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your char vs a flintlock

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Oh Jesus, 1d12 damage.

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My char have two custom-build ones, plus a sworbreaker.

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Probably fine. In almost any video game except ARMA or something one lead ball won't kill me. In an rpg I have fate points, AC, dodge rolls, GM bribing, etc.

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Oh, yer gonna regret this tahmarrah fella.

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Flintlocks are some of the deadliest personal weapons ever created.

Even the pistols fired .52 caliber ball. That's even bigger than .50 BMG.

If you get hit by a flintlock's ball, it's more devastating than getting hit by .50 BMG. You're practically dead.

The only problem is their accuracy. But if they do hit, it's all over.

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>1d12 damage

More like 6d12. See >>23668977

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A .50 BMG is a high speed steel rod with a pointed end fired using white powder that goes down the barrel tightly
A musket ball is a lead sphere fired using black powder and is not a tight fit (IE much of the energy used in firing is chucked out the barrel around the projectile) at low velocity.
Good steel armor can stop musket balls. A modern rifle bullet would pass right through it and out the other side.

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It's fine, I can take a wound to take away all damage. I'll be at -1D, but then I'm up in his face with my longsword.

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Very well, this is my char.

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>your char vs a flintlock
Last character: Battle Brother Korbin of the raven Guard. I think I'm good.

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While this is true for early firearms. Flintlocks were already beyond the capabilities of steel armors. Curaissers could only deflect shots fired from long-range, stop ricochets and offer protection from all but very close range pistol fire.

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this. .50 BMG can penetrate an engine block. A musket doesn't have NEARLY the kinetic force.

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>Solar Exalt

"Oh, hey, somebody threw this big metal ball at me. Did anybody else hear a loud bang, by the way?"

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He might be a mortal, but I pumped so much resilience into him that he can take a shotgun blast and survive (though requiring quick medical aid).

1/10, made me reply.

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What system?

My last gets blown the fuck away, unless he's in his Eva, in which case I play hacky-sack with the dumbass who tried to shoot my Eva.

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>7th level gunslinger using two top-break revolvers.
I think I'll live.

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Flintlock pistols had a muzzle velocity of 300+ meters per second.

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>solar exalt
>implying he would call a musket ball "big"

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I pick it up and fire it, I guess? Is it magically sentient or something?

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Eh, Creation's firearms shoot *literal* fire, so I could see it.

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I cast Destabilize Powder.

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.50 BMG is over 900m/s

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Your char vs grenade musket. It has already fired.

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Lets but it in another way:
From what I can find, musket has a muzzle energy of about 300-400 joules. .50BMG, depending on the bullet, has a muzzle energy between 13,000 and 15,000 joules.

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...are those seriously wheel lock and flintlock grenade launchers

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Well why the fuck not.

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Wheellock, to be precise.

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in comparison, those goofy defibrillators that they jumpstart your heart with on the Ambulance are operated at 360 joules... and that is for proper medical effect

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Remember, the force of an impact is determened by:
i) shape of projectile
ii) mass of projectile
iii) speed of projectile

Kinetic Energy is proportional to velocity^2. The .50AE of a desert eagle fires roughly twice as fast as the flintlock. As velocity doubles, kinetic energy QUADRUPLES.

That plus modern ammunition is designed to rifle and penetrate better

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Will /tg/ ever stop to be amazing?

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The primitive cartridge tears through the thin layer of cloth and winks off the covered face of the Space Marine's power armor, leaving an exceedingly small dent.

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Lets go further back:
Cruise, a Shadowrunner Adept. He'd be slihtly surprised but then put a couple of Hi-EX rounds in the wielder.

Before that was KILLBOT the Assault Rigger who'd not bother returning fire because he'd be laughing to hard.

Then GoGo my Cyber Assassin would snicker, my Ogrin Gunner would guffaw as he launched a round from his Ogrin Battlecannon, My Mage: The Awakening character Seonaidh be silent as a flame of hellfire consumed the idiot. Derrin Cade, Zenith Caste, would simply reduce the damage to zero, while Harry Jii, Scion of Sun Wukong would giggle hysterically has his skin grew back. Mikal Torve would be annoyed that someone out drew him and place a blaster bolt in the offenders hand and then let teh Jedi deal with it, while Kia Larchia sith sniper would simply set weapons for auto-fire.

Now Nikolaus, he'd wonder, yet again, why he let himself get talked into doing a mission outside the safety of his Zauberer assault mech, then detracts the target with double-talk until one of his more physically inclined squad mates got the drop on the anachronism using foe.

Kano would shrug off the round and tie the offender in a knot while wondering why it was fired in the first place, while Gunny Page would simply shift into kronos form and punch the guy out of his skin, unless it was silver bullet, where he then instead goes into a rage an rips the skull off everything in reach.

Jackson Short, scion of Loki, would convince the shooter he was killed with the shot and then mind-fuck the shooter into thinking he was a hooker named 'oral annie' and then put him on a plane to Bannock.

Rai would stab the shooter with a Force Lance, while Runner would simply return fire. Kaj would launch into a vicious series of attacks with his blade and Radzak would grapple into a double nelson and make the shooter tell everyone present that his mother did not know his father.

Arvas would build a better personal forcefield, and Rictoven would smite.

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Welp my L5R character is pretty much boned but my BESM character can turn into an intangible flesh butterfly who sprays massive clouds of poison so I think he's probably ok.

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I melt the gun into him, and then watch him slowly die of lead poisoning.

Such is the power of Molecular Telekinesis.

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>rolls a 1
>rolls another 1
More like the flimsy projectile, guided by beasts of the warp, finds itself embedded in your air-filtration unit, still barreling with thrice-heretical power, directly into your lungs. from there, it bounces through your ceramite-enhanced lungs, stripping both hearts bare as it cannot stop it's ill-guided power. All with a tiny, iron musket ball.

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And that just about covers the last ten years (skipping the one-shots and short campaign characters) and leaves out the free-form characters I sometimes play online and couple from an aborted attempt with a start trek RPG.

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You know what? If you have this many characters and none of them can be even phased by a flintlock shot, you're a bad fucking gamer.

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I'd say there is a 50/50 chance of it deflecting harmlessly away or puncturing a lung and killing him.
Then again, he got shot earlier in the campaign and is still alive. Either way, it'll suck for him.

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That's less a bullet and more a guided lead missile at that point.

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It's being a bad gamer to have Scion characters now?

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op here, looks like flintlock wins

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I think if you've played 19 characters and not one of them is even remotely bothered by a pistol shot then you have some major power fantasy shit going on above and beyond any desire to roleplay.

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>your char versus flintlock
Hmm, well, my last character was Hans, an Imperial Fist Devastator, so no contest there. Then came Gunther, who would step on the offender with his mech if he survived. Before that was Bodonaweedo, who would probably have either run screaming or tried to hack the weapon before running away screaming. Then came Gibralter, Mage the Awakening and master of Forces arcana, yeah, he's more likely to hurt you with it. And... yeah, that covers the ones I remember.

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DH Adept; depending on if she's managed to brew up stimm or not, the flintlock might win.

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So magic iron man vs non-magic flintlock.
I think i'm ok.

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I'm playing a shadowrunner who carries around an assault rifle
I think I win

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Well, considering how much damage it does, and at what level they ended, a single iron ball would not be much threat. Now a whole room full and they start breaking sweat.

As for Scion, Werewolf, and Exalted characters, they have ignore damage effects so nothing there.

My Shadowrunners would think its teh weirdest thing and take some damage but I play StreetSams or Adepts who can kill in various ways so they'd be OK in teh end.

My guys from MechTon Zeta and Mechwarrior use ten to twenty meter tall war machines powered by fusion reactors and covered in armor that ignores tank rounds, so nothing there.

A couple of my old D&D characters would have just taken 1D10, painful, but not life-threatening.

Basically, a single flintlock is not enough threat to stir up any real measurement on the threat-O-meter; 1/10, two at the most.

So TL;DR, if your characters would be really threatened by a flintlock round then WTF are you playing?

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I also like modern and future settings, so a flintlock tends to be more of a WTF thing than any real threat.

Here, enclosed is part 1/2 of one of my Shadowrunners, you tell me if they'd be threatened by a flintlock.

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Pt. 2/2

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If there's no one firing the flintlock, wouldn't that mean the characters win the showdown by default?
>1d10+2 primitive
>AP 8 TB 8
Yeah no.

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And one of my star wars characters

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I must be a bad player too, for mostly playing high-fantasy/modern/sci-fi games where flintlocks are laughable.

Gunnar the Spacehand is a mutant with armored skin and regeneration. He'll punch the wielder in the face after shrugging it off and knock his ass out with his cybermuscles.

Jotus is a troll druid. Ouch, shot painful, but not fire or acid, so it's going to heal. Wielder is then going to get entangled and eaten by wolves before he can reload.

Mr. Shine, the Dapper Diamond, the Crystal Crusher, and people's choice is a half-crystaline troll Monk. He tanks it like a champ, beats the shit out of pistolier, and then walks off to regen.

Blackscale is a Kobold Scout with two under-over double barreled pistols. If he gets hit he's going to hurt like hell, but he's fast, hard to hit, and he's probably quicker on the draw than the pistolier. Can't heal himself,but he knows clerics.

Lyra is an Ascension level Biomancer/Telekine Psyker. If the bullet doesn't get stopped by her TK shield, it'll be absorbed by her armor, Iron Flesh, or be healed by regeneration.

Bolts is a hive gang heavy working for a Rogue Trader. His xenotech armor tanks it like a champ.

That's going back about three to four years.

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Mage. Nope, no flintlock fear there

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>>23670239 second

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MekTon Zeta. That's one we like but you a rarely hear about on /tg. Flintlock deals a single D10, on character scale, that not even noticeable on mech scale.

Admittedly on character scale if one of them actually got hit it would hurt like hell, but everyone knows mech plots travel in packs

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My gunslinging cleric pics up his side-arm and proceeds to meet up with the rest of the party.

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now my Ogrun from Iron Kingdoms

teh fun bit is in the second sheet . . .

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We get it, you are an autist living in fantasy land to escape the misery of reality.

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Now, >>23669849 should any of these:
>>23670120 & >>23670133
>>23670239 & >>23670265
>>23670391 & >>23670420

fear a flintlock?

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Nobody here isn't.

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So, like everyone else on /tg.

Aside: I just felt like quashing somthing, and there's no kill like overkill

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That's not true man. I play games because I enjoy the kind of challenge and cooperative play, stories, trying to play a character faithfully, etc. a game provides.

I don't play to escape the misery of reality. I don't mind reality.

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>Ogrun Battle cannon


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>Character depth is an inverse of their ability to beat a flintlock pistol.

You high?

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I just feel it is really strange that you have never played a character who would even mind getting shot. I mean imagine an actual, real person getting shot by a flintlock - they might not die, but it would seriously hurt and produce trauma beyond the initial wound. I wonder how your characters even react when they are wounded or put in stressful situations now, if they're so far removed from human experience.

It is weird to me. I've played games with very powerful characters, but they were never absent of threat, tension or worry. I understand that threat doesn't have to correspond to mundane thread but it's just weird to me that none of your character have even been bothered by mundane threat.

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A lone flintlock pistol is not a threat in a lot of games.
I mean seriously unless your game is super lethal and super low tech there isn't much to fear from a single archaic firearm.

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Unless you've played Riddle of Steel, then you don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to flintlock lethality.

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You seem to be making a lot of assumptions.
First of which is that in every system a hit that causes damage corresponds to an actual physical wounds with the abstract nature of many games that's just not the always the case.

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Unknown Armies, Delta Green/CoC, ORE, RoS, GUMSHOE...

Like I say, it's really the fact none of the characters are phased. IRL that pistol would be a serious life-threatening thing. To have all your characters just disregard it so casually is to be constantly playing characters far removed from any kind of realistic human vulnerability.

No, not really. Like when people talked about D&D characters being hit I thought that was weird, because generally I don't think of 'taking some HP damage' in D&D as being shot full in the chest by a gun.

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Man, you are way over extrapolating this guy's roleplaying methods due to him simply listing characters that mechanically are capable of dealing with flintlock pistols because they regularly fight monsters and soldiers with assault weapons.

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His vest takes the thing and he shoots the idiot who brought an antique to a gun fight.

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You are overly upset at someone playing games where the character is a superhero.

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I'm playing near-modern SF with GURPS.

My character riddles the flintlock-wielder with JHPs from a Glock, then staggers away to a hospital, assuming he wasn't shot in the head.

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>I don't mind reality.

I play games for the same reasons and even I can't say this with a straight face. I just go about the usual ways of getting around it.

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I'm not upset, I just find it really strange.

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I really don't mind reality, sorry. At least not the whole day to day existence thing. Maybe some of the social problems, but games don't escape from, fix or alleviate that.

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When a character has battled gods, demons and armies, a single gun tends to be less of a threat, and more joke. Ironic joke if the gun actually kills the character, but someone who faces world ending threats should not be phased by a single, ordinary gun.

Now, if you are used to a more 'gritty' and 'real' setting that's fine, we don't play real settings. Heck, Gamma World is as 'real' as we get. We never start a character at first and never use the low-power character build options some games have because we usually take it to ten.
Heck, the most popular game we've played so far has been Scion, where you start being able to ignore mundane damage, and I run Exalted, where you start at a level where you go, "Gods? That's it? That's why you called us!? Cool, we got an hour to kill . . ."

My payers fight entire armies and legions of demons; my GM's throws nuke spirits and city-sized crabs at us . . . so yea, we like powerful shit.

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7th Sea comes to mind.

>> No.23670877

My current character is a gravetouched ghoul, hope like hell that flintlock is aiming to blow his head off otherwise whoever is wielding it is fucked.

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The ability to be threatened by the mundane is not the end all be all of human the experience.
Just because a character isn't threatened by archaic firearms doesn't make them unrelatable.

>> No.23670901

Okay so how do you characters deal with something that actually threatens them? Does that happen? How do they relate to ordinary, vulnerable human beings? Would they even retaliate against someone who shot them like this? It's like retaliating against an ant.

You're quite literally roleplaying gods, so how do you - a human - begin to do that?

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>Shadowrun Magician
>Capable of bending metal

Just warp the trigger enough so it cant be used

>> No.23670917

(my Nexus map with underground and secondary canals)

>> No.23670934

My character is a samurai.

Nice try, OP, but there's no contest there.

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eh Pathfinder makes it a relatively low number

but a 4x Critical.

Considering HP is Plot armor you probably don't actually get hit, and crits can either devastate you or scrape you.

>> No.23670961

Have you never roleplayed something stronger than a normal human?
I mean seriously asking how do you roleplay a god has the same answer as how do you roleplay anything to the best of your understanding of the character.

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D&D, Alternity, Black Crusade, Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, Exalted, Scion, Star Wars Saga, Star Wars D6, Shadowrun, Cyberpunk, various flavors of BESM, Dungeons the Dragoning, most of both old and new WoD, Eclipse Phase, Iron Kingdoms, RIFTS, Spycraft...

You have to admit, most of the popular systems are high-fantasy, sci-fi, or modern systems where a PC is most likely kitted and ready for combat, and your typical flintlock either isn't much of a threat, or it's damage can be easily mitigated. Delta Green, ORE, RoS, Gumeshoe - those are pretty niche systems.

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Oop, forgot about that one. Yea, my character from 7th Sea would very-much dislike a flintlock pointed a him; would it phase him, no; he used a five foot long zweihander and was armored in Drakensteel, so you'd again, need a whole squad of musketeers to give him pause.

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no need to be sorry, you didn't make reality. you just seem to enjoy how it works and I'll never understand you or anyone like you.

>> No.23671032

Are you implying you don't squash the shit out of ants that bite you?

>> No.23671064

What are some of your problems with it?

>> No.23671068

>How do I shot imagination?

>> No.23671126

Man, you're childhood games of pretend must of been something else.
>If we're gonna play as the Avengers, I call dibs on Hawkeye! But he simply has the skills of an Olympic level archer instead of his normal super crazy accuracy and since that isn't a well paying job due to his avoidance of merchandizing, no crazy arrows either.

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I mainly read 2000AD as a kid.

>> No.23671152

Normally they withdraw and plan with the others to counter the threat. in Scion it was the return of the old ones and Titans; we had to combat ideals, find the linchpin. Much the same in Exalted, when an intimacy is being threatened I'd respond, and sometimes there was no response; just because you are the biggest hammer on teh block doesn't mean you should just start smashing away. Especially when you are trying to convince people you aren't the monster.

When you move beyond the idea of a gun being threatening to you, it usually means that you can't just point a gun at your enemies and make them go away. I would say that it forces us to create more than a pile of stats, is forces a level of character because when a gun is no-longer what you fear, you have to think about what yo do really fear, what you value more than physical safety. You HAVE to think on the scale of cities, not streets; or even nations, not cities.

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But that picture is of the doom eagles

>> No.23671182

well he's survived being shot with a musket I think he'd be fine. He's also pretty hard to hit so there's that.

>> No.23671211

whatever. its the only one that fit AND was awesome.
<< although this is cool too

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just the general dissonance between people's views of the world, how complicated each little thing is where most everything we learn is a simplification or the best idea, and there may be no way to actually attain knowledge only support ideas or rely on belief.

all in all, reality would be better if at least a few things had been hammered out and explained to people before we started to exist, instead it's kind of just a bunch of people blindly flailing their way toward what they want to be true. while over half of the population is claiming that life is the way they see it and will fight to prove that rather than try to accept that most likely none of us know what's going on and should start trying to just have more ideas rather than fight for the ideas/beliefs we think are best.

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>My Ranger is fucked if it hits, seeing as he wears chain mail
>Cavalier survives, runs dude down on horse.
>Elf has a big shield she can hide behind, so she survives

>All my other characters laugh, because modern assault rifles and body armor

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By having things that are more of a threat to you. This is basic storytelling - you give Frodo a lightsaber, Sauron gets a Death Star, yaddayadda. Threats scale to the power of the PC's. Yes, they don't really care about paying their heating bill or romancing the local baker's daughter, but they still attempt to woo Sif's nicest daughter and have to keep Yog-Sogoth from eating the planet.

Likewise, sci-fi and modern characters are still human, can still be hurt, but as you didn't specify 'no armor' lots of them have armor that can easily tank something as laughably ancient as a flintlock pistol. Add in magic and psychic powers that can either make a flintlock useless or heal the damage trivially, and it's no big thing.

These characters are challenged by things appropriate to their power - power-armor guy is challenged by high powered rifles and rockets, maybe alien psychic powers or laser swords. Wizard gets attacked by enemy spells, traps, and dragons. Scion gods deal with titans and titan spawn.

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I find the question pointless

>> No.23677039

Poor punk, didn't even get a shot of. Thank you based Wired II.

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>your char vs a flintlock
my char uses a flintlock, no vs needed

>> No.23680070

Considering I'm playing a sniper in Shadowrun right now... this is actually a pretty amusing thought.

>> No.23680098

Whelp, I was playing a Roomba so I'm bits of plastic scattered around an apartment.

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>1d10+2 Primitive versus

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