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Can servitors end up in private hands?

Also, regardless of that, what off the battlefield uses can you see for a servitor?

Can a servitor (say) serve dishes, act a waiter? Do you need to tip one or is it pointless?

Can servitors polish shoes?

What's that guy in the picture doing?

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>Can servitors end up in private hands?
They can and often do, most very wealthy imperial citizens own a few, and many businesses use some.

>Also, regardless of that, what off the battlefield uses can you see for a servitor?
Can you train a person to do it in a few days? A servitor can do it. Can you make a robot t do it? A servitor can do it.

>Can a servitor (say) serve dishes, act a waiter?
Yes they can, it's very common. There are times in some of the novels where this happens.

>Do you need to tip one or is it pointless?
Servitors are not self aware. They are property, not people. You would not tip a vending machine.

>Can servitors polish shoes?
Yes. See above.

>What's that guy in the picture doing?
Riding a servitor, duh. Presumably he doesn't want to get his feet dirty.

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Yes. No


Hitching a ride.

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>do you need to tip them
no they are lobotomized and the rest of their mind is scoured clean. if making artificially intelligent robots was possible they would do it but as it is not they use the already existing structure of the human body and modify it to do simple tasks such as those you have listed

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Anything that doesn't involve creative thinking.

Yes, they may have trouble with complicated orders. No, they aren''t human.



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People tip vending machines to get free drinks.

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>if making artificially intelligent robots was possible they would do it

You don't know all that much about 40k, do you?

AI are expressly forbidden, reviled and destroyed wherever the AdMech find them.

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blowjob servitor

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You might not tip a servitor, but you might tip through a servitor.

The owner of a waiter-servitor might stick a tip-jar on the servitor's body, for people to chuck their gelt into.

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>hoover funnel mouth
>mechadendrites with testicle suction cups and prostate massager

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All the time

Anything kind of non-skilled human labor plus anything a human can do in which it has been implanted the specific programming and mechanical bits for. Some Servitors are designed to fly aircraft and spacecraft even.

It could but they are kinda gross to look at to your average person being what essentially looks like a cruder Borg. And no you wouldn't have to tip it.


He's manually putting in some commands via that skull-shaped input device. That's a grimdark keyboard probably.

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This is wrong. Servitors exist precisely BECAUSE the imperium does not allow AI. They only tolerate unintelligent machines and humans. Servitors are created because they are, technically, still human- just lobtomised cybernetic humans with no sense of self. But, because they were once a person, the servitors are OK.

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Wouldn't the Tech-Priests and/or the Ecclesiarchy be annoyed at such misuse of servitors as employing them for trivial tasks?

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Not really servitors get used for trivial task all the time.

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It's none of the Ecclesiarchy's buisness, and it depends on the TechPriest.

Some would regard it as holy, and better than leaving it to falible unagmented humans, others would regard it as a misuse of the Machine God and Omnissiah's bounty.

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Considering they use them for choir boys who sing eternally and aborted fetus cherubs who follow you around and carry your coat tails and appaise your not so thinly veiled pedophilia I don't think they have much of a problem with servitors.

Also, if I remember correctly, I think there is a special kind of servitor from DotDG is that the process of making them somehow kills the soul. As if being turned into a servitor in the first place isn't bad in and of itself

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Do you think servitors would be good at sucking cock?

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Servitors are fucking everywhere and are usually fairly expendable. That's their point.

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There are secial Janus Simulacra for that. IIRC, it's hinted they are used as sexbots.

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>Servitors are fucking everywhere
Dear diary, today we've visited Chaos corrupted factory, it seemed to be dedicated to Slaanesh...

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>the process of making them somehow kills the soul

That's the Ecclesiarchy position. The Mechanicum thinks it's no different from other servitor designs.

IMO, if AI are invisible in the warp, but not resistant to warp-corruption (both said in the fluff), then servitor brains are like firewalls, with human souls to resist corruption. it's not the main reason why they were made, but it might explain why they end up being used so widely in Imperial tech.

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The mindless clones still have human souls, then? I know some of the servitors are made from criminals, but my impression was that they were a relative minority.

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Maybe, or maybe some do and some don't - and thus the Ecclesiary knows something the Mechanicus don't (or only know at the high levels) for a change.
No reason they can't; but it's only head-canon to me.

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>What's that guy in the picture doing?

Riding his servitor.

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>what off the battlefield uses can you see for a servitor?
>Can servitors polish shoes?

My only "what the fuck am I printing?" picture appears to be in use, curses.

I'd imagine so, they likely have applications anywhere a machine would - calculations, logic, doing repetitive work with so many steps a human would inevitably forget some (cutting the grooves into computer chips, for example:all are every bit as vital), - plus the things are likely rare and unique enough that owning one is a status symbol.

>Can servitors end up in private hands?
Human lives are the most common currency in the etc, etc. While I just said they are definitely rare, they are not likely too rare.

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having a servator waitor sounds gross.

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So would a low- or mid-level Hive inn with its own servitor waiter be okay? Though maybe the servitor is part of the attraction; no one is sure where the owner of this establishment got it, it seems like it might've served a very different function long ago, and it might still double as a bouncer/bodyguard when necessary...

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Of course it isn't gross.

Servitors are in eternal communion with the Machine God, who is, of course, an aspect of the God-Emperor of mankind. A servitor never doubts. A servitor never questions its purpose in the Imperium. A servitor serves loyally until it can serve no longer. The failing flesh is recycled; the eternal metal is reused.

Having a servitor wait on your table is noble and proper. A servitor will record your order with diligence and accuracy, expecting no reward but service. Unless obstructed it will deliver your meal with equal care.

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awesom :)

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anyone have a picture of a Servitor Army?
Mechanicus Army *drool*

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>So would a low- or mid-level Hive inn with its own servitor waiter be okay? Though maybe the servitor is part of the attraction; no one is sure where the owner of this establishment got it, it seems like it might've served a very different function long ago, and it might still double as a bouncer/bodyguard when necessary...

An upscale seclusium could have a dozen servitors on staff, while a mid-hive tavern might make do with a repurposed and damaged model. A contract with the Machine Cult is necessary to own an maintain a servitor, and such contracts do not come cheap. A servitor is a prestige symbol, but not an attraction in and of itself. It would mark the inn's owner as both wealthy and well-connected... unless the servitor was stolen, scavenged, or held in violation of the Iron Laws.

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Seriously, I'd love to see more servitor pics here, period.

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Its like that chef from Metalacalypse

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That's beautiful.

Also, holy text loincloths. So stylish.

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Continuing this thought...

A "mid-hive inn" in Warhammer 40k is quite a different thing from a tavern in some generic fantasy RPG.

In the midhive, it's likely to be crowded with low-level adepts, factory overseers, and off-duty local law enforcement. It's a sweaty, rank place. The stools are iron, worn smooth, with a long-since effaced decorative pattern around the rim. The alcohol is cheap and smells like industrial solvents, but the patrons don't care. They're here to blot out the pain of their untreated sores, or unfulfilled dreams, or the sheer grinding toil of their labour.

Eight hours at the manufactorum, an hour for prayer and contemplation, and then six hours at the machines again. An hour to walk the few kilometres to your hab. An hour to walk to the manufactorum in the morning. A few hours of rest, snatched on a filthy bunk you share with a worker who leaves minutes before you return home. A prayer icon in the corner.

This is the Imperium of Man. This is the setting that is grinding around your players, like the workings of a vast, insane, and corroded clock. Never let them forget it.

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Some of my favourite scenes involving servitors are the ones where they're wired into the background. A servitor is, more than most Imperial citizens, a true component part of the Imperium, and often their form and location reflects this. Legs are superfluous. Hissing feed raw data and nutrient paste in parallel. Servitors twitch and mumble in their holy communion as the sort and search, file and retrieve, examine and recall. Their holy task ends only in final death.

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That sounds more like low hive. Mid hive is the skilled professionals, with a degree of responsibility. You'd get adepts, shop owners and artisans. The Imperial Middle Classes. It would be pleasant, with a touch of decoration and a few choices on the menu. Maybe they serve some simple food and occasionally host an entertainer

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I've always considered that the low hive begins where citizens can't afford to eat three meals a day or drink more than once a week. Both options are totally acceptable in the midhive. It's a big and diverse strata, squeezed as it is from below by the clamouring masses, and oppressed from above by the abuses of the nobility.

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Well, pleasant, or tasteless and garish in trying to emulate their betters. Overblown religious imagery, ostentatious art of martial scenes, prettied up servitors, drunken clerks trying to "duel" each other over a moderately well-to-do prostitute as if they're nobles...

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Religious art absolutely. It'd be a rare building in the Imperium without a shrine, statue of a saint, votive candle rack, or wall of scripture. Some mid-hive taverns might have alms boxes set out for the relief of the poor, the war-wounded, the crusading, or the pious monastic orders.

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That's what grim-dark pleasant is.

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Just to nitpick, I think the first two are daemonhosts, and the third is an archaeo-flagelant...not servitors.

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I thought the flagelants were a specific type of servitor. What's the difference?

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half true, the AI the Admech hates is an Abominable Intelligence. Hated because it is soul less.

Artifcial Intelligence's with souls are called Machine Spirits.
The high end ones like those found in Titans or the Robots of the admech would still count as an AI in the traditional sci-fi sense. Some of there hardware is just made of organic components.

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I've always wanted to build an admech army modelled as the Strogg from quake.

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>Can servitors end up in private hands?
They're constantly found in private hands. They're expensive however. Like most "slaves" are. Don't forget a Servitor isn't a machine - it's a lobotomised human, usually a criminal, heretic or penitent.
>Also, regardless of that, what off the battlefield uses can you see for a servitor?
Is there a menial task you don't wish to perform? A servitor can. Mono-Tasks are, as the name implies, designed to perfom a single task until death. The more complex Servitors which can perform a variety of tasks are considerably more expensive.
They can perform anything from the duties of scribe, dock worker, sex slave - though this is frowned on, burger flipping, you name it a servitor can probably do it. It can't of course perform highly complex tasks, such as "doing your tax returns", though I suppose if you paid enough for one, it might be possible...
>Can a servitor (say) serve dishes, act a waiter? Do you need to tip one or is it pointless?
They can do bothof those functions. Though consider the impact on your customers. An establishment using half-dead lobotomosed corpse cyborgs in ful view of it's clients may be seen as a little "uncouth". Remeber, Servitors are expensive, so the only restraunts they're likely to be used in will be high class gourmet places.
>Can servitors polish shoes?
Yes, it'd be a very simple implant. Though it would probably have different attachments, for window cleaning, drilling into walls, drilling into skulls, etc. It'd just be a motor after all.
>What's that guy in the picture doing?
A very silly pose at that.

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Flagelants aren't Servitors.
Their former heretics who's repentance is to be turned into a cybered and druged up murder machine. To die killing other heretics.

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The debate as to whether or not the machines have "souls" is as old as 40K.

From the Admech perspective, and the perspective of some authors - yes, souls is what they are. However the alternative is that "machine spirts" are simply weak or shackled AI, and Ambominable Intelligence is the kind of AI that's capable of learning and adapting.

Not all machines that the AdMech claim to have "machine spirits" have either of course. Because it's a religion, not a hard and fast truth of the setting.

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Flagelants are penitent criminals, they're not brainwashed or lobotomized, just pumped full of drugs and kept hallucinating all the time.

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Servitors have bio-engram plates or something that get inserted into them that essentially allow them to run a program.

I remember in Hereticus Eisenhorn removed one, tampered with it, and replaced it so as to command his servitor to slow down their pursuers.

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No, Flagelleants are servitors.

They're just combat model servitors whose "operating system" comes from a specefic type of human.

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This is a lie.

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No, it is not.

The concept of the Flagellant - then called the Arco-Flagellant - was introduced in Inquistor. Where it specefically stated they are a TYPE of Combat Servitor. That they are a criminal or heretic, sure, that they are pumped full of drugs to enhance them in combat, sure. That they are even more "aware" than usual servitors and only undergo a partial lobotomy, also sure.

But regardless, they are still a type of servitor. They're just a highly speciaised combat model, designed to maximise the torment of the biological components.

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well yes, though I was meaning from the Ad Mech perspective.
To them what makes an Artificial Intelligence good or bad is whether it has what they call a soul.
Generally if the machine has some "wetware" in it then its considered to have a soul, even if they're just a handful of lab grown neurons.

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It's not always wetware though. It can sometimes be programming. Though the avergae tech-priest isn't taught to tell the difference.

A High Ranking Arch-Magos, they may be able to tell you, Maybe. The only person we could say knows for sure is the Fabricator General. The concept of the "Machine Spirit" is - at least in part - a deliberate means to restirct knowledge to the lower ranks.

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Goddamn I remember the WDs back then with all kinds of crazy Flagellant concepts.

Remember Gryxx? Lichtenstein's Flagellant?

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God damn, Inquisitor Lictenstein... I fucking loved those battle reports! Though whilst I rember his Magos ended up on fucking tank treads, I can't recall Gryxx clearly - beyond I think he may have been green and possibly modelled with Ghazghull's Power Klaw.

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It wasn't Lichtenstein's magos that ended up on Tank treads if I recall... I think that was the other guy. Pale face. Red eyes. He had an ex-guardsman with an assault cannon arm who got immolated during a fight with lichtenstein and in the next battle report had fucking treads.

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That was it... Man I'm gonna have to dig those up.

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Sounds like Afriel Strain.

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>An establishment using half-dead lobotomosed corpse cyborgs in ful view of it's clients may be seen as a little "uncouth".

I can see a troll of a governor with ultrapious affectations demanding that his guests accept dishes from corpses and LIKE it, lest they be seen as doubting the holiness of such technology.

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Servitors can and often are prettied up.

There was one merchant in the Eisenhorn series whos ships servitors where done up as brass statues on wheels.

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I'm pretty sure there's mention of Servitors acting as waiters in one of the Cain novels, just can't remember which. I don't think it was discussed, but nobody seemed bothered.
Then again, Sandy Mitchell is kind of troll every once in a while.

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Wrongo. It's dubious whether Machine Spirits actually exist or not - it's implied they both do and don't throughout the books and codeces.

According to the teachings of the Adeptus Mechanicus, every single piece of technology (yes, even your lasgun) has a Machine Spirit. In Forge Worlds, you'll see soldiers doing such things as saying "The Litany of Reloading" during the simple act of... well... sticking another power pack in their gun.

But AI is expressively forbidden. Read up on the Iron Men to find out why. Servitors are seen as a great alternative because the human brain is far more predictable and there is never a short supply of human bodies.

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How Arco-Flagellants work - they're put in a complete trance state, their helmet (and the subsequent wiring to their brains) filled with hymns and holy scripture worshiping the Emperor. Then the battle starts, and their body is pumped full of drugs and they are whipped into a holy, homicidal rage.

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This was the first novel. They're serving drinks at the Governor's party, and Cain only mentions them in passing as if they are absolutely nothing remarkable whatsoever.

Which, to a member of the Imperium, I guess they aren't.

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Know No Fear: The Battle Of Calth describes a servitor as the work horse of an ex-Imperial Guardsman

>> No.23678626

This, pretty much, is what I've understood. Which makes things rather confusing if the inherent programming of some electronic puts them dangerously close to AI territory, while still not being AI. Then there's the AI that keeps the methaphorical "low" and is harder to notice or differentiate from your average programming. It's iffy, and hell, they have religious debates about this I'd think.

But then again, using wetware for calculative processes is really just a way to get around that.

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None of that implies they aren't a form of combat servitor, designed to increase the level of torment to the criminal who's undergone the process.

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not really sure where any of what you said goes against what I said.

Whether Machine spirits really exist in all mahines isn't relevant to my point.
I was talking about things from the Ad Mech point of view. To them an AI is an Abominable Intelligence, the Abominable part being its soulless-ness.
Its intelligence isn't an issue.

Many things that we would call Artificial Intelligence's (such as a ships main computer or the war Robots of the Ad Mech) are called Machine Spirits by the Ad Mech, but they're considered fine because as a Machine Spirit they are considered to have a soul.

The ability to self enhance is also an issue in that Abominable Intelligences are bad because they can, but Intelligent Machine Spirits, who can't enhance themselves, are fine.

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Ollanius Pius had an ex-combat servitor, according to Lexicanum .

>> No.23678939

I didn't say otherwise, I was just elaborating.

>> No.23678940

Servitors are common as fuck, nobody gives two shits what you use them for.

Think of them as slaves during the slave days. Nobody gave any fucks unless they ran away or didn't do what they were told, and servitors won't run away and will always do what they're told.

>> No.23678942

How can you be an ex-servitor...?

Or are you implying it was still a servitor, but that it's functionality was shifted from combat roles, to non-combat roles...?

>> No.23678947

Fair enough, thanks, I should realy have included the pacification helm in my description.

>> No.23678956

But you said Artificial Intelligences with souls have Machine Spirits...

I'm saying the Mechanicus believe all electronics have Machine Spirits, from Toasters to Titans.

>> No.23678963

I think he means it used to be a combat servitor, but no longer is used for combat.

>> No.23678966

Ex-combat. Not Ex-servitor.

>> No.23679096

Not just electronics dude. They believe clockwork, solid slug weapons, even the most simple of tools have machine spirits.

"AI with a soul" is a misnomer, it's an artifical distinction the mechanicus apply to differntiate between "Smart" AI that can learn and adapt and "Retard" AI that's shackled either through technology or the inclusion of biological components.

Machine Spirit referred originally - in fluff terms - simply to shackled/retard AI, but now the Machine Cult applies it to pretty much anything more complex than a metal used as a lever.

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no, I said an AI with a soul is called a Machine Spirit.

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I'm sure that the Imperium is civilised enough to not need a stupid system like tipping.
Besides, it is a fact that workers in the Imperium are paid in board, food and a flat rate wage.

Imperium: 1
Amerifats: 6 or 7

>> No.23679791


Uh, dude.

Tipping is an universal constant.

>> No.23679846

no its not.

>> No.23679896

No it isn't.
I have only tipped about 3 times in my life.
And that was putting my spare change from a meal into a donation box for breast cancer on the counter.

>> No.23679912

Uh, dude.

Some countries pay their workers a liveable wage.

>> No.23680110


Firstly, I've never heard of this.

But secondly, so what? Even if they do, do you savages not know how to tip in restaurants?

>> No.23680191

Why should I?

>> No.23680253

its not that we don't know how too.

Its just very rarely done by anyone.

Tipping is for genuinely outstanding service, instead of just being not crap.

Not tipping for a meal or what ever is the norm here.

>> No.23680259

Tipping is something you do based on exceptional service.

I don't tip everyone who serves me food just by virtue of the fact they serve me food.

Do you tip people at McDonald's?

Do you tip a bus driver?

A cab driver - even if he got you there late?

Tipping in some culutres seems to be mandatory, the way it's always worked for me, is it's a gift for exceptional aid, not a certainty.

>> No.23680406

which one?

I'd say i live in one, but after every of our "so called GOOD" things like insurances, especially forced by law-ones are subtracted, it is not enough anymore.

Funny, isn't it?
I earn enough money, BUT have to FORCED pay unemployment insurance and social insurance (not forgetting the health-insurance-mafia) from it in case i get unemployed and/or have not the "minimum wage" or "minimum needed to live" which - after that - is the case for me... Why can't they leave me what i have to begin with?! My health insurance doesn't pay anything anyway, but charges me nevertheless, leaving me with less to live that the minimum.
It makes no sense after all....
Fun fact: the "maximum insurance cap", applied to the "super-rich" costs the country more money to pay these minimum wages and minimum-to-live-money about 20 times (actual number). But why not scrap it? Because the "super-rich" have direct influence on THAT law. That's why... And they don't pay health-insurance when above a certain income, but receive better treatment. And the ones who pay it, don't get any.

>> No.23680431

but... its also made of messed up people meat

>> No.23680457

politicians can't f$%$%ing imagine there's this (growing) amount of people who's income is so marginal above minimum that charging them everything the super-rich use up with their health treatments leaves them 'poor' afterwards...

>> No.23680491

>Suddenly your outlook will change radically when you're in need of your health care system

>> No.23680497

>health insurance doesn't pay anything anyway
>what is copay
The goal isn't to pay for the rich; it's to ake sure you have to pay for at least some of the free shit you get so that hospitals aren't overwhelmed by people..
Same with not paying health-insurance tax. They who can easily afford private health insurance, do, or buy healthcare directly.

You're living in a welfare state. Enjoy the leftist dream.

>> No.23680513

'fucking' only has 7 letters

>> No.23680520

Sounds like France. Are you in Europe?

>> No.23680537

you animals dont tip? jesus why not just shit on the floors and beat off on the tables too

>> No.23680567

We tip if givern exceptional service.

What, you animals don't tip the postman? The garbage man? The guy working the bank teller?! That guy in the shop who showed you where the beans are!?

Why is it that waiters and waitresses, are somehow the only people you seem to think it's a REQUIREMENT to tip, regardless of the quality of service...?

>> No.23681129

yup, but france has bigger problems with healthcare for poor afaik (or have been told) and social system; IN THEORY we have the better system in that fiel, but there's JUST SOME LITTLE ILLOGICAL ASPECTS IN IT: (as follows)

anyway: I'm definitly the one paying for healthcare of peoply who COULD buy their own doctor, but don't because why should they when their 2% real income (due to maximum cap) gets them good care, whereas my 75% (yup, that's true; got in average 200 euro and DO pay 150 health insurance from it, because some dumfuck politician though that was a good idea to EXPLICITLY force people who's income is BELOW 400 to pay health insurance for themselves; btw: my employer pays 40 too, but that doesn't give me anything, since due to this stupid law which is openly known to throw people into the poor category i have to pay the WHOLE amount ADITIONALLY!!!)
You understand why i'm pissed? My health insucance gets about 200 a month of which some is 75% ob MY income and i have worse (next to none) health care compared to someone who pays 2%; and they have the f..... nerve to call that socially fair!

Some employees who live on tips and/or "untaxed income" have more left per month than i do! And i have a regular job. Well, not much hours per day, but i pay all they tell me - and get next to nothing in return and are left with nothing at end of month...
Since these jobs exist, socially fair would be an aditional 1% for those who can afford it and leving the (159 below MINIMUM wage here...) income untouched!

>> No.23681225

it's not leftist, it's just that i want them to admit: THIS SYSTEM IS NOT SOCIALLY FAIR! (which doesn't mean there aren't worse ones; but only more honest ones! I mean everywhere else you get something in return when you pay for it or you don't pay, because you know you won't get anything anyway...)
Don't pay, get nothing (= as much as i get) = fine
pay and get health care and stuff = fine too
paying when paying MAKES you subject to social system (less than minimum to live) = not quite ok...
But it is wose!

Being forced to pay because of some law, ESPECIALLY when they KNOW you WILL have not enough to live from it, make the employer pay ADDITIONALLY and have the nerve to call that SOCIALLY FAIR raises my adrenaline level... (which can't be good if you take into account my level of health care...)

>> No.23681226

Dude, get a better job. Or else start working a job where people tip, and be willing to suck cock to get said tips.

Or else vote for a party that'll fix this.

Or else become PART of a party that will fix this.

If it's really as bad as you say - there must be countless people who'd support such a group. Probably even a large swathe, if not the majority, of the population.

France is still a democracy, right?

>> No.23681318

>Dude, get a better job. Or else start working a job where people tip, and be willing to suck cock to get said tips.
work in progress of course

>Or else vote for a party that'll fix this.
fact: there is none! All of them can't imagine that our income level even exists: For them there are only the incomes who can efford it effortlessly and those, who benefit from social system, i.g. the poor to begin with
Those who become poor BECAUSE of the system, are completely neglected; that stupid law responsible for it is in action for 6 years and is widely known for causing private bankrupts (leaving you and/or making you a poor afterwards - which is widely accepted as GOOD because of some other law a "poor" which gets social care HAS to ACCEPT EVERY JOB GIVEN TO him - even if AND although he would get less pay for it; it's kinda a form of modern slavery in a way, so why do something against the situation?)

>f it's really as bad as you say - there must be countless people who'd support such a group. Probably even a large swathe, if not the majority, of the population.
One would think that, but it appears it's not urgent enough till the majority is in that category (since neither rich nor poor have reason to rebel against it - the poor get enough to live, payed by our income level (!), so why should THEY rebel?)
This will go on, till the system falls apart if you ask me...

>> No.23681339

Do Servitors have Machine Spirits?

>> No.23681375

>else vote for a party that'll fix this.
>fact: there is none
Then make one.

For fuck's sake, you're on the internet RIGHT NOW with access to every person below this wage threshold seconds away.

You can sit there and bitch til you're tricoloure in the face - and it won't make a shred of difference.

Fucking apathy is what will make the system fall apart.

You see a problem that no one else is solving...?


Or just carry on whinging on 4chan about it. I think I can guess what you'll do...

>> No.23681406


Probably each of their components do, but the "Servitor" isn't a machine. It's a set of machines utilising a large flesh component, in this case a human body.

I'd say, probably, the Servitor wouldn't be classed as having a machine spirit of it's own, but each of it's components would be seen as having one each.

>> No.23681427

>muh machine spirits don't exist because they aren't real

You need to know the definition of immanence. The distinction between immanence and transcendence is the guiding principle that delineates sacred vs heretical for the Admech.

>> No.23681468

Wow, don't you look all swish with your big swaggering words...

In short, "The Divine is in Stuff" rather than "The Divine is Outside The Universe."

Now, make a fucking point.

And do it like a human being would, rather than attempting to alienate your audience in an attempt at assuming authority.

>> No.23681481

Weapons actually do have what can easily be called a machine spirit.

>> No.23681508

Acting isn't gonna fix shit. By the sounds of it, Europe is in the same position America is heading towards.

They let socialism happen and now that it's too fucking late to fix it they're crying that they didn't mean it like that, why does real life have side effects.

The answer for the poor is to either get on welfare, or get into the upper middle class. The current low to low-middle people are going to go extinct and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.

>> No.23681512

Where the shit is this from...?

>> No.23681536

Codex: Chaos Space Marines. It's in a bit about how the souls of Mutilators merge with the war-spirits of their favorite weapons.

>> No.23681538

Not speaking of my now: these jobs exist; the employers can't pay more than they do, SO it WOULD be job for the politicians the make something as socially fair as they claim the system to be. But slaves - once the are poor and have to accept everything - are MUCH more convenient....
Without help i'd have fallen into that category long ago...

If I weren't i would have given up on the system and become an outsider a while ago...
And I'm working on the job with double than before income already... And I sure know i will get every cent somewhere where "they" can't reach it in the future - for bad times... And say 'i lost the job, and have NO SAVINGS of course' once it happens, like the MANY peoply THEY make these stupid law for, ignoring there are .... make that: WERE still honest people out there...

Guess i leave you alone, gotta do something for my 'untaxed income' i don't pay anything from.... :)

>> No.23681551

>big words
These are normal size words where I come from, so using them is considered normal and human. I'm sorry you're subnormal, but your ignorance doesn't make you special or deserving of education.

We use normal sized words because they precisely encapsulate normal concepts for normal people.

>> No.23681570

Not OP, but I have a psyker who is unable to speak due toa homebrew sanctioning effect. She's looking into getting an aide or something that she can mind-talk to with telepathy, and have them speak for her. Would a servitor work for that? I imagine they have a mind to work with.

>> No.23681572

Wow, aren't you a ray of alarmist rhetoric and hyperbole.

"We're all doomed, and it's all [INSERT IDEOLOGY THAT'S OPPOSITE TO YOURS]'s fault!!!"

>> No.23681592

Eh, they are lobotomized; but using a servitor as a meatpuppet talkbox would be totally 40k themed.

>> No.23681603

>asked to elaborate on a concept
>refuses and acts superior
Ok, Captain Giga-Cock, I'll stroke your ego. I'll tell you I'm subhuman. I'll tell you I live in a mude hut and eat my own shit. I'll tell you your words reduced me to tears and I have no desire greater than to bask in your magnificence.

Will you elaborate on your point then, oh mighty one?

>> No.23681628

Fascinating. So, much to my chargrin, it seems as hough the current trend in 40K writing to explain everything is leaning towards Machine Spirits being a real tangible thing, rather than the ramblings of insane tech-heads...

What a shame...

>> No.23681673


She's a bit neutral Good to actually want to use one, but the option is there.

>> No.23681688

Most of the traditional rightwing dumps on economic common sense have been driven off by the fruits of modern logistics - no-one likes tariffs anymore. Some of the prominent left-wing ones, OTOH, can be directly translated into voting blocs and are self-incentivizing feedback loops; so they have lots of momentum.

No hyperbole or political sides needed. This is mainstream introductory economics and poli sci.

>> No.23681733

>No hyperbole or political sides needed.

But I'm not sure your statement in this thread implies, as the last poster did that... "MILLIONS WILL DIE AND WE'RE ALL DOOMED!!!" does it?

>> No.23681813

As long as you are living in a social system (like where i live) but this social injustice (while still claiming the opposite...) none will die, but (lower) middle who CAN be cast into poverty WILL be eradicated soon and either the rest will be able to pay the social welfare for these now poor people - making half the population live on social welfare or as slaves, or not (in which case there wil be a revolution). I hope there will be a revolution, this political lethargy is starting to suck...

>> No.23681847

Millions won't die, not anytime soon, anyway. But upward social mobility will stop, rises in quality of life will stagnate (because they will now be driven by tech only, not tech and markets), and social unrest and government debt will skyrocket.

The rich and the poor will live normally. It's everyone else getting screwed: not post-apocalyptically, but in long-lasting depressions that take longer to recover from each time. If you're in your early 20s like me, you've never experienced living outside a depression.

>> No.23681858

Well the guy in the pic is a rat catcher with modified rat catching servitor for clearing out hive vermin so it might or might not be privately owned.

That is not to say you can't buy them the mechanicus as well as certain artisan houses offer a wide variety of servitors and automatons with spliced in animal cortex's.

Servitors vary widely ranging from single task to dangerously close to A.I. how close in form in function depends on the the nearby mechanicus sect, some are cool with it some are not it really depends on the sect.

Servitors that must interact with people of breeding often wear ornate masks and such so as to not disgust the patrons of establishments that use them.

>> No.23681892

Actually that is an astropath, you can see the inscription ''Astra Telepathica Noblis'' framed around his head.

>> No.23681918

Some of us only tip when we receive exceptional service.

You know, like the reason tips are there. Why would I give someone 10% extra just for doing their job?

>> No.23681954

Also in one book priests of mars a servitorized man starts to regain his memories becoming self aware in a sense due to the presence of a psyker(presumably) who can talk to and heal machines who coincidently gets his own arco-flagellant.

>> No.23682063

I am in my early twenties, and buddy, we were going through a massive Boom in the 90's. You don't know shit. Boom and Bust, that's the See-Saw of the Free Market.

Fuck you and your Hyperbole, I'm off to take a shit. I'm sure if I tried to read it, it'd make more sense than you...

>> No.23685716


Fucking feral worlders. Should've known the concept of common courtesy won't even exist there. Do you also count your money when you pay for food? Desperately make sure that not one extra shell or stone or whatever it is that you mistake for payment falls into the hands of those who serve you? Bah.

Personally I always tip generously on my incognito visits to the lower levels. The Emperor wants us to help keep the lower classes on their feet.

>> No.23686082

Nuh uh. Servitors are often vat-grown.

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