus is morphed), Eversor isn't doing much but screaming incoherently and Clexus (Spelling?) is wanksting to no end.
Vanus doesn't kill (At least nothing that would ever be linked back to them) and Venuem (Again, spelling?) killed you hours earlier when you stubbed your toe on the dresser. Remember how it seemed to hurt a little more then it should've?
Yeah, you're going to vomit up your spleen in a week to come.

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Those are blanks/untouchables. Not pariahs.

Although where people tend to just not like blanks, they absolutely fucking hate pariahs.

Most pariahs actually are murdered before the Inquisition/Necrons find them.

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Can't deal with it...

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That bug.

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What the shit is going on? I can't see this thread?

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Wait. I can see it again.

What the fuck happened earlier?

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I'd really like someone to take a /tg/ glance at an 'assassin's day off.' Four assassins, deployed on a mission. Job done, they have 48 hours before they get picked up. Callidus convinces the band to go out on the town with hilarious results.

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There's a 2 in that binary.

This aggravates me.

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Holy shit, this is ancient and fucking awesome.

Thank you Collector.

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He is a kind god.

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The stuttering just makes her sound tsundere

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Wait...I know this comic...Invented fap. Fuck. What is its name?

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Sexy Losers.

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Fuck! Thank you! I'm going to have to go through its archive again.

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I wonder if this is all already in that mediafire that the Collector uploaded? Oh well. Imma keep dumping.

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'S no problem.

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Oh man, I haven't heard that song in forever.

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As long as he's been around? Wouldn't surprise me if he had EVERYTHING.

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According to "Nemesis" Imperials produced them by cloning during Horus Heresy.

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then write it your self, don't wait for someone to indulge you, do it yourself. Be the writefag! Just be careful, cause this idea can easily be written as bad fanfiction.

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Actually, I should go back to OP's topic.

I think Assassins in their spare time not on deployment do what others have said. Train, pray, meditate, learn, practice.

But, when they're on the mission and waiting in position, or infiltrating, or whatever, I imagine they have things they like to do to keep themselves from getting too mentally fatigued. I had a guy in a Dark Heresy game playing an assassin that folded origami- though he vehemently denied it. Just called it folding paper, while waiting for targets to come out or people to act.

Also, I like to imagine Culexus assassins have the most personality, as they are so rare that the temples are going to by necessity be a bit softer on them. Though this is with absolutely no support from canon.

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But I suck.

>> No.23835441

Assassins ARE still people even if they aren't normal people, there's even been civil wars within the temples because Assassins are more than only "Duty, duty, duty"

Hell even Eversor's can do more than just scream WRRYYYY and explode like you see /tg/ fanart. They can even talk in complete sentences!

>> No.23835443

We are Alpha Legion. Keep up.

>> No.23835447

Yeah, I think the assassins actually rebelled and took out the High Lords of Terra once.

>> No.23835453

What is next? A Rubyquest nostalgia thread?

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>> No.23835457

Then write other things first, remember the more time you spend not writing is time you are worse than Stephanie meyers. Each time you write go for a different 'feel' of it, write, learn, and achieve your dreams.

>> No.23835458


Something of the sort happened, and a chapter of marines got called in to take care of it. I remember, I think a captain killed the assassin grandmaster.

>> No.23835467

Eversors have a great sense of humor.

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>> No.23835481

I see a worrying lack of ork here.

>> No.23835483

It's good advice, but for a rather anticlimactic goal of "You too will one day write fanfiction that will not be immediately mocked on /tg/."

>> No.23835489

You need bad writefaggotry to appreciate the good.

>> No.23835507

Do assassins even do anything cool in fluff? They seem more like high level mooks for Chaos Lords to show that they're badass.

>> No.23835524

I love this one so much.

>> No.23835525

Depends, they had a 'codex' which was a short book with the four main temples assassin's stats and rules which of course included fluff of them doing thier thang.

Plus some of the old comics featured assassins, like "Obvious Tactics" where the main characters was a female assassin and two blood angels.

>> No.23835536


They kill human heretics.

As for Chaos Lords you're right, Offico Assassinorum sent their best operatives after four Abaddon's henchmen and all of the assassins died, probably horribly.

Colonel Straken OTOH only needed a barb-root to handle a Chaos Lord.

>> No.23835539

I think I'm out of LCB stuff. Bugger.

>> No.23835545

You may be right, I'll admit it's ridiculous to go through that just so some neckbeards on an but anonymous imageboard will like it,but the way I was trying to get him to do it himself simply because despite the idea's appeal,the chance of a writefag latching onto it is low at best, so I'm just trying to get the guy to take the initiative.

>> No.23835561

I do remember a comic where one was lured into a room with a giant bomb and before dying, he said, "Emperor help me."

It was interesting. It reminds you that they're actually people. But presumably they believe in what they're doing and their sacrifice, and do it willingly. That doesn't mean they're going to be thrilled about a meaningless death though.

>> No.23835565

Oh no, he totally should do it himself! But he shouldn't care if it gets mocked or not.

>> No.23835566

Heh, those studs.

Miko added them to LIIVI mistakenly believing they were standard and weren't related to space marine service, so she drew a comic 'explaining' they were actually bites from the rare Giant Kronus Mosquito.

Sorry. Tangent.

I actually looked it up, apparently a Callidus took out Kurze of the Night Lords. Because he let her. Also she got disemboweled by a Night Lord Apothecary gruesomely.

Still, only mortal to kill a Primarch, so there you go.

>> No.23835582

Yeah he was failing the Emperor by walking into the trap and being killed by the nuke. A loyal Eversor is going to feel pretty shitty about that

Too bad for the target there were TWO assassins, and he was gloating to the one he didn't even know was in the room with him...

>> No.23835593

I agree good sir, but he seems to have nonconfidence in his abilities, so if he writes more before hand he might feel better about his work, and therefore be more Inclined to use that idea in his writing.

>> No.23835605

>more inclined to write it
Sorry about that.

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>> No.23835615

Vindicares actually kinda don't fit as an assassin temple.

"i shoot people good"

>> No.23835661


>Alpha Legion
>Pic shows Luna Wolves

>> No.23835684

Vindicare infiltrate into an enemies stronghold then kill them with a perfect headshot from a mile away while upside-down and being shot at

Vindicare >> All other Assassins

>> No.23835717

'Til the Bloomtime.

>> No.23835745

Vindicare are basically Solid Snake on Steroids with Superior equipment.

>> No.23835758 [SPOILER] 

I'mma just leave this here.


>> No.23835774

They rape and murder the locals for shit and giggles.

>> No.23835875


Temple Assassins make eldar *players* crazy too, they get more agility than an autarch and better skills, while being stronger and tougher.

>> No.23835912

Games Workshop hates having eldar stats match their fluff, you know that.

What the frick was that artist's name again?

>> No.23835923


deadxcross I think

>> No.23835931


Circle A.

>> No.23835942

I wish for the 40k universe to be a place of MANLY ADVENTURE and JOLLY COOPERATION where all less tyranid/chaotic races are simply in uneasy stalemate with each other allowing things like a human assassin to wed an eldar farseer and for the characters in general to have grand two-fisted action-packed tales of adventure.

Its more interesting than taking the universe seriously at the least.

>> No.23835945


I thought blanks carried the Pariah gene that allowed Necrons to make them into Pariahs.

>> No.23835952


Nah, this is by Circle A

>> No.23835955

Its not like the Space marines match their fluff either... well apart from the 'Movie Marine' rules...

>> No.23835957

Ah! you were right. Thank you.

>> No.23835960

>> No.23835968

...Plus Miko and Muju, and fucking HELL /tg/ is lucky with the drawfags.

>> No.23835971

>>/tg/...do you think love can bloom, even on a battlefield?

>> No.23835976

I wish there was more fluff involving venenum and vanus assassins, or assassins of other factions in general.

>> No.23835980

Basically, yeah.

Sometimes, you go stealthy, only take down the bosses...

And other times, fuck it, everyone dies.

>> No.23835985


...I miss greenmarine all of a sudden. Where'd he run off to?

>> No.23835986

Yeah, especially considering they're really more assassin-y. I guess they fit less on the battlefield though.

>> No.23835997

Hah. I was looking through Deadxcross's Deviantart and found this one.

>> No.23836001

Though that one also makes it look like the Eversor was DMing strangely enough.

>> No.23836014

sigh if only I wouldn't post shit requests or late to a great drawthread.

instead I request Gutz Gabber having a verbal sparring session with his rogue trader Captain in void suits, or my character of the week.

Sometimes a necromancer just wants a picture of his cohort so the other PC's stop making fun of her wide brimmed hat.

It was never meant to be this way! I just wanted a fucking slaymate not some freaky deaky necro loli

>> No.23836015

Is this referencing something, or some sort of homage?

>> No.23836018

I have no clue. It's got Taldeer+LIIVI+Miko's idea of the assassins.

Other than that? No idea.

>> No.23836025

>implying they aren't Alpha Legion marines pretending to be Luna Wolves

captcha: Eliphaz slymmu
so close...

>> No.23836027

internet ate my image

>> No.23836033

It would be cool if it was part of something greater though. The bits in the melange are just begging for being blurbs part of a story.

>> No.23836046

The popular consensus seems to be that they exhibit behavior that would imply severe autism and possibly sociopathy.

>> No.23836055

Oh, and Chink. Chink was awesome too.

>> No.23836064

>dat bevel and emboss
>dat drop shadow
oh wow

>> No.23836065

The handlers are involved in the politics, not the Assassins.

>> No.23836092

Apart from necessary support staff such as Astropaths and Navigatorsand who are kept on and have no freedom to leave despite not being assassin ALL member of a Temple are assassins.

The GRAND MASTER OF ASSASSINS is also an assassin.

There are no 'handlers'.

>> No.23836101

How would one make Venenum and Vanus Temple Assassins playable on as units on the battlefield? Is it even possible.

>> No.23836110

I really miss Miko.

>> No.23836112

Make them a form of artillery? I mean, they wouldn't be people on the field- maybe advisers to the HQ so they can call down their "JUST AS PLANNED HAHA THAT PIECE OF COVER WAS RIGGED TO COLLAPSE/IS COATED IN POISON."

>> No.23836115

Is that official Rogue Trader art?

>> No.23836119

Me too man. I hope she's okay.

I hope she's not mad because of the writing.

>> No.23836120

I heard he was spotted on tgchan. I think he might have made an appearance on /co/ or /v/, but I'm not sure about that.

>> No.23836133

What writing? LCB?

>> No.23836152

Vindicare have always been my fave out of the different Assassins.

>> No.23836168

This is the best thing in this thread.

>> No.23836171

Yeah. I dunno, I just thought she...Didn't like where it was going, or what it was doing. I know she never said anything, but I kind of felt it.

>> No.23836218

Dude, you just hit me with the biggest Nostalgia nuke. I died laughing.

>> No.23836227

>> No.23836239

I guess I'm too new to remember what this is about, so can someone explain this to me?

>> No.23836242 [SPOILER] 

>> No.23836248


Old internet thing.

>> No.23836251 [SPOILER] 

IN THE NAME OF SLAANESH! LCB needs more porn.

>> No.23836262

you mean filling up the grim darkness with some good to make the grim darkness seem actually bad by comparison? hmmmmm might be a good idea afterall

>> No.23836267

that was to stop the eldar from reincarnating

>> No.23836269

Damn, I should have recognized that.

>> No.23836274

They do. Pariahs get their abilities enhanced, however.

>> No.23836283

i love how they drew that mask

>> No.23836300

>> No.23836307

i think the bullet from that gun would make the ripper explode instantly vs a neat hole in head

>> No.23836317

He actually didn't use that gun, he just pulled a Once Upon a Time in China.

>> No.23836338

i know,but just sayin...

>> No.23836355

He's obviously using custom specialised ammunition to get the desired effect. That's part of a Vindicare's whole deal afterall.

>> No.23836404

how physically built does a vindicare have to be? they are always shown as being near perfect definition and i just want to see the short stout guy huffing and puffing his 240 pounds up a set of stairs to shoot a guy thousands of yards away, also ill make sure to play him like john candy in uncle buck

>> No.23836410

Their physique looks to be much like that of olympic athletes, specifically runners and swimmers. And they have Synskin to enhance their abilities even further.

>> No.23836427

i dont think synthskin works like that, it just keeps you warm/cool, provide some protection and act as an actual second skin

i want to make an assassin with the same proportions as the gunzerker

>> No.23836448

So I decided to use that template. What do you guys think?

Also 480k hours in paint do not steal yada yada

>> No.23836452

All Temple Assassins are enhanced.

Also Vindicare do alot more than just shoot a gun, first the shoot a gun REAL WELL but second they also work solo and infiltrate better than any normal person, they need to be physically superior to sneak in and escape

>> No.23836475

Synskin does work like that. It enhances the wearer's strength in addition to just acting as a protective suit. It's a bit like the muscle suit from MGS, I guess.

>> No.23836495

how enhanced? like gene inhanced or just a few cybernetics?
also idea for an assassin
tech assassin, given lightweight cybernetics and MIU linked needle rifle, kills in the name of the omnissiah

>> No.23836515

that muscle suit made sense, as it was bulky, and even though snake was old he was still ripped as hell
synthskin seems odd to me, as it has no frame, so i imagine youd be trying to lift something heavy, and it would pull it self up off of your real skin, trying to lift you lift something
synthskin seems annoying as you have tech priests constantly going on about tech heresy

>> No.23836525


Synthskin was probably around in mars when Mechanicus was founded, which would make it a sacred relic instead of tech-heresy.

>> No.23836535

...Why did you use comic sans. Why.

>> No.23836553

its so hard to make that few people should have it, its like the sarcophogases of dreadnaughts, it just borders on tech heresy due to it being archeotech and maybe even xeno in origins

>> No.23836563

Because I love the butthurt it causes?

>> No.23836567

Huh, this is news to me,

Anyone heard about these people before?


>> No.23836570

>The temples use many exotic types of equipment, such as synskin, a substance that once sprayed onto the body, forms a black outer skin which protects the wearer from the environment and enhances strength.

From Lexicanum, there source being...Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader by Rick Priestley, pg. 170.

>> No.23836591


There's a Dark Heresy alternate rank for assassins that ties into the Sicarius.
Psy-Rating? Yes please.

>> No.23836593

but what is the anti ordo sicarius? and who polices the anti ordo sicarius? WHO WATCHES THE WATCHMEN?!?!?!

>> No.23836616

isnt the reason eldar population is so low, is that it takes weeks of sex just to make one offspring? like the more times done adds further genetic info from the male or something like that?

odd thought from that pic btw

>> No.23836628

To be fair, this stuff largely depends on what version of the setting you look at.

For example:
> Dark Heresy
> Cost: 2,500 Thrones
> Synskin is a bio-reactive bodyglove with an inert non-reflective surface that moulds itself to the wearer's form.
> Synskin adds 2 Armour Points to all locations and the wearer gains +10 bonus to Concealment and Silent Move Tests.
> In addition, synskin renders the wearer invisible to the effects of infra-red goggles and Dark Sight.

>> No.23836643

And a different version from Ascension!
> Vindicare Stealth Suit
> This item of wargear appears as a matte-black bodyglove,
specially fitted for the individual Assassin. The Vindicare
Temple has a long-standing pact with the Adeptus Mechanicus
to craft these exquisite suits, each one combining Cameleolinelaced
materials with a complex version of “synskin.” This
material bonds with the Assassin’s body, enhancing his reflexes
and protecting him from poisons, gases, and other hazards of
the battlefield. Each suit is supple and silent, allowing the
Assassin to move with perfect freedom whilst still retaining
its protective qualities.
> The Stealth Suit may not be worn under any form of
armour. It provides 3 points of Armour to all locations and
incorporates all the benefits of synskin. The Stealth Suit grants
a +10 bonus to Dodge Tests and to Toughness tests to resist
any form of toxin, and a +20 bonus to Concealment and
Silent Move Tests. The wearer may attempt a Concealment
Test as a Half Action instead of a Full Action, and may make
the attempt even whilst being observed. If the wearer remains
stationary, he counts as being one range bracket further away
for all ranged attacks against him. The Stealth Suit makes the
wearer invisible to the Dark Sight Trait, preysense, and infared
sensors of all kinds. This item is manufactured at the Best
craftsmanship level.
> It should be noted that the equipment of a Vindicare
Assassin is often gene-coded to that individual and no other,
and that it would take a great deal of effort—and a Very
Hard (–30) Tech-Use and Medicae Test—to adjust the
gene-coding for another user.

>> No.23836657

Yeah but thats from a spindly needle-dicked Eldar 'male'

As for LIIVI...
"One shot is all I need"

>> No.23836664

soooooo who is more sneaky? vindicare or kommando?

>> No.23836681

it was some weird article

like you hump more to make the baby look more like you, so pregnancy requires careful attention otherwise fewer genetic material from the male would be passed on, and they have dna that acts like antenna for warp stuff and poop crystals

>> No.23836696

A Vindicare's Stealth Suit IS actually quite different from the other Temple's normal Synthskin

>> No.23836712

i would hope so, they are like the highest skilled marksmen in the imperium or so

>> No.23836740

I wonder what Vanus assassins do when not on the job. They're info-addict geniuses, so maybe they just spend heaps of time studying science and philosophy and whatnot.

>> No.23836761

a lot of those assassin's have the MEME virus, so they would be surfing each planet's nullsphere or internet stand in

>> No.23836771

I don't know why, but I like to imagine model trainsets. Like, the super elaborate ones, including miniature scale towns, houses, people. Little tiny figurines of people, carefully made, all right in the middle of something in their day- getting on the train, taking tickets, riding a bicycle back home, that sort of stuff.

>> No.23836780

Death Cult Assassins are more fetishtic, thus they are superior


>> No.23836793

Sure, if you're in to the giggle squee fangirls of the universe.

>> No.23836816

i love the contrast
>one minute bundle of joy and energy
>no longer bundle of joy and energy

>> No.23836819

They do what you're doing right now.

But with more skulls and chanting and grimdark.

>> No.23836871


+1 internets.. made me laugh good Sir!!

>> No.23836891

Nothing wrong with enjoying your work.

>> No.23836957

I'm imagining them trolling xeno forums.

>> No.23836970

The feared Officio Flamius, no good discussion can survive a single post of theirs, no mod b& hammer can touch them.

>> No.23837038

What the fuck happened to Bloom Writer anyway?

>> No.23837088


It's from xenology.

I don't know how canonical it is, given how later DE started growing their embryos in tubes at accelerated rate.

>> No.23837196

Xenology apparently had some artwork that was inconsistent with the fluff, like Tau with feet instead of hooves. There was also something about it contradicting previous fluff or just science in general, but I don't know what that was about. And thus, some people in the fandom has deemed it to not be canon. Too bad, really, as it really is enjoyable and quite well written as far as GW fluff goes.

>> No.23837232


>STC Find
>Useless and not a glorious gift from the omnimessiah.

Prepare yourself for full servitor conversion, meat bag.

>> No.23837282


To be fair, theres a fucking huge gap between some no name Chaos lord who only exists for the purpose of dying in the same fluff entry where he is introduced, and a Chaos Lord who is the right hand of the Warmaster.

>> No.23837366

No shit, thats Colonel 'Iron Hand' Straken to you. He could kill Adabbon himself with only his god-damned teeth.

Man, the Catachan's really do hog the badass special IG characters. Straken, Marbo, Harker...

>> No.23837425

Don't forget Colonel-Commissar Greiss and his bodyguard, Nork Deddog. Not native catachans but they proved their worth and earned the jungle hunters respect.

>> No.23837754


Holy shit, that one's mine. Somebody actually saved that thing?

>> No.23837831

>> No.23837836

I really want to make a 40k version of that really huge codex call at the end of MGS 2, but I don't know how to edit and it would take ages to make.

>> No.23838377

No one ever remembers Greiss.
You made my day dude

>> No.23838816

Of course I did!

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