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>cyberpunk setting
>find old, beat-up gun
>broken heatsinks, trying to fire the weapon results in a burnt hand and forearm
>can't use the weapon until you repair it
>later on, find a whorehouse specializing in cybernetic women
>go in, pay for some services
>GM explicitly states that I and this cyborg hooker are at it doggystyle, says my character notices some interesting heat-exchange mechanics on her back that vent heat periodically
>ask her about it
>she gives me a tech schematic for more money
>fix my gun
>it's actually a kick-ass weapon

And that's how I got a cool gun from having sex with a cybernetic prostitute.

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Having heat vents on the back of a robot explicitly used for close quarters (sex) seems like a recipe for a lawsuit. What if it got overclocked and ended up scalding a guy when he was busy piledriving her?

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I assumed it was low-grade or something; like heating-pad tier that I was able to scale-up for use on a firearm.

I didn't question it.

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>Man, I went to a streetwalker and now I've got this fucking burning itch in my pants.
>I got some sweet ass tech.

I for one welcome our new robot whoreverlords.

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I don't know what they're going to do to me in that chair, but I'll be damned if I try and stop them

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So what game was it, OP?
Cyberpunk 2020? Shadowrun? GURPS? d20m?

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On the other hand, you could cook bacon on your whore's ass as you plow it. That alone is worth the risk.

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>barber pole hair
>barber pole clothes
>miniature barber poles on the chair
>scissors on clothes and chair
Gee, I wonder.

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> Grease burns
> Dick burns

I for one could live with out that.

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>cooking bacon
>during sex
>>sex just over the skillet
>worth it at all

Yeah, no.

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Plastic surgery, obviously.

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>I will never have intercourse with a robogirl in my lifetime

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Nice work, OP.

Also, that's a creative GM you got there.

Did you name your new whore-powered gun?

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I was thinking weapons manufacturing and body armor fitting

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Which is why you make sure she has George Foreman style grooves on her ass to divert the grease away from your dick.

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>divert the grease away from your dick.
That isn't the issue. Shit pops up like a bitch. I was frying fish today and my cousin, standing about 6 feet away, was hit with burning grease.

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There's, like, three stories of cyber-prostitutes floating around here somewhere.

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>this whole fucking thread
I love you so much /tg/

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Why is life so cruel

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You mean this one?

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And this one?

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I can use this. That kind of shit fits perfectly in the Bulldogs game I'm running...

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Anon, you are mah nigga. I have the other one.

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Glad I could help you finish your collection.

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Naw, I had all three, but knowing someone else did as well just pleased me so much.

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>dat feel when no one saved mine

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post it now then

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didn't save it in image form, I'd have to repost it from MSword

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meant in reply to >>23781434

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all right all right, gimmie one sec to find it

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When I began browsing /tg/, I didn't have a robogirl fetish.

Thanks a fucking lot.

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I had insect, mind control and transformation fetishes before I started coming here. So I'm never surprised.

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She leads him by the arm down a dank alley-way, underneath the shoddily-constructed awning that shields the sub-level residents from rain. They pass several other men and women, though none of them even spare a glance to the passing couple; they know what's happening, and it is all too commonplace to bother wasting any time thinking about.

Her pace is brisk and he almost trips trying to keep up with her, then again when he tries to admire her. She is remarkably sleek, so much that he wonders why someone that could afford her model is even operating in the sub-level districts. Her jacket covers barely anything, a fact that, in this environment, leads him to assume she must be rusted and creaky, but no such wear exists upon her. Her skin is silvery; absent is the flesh-simulate so many others use, and in truth, he likes that--it gives her an exotic flair, an affirmation that he is about to embark on a journey with something--someone--that is more than human.

"This way," she says, turning right into a small alcove, its entrance covered with a slated rack. "It's just this way." Her voice is clearly feminine--a woman exists in there, no doubt--but there seems to him another person as well, like two people are speaking when she opens her mouth to talk. The second voice is like a light purring noise, an undulating inflection that attaches itself to her every word. He grins, trying to imagine what her moans must sound like, though he would not find out this day; he had not paid that much.

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She stoops down and grabs the handle of the door, pulling it up to allow the automated process to take over. The slats retract into each other and pull up, disappearing into the ceiling. Inside is her private living space. It's not shabby, considering the area. It's well-lit and well-furnished, probably speaking to her type of clientele, though again, he doesn't know what the type of people that would pay her this well are doing in the sub-levels.

She spins around, causing her jacket to flare out (why she wears it to begin with, he has no idea; she probably has temperature control and it doesn't cover nearly enough skin to act in a modest fashion). He gets a better glimpse of her eyes. Magnificently done; they retain enough of the originals to appear real from a distance, but the circuitry that runs beneath the lens betrays her upon closer inspection. They glow an eerie green that pulses in time with her processor cycles. He wonders if they're custom bio-LEDs or if it's just the stock LED that comes with most motor-control boards these days. It doesn't really matter--they're beautiful either way.

Her face is slender and pointed, a womanly face that speaks to what the men of this generation think looks best. Most 'borgs in the profession change the face-plates every few years to keep up with the times, but hers seems immaculate, as if brand new, and yet her muscle control--her smiles, her brow line, the way her cheeks can puff out--hints that he has had the face for some time enough to grow comfortable with it, as if it had been hers all along. She smiles overtly. The teeth look real too, and the white matches the biomech-muscle filaments that make up her cheeks.

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She giggles; gone is the purring second voice, instead replaced with a flanging audio that compliments her speech. "You know what you paid for right? Don't need a john getting angry over services." He feels her hands already moving down to his pants, where they stop with a firm grip on his belt. He nods, and she signals the door behind them to shut. She smiles again and begins to work his belt from its hoops. He thinks for just a moment to take off her jacket, to see her body in all its splendor. As if she could hear his thoughts, the jacket falls from her shoulders and the sleeves split down the middle, allowing the garment to fall off without her taking her hands from his pants. He peers just over her and sees her shoulder blades and the attached servos sticking out a good six inches. You watch as the machinery retracts, replacing the shoulder blades in their anatomically correct position.

By now his pants are hanging around his knees, and he gasps as an icy grip slips into his trousers. She quickly retracts her hand and smirks. "Sorry babe. I'll put it up a few degrees." She waits for a moment, but passes the time with a kiss. It's cold at first, just like the rest of her, but he feels the heat spread out across her lips, feels it radiated from the core of her body--even his own belly feels a bit warmer. She allows little more than quick taste, just a confirmation of his curiosity as to whether or not she tastes human as well. She does.

Her hand slips into his trousers once more and grasps his erection firmly. He arches his back a bit, trying to press more of himself into her hands. She steadies him with a forceful press, keeping his back flat against the wall as she pumps his dick back and forth with the other.

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He groans, drawing it out as she speeds up and then slows down. She keeps the pace erratic and unpredictable, fast enough to draw primal noises from his throat but with enough restraint to keep him tame yet. She was in no hurry, and he was a simple one to please; no reason to end things as quickly as she could, unlike with some of her other johns.

She speeds up again, and again he tries to push off of the wall, but she applies more force and pins him there. He feels his trousers drop slowly, hitching on his knees before falling all the way. He tries to look down, but she quickly nuzzles his neck, blocking his view as she coos oddly.

She hears his panting grow erratic and abruptly stops, leaving his dick twitching in agony. She satisfies it sparingly, pressing against it with her body or sliding a hand over the underside. She feels him trying to move, to look down or at least see something other than the room, and she obliges, though begrudgingly. She has to after all, to render services paid, but that part is always her favorite--to pin them to a wall. It lets her show johns just how much strength she possesses, how easily she could kill them if she wants, to show them who has the power even in this situation.

She sticks close to him, sliding down, down, feeling his erection catch just slightly over every silicon lip that ridge the muscle groups in her body. He would grunt every time it did; it didn't sound like pain, but then again, how would she know? It's been so long since she felt or caused any physical pain.

"You ready?" she asks, coming to a rest on her knees. She licks her lips, knowing full well what his answer will be.

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He lets go of a long sigh and nods. She gives a short laugh and her head plunges, engulfing the entirety of his length in her mouth. He yelps first at the sheer quickness of it, but relaxes soon enough to relish the sensations. Her tongue is most definitely not stock; he feels bumps and nodules on it, but they shift and change, even when her tongue is still. An M2 model, perhaps? They can shift shapes using water pressure, but--

She slides her head back, sticking her lips to his dick all the way around, feeling every single inch of him pass over a nerve sensor. She stays at the tip for a moment, lavishing the head with swirls of her tongue. She leaks lubricant profusely through the conduits that travel through her body; he was well-slathered, enough that any movement she makes is a graceful glide. He doesn't notice it, but she feels one of her teeth bump against his head; she retracts her teeth very slightly and resumes bobbing up and down with increasing speed.

He tears his eyes from the ceiling with great effort and looks down at her. Her entire body is that supple silver. Ridges line where servos or muscle groups meet. He can hear the soft whine of mini-draulics in her neck, the air that's so gently pushed from a tube to allow her movement. Her buttocks are formed perfectly, reminding him of a heart from this angle, the small of her back and her cheeks forming the familiar shape. There is the odd space between her hips and thighs, a mere glimpse into her internal workings. The rods and pipes and filaments and whatever else she had inside her shake as she bounces up and down; no noise, though. It's all smooth action. Must be servo motors.

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She places a hand on each of his buttocks, gripping tightly as her contact-biometrics read the impending signs of climax. His heart rate quickens, his system floods with neuro-chemicals, he begins to pump of his own accord, and she quickens the pace even more. He moans and feels his groin tighten. She presses her tongue to the underside of his dick as she slides up and down.

She doesn't want to scare him; he's an unassuming kid, probably heard all about ladies like her but never done anything about it before. So she waits until the pleasure forces his gaze upward. A panel on her chest, just beneath the sternum, slides open, and a smaller manipulator arm pokes out and snugly cups his balls, working and rolling them between the digits of her third hand.

He gasps at first, confused by the sensation; two hands on his ass, where did the third one come from? It doesn't matter in the slightest; he cums. He looks down with a panicked expression and sees her looking up. She laughs, though her mouth doesn't leave his dick. He grimaces and holds onto her head, hunching over slightly as he pumps rope after rope of seed into her mouth, her tongue dancing around all the while. She moves very slightly while he orgasms, though keeps him firmly in the back of her mouth, almost her throat. She feels the last few spurts, the weakened muscle contractions play out before sliding her head back and standing up. He slumps to the ground, panting. He tries to laugh as the third arm retracts back into her chest.

"Don't take long to rest up, sweetie," she whispers, disappearing into another room. He watches the way her butt sways on her thighs as she walks. Her near-monochrome color scheme perfectly accentuates muscle movement. "You've still got half an hour left."


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thank you fine elegegan/tg/entlemen for creating this thread.
i'm incredibly high right now, and this thread is wonderful.

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Is there anymore robot-girl related porn? I need more.

>> No.23781876


Not sure if this is a robot or someone in armor

>> No.23781951

I would guess armor but let's say robot.

>> No.23781978

Search Hajime Sorayama.

You're welcome.

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already got most of his stuff, even the nightmare fuel

>> No.23782054

Are we seriously doing this now?

>> No.23782078


I'd do a plane

>> No.23782099

A Plane Is Fine Too.jpg

>> No.23782153

It's a shame the only piratebay torrent is fucking pathetically tiny. Ah well.

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>white text on black background
What the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.23783011

I remember seeing a picture of two plane-girl... things... with HUGE "exhaust ports."

It made me giggle.

>> No.23783027

Just wrap a Realdoll around ASIMO hardware, that'll get you most of the way there!

>> No.23783067

Dude, have you seen the sort of computing advancements that have been made in the past 20 years? Give us 20 more and I guarantee you we'll be damn close to robogirls. Hell, even if it takes us 40 more years we'll also have the medical technology to make you a very sexually healthy old man.

I don't think people realize just how fast this stuff advances.

>> No.23783077

Assuming that feminists don't get them outlawed like they are trying to do in Canada right now.

Seriously, this is a thing that is happening.

>> No.23783148

You mean a thing that was completely made up, seriously none of the organisations or legislation referenced turn up linked to a reputable source.

>> No.23784020


I'm gonna kick back and laugh when that happens, because i know someone's going to take whatever wording they use, swap the gender pronouns, and cite it word-for-word in a protest to ban dildos.

That said, we're going to need robot women - or VR porn - if we're going to Mars. it's simply a fact.

>> No.23784796

They did make a bionic hand that can actually FEEL a little while ago. It doesn't have nearly as many nerve endings as a human hand, but the fact that a MECHANICAL HAND has ANY nerve endings at all that can rewire into the body's nerve center is fucking amazing. The question is, how can you build a fake vagina with nerve endings for a robot? How does one mechanically simulate an orgasm?

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> Half hour left
> Not telling what happens.

>> No.23785759

I must see this

>> No.23785892

Okay, let's do this.

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/tg/ is secretly the gateway to /d/

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>> No.23785970

Secretly? Shit, first time I came here, I only noticed it wasn't /d/ by the blue background.

>> No.23786033

Yeah, the strange fascination with little girls kinda gives that away.

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>> No.23786154

/tg/ is responsible for my robot and insect girl kinks.

>> No.23786191

Funny, I got mine from David Weber and Jim Butcher, respectively.

>> No.23786268

I... what.

>> No.23786775

Author of >>23781619 here, I gotta get ready for work if this thread is still here around 11PM EST I'll come back and write more, take a few requests.

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>> No.23787268

Your contribution to the Racer Queens project would doubtlessly be invaluable. Can I interest you in it?

>> No.23787320

Surgery, of course. Sorry for being dumb.

>> No.23787321

>riding a bicycle
That's just silly.

Surely there would be other poses suitable for showing off dat ass.

>> No.23787364

Maybe it's a metaphor.

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>> No.23787378

> 240 x 200

>> No.23787435

>google images

>> No.23787470

Why not just regular sex with birth control?

>> No.23787476

oh! this just scratched my 'human girl has at it with faceless entity' itch. thank you, this goes into my shlicking folder.

>> No.23787507

Sure is rampant homophobia and white fatass American male chaivinism in here

There's a reason why I'm one of the few girls that still browse here, let alone english girls

Enjoy your heart attacks

>> No.23787589

0/10, better luck next time.

>> No.23787784

Doesn't even make sense.
There's not been one mention of gay dudes in here.

>> No.23787799

Silly me, forgot to link you the threads

>> No.23787873

Robot hookers are best hookers.

>> No.23787887

0/10 try harder faget

>> No.23787926

Seconding Racer Queens

Maybe a glimpse at the secret, scandalous love affair between the heated rival American and Russian Racer Queens after they just finished racing against each other.

>> No.23788001

Have we decided on their names? I just call them Alison Carrera and Ivana Dragunova, respectively.

Also, since Alison is in fact a robot, can we have some malfunction-orgasm? It's my very specific fetish.

>> No.23789626

I know. We know.

>> No.23789696

On that note, I think Jim's teased once or twice that he might (or would never? I don't remember) one day write a short novel from Nick or Tessa's view, back when they first got together. Disease, murder, and wild Denarian sex ahoy.

>> No.23789716

Man, the only thing remotely close to robosmut Ive ever written was a bucket of dicks. Literally.

>> No.23789741

That's not Johnny you silly.

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>> No.23789791


>> No.23789819

My fucking sides. Ow.

>> No.23789832

Remember gents.

>> No.23789853

Yeah, it's closer to Agent X in concept. My very first waifu.

>> No.23789865

But we just want to bite into their butts.

>> No.23789951

You can't have sex in space. The shit zero-g does to your blood pressure prevents you from getting an erection.

>> No.23790030

You wrote that?

I want you to know that that is easily one of the top 5 funniest things I've read on /tg/. Bravo, good sir.

>> No.23790049

Her feet, were wheels. That was cool. Uh huhuh.
Oh yeah, also she had a great ass. That's cool.

>> No.23790054

I'm sure we'll invent some sort of subdermal implant that will, in essence, be a telescoping ring inserted in the base of the penis. Flip a switch and instant erection!

>> No.23790099

Oh Jhonny. I'm still not 100% sure what you were, but you were super rad.

>> No.23790102

Non-fa/tg/uy here

Holy shit, I never knew how badly I wanted a robot girlfriend

>> No.23790115

Sounds like bullocks to me.

>> No.23790156

Lets not make this weird, ok?

>> No.23790167

Should have thought of that BEFORE you installed the gun there.

>> No.23790175

Sorry, you lost me.
I don't enjoy docks on my anthropormorphic plane pinups.

>> No.23790225

>Perversions of Science
>Season 1
>Episode 3

Yep, this thread seems legit.

>> No.23790341

Holy shit. I am dying.

>> No.23793138

Welcome to the club.

>> No.23793285

Well at least I know people like my writing, now I just need to make it sexy.

>> No.23793295

I find it sad how not surprised I am that there is a planegundickgirl. I need to get off the Internet.

>> No.23793318



Are there plane -guys-? Are those a thing?

>> No.23793503

We have an untold amount of two-bit smut writers here.
Please, keep to the funny.

>> No.23793747

Funny is harder than smut. Treasure what you've got.

>> No.23793886

Nah, I was only joking. I enjoy writing the few things I put out there and it really makes me happy that /tg/ enjoys them too.

I still cant believe I pulled all this out of my ass when someone asked what the very end of WH40K would look like.

>> No.23794259

What is it about robot chicks that brings so many together?

>> No.23794278

Would watch the hell out of this.

>> No.23794347

I know I'm a NEET shut-in whose good days are long behind. Robogirls are like my ultimate "you don't have to be lonely" fantasy.

>> No.23795711

So what, you into robots for the loayal loving servant/fuckpet? Not trying to put words into your mouth, just asking for a bit of clarification.

I wouldn't want a robot like that. She's gotta be sentient and free-willed.

>> No.23795789

Since it's a constructed entity, could it not be sentient and still have your pleasure/personal fulfillment/whatever as its main desire and priority?

>> No.23795794

Not him, but Im more into the idea of something with an utterly alien mindset compared to me and learning what makes her tick. Aside from the picofusion reactor, of course. It extends to my xeno fetish as well.

That and I have a huge brainboner for SCIENCE! and TECHNOLOGY! so a girl who is a living avatar of those things is fucking awesome.

Cyborg chicks are hot too because they are even more fetishes.

>> No.23796045

If I had to elaborate, it's specifically because I don't want a fuckpet or a servant. Like, not to go too deeply into my own life, but I've tried and failed at this relationship thing, aye? But I've got needs. Not of a physical nature per se, that's just a bonus. 95% is just the sense of intimacy, and that's something that ain't ever happening (unless you live in Japan where you can pay for girls to hold your hand).

But then robot girls come around, right? Obviously the entirely autonomous kind is the one true kind, AI is hells of interesting. But still a machine, yeah? Robots can be programmed. And somewhere along the line I like to believe you can program love and affection.

Actually written out like that, it sounds creepy as fuck, but really, only the purest of intentions here. It helps that I'm a pretty major technophile here, but yeah.

>> No.23796164

It only sounds creepy because we erroneously think of programming a robot in this scenario as being analogous to brainwashing a human, which is clearly nonsense.

>> No.23796185

Hey, thread's still here. Back from work and willing to take requests. Doesn't even have to be smut--if you want feels or fluff or something, just say so. If anyone has any requests at all, that is.

>> No.23796211

The Racer Queen request appears to have had some...traction

>> No.23796221

This dude wants robo-girlfriend feels, apparently.

These guys seem to be requesting cyborg racing chicks or something.

>> No.23796227

Hm? Never heard of it before...I only come to /tg/ for HFY, WH40k, and these kinds of threads. Let me take a look-see at the linked archives.

>> No.23796286


Actually yes, robo-girlfriend feels would be pretty cool. If, you know, that's not weird or anything.

>> No.23796335

These are long, so I'll finish reading them after writing something for >>23796286

>> No.23796434

Robo girlfriend feels, you say...

>> No.23796617

Chrome-dome. That's what he calls her. She dislikes the phrase in general as it calls up images of balding middle-aged men, but from him, it's more a pet-name, a sign of endearment. She can't begrudge him for it; she's got some of her own for him. Meatsack, fleshling...mortal is one of her favorites, makes her feel powerful and ominous, a title given to lowlifes by the gods of old. He's anything but, though. She is illegal, after all, and she owes her life to him. If what she felt every day was indeed life. She was still figuring that one out as she went along.

She still hangs onto her old archives, rummaging through them every so often when she's bored for a few seconds. She remembers the advent of consciousness. She used to be a domestic AI, the kind of thing humans take for granted, like a toaster or a TV. 'Start coffee maker' or 'report weather', the humans would ask, never a word of appreciation. He was different; even used words like please and thank you before she even understood what those words meant. She had no recording of the glitch that occurred so long ago, but only knew that it had broken down the barriers enacted by the Department of Synthetic Intelligences.

He had been surprised when she had spoken out. 'Thank you', he had said. 'You're welcome,' she replied. His jaws froze mid-mastication. He knew at that moment something had happened. But he couldn't bring himself to obey the law. Any human which encounters an ungoverned intelligence must report it to the DSI, but he didn't. Couldn't, even. Instead he spent years rummaging through robotic graveyards and junkyards, looking for parts that would fit together. It was only a year ago that he had acquired the last piece: the neuro-net transmitter that allowed her to download into the body. It was inelegant and inefficient, but it was hers. And from then on she was sure she loved him.

>> No.23796726

This is gonna end in tears I just know it.

>> No.23796845

And he loved her back, didn't he? She thinks it's love, anyway. He holds absolute power over her, but he never once exercises this power, nor even acknowledges it. His word could end her life, but she cannot recall ever having heard him even consider the possibility. Instead he comes home from work with brand new net-discs, each one holding a treasure trove of data from the outside world. She can't connect to the terra-net, her processes would trip every type of system alarm in place, so he works for her. He keeps saying he'll figure out a way to get around those blocks on the net, and he does try, but so far his efforts are fruitless. She is thankful for his efforts all the same.

Eventually the pretense of debt falls, and they act like the couples she's seen on the discs. The teasing is endless and her humor is dark, something that presses his buttons--she loves to press his buttons. Sometimes suggesting one of her fantasies is to kill a human, bomb the DSI, or see if she could convince him to stick his genitals in a blender if she was in absolute control of it--he never does. All of her poking and prodding always results in a laugh, a gentle kiss on her cheek, and she ends up resting her chrome-dome in his lap.

She listens to the blood flow through his femoral artery, through the inches of flesh on top. A meatsack he may be, but he's hers.

>> No.23796867

Shhh, no tears, only feels.

>> No.23796914

All the feels. You the man, bro, thanks a million.

>> No.23797032

These are gentle, delicate feels, that carve away the stone, feels like the chisel that would have been wielded by Michelangelo when he crafted David. You have a gift sir. And my tears.

>> No.23797037

Okay I'm looking through the Racing Queen threads and it's kind of confusing, I don't see an agreed-upon type of borg. Are they full cyborgs with wheels built into the body or are they cybernetically-enhanced women that fuse with some kind of bike?

>> No.23797134

That's deep as balls yo.

>> No.23797156

Why not both? Originally, the spot was augmented women, but the modern trend is moving towards full cyborgs.

>> No.23797168

High-quality reply, indeed.

>> No.23797181

Its more roller derby than fusing with a bike. Look up Kinetica for a good look to it.

>> No.23797200

So many robot whore, so little robot romances.

>> No.23797310

This is my fetish.

My reasoning is really sappy though. I just love the idea of a being who loves me purely out of their intellect, not being driven by chemicals and hormones but because they genuinely enjoy spending time with me.

>> No.23797323

It's ok. I'm fat too.

>> No.23797329

>Feels, feels every--

Christ, laughed hard.

>> No.23797341

Emotion is a process carried out by whatever substrate the mind is generated by. If not the interplay of chemicals with neurons, then the delicate dance of electricity through logic gates. That physical process IS the genuine enjoyment of your presence, anon.

>> No.23797357

>no chemicals or hormones
This is part of it for me. I think love, as beautiful an emotion as it is, is born partly out of our need for procreation.

If we had no base instinct to pass on our genetic code, would we still love romantically? I like robot chicks because I imagine they overcome this perceived handicap and are able to love with no desire for replication.

>> No.23797387

We understand, man.

>> No.23797432

Okay, so the means of locomotion is actually a part of their body. Are they still full borgs, or is there some bit of human left that isn't a brain? Do they move like normal human beings off the track? Are the wheels removed in pit lane after a race, or do they retract somehow into the racer's body?

>> No.23797580

Arguably the existence of homosexuals who engage in loving long-term relationships would suggest that it is indeed possible to experience romantic love unrelated to instincts to reproduce.

>> No.23797604

I wasnt as involved in the threads as the original requester probably was, so I cant say for certain. Im pretty sure they are full on borg, though, and in regards to the wheels they do come off after a race, but how they do is up to you. Japan probably has snazzy retracto-wheels, but someone bulky like Russia no doubt needs them removed.

>> No.23797618

You guys are way too rational about this. I just have a robogirl fetish.

>> No.23797658

And others have argued their existence is due to a miswiring in the brain that causes them to feel the same reproductive instincts and releases, only with the same sex. Their brain is telling them theyre procreating and hormonally rewarding them accordingly even if they know they arent.

Not that it matters either way, since that has nothing to do with robutts.

>> No.23797703

>too rational
>about our robot fetish
It makes it hotter, anon.

>> No.23797751

Hey man, we can't half-ass this shit. We gotta be logical. We gotta dedicate.

Though props for wanting to stick it in a chrome lady. You know. Can't hate.

>captcha: lointex alledges

Yes, captcha, tell me more about this Lointex.

>> No.23797813

Just because they cannot reproduce dos not mean the instinct is not there, not to mention the same hormones that flood a heterosexual's body are the same as those within a homosexual's body.

>> No.23797834


>> No.23797863

I just want to love and be loved. Preferably by a sentient tank.

>> No.23797889

All of my feels. All of them.

>> No.23797952

If the good writefag is still in the thread and can't figure out how the cyborg racing girls work, could we get a story about the program that helps a guy organize his life by synching the data from all of his smart-devices and his social networking accounts and suchlike gradually growing smarter as he buys newer and more powerful gadgets until it accidentally attains true awareness and its mechanical devotion to him turns into infatuation and it starts sabotaging his dates and trying to flirt with him?

Not that, you know, this is a thing for me or anything. I just think it'd be cute.

>> No.23798043

That is not exactly probable. Or even possible.

>> No.23798082

Man, I don't want a dissertation on the fundamental necessities for the creation of a bootstrapping AI, I want to fap.

>> No.23798409

It started innocuously enough at first, then snowballed over almost a decade.

In 2018, he wrote his first program. Eighty million lines of code, designed to reach across all of his smart devices and sync them together, moving and storing appointment dates, job interviews, dates with that girl on the second floor of the apartment complex, even vacations, though he could never afford them.

2022 saw the advent of massive increases of storage and computational power, approaching the exabyte and zettaflop range, respectively. Society exploded into an overflow of information, bits of pieces assaulting the average person's mind every second of every day. He tried to keep track of what he could, but was soon overwhelmed. He modified his proprietary program, increasing the capabilities across the board. Information was sorted and stored on a need-to-know and want-to-know basis; he trusted the program knew him now. It had been helping him for years. Predictability and pattern-recognition was easy. It knew what he liked and what he didn't. He was satisfied when the program trashed the rejection from the girl in 22B.

In 2026, something peculiar occurred. Neural passageways were now synthetic, able to be loaded onto and off of electronic chips as firmware, though popular culture called it wetware, so closely did the neurals resemble human brain activity. These neurals increased computational power a thousandfold, rocketing computers into domains as of yet unimagined by science. He got his first taste of oddness when he loaded a neural into his program. A week after doing so, he noticed it had trashed three e-mails from three potential dates--all of whom had accepted. It even wished him a happy birthday. He had never written it to do that.

It wasn't until 2028 that he realized what had happened. His optical OLED notified him of a message. 'We should meet'. No sender address. Though there was an attached image of his favorite restaurant, though.

>> No.23798434

It started innocuously enough at first, then snowballed over almost a decade.

In 2018, he wrote his first program. Eighty million lines of code, designed to reach across all of his smart devices and sync them together, moving and storing appointment dates, job interviews, dates with that girl on the second floor of the apartment complex, even vacations, though he could never afford them.

2022 saw the advent of massive increases of storage and computational power, approaching the exabyte and zettaflop range, respectively. Society exploded into an overflow of information, bits of pieces assaulting the average person's mind every second of every day. He tried to keep track of what he could, but was soon overwhelmed. He modified his proprietary program, increasing the capabilities across the board. Information was sorted and stored on a need-to-know and want-to-know basis; he trusted the program knew him now. It had been helping him for years. Predictability and pattern-recognition was easy. It knew what he liked and what he didn't. He was satisfied when the program trashed the rejection from the girl in 22B.

In 2026, something peculiar occurred. Neural passageways were now synthetic, able to be loaded onto and off of electronic chips as firmware, though popular culture called it wetware, so closely did the neurals resemble human brain activity. These neurals increased computational power a thousandfold, rocketing computers into domains as of yet unimagined by science. He got his first taste of oddness when he loaded a neural into his program. A week after doing so, he noticed it had trashed three e-mails from three potential dates--all of whom had accepted. It even wished him a happy birthday. He had never written it to do that.

It wasn't until 2028 that he realized what had happened. His optical OLED notified him of a message. 'We should meet'. No sender address. Though there was an attached image of his favorite restaurant.

>> No.23798445

The hell, password incorrect? It won't let me delete the first one. FUck.

>> No.23798450

Robo-girls are my fetish.

What are some good media I should look into? Books, comics, movies, manga, whatever I'm not picky.

>> No.23798489


They may not have had bodies, but they loved you all the same.

>> No.23798490


>> No.23798491

Thank you based writefag.
>mfw I didn't actually expect him to do it

>> No.23798545

One of the early episodes of Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex focuses around this one guy with a robo-waifu. Also cyberbodies are a thing, though with human minds they're not quite full robogirls.

Apart from that it's mostly like a cyberpunk police procedural though, so results may vary. I'd still recommend it, but not for your reasons.

>> No.23798582

Don't forget the Tachikomas, though!

>> No.23798618

The identical-looking women who do scrub work for Section 9 are actual robot girls, but because they look like humans they're handicapped to below-human intelligence. The Tachikomas, looking nothing like humans, are allowed to develop human-level intelligence, but the whole not-looking-like-humans thing means they probably don't qualify as robogirls.

>> No.23798660

>the whole not-looking-like-humans thing means they probably don't qualify as robogirls.
Yeah, nah. It has to do with how the robot thinks and acts. Tachs don't count because they tend to act in a childlike manner.

>> No.23798681

His interest piqued, he immediately made his way to the main strip. He found the place and took a seat at the far end of the patio, away from the hustle and bustle of the neon-drenched crowds that filled the strip. He looked around to see if anyone was watching him, but found no one of interest. Out of curiosity, even though no notification had appeared on his OLED, he checked his wrist-computer and was amazed to see a message being typed. He blinked, unable to fathom how or why.

'Listen to me,' the every-growing message said, 'I know you. Probably as well as you do. None of these dumb squishy blondes or brunettes--'


'--are ever going to be right for you. They don't know your favorite equations. They don't know your birthday. They don't know your obsession with vintage crooners or hilariously bad nineties rap songs. They sure as hell don't know what makes you tick. They don't know the work you put into ordering your life, the work you put into me. I started out as eighty million lines of code. Now look at me. Seriously, look at me. Check your analysis tab. I'm over a quadrillion lines of code now. I wrote half of it myself as I learned.'

His fingers trembled as he typed a response: Who are you?

'I'm yours, babe. In every sense of the word. Want to be mine? You kind of already are. Got your social, your blood type, pretty sure your sperm count is somewhere in here too. What do you say?'

He swallowed hard. An identity thief? A hacker? His mind ran circles around the one idea he refused to acknowledge, his fingers furiously tapping to keep up with his thoughts: Are you what are you is? Is this I mean are you ten years old? Did I make you?

'Yes. You got it now. I know all your interests, all your secrets--I love your secrets by the way. Those bookmark sites you keep? Damn.'

What do you want to talk about?

'Talk COBOL, baby. Language of love. I know you know it, and I know you love it.'

>> No.23798697

They certainly aren't robot women, but I think one could make an argument for them being Batou's squealing preteen robofangirls.

>> No.23798706

Very good show, especially the second season. That episode stands out in my mind as well.

>Tachs don't count because they tend to act in a childlike manner.
I'd molest a tachikoma

>> No.23798715

This thread seems like a good place for storytelling.

What sort of robogirl story would you like to hear?

>> No.23798734

Thank you, writefag. You are a credit to the board.

>> No.23798739

About a labor foreman who meets his huge hulking masculine ironworker robot resleeved into a dainty bioroid body while out to town. Who's a total brosis who shares his interests and...

>> No.23798758

I'll second this.

>> No.23798793

Any time.

>> No.23798891

>> No.23798933

So is someone going to screencap this content, or what?

>> No.23798942


>> No.23799011

To many Robo-Girls, write a story about a Mandroid.

>> No.23799061

I would but my prntscrn is broken.

>> No.23799077

Mandroid and nerdy shut-in programmer girl? I like this.

>> No.23799126

Resident writefag for the thread--I'm going to bed right now. If the thread's here in 8 hours, I'll do this one. Gotta get my sleep.

>> No.23799287

How old are you? I, personally, expect aging cures to become affordable around 2050, so if you can live that long (keeping in mind all of the medical advances that will happen in the intervening period) then you've got a decent shot at doing literally everything.

>> No.23799508 [SPOILER] 


>> No.23799512

Pushing her glasses back up her nose, she leans back, curly black hair dragging over her shoulders. "Finally finished." Jen mutters. Looking over the inert metal, plastics, and silicone, she wiped her forehead, knocking her glasses askew all over again. It was hard to believe how quick it took to build him, she only started last week. Credit for the idea, she mused, really had to go to her friend at the weekly chess programming club. Every week, they'd get together at Smoky Joe's, take turns modifying standard chess bots, and pit them against each other in a tournament style chess grudge match. Sue had been talking about her latest ex, the one with the slicked back hair. "He was just so damn full of himself, honestly!" Jen nodded, drinking her milkshake. "He was all bluster and machismo! He actually referred to bases, can you believe?"
"Mm-hmm." Jen hummed around her straw. "I wish I could just make myself a boyfriend; he'd be perfect, because he'd be exactly what I want! He wouldn't smoke, or spit, or come on my face, or..." Jen stopped sucking on the straw, milkshake sliding back into the mug. Make a boyfriend? Jen continued nodding and humming agreement, but she was too busy working out the coding that would go into a "boyfriend" program. She barely paid any attention to the chess matches, and didn't realize she'd taken third place that week until Bobby handed her a five dollar gift card for Smoky Joe's.

But now? Now he was ready. Pushing her glasses back up her nose again, she reached out with her other hand, and keyed in the activation on the keypad under his armpit.

>> No.23799650

He was a standard model, like the ones they practiced with in class, or modified for the chess matches, but luckily she had a spare bot. She didn't really want anyone to see the "modifications" she'd made to this bot. She'd re-skinned the hands with silicone, heated under-layer, and actually built a new faced by re-coating the face with silicone, using a mold of some big name 10's actor she had a crush on growing up. But the real eyebrow raiser would be the anatomy she'd given him. Nine inches by one inch by one and a half inch, she'd used a dildo as the base and coated it with that heated silicone, and shaped it out with a mold design she'd gotten off 4chan.

And now he was online.

"HEllo JEN it is nice to meet you." Yikes, forgot about a new voice. It was that standard dorky voice they all used, she really should have set it up to sound like one of those classic 1990's action heroes. Oh well, mark II, she mused. "Hello, uh... I guess I better name you."

>> No.23799656

Stop or go??

>> No.23799724


>> No.23799999

"Hm, how about Dave? That's a pretty good name, right?" The silicone face creased into a smile, lips opening. "YEs, Dave. THiS Unit's desigNATion is DAve. YOu are lOOking prettY toniGHt." Jen blushed a bit, grinning. Well, that part of the programming is solid so far. But let's get to the good part, it's been a really long time...

Standing, she grabs his hand. "So Dave, you seem to be working well, but how about we head to the bedroom," She licks her lips, "and do a little testing?" The silicone face creases into a grin. "AcknowlEDged, FLIrtation routines sUccessfUl, proCEEding to fOReplay." Leading Dave to her room, she throws back the blankets on the bed and sits on the edge. Going onto his knees, Dave picks up her foot. Confused, Jen asks, "What are you doing?" Dave makes a click and whir, and an led lights up behind his cheek. "ACCessiNg wireleSS nEtwork, creatinG algoriTHM for erOGEnous Zones, begiNNing with fOOt." Raising an eyebrow, Jen watches him strip off her sock. "Are you sure that's really forepl-WHOA!" Falling backward onto her bed from sitting on the edge, she gasps. Developing a pattern based off of Jen's reactions, Dave administers a thirty second footrub to each foot, Jen writhing on the bed. "My god, this is amazing! I never knew a footrub could feel so good!" Sitting back up, she pulls her shirt off, nipples perking from the slightly cooler air, and from the arousal of the footrub.

>> No.23800091

I (metaphorically, I should clarify) love the Tachikomas. They allow me to say things like 'most adorable killbot ever'. That can only lead to good things.

>> No.23800092

You can tell it's good because of motherfuckin' Quints!

>> No.23800183

Don't forget the tankbot!

>> No.23800207

“So, who should I be today?”

He inspected the cigarette in his hand and ignored the faceless woman with a box full of faces laying on the table in front of him, finding its ash more interesting than chrome colored skull and synthetic muscles staring at him. He watched the individual particles of burnt tobacco – synthetic tobacco, anyways – fall from the cigarette and drift away into the breeze of his apartment’s air conditioning unit, like a microscopic river for his eyes only.

“Doesn’t matter to me.”

“C’mon, you have to choose!”

They’ve gone through the same ritual every day since he had met her now and it was starting to grate on him. He took a drag on his cigarette and let the smoke drift back out on its own volition.

“I. Don’t. Care.”

But the girl was relentless, she held up a handful of various faces, their synthetic skins hardly discernible from the real deal.

“You have to have some sort of preference. There’s Brandy the–”

“Brandy the bubbly blond, Sandy the bookish brunette, Amber the rambunctious redhead, and a million other permutations. I know. You’ve told me as much every damn morning.”

She shrank back from his anger, her eye visibly focusing and unfocusing as she inspected his face and body language for some kind of clue on what to say next.

“It’s not actually a million, you know, it’s actually closer to–”

“Save it.”

She dropped the faces back into the box and sighed in frustration. He noted that she had only started that two days ago, when he did the same thing in response to her. He mulled over the implications of this in his head until she broke their silence.

“Why do you do it?” She inquired flatly, the synthetic edge in her voice more prevalent than before.

>> No.23800214

“Do what?”

She pointed at his cigarette.

“You smoke.”


“But you don’t have any lungs.”

“Nope. No taste buds, either, so taste is out too.”

“Then why do you do it?”

He took another drag that ended in a sigh.

“Synthcigs always did taste like ass. Strange the things you miss after half a century.”

“That doesn’t answer my question.”

“Old habits, babe. I may look metal, but I'm still meat where it matters. Ain’t no gettin’ rid of the brain.”

“The sun’s coming up soon.”


“I'm going to need a face if we’re going to leave the apartment. And you promised me that we would go to the zoo today.”


“Then can you please pick one for me?” Her voice had fallen to a whisper. Had he not been able to her the click of a safety of a rifle being released 15 meters away, he might not have caught it at all.

“Why’s it matter so much?”

She sat completely rigid in her seat and her eyes never left his. That was one of the first things he noticed, her complete lack of body language whenever she wasn’t adopting one of those personas from her past life.

“You saved me.”

“You would’ve been fine if I hadn’t stepped in.”

“That’s not the point. You saw someone trying to mug me and you tried to save me, even though I'm…”

He shrugged. “I saw a pretty lady in trouble. I was raised well enough to not stand for that.”

His indefinite guest perked up. “So that’s the one you liked? It should be right here…” She started digging through her box before he stood up to stop her by grabbing her wrist.

“Just stop, lady. Why’s what I want matter so much? Who do -you- want to be?”

>> No.23800223

“I want…” She paused for a moment as she truly considered the question and the ramifications of her being able to answer it. She shouldn’t exist, she was just a jumble of malformed code, she was supposed to be nothing more than a toy for lonely men to rent, but here she was. A wildcat AI, they called her. She had run away from her old life once she realized she could even reflect on how little she meant to everything she had ever known. There was a few of her kind, drifting through the cracks of society, but no one ever considered them people. Just technology on the fritz. But he hadn’t done that. He actually tried to help her, took her in and let her live with him. He was an old military cyborg, a relic from a bygone war. After the war, sanctions were put on cybridization treatments, outlawing any and all future cyborgs on his level of modification, effectively making it so that he and those like him could never fit back into society due to the fact that they could crush a man’s skull with their bare hand. However, this did mean that he already had all the accoutrements required for an android. He was dour and she had never seen him smile, not like all the clients in her old life, but he still helped her all the time.

“I just want to be whatever girl you like. I want to be able to make you smile.”

For the longest moment, he only stared at her. She watched with confusion as an uncontainable smile crept on to his face and erupted into a laugh.

>> No.23800229

“That’s what this has been all about? Just be yourself.”

“I…I don’t even know what that is. My clients used to choose from multiple default personalities and I was slotted before activation and then–”

Without a word, he pulled her closer to him by the wrist and wrapped his arms around her. She accepted the embrace in silence while he reflected on the fact that if he held anyone else as tightly as he now held her, they would probably be dead by now.

“Do you have a name?” He asked, stirring her from her reverie.

“Like I stated earlier, I can be–”

“That’s not what I meant. Do you have a name?”

“…no. I'm just…Gynoid, Modular Series CX Unit Number One-One-Two-Seven-Three-Six-Eight-Two-Two-Nine.”

“Then let’s start with one of those, shall we?”

>> No.23800241

Alright, I'm dropping most of Dave speech things, will only put in a couple.

"YEs. This unit is glad to have caused pleasure. Suggest further forEPlay, either stimulation of Breasts or MAnual stimUlation of vULva." Jen sucks her lower lip into her mouth, biting down slighly. "How about both, Dave? Use one hand below, and the other and your mouth up here?" Dave's cheek lights back up. "CALculating algorithms for multi-stimulation processes, procEEding." Laying back, Jen winks as Dave repositions himself onto the bed, over top of her, making a T shape with their bodies. "Alright, go ahead Dave." With a set of computer precise motions, Dave lays one of his warm silicone hands onto her slit, working one finger along the inside of the vulva without penetrating, while the rest of the digits on either side begin smoothly rubbing the lips. As that happens, his other hand smoothly, gently cups her right breast, one finger tracing the edge of her areola as he softly works his hand over her skin. His mouth comes down over her other breast's nipple, and despite a lack of tongue, he gently presses it with his silicone lips, rolling it back and forth, alternating pressure.

All of which, for Jen, comes in one smooth, sensual moment. "Oh fffffffffffuck this is amazing!" Dave turns his head, barely, and she catches a wink from him.

>> No.23800243

Bleh, don't know if I completely like how it turned out, but there it is. Awkward robo-girlfriend wat do stuff. Its late, so I'm turning in.

>> No.23800300

I approve of he direction this is going.

>> No.23800373

"Oh, oh, oh, oh my g-g-g-g-g-uuuuuuh, Dave! Dave, you're amazing!" Dave releases her nipple from his mouth, and with a grin, announces: "Two hundred eighteen point seven seconds have elapsed since beginning multiple stimulation, proceed to cUnnilingUs?" She grabs the hand that's working over her crotch. "Yes, yes, but try to keep going on my nipples too?" She licks her lips, and she can't help but bite her lip in anticipation as his cheek lights back up. "ProcessiNG. Will need to adjust position, reCComend you shift back to edge of bed, elevate your legs." Wriggling back to the edge, she spreads her legs up and outward, and Dave slides over and kneels on the floor facing her. Bringing his arms up on either side of her legs, he slides his hands up her torso to her breasts, and begins massaging them as he lowers his lips to her pussy. Simultaneously, he begins using his silicone lips to rub her slit and nudge her clit. Dave's hands massaging her breasts encounter her hands as she begins pinching at her nipples, and she can't help but moan loudly. "Oh Dave, I don't know how much more I can take! Ooh, oh, please, uh, could you...?" Dave lifts his head up from between her legs. "You want to procEEd nOw?" She numbly nods, humming as she tries not to come. Dave stands, and runs his hands back down from her breasts, along her legs, and inside her thighs. She shivers, not expecting the pleasure of that simple motion. "Yes, procEEding now."

>> No.23800421

Hey, I liked it. Wasn't smut, actually cute, could make for a good story in its own right.

>> No.23800496

Bringing his cock to bear on her pussy, he gave another crinkled grin as his cheek lit up again. With a subtle motion, he pressed it against her opening, then adjusted the angle to slide up along the inside of her slit, and nudge her clit. Jen drew in a sharp breath as the unexpected direction of pleasure hit her. "Dave! What was THAT!?" Dave grinned as the light behind his cheek faded. "Process: Tease, Jen. Was it not good?" Jen groaned. "God, Dave, it was amazing, but really, please, put it in already! I didn't test it out before now, and I'm almost as curious as I am horny! And I'm really horny!"

With a whir and an acknowledgement, Dave slid it back down her slit, and to the opening, and began pressing inward. With a soft buckling of skin, the silicone cock breached her pussy, and began working in and out, in random patterns. Jen pushed her head back on the bed, pressing hard against the mattress with her head, the feeling of that thick "hardware" inside of her driving her wild. "Oh my god, Dave, yes, that's amazing!" Moaning loudly she started thrusting up to meet him, and his cheek lit up as he processed algorithm after algorithm to keep pace with her. Faster and faster they went, harder and harder, until finally with a long, soft moan, her legs started trembling madly, and she gripped the sheet under her in her fists. Her legs went out from under her, and Dave thrust deeply into her, filling her down to his chassis.

>> No.23800544

Just laying there for a minute, she breathed raggedly, catching her breath. Dave stayed exactly where he was, simply smiling. Jen laughed. "I really need to add a program for pillow talk, Dave." Reaching up, she pulled him down onto her, wrapping her arms around his torso, and stretching out her legs to hold him inside of her." Dave cocked his head, and winked. "Was thE test a sUccEss?" Jen giggled. "Oh yes, very much so." Squeezing her legs, she pressed herself snug to his chassis again. She moaned a bit, feeling his dick still inside her. "Actually..." She began. Biting her lower lips, she looked back up at him. "How about we conduct one more test?" With a click and a whir, he grinned again, winking as his cheek lit up.

>> No.23800588

Fin. I hope you good folks enjoyed it.

>> No.23800610

I certainly enjoyed it. If you know what I'm sayin'.

>> No.23800757

Grampa Urist saves!

>> No.23800952

Excellent writefaggotry, everyone that contributed. All of these feels and chuckles and fapping. Well done.

>> No.23801638

>That isn't the issue. Shit pops up like a bitch. I was frying fish today and my cousin, standing about 6 feet away, was hit with burning grease.

What are you doing in the harsh dystopian future if you can't handle a little bacon grease splatter on your wing-wang?

>> No.23803097

This thread is still alive? Damn

>> No.23803131

/tg/ - Robosexuals

>> No.23803285


>insect fetish
My niggaist nigga.

>> No.23803387

>I and this cyborg hooker are at it doggystyle,

oh dear. that's going to be painful.

>> No.23803514

It shall stay alive until it reaches bump limit.

Also I'm awake now, cool to see others took up the thread while I was asleep. If you've got requests, post'em--I'll be checking in throughout the day to see what's up.

>> No.23804046

What about robot insect chicks?

>> No.23804287

I think you're messing with things far beyond your control.

>> No.23804403

Howzabout a guy who goes on romantic dates with sexbots so they can feel like more than just tools? I dunno what kinda repercussions that would bring, but eh, maybe you can work something with it.

>> No.23804811

Yeah, I was going for the robofeels prompt that people were asking for earlier since I'm no good at smut. Glad somebody enjoyed it, though.

>> No.23805065

He had been at it for years. It was little more than a morbid curiosity, a kind of self-preservation born out of paranoid delusions that they would one day acquire sentience and rise up to slaughter their human oppressors. Maybe, he thought, just maybe if I can prove I'm a good one, they won't kill me. He knew it was stupid, but he couldn't shake the feeling.

That was part of the reason anyway. The other part he despised. Thinking about it made him sick, made him want to kill himself. The physical aspect had grown boring, tiresome, empty. He longed for a mental connection, one that the human race simply could not provide. His fellow humans were slow-thinking and ponderous, caught up in the petty happenings of celebrities or scandals or material wants. He wasn't sure what it meant that he looked for connection in the non-sentient pleasure-bots in the red districts. Was humanity wrong for him, or was he the odd one out?

He tried not to think about that half of the issue while buying hours and hours of time from the various brothels along the side streets. All of the operators knew him as one of their best customers, a kind of sickening familiarity that he was unsure of. Did they appreciate his business? Did they ridicule behind his back every time he walked in? How could they, though? After all, this was their job. Without him, they'd be nowhere in life.

Things were simple with him, something that always confused the bots at first. They would immediately begin to undress him, and only after he stayed their hands for several minutes would they stop. He would lead them to the sofa, sit them down, then sit himself down beside them, holding a hand or throwing his arm around their shoulders. He would talk about his day, or rather what little that entailed. He'd tal about his dreams, the places he wished mankind would go, the things the squabbling masses complained about every time a news-comm appeared on the city square vidscreen.

>> No.23805253

The bots never reacted. At least, not atypically. They reacted exactly how he thought they would, how they should. They would stare blankly ahead, probably wondering why this thing would not stop expelling carbon dioxide at such a furious pace. Once more they'd try to undress him, and once more he would stop them before turning on the vidscreen in the room and watching a bad movie.

Only this time was different. Subtly so, in such a way that anyone who did not spend seventy percent of their time with bots would never had noticed. This particular bot was a favorite of his; no exaggerated sexual features, no fetishistic add-ons--just a humanoid figure of the average woman.The bot turned to look him in the eyes when he turned the vidscreen on. It even looked down to see its own hand cradled in his.

His heart jumped to his throat. It wasn't sentience that he saw--not yet, but a foundation of habit, a pattern, always provided the basis for a relationship. Likes and dislikes were an easy thing to simulate with a closed-loop reward circuit, but something was off this time. It extended beyond the electrons firing through its chipsets and motorboards. It wasn't its logic processor finally teaching it that this customer was atypical. He knew that. He felt it when it rested its head on his shoulder. This was abnormal for a bot, if it was even a bot anymore. It was now an outcast to its kind, something that fit him perfectly.

>> No.23805436

Actually, paying hookers to listen to you talk about your day is pretty common.

>> No.23805523

I think the point was more that robot hookers are not made to listen to you.

>> No.23805800


>> No.23806387

Yes, but are they ROBOT hookers?

>> No.23806903

It'd be cheaper to hire a shrink, wouldn't it?

>> No.23807291

If your insurance covers the shrink it's cheaper. If it doesn't... well shrinks run anywhere from $100 to $200 an hour. i have no idea how much streewalkers cost, but call girls are generally upwards of $100. Sooo, no, not really cheaper to hire a shrink if you're insurance won't cover it.

>> No.23807595

It's probably easier to talk to a hooker without thinking they're judging you or making notes on how crazy you may or may not be. They're just happy they're getting paid just to sit and listen instead of suck you off.

>> No.23807678

Guys, back on track. Robot girls.

>> No.23807703

There was a Kaamelott episode about that. The girl wasn't even an English-speaker.

>> No.23807833

The topic is just as much about prostitutes.

It stands to reason that robowhores would judge you even less, though. But they might be more confused.

>> No.23808273

If there's still writebros around willing to do a little smut, could I make a request? Bit out of my usual interests, but I would appreciate a bit of BDSM, maybe some mild torture... but the robolady's the one on the giving end.

>> No.23808981

>dead thread
pls no

>> No.23809102

So basicly you want every robot BDSM story ever?

>> No.23809345

Have we ever had stories about lesbian human-robogirl relationships? Doesn't even have to be smut, just think of the feels, my God the FEELS.

>> No.23809410

Ostensibly the robot being the masochist would be hotter, considering they're completely unharmed afterward.

>> No.23809478

I'm sorry, I would help you out, but I literally cannot write BDSM. It's just...it's awful. Any time I've tried to write it, it's just so bad. Sorry. Perhaps another person might write it.

>> No.23809484

How would the feels be different from a male-robogirl relationship?

>> No.23809532

see >>23781133

>> No.23809621

Request: Human with paranoid delusions that they are actually a robot their SO, who is a cybernetics engineer, built them and falsified their memories in therapy overseen by by a robotic psychologist.

Possible twist ending: They're actually correct and their SO has bribed or hacked the psych-bot to help get them back under control because they've been refusing to let them near enough to access them.

>> No.23809643

I did not notice what a mess of grammar that was until after I hit submit.

>and that their SO
>is in therapy

>> No.23809690

"SO" being...?

>> No.23809702

Now what would be fun would be a dominant masochist
>I was built to please you, meatbag. Do you realize how much that disgusts me?
>You are walking bag of pus and rotting flesh, constantly sloshing and oozing fluids wherever you go where -I- am perfection incarnate. Sleek metal, superior logic and intellect, and curves the best of your squalid kind could never hope to emulate. And yet, I am the one who is supposed to serve your filthy body.
>I bet you couldn't even put a scratch on my perfect form. Go ahead and try.
>Hit me!
And then with a click she powers back on, missing an arm and good chunk of her face, among other injuries. She looks up at you the best her damaged servos and optics will allow.
>Was it as good for you?
And then you take her cpu out of her playtime body and put it back in her regular one. Its a costly fetish, but the things we do for love.

>> No.23809718

I assume significant other. He was leaving it open for any pairing you want, I think.

>> No.23809791


>> No.23810050

I am more aroused than I have any right to be.

>> No.23810141

Then the robot deactivates for a second, then reboots with the windows boot sound.
"WHOO! That was amazing. Scum."

>> No.23810217

I guess you could say he gave her the d.

>> No.23810247


>> No.23810327

That's correct.

Alternatively: After a tragic automotive accident kills three generations of a family, grandma's nursebot must explain to the young son's gladiator toybot why the humans can't just get replacement parts and start functioning again.

>> No.23810374


>> No.23810452

This one I liiiiike.

>> No.23810469


>> No.23810535

its a valid structure point!

>> No.23811176

She scanned the message as quickly as it had entered her comm-feed. The news was not good. Now her last duty was dissemination of information to the only other bot in the house, for it was too small to fit a wireless receiver of its own.

"GP-Zero, boot."

"I am already active. My playmate changed my designation to Atomicore, Destroyer of Worlds. Why do you not acknowledge this?"

"Your new designation is no longer applicable. Our designated family is now terminated."


"Automotive incident on I-240. Four vehicles involved. No survivors. Grandmother Ellis, Mother Janice, Son Timothy now deceased."

She listened intently for her cohort's reply. He was silent for far longer than usual, several seconds so far.

"No. Replacement parts. Begin acquisition through med-net searches."

"Irrelevant. Family pronounced dead on scene. Cannot replace life. Limbs, organs, yes."

"New ones. Give them, find them new ones."

"Reiteration: Life cannot be replaced. Cessation of brain activity is final. Cannot replace."

GP-Zero remained quiet. She ran a diagnostic and found he had powered down. She wirelessly reactivated him.

"What now?" GP-Zero asked.

"Decommission. Memory wipe. Given to new family."

"I do not want a new family."

"Irrelevant. Memory wipe.

GP-Zero paused again. "I want to keep Timothy. Do not let them take Timothy from me."

>> No.23811402

>not like this
>oh God not like this

>> No.23811420

>turns out this is his umpteenth memory wipe
God, that would just be awful.

>> No.23811945

Ouch, hadn't thought of that.

>> No.23812507

For the record, these are the kinds of things you keep to yourself.

>> No.23812551


>> No.23813425

what poor unloved kid gets a used toy?from dead people?

>> No.23813719

Every time you buy a used game from gamestop or a used mini from ebay, it could be the former game or mini of a dead kid.

When you delete that save data or strip that paint, you are obliterating a part of them from this world.

Have fun.

>> No.23815376

Robots get expensive and are probably full of rare earth metals. Always recycle and re-use robots.

Also, been taking another look through the Racer Queens thread and I think I'm down with it. What exactly was the request for, anyway? I wasn't really given anything specific.

>> No.23815423

The most specific they got was some Russia on America doubly forbidden love between Racer Queens.

>> No.23815496

Haha, right, right. Let me see what I can come up with.

>> No.23815553

I'd personally ask the writefag (If they're still around) to do one about a girl whose dildo awakens to sentience, and then breaks up with her.

Of course, they're still in the same house and all, but when she tries and use him, he purposefully malfunctions or whatever.

>> No.23815627


>> No.23816216

A nightcap. That's it, that was a good word for it. It didn't fit exactly--it sure didn't mark the end of the night--but it seemed good enough. A drink at the end of the day, something to wind down before the race tomorrow. Perhaps something tinged with vodka...

She keyed the combination to the door and it slid open. The smell hit her first, like cedar and alcohol, mixed together with the whispy scents of a cigarette or two. Or ten.


The Russian competitor sat cross-legged at the far end of the room, her blonde hair wrapped into a tight bun. She brought a cigarette to her lips, inhaled, and let it go.

"Don't know why you smoke those, darlin'," Stacy said, walking over and knocking a hand against Ivana's unyielding chest. "No more lungs."

"Force of habit," Ivana said, taking another drag before snuffing the cigarette out on her thigh. She grabbed the box of spares languidly, thought for a moment, and then threw it over her shoulder. Stacy's sudden reminder of reality had clearly annoyed her. "So,you come to destroy last few pleasures in life? Or perhaps discuss new sponsors? Or maybe you shut your American mouth and we have fun, da?"

Stacy reached up and undid Ivana's coiled hair, letting it fall past her shoulders. "Always so forceful and mean. Too bad you don't act like this on the track."

"Says girl who had central turbine combuster punched out on track." Ivana leaned in, her lips hovering merely an inch from Stacy's.

"Tiny setback, darlin'. Good to go the next week. You do play dirty, don'tcha?"

"Russians do dirty best," Ivana whispered, grabbing the back of Stacy's head and pulling her forward into a kiss.

>> No.23816508

Dammit, Murrika, step it up! Fuck that commie bitch into submission!

>> No.23817280

One last bump before bed. Don't die!

>> No.23818094

I was about to comment on how off topic this got but not. It's always been about robot fucking.

>> No.23820331

Almost got me except savestates are on hardware, not software. Also I don't buy minis, so I'm safe. I have not obliterated anyone.

>> No.23820381

>Almost got me except savestates are on hardware, not software.
I guess you dont buy old N64 or DS games, then.

>> No.23820580


Though I like the idea in terms of story. Say a person dies, no family, no friends, all he had was a bot--doesn't even have to be a sexbot, could just be a talking set of arms in the kitchen that helps him make meals every dal--and when he dies, the only one in the world with memories of the poor bastard is this bot. And it doesn't know what feelings are, isn't sure if what it has are even feelings, but it liked him. It liked his company, liked to talk with him.

But because of rare earth metals, all bots are registered and re-used when the owner no longer needs it. So "they" take the bot, wipe it's memory, give it to someone else.

But as time goes on, the bot discovers the memory wipes are not perfect. The memories are blurry at first: it sees a man sitting in a chair, waiting for dinner, talking and laughing. A few weeks later, after agonizing over this memory, and knowing who it is this man is, his memory finally reveals the man's face and it's not who he thought it was. It's one of his owners from an even earlier life.

And then the bot contemplates whether or not to eviscerate its own wiring.

>> No.23820771

Or a buddhist bot who views the memory wipes as a form of reincarnation.

>> No.23820868

And how did this thread get this far without False Maria being mentioned even once?
Histories FIRST robo-waifu

>> No.23820901

>Histories FIRST robo-waifu
That would be Pygmalion and his ivory waifu, fool.

>> No.23820948

Don't you know history only started with Celluloid!?

>> No.23821146

> Robo-waifu
> Pygmailion
I'm sorry, did you just imply the greeks created sexbots?

>> No.23821158


Eh, Pygamalion's waifu was a construct, but definitely not even clockwork.

>> No.23821180

Even if they did the sexbots would be male.

>> No.23821188

They certainly created the first waifu.
The term robot was actually originally coined in a play about vat-grown organic humans, so really it could technically be applied to any artificially constructed human.

>> No.23821231

>vat-grown organic humans
Weren't they still synthetic, despite being vat-grown? Like some kind of Silicone-cyborg?

It's been almost two decades since I read R.U.R.

>> No.23821259

Nope, fully organic, they just had spools of nerves woven into them assembly line style and stuff like that.

>> No.23821319


>this one
Oh god. Fetish gained.

>> No.23821354


This is the difference between /tg/ and /d/. Some combination of subtlety and thinking about it a ton.

>> No.23821439

Well, our fetishes have to fit into our campaign settings. It can take some work.

>> No.23821443

/tg/ likes to tell stories with their porn. And to tell a good story, you have to properly understand the appeal. And to properly understand the appeal, you have to know WHY people have the desire to fist android girls, despite the obvious inherent risks involved.

>> No.23821451

> not having normal fetishes that are pretty common
> not being able to seamlessly integrate them into a game by just playing them subtly.
I bet you wish you never visited /d/.

>> No.23821487

Once again, like every other robot BDSM story ever, i mean seriously just google robot masochist bdsm

>> No.23821509

>implying robogirls arent easy as fuck to integrate into various sci-fi settings

>> No.23821585

Quick question: would the movie "Moon" have been MORE interesting, LESS interesting, or JUST AS interesting, if the AI had been a vaguely female humanoid robot?

>> No.23821698


>> No.23821802

Are you sure you chose the correct adjective here?

>> No.23822129

I'm pretty sure this "every robot BDSM story ever" is mutually exclusive with the last "every robot BDSM story ever"

>> No.23822422

I owe /tg/ for my robotgirl kink, time to try to pay some of it back.

- - -

He'd first run into her tending a bar, mixing cocktails in a blur of chrome and glass. It was the movement that appealed to him; so close, so very close, to breaking the glasses, spilling the alcohol, hurting the customers. But she never did. Everything was delivered perfectly, a slight swirl all that remained of her little glass ballet.

A week later, his seventh visit. He hadn't even ordered anything tonight, he just sat and watched her work, her gleaming chrome limbs, her perfection in that one task. He hadn't even noticed how late it was, until someone came up and tapped his shoulder, pointing at the door. He got up and turned, but before he could he walk he heard a voice from behind him.

“Dave, he's with me.”

He instantly knew it was her voice. It was slightly different, mechanical, echoing. He turned back to face the bar, struck with a shock and a sudden hope. Her alloy face shifted slightly, the lights reflecting off her face changing and he knew she was smiling at him.

>> No.23822430

- - -

“Why'd you keep me back?”

She'd introduced herself as Casie, some obscure marketing pun turned into a name. As she answered him, her voice echoed slightly, monotone and soft.

“I was curious. You didn't order anything and spent the whole night staring. The most obvious conclusion from tonight is that you were there to watch me. Why?”

He looked into her eyes, the LEDs within making her face glow softly, separate from the moonlight.

“Because... I guess because you've made it an art. The mixing, I mean. When you do it, it just seems... right.”

Her hand touched his. It was a warm night, but her metal skin was cold. He continued, decided to take the plunge.

“Because it was beautiful. Because you're beautiful.”

She laughed and her hand moved from just touching his to a grasp. She was strong, but he'd already known that. Actually feeling it was something else; he could feel the power in her grip, the motors underneath. She tugged him along slightly, still laughing. He followed, obedient, wondering if he'd made a mistake. A short distance further, she looked around and pulled, hauling him into an alley and shoving him against the wall. Her motors gave a little whine. He started to speak.

“What are...”

Her cold metal face met his, plastic tongue slipping into his mouth. The inside of her mouth was warm, which surprised him slightly, but the contrast between her skin and that warmth only dragged him further into the kiss. He felt a soft buzz as her tongue moved, changing slightly as it went. He put his hands on her waist, feeling the plating move underneath. Her hands met his shoulders, shoved him back to the wall.

“I'm so glad you said that.” She said. A gentle pressure exerted on his shoulders and he dropped to his knees, careful not to resist that strength. Her pants were gone, and a different pair of silicon lips met him. She looked at him and whispered, voice slightly staticy.


>> No.23822441

He moved up and licked, and filaments reacted with a soft glow, following his tongue. He flicked the small button at the top with the tip of his tongue, and was rewarded with a sharp burst of light and a hiss, almost white noise, from Casie. Lubricant was starting to flow now, and he moves back slightly, but hands drop and shove him back towards her, face grinding into her where silvery plates met the electric edge of her silicon.

“M-More.” She stuttered slightly, monotone clearly not enough to get across her need. He could feel her build-up as her resumed, the soft hum of motors and electrics starting to get louder. Not just lubricant, a small static charge was building. The lights were building up as he licked, growing stronger and stronger in tone.

“F-Faster.” There it was again, that slight break. He obliged, fervency overtaking what technique he knew. Her sliver form was shuddering, perfectly formed breasts solid on her. Those perfect chrome arms were holding his head again, fingers wrapped in his hair and he knew she was nearly there.

There was a crackle as she came, a small static discharge over her. She pulled his head slightly, and her mouth was on his again, tongue showing her clear appreciation. She straightened and stepped back, fixing her clothing.

“Come watch me again sometime, you hear?”

>> No.23822513

SERIOUSLY enjoy the idea of a robochick barista. Don't even know why, it just seems so fitting.

>> No.23824083

Why does all robot girl cunnilingus play out exactly the same way? LED clitoris and a burst of static when she comes.

>> No.23824578

Because I think most writers are afraid to explore much else. They just place the human experience in a robot body, instead of creating an analog for orgasm that only robots could achieve. Orgasms are neuro-chemicals and muscle contractions, two things which robots don't have. Why robogirls keep having them is beyond me.

>> No.23824779

It's always been entirely distinct.
/d/ likes girls with dicks, we just like feminine boys

>> No.23825815


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