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Holy shit /tg/ i just got into Warhammer and im positively in love with the concept behind Nurgle and his cult.

I need more knowledge, any knowledge about this awesome concept.
Ive read the Lexi and the Wiki but i need more.

Give me more! Famous Nurgleites, anything.
I need to know everything about thes magnificent god.

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besides typhus and Festus there aren't that many named characters. However, In the 7th ed WoC codex there was a story about a battle going on against the wood elves, as a large force of nurgle marched south, they came upon a forest guarded by a large group of Wood elves. the wood elves brought trees to life and fought back, until the one of the champions of nurgle opened one of the seven jars of nurgle loosing a devastating plague on the wood Trees withered and rotted, as the disease knawed away at them, with warriors of chaos quick to cut them down. The wood elves were left with little choice. Fight and die at the hands of the Warhost of nurgle or live longer with disease at their doorstep.

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actually now that I think about it the carnival of nurgle is a pretty cool concept as well. one That I almost built but they didn't have plastics of the plaugebearers until recently.

On the night of the waxing green moon, when the winds of chaos blow strong, and daemons ravage the countryside there is one thing in particular that draws fear into the hearts of men. As night falls large carriages pull up to overlook the town or village below, and a Great unclean one, like the ringleader of a circus recites the plauges and diseases that they have visited in the past. His jovial tone ringing cheers throughout the listeners. Then the "parade" starts, with instruments of chaos held high, the cacophonous clangs and cheers awake the village, growling louder with each passage then on the seventh pass the parade goes deathly quite as they encircle the village, Drawing closer and closer. When the sun shines upon the village in the morning. All that is left are empty houses, the fields overcome with crippling disease, and every animal slaughtered.


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Ah, another devotee of Nurgle! Welcome to the fold, brother. Grandfather Nurgle loves all of His children but it's so much nicer when we love him back.

Best Chaos god hands down. Some of the most fun I ever had in Warhammer Online involved Nurgle, whether it was tracking a shipment of contaminated wheat that had devastated hours and hours worth of levels, battling a Great Unclean One through the slums of Altdorf, or gathering a huge host of players to draw out and defeat the Plague Beast in the center of that disease crater.

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>Warhammer Online
Don't remind me

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There is a book of arcane, heretical knowledge named Liber Chaotica.

Find it.

Read it.

Embrace Chaos.

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if this thread is up later this morning I'll take some pics of the old codex stories referring to nurgle.

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Yes! Scream right into my eardrum!


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My love affair with Nurgle started with the Horus Heresy novels, with the Sons of Horus struggling to cut down husks of plague and disesase.

Now here I am.

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Instead of making a new thread... where should I start with the 40k novels?

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The deal with Nurgle is that he is the Fear of Death. His followers act all jovial and whatnot, because the fear of death leads to the love of life. We wouldn't enjoy and savor life so much if we didn't know it would be all over. Basically, "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we may die".

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Huh, i started this thread before i went to sleep.
Thought with such a beautiful universe there would be more lore about the Papa.

Also morning bump.

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Where everything started, with Ian Watson's 'Space Marine'.

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Jokes aside, >>23715740 Horus Heresy, first three novels.

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yeah she does

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Thanks. Luckily one of the packs in /rs/ still worked.

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Isn't there something in that Tamharukan (or whatever his name is) novel about him taking a bath in a great river, turning all the water into puss?

Thats some repugnant shit.

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>building vagina tanks
>not degrading sisters of battle into bestiality loving nymphos

do you even fap?

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Yes please.

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>the more innocent the thing is, the more it is fun to corrupt it

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>seen every bit of good Sister porn
>people almost never make new, delicious Sister corruption/rape

Why? I just want more Sisters of Battle being raped and abused ;_;

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same, i blame mods for banning drawfags

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I thank the mods for not shutting down this wonderful thread

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they can try, but i will just create a specific porn dump just out of spite

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All hail the Chosen of the Dark Gods!

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i am pretty much slaanesh in real life, but i play death guard on a table

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If you will find any Iron Warriors related stuff I will recomend you to mighty Perturabo.

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Never change TG

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I may be a slaanesh man

But honestly, Typhus the Traveller has to be hands down, the coolest chaos champion, I love his mini, I love his fluff. Just everything about him is so fucking awesome

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Fuck yes Typhus.

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Many Slaanesh worshippers that dont use proper protection later become followers of Nurgle.

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that may be true, but i usually take a chaos lord as a hq

btw, any ideas how to green stuff an awesome mace for a nurgle lord? its a black mace crunch wise

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Just as planned.

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The burning legion, led by syphilus.


Try slapping some teeth on there?

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speak for yourself, recently took a blood test

"a perfect athletes blood, a little thick, but that probably because of supplements you take"

as i said, i am slaanesh guy in real life, perfect

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The older daemon engines of Nurgle are based on deprecated war machines, for example

Plague Towers are based on siege towers
Contagion Engines are based on trebuchets

I really like this concept - the use of decrepit, old technology really fits the theme of Nurgle. The aesthetic of these daemon engines is really appropriate, too - old, shoddy looking siege engines made of rotting wood, covered in hides, with rusted metal trimmings and large, dirty engines jutting out from the back.

I really want to incorporate this idea into my Nurgle daemon army. I was thinking of:
hot air balloons
some sort of crewed arrow shooter (Carroballista, Catapulta, Oxybeles, Polybolos, Scorpio)
battering rams
Anyone have any other ideas for daemon engines like this?

I like the concept of a blight drone: a giant, limp grub being propelled by an independent device. I think they were trying to make it represent sloth. I don't like the execution. It looks too high-tech for a Nurgle Daemon. What should I replace the rotors with?

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I took a physical last week and the doctor told me I have to stop masturbating.

i asked him: "why?"

And he said: "because I am giving you a physical"

Slaanesh. Fuck yea.

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>What should I replace the rotors with?

flatulent emissions. you dont have to like it to accept that it's thematically correct

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What's up with the new plaguebearer swords? What are they supposed to be?

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perhaps thematically correct, but I want to create the image of languidness, so I want the rotors to be an independent device carrying around the grub.

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I think I might use old turbines like on a WW1 plane.

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oh you

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Great unclean ones are the best Greater daemons

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lets not make this wonderful thread go to waste

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Ah good, I was wondering what happened to you.

I was already looking up my own smut! Imagine!

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would be nice if more people would contribute

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I would but I can't draw that well.

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You do understand that in 90% of these cases we'd be talking about necrophilia?

> enerass propriately.

No captcha, No.

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>slaaneshi cultist using a severed sob heads mouth to masturbate

i can fap to that

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And i who always thought that the diseases was part of the whole experience.

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How viable are the Tamurkhan nurgle units?

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>>slaaneshi cultist using a severed sob heads mouth to masturbate

where? where? where?

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Nurgle has a planet where a giant conga line of cultists literally stretches around the equator.
He's a pretty cool dude

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All I keep is ecchi

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> tfw you realize you're talking to slaaneshits.

... Skulls for the skull throne.

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I would be ever so grateful if you could skullfuck them first

That would just be delightful

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probably here

tough a simple search yielded nothing, a deep search might give something.

are you brave enough?

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So lewd.

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Am I?

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The whole asexual ork thing is shite anyways, doesn't add anything.

The orks in that picture don't look very good though.

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what is the dog thing? I remember something about them in the fluff, but can't remember the name.

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Do all virus and diseases fall under Nurgle?

If so then things like necromorphs,zombies,vampires,computer virus would make Nurgle their patron?

Would love it if a GM would run a dark heresy campaign where a logic engine on a machine world turns into Glados because of Nurgle virus and just begins running tests

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Nurglites are the main villain in the book Blood of Asaheim.

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It was mentioned earlier in the thread that Nurgle is tied to the fear of death. The logic engine must fear being infected before it falls under Nurgle's domain.

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Nah, they are still Nurglings.

Bunch of nice guys who have only touched vaginas in their dreams, are unkept, disgusting and have waifus.

>Do you fatfucks even fisting?

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there is no AI in warhammer, "logic engines" are simple programs that can read a text and do a instruction the user gives them, they cannot go glados or even have a virus

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Then where are the nurglettes?

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This is a good one.

>Can't fap to this?
>You don't know shit about Slaanesh.

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More people need to realize that fapping to tentacles and dicks and vaginas is not Slaanesh.

You need to fap to everything.


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no, slaanesh is about trying to be perfect and enjoying your perfection

and it is my way of enjoying it by skull fucking dead SOBs
steed of slaanesh

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Zombies are Nurglite. The Nurgle CSM special character turns cultists into zombies.

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More precisely, there are no autonomous robots in 40K (except the constructs of Legio Cybernetica that were prevalent during the Great Crusade, but post-Heresy fight against Chaos within the Eye of Terror). Fluff is inconsistent, but the lack of AI's (and favouring of servitors) has been implied to have something to do with the Iron Men of legend that brought about the end of Age of Technology. Also, because substantial parts of Legio Cybernetica went over to Horus's side, that has been another reason to look down upon them.

Apart from very specific cases of specialized AI's - the "real" (as opposed to imagined) Machine Spirits of Land Raiders and Titans - they are in the 41st millennium called Abominable Intelligence and classified as techno-heresy.

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No, it's about seeking pleasures beyond imagining, and being fuck-ugly while at it.

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That would be the Emperor's Children. Slaanesh is all about trying everything.And then being dysesitized, and finally not being able to enjoy anything at all.

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You're thinking of Typhus

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>not feeling anything at all

you havent heard about gift of mutation

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>Corrupting superior antartican tech
Why? It looks kinda out of place here, me thinks.

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>The whole asexual ork thing is shite anyways, doesn't add anything.
Yes it does. That's the whole reason why orks are a fucking plague on the galaxy. Their way of reproduction means you have to douse everything in prometheum just to be sure they don't come back in two years.

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>and being fuck-ugly while at it.
what Is perfection to a god?

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