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So let me get this straight: playing a character that lay ruin to entire villages as a credit to some fanatic god is fine, but add some beastiality or pedophilia into a char and suddenly 'noooo thats too evil for PCs'


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They just arn't evil acts, I mean men of god do it all the time, and they are all following a lawful good God

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Play what you want with your group, OP. We're not here to stop you.

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>Not lawful Neutral... at best.

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Stop acting persecuted and find people to play freaky games with. The internet is full of them.

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It's Yahweh, not YHVH.

I mean sure YHVH is "correct," but you're just sounding like a try-hard who read a thread or two on /tg/ where other edgy people used it.

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>not somewhere between LE and NE by D&D reckoning

I shiggydiggydingdangdoo.

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I'm pretty sure massacring villages is also considered evil.

Though if you mean "inappropriate even for evil PCs in an evil campaign," then yes. Yes, beastiality and pedophilia are still inappropriate.


Because most human beings, even eRPGers, are more comfortable sitting across the table from a friend and mechanically wargaming the sacking of a fictional town then they are with describing how his fighter holds down a crying child while freeing his erect penis.

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>arguing about it
>calling someone else a tryhard

methinks the lady doth project too much.

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>Stop acting persecuted and find people to play freaky games with.

Except most people with weird kinks get their kicks out of parading it and watching people rage.

I myself am guilty of this; I deliberately annoy people just so I can see them get mad.

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Stay vanilla faggot.

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I think this book was more written in a "sex is for jolly good fun" opinion, not to have creepy submeanings and disgusting fetishes

Dear god these real-life pictures were bad

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I spell it as YHVH or YHWH partly because it's fun for some asinine reason, and partly because of Shin Megami Tensei. Get that stick out of your ass.

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Not that there isn't something wrong with that.

I mean, now and then even genocidal games like DND should show you violence that feels like violence and not rolling dice.

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I'm sure that he and many others, including myself, will do so.

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1.Player characters can go and kill innocent people just for the gist of it. but it seems some perversions are worse than massacare.

2. considering the book in question, do you think a player that descrribes ero actions with 'normal' n/pc is that much different?

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I write it that was a holdover of spending my teens reading hilarious "occult" drivel by Mr. Crowley et. al.

Also, seconding rectal stick removal.

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Considering this is D&D care to define "beastiality"?

Also read that book its hilarious how much better I could home-brew erp mechanics.

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Failing at Harkness Test?

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The problem is that it's usually just fetish material, rather than as an integral aspect of the character. It relates to nothing but itself. It's there so they can say "Oh yeah my character's a necrophile." It would be fine if it were to actually affect the character and how they think, feel, and act, but most people who put a trait like that into their characters just aren't good enough to make it work and just want to be edgy.

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If OP finds Mr Valtera's ruleset too restrictive and unimaginative, there are alternatives available.

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Or they just fantasise about fucking a corpse.

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i backstab fished havel and had him dead in three attacks

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A friend of mine and I tried to run a FATAL one-shot. The rulebook was 977 pages long and after 6 hours of MATH we were only halfway through the character sheet.

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I fought him with dual caestuses, no parrying.

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I'll be honest I don't get it,
care to explain?

That reminds me of the goth necromancer chick from OoTS.

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Yeah. It would be hard to make more retarded mechanics even on purpose.

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I think there is a random fatal generetor somewhere

dare you brave soul go and find it? jk.

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Speaking of Dark Souls, what would you guys say is the best system to run it with?

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It's nigh impossible to find it anymore.

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There are things man is not supposed to know.

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What could be interesting and not cringe-inducing fetishes for PCs to have? Something acceptable at the table (if not necessarily in the game world)

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Captcha:settlers yethump

Do you even Catan?

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Genderbending off course

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Unusual interest in species not usually seen as attractive like goblins or bugbears.

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depends on the people you hangging around with.

Start with 'gay', in some world that may be a taboo. than you can go 'xenophile' but i don't think that fetish is that out of the ordinary.

how about leg fetish?

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We got a winner

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WOTC officially mentioned necrophilia with the Lichloved feat in the 3.5 BOVD.

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You know what else is in the BoVD? Cancer mage.

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kobolds can be kinda cute as pets though


Well, seriously now, I'd neve play with someone who couldn't accept homos.

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You mean Fist Wizard.

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Behold! The Harkness Test!

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That makes you a douchebag.

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Tell you what. You play your fetishist pervert character and in exchange, there will be a DMPC character and it will be a CN Kender. Go on, I fucking dare you.

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Kender are never evil, or even neutral. They are always Chaotic Good!

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The issue isn't that the sexual stuff is 'more evil' than the violent stuff, it's that people are more comfortable with RPing the violence. I believe that this is because the violence is usually casual and impersonal, while the sex is (or at least gives the impression of being) personal and private, and because no one wants to think about the guy across the table from them masturbating.

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That is your fetish, I see.

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And you cannot hate them! Even when you are evil! They are Kender!

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I think it's more because violence is often characterized in fiction (and real life) as a means of conflict resolution. It's easier to vanquish evil with a sword than it is with a penis.

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What stops that guy from masturbating about your dorf's feats of strength and battle ability?

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Well rape IS more personal than random killing. EVen torture only hurts the outside and it heals after a while. Rape, though, leaves deep scars on someones mind. Scars that will never heal as long as that person lives.

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>only hurts the outside and it heals after a while
Oh boy, here we go again.

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Oh I intend to.

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Meant as a reply to >>23703767

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It's sad to think that it's true IRL tough.

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Shhh... Dont spoil the fun

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I'd GRONK that bitch so hard. Look at what she's wearing. She's just asking to be GRONK'd.

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So let that be a lesson kids. If you rape someone kill her afterwards.

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>I'd neve play with someone who couldn't accept homos.
but a necrophile is a nono?
anyway, play a homo than. an interesting gameplay but no cringes.

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>6 hours
>only halfway through chargen
Oh god....

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Pic verily related.

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And torture can neither maim nor cause psychological trauma.

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You mean Muscle Wizard

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Rape is equivalent to torture, though.

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>Torture doesn't leave emotional scars.
This is a troll, right?

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Does that literally cause people cancer? Because that would be so cool.

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this whole book is about fapping while playing

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He's wearing nothing?

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Yes, I suppose I do.

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>tfw playing hunter and you get kicked out of the game for skinning a woof alive.
The DM was fine with it, it's just that it made the other player uncomfortable. I heard they even used the pelt as a bargain chip in a later encounter.

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Would vaginal variant of this machine would be technically used to torture or rape? Or torture as rape or rape as torture?

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Well, technically the necrophile doesn't harm anyone and probably gives cemetary workers more jobs but I gotta admit the idea is obvsiouly a whole lot harder to swallow, aesthetically.

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Some countries have death squads; Syria has those AND "rape squads" that are state-sanctioned & ordered.

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Yes, please stop responding to it, we've done it a million times.

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I dont remember the exact passage, but it is something like

"Ignore all penalties from contracting diseases"

It is funny when some diseases increase your Ability Scores the longer you have them, at the expense of a different ability score.

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EXACTLY! That little slut was asking for it.

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There is no "variant" of this; it was used in any large orifice a person would have.

It was a torture device but sexual violence is essentially rape.

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Yo dawg, I heard you like rape and torture, so I put torture in your rape so you can torture while you rape while you torture while you rape

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Indeed, i imagine it would be really hard for the dead to swallow it

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He's covered in cancerous growths and gains his power from them, IIRC.

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So Deadpool.....
Man, that's not nearly as cool as a wizard going around causing cancer in random people just because.

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He can get infinite strength.

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Depends, did you go into the gory details? Crossing the limits of good taste is always a poor idea in a communal game.

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Sorry I'm late, here you go.


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Well, frankly, it's a little stupid to assume a game is about going vegan when you have a, you know, HUNTER.

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Oh boy oh boy, now I can actually play this shitty game

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You can hunt evil poachers and lumberjacks!

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Im pretty okay with that - not my cip of tea, but, blackguards gotta do son

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Not at all, we were clamping down on three woof that decide that the outlying area was their's and killed anyone going too far into the wood. So we prepared to lure them out and captured them with one dead and two on the verge of dying, my hunter had a know how of medecine and wanted to know if he could pull of the whole skin a woof thing alive. It was fade to black anyways.

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You skinned it alive? Ok yeah that's a lot more gruesome dude.

>> No.23704181

Yeah, but skinning someone alive is still in poor taste. It's sadistic and completely unnecessary.

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How else am I going to get a Werewolf pelt? they transform back to human when killed.

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Well then you got a point.

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>FATAL Character Generator
>nigh impossible to find

Here you go.

>> No.23704312


Can't argue with that, really.

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why do you keep saying 'woof' instead of 'wolf'? an honest mistake or a new kind of animal?

>> No.23704360

nvrmnd, i red >>23704189
and understood

>> No.23704363

It's simply how we call werewolf in my local WoD community

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>You have acquired schizoid personality disorder
>You have acquired a random phobia: Myxophobia - Fear of slime
>You have acquired raptophilia

Wait. What's raptophilia? ...oh. Hell no.

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That's also a thing, though you have to look in Libris Mortis for that.

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Your character. Only yours is white.

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>schizophrenic person afraid of slime (possibly certain bodily fluids?) who can only get off with rape

I think it accidentally spat out a character sheet based on Byron Hall.

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It's not evil. It's just a neckbeard trying to insert his fetish into a game with, we hope, otherwise normal people.

What you are running into is disgust.

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>not evil
How about no?

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talking about sex with neckbeards makes people uncomfortable. is this really a difficult subject?

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That is so much funnier than it has any right to be.

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Fucking this. You people know apparently more about skinning people alive than sex.

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>Worst. Santa. Ever.

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Fuck you, my sides have barely recovered from the last thread!

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