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Choose wisely champions of Kirkwall.

I choose mages of course.

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I remember chosing mages. Altough later giving the finger to Anders anyway. Everyone were idiots at the end

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Well, seeing as my Hawke was a mage, and an apostate at that, I'm thinking mages. If we don't hang together we shall hang separately as the saying goes.

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The two sides are dicks, but templars are the most guilty in all the game.

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Templars are okay, mages cause a lot of problems in this universe.

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>side with the mages
>Anders blows up the WT- er, temple
>fuck you Anders
>go help the First Enchanter, he's a pretty cool guy
>Templars attack, but we kick their asses
>"No we can't win against them we must use blood magic"
>fuck you First Enchanter
>find out the Head Templar was being possessed by the Dorf idol
Is there anyone in this city who isn't retarded?

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>having a choice

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The PC.

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That priest lady, and Dumar, or whatever his name was, the guy who was in charge until the Qunari went apeshit and killed him, he was just trying to keep the peace.

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>not the biggest retard of them all

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I killed Anders. His actions in destroying the church were totally unacceptable. The Chantry Leader (not Merideth, the priest woman) was the tempering force in that relationship, and killing her was the EXACT wrong thing to do. Killing the moderates who are sympathetic towards your situation is NOT how a rational person strikes at the radicals.

Also, in a vacuum, I will always default to killing the mages. Mages unsupervised destroy countries, whereas Templars unsupervised OD on Lirium and die.

The thing that pisses me off is that I was entirely willing to fight for the mages until the Chantry hall was destroyed. If you support that, it's going to be a civil war that will inevitably spread through Chantry-held lands, and that is unfuckingacceptable, especially in light of a recently ended Blight and turbulent political situations.

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I chose to quit the game about 1/4th of the way through the 2nd chapter.

Though probably side with templars. mages in that world aren't like mutants in Xmen, they are more like psykers in 40k or simply put rather than "oh hey bob or jill might have super powers" where you can rely on the common relative decency of man, it's "Oh hey bob or jill will be POSSSESSED BY DEMONS"

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He wanted to keep the Dorf idol for himself even after seeing its effects first-hand.

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Uh... Varric... The Mercenary Captain and the Smuggler Elf... Christ, uh, oh oh, the... The Carth/Kaiden with tits, Aveline that was it... Those 2-3 Templars who were alright guys but died... One of the shopkeeps...

So nobody important. Just people without power or authority, and then the Captain of the Guard.

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I love how retarded everyone was in Dragon Age 2.

>Playin' me a mage
>gotta go talk to some spooked mage guy
>walk towards some of his friends
>blow them all up with fireballs from my hands in sight of mage-dude's friends
>"I'm sorry, but we can't trust a stranger like you to not betray him to the templars"

>walking around near some city guards
>blow them all up with fireballs, lightning and crap
>City guard doesn't care at all
>not even when this obviously a mage walks up and says hello

Gotta love the enemy morale, too.

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The Roman guy who came there to get Fenris back. He was pretty rational. I was on Fenris's side about the whole mages thing, but you know... I never say no to a Roman.

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>mutants in X-Men
And before anyone tries to pull the race or homosexuality card on me, let me remind you of something.
Black people can't level a city block on a whim if they're having a shitty day.
Homosexuals can't teleport into the Oval Office and shoot the President in the face if he does something they don't like.

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I was forced to choose mages, because hot sister with amazing tits. Also, that feel when Biojews embrace homo characters but no family related content as incest. Fuck this gay world i wanted to tap Bethany's ass.

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>that pic

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DA2 and Skyrim are both perfect examples of why RPGs with factions need to give you the option of fucking everyone and making your own side.

Fuck, even make it difficult. It would be worth it in the end though.

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I... Am as skeptical as anyone about Bioware's unusually high density of hokey gay romances, but come on man. Incest isn't even comparable, you imagine the fucking outrage? It'd be blood-curdling cries of moral depravity in every media, and nobody would be rushing to its defense this time. It'd be political suicide.

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I sided with the Templars. Mages in DA are ALL weapons of mass destructions with the added potential of high probability of being corrupted.

If they think they can just live their life like a normal person with all that phenomenal cosmic power, they have another thing coming.

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>Black people can't level a city block on a whim if they're having a shitty day.

Neither can most mutants, mutants fall into three categories, those with minor mutations that offer little or no benefit, those who's powers would be useful in a combat situation, and those who's powers put them in the same league as non cosmic god characters like Thor and Hercules. The vast majority of mutants fall into the first category, it makes no sense to have the guy who's powers are blue skin and always smelling nice, be subjected to the same level of regulation as the guy that can level a building just by looking at it. As for the guys that can give Nova or the Silver Surfer a run for their money? Good luck getting them to obey any laws they don't want to.

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One weird fetish is the same as another weird fetish. Love is love, right? Gays won't have kids, incests won't have kids

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>Not siding with the Templars

Come on guys. The mages are walking WMD's and capable of going off the deep end at any point, willingly or entirely unconsciously. They need some sort of policing measure.

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I was a mage and I sided with the templars.
Then they made me Viscount when I wanted to get out of kirkwall. I'm not sure why.

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>One weird fetish is the same as another weird fetish. Love is love, right?
Not quite. You won't get thrown in prison for liking bondage, but you will for liking little kids.

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>Black people can't level a city block on a whim if they're having a shitty day.
You've never been to Detroit have you?

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If it wasn't for the whole sister deal I would of gone templar but yeah.

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And here's the thing.
The guy whose powers are smelling nice and having blue skin?
How is being in a database with the entry consisting of "Has blue skin. Smells nice." going to hurt him?
Meanwhile, if someobdy (*cough*Nightcrawler*cough*) tries to assassinate the president with teleportation powers, that database will let us eliminate every registered mutant who can't teleport as suspects.

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and why is that?

People parade that homosexuality is OK because the greeks did it, they also banged kids.

People also say children as young as 8 are fully aware of their sexuality, homo or transgendered, or otherwise.

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Was the point of DA2 to show that all mages are insane retards who turn to blood magic at the slightest urge? Were they actually trying to make them sympathetic? I could write a better faction in 10 minutes.

Did anyone even bother proof reading this shit?

>"Ah Larry, you have the mages down as the good guys, but they blow up a church for no reason..."
>"Oh man, you don't get it! They are so oppressed they need to lash out like this! No when they get really bad, they whip out the demons."

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>you will for liking little kids.
Oh god I can hear the /a/-/tv/ defense force from here

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That would be awesome make it hard as hell and I would still be happy.

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Aside from Senator Kelly's totally not Alien And Sedition Act, targeting people who had mutant abilities like changing their skin to purple, or having third eyelids., and not affecting the more dangerous people in the entire Marvel universe who don't fall under Mutaant (See pretty much anybody in the Midnight Sons arc, Spidey and his villains, Kinpin, etc, etc)

And the Templars are just Mussolini style facists (with the more extreme being guys who make the Final Solution look like a sunday brunch) under another name. This was pretty much brought up in the tie in novels though.

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Sexual deviancies are not all created equal. Even people who staunchly defend horsefuckers will back off when it comes to incest.

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>OK because the greeks did it
I thought the reason was that it's between two consenting adults.

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Consenting adults are consenting adults, regardless of familial relations, correct?

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Hey, I butchered that guy calling for a Final Solution. That shit is fully retarded.

But without any policing measure for the mages, the risk to everyone is immeasurable. Reform of the Templars is needed, not full abolition. Besides, in DA:O, the Templars there seemed harsh but reasonable. It's only in DA2 that they seemed to be run by fascist retards.

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A fascist retard.

Every templar you can meet beside Meredith, and SUBTLE nazi allegory, is a pretty cool guy and most think that the order needs to change.

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Because you don't punish people for what they might do, innocent until proven guilty and all that.

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Also, note that Meredith was reasonable pre-IDOL MADNESS.

And the backstory for the Templars, aka Old Tevinter Imperium was dicks.

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>Consenting adults are consenting adults, regardless of familial relations, correct?
Yes, but that doesn't change the fact that most of society thinks incest is bad. I'm not saying that incest is good or bad, I'm saying that it would be a foolish move for a video game company to put it in a game.

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I have been on the darker sides of the internet for way to long giving my views. When it comes to incest as long as there are no children born. For pedophilia I would say it depends on consent(which is one hell of a slippery slope). As for bestiality I would say if their not harmed its okay.

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And how is having a list punishment? It's a list of names. The government has all of us on lists already, it's called a Social Security Number.

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Well there is the whole thing about Kirkwall being basically one GIANT blood magic spell.

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pls go

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Lets not also forget that the Kirkwall mages were run by a blood mage with interests in necromancy. That's hardly conductive to good relations either.

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>Couldn't side with the Qunari

2/10 sad I own it

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Every time people have been put on similar lists in the past it doesn't end well, ask any firearms enthusiast in Britain how well being put on a list turned out for them.

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I think you forget some of the finer points they didn't put in the movie.

Such as forced conscription, rounding them all up using (obvious Neo-Nazi-ish Character)'s Sentinels to round them up.
After the round up putting them in camps...

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>Can't even let the arishok live and let him have the book.

I swear I will stab the shit out of isabella whenever she pops up in the third game.

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Yeah, I remember all those firearms enthusiasts being rounded up and killed. Sad times for the Empire.

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Hey I just started DA II OP what a coincidence

And it crashed when I tried to change skill slots, I'm gonna go download some patches but then I already started Dishonored, also is just me or DA II has worse graphics than Origins?

Also on that note /tg/, Witcher 2, I beat it but I still feel like I lost

Why /tg/? Why?

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Isn't this the case in the original shin megami tensei game?

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>DA II has worse graphics than Origins?
Oh yes. Unless you get the HD texture pack I think.

Well anyway Sarcastic male Mage hawke is best hawke. Aveline is best romance, unless you are really into dominating elves then Merril is best romance if rival cause she can become the most submissive girlfriend/wife ever.

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Do the templars say something if you're a mage and ally with them?

>> No.23746968

>implying Varric Bromance is not best
For shame.

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I would side with The Mages. Tevinter Imperium has the right idea, that mages have the power to help the people. Templars are police in Tevinter instead of secret police else where.

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Not killed but they did have their rights shat upon. Look, I'll just put this how Captain America put it, the kinds of people that get superpowers of the type that such regulation would cover fall into two categories, those who would be superheroes, and those who would be supervillains. Superheroes don't commit the kind of crimes that such a registry would help someone in solving, and supervillains wouldn't register in the first place, and/or have a big enough ego that they would brag about what they've done to anyone that will listen. Such a registry would be useless as those inclined to register will never commit the kind of crime it is designed to prevent, all it will ever be is a list of people who never did anything.

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PLAYER, the circle's rules and training are unnecessary. Look at me, I was an apprentice and they sent me into the Fade to see if I would be corrupted by the demons but instead they left me here to die. But still I fought back and helped you with your test. We sure beat that demon over there didn't we? We're friends now right? Now I'm going to ask for a little favor: why don't you let me ride along on your soul when we go back to the real world?

What do you say?

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Speaking of Varric the new comic decides to shit all over him by telling the origin of Bianca.

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>telling the origin of Bianca.

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I don't do romance, I'm in this for the adventure

And the money

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>The guy whose powers are smelling nice and having blue skin?
Yes, he's totally harmless.

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What happened if you say yes?

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Every single companion outside of Varric is scum of the earth.

>Anders: Giant homosexual catboy who is a terrorist
>Hawke Siblings: They don't exists so they don't count
>Fenris: He doesn't do anything to major in terms of being an assfuck but by god is he a giant deviantart OC
>Merrill: Autist ratperson who gets everyone she loves killed and is crazy about mirrors

Even Varric ends up fucking things up in the long run. Every single major disaster is almost directly caused by one of your party members and it's up to Hawke to stop Kirkwall from exploding due to your friends stupidity. If Hawke just murdered every single follower and Varric's brother, he could be smoking it up with the Arishok as they DP Meredith because she's a levelheaded person instead of having to become either mage/templar jesus and leave because everyone hates him.

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*too major

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This is why I always hate real life symbolism in stories about fantastical beings.
The Westborough Baptist church doesn't know how to deal with murderous, blood-stealing demons, Van Helsing does.

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Purple Man's powers are not to be blue and smell nice, his powers are to be purple and excrete mind controlling pheromones. The smelling nice is just a side effect.

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>Hawke Siblings: They don't exists so they don't count
Warden Carver is probably the best companion in the game cause he actually changes in the story

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>Warden Carver is probably the best companion in the game cause he actually changes in the story
Warden Carver should have been the fucking protagonist.

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If you rival everyone will everybody abandon you at the end?

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Nah, only if you aren't complete rivals with them and haven't done their quests.

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>The Westborough Baptist church
It's not a church. It's a family legal firm. Every member of the "church" is both a member of the Phelps family and a licensed lawyer. They don't have sermons. They're not open to the public. Their "church" is an office building.

>> No.23747089

buuutttt muuuuh merrill

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>Every member of the "church" is both a member of the Phelps family and a licensed lawyer

Even the kids? Damn, and here I am soon 22 and still in the first year

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So you like dominating elves or something?

All of the romances are done pretty bad, and at least 3 of them can become mass murderers.

>> No.23747127

Purple Man's file clearly says that he's blue and his only powers are that he smells nice. Though afterwards every female in the registration office went missing.

>> No.23747135

You're sort of taking advantage of a mentally challenged girl. I tried making her my waifu but it honestly just felt like we were going through the motions.

Just like in real life.

Why won't you love me Aveline.

>> No.23747156

>Anders Homosexual
You know he wasn't always a homosexual. In the little expansion with the original warden he was straight. The the hamburger attacked.

>> No.23747161

hahahhahah its true, but anyway, i like it because her obsession to get more information about the past of her people, and that get my hearth.

and yes, Fenris its a dick and Anders become a faggot wannabe terrorist, i miss the anders of awakening.

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Der Langrisser comes to mind. It has three factions, and a fourth option which is referred to as Independent, aka "fuck everybody". You literally end up in each of the factions in that playthrough and give a big middle finger to each one, because none of them have it right.

It's a really old game but that option was so goddamn satisfying.

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Meh, it's all the same shit to me. The problem was he was a turbofaggot.

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Actually it wasn't all hamburgler's fault it was mostly gaider

>> No.23747215

No just sad.

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Adults, obviously. Their expertise is the stuff of legends, though, they make ludicrous amounts of money off of libel suits, which is part of the reason they're not allowed in England. Sure, the Brits say it's because they're a hate group, but that's bullshit, it's because they'd take every humanist in the country to court and own half of it by the end of the first month they set up operations there. Libel lawsuits actually pay in the UK.

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Jesus christ Gaider what the fuck?

>> No.23747250

>Helping anyone

>implying every single mage would be of the helpful and not harmful variety
>implying the helpful ones can't get possessed

>> No.23747251

So basically they're the ultimate evil?

>> No.23747257

... So is he doing that through pheromones or mind control?

>> No.23747275

He is mind controlling them with pheromones

>> No.23747279


He is becoming insane or its really having fun working in da?

>> No.23747291


I'm going with insane.

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They're a racist, prejudiced, militant protestant church, AND a firm of lawyers who specialize in frivolous lawsuits, AND antagonistic protesters with no actual point beyond shock value and offending people.

They're like a bizarre combination of the KKK (who actually disavowed connection with them) that evil firm form The Devil's Advocate, and PETA/Code Pink.

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Come on, Bioware forums are a hideous place full of freaks, i understand his feelings in some parts.

>> No.23747345

And characters in settings after the end immediately thinking that the poisonous, glowing not-quite-sand can be used to make a weapon that can atomize enemy villages instantly despite even howitzers being beyond their level of technology.

>> No.23747380

You reap what you sew. And he's clearly gone insane if he thinks he can compare Bioware writing to fucking Shakespeare.

>> No.23747395

this is now a halfhearted x-men thread

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>> No.23747440

The fan boys from hell drow him in madness.

>> No.23747455

>antagonistic protesters with no actual point beyond shock value and offending people.
Actually the point is that people do get offended, do or say something that can be considered libel and that allows WBC to sue them.

They're successful professional trolls.

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I... Oh god. Every time I think about it my mind starts rattling like a KSP rocket made out of nothing but support struts and solid-fuel boosters. I can't handle it. It's like looking at proof that the sun is sentient and hates you. It's proof that our society really does value freedom, tolerance, and expression, and that it is WRONG to do so.

>> No.23747586

I'll be frank, even if this game was atrocious, Carver was THE BEST character. Guy started off as a whiny cunt with an inferiority complex and wound up being a tremendous bro by the end of the game, and unlike his sister, was actually concerned about people other than muh mage master race.

Fucking champ, even if he isn't a Warden, he's still a bro.

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>bloobloobloo betrayals are cool, ehy don't you like your allies betraying you.
>talk down chief templar and cleric lady
>anders out of nowhere
>i'ma blow up a church

>become bros with the qunari
>we are here for a book
>isabella out of nowhere
>lol i steals ur bookz fuk u
>city is burnt down

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Sooo, New Vegas ending? Though the narration makes it a bit obvious the writers don't like that ending.

>> No.23747910

Actually, if you do everything juuuuuust right you can create the ultimate Libertarian paradise in the Mojave. It's just really hard.

>> No.23747924

>ultimate Libertarian paradise

I dislike this. Why can't I crush things under my iron fisted rule?

>> No.23747935

I think that's also possible if you do things a different way, but I'm not sure.

>> No.23747949

I can't imagine that lasting long.

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Op here, we have interesting reactions in the comunnity about dragon age.

>> No.23748023

OO! Also, Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines, you literally flip off at least one stupid bastard trying to run things. Even better it's the ass whose trying to run things by "totally not running things here, guys!"

>> No.23748029

So... What actually DID happen to Dragon Age?
I know it's 'time constraints' and 'editor meddling' or something like but why did they hamstring their project like that? Everything from the story to the characters to the graphics to the combat system is worse.

>> No.23748081

I honestly don't know. They had a pretty solid base to work off of, it's like they thought everyone hated the original or something so they reinvented everything with the most misguided design principles possibly ever.

>> No.23748087

Yeah, that's what I did. They're all like "Hey, you're a pretty alright guy. It's a shame we're killing your friends and stuff." And I'm just like "Naw, it's fine."

>> No.23748091

> by god is he a giant deviantart OC

Holy shit this.

He's a revenge driven elf in skintight armor with white hair wielding a giant sword covered in magical markings that can't be hidden.

If I was DMing a game and someone presented Fenris to me, I would literally tear the sheet in half in front of them.

>> No.23748172

>D3 is all about Carver
>his party is all second-hand shit, i.e, Regolas instead of Legolas, Blimli instead of Gimli, etc.
>does his best but Hawke constantly shits things up and Carver has to clean up the mess, with no recognition

>> No.23748210

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Why did you choose mage over rogue or warrior?

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