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I'm going to be joining a Only War game soon, and I really want to play a Death Korps Medic. However, I'm unsure how to properly Role Play one given what the Death Korps is.

Specifically, I was going to have him treat people even if they don't want it. And if the patient isn't willing to sit still for treatment, Thirteen-Forty Four would coldcock them with his Lasgun so he can treat them property.

I'm also looking towards Dexter (Seasons One and Two specifically) for how to Role Play a seemingly emotionless character. Tensing of the shoulders, clenching of a fist, shifting weight, etc would be my responses to orders or events but I'm not sure if that'll be enough.

Then there's dialog. I don't even know how to approach this when it comes to fellow Guardmen. Superiors is easy, "Sir, <response>, Sir!", but comrades is more difficult. Thinking curt responses that answer their question but nothing else, but that seems a little lame. And being fatalistic and morbid is too grimderp for my taste.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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A Death Korp medic would quickly assess the patient and decide if shooting them is a better use of resources than trying to save them. You're always going to have limited supplies, so making the right decision about how to apply them is how wars are won.

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Cold, clean, efficient. Be absolutely clinical, on and off the battlefield
And >>23812904 is right, you'll never have enough supplies so be ready to grant the Emperor's Peace to those too wounded to carry on
Also, are you playing in all Krieger party, or is it mixed? Because Kriegers don't play well with others

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Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. To add some flavor to my character he'd load their weapon, give it to the Guardsmen, then booby trap them with some kind of explosive.

Last words to the Guardsmen would be something along the lines of "Keep Firing. For the Emperor!" before moving on. Once the enemy disturbs the body, BOOM!, enemy casualties.

Mixed party. I was thinking realistically I would need to save supplies for party members.

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This is a good example. I suggest reading "dead men walking", it's IG of choice is the death korp. From what I understand Death Korp medics assess potential patients based on the severity of the wounds they have but nit pick which person gets the attention to an extreme level. Those that they do decide to operate on are more likely to die anyway. They also field strip the soldier of his equipment as well.

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Yes, maintaining combat team effectiveness is high priority, especially for giving medics cover fire
Be aware the main reason Kriegers have commissars is to smooth over inter-regimental relations. Being a cold, inhuman calculating monster won't win you friends or medals.

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>inhuman calculating monster won't win you friends or medals
I'm here to ensure the destruction of the Emperor's enemies, not glory.

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They use commisars as well to keep the the death korp from going too far and dieing needlessly. Try making 1344 willing to jump into the most hairy situations without blinking an eye.

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Your thinking of the Quartermasters, they regularly command medics in a Krieg regiment, deciding who can be saved and who's equipment needs to be redistributed to surviving units
Thats your boss, a man who measures your worth by the gun and equipment you carry

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Depends on what kind of Krieger you are playing. They are very different beasts depending on the source.
Beginning with enhanced fertility vs cloning euphemism vs quickened pregnancy, the question of names/numbers/both.

Best just use the tropes that suit you.

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In an all-Death Korps squad, or in a mixed squad? It'll change my advice.

Either way, refer to other characters by their serial number and/or by their rank. "Corporal 2201-KK1, what is the function of this device?" "Enginseer Aleph-Aleph-Kappa-Six, do you know the location of the Sergeant?"

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Yeah, I was planning on him jumping into the maws of a Bloodthirster without thinking or something equally crazy. But since he is a Medic I was planning on having him focus more on saving lives than shooting the gun. However, he would cross no-man's land to do so...

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Have they not removed that from the fluff yet?

It was always one of the most embarrassing aspects of Krieger fluff.

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"Death Korps regiments feature a most unusual and unique position -- that of the Quartermasters. These individuals have replaced the battlefield medics found in most Imperial Guard regiments. Their role has its roots in Krieg's own war-torn past. In that merciless civil conflict the recovery of arms and wargear of the fallen was of paramount importance, and field medicine and battlefield triage was a luxury that could be seldom afforded for the more seriously wounded. So it was that in Krieg's civil war a soldier that could not be readily brought back to the fray or at least retreat under his own power was considered a liability and to such unfortunates the "blessings of the Emperor's Peace" was given -- an honourable field execution. This onerous task, along with the recovery of a soldier's equipment was the responsibility of the Quartermaster cadre and remains so to the present day. Quartermasters are chosen from the ranks of the Death Korps by selection during training, particularly for their faith in the God-Emperor as well as their mental aptitude and occasionally from individuals who have survived against the odds. These individuals are then given additional training in field medicine, basic tech-lore, and extensive indoctrination in the specific beliefs of Krieg's sect of the Imperial Cult."

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>load their weapon, give it to the Guardsmen, then booby trap them with some kind of explosive

Kriegers usually shoot the dying then strip them of any and all gear, they don't like wasting valuable items.

>pic is a DK quartermaster retrieving gear from a fatally wounded trooper. He's about to give the poor sod the Emperors Mercy.

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Mixed party.

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Not that I can see. And it makes sense really, commissars exist to keep regiments in line with command, ensuring orders are followed
In the case of the Krieg, its to stop them overextending themselves or wasting men, rather than the usual cowardice or shirking of duty

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that's a good mindset to keep in mind.

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>Kriegers usually shoot the dying then strip them of any and all gear, they don't like wasting valuable items.
Yeah, I know that is the "right" way to play one and I just might to do that. But to play a him as a character I feel like I need to add a quirt or two to make him unique. As abhorrent uniqueness is to the Death Korps.

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You can booby trap the dead you know
As for quirks, I can see the problem. Your playing the ultimate faceless goon, how do you give them character?
Hobbies is my suggestion, as you can see in >>23813244 the DKoK are big on ossuaries, so maybe your Medic makes bone charms on his downtime? Perhaps he saves bones from dead comrades and makes them into good luck totems for other soldiers.

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Giving him a bit of individuality and humanity would make for an interesting Krieger. The more I think about this the more I want to do a Death Korp campaign. Makes me want to add some to my campaign.

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>Don't waste your lives, or I swear to The God Emperor I will kill you

Isn't the Death Korps known for killing their own commissars for their perceived cowardice?

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I think thats been removed. The first I ever heard of a Krieger shooting a commissar was in Dead Men Walking, and he was shooting through the Commissar to hit the enemy who was holding him hostage

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Your character, your way of playing him. I'm just talking about how they're often depicted, it's not the one and only way they can exist. Even the DK will have some outliers to their behavior.

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I remember reading something like that somewhere. But it seems more logical that they wouldn't question orders in any shape or form. They're just too overzealous.

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>booby trap the dead
Thats a lot more in line with the Death Korps. Think I'll switch to that. Thanks for the input.

Hobbies is an interesting idea. Never really thought about it. Bone Charms a good idea, maybe he sketches things in downtime? Or even cooks. I'll have to ponder this.

Right, my character and all but I do like having characters that work within the universe they are in and the cultures that they are apart of.

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You are a Death Korps Medic. You were the second most valuable item in your squad. The first most valuable item was a plasma gun. Every member of the squad was trained to operate the plasma gun in case the primary operator was killed. It was deemed inefficient to train every member of the squad to perform the duties of a medicae. Arguably, therefore, you were the most valuable member of the squad, but the plasma gun had seen decades of service. You had not.

You have been trained as a field medic since the age of 12. You performed your first field amputation eight days after beginning training. The procedure was not successful. Your equipment is generic and has been replaced many, many times. You no longer distinguish between your equipment and your body, as both are required for your purpose.

In your former squad, all members knew your value, and were trained to assist and protect you. Your new squad is less efficient. It has conflicting doctrines. Orders are given in unfamiliar tones and with unfamiliar style. You are struggling to adapt, but you will not fail. The squad needs you. You can protect them. You can save them to fight again. If they die, it is your duty to ensure, in the absence of a Quartermaster, that their gear is distributed or stored properly and that the body is placed where it will not decay and spread contaminated air, give comfort to the enemy, or obstruct the operations of the Imperial Guard. You sometimes have difficulty distinguishing between the living and the dead.

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You. I like you.

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A Krieger artist could be interesting, after all his skill could've developed after being put on recon, doing quick field sketches of the enemy line
Plus you could make it funny, your character starts showing off portraits he did of his old unit, all of whom are in the regulation gas mask. He swears up and down each picture is obviously of a different person, and is exasperated his current comrades can't tell the difference

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I'm kind of speechless. I might steal a majority of this, if not all of it. Just wow, beautiful.

Also, you raise a good point. In the absence of a Death Korp Quartermaster, I would probably take that position wouldn't I? Ensuring supplies are are redistributed in the most efficient, but I'm only one man. What about the supplies that I would be forced to leave on the body?

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>You sometimes have difficulty distinguishing between the living and the dead.
If you weren't trying to successfully RP a krieger medic, this little tidbit right here could make for some good unintentional comedy.
>whelp, he's dead. Everyone strip him
>I'm not dead yet!

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>The first most valuable item was a plasma gun

I fucking love that shit.

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This man is what you should be OP. Also, speak rarely, except to deliver short, blistering insults

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Plenty of 40K books for you. Dead Men Walking is in there too.


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Quick question:

Death Korps commissars aren't necessarily from Krieg right? They are assigned by the Commithingiy and could be guys from anywhere across the Imperium right?

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Sometimes, the members of your new squad do strange things. They spend hours talking to each other. You have to listen to make sure they are not giving you orders or conveying vital information without you knowing it. You do not want to appear weak. Sometimes, they make strange coughing sounds. You have asked them about this. They do not understand what you mean, and then they cough again, showing their teeth and grinning like a skull. You suspect it is endemic, possibly a sign of weakness of mind. You have been warned to watch for signs of weakness of mind. You have tested them for lung-rot and bore-fly larvae in case.

Sometimes, it seems as though the squad does not understand your duty. You cannot waste valuable medicine on a soldier who can never make a full recovery to fighting strength. His pain is a weakness of the mind. His screams are a weakness of the mind. You can ignore them. Your squad cannot. They are weak. They do not understand. Your skills are for those who can be saved. It is a waste of ammunition to end the life of the badly wounded. It is a waste of medicine to heal them. Your new squad does not understand.

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Yep. The whole point of Commissars is to make sure they have no connection whatsoever with the regimental homeworld, to ensure objectivity and dedication to the greater Imperial cause

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Yep. Commissars are the only non-Kreig native members of the Korps

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You sir have an amazing talent for writing those short sharp blurbs that I would love to give to my players for ANY 40K game.

Could you write some for me? Please? Pretty please?

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Yes. Commissars come from the same place that imperial stormtroopers come from. They're specifically supposed to have no connection to the regiment in question, to make sure they're dedicated to the Imperial cause

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>If you weren't trying to successfully RP a krieger medic, this little tidbit right here could make for some good unintentional comedy.
What do you mean by this?

After battle, moving from wounded to wounded, Thirteen-Forty Four pinning sketches of themselves wounded to them right before he moves on.

And does anyone know what a Krieger would look like under their gas mask? I was thinking Sandy Blond hair with hard brown eyes for mine.

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The interesting part is that this could be true. When everyone looks the same, you start paying attention to details: height, posture, body language, et cetera.

I kinda imagine every Krieger to be like that purely out of habit; once they familiarize with someone, they actually KNOW them, to a creepy extent, especially in mixed squads where the others aren't used to that shit.

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>It is a waste of ammunition to end the life of the badly wounded.
Combat Knife kills, I foresee many of them.

Also dude, you're my fucking hero.

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Yeah, Commissars are often from different worlds. Not sharing a similar homeworld can help a Commissar stay detached and concentrate on their duty. You're not shooting someone from your own home, you're shooting a coward.

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IMO Kriegers and comedy don't go well together, and they don't have a tendency to make mistakes about whether or not their squadmates are going to die

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So this means if say my players are a squad of Krigers. I should encourage my Commisar to pick another world to be from, and have them have that awkward interaction with the other players because they have that different, sometimes conflicting, background?

Ha thats it. My Squad is from Krieg, their commisar is from a feudal world where las weapons are considered dishonourable and in order for a kill to be considered important it must be done with your faces and heraldry in full display so everyone knows who is fighting who.

They fight heresy!

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God I hate Commissars...

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>He's dead, strip him
>"Wait! I'm not dead yet!"
Thirteen-Fourty-Four stares at the man, his hands still moving deftly, removing the arms and armor of the corpse before him. It lasts for a single solitary second. Long enough to utter a single word which conferred the full expectations of a Korpsman.

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Makes sense. Comedy might happen whether I design it or not.

buwhahaha, thats wonderful. Thank you Anon.

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Your new squad is inefficient. They disagree with each other. Intolerable weakness. Sometimes, they disagree with the orders the Sergeant gives them. Unthinkable. You were prepared to strip the corpse of the soldier who disagreed with the Sergeant, but the Sergeant did not execute him. You do not understand. Disobedience is death. At the age of ten you watched them line up and execute a platoon for failing to obey the precise letter of their orders. You do not understand how the Imperial Guard functions if orders can be questioned.

Your new squad fears death. They prefer to risk their missions rather than risk danger. You have seen situations where acceptable losses (up to 20% of the squad) would have lead to a much more favourable outcome. Weakness of mind.

The equipment of your squad is unorthodox. They have extraneous items. Books that are not regimental issue. Items of decoration. Weapons that are not regimental issue. Modified uniforms. Facial hair. Weakness. Unorthodoxy. It makes sorting the equipment of the dead difficult. Sometimes, members of your squad object to you removing certain items from corpses. You do not understand this. A dead soldier has no need for non-regimental gear, just as he has no need for the items and weapons issued to him by the Quartermaster.

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Sure they do. The Squad Chucklefuck would be amazing if he was Krieg, because he would be unbelievably dark and depressing to be around. And it would be a good way to show just how aberrant Krieg are that he has a sense of 'humour' that bad. But it would take good roleplay and writing ability to do.

Get the most dire Soviet-era Russian jokes, and mix them in with truly terrible things. And then get angry when people can't tell you're joking.

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Commissars aren't from planets per se, they're produced from the Schola Progenium, which is part state orphanage, part university/finishing school and part military college

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I saw a Kreig medic played like a mechanic, he's there to get the troops moving again. Several times he'd say "I can't fix this one" and walk away.

>> No.23813779

Another great idea. Makes perfect sense with Kreig mindset as well.

>> No.23813782

Keep going at this.
I'm loving it.

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"Have you seen that slob seven three four seven one? He posture is horrible, his back is a whole quarter inch out of alignment with his shoulders, and his boots looks like they are only polished nine times an hour!"

>> No.23813817

Krieg is so bad. Armageddon steel looks so much better and the Mordians have much better drill and discipline.

>> No.23813834

But Anon-kun, they're my favorite.

>> No.23813846

Cold logic all the way. Emotions are for the weak and the desperate.

>> No.23813848


Your sometimes wonder if you have been placed in a squad of raw recruits. They fear the sight of the dead. They fear the enemy. The fear death. They are undisciplined. They are inefficient. They are weak. You cannot make them stronger; you can only stop them from failing. You must do your duty.

Your squad is weak. One solider asked for pain relief as you stitched a minor facial wound. You did not understand. Had he received some serious injury that had evaded your notice? Did he not understand that all medical reagents are to be prized and used only when required?

He complained that your stitching would mark his face. You did not understand why he was telling you this. Scarring is part of the healing process. The solider did not want to be disfigured, it was explained to you. You do not understand why he feared a minor scar. You explained that it would in no way impede his combat effectiveness. He did not cease his complaints for several days. Intolerable weakness.

>> No.23813854



>> No.23813859


Oh. OHO.

Every time someone asks him about his face, he gets confused and doesn't understand. A decent way into the campaign, if they keep pressing, he finally says 'but you're looking at it'. He's been so Krieg for so long he can literally no longer differentiate between his face, as in the identity concept, and his mask.

>> No.23813860

Not a big fan of mustard yellow.

>> No.23813911

I admire them in a way. No hesitation, no questions, no doubt. Completely selfless sacrifice for a cause greater than themselves.

Plus, I love their uniforms.

>> No.23813914


The Commissar reads his report to the Commissariat. Suddenly someone sneezes. "Who sneezed?" Silence. "First row! On your feet! Shoot them!" They are shot, and he asks again, "Which of your cowards sneezed?" No answer. "Second row! On your feet! Shoot them!" They are shot too. "Well, who sneezed?" At last a sobbing cry resounds in the Barracks, "It was me! Me!" the Commissar-General says, "Emperor be with you, Sir!"

..."Man fuck you guys, that one killed."

>> No.23813956


Your squad asks strange questions that are not orders but require a response. The squad was talking about their home worlds. You were not listening. It was not important. You were inspecting the hive-vault for hidden sniping positions while recumbent. One of your squad members asked you about Krieg.

You told her.

She did not ask you again. The squad members did not continue talking. Entirely acceptable. Some showed signs of fear. Entirely unacceptable.

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So mechanical he doesn't understand laughing?

>> No.23814039


That's three rules, Sir...

>> No.23814054

>One of your squad members asked you about Krieg.
>You told her.
>She did not ask you again. The squad members did not continue talking. Entirely acceptable. Some showed signs of fear. Entirely unacceptable.
Please continue, this is awesome

>> No.23814059

Looks like a lapland piece.

>> No.23814079

>Please continue, this is awesome
Agreed. I humbly request more.

>> No.23814085

What an odd way to mispronounce "no"

>> No.23814089


Well, he's never heard it before. It's possible he's never been happy. Relieved to be alive after a bombardment. Proud to be selected as a medic. Reverent in prayer. But not happy, not in a way that the rest of the squad would understand, and that's a damn scary thing in a medic.

>> No.23814118


"One day, in a raid on a Cultist hideout, Arbiter Gunther found a small pearl that said it could grant three wishes. He left it for the Chief Investigator, because faith and service in the Emperor already gave him everything he wanted. But Arbitrator Colm was a faithless man, and stole it for himself to take back the the barracks."

"Colm was greedy and wanted more food than issued, so he wished for more food. The Inquisition came, and took away his bunkmate, leaving that night's ration for him."

"The next day Colm was sad, because he was a weak person, and wished for his bunkmate back. His bunkmate returned, released by the Inquisition, because he was a loyal Imperial and had informed on Colm as per his duty."

"Colm was afraid, because he was a coward, and he heard the thunder of rushing footsteps coming towards his bunker. He knew it was the Inquisition, and because he was disloyal, he wished they would leave. And sure enough, they shot him and left."

And a wheezy sort of prolonged gasping, because laughing in a respirator is really fucking hard.

>> No.23814148


What would you like me to write about? I've covered everything I thought was relevant to getting a character started. Is there something that needs expansion?

>> No.23814194

The only thing I can think of is downtime. Even Guard sometimes get R&R right? Or the time between missions.

But seriously, bravo man. Bravo. And I hope you don't mind if I blatantly steal some of to most of what you wrote.

>> No.23814201

As far as I'm aware that was never the case, simply /tg/ taking the "Commissars have to stop them from charging into the meatgrinder" bit and extrapolating it further in the way 4chan is wont to do.

>> No.23814204

Meant in response to: >>23814148

>> No.23814209

>Space Marines

>> No.23814265

No hair. Hair is the nesting ground for Lice infestations. That is inefficient, compromises the health of the group, and will require expenditure of the Emperor's Lice Removal Chemicals at some point in the future.

>> No.23814276

Guardsman, it is the wishes of the Commissarat that you relay to us your recount of the grievous misuse of rations that your squad mates are calling a "food fight". We need as many details as you can give us to properly assign punitive latrine cleaning duty hours.

>> No.23814304

I can't see any soldier ever having a food fight
However, I'd love a Krieger's eye view of squad mates arguing with each other

>> No.23814317

>At the age of ten you watched them line up and execute a platoon for failing to obey the precise letter of their orders
Ehhh, that's more Praetorian style discipline. Krieg would execute them for failing to achieve all of their objectives.

>> No.23814323

That would be wonderful to see.

>> No.23814340

Mordian uniforms are terrible.

>> No.23814370


>hating Napoleonic uniforms

Better than boring Cadian flak armor.

>> No.23814385

Hey OP, if you're still there, your to-be GM is now in the thread.

>> No.23814386


Imperium Munitorium Manual, Article 1295/00r: Any soldier that leaves his weapon on the field of battle without prior permission from a superior officer will be shot. Any officer who gives permission for weapons or equipment to be left of the field of battle is to be brought up on the same charge and upon guilty verdict is to be shot.

I didn't bullshit that either. Download The Imperial Infantryman's Handbook from somewhere. Its a combination of two previous in-universe publications of The Munitorium Manual and The Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer. Download them separately if you have to. It provides vital insight into the daily life of the Imperial Guardsman. Also its incredibly entertaining.

>> No.23814402

I always took them to be those Marine dress uniforms, but then I'm not much of a militaryfag

>> No.23814420

Wow, thank you. I did not know that. Kill the wounded if he is too far gone, then booby trap the hell out of the body.

>> No.23814430


The Sergeant dismissed you at camp. He said you were to report at dawn. You assumed that he or another officer would conduct training and inspections until your appointed sleep cycle. No officer appeared. You stood in the empty barracks and waited.

Another member of your squad told you to come with them to the regimental mess hall. The soldiers eat here in great numbers. The food is prepared nearby, not packaged and sealed. It was disgustingly flavourful. You prefer your rations. You still have a few Krieg rations in your kit. You are saving them for the Feast of the Emperor's Ascension.

The mess was disorganized. There was so much noise. You found a corner and ate alone.

You went back to the barracks to wait. The squad arrived eventually and you were told to prepare for the sleep cycle. You had your kit stowed and cleaned well before anyone else. Shirkers. Unorganized. Unacceptable.

The sleep cycle here is too long. After precisely four hours you woke up. The rest of the squad was not awake. There were no lights. You were confused. You stared at the ceiling until the Sergeant arrived two and a half hours later.

Sometimes, you feel very alone.

>> No.23814443

You must also keep in mind that enforcement of these rules can be very lax, depending on the people in charge.

>> No.23814453

"What has two legs and bleeds?"

"The part of Corporal Two-Seven-Six-Four-Four they could find."

>> No.23814472

Right right, but regardless of who is in charge I assmume a Krieger would follow the rules to the letter.

>> No.23814473

A few different regiments stand out in my mind in thier uniforms.

The Praetorian Guard with thier red red tunics and pith helmets, Death Korps and thier greatcoats with gas masks (and willingness to to bayonet-charge demons), similarly I like the Armageddon Steel Legion for their appearance.

I also have always been fond of the Catachan Jungle Fighters, and somewhat-related the Armageddon Ork Hunters which tend to look like Catachan's but more orky.

>> No.23814497


So the Death Korps are basically an entire army composed of Grimdark Stigs?

Because that's a weirdly amusing thought.

>> No.23814521

Thats why we love the Kriegers.

Of course in 'canon' they aren't as amusing because writers of the fluff have forgotten the setting is meant to be a dark joke with its over the top nature, they actually take it seriously.

>> No.23814523

>You found a corner and ate alone.
>Sometimes, you feel very alone.
Did anyone else get feels when they read that? Subtle feelings bleeding in during the down time. This is just getting better and better.

>> No.23814540


I found the Primer part of it on /rs/ at least.


>> No.23814561

The Inquisition is the All-Seeing Eye of the Emperor. They are to be obeyed without question. Their orders are divinely mandated. Disobedience is both death and damnation eternal.

The Adeptus Astartes are the Angels of the God Emperor. They are made for war in a way that mortal men can never be. The Death Korps aspires to the disciple and perfection the Angels of Death show on the field of battle. Their orders are divinely mandated. Disobedience is both death and damnation eternal.

The forces of the Archenemy are without number. They are corruption. They are weakness. They are subtle. They will be destroyed.

The Xenos are without number. They are corruption. They are weakness. They are subtle. They will be destroyed.

>> No.23814566

>forgotten the setting is meant to be a dark joke with its over the top nature,
Please stop prepetuating this. 40k was ALWAYS intended to be grimdark, right from it's RT days. Saying otherwise means one of two things:

1. You never played/read RT
2. You're delusional

>> No.23814570


>Sometimes, you feel very alone.

I fucking love you, man. You're managing to make Kriegers both inhuman yet painfully human.

>> No.23814571


The game hasn't been than for twenty-five years. You weren't even playing it when it was.

Stop letting /tg/'s arbitrary decision-making inform you when there are actual facts.

>> No.23814585

Another thing to keep in mind regarding Korpsmen is that they are fanatically religious even by the standards of the Imperium. When presented with a regimental standard, company relic or other such honored or holy item, express extreme awe and honor to even be able to see them, even beyond those whose regiment/schola/basilica belong to. Also, have your soldier keep track of the Imperial Feast Days without fail.

>> No.23814605


>Pop Culture 40,000

One of the most famous orks is Margaret Thatcher. There is a chapter of Space Marines based around a gay joke. There are armies that use electric guitars to make people explode.

>> No.23814628

One last topic Kriegbro: The God Emperor of Mankind

>> No.23814632

>well, you're dying.
>I'm getting better
>I Feel Happy!

>> No.23814645

Yes, there were silly/humorous elements in the RT fluff. Just as there are silly/humorous elements in the current fluff. But if you ever bothered even looking through the original rulebook, you'll realize the majority of the fluff and grimdark is still intact. Fuck, even most of the passages are the same down to the letter.

>> No.23814650

>this foods too tasteful
>sleep cycles too long
>I wish I was on the battlefield dying for the emperor

>> No.23814685

"Two rookie privates are on patrol when suddenly, one collapses. No response, not breathing. Immediately, other private takes vox and contacts base.

He shouts at his CO: "My comrade is dead, what do I do?" CO stays calm, replies: "Do not worry, I can help. First, make sure your comrade is actually dead."

Line stays quiet for a second, then a lasgun is heard discharging. Voice comes back over vox, asks: "Okay, now what?"

>> No.23814688


I personally don't think that fluff or grimdark is extremely serious at all. Sure it is dark. And grim. But the entire thing is so absurd that I can't help but take the entire thing as a joke. It just makes it more enjoyable to me. I may be wrong though. That's just my personal interpretation and is by no means what they intended, and I'm not >>23814521 this guy.

>> No.23814701


"Continue as normal. And no not waste more time."

>> No.23814743

I find that /tg/ often exaggerates the grimdark of 40k to ridiculous levels. I typically play 40k straight, as there is still a lot of shit that can be explored in the setting with resorting to goofy self-parody.

>> No.23814747


Staring at the ceiling of the barracks for two and a half hours every sleep cycle is not efficient. You do not want to wake your squad. They are weak. They require more rest than you do.

You have memorized every Imperial feast day your old regiment celebrated. You spent two nights memorizing the feast days of your new regiment. Some dates conflict. You spent several more nights attempting to combine the two without conflict.

Sometimes, you take out the knucklebones and look at them. They are from your first kill. They are polished brown and yellow now. They are very small. You were ten years old when you shot him. He was a deserter from your training regiment. He ran from the tunnel-warren and to the surface one night. Your squad was ordered to hunt him down. You remember his serial number (104-2205-P), but you do not remember what he looked like. The knucklebones were much bigger when the Training Officer handed them to you. Perhaps they have been worn down, even though you have kept them safe in a cotton bag in your kit.

>> No.23814798


Well, it is the cruelest and most bloody regime imaginable. I kind of take a middle ground. The majority of stuff is just dark and awful, but every once in a while I'll highlight just how absurd things can get. "The gears are being clogged by corpses. Send in the lobotomized slaves to clear them" stuff.

And now I have Grimdark Stig to tack on.

>> No.23814839

Get a trip so I can ctrl+F you in the future.

>> No.23814841


The God-Emperor of Mankind directs the fate of all humankind. Without him, humanity could not exist. It is by his will alone that ships travel from world to world, that the wise govern, that men live and die, and that the functions of the universe continue as ordered.

Once, Krieg failed the God-Emperor of Mankind and rejected the Imperium. We continue to pay the price for our disobedience. We are less than the least vermin in the sight of the Emperor, barely above the traitors to the Imperial cause we triumphed over. We serve the Imperium wholly, without reservation. Nothing held back. Nothing of our own. We fight those who would destroy the Emperor's vision and cast down the works of Man. We will not fail again. We cannot fail again.

>> No.23814845

>cruelest and most bloody regime imaginable
But in fluff, it's not depicted as if EVERYTHING is horrible and sad and complete shit. Personally, I find the parody angle workable, but very, very overused. You can still have happiness, accomplishment, romance, friendship, etc. in a dystopian setting and have it still work. And in the case of the Imperium, it's not like the majority of the populace lives poverty-ridden lives that are deprived of any amusement or free-time. A light shines brighter when it's in the dark.

>> No.23814884


2nd edition Eldar codex says the Imperium has playgrounds for the kids to play on.

>> No.23814887

Krieger mementos, interesting concept. Knucklebones are perfect for them though.

>The knucklebones were much bigger when the Training Officer handed them to you.
A mind so empty that he doesn't realize perception changes as one grows. Loving it.

Would a Kreiger even understand the concept of romance or indulgence? There's so much outside their realm of conception its amazing.

>> No.23814891

Damn son. That's some damn fine work. Enjoy your sleep soldier.

>> No.23814921

They'd understand indulgence, but not in the same way we would I'd guess. Indulgence would be a new gas mask, an extra ration pack on the Feast of the Emperor's ascension. The kind of things we'd take for granted would be great, almost unneeded indulgences to them

>> No.23814940

No more than four hours, of course.

>> No.23814973


I love Kriegers as the 'AI' character. The creature that knows only it's set function and orders, and has to be taught the rest. Maybe it learns well, and managed to become something a little more human. Maybe it all just washes over them, not changing the simple, but effective machine.

Sometimes trying to fit all those strange ideas into their head breaks it, either driving the poor thing to madness, or destruction.

The fact that the machine in question is, or was, a Human? Delicious.

>> No.23814976


The soldiers here are weak. They are easily distracted. The regiment has women in it. Your Sergeant is a woman. Krieg regiments do not have female soldiers, though you have seen them in the training regiments. All Kriegers train. All Kriegers. We will not fail again.

You do not understand many of the things your squad members do and say. They say so many things. They have a language you do not understand. It is not important. It will not lead to victory. It is a distraction. You are beginning to hate them for it. It is a traitorous thought, hating a soldier of the Imperial guard. You punish yourself for it by training harder.

>> No.23814997



They know indulgence. They know the feel of getting new equipment or uniforms once in a long while, and they bask in their love of our God-Emperor

>> No.23815022

If I ever get into an Only War game, I know exactly what I'm playing. Copied all of this down, but I'm a retard when it comes to screencapping, someone please do it when he's finished. Bravo good sir. Bravo.

>> No.23815033

You are a gentleman and a scholar, Sir.

>> No.23815041

It would be really interesting to see the dynamic between a Korpsman and any female, given how the first phrase out of his mouth would likely be "Why are you not fighting for the Emperor" or "Why are you not producing soldiers for the Emperor?"

>> No.23815050

They will never know the Emperors love, for even as they fight to atone, they will never live to know his warmth and light. They fight in the dark, and hold the line where all but space marines fall

>> No.23815054



If someone is screencapping this, could they please make it a little less wide than some of the screencaps kicking around? Not all of us have 64" monitors.

>> No.23815055

Dead man walking is bad and you should feel bad.
Being BL fluff, I felt free to discard it and burn the ashes.

>> No.23815063

So the appeal is they're exactly as cluelessly misogynistic and awkard as fa/tg/uys?

>> No.23815087

What happens in Dead Men Walking?

I just figured that would be their mindset because when you have a bunch of soldiers who are relentlessly indoctrinated to the point of being near-automata, their interaction with anyone outside of their experience will be both confusing and chilling for all sides.

>> No.23815093


Most likely, the ones a Krieger will meet are soldiers, or are engaged in some vital support role. They are servants of the God-Emperor of Mankind, crusader-tools in the forge of war.

The rest are civilians. Civilians are like... cattle. A resource to be protected, but not something that requires consideration. You would not look amorously at a lump of ore or seek the company of a grain silo.

>> No.23815105

Na, they're far more clueless and far better at it.

Only females that are pious enough for a Kreiger are the Sisters of Battle.

>> No.23815113

I didn't mean it as misogny. More like, if he encounters an Escher, by some chance, on the planet he's been deployed too, I see a Korpsman reacting with honest confusion and shock that there are men and women who AREN'T devoting the whole of their lives to the Emperor.

>> No.23815117

>Not feeling attraction to fine specimens of ore
Do you even calm your machine spirits?

>> No.23815131

Someone's obviously never been to an Agri-World.

>> No.23815152

I now want to see a story of a Krieger falling for a Sister of Battle. Simply for the hilarious awkwardness.

>> No.23815155

What do Kriegs think of Vostroyans?

>> No.23815167

Didn't we already do this "Husk of a man falling in love with a woman and not realizing it" shit with LCB? You guys are way too fucking fond of this trope.

>> No.23815170

They should be best buddies, even though they kind of share the same shtick( damn writers).

>> No.23815179

Both are stuck behind enemy lines, no support but each other. Months of dangerous trekking across hostile terrain.

Then they are both summarily executed upon returning to Imperial lines for dereliction of duty and sexual heresy.

>> No.23815182


I don't think it's a matter of piety. I think it's just that the Kriegers are broken human beings; child soldiers beat into the hardest and cruellest army in the Imperium. Romantic love would be so alien as to be disgusting to them, or possibly drive them mad.

In a Krieg training regiment, those who cannot perform are punished by their own squadmates. A Krieg soldier grows up among death, casual brutality, precision, ordered drilling, and anonymity. They are a mask in a crowd of masks. They are a lasgun in a forest of lasguns. They are /broken/ human beings, but necessary for the survival of the Imperium.

Cheap jokes aside, a Krieger falling in love would only end in tragedy, madness, violence, or self-destruction, and probably all of the above. It is better to focus on your duty. Treat all soldiers as soldiers; make no distinction except for rank. Treat all civilians as a valuable resource incapable of defending itself.

>> No.23815185

Even though the Krieger could hate them. You BETRAYED THE EMPEROR and you are not as efficent in fighting for him in penance as the Kriegers.Shame on you.

>> No.23815190

Death Korp sees any other regiment that aren't as willing (and more) to die then they are weak

>> No.23815209

That happened in Armageddon. The Kriegers had to work alongside Jopalls, which are mercenaries who give no shits beyond shooting well and making money (to pay off their hillarious life debt).

To say that the Kriegers were unamused by the tallymarking and hooting about making money/banging bitches is an understatement

>> No.23815227

I think the Korpsmen would see Vostroya as a lighter example of the sin of Krieg: the Vostroyans failed in their duty, but not out of ambition and rebellion the way Krieg fell. As such, Vostroyans are worth less in the eyes of the Emperor than others, but Vostroyans are still worth more than the men of Krieg,

>> No.23815239

Too ornate. Too flashy. They wear their need for repentance as some kind of badge of honour, instead of the yoke of shame clamped around their neck
They are.....sentimental over their weapons and their home.

>> No.23815249


The Vostroyans are proud; the Krieg are humble. The Vostroyans have hand-marked weapons and fine armour; a Krieger needs nothing more than generic tools and anonymous weapons. The Vostroyans are lead by the mad, the brilliant, the inspiring, and the quick. Krieg regiments are lead by the survivors.

They have very little in common, aside from a few background details. The Vostroyans are still human beings, after all.

>> No.23815254

>"Careful consideration of your battlefield performance, discipline, and devotion to our most holy God-Emperor has determined that a procreative liaison would result in an acceptable military resource."

>> No.23815255

Yeah, this is why I'm a fan of Krieg's uniforms, but not the fluff.

It's so fucking old hat. It's been done again and again countless times- for fuck's sakes, look at Space Marines if you want fanatical super soldiers. "But they're human!" sure, they're human in that they're not as tall, power armored, or from a tradition leading back to the founding of the Imperium, but they're still a bunch of brain washed "I only live for war" wind up toys.

That's why Only War kind of disappointed me. Cadians? Trained from birth to fight the forces of Chaos which come a-knockin' every day. Mordians? Iron disciplined iron discipline. Vostroyans? So sad for once being less than 110% imperial that they gave up the first born of their families to war. Kriegers? Cloned puppets living only to die for the Emperor.

Aside from the Catachans, I don't remember a presented regiment in Only War that had a personality beyond "I LOVE THE IMPERIUM AND DYING STANDING I WOULD NEVER RUN AWAY EVER EVER."

>> No.23815257

Scum. They pay their penance no more than they must, even after they performed the most heinous of treason.

The men of Krieg are guilty of failing the Emperor, and they make penance with every breath, heart beat, and shade of will. The men of Vostroya refused the orders of the Emperor, and now mock their penance as a minor obligation.

They should not be trusted.

>> No.23815261

Haha, yes, Jopall guardsmen are border line heretics (in that they are guardsmen who have motives and desires more in line with Rogue Traders than Kriegers)

>> No.23815266

Can I bother someone to screen cap this glorious writefaggotry?

>> No.23815285

Honestly, I think the Krieg would see Vostroya as an example of what Krieg could have been if the motivations behind the rebellion had been less selfish. Sure, they're bastards in the sight of the Emperor, but they did it so that they could continue to try to provide for the Imperium. Krieg just said "Fuck you" and it took Colonel Jurten nuking everything to get things back in line.

>> No.23815347

Fuck, I've had a cough for like two weeks now and I can barely breathe from laughter. Made my damn day.

If someone else makes a Sororitas in the same group as the Krieger, I am so going to try this.

>> No.23815375

That sounds awesome, we need all sorts in the Imperial Guard since variety is the Spice of Life.

We could use more examples mentioned in this thread of regiments that aren't "Iron discipline, no surrender, must die for the Emperor"
Maybe some of the Regiments that recruit from more primitive worlds?

>> No.23815379

It would be the longest, least enjoyable sex in Imperium History.

>> No.23815422

Are you kidding? There wouldn't be any sex, just a tiny paper cup and a turkey baster.

>> No.23815426

The Drookian Fen Guard are pretty awesome, if a little bit "Space SCOTLAND!" for my taste
It would confuse the shit out of Slaanesh. On the one hand, its the unsexiest sex in the history of man
On the other, it would be sex in the missionary position purely for the purposes of procreation, making it the kinkiest shit ever

>> No.23815430

IFV is heresy.

>> No.23815435

Yeah, Jopall units get away with shit that would get them blammed in /tg/ canon. Their main downside is their hilariously terrible uniform.


>> No.23815437

Catachans, Jopall...Tallarn?

Whatever. I want guardsmen that are fucking human. That have fears, don't respond to everything with "THE EMPEROR PROTECTS/FOR THE EMPEROR," that are faithful but not zealots. I don't need space marines with less armor.

>> No.23815457


Side tangent:

The Space Marines are /more/ than human. They have passions and hatred and feuds and live on a larger scale than mortal men. Where they walk the earth shakes. They are the god-touched. Like false deities from an old opera they boom and thunder. Every emotion is magnified. Every weakness spreads into catastrophe; every strength is almost overbearing. They can be poets and tacticians and great leaders of men, but they must fight if the Imperium is to survive at all. They are not human, but beyond humanity.

The Cadians are a brutal fighting force, trained to stand at the gate of the Imperium and hold the door shut... or block the aperture with bodies. Nevertheless, they are still human. They breed leaders and warriors and geniuses. They adapt to face their foes. They are true soldiers facing the impossible and unimaginable every day.

Mordians chose discipline above effectiveness long ago, but in a proud and noble sort of way. They sacrifice gloriously with colour and spectacle. The Vostroyan I've covered above.

But the Krieg? The Krieg are wind-up toys made from broken and beaten children. They are the sort of human beings we institutionalize in the modern world. They cannot function. Any soldier from the regiments above: Cadian, Vostroyan, Mordian, could retire and live a peaceful life. Many do. But the Krieg are tools built for brutal war. They have become less than human to fight things that aren't human at all, and suffered for it.

RPing that... is tricky. That's why I'm here.

>> No.23815469

I love how their entire existence is taking the piss out of the British Welfare System
"Cradle to grave, and making you pay through the nose every step of the way"

>> No.23815471

>confuse the shit out of Slaanesh.
You Sir just figured out how to kill Slaanesh. Breed Kreigers and Sisters of Battle, it would poison Slaanesh's energy source.

And you would end up with the most pious and powerful Imperium Army in history.

>> No.23815476

Corsets, bad dye jobs, gas masks, self hatred, , calling the other partner "daddy", crying afterwards. It has plenty for Slaanesh to approve of.

>> No.23815479

The addition of Scotland makes any fiction better.

>> No.23815504

There are plenty of regiments outside of the big-name ones. In the galaxy of 40k, you run into a lot of overlap because standardization is needed and multiple regiments of each standard are required. Sure, "Iron discipline" may be common, but that's because the planets they originate from are besieged shitholes and thereby get mentioned a lot in battle and campaign histories.

>> No.23815506

>RPing that... is tricky. That's why I'm here.
Part of the reason I want to play one.

>> No.23815515

They sound like absolute shitlords. Like, the kind of dudes who'd try to steal from the ratlings first.

>> No.23815517

Oh good, Krieg are just a trope that's been done to death with more fucking angst.

>> No.23815537

I think they're meant to be that one guy in ww2 movies who can get you everything you'd ever want, for a price. You know, the guy who knows a guy who knows a guy, except spread across an entire regiment

>> No.23815550

Iron Discipline is fine when you're on the battle line, but the way it seems like 90% of the guard is filled with brainwashed pseudo-people that spend all of their time off at the target range, training, or praising the God Emperor.

>> No.23815561

I'm pretty sure the Krigers have no angst, at all.

Angst is not repaying your debt to the Emperor.

>> No.23815564


And anyway, doing it with just bodies against bodies doesn't waste any pf the Emperor's valuable materials. That plastic could have been used making some tiny, important part of a lasgun!

>> No.23815569

Nah, thats just the Krieg. Cadians unwind the same way everyone else does, they just wear the armour all the time. Same for the Vostroyans, and the Elysians. Mordians are uptight wankers, but good fun if you get them drunk enough to loosen the collar

>> No.23815576

>Galaxy is a miserable shithole where even the nicest governments still are overseen by an intensely bureaucratic, totalitarian theocracy
>Dehumanization and brutality occur on obscene scale throughout the Imperium
>Gets annoyed that one regiment is based around the idea of the indoctrinated child-soldier

Storytelling trope or not, I'm more surprised that an organization like the Imperium doesn't have more of these.

>> No.23815583


>> No.23815588

The cup and turkey baster are reusable.

>> No.23815616

Oh no, this regiment takes real-world concepts (indoctrination, eugenics and child-soldiers) and ramps them up to inhuman extremes to help illustrate the casual dehumanization of the Imperium. You know, it's not like anything else in Warhammer 40,000 does this. No sir.

>> No.23815618

Except they don't even really have the capacity to feel that. They're just kind of "Oh, I'm dying today? Ok."

>> No.23815625

Except they don't ever say that. They actively avoid discussing Krieg, and why they fight. They die because it is their duty, their penance to atone for their ancestors actions
Angst is something teenagers do for attention and make sure everyone knows it, the Krieg just man the fuck up and get on with dying

>> No.23815632

Have you MISSED the entire bits about Cadian White Shields?

Or Storm Troopers and Commissars (Is that what they're called) that are trained from birth at the Schola Progenium picked from the orphans of Imperial servants?

Or death worlders. Fuck, Catachans are constantly surrounded by an ecosystem devoted to murder, but they seem to manage to keep a personality intact through the process.

>> No.23815650


There's so much more to get annoyed about in the 40k setting, especially because nobody's forcing you to play a Krieger in Only War or what-have-you. I see how it's an overdone concept, but I don't see why whining about in in a thread like this is useful. Does it make you feel better somehow? Has it been keeping you up at night, knowing that the Grim Darkness of the Far Future can be a little over-the-top at times?

If so, well, glad you got that off your chest. If not, just sit back from the keyboard and enjoy the ride.

>> No.23815677

I agree to this, someone supply some caps.

>> No.23815681

To be fair the Storm Troopers and Commissars aren't MEANT to be child soldiers, but they will put their younger pupils on the front line if shit goes south
Rest is right on though

>> No.23815739

Yes, because the regiments you mentioned gain benefits from having their members retain human attributes.

The White Shields have it rough, yes. They run sweeps on Cadia to check for Chaos infiltrators as part of their graduation. You need people who can think laterally and take personal initiative to counter a threat like that.

The Schola isn't just an indoctrination center. It's the single most prestigious center of education in the Sector. The cadets there are NOT being trained up so they can give all nine lives for the Emperor, but so that they can act amongst and as a part of the Imperial elite while still contributing to the Emperor's military.

And death worlders retain personality simply because the world might be trying to kill them, but they're not being subjected to a program of intensive, fanatical brainwashing at the same time.

None of the examples you give really occupy the same niche as the Death Korps.

>> No.23815784

Thats the point of having all the different guard regiments, its to have each one fill a different niche.
The Krieg are the brutally inhuman trench warfare specialists, born and bred to wage war and with no concept of peace

>> No.23815811

>Posting Heretics on any of the God-Emperor's Most Glorious Threads

>> No.23815815

I know. That's why I'm always bemused when people start bitching about how different Guard regiments are stealing each others concepts. If you want to bring that up, go compare the Elysians and the Harakoni Warhawks. THat's where you start seeing serious design overlap.

>> No.23815846

>correct usage of bemused
I'm pretty damn impressed

>> No.23815859

Why? Do people you know use it incorrectly? I've never seen or heard it used any other way.

>> No.23815860

I'd like to thank everyone in this thread. Gave me a lot of ideas for my future Kreiger Medic.

You are all wonderful people. Especially Kreige Write-bro. Especially you.

>> No.23815903

people I know use it as a synonym of "amused"

>> No.23815913


>> No.23815927


>Nobody references "Love & Krieg" writefaggotry in the thread yet

seriously, guys?


have your character be a secret romantic under the mask, OP. the bitches eat that shit up.

also, have him be a Terranian Cyclist. they don't just serve the emperor. they serve, die, reincarnate, and then serve again, because HOLDAN' THE FUKKIN' LINE!

>> No.23815936

Actually the two seem pretty different having a similar specialisation



Combat-wise Warhawks seem like heavier drop forces while the Elysian's are more mobile

Thats not even getting into their background and the differences between how their homeworlds/systems have shaped their specialities despite the Warhawks having a pretty sparse amount of info.
The overlap between them isn't overwelming

>> No.23815950

You can see how people would make that mistake from the appearance and sound of the word

>> No.23815951


Well there's amused, bemused when it's not quite as amusing, and c-mused when it's one step lower than bemused.

>> No.23815963

>>Actually the two seem pretty different despite having a similar specialisation
I left out a word

>> No.23815964

What about demused? Never having inspiration.

>> No.23815973

Huh. It's been a while since I looked at the Warhawks, but I remembered them being more just Elysians with their own fictional language. I stand corrected,

>> No.23815979

used by, or taken advantage of, by emus

>> No.23815989

As much as I enjoyed that series of tales, they dont really apply to this particular use of Kriegers.

>> No.23816008

I thought being demused meant your artistic and creative spirit was taken away from you?

>> No.23816031


Am I seriously going to have to cap all this myself? It's not a big deal, but it does look a little self-aggrandizing to have (You) behind every post#.

>> No.23816075

Can other people actually see the (You) that appears when you reply to your own post?

Was it introduced to combat samefaggotry?

>> No.23816079

It was glorious. Don't worry about seeming self-serving. If more people were this good at writing the world would be a much better place.

>> No.23816080

It's not that hard to cap. Stop being a little bitch and do it your self.

>> No.23816085

I would, but I'm honestly about to go to bed. If people. I'll probably leave the tab open and cap it tomorrow regardless.
they can with 4chanx installed

>> No.23816126


Sheesh, who put a squig in your respirator?

I'm not complaining about the difficulty. I just feel it's a little odd to cap your own thread. Ah well.

>> No.23816149

If you had actually read his post, you might have noticed that he mentioned that it wasn't the difficulty of the task which made him hesitate. And if it's not that hard, what's preventing you from doing it rather than being a dick?

>> No.23816159


>You sir have an amazing talent for writing those short sharp blurbs that I would love to give to my players for ANY 40K game. Could you write some for me? Please? Pretty please?

Totally missed this earlier. Sure. What do you need?

>> No.23816166

Love can always apply, Anon.


>> No.23816204

More of what you've been doing would be fantastic.

>> No.23816235

The Krieger's squamates try to get him laid.

>> No.23816240

its not like I did all that drawfaggotry for it not to, right?

>> No.23816245

And then there the Savlar.
Space Colonial Australia.

No this is still 40k.
That plastic could have been used making some tiny, unimportant part of a lasgun!

>> No.23816254

This. Or anything relating to sex.

>> No.23816300




>> No.23816325

>someone stops krieger in hallway
'Hey you got something on your face.'
>takes off mask, turns it around
>returns mask to most efficient position upon face
>continues walking

>> No.23816412

I pasted the texts I liked into a notepad file and booked marked an archive of this thread. 4Chan is a mass of interesting information and I catalog chunks of it like some kind of internet kleptomaniac.

>> No.23816417

Oh, /tg/. It's been so long since we had a thread approaching this degree of creativity. Just when I had almost given up hope...

>> No.23816424

Please post it.

>> No.23816483


Is it terrible that I actually laughed at these?

If Kriegbro's still here, what about civilians?

>> No.23816514


You two have been reading this thread right? You know where this is going.

Imagine what a Krieger looks like naked. Pale. Patchy hair, or shaved near to the skin. Old, badly healed scars. Malnourished. Hygiene powder around the vital areas. Pale eyes. With his mask on, he's an ominous figure. Without it, he almost looks normal. Almost.

Some things throw you off. The way he folds his pants over the back of the chair. Precise. Too precise. The way he moves. The way he looks at things. His eyes are just a little too wide. His neck swivels oddly; he's used to wearing a mask. Sometimes he brushes at a hose that isn't there, moving it across an imaginary chestpiece. He doesn't look afraid or nervous; most young men do, when they're alone with a woman for the first time.

You beckon him over to the bed. He moves oddly. For no reason that you can explain he makes you uncomfortable. The way he clenches his jaw quietly. The way he smells. The way he speaks; mechanical, empty... mad. That's it. He's practically weeping madness; like the penitents on the Martyr's row or the old beggar outside the alms house who screams about spirits and the war.

But his squadmates paid his way, plus a little extra, and he's not so bad, really. You tell him what to do, gentle-like, as not to scare him. He does it like a servitor; mechanically, fumbling with unfamilliar tasks. You put your hand on his shoulder and he flinches, so you just lean back and invite him over.

He moves without pleasure or intensity. It's like he's... somewhere else. Like this is distasteful to him, a duty that has to be performed, one that risks corruption and failure. His expression never changes.

As you look into his pale, dead eyes, for no reason that you can explain, you begin to cry.

>> No.23816544

Yep. Exactly what I expected. Thank you, sir.

>> No.23816548


>> No.23816564

And just when I'm reading that, the saddest sax in the world cuts through my music playlist
Holy shit, that gave me chills and made me sad

>> No.23816575


>> No.23816588

Figured that would happened. Honestly made me kinda sad.

Makes me think of what would pass for television, or music in the 40k

>> No.23816599

>for television, or music in the 40k
Like really? Almost anything. Much of government policy is dependent on the local customs.

>> No.23816608

Since you said please, these are the ones that are from the point of view of the krieg

>> No.23816613

I imagine 40k music to be similar to 1984 Music.

>> No.23816621


I do try. There are still a few of us left.

Anyone reading this: no more CYOA threads please. Seriously. They're the worst kind of self-indulgent sophistry. They add /nothing/.

>> No.23816624

Thank you very much!!

>> No.23816645

Agreed, even quest threads are better, as they have the chance to add something.

As a hater of quest threads, I would rather have them instead of CYOA threads.

>> No.23816647

TV would be full of propaganda, all fictional exploits of famous heroes or the animated tales of saints. In fact in the Cain books they mention a show about Naval fighter pilots which Cain hates for getting every thing about the military wrong
As for music, it would vary and you could probably find most types somewhere in a hive.

>> No.23816650

> no more CYOA threads please. Seriously. They're the worst kind of self-indulgent sophistry. They add /nothing/.
I find this really pretentious. What's wrong with them, other than the fact that people have fun with it?

>> No.23816655

ERP, CYOA, Quests, 'elf slave wat do,' Monstergirl dumps, and viral marketing are /tg/'s destiny.

>> No.23816660


Ten thousand thanks! I'm working on a full and more inclusive one, but that'll do for now. Thanks again!

>> No.23816673


>> No.23816686

The Imperium is made up of SQUILLIONS of worlds with various cultures. TV could be anything depending on where you are.... that is if the planet is advanced enough to have tv. And music? Hell thats even more varied than you can possibly imagine.

>> No.23816690


"Arbiter Foreboding".

>> No.23816700

You just have to sift through the threads. Most threads that aren't strictly about mechanics or quest threads will have a few great posts.

>> No.23816715

I lol'd. Seems like you just toss around fancy-sounding words without knowledge of what they are. Your opinion is shit.

>> No.23816756


I've never much like these Death Korps fellows. They don't enjoy themselves. And they don't ever take pleasure in killing. WHAT'S THE POINT OF KILLING IF IT'S NOT FUN!?!

>> No.23816757

What's the difference between a CYOA and a Quest thread, just out of curiosity.

>> No.23816767


>> No.23816777

Please consult the chart. You are at Ad-Hominem, whereas a better example of an argument would be from >>23816650 , which is more at the top part.

0/10, Apply Yourself

>> No.23816779


>> No.23816780

You do the Emperor's work, my brother.

>> No.23816789

If you tell them I have asthma, they won't let me scuba. What's the point of all this if I can't scuba?

>> No.23816803


That's the plant

BLOOD FOR THE - well, you know that song and dance goes.

>> No.23816812


Yeah, it is a little bit pretentious, but it's also my opinion. CYOA threads are just a poor use of a collaborative anonymous image board. It's just a little big above freeform fantasy. Sure, it's fun to imagine what it'd be like to be omnipotent, but if that's all you're doing, with a hundred variations a day, it does tend to clutter up the board a bit.

*glances at the number of 40k threads about army lists and Matt Ward*

On the other hand, pot, kettle, etc...


Is your monitor running out of ink displaying all the big words?

Also, I totally meant to type narcissism instead of sophistry. I guess you're actually in the right.

>> No.23816813



>> No.23816823

A Quest thread has a storyline, a coherent setting and is more roleplaying by committe than anything else
CYOA are "look at this picture, make a choice and then tell /tg/ why you did it"

>> No.23816825

CYOA are just posting those charts for rolling. Quest threads are the continues story, most of which suck. The only ones that dont suck are either ruined or die out.

>> No.23816845



>> No.23816848

Inexpertly capped, but current and complete. Humble though it is, my work for the emperor.

>> No.23816849

Do CYOA threads use up your monitor's ink?

Also, by the by, you're writing 40k fanfiction. I don't think that's very high and noble.

>> No.23816856

To me, a quest thread is similar in concept to your average roleplaying game, if slower due to the medium. Most of the quest threads here clog up the front page due to how 4chan and the threads themselves work, and I feel it would be better to take it to an IRC room, or Roll20 or something. That said, quest threads can be rewarding to read through, for ideas or amusement.

CYOA threads in my experience are consisted 99% of things like "You have to survive in a hole for 10 years to get a billion dollars, what do you pick to not go batshit?" or "Pick a power with drawback, but only the ones I've put here." ad nauseum.

>> No.23816861


A quest thread is collaborative storytelling, which /tg/ usually fucks up within minutes.

A CYOA thread is more along the lines of "You're trapped on a desert island. Which one of the following items do you bring?" or "You have the power to control one of the classical elements? Which one do you choose?" and then people post their unoriginal answers. It's started to be a big thing recently and I don't really know why.

>> No.23816863

Indulgence. Weakness. Needless and inefficient waste of the Imperium's resources. Unacceptable.

>> No.23816878

>It's just a little big above freeform fantasy
...and what's wrong with freeform fantasy? It's a valid medium to create stories and adventures from.
>but if that's all you're doing, with a hundred variations a day, it does tend to clutter up the board a bit.
Uh, what? There are typically no more than 2 CYOA threads on the board per day, a small sliver of a fraction of threads. Everyone who complains about "X threads" on /tg/ always exaggerates how much space they take up.

>> No.23816884

It was a big thing on /b/ for a while. I guess it moved here.

>> No.23816893

>dis nigga doesn't know about dark chocolate

>> No.23816899

Whelp anons, it's been fun, but it is necessary for me to initiate my sleep cycle. Thank you anon for the tale, you know who you are. I truely wish I could write and RP the way you do. Godspeed sir, and may your survive your battles un-scarred.

>> No.23816902


Thanks! It'll do!


Well, it does take effort to click "hide" and there are so many of them. I'd just like to see all that brainpower put to use creatively, not in pure speculative egotism (more big words! Hah!)

>> No.23816904

That would be awkward as fuck. But still better than some options. I'm pretty sure a Catachan would tear my orfices open like an emperormas present while slapping my butt and talking in a horrible hybrid accent of Southern U.S. and bogan australian

>> No.23816922

There is nothing wrong with Hershey

>> No.23816943

That seems a bit silly, arent quest threads more alike classic CYOA books, where you're given a choice between a variety of actions relating to a single character, and that leads to another set of choices?

>> No.23816948


Goodnight. I'm off too!

Also, I write and post Rogue Trader stuff here: http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?489083-Rogue-Trader-Into-the-Maw-or-How-I-Became-Incredibly-Wealthy

If you liked my work in this thread, give the linked one a look. If you're looking to troll me harder, or if I've offended you, well, now you know where you can find me. Anonymity is for chumps anyway.

>> No.23816957


Goodnight. I'm off pretty soon too.

Also, I write and post Rogue Trader stuff here: http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?489083-Rogue-Trader-Into-the-Maw-or-How-I-Became-Incredibly-Wealthy

If you liked my work in this thread, give the linked one a look. If you're looking to troll me harder, or if I've offended you, well, now you know where you can find me. Anonymity is for chumps anyway.

>> No.23816969

>arent quest threads more alike classic CYOA books

They're often more like a bad GM with a story they want to tell and the players doing their damnedest to actually change the story and only sometimes succeeding.

>> No.23816971

Its more like a standard roleplay, just filtered through the minds of /tg/, for better and for worse hint: usually for the worse

>> No.23816974

True, except quest threads actually have some level of variety.

The CYOA threads are reading the same tiny book over and over and over and over...

That is, if any of the CYOA threads actually had a real story.

>> No.23816988

Depends on the format of the quest, but generally that's how it goes. The best ones are the ones which don't constrain themselves absolutely but are willing to work their options with anon to include their input and so resemble RPGs a bit more than the others.

>> No.23817004


Now how the /hell/ did I manage to do that? Sleep cycle required; efficiency falling to critical levels.

>> No.23817025

>Quest threads
Never again.

>> No.23817044

Meh. Some are alright, the vast majority are terrible, some are just what the fuck. I could apply that definition to most things that happen on /tg/.

>> No.23817099

>Only war.
>Dexter fan.
Well, this will be fucking terrible.

That being said, make behaviour queues. If he's nervous he cleans (polishes buttons or boots, spit shines his chrono, dust off his gasmask lenses) if he's agitated he straightens his helmet though it's already straight or perhaps smoothes his overcoat.

You can use narrative for all of that. You don't have to speak at all. Nodding, or simply moving to complete the task with machine-like efficiency seems to fit kreigers too.

>> No.23817101

Higher and more noble than most, broseph.

>> No.23817121

He shouldn't understand the concept of civilians in the same way we do. He can understand that some soldiers are more suited to making ammunition then fighting, for someone has to make guns and armour, but that's it. He'll still think of them as soldiers, just non-combat personel, like training staff, etc.

>> No.23817127

If you wanted to go about creating a regiment to represent modern-day armies from a world in many ways much like our own in a quieter corner of the Imperium of Man (less advanced tech than some other worlds, perhaps it was a human world cut off from the Imperium and apart from that which has trickled in from outside it hasn't quite caught up to some of the more reasonably advanced worlds)

Of course that might be a tall order since Earth is made up of different nations and has different armies and most Imperial regiments are already based on Real life forces from some point in time.

But if you wanted to make such a themed company what would be good steps.
They use primarily Autoguns instead of lasguns perhaps? The commonly used heavy/special weapons tend towards missile launchers, heavy stubbers, autocannons & grenade launchers?

>> No.23817139

This is the punchline the joke needs to be Krieger. If asked to explain it, he states that in reality, he would have been told to strip the body of all weapons, etc.

>> No.23817141

Kriegfag or something like that

>> No.23817202


*glances at clock* Yeeeaah, I have time.

Civilians are a resource that must be protected. Their labour sustains the Imperium. Their knowledge protects mankind. They cannot fight, so you must fight on their behalf. They do not understand sacrifice and suffering, but they are still more worthy of the Emperor's grace than you will ever be.

If a situation arises where civilians cannot be protected without excessive cost, then the civilians are to be discarded. If they can be useful in any capacity beforehand, they are to be utilized fully. Obey your orders. Ignore civilian requests. Ignore civilian protests. In a wartime situation, any civilian who obstructs or impedes the Imperial Guard has forfeited their life. Do not mingle with civilians, for they lack discipline. They are mentally weak. They are afraid. Civilians serve the God-Emperor of Mankind, but look to your duty, not to theirs.

>> No.23817230

tl;dr the Warhawks are the airborne, the Elysians are the Air Cavalry.

>> No.23817231

Nah, the ANZACs have their own regiment. Salvar are just Space-Criminals: The Regiment.

>> No.23817250


Err, thanks, but that's not all I write by a long shot (see the linked thread up a few posts). I don't want to be pigeonholed doing Krieg stuff forever; I've covered most of the really important aspects in this thread anyway.

>> No.23817324

>sexual heresy
this can be a new source of entertainment and inspiration. Is there any canon about it ?

>> No.23817340

having been a soldier, I agree.

>> No.23817350

I doubt it. But lots and lots of fanfiction

>> No.23817357

that said the ANZAC's had and interesting habit of looting stuff and getting up to all kinds of trouble allmost tearing apart the red light district of cario in WWI

>> No.23817363


Something about the Adeptus Arbites, please.

>> No.23817395


They stole the Red Barons boots, the Iron Cross from his plane and control stick after he got shot down. They're sitting in the Australian War Museum. Germany has asked for them back a few times, the Australians have always said no.

>> No.23817408

I wonder what Kreigers think of other famous IG Regiments.

>> No.23817434

>The galaxy can't have two similar yet somehow different regiments.
>All specialists in a certain type of warfare in the galaxy come from a single planet.

>> No.23817450

>His boots
Wait. Why his boots?

>> No.23817455

Wow. Dick move Australia.

>> No.23817480

1. In a mental state of wanting to tell everyone to fuck off.
2. Spread about the place.

>> No.23817502

>Not giving your Leman Russ +5% Crew Skills
I bet you can't be assed to shell out for a rammer or vertical stabilizer either. No wonder you compare the tank to a Traktor.

>> No.23817522

Kreiger TV. 24 hours of prayer, instructional training videos and such. Only watched by the very young, and those unable to currently do field exercises.

>> No.23817524

they also have a large amount of swords from japanese officers from WW2 and not the shit ones the family heirloom type also

they are really nice looking boots

>> No.23817532

No one wants to throw in any suggestions to this?

Have a picture of a Hades Breaching Drill/tank, Death Korps of Krieg are noted for having used them

>> No.23817561

Good boots are hard to find.

Oh, and it's all re-runs. Same thing 4 times a day. "Why would you ned new TV?"

>> No.23817611

>> No.23817663

>Piers Morgan, Terra, M3, 'Why do you need an assault rifle?'
>Piren Murgan, Krieg, M41, 'Why do you need a television?'
>Russ, Dorn, Vulkan, et al, Terra, M32, 'Why do you need a big book of rules?'
>Talahirrahir al Shamashesh, Moran Tamur, M28, 'Why don't you need a 4 million strong killball orgy rave that's creating a psychic doom god?'
Truly great questions have been asked in this galaxy.

>> No.23817664


If you wanted to emulate Western Armies (American, British, German - Foreign Legion) they're smaller, mobile forces; using Chimeras and avoiding footslogging. They'll concentrate firepower on targets before mobilizing.

Every man is valued, because he's irreplaceable. Def make them veterans w/ carapace.

>> No.23817689

The man driving that thing is the only krieger with an unironic erection.

>> No.23817729

>Every man is valued, because he's irreplaceable. Def make them veterans w/ carapace.
No. Stop it with this 1st world country wank.

>> No.23817731

Shotguns, autoguns, and sniper rifles using physical rounds instead of a long-las.

>> No.23817741

How about we simply have different regiments from the same sector that represent different regional doctrines?

Since, y'know, we can do that and you don't have to be a great bleeding cunt.

>> No.23817753

muh grimdark

>> No.23817757

Yeah I mean if they were to represent a modern Earth army from a less high tech world the soldiers would likely be in Flak not Carapace.
Dunno what to add apart from the soldiers being a bit more tacticool compared to your average guardsman...

>> No.23817776

Sucks to your grimdark. Let's logic.

>> No.23817843

I'm getting pretty tired of all these faggots who create the most overpowered, mary-sue, ward-level IG regiments that are supposedly based on actual Earth militarizes when they really look like some wanna-be soldier's attempt to appear cool.

>> No.23817886

What would make an imperial guard force based on modern forces stand out. most of the ones in canon take a specific group from history and then apply that to the whole unit.

>> No.23817887

You say that like the Imperial Guard isn't already full of them. And if it really bothers you that bad, make one of your own that isn't overpowered, mary-sue, or Ward-level. Seriously. Make your own, stop getting all pissy, and move on.

>> No.23817904

>You say that like the Imperial Guard isn't already full of them.
If you think shit like Krieg or Tanith even remotely approaches the tacticool, specially-trained, specially equipped and ass-wiped, bullshit that's come up so far, I think you need to get your brain checked.

>> No.23817936

I think my brain is fine, thanks, and I've seen plenty of stupid shit but none that gives me or you the authority to get all pissy and huffy about somebody else's fun. If they're enjoying it, who gives a fuck? Do you go stomp on Blatant Fetish Quest with their succubus futa protagonist with improbable access to military hardware and magical powers?

Dude, just ignore it. Or better yet, -make something better-.

In closing, I'd like to share with you something from Theodore Roosevelt.

"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat."

>> No.23817971

>>Do you go stomp on Blatant Fetish Quest with their succubus futa protagonist with improbable access to military hardware and magical powers?


>>In closing, I'd like to share with you something from Theodore Roosevelt.

I love you, /tg/, in the platonic way of a man who's too fat to find his penis.

>> No.23817973

Death Riders of Krieg need more love

>> No.23817977

He's ready to die for the emprah.

but if the horsie bites it he'll shed a single, manly tear.

>> No.23817985

>I use quotes to cover for my own inability to convey my point.
Nice work.

I mean HOW DARE some offer criticism to an idea? HOW DARE I express an opinion that jerks off your dick? Especially on 4chan, where we have such an easy-going community.

>> No.23818026

No worries. All Kreig Deathrider mounts are:
Genetically modified to survive in the most hostile of environments. They receive a +6 invuln save AND they can reroll difficult terrain tests. Mans best friend right there.

>> No.23818040

What do you figure those cables are hooked to its neck?

I am no great speaker, sir. Theodore's words are far more apt than any I could surmise for the purpose of refuting you.

There's a difference between criticism and shit-slinging, sir, and you're on the latter side of the line. You could perchance instead be productive and generate far better original content than these mere mortals you so debase (ignoring the utter ridiculousness of the nature of the setting, and its immense size, which in all honesty could very well contain even the most unlikely things). Unless you intend to prove me wrong and show me otherwise, though, you haven't. You've simply stood on the sidelines and talked about how idiotic and worthless the endeavors of others are. These men, foolish they may be in your eyes, have at least created something. Have you?

>> No.23818044

There HAS to be official state run media networks like a imperial CNN telling of how the filthy Xenos got curbstomped without any guard from that planets local guard regiment, BEST KOREA STYLE TO THE NTH DEGREE.

The Tuesday birds and snow coffee video would be the utter liberal leftist borderline heresy version of reporting.
Video for your enjoyment.

And cains inquisitor waifu said something about a beloved children's show that featured a promethium character that taught about burning heretics, and his ADMECH waifu listened to Britney Spears in speess pop songs about landraiders running down heretics.

They could just have centuries of shit canned up to broadcast to the great unwashed to keep them safely placated.

>> No.23818060

Hmm,,, no give the standard soldier flak armor but still,,,
How about special close-combat city-fighting specialist units within the regiment.
Equipped with shotguns, the limited amount of carapace suits available which resemble something of a fusion between SWAT team and bomb squad gear, grenades and demolition charges they would be elite close quarter combat teams who excel in urban combat above and beyond your standard guardsman.

It keeps the standard trooper with his t-shirt and assault rifle from being overpowered and gives them a fancy little tacticool-flavour unit as part of their army.

>>they're smaller, mobile forces; using Chimeras and avoiding footslogging. They'll concentrate firepower on targets before mobilizing.
This would be the general tactics of the regiment, mechanised infantry with tanks and arty support

>> No.23818107

>> No.23818117

I can't tell if those kriegers are models or part of the painting.

>> No.23818150


I don't need to be a director to know the Room is shit. I don't need to be a chef to know the food I'm eating is shit. "Try it yourself, faggot" is a typical fallback comment for people who get asspained when someone doesn't fall in line with their opinion.

So who the fuck are you to offer an opinion if you don't have your own dozen custom IG entries, anon?

>> No.23818160

>I am no great speaker, sir. Theodore's words are far more apt than any I could surmise for the purpose of refuting you.

>There's a difference between criticism and shit-slinging, sir, and you're on the latter side of the line. You could perchance instead be productive and generate far better original content than these mere mortals you so debase (ignoring the utter ridiculousness of the nature of the setting, and its immense size, which in all honesty could very well contain even the most unlikely things). Unless you intend to prove me wrong and show me otherwise, though, you haven't. You've simply stood on the sidelines and talked about how idiotic and worthless the endeavors of others are. These men, foolish they may be in your eyes, have at least created something. Have you?

There's also a difference between being intelligent and pretending to.

>> No.23818173

pretty sure they are models. btw whats a mole launcher?

>> No.23818181

Actually, I do--did, rather. They're long gone now, victim to a hard drive failure. Several Space Marine custom chapters as well, though I know you'll scarce believe that.

And I agree--it may be shit. But at least someone is -making- shit, rather than sitting about loudly and complaining about said shit. At least something is being created; do you understand that? Something new is being forged, and if it brings joy to the people who make it--why does it matter to you, if they aren't forcing it on you? And they aren't. If you don't like it, you can hide the thread and move on. Make your own. There's little limit on space here, and no rule that says 'only one Imperial Guard thread at a time'.

I never claimed to be intelligent. I'm just stating what I believe. Take it as you will.

>> No.23818194

>If you don't like it, don't respond to it!
If you don't like what critics are saying, don't respond to them!

>> No.23818197

Basically its a bazooka, however it attacks the tank from the underside.

>> No.23818210

A mortar that tunnels under the ground instead of hurling through the air.

>> No.23818216

Does the Imperial Guard have an equivalent to helicopters? I am completely spacing at the moment and its nagging at the back of my head that they have something I cannot recall.

>> No.23818260

>> No.23818281

I agree, but at this point it's really simply a battle of critics isn't it. You criticize him, and I criticize you in turn for your criticism of him--in all honest I'm simply having fun now. It makes for an excellent exercise and it helps me sharpen my argumentative skills.

Back on topic however, OC was here first, as is natural for something being created. Though I know you'll doubtless fall back to the 'lol here first like that matters' killing field that so many have taken before, the point still stands--something was being made, and you were hardly required to participate in it. Nothing forced you to come in and start talking about how idiotic the idea was, or how stupid the person behind it was, or how played out it was. You could have simply rolled your eyes, laughed at the foolishness of it all and gone on your way. You could have used inspiration garnered from distaste to create something to your liking, but you didn't. Why not? Why simply insult?

>> No.23818291

>> No.23818292

Valkyries and Vendettas are gunships, fighters, and transport all in one.

That is adorable.

>> No.23818298

It's like Helghan and Krieg had children.

>> No.23818334

Its why I am so sad they have never given me a Helgahst campaign... Because If they did I could pretend I was a kreiger and do nothing but run around and kill people with my shovel.

>> No.23818358

That always struck me as so goddamn pointless. Everyone -loved- the Helghast. Why couldn't they turn it around for the second game, or the third?

>> No.23818374

Srs bro... Personally the ISA are the bad guys in my opinion. But hey, all we can do is dig in.

>> No.23818396

You're in a 40k thread, kid.

We have a more elite tacticool regiment. The Elaysians. Thanks to 40k, they get frequently deployed in war-of-attrition bloodbaths and sieges, instead of being able to use their training.

>> No.23818409

Ah, I was sort of thinking for my modern forces regiment if I could have teams of veterans roping down special forces-style from a blackhawk stand-in it could help flavour them more.

Custom model Valkyries maybe?

(I feel sort of bad. Just wanted some suggestions to help build up this concept I was kicking about and it led to people getting on each others case in a really stupid way in this cool thread, sorry OP and Krieg-story writer)

>> No.23818427

Eh, it's 4chan. If there isn't one largely-pointless argument a thread then something isn't right.

Valkyries and Vendettas have those iirc, so you're golden. Wouldn't even need custom models.

>> No.23818436

>> No.23818449

>> No.23818476

The threads in autosage but its been archived.

Wouldn't hurt to post more Krieger pics, that would mean anyone who checks it out would have both cool Krieg writefaggotry and images at hand.

>> No.23818491


>> No.23818499

>> No.23818542

On that note, screenshotted Krieg Writefag's stuff. Fucking A+ stuff there.

>> No.23818569


>> No.23818593

>> No.23818597

>> No.23818606

>> No.23818669


>> No.23819195

Looks like I just wasted my time making this cap. Posting anyway.

>> No.23819255

Someone had to do it.

Yours is nicer actually. Much cleaner to look at.

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