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how do you fa/tg/uys feel about dawn of war 2: last stand?

also dawn of war general

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Last stand is bretty gud. I like to use a farseer with the combat runes, a singing spear, and that armor that makes it so you can't be suppressed. It makes some of the more annoying enemies a non-issue. For example, the zoanthropes boss. I can CLEAVE AND SMITE them so fast they don't even put up their shields, some of the time, and the rest of the time that shield buys them about five seconds at best. They can't knock me over like faggots, either. It's also helpful against the eldar waves.

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shameless imageless bump

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That image is very misguided
I could understand it if the warp bubble drive thing failed and the troopers on board had to fight for their life mid-warp, but seriously that doesn't happen every time,

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TLS is really fucking awesome...
Though Relic doesn't know shit about how to balance a game, destroying the entire point of the mode.
Same thing for the Vanilla/CR campaign. Loved it, but the balance was FUBAR.
I wish I could murder Relic's balance team.

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Am I the only one who notices that Orks are never a legitimate threat?

It's always Chaos or Tyranids or something. The Orks are just there to be manipulated by Chaos and the Eldar.

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