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Has there been any recent characters created by /tg/?

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Does anyone have the link to Chem-Chan gets knotted? I have a morbid curiosity about that.

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No and thank God for that.

>> No.23809704

Cyborg-dryad waifu, I think.

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These guys, sort of. It was a few months back and we only had two threads about them.

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Nothing owrth mentioning since No Fun and/or Tits Allowed mod came and scared away most of teh writefags and all the drawfags.

>> No.23809762

I noticed that too. shit gets clamped down much faster now. It's probably for our own good.

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Smoothscale was somewhere in November, right?
That was a good one imo.

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Some months ago we created the Fastest Blood Angel, but its not on the wiki

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That sounds kind of interesting. Was it a trashy girl of some sort with tons of mental issues? /tg/ does best when working within those parameters

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Yup, Cyndy.

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Also this adorable little abomination.

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>they say when there is an entire thread full of CLANG smut.

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half tyranid,dryad,brown,cat,ninja,pirate,cultist,cyborg girl.

All hail captain waifu

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>half tyranid,dryad,brown,cat,ninja,pirate,cultist,cyborg girl.
With more dakka

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Puritan detected

>> No.23810307

Yeah if I could get a link, that'd be greaaaat.

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>implying I said I didnt like it
I was just saying that they were wrong about /tg/ clamping down on smut.
Keep in mind its equal parts smut and mechromance.

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Recent? Hows January?

>> No.23810424

What about Oinkbane?

His take-off was like a paper airplane you release far too late in your arm swing, but he's the most recent one I can think of.

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>Carlos McConnel
Fuck yes. One of my favorite of /tg/s more recent things. I love it when /tg/ takes some obscure little tidbit of 40K lore and blows it way out of proportion.

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