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Organism Abathur, much interest in traditional games, spinning into strain

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Why is it whenever I look at you I feel...anger?

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Because you feel his butthurt at the primal zerg ripping off his designs.

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Dehaka trolled the Dominion pretty well

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SHHHHHH! Some of us haven't beaten it yet.

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He was Zerg, You are Zerg.. You know...

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Mammalian strain, excessive fat cells on posterior, effect: increased comfort when seated, vulnerable to pain from any other source, conclusion, inefficient, counter productive, sloppy,
disposing of strain, not needed

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Are you saying your queen's phat ass is useless? Because it most certainly is not.

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disagreement, queen posterior hard chitin, luminous glow, purpose, attraction of attention to glowing posterior, incoming fire influenced to be directed at posterior, is most protected part of body,
beneficial strain
attempting replication

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That chitin is only superficial, underneath is soft butt meats.

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queen zerg bioform able to alternate between hard chitin, and soft mammalian equivalent, as stated, efficient,
strain replication complete,
integrating strain into organism abathur

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Abathur sure is fixated on Kerrigan's ass

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It is an... efficient strain

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SC2 a shit

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So what would the LotV campaign be like? Diplomacy between Protoss factions? Niadra kicking ass?

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In Wings of Liberty, Donny Vermillion reports about lemon juice possibly being useful against zerglings. In Heart of the Swarm, Abathur makes an off-hand comment about solving the zerglings' allergy to lemon juice.

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It's Zeratul gathering all the different protoss factions together

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Abathur wanting to be indoctrinated to Narud "Swarm" was precious

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>zeratul returns to the protoss
>Doomsday prophecy I ain't gotta explain shit
>But seriously guys, Xel'naga and co. are coming so we should unite and prepare
>lol it's crazy old zeratul with his crazy old prophecies (lock him up)
>(enter sympathetic protoss chick whatshername)
>I believe zeratul and his prophies so I'm going to rescue him and help him unite the protoss to combat this threat
It will go exactly. like. that.

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So Valerian is now the Emperor of Mankind?

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will we see her again Matthew?

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Niadra was made so there a reason you can fight Zerg in LotV.

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>>(enter sympathetic protoss chick whatshername)

Selendis, and I would count on her getting some help from Brotanis, he is leader of the templars now.

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>hurf durf kerrigan new mary sue raynor is metzen self insert
>derp durr raynor might be possibly maybe ded because i saw it on the news always believe the news
>better betray everything raynor worked for and everything you stand for
>lets dbz the shit out of everything
>Raynor had a loaded gun in his cell all along
>lets kill mengsk
>boom mengsk ded
>"Raynor I must go now, my planet needs me"
>and people bought this
>with money

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Well if i got that synopsis I wouldn't think of buying it either. Its a good thing I don't actually listen to /v/.

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>>derp durr raynor might be possibly maybe ded because i saw it on the news always believe the news

Considering that would be the kind of thing Mengsk would brag about, and seeing as he had been hunting Jimmy for years and declared him public enemy number one that would not be an unreasonable conclusion to draw from that news report.

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Don't forget
>Sneaking in powerarmor, master ninja Raynor
>the zerg are now noble savages

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>Its a good thing I don't actually listen to /v/.
/v/ is actually right in 90% of the cases.

Also the synopsis is actually less retarded than the real thing. Just go look.

Nova being able to shoot kamehameha ki blasts being one of the high points.

Yes because you kill off your self insert character 1/4th into the game and Raynor is totally not a central character. Also this is a Blizzard game and Raynor hasn't been corrupted yet and he isnt evil so he can't die.


What the fuck? Seriously this is Draenei lore rape all over again.

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you do know that they removed the THIS IS JUSTICE from the original leaked ending

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Raynor not central character in a Zerg game about Kerrigan...

What's wrong with powerful psionicists doing powerful shit?

Nove never shot any beams

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>Unable to distinguish between IC knowledge and OOC knowledge

You meta game don't you? You are probably THAT GUY in your group.

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>Raynor not central character in a Zerg game about Kerrigan...
>You meta game don't you? You are probably THAT GUY in your group.
This is about horrible writing, not about anything in IC you fucking dunces. And Raynor is a central character in the starcraft story, just like Kerrigan and Zeratul.

Holy shit how retarded are you people.

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They probably bought Heart of the Swarm, that's how retarded they are.

And now they have post purchase rationalisation.

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Nova still has her inhibitor implants, you know, the things all human psychics that aren't Kerrigan have? Also in universe lore states that Kerrigan is the most powerful psychic that the ghost program ever found. The human scale for measuring psychic power goes from 1 to 10(10 being the theoretical top of the scale because no human had ever tested higher), Kerrigan as of Wings Of Liberty was rated at 12.

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>And Raynor is a central character in the starcraft story, just like Kerrigan and Zeratul.

And Kerrigan is supposed to know this how? Last I checked she isn't Deadpool so she is unaware she is a character in a videogame.

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Wait...noble savage Zerg? What?

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>/v/ is actually right in 90% of the cases.

I give up. I enjoyed the game, I had fun theorizing about the Primal Zerg in the last thread..

There i said it Lynch me now, Before my Taste Spread.

BAck to Abathur, He sounds like he would be such a THAT GUY at the table, Obsessive Min-Maxer, ORIGINAL CHARACTER DON'T STEAL complex, and a terrible role player.

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>What's wrong with powerful psionicists doing powerful shit?
Because it goes against established lore that psionicists should be able to even do something that is even close to this shit.

Other notable shit things about SC2 HotS
>Kerrigan is the only unit you need to win
>Literally one unit boss battles
>Another point where Kerrigan stands in open fire from 20 marines and mechs, flies through the mech and then unleashes a DBZ blast so everyone dies

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Wow reading comprehension is hard huh?

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read that in her voice.

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I didnt skip the DBZ fight scene because it needs to be ingrained just how fucking awful the lore rape is throughout the entire expansion. You thought "oh man i love kerrigan so much" and "lets kick this revolution into overdrive" was bad? You havent seen shit.

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you mean like protoss wrecking shit with their mind? Oh dear... how about the Xel'Naga Temple which uses Psionics to wreck up all zerg life on Shakuras

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theres nothing noble about Primal Zerg. They are pretty much savages who kill each other to become stronger..

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>muh eldar
protip: eld- I mean. Protoss. Are not humans.

Amazing isnt it?

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>goes against established lore

The only examples of uninhibited psychics we have are Kerrigan and the protoss, and the protoss basic ground unit is capable of energy manipulation via their psychic powers that they use to produce their energy blades. Psychics throwing around DBZ shit has been part of the lore since day one.

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>catch prey
>throw it far away to catch it again

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it still shows what Psionics are capable of. Kerrigan has her Psionics boosted up to over 9000 that even Protoss fear it.

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>>/v/ is actually right in 90% of the cases.
>I give up.
Why? Its true.

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For you apparently, you said that Kerrigan should know that Raynor wasn't really dead because Raynor is Metzen's self insert, I pointed out that Kerrigan has never broken the fourth wall, you insulted me, and here we are.

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Kerrigan is Zerg ehanced Terran Psionics

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>Psychics throwing around DBZ shit has been part of the lore since day one.
This is what people who never played Starcraft ACTUALLY believe.

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>you said that Kerrigan should know that Raynor wasn't really dead
no he didnt

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Nothing noble about the Primal Zerg. They were all power hungry, sneaky megalomaniacs.

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I am fully aware that protoss are not humans, yet both have displayed psychic powers that appear to be common to anyone that has psychic powers. Also, as has been stated, Kerrigan is the only example we have of a powerful human psychic without limiter implants.

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I can see why the Overmind was needed to keep them in check

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>you said that Kerrigan should know
I said that I wasnt talking about what the character should know.

I said that it was about how shitty the story was written.

You are a fucking retarded Blizzard apologist.

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Also I may as well
Sum up the conclusions we came to about the Primal Zerg Last Thread

>The Primal Zerg are the RESULT of the Xel Naga Helping out tenacious little worms on an ash planet. THEN they took the template to make the current Zerg.
> The Jungles of the planet Is likely Some type of Primal Creep, Over a long period of time it was able to alter the environment to its current state.
>The Primal Zerg Take on the Traits of their kills, Beneficial or not. This means that eating a weaker creature may possibly make you weaker.
> Because of this The more Powerful Zerg Have to continue killing Progressively stronger enemies.
>The ancient one Grew so powerful that there was nothing around strong enough that he would benefit from killing, so he went into hibernation till another Zerg reached that point.
>Packs form because the weaker zerg know that the more powerful leaders will gain nothing from eating them, but they don't want to be killed on principle, so they help the leader kill stronger enemies, in hopes that they will get the scraps, no matter the outcome.

There was more but I can't explain it very well.

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>derp durr raynor might be possibly maybe ded because i saw it on the news always believe the news


Your move.

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maybe you should actually see it because you just made yourself look twice retarded.

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I am pretty sure he knows what he meant better than you do.

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Because High Templar in Starcraft 1 totally didn't have the psychic storm ability, and Archons totally didn't exist.

>> No.23679495

I may as well tie a nice bow on the conclusions we came to about Kerrigan's Revolution

>above all else, Kerrigan Desires to Survive, this has been her motivation from day one, QoB or Current Kerrigan.
>She is willing to do all sorts of shit to ensure her survival.
>She Decides to go after Mengst because she knows so long as he lives he will continue to make attempts on her life, The Broadcast on Raynor was the final Straw.
>The only thing that will take her in, and the only thing strong enough to fight against Mengst is the Zerg Swarm.
>Cue Game.

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See >>23679375

>> No.23679518

Isn't Kerrigan like the most powerful psionicist in canon? With no inhibitor implants? And don't Protoss throw around crazy psionic storms willy nilly as units?

So why are people complaining about Kerrigan throwing around powerful psionics again?

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Letting /v/ Dictate your opinions and taste does not make it right 90% of the time.

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Autism, my friend. Autism.

>> No.23679537

Most powerful human/zerg psionic yes, Amon is possibly as or more powerful if Zurvan wasn't exaggerating about him being able to shatter worlds.

>> No.23679542

I just find it very annoying how they had to interpret the whole "baww jim"-idea into kerrigan.
I'd be happy if Kerrigan was slightly more like he was in sc1/bw. Now she just seems very weak going after Raynor instead of doing it for her motive to survive she does it because she has feelings for him.
Kerrigan only ever acted to survive and gain power. Being a true zerg. Very mad one too.

>> No.23679552

I wish Kerrigan's response to Raynor's anger at her turning back zerg was something along the lines of 'Hey I don't know, Zeratul showed up, gave me this psychic knowledge or something and said this was something I gotta do for his prophecy. I know you're pissed but come on, it's Zeratul and now I can kill Mensk easier. If you want I can compromise and wear my old ghost suit if it'll make you feel more comfortable."

>> No.23679581

"Plus I thought you were, you know dead." "And it's not like I'm one of the zerg you know and love, I'm a zerg 2.0."

>> No.23679582


>Zeratul comes into the protoss station
>Zeratul is giving all the other protoss high-threes and fistbumps
>suddenly the chief of the protoss yells out from his office "GET IN HERE ZERATUL!"
>zeratul wanders in nonchalantly, closes door to the chief of protoss' office behind him
>"But what about the rights of that little Abathur? Anyway, we need the zerg for prophesy reasons."
>"FUCKING FINE" zeratul tosses it onto the chief of Protoss' desk.
>"I'll crack this prophecy myself!" Zeratul strides out, slamming the chief's door behind him
>SC3 is a sierra style point and click adventure, there are no RCS elements in it at all.
>Worst Korea is confused.
>worst korea falls into rioting and anarchy, their government collapses.
>at the UN hearing about the incident, the guy in charge of Blizzard's SC3 depart is being questioned
>"why'd you do it Blizzard?" they ask him.
>he nonchalantly reaches up to his chin and pulls of his gaijin mask to reveal that he was Kim Jong Un all along!
>"Best Korea wins again capitalist pig dogs!"

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Kerrigan has traits of all three races. It's in the first game but it's not thrown around.
Thing with hots that is making people feel uncmofy is the fact that she's made this action movie hero who goes around blasting people in front of her. She used every single character in BW campaign and then stabbed in the back literally. Now she's going around after her hubby while having cgi-effects kill things.
Do you spot the difference?

It's much more easy to relate to the the neo-Kerrigan. But it really does not make much sense the lore or plot-wise seeing if she had any of her abilities from the first game.
People are upset about her doing and acting like the first game really wasnt there, that is why people flare at the psionics

>> No.23679593


I don't even know what the hell people are talking about nova shooting Kamehamehas, but if you watch something in a vacuum expecting it to be wrong you come to some funny conclusions.

As far as i can tell no Terran other than Kerrigan does big ass Psy shit, and Nurad is an ancient Xel Naga shapeshifter thing.

>Zeratul kills a Cerebrate by psychically punching it in the dick
>Tassadar Spirit Bombs himself into the overmind.
>Psy maguffin wins Brood war Protoss Campaign by blasting the everloving shit out of all zerg on the planet

Yes as people have said these are all Protoss examples, but no Terrans are actually reaching this point other than Kerrigan, so I fail to see the problem people are having other than making shit up to be angry about.

>> No.23679614

>all three races

It's been a while since I played the first game and I haven't read any of the books but where is it stated she's part protoss?

>> No.23679617

>She used every single character in BW campaign and then stabbed in the back literally. Now she's going around after her hubby while having cgi-effects kill things.
>Do you spot the difference?

Not...really? I mean in an expansion focused around her I expect her killing shit. Her chasing after Jim while doing action movie things doesn't really contrast all the backstabbing she did in BW, especially considering becoming the QoB and then being 'cured' fucked with her head.

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>> No.23679640

Kerrigan is listening to her morality pets again, Tries things differently.


>> No.23679653

That would also be a great thing to lie about if a character went underground so as to demoralize his friends.

>> No.23679681

And Tassadar could just straight up hadoken people as a high templar.

>> No.23679693

>>Psy maguffin wins Brood war Protoss Campaign by blasting the everloving shit out of all zerg on the planet

Wasn't just zerg it wiped out, ending cinematic does a from space shot of Shakuras that reveals it's now a desert planet, it killed everything that wasn't a protoss and/or inside the temple. Don't fuck with Xel'Naga artifacts kids.

>> No.23679711

>Don't fuck with Xel'Naga artifacts kids.

Whatever happened to the Xel'Naga in the end?

>> No.23679726

But /v/ IS right a lot of the time. Even if I disagree with their conclusions, most of their assessments and criticisms are usually sound, if not occasionally exaggerated.

SC2, for example, is terrible writing and complete lore rape. Metzen even admitted to as much, claiming he was trying to tear down the edginess of his past or some shit.

>> No.23679752

SC1 manual said the zerg rape stomped them to absorb their delicious intelligence. SC2 has yet to contradict this but has given them the additional motivation of Amon/the fallen one/the dark voice ordered them to. Maybe letting the shifty guy with the red eyes and the evil echo voice have access to the Overmind was a bad idea.

>> No.23679763

>that vid
The first thing I noticed is that Zeratul still has his psychic tendrils. You know, the ones that Dark Templar cut off to remove themselves from the Khala and why they were exiled to Shakuras in the first place.

Maybe Im just being a lore whore, but that is some pretty basic shit to forget.

>> No.23679779

Dark templar still have them only they are cut short. Compare Zeratul with other Toss short.

>> No.23679802

so why does /v/ think Primal Zerg are noble savages?

Also, Amon is a Xel'Naga?

>> No.23679806

not exactly partly protoss. But she has the abilities as well as inhuman psionics.
I just find it very hard to understand how the queen bitch of universe is suddenly going after a man.
Ah, I see. This might sound sarcastic but it's not. So you mean its sorta character development?

>> No.23679816

he still has his DT top knot, those braids seem to be cut off at a point.

Someone once suggested that his are slowly growing back .

>> No.23679818

If you mean those things hanging over his shoulders I think those are something else, or it could be possible that they regrow over time, and Zeratul is very old. Either way they aren't as long as the ones on a high templar, those look like they wouldn't go past the small of his back, if you look at the zealots and high templars theirs are almost longer than they are tall, they'rt down to their ankles at least, or whatever the protoss equivalent of ankles are.

>> No.23679830

>I just find it very hard to understand how the queen bitch of universe is suddenly going after a man.

By not being the Queen Bitch of the Universe anymore? Like, it was explained pretty early on that the Queen of Blades isn't Kerrigan. Same body, two different personalities.

Think Aemeul and Hethradiah.

>> No.23679858

Im commander zeratul and full s is my favourite comment on this thread
(the xel'naga are the new reapers and zeratul is the new shepard uniting all the races to combat this threat)

>> No.23679859

it's not very difficult to be right about video games being shit. /v/ has one answer that is right 99% of the time.

>> No.23679869

Doesnt stop em from being right 90% of the time. And they can usually tell you WHY its shit, too.

>> No.23679873


You mean hybrids? Because last I checked every Xel'Naga not named Amon is still dead.

>> No.23679884

not really different personalities, just variations of the same crazy

but yes, i don't know why someone would assume being deinfested wouldn't affect her.

>> No.23679885


>> No.23679887

Full s = *this
Mobile, I-I don't even

>> No.23679897

It was once a debated point that what we're now calling Hybrids were actually part of the Xel'naga reproductive cycle somehow.

>> No.23679906

they can give reasons but it's not really different from just guessing, other than obvious shit like horrible DRM or p2w.

>> No.23679919


By character development yes, Personality wise, HotS KErrigan is no different than QoB,
QoB Pretty much lost all trust in everyone, Thus backstab fest. This Kerrigan has a bit of a conscience again, and is trusting people again.

HotS Pretty much confirms Him as a Xel Naga, Zurvan the ancient one was alive on Zerus at the time.

As fort eh noble savage thing, i haven't any idea why they think that and I'm personally a fan of them. I suppose their thinking of Zurvan as a Noble savage as he is the closest thing to noble in that murder hole. He tells you repeatedly that the Zerg Destiny is to consume and grow stronger. once you finally are strong enough to challenge him he makes no excuses for trying to kill you, this is zerg, whoever wins will be stronger and he is all too happy to fulfill this

>> No.23679938

No the Xel'Naga thing was that the zerg and protoss were supposed to merge naturally, the hybrids are explicitly stated to be an unnatural merger of the two races. Plus they appear to be under Amon's control, I doubt the Xel'Naga would want their successors to be slaves of the guy that is responsible for their deaths.

>> No.23679970


It's more that she was a ghost and thus psychic I think; basically ghosts cloak the same way that the dark templar do, but they're not as good at it, same basic principle underlying it all though.

Note however that this was from the bit of the metaplot in SC1 that SC1 abandoned by the end of the second campaign – basically the zerg were attacking the terrans to get their lucky charms/psychic powers so the zergs could psychic fight the protoss, the protoss in turn were trying to wipe out the terrans to stop the zerg getting psychic powers... and then the non-psychic zerg who'd so far got 1 kerrigan and only used regular "terran/zerg hybrids" as suicide bombs kinda ate the entire protoss homeworld fairly easily through... well... zerg rushing.

but yeah, Kerrigan was supposed to be a bridge between all three races, the psychic powers of the protoss, the individuality and flexibility of the terrans and the BADASS DREADLOCKS OF THE SWARM.

>> No.23679978

Why did nobody pick up on Narud's name?

>> No.23679995

Not just pretty much, Zurvan outright calls him a fallen Xel'Naga.

>> No.23680012

Until It was brought up on 4 chan I didn't see it either somehow. During the missions with him I even Thought to myself
> "huh Duran did Hybrid Experiments I wonder where he is"

>> No.23680023

It's too bad Duran is gone. I found his voice hilarious.

>> No.23680034

Ghosts actually don't cloak the same way DTs do, DTs do it through mastery of "void" based psychic powers, Ghosts have a cloaking device that runs off their psychic powers. Like using a car versus just naturally being able to run that fast.

>> No.23680037


originally zergs were just brain parasite worms – you know those worms that hatcheries produce? those are what the primal zerg looked like before the xel'naga uplifted them into sentience and the process of zergolution started making them more complex.

>> No.23680053


So how does kerrigan cloak without a backpack?

>> No.23680071

Nova and Spectres also share this distinction, these alsoh happen to be the stronger Psychics the terran have, so maybe they are able to use a more eficent device?

>> No.23680086

If you mean post infestation Kerrigan she no longer had the psychic limiters that the confederacy put in all their ghosts, so she was powerful enough that she could do it on her own after watching DTs do it enough times I guess. If you mean pre infestation well, I'm pretty sure she took the cloaking device with her when she went AWOL. Though now that I think about it did she cloak in her QOB form in SC1? I know she doesn't in SC2, though that could be because she thinks she's strong enough that she no longer needs to as opposed to her not being able to do it anymore for some reason.

>> No.23680087


no but, kerrigan, when she's a ZERG can still cloak.

how do?

>> No.23680119

Well, at the start of the zerg campaign she still had her psychic limiters, so maybe she still used her ghost cloaker, or the zerg were able to whip her up a biological equivalent while she was in the chrysalis, or >>23680086

>> No.23680132


when you get to use her as a hero unit in the zerg campaign she can cloak – she cant' burrow, probably because of all the back spikes (she'd get stuck), but she can cloak, and do the devourer thing where she turns nearby zergs into energy for her cloak (which actually makes her guilt tripping the protoss with "how many zergs did you kill?" especially funny, you are not allowed to get on your moral high horse kerrigan! Because you ATE IT).

>> No.23680730

Can we blame Blizzards shift towards catering towards a Korean audience for the change in writing? Asian audiences do look for different things in stories- melodrama, crappy romance, etc.

>> No.23681028



Hmm, perhaps we should ask Dr Narud what he thinks about that.

>> No.23681035


Koreans don't play the single player game though.

>> No.23681038

I tried calling him but his phone's been disconnected for a few days now.

>> No.23681052


I heard he's been deleting all his files right before Kerrigan came around. Maybe he's still busy making hybrids in a manner that is no way identical to how Duran did things.

>> No.23681086

I hope they reveal Narud and Duran to actually NOT be the same person.

>> No.23681124


SPOILER ALERT: Alucard turns out to be Dracula


if Blizzard was catering to the Kmarket, they'd have made SC2 a giant grind fest.

In case you were wondering what the game play of the starcraft MMO was gonna be like.

>> No.23681130

Not in so many words, but when Kerrigan fights Narud, he shapeshifts into Raynor and then human Kerrigan to fuck with her head.

>> No.23681142

>> No.23681168

the primal zerg is what spore should be...

>> No.23681180

infested alexi is bro

>> No.23681181

we have a new Emperor folks

>> No.23681188

>thinking Blizzard cares about lore at all

>> No.23681198

His mom must have been stunning, because he sure as fuck doesn't get his looks from his dad's side of the family.

>> No.23681203

he wont turn out to be the BBEG right?

>> No.23681213

I, Mengsk actually describes his mother as a gentle beautiful woman

>> No.23681227

Will they ever bring up Raynor's psychic son who was "killed in an accident" according to confederates in the school for gifted children.

>> No.23681236

I honestly hope he won't get to be emperor for long.

>> No.23681244

alexi did say the UED might return

>> No.23681245

At this point it looks like that parking space has a big flashing neon sign above it saying "Amon only, all other vehicles will be towed at owner's expense".

>> No.23681249


>> No.23681252

I only vaguely remember that comic. Was it because Raynor's wife was a psychic, or is Jimmy a filthy mutant?

>> No.23681262

they were mentioned in liberty's crusade

>> No.23681275

>UED shows up, wipes out all the poorly written starcraft 2 garbage
Please do.

>> No.23681276

raptor zerglings are best zerglings

>> No.23681279

John Raynor protagonist for SC3

>> No.23681290

>that's a nice base surrounded by seemingly impregnable cliffs you have there, it would be a shame if something were to happen to it.

>> No.23681291

That book is bad and you should feel bad. It reads like tawdry self-insertion fanfiction, co-opting established characters to shoehorn in Michael Liberty.

>> No.23681307

that was one of the few good starcraft books

>> No.23681313

Its confirmed.

/tg/ would defend any game no matter how flawed it is because "fun".

I bet you people would defend Sim City 5 as well.

>> No.23681320

>>Raynor had a loaded gun in his cell all along

I think this bugged me more than anything in the game.

>> No.23681323

All licensed fiction is garbage.

>> No.23681341

John Raynor for vessel of Amon

>> No.23681364

Him and Matt, new buddy cop show there, mark my words.
>He's an idealistic rebel.
>He's a dominion prince.
>They fight crime!

>> No.23681411

I can't wait for him to be corrupted and then killed off.


>> No.23681413

Narud was voiced by Quark?

>> No.23681421

get the fuck out /v/ we like MSRR also

>> No.23681431

I would watch it hell I loved that "starbattle" themed mission

>> No.23681454

>/v/ is a single person
>anyone who don't like /tg/'s shitty opinion on videogames is the same person as /v/
You get the fuck out shitposter.

>> No.23681461

SC1 Manual featuring Raynor with his SC2 look

>> No.23681469


>> No.23681472

Kerrigan can't even remember being the Queen of Blades after she was turned into a human again.

You people need to realize her mind was mostly not hers during more of SC1/WoL.

>> No.23681480

Stop being a cunt and let us discuss our shitty game in peace.

>> No.23681520

Watching all of the missions, anything with those two I really enjoyed. Hell if the game was nothing more than those two I would actually buy it.

>> No.23681528

the only one being a cunt is you for giving them attention

>> No.23681539

don't forget swan

>> No.23681573

I would have been better if she had guilt tripped the protoss with the fact that they burned a bunch of human worlds in order to kill the zerg, killing tons of humans in the process.

>> No.23681576

Seriously though. I think it was mainly Valerian's reactions.
>"Do you two have some kind of strange history?"

>> No.23681597

Didn't she say she didn't have moral high ground either? Something like "we all have blood on our hands"?

>> No.23681600


>> No.23681625

Actually, having played WoL I loved everything except for the whole raynor yurning for Kerrigan's zerg pussy and Nurad's name in general. And Tychus dying of course, he might've been a generic tough guy redneck but goddamnit I liked that bastard. HotS would've been leagues better if Blizzard would just stop trying to justify evil.

>> No.23681649

>Not yearning for kerrigan's zerg pussy

The fuck's not wrong with you?

>> No.23681704

Don't you DARE touch Kerrigan's ass!

...I am so glad I have a Brood Queen character to replace you...

Well that would involve the people driving the plot of an RTS Wargame to actually act sensibly and properly communicate, now wouldn't it?

Nah, more then likely he'll just stupidly put the BBEG in power.

>> No.23681716

i had to stop playing a couple of times to masturbate.

>> No.23681729

I think the "soul" of starcraft is gone in the new ones. There aren't any missions where you simply build up your forces and clear across the map. The missions in BW are huge and now we invade Augustaguard capital of Korhal in half an hour. HoTs didn't feel like an RTS to me.

>> No.23681732

>yearning for infested ass

>> No.23681737

those mission were boring. Mass and destroy mission are boring as fuck

>> No.23681741

>/tg/ liking SC2 story or gameplay
I knew /tg/ was bad when it came to vidya... but not this bad

>> No.23681746

>sad because of what's under spoiler tag

Was a dayum shame that for sure. He was just so well written and acted, just like Solidus in MGS2.

>> No.23681750

the problem with mass and destroy missions, they lose their charm after the first time.

>> No.23681755


>> No.23681763

On the char mission when queen O'bitches asks about her older strategies

Is it just me or does it sound like the zerg actually want to live and don't want to die if there is no point. She has to convince the brood mother that sacrificing thousands of units is the way they succeed

>> No.23681764

I can take a lot of sillyness, having fully embraced that this is a silly setting, but Kerry flying of like that at the end just made me drop a wut

>> No.23681771

And "walk kerrigan across the map while she kills absolutely everything" is different?

>> No.23681787

they really shouldn't have put her in almost every mission, made it feel too much like an RPG instead of an RTS

>> No.23681799

Its a good thing too
that soul is now in multilayer or just playing against the AI

>> No.23681808

thats what they were going for...

>> No.23681810

Actually also want to add the whole Tassadar thing too, I knew I forgot to add something in that list.

>> No.23681818

I'm sorry it's not no scope enough for you bud.

>> No.23681849

Why? Starcraft is an RTS not an RPG, I can handle boss fights, but don't give me an invincible unit, that's just too much hand holding

>> No.23681855

Personally I just saw it nothing more than a showcase for the stareditor.

>> No.23681899

You ever wondered why the main menu looks like a character select screen?

>> No.23681927

Did they finally put the changes in they originally promised? I'm not buying that game until they do.

>> No.23681974

Why are you guys complaining about difficulty?

Blizzard put in a bunch of difficulty levels so that you could get the level of challenge you wanted out of the game.

You know normal and maybe even hard were scaled to the bulk of the player bases abilities?

>> No.23682022

Is the star editor still a retarded mess to use compared to the WC3 editor?

>> No.23682040

Yes. It's incredibly advanced and complex, I have no idea why Blizzard thought they were releasing it for actual programmers.

>> No.23682058

SO wondering where is my Bro Tosh. He get mentionned once or twice, but we never see him.
Liked the guy.

>> No.23682091


Still better than the Sin Wars for Diablo.

I haven't even read the book but I am telling you, there is no fucking way it could be as bad as how that series ended.
It was Lost tier bad.

>> No.23682096

Yeah I got excited when they mentioned Tosh and then wow it was fucking nothing.

Also, what happens with Nova in mission 2 if you sided with her instead of Tosh in WoL(I know there's one of you faggots out there).

>> No.23682104

Blizzard originally said that they would not write any canon story that invalidates player choices in the campaign.

Tosh could potentially die in WoL.

QED: You will never see Tosh again unless Blizzard changes their opinion on the matter and specifically think of him (UN FUCKING LIKELY as Metzen doesn't know the first thing about his own lore).

>> No.23682112

You get ghosts instead of specters. Their upgrades are both the cloak no longer using energy upgrade and a vision and range upgrade.

>> No.23682225

Are you trying to tell me Blizzard doesn't want to make RTS's any more?

>> No.23682235

he means if her dialouge changes in the HotS mission if you sided with her in WoL.

>> No.23682246


Specter can perma cloak too, strike a bit harder, and can perma stun kerrigan in the last missions to make it doable on brutal. 200hp single target spell is good to get rid of threats, too.

Specter superior.

>> No.23682259

she brushes the gratitude off and says it's business, basically no, it makes no difference to her, Nova's a villain thru and thru

>> No.23682264

After seeing the launch of WoL are you trying to tell me they do want to make RTS's?

Especially when they can just copy LoL and get more money?

>> No.23682290

You spelled Dota wrong.

>> No.23682306

Same shitty game, pretty much.

>> No.23682322

Are you trying to tell me Blizzard stopped being good recently?

>> No.23682333

No. DotA actually has thought put into it. Even though its a shitty game. What Activision Blizzard wants to do is make the most braindead easy to maintain game possible with as little thought and innovation as possible and make as much money as possible.

That is the description of LoL.

>> No.23682363

No I am going to straight up tell you that Blizzard stopped trying to be good at around the point where they released Burning Crusade and have been falling down a slippery slope ever since.

Burning Crusade was still good tho.

>> No.23682390

Blizzard Entertainment made two good games: StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War.

Blizzard North also made two good games: Diablo and Diablo II.

That's all.

>> No.23682406

>forgetting Starcraft 64

>> No.23682410

I think the original Warcrafts were good, as was Lost Vikings.

>> No.23682565


There's a shit load of missions like that, they just have a particular timer that you need to reach, such as keeping the bile spitters alive, keeping the beam from reaching Kerrigan, etc.

Way more than half of those maps had me building up a huge force and swarming across the map.

The triple zergling spawn, splitting banelings, and infesting roach upgrades were the shit for doing that. A small amount of resources went a huge way. Most of my maps had me with 4+ hatcheries spewing out units as fast as I could.

Personally, I enjoyed HotS quite a bit.

>> No.23682586

Personally I think you just have post purchase rationalisation.

>> No.23682587

They already said before hand that Kerrigan leveling up was a mechanic to show that she is evolving and becoming stronger to contrast it to Raynor and Zeratul who will have more story theme based mechanics

>> No.23682595

I didn't buy the game. I played a friend's copy. You can fuck right off.

>> No.23682623

Don't forget about that Kerrigan upgrade that lets you get zerglings back for free. So much free damage done with it.

>> No.23682639 [SPOILER] 

Then sunk cost fallacy as the thing "spent" can be money, time, or any amount of other things.

All I am saying is wait a few weeks until the hype has died down, then decide if you think its good or not. We all saw how many got fooled by the same things by Skyrim.

>> No.23682673

I've already decided it was my moneys worth since I bout WoL and Hots CE and will but LotV CE. I have invested to much in this franchise and I still enjoy it to this day. Now that I'm finished with the campaign hours of matches in MP for me

>> No.23682702

Abathur is a min maxer

>> No.23682704

Yeah, I ended up swapping that one out though for better base production. The auto-extractor working and the double drone spawns were excellent for making the best of your resources. I ended up taking the drop pods the most as my ultimate ability, because the leviathan tended to get popped by all the fucking anti-air on the final missions. I stopped using mutalisks and just took roaches, hydras, zerglings (of course), and whatever ultralisks or abominations I could maange.

Playing the final missions on hard was a bitch. I can't imagine how stupidly hard brutal must have been. I attempted the Crucible on brutal and just couldn't manage the last 3 minutes of the attack. If I would have started over, though, and spawned fast roaches at the beginning instead of the useless zerglings, I think I could have done it. I downgraded to hard and used that idea to beat it. The roaches infesting the enemies padded my forces and kept more alive.

>> No.23682705

>I've already decided it was my moneys worth
>I have invested to much in this franchise
this was a joke post right? because you certainly made me laugh.

>> No.23682708

This game does so much fucking hand holding

>> No.23682716

This is neo/tg/ minmaxing is now acceptable for some reason.

>> No.23682722

I have.. what's the matter can't stand someone liking something you don't get over it. I never though /tg/ could be this immature

>> No.23682731

uhh not really...

>> No.23682770

>trying to throw out fallicies to act like someone is allowed to have fun, or that their fun is an illusion

Jesus man. It took me all of 14 or so hours to beat the game on a spring break. My time is worth very little to me this week. I had fun because I'm not a stuck up asshole and I also very much enjoyed the game mechanics they used. The ability to mutate, as well as select upgrades, let me have greater control over the game. I usually took fast zerglings with the triple spawn. It was pretty fun to watch a horde of zerglings spawn that only took 300 minerals to create and they rush across the field and join my army in seconds due to their speed.

I played the shit out of WoL, both in beta (I was in beta for a very long time), and a little afterwards when I played in ladder. I quit after being upset with the state of Battle Net 2.0, however, as well as balance.

>> No.23682775

just one more

>> No.23682797

game balance and B.net 2 is improved a lot now.

>> No.23682807




>> No.23682813

4got pic

>> No.23682816

There was a bit, particlarly when Azsha or whatever her name was would tell you "oh don't attack that base, we're not here for that" and other such things, when it definitely was worthwhile to attack them considering they tended to spawn out marines, marauders, firebats, and other such things that would fuck with you or your base. Attacks on my base would drop by a lot after wiping out most of the terran on the map.

>> No.23682823

he's infested but independent due to the cure in N64

>> No.23682828

o hai i can haz be main supoprting cast nao

>> No.23682831


He is infested, but independant. Kerrigan gives him command of a portion of the swarm and allows him to remain on the Leviathan, because he claims to have nowhere to go. As an infested, he would be killed in the Dominion or back on Earth.

>> No.23682844

That's what I heard, and also saw B.net 2.0 myself yesterday after longing in. I like that they seperate custom games from custom maps, and also that the custom maps don't show ever lobby, which was the original problem. All you saw for many pages was Nexus Wars. Now its just one tab out of many to select your game.

He is infested.

>> No.23682849


>> No.23682897

Same reason why people are throwing kamehamehas. Space DBZ magic.

>> No.23682964

that extended campagn really should have been added to a PC release

>> No.23682978

please, this has always been a silly setting with soft science

>> No.23682999


Ill never forgive Duran-Duran for his treachory. In my heart, Vice Admiral Stukov gave his life in the last valiant assault on CHAR!

Id wish honestly that the plot would have went as follows, Broodwar Mengsk is defeated, UED won, Raynor still being a rebel, Kerrigan in control of the Zerg Valerian part of the UED leading their Colonial government as a figure head basically, collaborator. SC2 goes pretty much the same way except the Dominion doesnt exist, UED all day er'day

>> No.23683016

It wasn't "giant zerg worm riding into dbz fireball charging antagonist where he explodes everything and survives without a scratch full anime" silly.

>> No.23683083

While I like the characters, I hated the UED in concept and story usage. Why can't it just be Koprulu Sector?

>> No.23683105

because the UED was originally supposed to have it's own unique weapons and units

>> No.23683116

The Terrans did come from somewhere

>> No.23683144

yeah but I just wanted to conflict to be in the confines of that sector

>> No.23683171 [DELETED] 

Considering Broodmother suggest similar suicidal tactic earlier (I think during Char?) and gets talked/shown out by Kerrigan, she just puts the things learned in use.

>> No.23683174


Starcraft has always had some level of space magic and movie-esque qualities.

As an aside, holy crap that first cutscene in HotS. It makes me wish there was some sort of full length Blizzard CG move.

>> No.23683205

Read the actual post before replying

>> No.23683223

what? Narud is super powerful being he's not some mere mortal.

>> No.23683233

I did.

Its still trying to make one example of space magic and the fight that ensues be somehow worse than the other examples of space magic and the fights that ensue.

>> No.23683242

I feel like there should have been more battles in the campaign set in cities, all I wanted to do when that opening cutscene Kerrigans dream invasion, was to play a 3rd person Gears of War esq shooter based on SC set in that battle.

>that one marine who when the line is getting overrun and an Ultralisk is right infront of him, he just lowers his rifle and accepts it.

Dominion marine....had a hard life.....

>> No.23683259

The one posted >>23683016 is full anime

The one in the other link is just some Independence Day tier stuff.

You can't honestly say they're the same without coming off as having some kind of mental deficiency.

>> No.23683301


right because only anime does over the top fight scenes? Not all anime even use those kinds of fight scenes, you exposure to anime is weak at best. Use actual descriptive terms not "anime"

>> No.23683321

>thought put into it
>carbon copy of an ancient mod
Sure buddy. Sure.

>> No.23683342

Why isn't this a waifu thread?

>> No.23683355

You act like modern remakes of fun games are bad.

>> No.23683365

Abathur turns out to be the bad guy, right?

>> No.23683398

>because only anime does over the top fight scenes
I would like you to show me an example of those kinds of fight scenes that are not from anime.

I guess superman comics or something might have them, but then again its the same thing. Its not whether its anime that's the point.

The point being that being this over the top is extremely immersion breaking because its so against everything we have been used to seeing from the franchise. It used to have a few silly things yes, but not over the top action retarded silly.

You seem really desperate to justify this. I mean there's nothing wrong with being fine with it or liking it. Its just really the opposite of what you're used to from the franchise and its jarring to people who liked the story that was previously in the games.

>> No.23683456

> Its just really the opposite of what you're used to from the franchise

There was an entire faction built on psychic space magic from day one.

>> No.23683461

Its only because original is old game where they couldn't portray what they wanted to portray. You don't get to make decisions on what a game is supposed to be like

>> No.23683504

>This is what SC2 players actually believe

>> No.23683505

I'm pretty sure you're trolling right now since you're ignoring everything said and throwing out intentional logical fallacies.

>> No.23683540


You are denying the Protoss having space mind magic. You think Psionics is somehow realistic?

>> No.23683548

Nobody is arguing realism.

>> No.23683573

> Its just really the opposite of what you're used to from the franchise and its jarring to people who liked the story that was previously in the games.

Not that guy you replied to, rather, I'm the guy that >>23683259 replied to.

But I've honestly expected to see something like this since Brood Wars. They spend so much time playing up the Queen of Blades, I had expected some sort of ridiculous fight scene out of her since her inception. It just might seem more ridiculous to you because of the Xel'Naga, which are apparently even more powerful than Kerrigan is. Obviously, in a narrative sense, there's going to be some difficulty in portraying that when Kerrigan was already so powerful even in Brood Wars as to be able to take out units as quickly as she did, and with the powers she had.

To me, it seems more like it was always coming to this, although I will say I miss seeing more of the grunts fighting, which Starcraft and Brood Wars was full of. The Starcraft space station and Brood Wars intro cinematics remain some of my favorites.

>> No.23683599

> Implying we're talking about Protoss Psionics, the only race based around mind magic
>Implying being able to shit kamehamehas isn't limited to a small portion of the Protoss race
>Implying the original games were Dragon Ball Z Craft and not Warhammer 40K Craft
>Implying you aren't full of shit

>> No.23683607

While I love SC cinematics, a great deal of them had nothing to do with the plot. Why waste money on cinematics of nameless dudes?

>> No.23683614

Its a troll just ignore him

>> No.23683635

Most protoss can channel shields, their equipment just makes it easier for them. Zealots instead of using DBZ lasers focus the psionics on DBZ dodging and pregocnition.

>> No.23683647

I'm not a troll pointing out the fact the unbelievable shit already occurred in the original game and just spewing hate on the new game just because, even though its using already established principles

>> No.23683684

I want UED to come back and wipe the slate clean.
I want them ot kill off any stupid BBEGs and return the game ot the free-for-all between 3 races.

>> No.23683698

>Low level Protoss psionics can do low level Protoss psionic things
>Inb4 low level psionics humans can do the same thing derp dee herp
High level human psionics are far below even the lowest level Protoss Psionic
>Inb4 Kerrigan durr hurr
Kerrigan is the exception because plot

>> No.23683712


>> No.23683724

because she's dead, unless there was some memory reincarnation bullshit with Niadra, regardless Niadra is better waifu and future leader of the swarm

>> No.23683735

Only Kerrigan was the only terran showed to be powerful because she has no inhibitors and she was upgraded by the zerg. No other terran psychic does kamehamehas. Narud isn't even terran. He just happened to be disguised as Raynor

>> No.23683766

So is the Zerg campaign as cringeworthy as the Terran campaign?

Because that was just a fucking steel boot to the balls.

>hey Blizzard fans! look! look! look!
>here's your childhood
>you didn't like it? no one cares about singleplayer anymore
>start thinking like a korean and suck our jewdick

>> No.23683792

while SC2 story is nothing to write home about, I don't like all this unwarranted hate and overreactions. Guess what SC1 story was just okay after replaying it its not so epic. I guess I was an impressionable 12 year old who though it was cool. Still love the gameplay though

>> No.23683813

Its impossible to intelligently discuss Blizzard games on the internet, because "its different and thus sucks" is taken to an extreme for some reason.

>> No.23683820


Some of the highlights being that the entire zerg backstory is rewritten, Kerrigan being the most gullible person in the universe, DBZ fights and Raynor being jailed with a loaded gun in his hand.

>> No.23683821

This! it was a fun game with a silly story and has never been anything else, it's just more apparent now with the high def cutscenes and stuff

>> No.23683855

Oh and everything in WoL being undone except people are dead.

Why is it being undone? Pretty much no other reason than they felt like it.

>> No.23683861

>Zerg rewritten

No have not seen anything about the Primal Zerg that contradicts pre overmind zerg. They even go to show the original larval zerg in the proto spawning pool

>> No.23683864

SC1 was silly.

SC2 is retarded on a cosmic scale.

>> No.23683890

If you're talking about Kerrigan being cleansed, they mention that cleansing her removed the outside influences and now she is pure Zerg.

>> No.23683891

apparently logic is if the manual didn't say it and they added something new, its a contradiction. Do you guys even no what retcon means? It doesn't mean changing Establishment lore, it means adding lore where it wasn't previously stated. Retroactive continuity

>> No.23683902

>entire zerg backstory is rewritten

We've known since the first Starcraft that the zerg were formed from an original race by the Xel'Naga. We never got to see what that race was.

>> No.23683956

the nostalgia is strong with this one

>> No.23683970

blizzard bad

kotick evil

must shit on blizzard game

>> No.23683971

together with most of the people who played sc2 i guess

>> No.23683974

They were supposed to be a single larva-like organism that can infest and control other creatures. That's it.

>> No.23684044

SC1 wasn't really any better than SC2, storywise. I know everyone likes to think it was some magnum opus of a script, but...

>> No.23684047

...Good god, original zerg were the Yeerks. Xel'Naga are Andelites. We're living the nightmare!

>> No.23684053

that's really lame, DinoZerg are best Zerg

>> No.23684108


I think it mentions a bit about that back in the old thick starcraft manual. The zerg were just parasitic worms, tiny versions of the larva. Nothing special, no society. The Xel'Naga built the overmind, gave them the ability to remember DNA and adapt.

>> No.23684126

I still liked him in SC1 better.

>> No.23684160


They were a single larva like organism which began to infest and control other creatures, and due to Purity of Essence was able to mimic the genetic essence of the creatures they consumed. Hence what the Primal Zerg are.

But the Xel'Naga decided the Zerg needed unity, and therefore put them under the power of the Overmind. Amon forced the Overmind-controlled Zerg to destroy the Xel'Naga fleet. Because the Zerg had infested giant bugs native to the vacuum of space, they used their essence to create Leviathans and spread to other planets to consume them and acquire even further essence, as a unified force. This is the idea behind the Swarm.

The Overmind was led by Amon into specifically targeting the Protoss, to attempt to create hybrids. This failed. The Overmind created the Queen of Blades to cause the Swarm to be controlled by Zerg organisms rather than by warp entities, so that Amon would not be able to corrupt the swarm, and it would be able to continue its quest to devour planets and incorporate the essence of slain enemies. The Queen of Blades was de-infested at the end of WoL, and was re-infested with Primal Zerg essence to give her the complete free will of being a Primal Zerg and a human, while also controlling the Swarm.

I don't see where the canon falters.

>> No.23684202

it fails because of AMON

Having BBEG is reducing the complexity of the story, making him the causal force behind everything and reducing all conflict ot a binary "us vs. him", while before it was a three-way war with politics for each side.

>> No.23684205

>well written
Not really. He was sketchy as fuck and Raynor just trusted him blindly because he developed some sort of massive retardation over the four years between games.

>> No.23684242

Starcraft was Us vs Overmind.

>> No.23684282


Now that is a good point.

The Overmind didn't need an extra arch-villain manipulating it into attacking specific worlds, it was a cool enough BBEG on its own. Putting Amon behind a ton of events is like when GW started putting the C'tan behind everything.

The Worf effect is where a character shows how powerful he is by easily defeating a character who is supposedly badass, and it makes that character less badass. Upping the stakes by having the main antagonist being manipulated by another antagonist has a similar effect, it makes the original character look less interesting.

>> No.23684327

Basically its kinda the same thing that was in Necron fluff about "Ctan did everything"

>> No.23684344

And loe and behold it's Andy Chambers writing the only story he knows how, trying to ape lovecraft without having a clue about what made lovecraft work

>> No.23684355

Now I keep imaging him as the Korra villain

>> No.23684360

I feel like the game has lost the overall aesthetic the first game had. The field of narrative vision feels too narrow and focused. You are no longer a ragtag band of pirates and rebels fighting the corrupt monarchy, the monster aliens, and the dickass Earth colonists all at the same time, you are just some merc puttering about in the ass end of the galaxy until enough deus ex machina happens to give you a zerg waifu. You are no longer Queen Bitch of the Universe, backstabbing friends and stomping foes alike, you are just some human bitch with centipedes in her vagina trying to learn about her past and puttering around in the ass end of the galaxy until enough deus ex machina happens for you to exact you nonspecific revenge and retcon all your evil deeds.

Furthermore, you aren't even a person anymore. No longer are you a magistrate, a cerebrate, or an executor, but now you're just an invisible finger poking all the people who do matter. Fuck you, this isn't your story anymore, its Metzens, so sit down and enjoy your cliche, lore-raping redemption tale.

Gone are the epic, sweeping battles, gone is the feeling of vastness and gravitas to every battle, and gone is that delicious Starship Troopers meets Rednecks in Space all wrapped up in a Space Opera vibe, instead replaced with generic Space Western and dull crybaby bullshit.

Even the tech is getting cleaner and nicer, with mecha fucking everywhere and everything all pretty instead of grungy hoverbikes and psychopaths with flamethrowers.

>> No.23684436

>He doesn't know about the transforming buggy/flamethrower mecha.

>> No.23684462

all I read was

>> No.23684467

>Gone are the epic, sweeping battles, gone is the feeling of vastness and gravitas to every battle

Maybe one can agree with everything else, at least to an extent, but this is right. Plenty of fights in HotS were huge, and fucking difficult as hell with hard or brutal on. That last battle against Mengsk's forces was fucking ridiculous, and I only had it on hard. Brutal would have had me losing to their attacks. Fucking thors man, they tore through several of my armies.

I WILL say that they needed more missions were you teamed up with someone. Sure, you had other parts of the swarm helping out, but I liked the missions in other Starcraft campaigns where you worked with other races.

Besides that, Mengsk's Wolfwhatever mechs were pretty junky looking.

>> No.23684469

Christ, I stopped going to /v/ to get away from this retarded shit.

>> No.23684472

>Starship Troopers meets Rednecks in Space all wrapped up in a Space Opera vibe

oh god, i keep dreaming about UED and how it will fix everything. seeing Stukov profaned in HOTS tears at me greatly.

>> No.23684481

>this is right

Oh hell, "isn't right"

Amazing what a a difference 3 characters can make.

>> No.23684485

and the old one wasn't cliche? I'll give you no longer being a character, but seriously the old story was just as cliche, this is just the direction it was always headed

>> No.23684486

I loved the UED. They gave sort of an outsider perspective. They came in thinking they were gonna be Spacefuture Britain to Spacefuture Africa and then HOLYFUCKINGSHIT CTHULU SPACE MONSTERS OUT ASS FUCK FUCK FUCK and even then they tried to motherfucking TAME the Overmind and they almost got away with it, too, if it wasn't for the pesky Kerrigan and her loyal foods - I mean friends. The fact that a far superior military force came down on the Korprulu Sector, only to get their ass so viciously kicked was a good way to show just how fucking powerful Kerrigan had become. And without some sort of outside pressure, no one would have been pressured enough to trust Kerrigan as much as they did.

>> No.23684499

Brood War intro did it better.

>> No.23684509

Wait, they killed Selendis?

>> No.23684513

Which is why we are talking about it here, to stayway from /v/'s stupidity

>> No.23684528

no, that Protoss was a one mission arc character

>> No.23684554

But /tg/ is more stupid than /v/ most of the time. Hell its even omnipresent in this thread.

>> No.23684587

>more stupid than /v/
Nah, that's /b/'s Job

>> No.23684617

It may be /b/'s job but that doesn't stop /tg/ from being dumber than /v/. Especially bigots who blame everything bad on other boards.

>> No.23684676

I do, which is why Im fucking pissed. They turned my beloved firebat into yet another fucking mecha.
Never was a single unit able to roflstomp their way through any mission in SC1 the way Kerrigan did. Not even those badass installation levels.
I liked that the UED got brutalized and then decided to butt the fuck out, personally. After they lost Dugalle they were just like “Man, what the fuck ever. You aint even worth it, bro.” It was nice to see that the Korprulu Sector doesnt matter all that much to them.
SC1 was a big sweeping tale of the epic conflicts of three alien races trying to cut their legacy into the stars. SC2 is about a guy getting over a bad breakup and a cross-species tranny getting over her addiction to alien hormone therapy who both defeat their problems with the power of love and friendship.

>> No.23684697

Oh. Boring. I wouldve been pissed if they killed off the protoss who was supposed to represent the Executor from SC1.

Thats right, in SC1 you were the little protoss girl. At least in Brood War. You mightve been Artanis in vanilla.

>> No.23684753

>Never was a single unit able to roflstomp their way through any mission in SC1 the way Kerrigan did. Not even those badass installation levels.

You mean in SC2? She might be able to do that at times in normal due to her summoning and AoE abilities, but hard and brutal had her dying multiple times if I didn't keep here safe in a swarm.

Basically, if one of your problems with the game is difficulty, turn the difficulty up. It gets much, much, MUCH harder.

>> No.23684777

Artanis in Vanilla, Selendis in Brood war

>> No.23685225

And I don't care what anybody says, Matt Horner was the magistrate.

With his delicious mercenary waifu.

>> No.23685280

Abathur is probably whats left of the cerebrate, too.

>> No.23685311

Agreed, that one scene with them lighting up together clinched it for me

>> No.23685326

Organism Abathur enhance Queen of Blades strand with additional fat reserves, useful for storing energy. Efficient.

>> No.23685870

SC2 will forever be shit.

Andy Chambers and Chris Metzen in one team.

All they need is Monte Cook, Mat Ward and Peter Monyleux to make the team complete.

>> No.23686066

>loves games with good stories
>generally older audience than most 4chan boards
>hurrr y u hate starcraft 2

Because we remember SC1 AS TEENAGERS AND YOUNG ADULTS. Not fucking dumb shit kids.

SC1 was Aliens: The RTS. SC2 is like... Twilight: The Epic Scifi War Romance.

>> No.23687668

you're exaggerating, I don't speak hyperbole

>> No.23687790

...Because I've already created enough of my own Zerg Waifus, included a Mad Scientist Brood Mother Waifu, a Cannon-totting former Marine Ultralisk Waifu, a somewhat psychic hooker Hydralisk Waifu, and a Mentally Challanged Mutalisk Waifu...

...Lets not even get into the Drone-tans who turn into anthropamorphic buildings...

So... Chubby Karrigan?

...Me Gusta!

>> No.23687829

Recruit a team of middle aged men with attitude.

Go go clueless writers.

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