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>CTRL-F omegle crusade
>no hits
I like cancering you up, /tg/, so I do the dirty deed
tags: /tg/, adventure, rp, roleplay, rollplay, grognard

Don't have anything fresh right now, so I'll just dump old shit for now

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Why did they disconnect? I want to hear the exploits of SeƱor Vargas.

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Permission to speak freely? Fucked if I know, Sir!

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Is it time?

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and her terrible descend into drug abuse and madness

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Ahahaha This one is glorious! Long live Brogan!

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I'm trying to run a game for people but literally NO ONE stays on that long. And if they do, they usually don't even know what a class is.
This is bullshit; why can't I meet more fa/tg/uys?

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and we were doing so well...

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She probably came instantly from the last line and didn't feel the need to stay. How selfish.

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I think I actually RP'd with that girl before. I took her on a massively long fantasy quest where I was a Paladin who followed her because he was obsessed with ending the war to see how long it would take her to disconnect. I'm probably why she added the "You don't have to be nice we are ENEMIES" part...

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so what is everyone else using for tags?

dungeons and dragons
warhammer 40k
role play
is what i have locked in

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>Takeru Shriogane
lonely BETA faggot detected

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I guess that's one way to end an ERP.

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Is anyone interested in the OmegleSpy hack?

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>do not use it for evil.
>/tg/ proceeds to use it for evil

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Hilariously cockblocking erpers is not "evil".
It's doing God's work.

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please tell me about this what exactly is tis?

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...Oh, dear.

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You can see its various uses in the thread I first posted it in. It can allow for a variety of completely harmless mischief. Completely. Harmless.

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It lets you watch two people's conversations.
And you can swap strangers out.
or disconnect them
or block one or both's messages.

Perhaps most hilariously, you can chat as one. (And if you chat as say, stranger 1, only stranger 2 sees it.)

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why do i get the felling this is why i got disconnected?

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[02:47:56] Finding two strangers...
[02:47:56] Stranger 1 connected
[02:47:56] Stranger 2 connected
[02:47:56] These strangers have 'roleplay' in common
[02:47:59] Stranger 2: Hey asl
[02:48:05] Stranger 2: m 20 usa
[02:48:09] Stranger 1: 20 M Aus (Blocked this line)
[02:48:14] *Stranger 1: 20 F Aus
[02:48:19] Stranger 2: Name!?(:
[02:48:27] Stranger 2: Cody here!
[02:48:28] Stranger 1: James
(Long fucking awkward silence)
[02:48:48] Stranger 1: What are you looking to RP?
[02:48:56] Stranger 2 disconnected

Anon used it for so much evil.

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Brogan is my hero.

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I've been trying to experiment with omegle for a while. And I think I have an idea for a quest.

Be right back, attempting.

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Brogan is everyone's hero.

I need to go back into the last thread and save all of them into a folder.

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>I hit you straight across the face

Thanks, I love drink on my monitor.

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search for only /tg/ and grognard

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Tried one myself

[00:29:03] Finding two strangers...
[00:29:03] Stranger 1 connected
[00:29:04] Stranger 2 connected
[00:29:04] These strangers have 'roleplay' in common
[00:29:04] Stranger 1: hey m 22 usa (blocked this line)
[00:29:11] Stranger 2: Hi
[00:29:12] *Stranger 1: hey f 22 usa
[00:29:25] Stranger 2: 18m usa
[00:29:30] Stranger 1: hey whats up?
[00:29:49] Stranger 2: Not much how about you?
[00:29:58] Stranger 1: nothing, gay?
[00:30:04] Stranger 2: No
[00:30:22] Stranger 1: bi?
[00:30:28] Stranger 2: Yeah
[00:30:33] Stranger 1: oh cool
[00:30:39] Stranger 1: want to roleplay?
[00:30:47] Stranger 2: Roles?

Disconnected myself here, NOT AS PLANNED

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I am sad, I spent the day mapping out a massive epic for omegle to play with you fa/tg/uys, but all I get are ERPers.

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To the /tg/ person I was just talking with who asked me not to post the convo on /tg/ about the rp he (or she) is in.

Omegle lost connection for some reason, I didn't abandon you.

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use grognard or tg

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>To the /tg/ person I was just talking with who asked me not to post the convo on /tg/
I am intrigued.

Were you two getting sexy?

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Oh. Damn.

I feel kind of bad for raging/thinking you ditched me now.

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You could use someking of bs shared interest like fdkgjkjdlkjsklg;fk to get back together.

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Posting an oldie but a goodie.

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A successful game of GROCERY STORE SURVIVAL.

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so many of you are rude

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Anon, if you still wish to help me out, find me under fdkgjkjdlkjsklg;fk

This is amazing and I want in. Why do I never find this stuff?

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>use it
>constant disconnects

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Will do.

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>find conversation
>16m and 16f
>girl asks what guy is into
>with omegle spy reply "hardcore rape mostly"
>she responds "I can do that..."
couldn't stay in was having too much of a giggle.

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>I notice the FOX engine logo in the corner

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(please let me know if you're reading) 17 male here, andrew, 5 ft 10, white, long brown naturally curly hair, 7 inch cock (just in case you were wondering). So the actual roleplay goes like this. I'm your 17 year old son. I'm a good kid, but I've been pushing you out of my life as of recent. I've been spending a lot more time with my friends, not asking you for help like when I was little, becoming a lot more independent, etc. Mom seeing all of this wants to give me a super special birthday present that no other 17 year old will get. She offers to let me be a kid again, letting me relax and letting her take care of anything. I can be 10 again, basically. But only under one condition, I must be her 10 year old daughter. Offering makeovers, to do my hair, to paint my nails, to play dress up. Also suprising me by letting me ride her again, piggyback rides, shoulder rides, horsey rides, and where the mother carries their child on the hip.

I don't even, what...

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...i accidentally my mind, what do?

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A great trick when they ask a question is to block the other persons chat, wait for them to reply, then bastardize their actual answer to them.

Oh God, the shit that spawns.

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How do you actually run it?

I downloaded it as a .jar, and have JRE 7 installed, but dunno how to actually use it.

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a .jar is a java file, make sure you have java installed and set to auto run .jar files.

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Oh god, people are into that? IRL, I'd have done a 360 and noped out of the room moonwalking if my mother offered me that

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Okay, I'm getting a little tired, but I'd like to do a test run of this idea:

I want to sort of create like a game of telephone, where each person fills in the next part of the story without knowing the previous information.
So as a heads-up, if someone asks you a stupid question, then just disappears, don't take it personally.

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Set where?

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Java, it's a program to run stuff like that. After you install it right click the .jar file and go to properties, select program to run the file with and find Java.

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had a fun adventure with two anons.
the * marks where I inject my shit.

But because this program's save convo is a pile of shit I ended up having to put it into images with paint and a small screen.

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I'll sage from here to 20 so I don't keep this thread on the top of the front page forever.

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There must be a better way to do this I didn't think of in my sleep deprived state.

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Okay, I think I'm learning some valuable information here. Stuff was getting a little interesting, but there was a flaw.

If anyone else wants to try this game, here's what I suggest:
>Give the bare minimum of information. If the last player said "pick up the phone", then just tell the next person "you're holding the phone," and nothing else
>Do no write in second person perspective, just write like it's a normal story
>Do not include the other person as a character
>So instead of saying "You are standing in the basement," say something like "a person was standing in the basement"
>Going along with the above things, do no ask "what do you do next?", instead ask "what happens next?"

I'm tired but I'll try it again with the revised rules later.

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last one finally.

Sorry for the long ass image dump

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I feel like I ran into her also, similar set up without the magic part in terms of being basically at the mercy of "you and your soldiers".

We went for a few hours before she abruptly disconnected out of no where. Instead of trying to rape her (which I think she wanted) I was attempting to use her as a hostage to take control of the kingdom. It was working, too.

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I've been waiting for this thread to pop up!

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Her reactions are so perfect that almost looks scripted. 10/10 would read again.

>> No.23696508


Best part 10/10

>> No.23697575

Good news, I got to be a Chaos Champion!

Did I perform well?

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everybody disconnects :(
as soon as i start talking about my dwarf Gombur or those dirty lizardmen, they all go.. ..

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Sorry, my net cut out.

>> No.23699127

SOrry, my net cut out

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It's cool yo. I'm just glad I didn't have to deal with ASL ASL ASL.

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This is still going? Well, my Friday is complete. I'll bump with one of my own until I get something new. To glory!

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i am the only still trolling?

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Rolled 20


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As soon as I got to the "dark elf" part...

>> No.23704415

anybody else read stranger in h. jon benjamin's voice? (Archer, Bob Belcher, etc)

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Not had any good things thus far, disappointingly. Another bump for victory.

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Stranger: hi

You: so, you are another boring anon who will disconnect as soon as you get confused?

Stranger: no not really

You: well then

Stranger: whats up?

You: RCL ?

Stranger: rcl?

You: race class level

Stranger: black high whats level?

You: what kind of race is black ?

You: i am elf wizard myseld

You: never did my loremaster mention a race of black

Stranger: oh sorry

Stranger: im halfork barberian and 7

Stranger: you dont want to get on my bad side trust me

You: good, our party needs barbarian atm

You: we going to go into a generic castle to battle a generic black mage vampire thing

You: and rescue a horsedick princess

You: are we clear on this?

Stranger: yea but whats in it for me?

You: you can have the princess, our dick rogue gonna stab the living hell out of king anyway

Stranger: okay im in
>half orc
>my sides have left the building

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>tfw you get an epic saga of glory and heroism set in the Deluge
>tfw one of the most interesting RPs you've had on omelge.
>tfw your conversation partner has disconnected

>> No.23706596

To the dude who wanted to clear the graveyard of necromancers with me, sorry I had to leave, was fun while it lasted.

You were the first actual RP I had on omegle that didn't turn into some sort of attempt at kinky sex.

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I just like to warn people not to trust a left handed man who offers them a business proposal.

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>You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

>You and the stranger both like roleplaying, and grognard.

>Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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kudos for whoever DM'ed for me on omegle. I am rainbow Dave the dashing knave. I tried to kill some college warlock frat so I can steal their whores, booze and slip'n'slide, but I ended up immobile in a ditch covered in piss

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A guard's work is never done.

>> No.23709297

Bloody Dark Brotherhood.

>> No.23709352

They just don't know when to stop.

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What the fuck is this, /b/?

>> No.23709492

Oh god, i met a doppleganger.

>> No.23709881

Is this the same person doing all these super long descriptions of their female self?

>> No.23709991

I nearly died while reading this.

>> No.23710023

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You and the stranger both like roleplay.
Stranger: u girl
You: No, me man. Ugg shuld know dis.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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This thread is killing me. Oh man. So much genius.

>> No.23710258

Needs more Brogan

>> No.23710401

The problem is, I think we've used every pun there is for a sword.

>leg up on the competition
>needs a grip on the situation
>a CUT above the rest
>use a hand
>got the point
>shouldn't have lost his head
>fly off the handle
>looks like he wanted a little off the top.
There are probably more, those are just the ones I have off the top of my head.

>> No.23710433

Well, we don't have to use a sword. I was actually planning on using puns related to the monster at hand, maybe an axe or fist or something.

>> No.23710471

True, there was the one who used an electric wire and said that orcs were quite shocking.

Brogan is not bound by time and space, only by eternal combat with the orcs.

He and his orcs are more of a force of nature than anything else, like a haunting, they just show up and then disappear.

>> No.23710650

It's funny this girl mentions "A LITTLE rough is okay." I distinctly remember playing out a brutal abusive/slave/gangbang fantasy with her a while ago.

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>> No.23710870

All right, another day another experiment.

If you meet someone who asks you a strange question then leaves, please just go with it.

>> No.23710913

I love you.

You are my hero.

>> No.23710914

Oh Brogan you magnificent bastard

>> No.23710974

/tg/, is it bad that I kinda like the people I meet on omegle who want to roleplay? The ones I've encountered seem pretty decent.

They're probably all dudes, but they're still pretty decent.

>> No.23711053

Going to dump some brogan images while I try to think of a pun that doesn't sound completely forced

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>> No.23711126

This is it from the other thread unless I missed one

>> No.23711207


My next D&D character is going to be Brogan

>> No.23711214

>that use of parenthesis
>these long descriptions
>lack of "stranger is typing"

I'm worrried, friends.

>> No.23711365

You: Stop being a horny bastard and let's RP you fag

Stranger: K

Stranger: Go

You: I appear, dress in a gown of the finest ermine before the bedroom. I smile, and reveal teeth as shining as the pearls of the deep. I beckon for you to enter my magical realm

Stranger: " who... Who are you? "

You: I lean forward, and whisper, Macha

Stranger: " I.... Ok what do you want? L

Stranger: "

You: I want you to deflower me, for I have searched far across the stars for one to do so

Stranger: Ok " I get up and go with you "

You: I lead you forward, my fine ivory hands leading you into my wraithbone bedroom. "Monkeigh, thy race is inferior but you show so much promise..."

Stranger: Ok so where are we going?

You: To my chamber, little man. *Leans forever and gives you a quick kiss on cheek*

Stranger: " I act surprised " are you going to hurt me?

You: "Of course not!" *Gestures towards lavish bed* "Get comfortable!"

Stranger: Ok " I set down and get comfortable "

You: *Loosens front of gown and leans forward* Like what you see, little man? It's only a hint of what's soon to come

Stranger: Ugh I ugh yes " I can't believe what I'm seeing "

You: *brings down, showing a pair of perky white breasts, topped with rosebud like nipples* Oh ho ho, monkeigh, you have no clue!

Stranger: " my eyes widen and I just stare "

You: "Oh you crude animal, only simply gawking and staring instead of acting! Then again, the eldar have always been the apex of elegance!" *throws the gown down, removing everything and jumping onto bed*

Stranger: O man your amazing looking.

You: *licks my lips* "I know..But are you going to take off your clothes first? Unless you monkeigh are as brutish as you look""

Stranger: " I take my cloths of reveling my already erected penis "

>> No.23711375

You: *smiles again, showing silvered teeth* "Oh, animal, crash my gate! Break my virginity as Slaanesh broke our race!"

You: *grasp at your penis with my smooth hands, erecting it further*

Stranger: Ok " I get on top of you and slowly put my penis in your pussy and begin to go back and forth slowly "

You: OH! OH!

You: Wait...what's that sound!


You: *Farseer Taldeer bursts in!*

You: "Macha, what are you doing with a filthy monkeigh!"

You: Bu-but sister, I'm going to lose my virginity!

You: "Sorry, Macha," *points to human* "I'm sorry she tricked you, have a fruit and chocolate basket. Please don't tell the Imperium to attack us."

Stranger: What what's going on here?

Stranger: Who are you and what do you mean don't attack?

You: *Farseer Taldeer gestures to Macha, now sheepishly putting her clothes back on* If she is to lose her virginity, it is decreed that the Emperor of Mankind will rise from his throne or die. We cannot risk such. Good bye human *Activates webway teleporter* Enjoy your fruit basket

>> No.23711438

>everyone is dressed sophisticatedly but in a sexy way
uh, what?

>> No.23711691

No one seems to have pre-made scenarios, bad night for Brogan

>> No.23711807


>> No.23711913

So far, this has happened:
>Ben stood in the aisle of the grocery store.
>Ben picked up a box of crackers and inspected it for 5 minutes.
>Ben ate all of the crackers. All of them.
>Ben went to his room and was shot in the head ten times.
>Someone found Ben's body and called the police.
>The police investigated the murder for two days until they closed the case. Nobody was arrested.
>The police were following a new lead in their murder investigation.
>The police stopped to get some coffee.
>The police saw two men robbing the coffee shop.
>The police were chasing some criminals, when suddenly they were attacked by zombies.
>The police decided to work with the zombies to solve the case.
>The zombies ate the police.

>> No.23711953

And here's the final post. I can't do more tonight, but I'd say this is at least working as intended.

Unfortunately I end up talking to random strangers most of the time.

>> No.23712366

Ha Ha, I wouldn't worry about that.

>> No.23712867

I like how she just breezes over the fact that her character gave birth 3 months prematurely.

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