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Eyo, /tg/.
My friend got me really interested in 40k. After a bit of research and a lot of frustration over the fact that DeathKorps are the most expensive soldiers apparently, I think I've decided to buy the Dark Vengeance set.
Is it a good deal? I'm not too sure what units I should be getting at this point, since I'm relatively new to this.

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Firstly, I think the Dark Vengence set sucks, the models are all snap fit two piece models and take away all the fun of building your own dudes and every new players first sprue boner.

Warhammer is generally split into two parts, the hobby element and the game element. Some people enjoy both equally, others prefer one or the other.

Choosing an army: Your first army may seem like a hard choice, but it comes down to something very simple, which race do you like the most, which one appeals to you visually, and fluff wise? This is really the most important thing, people might say start with Necrons because they're easy to paint and play or Spess Mahreens because you like taking dicks up the asshole, but ignore that, choose the race you like. Download some codexes, go on the Gamesworkshop site and browse the races there, get an idea of what each ones flavor is.

PS, ask me anything

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Well, I was drawn towards DV because it included a bunch of Chaos Space Marine shit.
Along with them, the Tau, and the Death Korps are the armies that I think I could really get into.

Also, I didn't know that they were snap-fit. That's pretty fucking lame, because I was really looking forward to customizing my guys.

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New codex any month now.

>Death Korps
Take a long, hard look at the price tag first.

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I like you, anon.

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Eh. Dont get dark vengeance for the chaos. Youre better off just buying the cultists separately. Youll want to get just a few boxes of chaos marines, test them out first, see what you like about them.

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Oh thanks, man.

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Where do you go to download codexes?

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The Chaos component of the DV set is also absolute garbage unless you want the worst Chosen of Chaos of all time.

If you like Chaos, I'm absolutely going to encourage that as a Deathguard player myself. What Chaos god appeals to you? Also, Tau are believed to be up for an update, you may want to wait and see if that's any good.

There are easier methods, there are a number of recast sites that will recast Kreig in plastic instead of shitty resin, for a cheaper and better quality mini.

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Name of the codex + Torrent

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From what I've read so far, I really like the Word Bearers.

Keep in mind that I'm rather new, so I guess I should read up on a lot more shit before I even begin to choose an army to start building.

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Alright, Word Bearers are unique in the fact that they have Dark Apostles (a corrupted version of Space Marine Chaplains) to inspire their Marines and their cultist allies in battle. This gives you some great opportunities to field converted Chaplains which is good fun.

The Word Bearers are also undivided meaning they serve no one god, adorn themselves in scripts and books and rely heavily on cultists and daemons for doing leg work.

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Everyone has dark apostles now, they're like Chaos Chaplains.

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Word Bearers are more famous for them. Also cultists, daemon summoning, etc.

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Sounds pretty fucking cool.
Would you mind explaining Deathguard a bit?

I could be going on the wiki and reading all of this shit myself.
I just prefer to get feedback from actual people.

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True, but Word Bearers own them? I guess? it's their thing.

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Deathguard are one of the original Pre-heresy chapters that dedicated themselves to Nurgle, the God of life, pestilence, decay and death. Nurgle blessed their bodies with his destroyer plagues that ravage their bodies making them immune to pain and a host for all manner of infection and life. Deathguard are known for their plague marines, which are tough silent agents of nurgle. Tabletop wise, they have +1 toughness, negate extra attacks when charged, get extra attacks in close combat with poison and are easily one of Chao's best units.

Your Primarch is Mortarion, chosen warrior is Typhus (Both known for consuming entire populations and turning them into zombies

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There are too many fucking awesome armies to choose from...

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sure is

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Be aware that some armies fluff do not translate well to tabletop at all.

Pic related

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They're almost Dark Eldar

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I expected as much. I feel like I need to do a lot more research before I even settle and start buying shit.

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If your at all interested in Tau I'd hold on making any purchases since they're getting a new codex plus models in 2-3 weeks.

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Fluffy Night Lords = lots of Raptors and close combaty chaos marines, marks allowed but no zerkers/plagues/noise/1ksons.

They also use Rhinos, as evidenced by Codex Space Marines fluff where Ultras face a mechanized NL force.

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Everything is Heldrakes now.

Luckily there's already an official warband that's perfect for taking them: the dragon warriors. Crazy bastards many of whom defected from the Salamanders. Love fire and forging. Tend to mutate in dragony ways.

I plan to start an army myself, I think a red Heldrake with black decals would look baller.

Gonna stock up on some lizardmen bitz and DE corsair cloaks.

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In the Night Lords books they have terminators and land raiders and dreadnoughts and DROP PODS.

Fuck I hope the rumoured FW dreadclaw revamp is good. I want to take drop pod CSM.

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Deathguard absolutely translate to table top, along with the other "Books of Chaos" as they were called. The subchapters not so much. Which is a shame, I absolutely love Iron Warriors

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Well they are supposed to be one of the next 30k Armies we're getting. Maybe we can make a fluffy army.

Using the CSM dex you can't make a good / competitive fluffy army

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Pure Tzeentch 40k Daemon army won a tournament this year I believe. Against Grey Knights in the last round. How about that.

Also, Deathguard fluff lists are competitive, Zombie incursion lists are impracticable to field but hard to beat. Plague marine heavy lists with Deathguard bikers are too good

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Noise marines would like a word with you.
Typo? I assume typo, otherwise ignore pic related.

By the way if you play 1k and 2k fights mainly, you can make a 'fluff' list out of any part of the FOC. 3 fast attack slots of 60 total raptors are easily unable to fit in a 1k playable army. That's without upgrades too. They could match a 1250 army with all 60 raptors fairly well. So 1250/2000/2500 armies are viable fluffwise.

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FW is doing Horus Heresy rules, don't you know?

Playable Primarchs and everything.

I wonder if they'll finally address the identity of the four unknown Artefacts of Vulkan.

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IW = Warpsmiths and daemon engines.

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It was against SW/IG if you're talking about the chick who won.

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>indecision, wanting to do research before spending

Depending on how autismal you are, you might want to consider something that people call "artscale" or "truescale". While the 40k background states and the 40k art shows that space marines are a great deal taller than regular humans, the height of space marines claimed by different sources is different (because 40k fluff has the consistency of a flan). The current space marine models are only the slightest bit taller than the normal human models. If you are really adamant about having your models to scale, you could try using different parts to make your space marines (and other models, too) taller. While GW never claim that their models are supposed to have realistic proportions, the proportions on some of their models is absolutely ridiculous. Take the space marine models for example. They have gargantuan heads (even disregarding their helmet), gargantuan hands, gargantuan feet, etc. Making the bodies of the space marines larger can greatly improve how the space marine models look, as they become much larger next to regular human models, and they become much more proportional, creating the impression of a super warrior rather than the comical bobbleheads that current models are today.

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Ah ok. That's cool.

Wait, does that mean Imperial Fists are going to be the "death guard" of 30k with pain glove?

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Chaos, its a PARTY!

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I wasn't worried about that. I thought it was to help scale the detail of the models.
I'm still on the fence about what army to choose though.

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I would imagine Death Guard will be the Death Guard of 30k.

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I mean feel no pain, higher toughness.

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The combat methods of the Death Guard were very similar to their current form pre-heresy. They're just even tougher now.

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Here's an excellent example of a truescale marine. IIRC, the maker of this model used altered terminator legs, pauldrons and arms, and used altered tactical marine heads and torsos.

Another benefit of making your marines bigger is that the increased size allows you to put greater details onto your marines, which you might want to do, considering that space marines are generally decorated very ornately.

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as fun as this would be, holy fuck, thats a lot of fucking work, especially for a persons first army

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Yeah, I'm just starting out.
I think I'll take it slow.

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40k is very costly. My recommendations for saving money in this hobby:
buy materials such as paint, sand, glue, brushes etc. from third parties online, NOT GW.
torrent the books
make your own casts. this is a big thing to do, and you might need to do a bit of research, but you will save so much money.

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The sunken heads I think look awesome.

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What recast site?

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they're sunken because it's not supposed to be the normal SM armour, it's supposed to be the version after that.

And it does indeed look awesome

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I was referring to the night lords. Other factions / Legions are fairly well represented imo

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Yeah, the mark 8 has a gorget to compensate for the known weakness of the neck armour on mark 7, it can ben seen on the sergeants armour of the new tactical marine boxes

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Plenty on ebay, /tg/ also knows of the new Cool cast or not uncatalogued, i have the password and URL saved...somewhere, but his shit is amazing quality and price. Ordered 2 plague marine conversion kits for $30, got a Decimator with arms for about $28 and Ill probably get terminators from there soon

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Note that I paid $150 US for 60 Death Korp models from cool cast.

Worth every penny

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>decimator for $28

Fucking, what

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>Pure Tzeentch 40k Daemon army won a tournament this year I believe

Was that before or after they got 'updated'?

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The funny thing is, you can't find the infantry for the gorgon on the forge world website anymore. GW obviously found out about this little scheme and shut it down like the jew bastards they are.

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right here idiot

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I have to re-write a spot where it says flamers can kill tanks still. I was tired when I wrote it, had no time today to work on it.
>I always add when I work on something so I set time aside or lose track

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I have access to high quality paint, brushes, apoxies, brushes, and all of that.
I'm not sure if I'm ready to make my own casts though...

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>tzeentch list
>in 40k of now

Is this like the ultimate masochist list?

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>death korps
>go into the suns part of their shop
>buy cheap korps, or their new spendy cooler corps that are still cheaper than forgeworld

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What is this? I'm looking to get back into playing 40k, I quit years ago because I couldn't fucking afford it anymore because of the price hikes.
The cool cast website I checked out doesn't have anything, is there a link to the uncataloged?

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They have their perks. Use horrors to finish units off. Screamers eat things like noise marines. Flamers of tzeentch are as tough as a marine, but with invulnerable saves (two 1/3rd save to die, rather than miss one 2/3rd save and it can be penetrated for no save), plus their overwatch D3 wall of death against hordes is invaluable. Go in, flame, choose not to charge. Get shot a little, charged then have them face more fires. That is if you know you can't win an assault and want to stall them. They have a place still.

Thousand sons are iconic for tzeentch, but should consist of just a few units at most in a tzeentch themed army. Unfortunately, they fill the role of short range cheaper dark reapers.

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It's all secret and shit. I'd find all the info, but its on a harddrive somewhere.

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Care to point me in the right direction? Even a forum would help.

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What are the new chariots and shit good for? I can't really say the codex looks good to me, and most people agree. But then again some people support it so I dunno what to believe.

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str5 ap3 torrent (like the hellhound), pretty much close to a Baledrake, but have it come in reserves. It's a fast vehicle. Or deep strike it, doesn't matter.

Someone mentioned a certain illusion spell, invisibility can be cast on it for a 2+ cover save when it jinks. Then reroll 1's to save because it's a tzeentch daemon.

The other weapon (neither of them are psychic powers btw), is a D3 18" lascannon.

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The slaanesh chariots are easy cheap horde munchers (swipe attack hits all in base contact, and that's rending btw). while the super special fast attack one can get a nasty D6 hammer of wrath attacks per hull point, it starts with 2.

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As someone who did buy the limited edition box set. I can say that while I do like the quality of the units and all the little stuff that came with it like the rulebook etc etc

I would have honestly been happier just getting the units I wanted.
But that isn't to say you can't customize your units, it just takes more time and effort

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They look like a big pile of shit

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There's always these


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Those look nothing like DKoK. The heads maybe, but otherwise not.

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