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So I was visiting my FLGS today, decided to browse through some of the other games I haven't played before.

I picked up the big Pathfinder rulebook, read through it a bit, and noticed all the race pages had character art of them in their underwear. What's up with that? Elves in their smallclothes, Half-orcs in their smallclothes, everyone hanging out like a Bond underwear commercial. I quietly closed the book and put it back on the shelf as I was a little off-put.

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It's showing you the differences in their physique that would otherwise be obscured by all their gear.

Perhaps you were off-put by the shameless baring of their ankles.

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Your first RPG book, eh? Welcome to the world of basic artwork, anatomy, and rules systems.

What this guy said. That's most books, dude.

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Isn't it the same with DnD?

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Obviously never read biology text books? Pathfinder is modest by comparison. Also I purchased the first 2 bestiaries and the Game mastering guide for running my group. The additional races have me really excited, especially the evil ones.

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I know how you feel.

Thanks to stupid puritanical sensibilities of the western world, I will never know what canon elf twat or official orc penis looks like.

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So I was visiting my Art Supply Store today, decided to browse through some of the other mediums I haven't tried before.

I picked up the big Book on Sculpture, read through it a bit, and noticed all the civilization pages had sculpture of them in their fig leaves. What's up with that? Greeks in their fig leaves, Egyptians in their fig leaves, everyone hanging out like a Bond underwear commercial. I quietly closed the book and put it back on the shelf as I was a little off-put.

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I have a lovely medical book full of photographs of a cadaver they dissected.

I guess I am a new to PnP RPGs, I used my friend's 3rd Edition books and didn't really get to look through them much, they told me to hurry up and play, 4e books don't have any characters standing around in their underwear. 40K codexes have everyone fully armored.

Anyway thanks for the answers guys.

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>official orc penis

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>everyone fully armored

Obviously has never seen repentias

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Or Dark Eldar.
Or Daemonettes.
Or Catachans.

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i just fapped to ops image.

never browse /tg/ horny.

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Just the OP picture? There's, you know, a more lewd version.

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i reverse image searched the image, and cut out the crap i didnt want, and fapped

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Oh good.

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I wonder what the explanation is of why orcessess are so fucking hot? I guess they're sort of a template for muscle girl that turn out good most of the time. Not too large or too skinny.

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Built strong as fuck, but still damned curvy and fine as hell. The green skin helps too. A lot. I cant for the life of me figure out why.

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strong back/arms for doing lots of chores
birthin' hips
adept at making spicy meat dishes

They're ideal mates for human barbarians. Which is the real reason orcs often go on raids.

Steal our green women, we steal your pink ones right back.

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>Steal our green women, we steal your pink ones right back.
That is a trade I can deal with. No wonder barbarian lands have so many half-orc tribes.

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...what else is in there?

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Technically, the green skin is found "hot" in this case, most likely as it would likely give an extra tone of "exoticism", while keeping human traits. Which adds up in the end.

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Orcess thread? Orcess thread.

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Green skin never sits right with me unless the being that's green is either reptilian or floral in nature. And orcs are neither, so... One of the reasons they never did it for me. The other being the underbite they almost always have.

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I don't suppose there's a full body version of OP's pick? I"ve been looking for ages for an orc lady portrait that makes her actually look BIG.

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The only full-body one has nipples showing and her talking about wanting to ride elf 'meat sticks.' Here's a fullish clean one:

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mfw you will never have a pink rainbow shark coffee muOH MY GOD IT EXISTS

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Big, Green, Curvy with a little red nose

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>Steal our green women, we steal your pink ones right back.

Deal! No taksie-backsies!

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Their anatomy is basically all the same as humans, though. It would be good if they ACTUALLY changed the anatomy, but they fucking didn't.

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Would be better for the canon orc penises too.

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games have tried tried making less human looking races... they end up being extremely unpopular and rarely played unless made stupidly overpowered stat wise or designed to be creepy furry fap fodder

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Meh, if you want new physiology you should look to sci-fap like Mass Effect. Orcs are fine as their warcraft incarnation, just different enough to be intimidating; similar enough to be attracted to.

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Would you a goblin?

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Probably, if she was cute enough.

While you'd say, "But that's rare as fuck" you have to realize there's like, oodles of Goblins.

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The real question is, would you a kobold?

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Is an Oodle an official unit of measurement?

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After having played WoW?

But only if I couldn't an Orc.

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>implying you need Mass Effect to get exotic physiology to fap to

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>not fucking everything and anything
Not a true human.
Remember, there is no such thing as "Unfuckable" there is one thing named not enought booze

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I've often wondered how many shitloads are in a fuckton, myself.

I think 3. 3 sounds right somehow.

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Oodle is seen as an international unit of measurement everywhere except- of course- in the U.S.

Way to keep up with the times there.

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>Orcs are fine as their warcraft incarnation
No, warcraft orks are boring as fuck.

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One oodle is approximately equal to one "damn that's a lot of goblins."

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I'm not into cloacae, so no.


Except Humans in real life would probably not be too "fuck everything."

Hell the only reason they're so fertile in fantasy settings is because it gives fantasy writers free reign to make up new races that are, "Totally like X, but more Human!"

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Don't open a book on animals; they're NAKED in it.

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Shit, I just looked outside and saw a bird with no clothes. Guys, does this make me a furry?

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It terms of hot-ness, they're fine. Muscle girls who can go sub/dom depending on the dynamic. Culture is boring as shit, but everything based on honorable warrior race guys is shitty to begin with.

Plus chicks dig orcs for some reason. I don't want to just assume 'raep fantasy lol,' but I can't imagine anything else...

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I guess they are sort of Testosterone cranked up to 11, but do you have a source on this perchance?

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>belly button

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I didn't know orc rape was cannon in warcraft.

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>orc rape cannon
Someone draw this.

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I just got this.

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Wut da zog

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smoothskin say waaat?

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Somebody hasn't seen those ancient cave paintings depicting bestiality.

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>not using Takei

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Hey now, I take offense to that.

I don't see any damn fur here.

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If gobbos were mini-orcses, then yes. But theyre just green halflings/gnomes.

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>trying to furfaggot hijack a greenskin thread
This is why everyone hates koboldfags.

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>weird physiology
I like ME, well, I like ME1, but they werent trying for weird aliens. The whole point of ME1 was Roddenberry style camp played straight, complete with plastic forehead aliens.

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Orcs mindcontrolled and raped Alexstraza to get red dragon soldiers in WC2.

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Are you saying you wouldn't a halfling/gnome?

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I am stealing this one.

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I mean, I would, but its no orc.

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No SCIENCE to back it up. Only personal encounters with chicks and the unreliable internet.

Its really consistent though.

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How thick do you like your orcs?

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>furries in charge of drawing feet

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Or faces.

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They dont have to have them, but Im pretty fucking partial to tusks. Or a touch of snaggletooth.

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Those are discolored humans, not Orcs.

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's not a proper orc without some tusk in my opinion. At least a little.

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While I am pretty much 99% on board with that, I feel like too many people just slap tusks on a green chick and call it a day.

For example, I wouldve mistook your picture for a goblin were it not for the tusks. It lacks a certain something...orcish to it.

Meanwhile, these pictures have no tusks but still feel orky as fuck. To me, anyways. Maybe I'm just being weird about this.

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No no, I completely understand. She was just the next green chick in the folder. And she had tusks, little ones, to help illustrate my point.

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Well, turians had a humanoid frame but sure as fuck didn't have human proportions. A better example might be quarians, with the digitigrade legs and dimorphic physiques WAY outside human norm.

Point is, we get tired of elves that are pointy-eared humans and want creepy-thin elves with shark eyes and hooves, or whatever

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Dammit. I never thought a Kobald would watch my eye.

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>Not muh orcs!

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File: 92 KB, 600x625, sad_orc_lady_by_liliesformary-d4hnzcd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>A better example might be quarians

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Fuck yes Gabbos!

>> No.23828982

I do like how Skyrim actually makes the elves visibly inhuman.

Of course, there's the BUT MUH ELF WAIFU crowd who only want their elves to be big-titted anime girls. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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I gotcha. I try to be a little discriminating in the pictures of orc gals I save. Sadly, that leaves me with a very slim folder.

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>What's up with that?
Paizo caters to desperate virgins and people who can't read books without cheesecake and or pictures being thrown at them near constantly.

>> No.23829001

No, you got to shoop two fingers off as well.

>> No.23829015

Deviating briefly from aesthetics, have you seen the elf stats in 5e? Those fairy fucks are inhuman as shit. I'm going to enjoy slaughtering them.

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>implying I dont find Dunmer and Orsimer chicks alike sexy as hell
I have literally never seen people bitch about alien looking elves. Sure, I may dump cheesecake of big titted animu elves, but that doesnt mean I think theyre the most true representation of elves by any stretch.

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I got you covered.

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>would become slave to

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Well normally me too... but I'm kind of a Greenmarine Fanboy so that doesn't always stick when it comes to his stuff...

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Sorry, it's more in the vein of a green humanoid, but.. Best SFW I got

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Not the other guy but that one so me is a better orc chick then >>23828585 She's a bit beefier, more filled out, and much more confident. That last one matters a lot more then you might think.

>> No.23829226

lel, i shopped that pic for an orc/elf lezzy pairing thread a while back. Glad someone saved it.

>> No.23829309

That feline shape of that nose severely bothers me, as well as the seemingly increasing trend to make noses cherry fucking red for no reason whatsoever.

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I actually have that one saved. Like >>23829205 said, she has a bit more meat on her bones and her head looks a bit better proportioned. The other just looked small, even without any points of reference.

Have some heretical orc chicks.

>> No.23829347

Looks more like a baboon to me, honestly.

>> No.23829348

Hips. All about the hips. No breasts (on lizardbolds, at least), no ass with the tail in the way, no soft tissue on the face, the only things to fixate on for health and breeding capability are scale sheen and hip width.

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Goblin Goods.

>> No.23829391

I agree man, it's like the artist just watched avatar and decided cat noses are the best thing ever to put on non cats.

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Wish the artist would do solo of her. Does some nice thick girls. I like me some Orc gals, but I don't need no elf boys ruining the pic.

>That fork

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We used to have a great drawfag who did a brief but great orc milf and shota gnome series

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He wasn't ours. We just posted his shit all the time. Did porn for a living I think?

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Nope, just an average fa/tg/uy, he didn't usually draw porn, he just drew it for a thread we had and people liked it and wanted more.

>> No.23829766

...Go on.

>> No.23829784

And now he's not around anymore.

>> No.23829797

Not much more to say.
He didn't start his own site or anything, he just made a picture, then like 3, then he came back and made some more until there were about a dozen, some with text.
Then the purges popped up and if anyone mentioned porn or sex (except for sexism) they were banned.

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I meant tell me where I can find these.

>> No.23829835

He didn't make a site.

It could be on the archives but I don't believe they would be.
You could request it from oldfags, but they'd get banned for posting it and many of them have left anyways.

I suppose the IRC wuold be a safe place to ask.

>> No.23829847

He is asking you to post them.

>> No.23829910

Well I'm out of SFW Greenskins.

>> No.23830063


Are you retarded or did you just not read his response? It's not SFW by any stretch and posting AwfulGood in modern /tg/ is pretty good material to get a two week ban.

>> No.23830100

Hey man, shota/milf aint even my thing, I was just telling you what all his endless wheedling was about.

>> No.23830201

In the thumbnail of that, the pattern on her underwear make her look like she has a penis. Your welcome.

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Is this acceptable?

>> No.23830332

>the pattern on her underwear make her look like she has a penis.
Not really, you just wanted to see one so you imagined it.

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I got a few more. Some Im not the biggest fan of, but may as well share.

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File: 1002 KB, 1122x1754, Orc dinner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.23831012

"Do you want this pig?"


>> No.23831043

Now, THATS an Ork.

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>orcish Nicholas Cage

>> No.23831265

Shes still a bit more slender than where I like an orc to be, but I wont deny that its a damn fine picture.

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Maybe she's got some gobbo or... ugh... [spoilers]elf[/spoilers] in her. Unlike her clearly full-blooded orc buddy there.

>> No.23831607

>clearly full-blooded orc
>no tusks
Either you're a git or that poor gal has that recessive tuskless gene.

But yeah, thats the kind of build I imagine on an orc.

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This thread is really fucked up for me. Pic related: this is what I see.

>> No.23831630

Wait, posting this fixed it somehow.

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File: 495 KB, 659x950, Femorc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since the other guy deleted it.

>> No.23831689

Hoi, who made this one, the Koboldgal?

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Well I WAS going to repost it after I fixed my post, but you beat me too it. So have another orc female.

>(She must have some gobbo or... ugh... elf in her. Unlike the clearly full-blooded orc she's serving.)

Well she's got some little tusks jutting out there, but seems a bit smaller then what I'd imagine most orc women would have. Now the males would probably have the bigger tusks as perhaps a way to attract females or something, but the females would have some too, just smaller. As for the "gentleorc" he's got tusks, just nothing special.

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>Well she's got some little tusks jutting out there
I dont think so. It would be better if she did though.

In my head canon, the way an orc couple shows affection for one another is by touching foreheads and gently rubbing their tusks against one another.

>> No.23831793


That's pretty much the same in every book ever, isn't it? I remember the 3.5 book had the races in their underwear, too.

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File: 923 KB, 1920x1080, DA2 races.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know its shitty as fuck, but even DA2 did it. Its a common thing for getting a feel for getting a feel for the racial physiology.

>> No.23831903

>Dwarf Women
>Dem hip

>> No.23831917

Seems a bit pointless when they all have physiologies within human bounds.

>> No.23831957

The most unrealistic thing about Niven's Known Space universe is that mankind didn't demand kzinretti as war indemnities once they learned they were brainless bimbo cat girls.

>> No.23831965

In this thread alone we have debated over what should be the average orc build despite posting plenty of things within human bounds.

And by your logic, the average statistics of variousIRL human races shouldnt be recorded simply because every race has the capacity to spit out an individual who matches the build of every other race.

Its supposed to be about giving you the rough standard so you have an idea of height, weight, muscle density, etc. when the DM throws an orc at you.

>> No.23831968
File: 165 KB, 806x1000, WoWOrc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well she does have a pair of teeth/tusks coming out from between her lips. I can understand why you might not consider them tusks though. Too small for a proper orc lady.

>> No.23831992

Maybe Im blind, but I see no teeth, tusk or otherwise, whatsoever in >>23831645

And goddamn, I wish WoW orc chicks looked like that instead of the green colored humans they are now.

>> No.23832015


... How fertile is a goblin?

Can a human impregnate a goblin, and if so what half-breed is made?

>> No.23832079

Of course not!
A Halfling could though

>> No.23832120
File: 80 KB, 600x521, 1322340339007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, yeah, she doesn't seem to have tusks. I meant >>23830485 that pic. She's got a little pair poking out.

And I have to agree with you that Orc (as well as troll) females suffer too much from sexual dimorphism. While some is expected, making the orc women look like green humans with tusks is too much. It's possible to make an orc lady larger and more 'orcy' while still staying obviously feminine.

>> No.23832121

So I was visiting my university library today, decided to browse through some of the other human anatomy books I haven't read before.

I picked up the big medical physiology textbook, read through it a bit, and noticed all the diagram pages had character art of them completely naked. What's up with that? Human vascular systems in the nude, human bone structures and cartridge latices wearing nothing at all like a soft-core pornography. I quietly closed the book and put it back on the shelf as I was a little put-off.

OP, you are this retarded.

The physical human form without clothes on is fucking nothing to be baulked at unless you're some kind of overly sheltered bible thumper who was excempted from sexual education classes or something.

>> No.23832153
File: 324 KB, 321x541, Tamassran_-_Those_Who_Speak.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Sorry, can't hear you over me ogling the female Qunari.

>> No.23832182
File: 60 KB, 1212x850, 21364008084221.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dem hips

>> No.23832219
File: 129 KB, 850x1212, 1364013186060.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Because I hate you.

>> No.23832225

posting from ya phone, boyo?

>> No.23832233

Which also pisses me off since female Qunari arent fighters.

>> No.23832250


What? No, I just edited it for that guy.

>> No.23832288


Yeah, but >>23832153 is how their priesthood dresses.

The real shame is that said priesthood is like the fricking Bene Gesserit and run a massive Qunari breeding program. And apparently one of the rules is "don't mix races".

>> No.23832470
File: 156 KB, 700x495, foryou.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Had to go to a dark place for this.

>> No.23832532
File: 314 KB, 800x800, 1347088032553.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

His English may be filled with errors, but I kinda like his setting. Thought that might be because it's rather fetishy...

>> No.23832553

Do we have name for >>23832470 artist?

>> No.23832617

Check the bottom left of >>23832470
The website you can find his art at is on the side.

>> No.23832621

k t andersson

>> No.23832642

Ai, right in the pic. Though I now realize I was mistaking him for another artist. I think I need to go to bed...

>> No.23832648

Are we really such children that national geographic level nudity isn't ok?

>> No.23832681

Have you met the mods? The one who'd ban you for a nipple outline in a swimsuit? Better safe than sorry.

>> No.23832732

I can see it. The top and bottom are lighter than the the midsection, which would correspond to the fabric being pushed out by the phallus and testicles and catch the light while the part that would be the underside of the phallus have black stripes that look like shading

>> No.23832741

yeah total gutless chodes.

The full thing is pretty hot though.

Who did you mistake him for?

>> No.23832823

The artist of this >>23818268 pic. I think it was I was distracted by the implied elf/orc relations and didn't really look to hard at the art-style. That and I recognize both of the art-styles.

>> No.23832861

You can fuck without breeding, y'know.

>> No.23832887

That was like a year ago. Art including breasts has been confirmed as okay, and we don't really have a mod around much any more anyway.

>> No.23832889

As much as I agree with you >>23832681 is right. Better safe than sorry. Plus, there's the artist's name and a website where you can presumably find the original image. So it's not like we'll never see the orc tits.

>> No.23832955

This is /tg/ we are talking about we understand sex so little that by reading this you have just regained your virginity.

>> No.23833183

> implying anyone on /tg/ has ever lost their virginity.

>> No.23833187

>Not enough tusk, build, and thighs.

>Must be 1/4 orc.

>> No.23836058

Indeed. 10/10 setting, would play.

>> No.23836179

Does anyone else see the gigantic difference in musculature when it comes to the dwarf male and female? If you compare the others it makes a little sense of course the male will typically be thicker but they made dwarven women out to be twigs in comparison to the men.

>> No.23836255
File: 47 KB, 537x720, Knight.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would you a dragon?

>> No.23836279

I love how in that picture they've captioned about different standards for beauty, but each body shape is within the realm of possiblity for humans.

>> No.23836288

Harlequin Icthyosis is also in the realm of possibility for humans. Do you have a point?

>> No.23836312

I would that dragon

>> No.23836313

This is /tg/. Most dragon threads end up on that topic.

>> No.23836316

I would that dragon as well.

>> No.23836322

Huh, well I'm just going to close google now and curse you with a 7 year itch ball itch for that one.

>> No.23836332

... Yeah, I should have picked a different one. Sorry, bro. I deserve the seven-year itch.

>> No.23837852

WTF is going on with the tattoo beard lady's legs?

>> No.23838011

I'm going out on a limb (heh) here, but to me at least it looks like the shadow that drops down from her right knee seems to indicate her tibia going in the wrong direction, giving kind of an impression that her leg is either broken or made of jelly. If you were to correct that shadow, i think the leg would look like it was simply pointing inwards at an angle instead.

>> No.23838095
File: 212 KB, 900x833, 1354756910488.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you really need to ask?

>> No.23838139

her left leg though is just shaped like an S, shadows and perspective be damned.

>> No.23838338
File: 524 KB, 620x850, orcb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you still love orcs now?

>> No.23838348

A better observation would be how each male is wildly different and each female looks like your standard curvy hot chick that any human would find attractive to some degree. Different standards of beauty my ass.

>> No.23838401

so why didn't the two tribes homogenize? I mean, if interbreeding is possible and halforcs retain most of orc physique and human intelligence, they are clearly superior, why didn't the two tribes assimilate?

>> No.23838437

No, they did the same thing they did to the women, just a bit more. The first guy is about the same size compared to the second guy as the second guy is to the third guy. It's the same for the women, it's just that the ratio isn't as pronounced.
Except for the dwarves, everyone in that picture meets the traditional standard of beauty.

>> No.23838440

Yes. More than I did before.

>> No.23838483

The Elves probably deliver a 'kill every fucking orc or half-orc in your tribe or we will send every bear in the country into your Tula tomorrow morning' ultimatum every couple of years.

>> No.23838508

They still appeal to it, sure, but look at the Qunari, for example. The male broad shoulders with warty bumps on them, the thick, hunched neck, and the heavy brow ridge that gives him a neanderthal look.

Meanwhile, the Qunari female is just some hot pale bitch with pointy ears and horns that originate on the top of the skull instead of the forehead lest she be given a caveman brow which I actually think couldve potentially looked kinda cute

I dont disagree with you on how all the males could be found attractive by someone, but I just thinks its funny that they at at least bothered to give them identifiable body types when the females look like just took the same hips and tits and overlaid it on top of the male body proportions.

>> No.23838533

Do not fuck with fucking elves.

>> No.23838535

Maybe they have that dragon age thing going on where children are all either full blooded orc or full blooded human despite the race mixing.

Which leads to funny situations where you have have two fraternal terns who are orc and human bro-ing it up on the battlefield.

>> No.23838574

Hang from a tree with a bucket of rocks tied to its feet? Yes. An inferior race, whose destruction is a moral imperative. In this matter they are akin to orcs--but the necessity of the destruction of the goblin threat is far more pressing and urgent.

>> No.23838601
File: 224 KB, 2500x1875, 1951Tula.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That will make the guys at Tula very happy.Bear rugs for everyone.

>> No.23838629

Obviously you've never been to Tula. It's all buff faggots with accordions there these days.

>> No.23838660

>It's all buff faggots
Yeah, what did you think the elves meant?

>> No.23838689
File: 27 KB, 470x279, serbia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And people say we've got it bad in Jagodina.

>> No.23838770
File: 132 KB, 1024x719, 1330233044265.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good be worse.

>> No.23838779 [SPOILER] 
File: 937 KB, 160x240, serb.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey, I bet you've never seen this before!

>> No.23838838
File: 215 KB, 1434x501, same champ different skins.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pretty much what I would say.

While the Dwarf and Qunari male are still somewhat based around human physiology, there's the obvious distortions that you mentioned. The Quanari is much more heavily built on the top of his body- shoulders, neck, head; while his skin is given a different texture. The dwarve is mainly heavily built around his torso, thicker shoulders and a rounded belly of fat (which none of the other races have). Then for the females you got "tall grey women with pasted on horns" and "short woman with bigger hips and bust".

At least they aren't the elves though. Didn't even bother to make them shorter like they are in the game. Fucking hell it's as bad as LoL.

>> No.23839840

>Dat Dwarven gal

Hubba hubba.

Also, does anyone else find it funny they're talking about different physiology per race when really it's just basically the same human standards?

>> No.23839940

Those don't look like orcs. They just look like (fairly attractive) black people.

I wonder if whoever designed this has some sort of complex.

>> No.23840024

>Distinct racial physiology is an opportunity to explore different standards of beauty
But the frst three women have the same damn build. The elf chick is slightly skinnier, and the Qunari chick is slightly taller, but that's it.

The dwarf woman is the only one who has a legitimately different build.

The men vary a fair bit, assumng all four of them are meant to be highly attractive males.

>> No.23840063

If they never interbreed, shouldn't the aspects of their anatomy that Qunari find attractive but other races don't become more and more pronounced?

Why are they still more attractive than human women by human standards?

>> No.23840109

The priesthood dress code has nothing to do with the fact that they made her a musclegirl for no reason.

>> No.23840624


Where is this from??? Is this a comic??? I totally want to read it.

>> No.23840984

>I wonder if whoever designed this has some sort of complex.

They're Koreans. Koreans, Chinese, and Nips are racist as shit.

>> No.23842116

The shorter lady looks like an orc/elf hybrid to me, while the the larger an orc/ogre. Good stuff either which way.

>> No.23842140

I'm guessing they just wanted pretty people, regardless of race.

Seeing orcs as black people is your own special form of social construction. As far as I can tell, the artist coloured them black because lolfantasy trope.

>> No.23842168

Well Tolkein didn't say they were African American.
But he sure as shit called them black a lot.

>> No.23842178

dragon age isn't as creative as fans think it is

>> No.23842192

So you see people of African descent as literally black?

Like... fucking black leather black?

I thought they were dark brown.

Orcs are black.

>> No.23842223

Everyone is well aware that black people are brown.

But we call them black people. Not brown people. And even in Tolkein's day, blacks was a common term for them.

Even negro = black, not brown.

And I don't care how petty you want to be in your argument, but you do too, despite their clearly brown skin.

>> No.23842286
File: 6 KB, 247x204, headband.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Everyone is well aware that black people are brown.

so yo is dissin me colur, eh, cracka?

>> No.23842291

Yeah, I'm a vaguely-pinkish supremacist.

>> No.23842321
File: 101 KB, 834x302, brown as brown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23844474

Blacks are blacks
Whites are whites
Redskins are redskins

Stop taking shit literally.

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