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Why are humans such sluts?

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Sprites and Celestials are bigger sluts

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>Dragons can breed with anything

Fucking what

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I was unaware such a table even existed. Add it to the ancient scroll stack.
Give her the centaur cock.

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Because they wrote the book.

Only in terms of sex had, not in terms of species interacted with.

Shapeshifters dude.

Book of Erotic Fantasy's been around a while.

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I don't have the image on hand right now, but:

>fucking... MAGIC!.gif

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>Nymphs can mate with anything

Yeah I'll buy that

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Reminds me of that bard that impregnates everything

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No the question you should be asking while leafing through The Book of Erotic Fantasy is:
"Why is the chapter on boning undead so gods damned long"

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I'm amazed Elves are not more slutty on that chart

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You just know it was made by some weirdo human wizard.

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Elfwood is still around? That's insane.

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>not having the IMPROVED version

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holy shit i though that shit had dissapeared too.

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What's improved about it?

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look at the humans in case you are serious

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He's still around and still drawing

The bard still hasn't fucked the elf

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There was actually a sourcebook that gave a rule called Fecund Humans, which meant that any crossbreed you come up with can be justified by "humans can breed with ANYTHING".

I propose that half-dragons cause impregnation by being in the general vicinity of other beings.

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compare the two.
pay careful attention to the humans.

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Is it true that making Humans able to impregnate anything just a lazy excuse to hamfist dozens of new races that are "Just like X, only more Human!"

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>able to impregnate anything IS just a lazy excuse

Fixed, I'm not on my game tonight.

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All in due time

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If a human mates with a centaur, what do you call the offspring?

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Halflings can't breed with other races?
I don't know why this bothers me, maybe I wanted a half-halfling or something?
Maybe a threequarterling?

Also, mfw Dwarf and Giants breeding.

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It would be the worst scheme to have a villain forcibly crossbreed halflings and humans to produce fraction-lings, in an ultimate effort to produce a pi-ling to bring forth the end of the world or something.

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Roll 1d6.
1-2: Human
3-4: Mundane Horse
5-6: Centaur

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or even better. the dreaded golden rectangle ling.

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Fuck, I pressed enter.

If you land on a roll of 3 or 4, you roll 1d8.

1-4: The horse is normal.
5-8: The horse holds the ability to speak one language, based on it's parents' base languages.

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A Quarter-horse

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nah bro that's just how you get actual midgets in a fantasy universe.

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>Dragons can breed with anything
pic related

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so that's what will happen when Darpa finishes their portal to a fantasy world.

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What is it with humans and elves?

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And now I'm having flashbacks to the end of Drakenguard...bollocks

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So wait if Elves can't mate with most races then why are they the designated cum buckets in fantasy

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They can't mate with as many races as humans, but maybe they try it more?

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You just answered your own question.

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Not quite the same thing, but I'm pretty sure there was a race in the Aasimar and Teifling splat book whose backstory was
"Crazy wizard was incestuously breeding the kids of Invisible Stalkers and Half-elves in an effort to make the perfect invisible humanoid assassins, it went predictably wrong when it turned out that the perfect assassins are really good at escaping from rape pits, turning invisible and wreaking bloody vengeance"

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The only safe sex is the sex that doesn't end in babby.

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>then why are they the designated cum buckets in fantasy

That's a largely internet convention centered around sexually frustrated nerds who want the "physically perfect" race to be less like the prudish girls who spurn their advances in High School and more like the sluts they read about in dirty mags.

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>implying the original halfbreed offspring aren't sterile.

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It's a shit pun.
The joke itself makes no sense.
Then again, it could make sense:
>-2 Cha

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>this is what swedes actually believe

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>lizardfolk incompatible with human
>tfw no lusty argonian maid

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Really? That is fucktarded to a ridiculous degree.

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Dwarves in charge of humor

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I don't even get this one

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That's not a dwarf, that's a Minecraft player.

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>Implying they always are.
>Implying fertile hybrids don't return to having the average chance for their offspring being fertile.

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>humans not breeding with dwarves
Fuck that, I'm finding me a well endowed dwarf lass

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>sexually frustrated nerds who want the "physically perfect" race to be less like the prudish girls who spurn their advances in High School and more like the sluts they read about in dirty mags.

you say that like it's a bad thing

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He slept with Santa's wife

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No, no!
The chart only tells if there is chance of preqnancy. It doesn't tell you if they can fuck eac other.

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