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So the Kingdom Death pledge manager has started its phased opening. How much did you spend/plan to spend then gentlemen of tg?

Pledge Total 350
Pledge Reward Level The Game
Herald of Death Gift
Selected Options:
Twilight Knight Gift
White Speaker Gift
Dragon King Expansion 1
The Lantern Festival Major Expansion 1
Messenger of the Spiral Path 1
Twilight Witch: Plastic 1
Lioness: Plastic 1
Primal Huntress: Plastic 1
Dragon Sacrifice Resin 1
Lantern Festival: Plastic 1
Spider Silk Assassin: Plastic 1
Leather Queen: Plastic 1

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damnit, now i'm trying to remember what things i priced out when I was ordering...

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I think it was...

Survivor - Dragon King - Flower Knight - Dung Beetle Knight - Manhunter - Kara Black - Slender Man - Primal Huntress.

And don't judge me over the last one. Yes, i know "hot glue hue hue hue" but seriously, it is a beautiful piece.

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>How much did you spend/plan to spend then gentlemen of tg?
At what point can we just admit this is viral?

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If I recall, my plan was all expansions except for flower knight sun stalker and lion good, plus two pinups for my mom. Now she's being annoying about choosing pinups.

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I basically got all the big expansions and little expansions except the knights + the Guts copycat.

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I am super stoked for this game.

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I just want to read more fluff for the game. Little bits I've seen here and there I've liked.

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You can't buy it now or any time soon. This is just for people who already bought it.

>Shipping Type International
>Pledge Total 345
>Pledge Reward Level The Game
>Herald of Death Gift
>Selected Options:
>Twilight Knight Gift
>White Speaker Gift
>Flower Knight Expansion 1
>Dung Beetle Knight Expansion 1
>The Lantern Festival Major Expansion 1
>Sunstalker Major Expansion 1
>Spidicules Major Expansion 1
>Dragon King Expansion 1
Added $20 from initial pledge.

I don't think you'll get to. Seems like he wants it all to stay in game and subjective.

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>Pledge Reward Level The Game



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Pleb, I got all the expansions, all the promos (minus miss only-one-card-and-barely-enough clothing) and an extra Manhunter.

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Sorry, saving meself for marriage, anon.

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I think not.
To be on-topic: anyone else happy to finally have the pledge manager out?

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Shame. At least got enough info on the world itself to make a decent setting in some other game.

Also fuck yeah Flower Knight.

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Yes, very much.
Also did all of your get emails or just sneak yourself in? Seems like a really dumb idea to reduce site load by just sending the email to some and telling them not to share the link (if I understand that correctly). They've gotta have a database with all of the emails, they could just block registering for 90% of them and then slowly add more.

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Emailed, and I don't see why people would share the link; I don't plan to.

And now's the time I bring up the /tg/-planned settlement/inter-settlement game, anyone interested since last time?

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I was quite impressed with the quality of it actually, given how full of dead links his website is... some of that $2m obviously went on hiring someone with some good coding skills!

>> No.23667890

It did look quite shiny but that's due to a competent designer, not coding necessarily.

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I don't know about this plan, tell me more.

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>tentacle titty-monster minis game makes $2 million on Kickstarter

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The basic idea is to get one (hopefully more) group of people on here in the same time-availability zones to start a settlement together, using email or other sites for communication and rolld20/Vassal/whatever else each separate group decides upon for the hunt phases; if more than one group is playing we'd be able to trade materials, gear and survivors amongst each other, and would all be on the same schedule (ie: by the end of this week everyone should be on their #th day, groups can decide when in the week they do things on their own. Each group would be able to play, and govern as they like.

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>Hasn't read this

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At least the Bones campaign did far better, but that was mostly because it was far better bang for buck.

>> No.23668095

This one still comes to around 4-5$ per figure, and it has a game (opinions vary on how much that adds to the value though...)

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Ah I see. I think.
So would the groups be in one settlement (I feel upgrades for that settlement might be to easy to obtain then) or in in several settlements (which might mean travel to trade or use another settlement's upgrade).

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Still pretty pricey if you ask me, but I'm not really into resin cheesecake so I'm just not the target demographic.

Also, honestly, is anyone ACTUALLY going to play the game?

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My ideal set-up is various different settlements made up of 4-6 anons, based on how people want to play (esp, when it comes to how roleplay heavy they are, and if they want to start under the Dragon or Sunstalker) and time-zone/work/school schedule concerns.
All of the groups would advance through the days at the same time though, whatever the whole group decides upon (most likely with one official diplomat per group to quell confusion).

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I do hope to play the game yes.

Resin is more expensive and even the plastic pinups run $15 per figure. You get a lot more figures and bigger figures from the expansions. Lantern Festival is two humans, one naked dude on an arm throne, an arm monster and a cloak monster and all the of the game cards for $45. Other expansions have 4 armor sets too.

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I have massive buyers regret already, it really is just a shit boardgame where my friends will want to glue MY toys together, i was blinded by cheesecake.

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Nah, you can get some silicone and make molds so you can make any combination of pieces you want without ruining your originals.

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Any of you fine gents who may want to sell this one seperately ? allison twilight knight

I didnt like the special models much but would like to acquire this one if possible.

>> No.23668583

Oh so super simple and totally something the average hobbyist will do right /sarcasm off

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I have no experience with it myself, and I plan on doing it; the only real barriers for it are the time, money and patience to find the archived guide from this board, order all the correct materials and plan ahead top minimize use of silicone.

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I'm probably just gonna make one full armor set for each gender and use the other half to make random cool looking sets with the other armor parts. I see the appeal in being able to fully customize your figure to fit your armor cards but whichever way you do it it might just be too much effort for the payoff.
So you gotta play with random shit figures until you get a full set.

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I'm still undecided what I'll do. I'll probably assemble one of each kit normally and permanently, then continue being indecisive between magnets, pins, or recasting for the rest and never get anything done.

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My plan: recast the armor sets, then use unbent paperclips stuck into the molds to hold magnets in place in order to cast usable models with magnets built-in.
The same for the monster, though I may not need to magnetize them.
And, for moral/ethical reasons, I plan on only ever having one recast for everything I own.

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Might be an interesting way of doing things.
Maybe my plan will be to wait for you to try this, and see how it worked out/get a guide for it.

>> No.23668995

Yeah, definitely trying it on some cheaper minis first though, of course.

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Pledge Total 305
Pledge Reward Level Survivor
Herald of Death Gift
KD: Monster Tshirt xl
Selected Options:
Twilight Knight Gift
White Speaker Gift
Flower Knight Expansion 1
Dragon King Expansion 1
Gorm Major Expansion (includes Regeneration Suit) 1
Dung Beetle Knight Expansion 1
Lion God Expansion 1
Dragon Sacrifice: Plastic 1

Literally only missed the Lantern Festival, Spidercules and Sunstalker Expansion since Herald of Death gives me Lion Knight, Manhunter, Green armor etc, etc. I literally have no fucking idea how many figures this will amount to. It's somewhere in the area of a metric shit-ton.

I bought it to play it.

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Love that picture.

>> No.23670011

And what do you plan to actually do with all these figures?

>> No.23670195

Put them together and paint them. I'm a whiz at painting (though I have no photographs as of yet to back up these claims). I've given up on magnetizing them though because I'm actually rather inexperienced with such matters and I don't want to ruin them.

Actually, Maybe I'll paint one set, then try out magnetizing. But at least 1 set is going to be straight up glued and painted.

I'm also going to scan all the cards and make an Electronic archive of them so I can attempt poorly to run this for online buddies.

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Objectifying and object. How horryfying.

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I have no clue how many of you are the same anon, but would you like to be the founding members of the organization to start the /tg/ world of settlements inter-political board game thingy?

>> No.23676574


OP here, I would be up for this, it sounds a great idea.

>> No.23676632

Yay! I'm going to set up a /tg/-specific gmail right now, in fact.

>> No.23676680

I'm getting this.
Can't decide between Lantern Festival or Dragon King, though.

>> No.23676841

600 bucks for Survivor+every scrap of gameplay content.

>> No.23676896

That's the way to do it manon.

>> No.23677060

Onlymway to go if you plan on making an online port of the game. Gotta get all those cards scanned into roll20

>> No.23677456

So you'd be interested in signing up for the Kingdom Death:Monster:/tg/: intersettlement role playing board game thing?

>> No.23679504

Lantern Festival.

>> No.23681119

The Dragon King design and the Dragon armor look pretty cool though... but so does the watcher cloak. The king is pretty dope, and so are the hunters, but I could do without the scribe.
I'll probably do lantern festival because it expands off of the base "story".

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On a serous not, why do Americans alwas get so passive aggressive at nudity? Did Jesus say 'thou must not buyeth sexy pinups' somewhere in the bible? I would not now since I'm not into reading fairytales.

Aside from that how can you be so ignorant to only concentrate on the OPTIONAL pinups and completely ignore most of the normal looking female player characters? Straight Edge nerd rage much?Chocolate cake.

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>> No.23681283

I'd go Lantern.

>> No.23682974

>but I could do without the scribe
pff, you hetero cis scum. Buy the scribe for equality of beefcake and cheesecake.

>> No.23683150

Survivor Level, all expansions, all cheesecakce and Kickstart specials.

But there's an extra 10 bucks that I can't decide between getting extra heads or extra die.

>> No.23683172

Did you forget about little old me?

>> No.23683181

Not all of us are. It's mostly the religious bible-thumpers.

>> No.23683187

Hasn't someone fed you to a dragon yet?

>> No.23683209


It's a long line to wait in.

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Pledge Total: 1625
Pledge Level: All Resin Beta

Gifts from Kingdom Death
>1 Twilight Knight
>1 White Speaker

Herald of Death Achieved
>1 Lion Knight+Court Expansion
>1 Manhunter Expansion
>1 Green Knight Armor

>Flower Knight Expansion
>Dragon King Expansion
>Gorm Major Expansion (includes Regeneration Suit)
>Dung Beetle Knight Expansion
>Spidicules Major Expansion
>Sunstalker Major Expansion
>Lion God Expansion
>The Lantern Festival Major Expansion
>Slender Man Expansion
>The Lonely Tree Expansion
>Promo: Holiday White Speaker Nico
>Promo: Candy and Cola
>Promo: Kara Black
>Messenger of Courage
>Messenger of the Spiral Path
>Messenger of the First Story
>Messenger of Humanity
>Rawhide Armor x5 (makes 20 minis)
>Phoenix Armor x5 (makes 20 minis)
>Spider Silk Armor x5 (makes 20 minis)
>Sunstalker Armor (makes 20 minis)
>Dragon Armor x5 (makes 20 minis)
>White Lion Armor x5 (makes 20 minis)
>Gorm Armor x5 (makes 20 minis)
>Lantern Armor x5 (makes 20 minis)
>Allison the Twilight Knight: Plastic
>Extra Survivor for Resin Beta
>(2)Stone Face Base Inserts x50

I totaled it all out a couple months back. Something like 240 minis, 39 monsters, and 13 promo challenges all in all.

>> No.23683246

Daaaang, that's a lot of money; what's the price per miniature?

>> No.23683335


I plan on running two different games, and also getting a lot of practice with painting and magnetizing minis so I went all in with it.

Also please include me in the inter /tg/ settlement you plan on starting. I am very interested.

As for the price per miniature would I do that be adding them all together and dividing it up by the price? I'll have to get back to you if that is the case.

>> No.23683368

Indeed, it seems like easy enough math, once you count everything up; and I've set up an email for /tg/-related manners, so anyone interested in trying to set this up (especially people with better tech skills for vassal/rolld20) feel free to email me so we can set thing up to get started as soon as the game comes out.

>> No.23683392

Shiieeeet, dawg.

Every time I think "Man, I spent $600 on this", someone reminds me that it's still small-time.

>> No.23683557

makes me feel better about what I spend.

>> No.23683564

>Not all of us are.

Of course not.
Different societies produce different types of dumbasses, but that doesn't mean that they are the majority.

>> No.23683587 [DELETED] 

Please refrain from posting finished , not belonging to you and old pics.

Thank you for your cooperation.

>> No.23683609

No one ?
You make me sad.

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>> No.23683660


It's a gift for survivors, right?

>> No.23683681

No it isn't. The male dude is.

>> No.23683717


Aye still here, no idea myself, they're just models at the end of the day! I went for a mix of stuff to play and stuff to paint if I'm honest.


Sounds cool, still ages off it coming out to actually play sadly, but I like the idea of putting the Kingdom into KD!

>> No.23683788

>the /tg/ world of settlements inter-political board game thingy
The who what now?

>> No.23683847

This one:
Which probably needs a better name, for ease of reference.

>> No.23683932

Okay no problem if you dont have it, thansk for considering anyway.

>> No.23683972

>> No.23684074

>>but I could do without the scribe
Lantern Festival is a better deal, but is all post game content. Dragon King has some cool stuff and will see more play, but has far less content.

So its really just whatever you prefer.

Sure thing, I'll shoot you an email.

>> No.23684721

Oh god that picture, it's fucking perfect.

>> No.23684742


I know right.

>> No.23686916

I also prefer the cloak and hand monsters to the pretty but fairly generic dragon. I bought KD for the monsters and Lantern Festival has some good shit.

I wish that chink managed some other expressions some yandere face or whatever. More like the parody pic.

>> No.23687842

>pinups for mom

>> No.23687930

Dude thats not that uncommon. A LOT of the pinups have been going to the wives/moms/girlfriends/gal-pals of guys who just want to play the game.

The kickstarter comments were filled with chicks talking about how nice the pinups were, and how they were super well sculpted, and that they were glad that for once someone didn't make the cheesecake a bunch of supermodel skinny bitches.

All the cries of 'SEXIST OPPRESIVE GAME FOR FOREVER ALONE CREEPS!" are from white knights trying to defend the honor of girls who don't exist, and feminist bloggers trying to meet a quota.

Most reasonable people don't give a shit about the pinups for game.

You know. Like how most people don't give a shit about pinups in ANY game.

>> No.23688065

I am not saying girls of any sexuality are not able to appriciate the female form or attacking the pinups or whatever. Just the idea of buying pinups for your mom... brr! I don't want to buy anything that could be considered sexy anon, I don't care about your nitpicking of what is considered sexy etc, I am going to bed after this post anyway for my mom.

>> No.23688818

I don't think his mum wants to hot glue them. What is wank material for one gender can be your beautiful to the other.

>> No.23688844

>your = just

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>> No.23689030

I'm not typing it all. I got the game, all the expansions, and anything that affects gameplay, except White Speaker Nico.

>> No.23689717

I think we should post some theme music for Kingdom Death, how we imagine it.

>> No.23689761


>> No.23689886


>> No.23690028


>> No.23690152


I would bet some money that this song was an inspiration.

>> No.23690231

Mh, I like it.

>> No.23690291


>> No.23691705

Are you guys planning to paint your KD:M minis?

I have gotten into the hobby in preparation for KD:M I have only done some of my board games but Im getting a better feel for techniques.

What paints do you guys use? Ive done all my painting with GW paints but Im slightly worried that they will be too bright of color selection for a game like this (maybe I havent tried enough of their base and layer colors to paint darker)

Just wondering what you guys are planning

>> No.23694180

Going to use my old standard, Testor's, for these things. I'm sure there's going to be someone who glams these up with BRIGHT colors though. I'm reminded of that one Flower Knight paintjob, wish I had the pic on me.

>> No.23694236

>still not getting it

>> No.23694275

New art

>> No.23694289


>> No.23694310

Pic related will be for Helldorado.

>> No.23694318


>> No.23694362


>> No.23694430

This one? Looks great but doesn't really fit the flavor.

>> No.23694460

I think he meant the one with the long spiral rock base, kind of pastely.

Just a note to those interested in the /tg/ interwebs thingy-thing: my email is set up and if we can organize this over the next couple of months we'll be able to get going much faster once we get the game in our hands>

>> No.23694512

I actually like both paintjobs, though I get where you're coming from in an immersion standpoint.

>> No.23694589

>five Survivors

That player is fucking cheating.

>> No.23694707

Well, he may not be cheating but there certainly is some baby-making going on, if you catch my drift.

>> No.23694942


>> No.23695004

Maybe this particular settlement is bad at making more gear (so they still have their starting gear) but its inhabitants are very fecund.

>> No.23695031

What a tiny gif.

>> No.23696886

Delivery failed: email does not exist

>> No.23696946


>> No.23696953


>> No.23697257

this one?

>> No.23700613

Master of Swag right here.

>> No.23700690

I hope the finished product will be as boss as the 3D sculpt.

>> No.23701042

Om nom nom

>> No.23701079


Her butt isslowly devouring that g-string

>> No.23701126

My penis and ERP partner approves.

>> No.23701152

I spent $0 because I already got reaper bones and I don't need more fucking plastic.

Especially plastic that I'm not allowed to use outside of my own home because lewd

>> No.23701261

Thanks for contributing to the thread

>> No.23701440

Your welcome :)

>> No.23701886

I wonder how lion flank tastes like. I bet it is chewy and you need to slow cook it for at least 8 hours to make something decent..

>> No.23701899


Isn't muscle flesh pretty good to chew?

>> No.23701911

The more work the muscle does, the tougher it will be.

>> No.23701929

>Especially plastic that I'm not allowed to use outside of my own home because lewd
Fucking americans.

>> No.23701963


Hit it with a hammer. That's what my mum does.

>> No.23701965

Pretty much this. I was excited to play this game with my friends but they took one look at the minis and said "That is too much, this game is just too much."
Pretty sad since they only really looked at the pinups and Forgefather.

>> No.23702014

I really, really wish that there was more variety in the facial expressions. I generally like the models, but the mildly-concussed neutral expressions on them all are killing me. Especially on Not-Guts, he really should have had a snarl like in the concept art.

>> No.23702016

Forgefather is so badass.
>Boy, sure is hot today. I better sweat some metal to cool down.

>> No.23702026

At least we get chinese take-out.

>> No.23702031

Could... could that thing be more Freudian?

>> No.23702044

It could be some other Kingdom Death mini.

>> No.23702047

>Penis vagina head.
>Giant dickchain.

I think you're confusing metal with sperm.

>> No.23702081

White Christ, what the fuck.

>> No.23702100

How much american comment can be?

>> No.23702139

That was just a typo on here, this comment has the correct email.>>23697257
Yeah, that's the one I was thinking of.

>> No.23702175

Heh, reminds me of this masterpiece.

>> No.23702194

>I wonder how lion flank tastes like.

Internet to the Rescue!


>Lion tastes like pork with a special savory twang. The guy at Czimer’s told me lion tastes different because lions eat meat exclusively. The meat itself was very pale and soft when raw, so I figured I wouldn’t have to cook it a long time. It had very little intramuscular fat, so I thought the greatest challenge would be not drying the meat out. We cooked it at 60 C for 2 hours; it was good but still tough. Next time I would cook a little lower - maybe 58 C, and for a lot longer time –like 24 hours. It turns out that older meat can be tough even if it feels soft raw. Czimer’s explained that lion meat is always soft, and you can’t use the way it feels raw to judge how tender it will be after cooking. I liked lion, but don’t know that I would cook it all the time –I’ll stick with pork. It probably isn’t healthy to eat a lot of carnivore meat anyway (concentration of toxins, prion nonsense, etc).

>> No.23702218

ITT: White people insecure about their sexuality.

>> No.23702257

/tg/ in a nutshell.

>> No.23702297

>implying /tg/ doesn't embrace their /d/ side
I would post the pinups but it always end in thread derailment, so I am actively avoiding it in KD threads.

>> No.23702319

How so?
And why are you a racist?

>> No.23702505

Please, tell me how Africa and China are sexually liberated.

No, please, I insist.

>> No.23702768

Here's my order:

Pledge Total 395
Pledge Reward Level Survivor
Herald of Death Gift
KD: Monster Tshirt xl
Selected Options:
Twilight Knight Gift
White Speaker Gift
Dragon King Expansion 1
Gorm Major Expansion (includes Regeneration Suit) 1
Dung Beetle Knight Expansion 1
Spidicules Major Expansion 1
The Lantern Festival Major Expansion 1
Allison the Twilight Knight: Plastic 1
Spider Silk Assassin: Plastic 1
Lioness: Plastic 1
Messenger of Humanity 1

My brother hasn't done his pledge yet, but I think his was $705.

>> No.23704878

The only expansion I kind of wanted and didn't get is Gorm. The Regeneration Suit pin up is tempting me quite a bit and the actual armor is sweet too.

>> No.23704893

They aren't faggots and don't need to be liberated.

>> No.23706169

I forgot posting my own list.

What I got:

Flower Knight Expansion
Gorm Expansion
Dung Beetle Knight Expansion
Spidicules Expansion
Sunstalker Expansion
Lion God Expansion
The Lantern Festival Expansion
Slender Man Expansion
Kara Black
Messenger of Humanity

Total: $520

What I will pledge additional money for:

The Lonely Tree Expansion
Messenger of Courage

Total: $565

What I am considering getting:
Messenger of the First Story
Candy and Cola
Holiday White Speaker Nico
Dragon Sacrifice: Plastic
Spider Silk Assassin: Plastic
Lantern Festival: Plastic
Stone Face Base Inserts x50

Total: $715

Then I can expect 30-33% import tax...

>> No.23706260

>Then I can expect 30-33% import tax...
Oh god... I didn't even... if they open my parcel and decide I have to pay like the fucking fascists they are... oh god no please.

>> No.23706267

Oh, and the freebies ofc.

>> No.23706308

Yeah, I didn't think about import tax when I pledged for Dreamforge, it was the first time I bought from outside the EU. I was not a happy camper when I got hit with $83 tax.

>> No.23706635

If they don't send a bill with it I might get lucky. It's just cheap toy figures after all how much could they possibly be worth hehe...

Just checked on the convoluted websites the state provided to look this up. Might just be 4.70 % import tax for plastic toy models. Playing cards are only 2.70 %. But then on top of that it's 19 % sales tax...

>> No.23707810

>KD female
>no midriff
>no cleavage

does not compute

>> No.23707870

It's not a pin up.

>> No.23707899

>KD female
>not a pin up

System error.

>> No.23708454

>In a KD:M thread
>Falls for the actual sexist bullshit random anons who don't know what they are talking about spew from their mouth 24/7
Oh wait, no, thats pretty normal.

But they game is pretty legit actually. In the basegame, there is a single mini that has her chest exposed (One of the two starting females. The other also has an exposed top, but is in a defensive position, unlike the other, and so her chest is covered), and the rest are actually quite worksafe. Then in the expansions there are 1 or 2 monsters that aren't worksafe, but only to a minor degree (pic related probably being the most extreme, with the second being the removable 'lure' on the giant spider, which is a naked, kinda human shaped, appendage) and even then, the ones that aren't work safe are always male.

>> No.23708967


>> No.23709141

So before I finalize my order, I'm debating whether or not to get ADAM AND ANNA EXPLORERS OF DEATH. I believe the game comes with rules, or ADVANCED rules for them, so should I bother getting them?

>> No.23709360

why are all the womans so thick?

>> No.23709480

Because too many games have skinny little nothings and the artist likes thick gals. I think it's a great thing.

>> No.23709506

I'm not seeing it. They look pretty average to me. Thick by media standards, sure. But not like... obese. I don't see the big deal honestly.

I think the game just comes with a challenge meant to be played with them, and that's it. Not sure.

It doesn't make sense that they would include a scenario in the game itself for things that not everyone is getting.

>> No.23709643

Adam and Anna are the ONLY kickstarter exclusive things, so if you want them get them because it sounds like this will be it. Also they are included in the survival edition, so unless you only got the base game then you're covered.

Just as >>23709506 said their little one shot scenarios are not in the base game. It will probably be a couple cards that have conditions written on how you will meet the characters and what will happen.

>> No.23709696

Thanks for your input. I'm probably not going to get them then.

>> No.23709736

I DO recommend grabbing some of the Messangers though, cause they are pretty awesome, and while they aren't kickstarter exclusive, they won't be offered for sale in the future, only being available as promotional stuff, or POSSIBLY at cons (though I don't see many cons being very accepting of Poots. Which is kinda sad, could be fun to get a random group together and try it)

>> No.23709796

Cool beans, glad I could help.

They're great additions to the survival version, but by themselves they probably don't add more than a single encounter or 20 minute experience. At least that's my thought on it until I actually get it in my hands.

>> No.23709882

What do you think about their cross promotion figure with hell dorado? At $23 (at the lowest) for a one shot scenario and figure I am having a hard time justifying.

>> No.23709924

Wait wait wait. Hell dorado? Which one was that?

>> No.23710024

Check kdm's newest update.
They are cross promoting a twilight knight figure with a one shot scenario for hell dorado's new expansion on kickstarter, so if you back it and pay $15 more you can add it.

>> No.23710074

Well shit! Thanks for letting me know.

I was actually already looking at that game for kitbashing purposes, but then saw it wasn't the same scale and decided against it. Guess I can through a few bucks their way though

>> No.23710166

No problem.

I like their monster designs but the overall game just didn't win me over.

Scale wise I'm worried that the twilight knight will not be in the same scale as kdm figures.

>> No.23711497

I'll pass on that. I don't have much interest in cowboys.

>> No.23712928

I rewatched the gameplay videos and man I wish they would post a picture of the finished game board. 2 Feet by 3 feet with awesome art work is going to be amazing and huge!

>> No.23715207

I assume we will once it is done. At least, I hope they will post it.

>> No.23716304


>> No.23716977

Couldn't afford them but I would get them instead of two messengers or pinups or whatever you want. I love their designs.

>> No.23717045

I got all the gameplay expansion except Lion God, Lonely Tree, and Slenderman. Survivor level.

I'm also very down for doing a /tg/ settlement.

>> No.23717057

I just hope the cards get scanned.

>> No.23717877

Dont worry. Im personally guarenteeing every card will get scanned.

I might have some trouble with the rulebooks and scenarios, but cards I can definately do.

Im trying to think of the best order to put them online. Base game first, obviously, but not sure which order people want expansion packs in. Dragon King, then Festival, then the Knights, then aalternate between minor and major expansions maybe?

Maybe I will just set up a form for people to vote which expansions they want.

>> No.23717890

why do all the women look sad in this?

either sad or about to get raped

>> No.23717897

Because either one is constantly true.

I mean seriously. It's a setting of dickmonsters and they're gong around in dental floss. They're going to be raped.

>> No.23717909

>either sad or about to get raped
>either ... or
that's where you're wrong

>> No.23717913

So if the setting is filled with dick monsters, why aren't the girls dressed in heavy full plate?

>> No.23717941

Couldn't resist.
Because ore and the ability to make plate armor isn't common. These people are practically cavemen.
There are plate armors in the game though, but they're late game things. See the Dragon Knight armor and the Green Knight Armor.

>> No.23717945

Because metal is scarce. Well, pretty much anything but stone is scarce.

>> No.23717949

They actually dress up in plate as soon as they can.

However, most humans are uncivilised savages lost in a strange world. They don't even have language at the game-start point.

>> No.23717962

so they can make bikini's? why not tattered loincloths?

>> No.23717968

Because the artist and the guy in charge have made a deal of sorts:

"Hey, I know you don't like drawing monsters but I know you like drawing naked girls. So, how about this. For every monster I pay you to draw, I'll pay you to draw a naked girl. We got a deal?"

>> No.23717970

>no language
>able to make shit

Yeah, this is a clumsy excuse to rape naked women

>> No.23717986

This is what I have in mind every time a Kingdom death thread shows up.

>> No.23717989

language is the first invention you gain in every game.

>> No.23717997

These are the official starter models. And no, they didn't make the lanterns. No one knows who makes the lanterns.

>> No.23717999

Its those meaty thighs and huge hips... So good.

I just can't take it.

>> No.23718006

but how does the society work? Where do they get the ability to form societies and get blacksmiths and farmers if everyoneis born a retarded mute until they are adults?

>> No.23718012

>birth of civilization

>> No.23718022

The original survivors are not born, they simply come into existence in this strange place with a lantern. They wander the place and finally find a source of light, and you make a settlement there, creating language first.

>> No.23718026

They don't start off with blacksmiths and farmers.

It's literally the case of a bunch of savages meeting up, realising that they look similar and aren't trying to kill each other, and band up to try and survive together.

That's the starting point. Humans start out in this game as sophisticated as apes are in real life.

>> No.23718045

They and everything in the world, afaik, are willed into existance by the Scribe (the dude with the arm-throne and baby slippers). He/it is the god in the setting and is the final, ultimate boss. I take it he does everything for his own amusement.

>> No.23718051


I know that feel.

>> No.23718142

They dont. Thats just an artist who cant fucking draw doing promo work.

None of the ACTUAL game art looks like that.

>> No.23718152

Not able to make shit. You have to research how. To make shit. And you cant do THAT until you have a language.

>> No.23718158

(monster penis pregnant lady)

>> No.23718161

>people to vote which expansions they want.


Get a donation going as well for some stated completely unrelated reason, like, 'living expenses', and use it to buy all expansions.

>> No.23718167


>> No.23718199

I already am buying all of them, and will be scanning all of them.

Im just gonna post them as soon as i scan them, and want to know which ones people want first.

My pledge was Survivor+all expansions+messangers+allison+karra+cola+nico.
And im getting the Hellderado mini as well.
So seriously. Everything is getting scanned.

>> No.23718221

Excellent. One step closer to Roll20 Kingdom Death games.

>> No.23718243

Are you two interested in this game for any reason other than as an excuse to post cheesecake and about cheesecake on /tg/?

>> No.23718268

Are you interested in this thread for any reason other than as an excuse to troll KD threads by pretending that's the focus?

>> No.23718276

Foron isnt even interested in that. He just posts the cheesecake cause. He knows it starts flame wars.

>> No.23718282

I like the setting of KD, rather Demon's/Dark Souls-esque which I like.

And it has cheese cake as an extra.

Thats it.

>> No.23718309


I am, I'm hype for is, but had no money to fund the project and no one else to play with.
And I like cheesecake and giving everyone a piece.

>> No.23718368

I'm probably just going to play alone like it was some sort of a single player game since my friends are close minded and saw the pin-ups.

>> No.23718382

Pledge Total 425
Pledge Reward Level Black Friday Launch Special - Survivor
Herald of Death Gift
KD: Monster Tshirt m
Selected Options:
Twilight Knight Gift
White Speaker Gift
Flower Knight Expansion 1
Dung Beetle Knight Expansion 1
Spidicules Major Expansion 1
The Lantern Festival Major Expansion 1
Promo: Holiday White Speaker Nico 1
Promo: Candy and Cola 1
Promo: Kara Black 1
Messenger of Courage 1
Messenger of the Spiral Path 1
Messenger of the First Story 1
Messenger of Humanity 1
Allison the Twilight Knight: Plastic 1

I also got a few resins off the store back at the new year but now I know how much they go for on ebay I'm afraid to assemble and paint them

>> No.23718387

Online gaming will be your salvation. Once the cards get scanned. Minis can be replaced with tokens made out of concept and other art.

>> No.23718395

One person you quoted just shared his excitement about someone scanning game relevant cards like this >>23701886 so the game can be played digitally. If that's not interested in something beyond cheesecake I don't know what is.

>> No.23718718


In his defense, while its not the focus of the game, the pin-up promotions were very disingenuous and shameful. Proved that the product couldn't stand on its own and get funded without throwing a bunch of banal cheesecake at people.

In a sense, its like most modern anime these days. Tons of fan service, tons of girls or all-girl casts with cliche trope personalities, tons of emphasis on fetishy-near-sex-but-not-quite-porn garbage pouting up the majority and choking out any potential quality being made. Surprised these threads and the community growing around this game isn't choked with waifu shit yet.

>> No.23718759

>Proved that the product couldn't stand on its own
It might not have made quite that much money but gotten funded nevertheless.
As for the anime comparison. No. These are toys. I can chose which ones I purchase, I don't have to press skip and skip half the episode if I don't like fan service.

>> No.23718780

Someone explain this game for me?

>> No.23718790

>the pin-up promotions were very disingenuous and shameful
To who? The only people who are either offended or ignorantly think that's the entire game are idiots who probably WOULDN'T play a tabletop game of any kind, and they're certainly people I wouldn't want to do my gaming with.

> Proved that the product couldn't stand on its own and get funded without throwing a bunch of banal cheesecake at people.
"Proved"? No, they did exactly what they're there for, providing a nice excuse to get a little more while funding more and more production in addition to the game itself, which was funded incredibly well.

>Surprised these threads and the community growing around this game isn't choked with waifu shit yet.
The only thing that ever chokes up these threads are trolls who pretend to be utterly ignorant to the fact that there's, you know, a game, and a lot of other miniatures that are actually part of it, rather than being promotional.

>> No.23718835

>The only people who are either offended or ignorantly think that's the entire game are idiots who probably WOULDN'T play a tabletop game of any kind
Wrong dumbass. I play tabletop and I'm tired of horny losers running the hobby's image through the mud. Fuck you, fuck KDM, and fuck you again.

>> No.23718837

Strategic survival horror.

You lead a bunch of Survivors, hunt monsters, butcher them for gear, repeat while managing your little tribe of victims.

>the pin-up promotions were very disingenuous and shameful. Proved that the product couldn't stand on its own and get funded without throwing a bunch of banal cheesecake at people.


>> No.23718851

People are unable to have fun and have sticks up their asses aren't going to be fun to play this sort of thing with anyway. Fuck them, and by extension, fuck you.

>> No.23718863

The image of children playing monopoly?

>> No.23718879

>the hobby's image
I cry myself to sleep at night because no one is going to take my interest in books seriously because shades of grey exist. You poor little thing.

>> No.23718899


>> No.23719256


Nowhere near as much money or funding, meeting nowhere near their expectations or needs. I'm glad it did well but I don't approve of its methods much less the crowd that supports this kind thing, see; the crowds that like Queen's Blade, buy ecchi/porn figmas, etc.

And how about yes. You can also choose to not watch the anime and not support it with your viewership or money re: DVDs or whatever. Its still the same thing on the base level.


To anyone looking at the kickstarter page during its run. As for the rest of your argument, you do not know everything and make a bunch of really awful sweeping generalizations so i'm ignoring your post from here out.


No, actually, the game looks interesting and I funded it. I even like some of the pin-ups -- though not their expressions, 'cause goddamn their lead artist needs to stop making those girls look so nervous/rape victim-y -- I'm just calling it like I see it; pandering and sex sells.

Plus nesting the actual game behind layers of pin-up and still not giving out demo rulesets or anything. They could have done a lot more to engage people but instead they churned out more bait with pin-ups and, admittedly (a huge part of why I donated) the 'not-fanart' Guts and Kamina figs.

Anyway, eat shit and accept that >>23669758
's picture might be ironic but its still fucking true.

>> No.23719293


Wow, you really care too much what people think about your jack off materials dude.. Just accept that some people don't accept your fetishes and save some face

>> No.23719299

>'s picture might be ironic but its still fucking true.

Its not. The developer specifically said so. Both genders in the game get fucked equally. Pushing anything more into this is over analysing and pure, banal procrastination.

This is the sort of logic feminists use to turn everything into horrible women oppressing patriarchy weapons.

You shouldn't even have an opinion, you spent money on it despite all the stuff you find so terribly objectionable and then you have the nerve to criticize others, this is complete hypocrisy and you should feel ashamed.

>> No.23719316

I find these threads disgusting as well, somewhat due to the pathetic image of the people involved they practically radiate outwards. Reading one of these threads would cause the hymen of even the filthiest of crackwhores to spontaneously reform. But the most of my disgust comes from the "funding model", and the fact that /tg/ is under constant saturation of money-grubbing half-talents. It reminds me of some sort of persistent, ever-present internet beggars.

>> No.23719317

You're an idiot too like >>23719256 is. The short end of the stick and the only thing absolutely everyone has to remember if you dont like it then dont fucking post in the KD thread. End of discussion.

>> No.23719335

Fucking Foron.

>> No.23719359


Nobody is fucking me...

>> No.23719373

Its not really his fault for about... Uh... 1,5 years /tg/'s self trolling nature has been spiralling out of control. Its not like anyone is forcing anyone to look at, click or read anything on the site. Everyone has access to the tools to remove all objectionable content.

They dont.

>> No.23720925

And a bump for the thread because why not?

>> No.23721037

>all these KD melons
Are there any lolis at all? At least one DFC somewhere?

>> No.23721329

I wonder if after release Poots is going to divide KD:M in two...one for the actual game and one to keep on collecting pin up profits

>> No.23721352


The artist is a crazy person from East Asia (redundant I know) who works for free/little charge but refuses to cooperate if he can't draw chicks in a certain way he likes.

Fortunately donors seem to not mind at all.

>> No.23721410

Why are pretty girls called cheesecake?

>> No.23721454

Pitiful Americans and their cultural imperialism are to blame.


>> No.23721544

>Nowhere near as much money or funding, meeting nowhere near their expectations or needs
Uh what? Just do the math, go to the kickstarter page and have a look at the options (100 the base game, 150 more of the base game etc) and see how many people pledged for that. The thing is already fully funded just from the base pledges which are entirely for the game, not fanservice.
Also the point about fanservice in anime is that it disturbs the narrative with shit character s and scenes which can not easily be skipped not that I feel bad about financially supporting the creator. paying for anime lel

There's a teenager saviour character. You can jack it to that one if you are so desperate for little girls.

>> No.23721545

You man like he already has? The pinups dont havethe Monster subtitle, just like the current stock of his store.

>> No.23721623


Americans are so fat, they look at pretty girls and see food.

>> No.23722903

that was the inspiration for KD monsters.

>> No.23724019


>> No.23724073

So, this is probably a retarded question that's been asked a million times already... so here's some cheesecake before I go on.

But if a body wanted to get on this Kingdom of Death deal but could not previously, what's the modus operandi for proceeding into such with cash in hand?

>> No.23724097

How much is this game going to be when it comes out?

>> No.23724118

Waiting till november at the earliest, but early next year as a much more likely timeframe. Once all backer rewards are accounted for, he will sell it in his shop. Base game is 125 dollars, expansions vary in price.

>> No.23724152

I can wait that long. Heh. Maybe I'll set up a fund for it? Pennies do add up.

>> No.23724164

>125 dollars

Holy shit, this game needs to be the best game ever

>> No.23724185

Hello there. This your first mini's game then?

>> No.23724194

I did $350. It took me over the $300 limit and allowed me to get the extra stuff.

I am confused though... I might want to get more cheesecake models and stuff. I'll never be able to make them or do them, but I'd want to save them and sell them later. Or perhaps get somebody to make them for me. The idea for the game is amazing, but because of my health, I can't do anything.

A janitor asked for me to be banned for some reason. I don't remember breaking any rules. I didn't post any nudity... But... Whatever.

Anyway, I got emails from Kingdom Death, but no link for the Pledge Manager... I got one saying it's being tested followed by one going "1800 accounts confirmed everybody should have an email by now" - Confused. I don't think I missed anything.

>> No.23724208

yeah. Hey what other games have a setting/feel like this? I'm liking stuff like Ravenloft in D&D and darksouls and would like to find more games like that

>> No.23724226

What the fuck is this? Even reading the Kickstarter I don't really get what this is supposed to be.

>> No.23724267

it's a board game that uses miniatures. You play a group of humans in a world where they are on the bottom of the food chain armed with only a lantern and their wits. You murder monsters and turn them into weapons to level up and kill bigger monsters

>> No.23724275

It's a mix of DnD and RPG/Table Top Wargame.

Basically, you go out, fight monsters, use cards (watch youtube videos) and collect loot. Like DnD/Pathfinder etc. You then go back to your Settlement and upgrade it. You then upgrade your armour (which is provided as a clip-on armour thing) and fight more monsters. It's a reason why the girls have little clothing, all material is used elsewhere, little for clothes, but you upgrade your armour... So on. The cheesecake models are not actually there for gaming. Just "in place of".

>> No.23724276

They are few and far between. Thats why this game sold so well. There arent many alternatives. If you want to try something similar, try WotC's Castle Ravenloft or Wrath of Ashardalon board games. Just be warned those games are FILLED with book keeping.

The games give you a semi-randomly generated dungeon crawl with a predetermined objective which varies between scenarios. Also they are pretty damn lethal.

>> No.23724280

Sounds fancy. Is it the grimdarkness that gets everyone happy or the tits?

>> No.23724296

I'm liking the grimdarkness. Love me some dark souls shit

>> No.23724302

The monster hunter parallels are what i like about it honestly.

>> No.23724379

Woah, wasn't it supposed to be $100? what the fuck. I didn't get to pledge during the kickstarter and now I'm pissed. Goddammit.

>> No.23724383

Does anyone expect the game to be good? I mean, every time I see a miniatures factory try to make a game it's a stupid dice chucker at best

>> No.23724407

There's some good mechanic ideas that it has and the setting appears to be pretty strong and interesting. A lot of the flavor and fluff is, IMO, delicious. Did you watch the gameplay videos?

>> No.23724438

It was 100 for the backers who get their prices locked in. The +25 is from all the extra shit he is including because of stretch goals. His options were either that, or make half the game kickstarter exclusive.

There are some gameplay videos up. Decide for yourself. I think it looks pretty fun, im just worried it might require too much grinding to find materials to make decent armor.

>> No.23724449

I'm in it for the monsters. The cheesecake is fun, but some sweet-looking monsters are always worth their weight in gold.

>> No.23724470

Pretty much everything is going to go up in price after the kickstarter. I think the expansions actually double in price.

>I'm in it for the monsters.
Word, brother. I put myself in for every gameplay item, and then tacked on a pinup and illuminated lady with the pledge manager just for the hell of it.

>> No.23724490

It looks like an interesting mix of stuff. The gameplay videos look good. Pandemic was given good reviews and stuff, but some people say it's too easy and stuff.

It's going to be subjective, but the gameplay videos are pretty good in explaining. I'm buying the models just for the looks of them, followed by the possibility of getting somebody to make them for me.

>> No.23724534

Best case scenario, based on the things we've seen so far, yes, I expect it to be rather good.
Possibly, there might be some mechanical hangups, in which case houseruling the game to make use of its better mechanics and wealth of content, fluff, and so on will work well.

The absolute worst case scenario, the bottom of the barrel, if the game is somehow completely irredeemable, which I don't expect, I'll have a large number of fine miniatures to either keep and use with other games, or simply sell.

>> No.23724986

Monster Hunter x Dark Souls is what sold me as well, honestly.

>> No.23725017


>> No.23725075

We thank you for your contributions to the thread.

>> No.23725079


>> No.23725188

Humans..... pfftt... Look at how savage they can be. So pitiful.

>> No.23725317

If he is adding in more shit for the extra 25$ I can understand it, I suppose.

>> No.23725328

This game reminds me of Scarlet Blade, that MMO that just came out a few days ago where everybody is all female and you're character is practically naked because all of the armor is skimpy.

>> No.23725397

Not really, it's just that the profit margin increases after the kickstarter ends and normal sales begin. That's generally how every kickstarter does it.

>> No.23726088


>> No.23726919

And remember, for only 20 bucks, your character can be actually naked.

And there's a dance club with VIP room.

>> No.23727146 [DELETED] 

Seriously? Is it 20 dollars to see naked girls? or 20 dollars to make your character naked for everyone to see?

>> No.23727171

I don't quite get the ball.

>> No.23727186

So is it 20 dollars to see your own character naked, or 20 dollars to make your character naked for everyone to see?

>> No.23727198

The latter.

>> No.23727206


He's a dung beetle. It's his ball of shit.

Except it's a giant rock and he's gonna flatten you with it.

>> No.23727233

I wonder if it would be possible to convince other players to buy VIP packs for you then?

>> No.23727289

Maybe if you played a game of pretend with them.

You can get Seal Removers (the specific item you need to unseal your starting underwear) by gambling with Aeria Ignite's loot box (1 random item for free ever 24 hours or so), waiting for them to show up in the auction house (they go for ridiculous prices and people still scoop them up) or as raid drops (hearsay, I can't confirm)

>> No.23727367


Wait. Raids? Isn't this a tabletop game?

>> No.23727390

We were talking about Scarlet Blade, not Kingdom Death.

>> No.23727438


Oh thank sweet merciful Jesus, I was worried for a second.

>> No.23729410

His encounter info hasnt been released, so we dont know how the ball will play in an encounter but he is one of my favorite art models

>> No.23729670

He is based on a dung beetle.

Although, the mechanics around it will probably be pretty shitty.

>> No.23730175

Plus i recently put down $35 for Helldorado Alison. I wanted to get everything with gameplay elements.

>> No.23730402

Im getting the game $155
Plus all the expansions

for a total of $470

Decided the one shot challenges would not be worth the extra money for me

>> No.23730484

Well Agriculture as such is impossible in Kingdom Death since instead of ground you have the petrified last horrible screaming faces of the millions that died before you, and instead of water you have rivers of blood -in most places-

The Beetle Knight was a normal beetle which evolved very, very fast after it got shat on by a Phoenix. Its own excrement can fertilize even the fields of petrified corpses that make up the ground. You can invite it into your little tribe, give corpses and shit to it, it gives its shit back and you can use it to grow stuff!


>> No.23731128

Im going to need a sauce on that lol, dont get me wrong I believe you 100%

>> No.23731994

'Morning' bump

>> No.23732196

So, I was late to the party. What stuff did I miss out on getting because I didn't participate in the Kickstarter?

>> No.23732312


>> No.23732373

I dedicated 260 for the kickstarter, but I didnt get all of the updates, and once they fix their problem with paypal redirection on the pledge manager, I am bumping it up to 300, getting most of the useful expansions, and a few specific awesome models. I already have like 15 Kingdom Death models already including the wetnurse, sunstalker infant, and great mother.

>> No.23732382

You got the young Sunstalker? Sweet. Did you paint him yet? Can we see?

>> No.23732389

Same question to you >>23732382

>> No.23732390

Is this really a game, or is it just porn figurines for non-Japanese deviants?

>> No.23732483

I havent painted it yet. I am mostly use to posting 40k imperium foroces, so I dont have much experience painting skin tones. but luckily a preacher i had ordered came in without a hammer, I emailed poots about it and he sent me an extra preacher for free that had all the parts, so the one missing the hammer I am practicing painting skin tones and such on her, but here is a picture of all my KD stuff.

>> No.23732491

Is it possible to pledge and get stuff through paypal still?

>> No.23732512

I believe you only get access to the pledge manager if you actually pledged to the kickstarter, if not, then you will have to wait til the full release

>> No.23732551

nice collection

one of thes (big one to the right) showed up on ebay once, but these prude idiots deleted it.

Must be a fourtune what's standing on the table...

>> No.23732631

about $431 in total for what you see there, obviously not including the $300 on the kickstarter or shipping.

>> No.23732695

>fix their problem with paypal redirection on the pledge manager
huh? I could add money through paypal just fine.

How's the quality? Do they look detailed enough?

>> No.23732769

I was having issues trying to add money via paypal 3 days ago, even emailed them about it and they said they were trying to fix it, they might have. and the quality of the models are AMAZING. the only problem I have is trying to paint them very good. they have a lot of intricate details and I have very shaky hands, so it wont be easy going, so I am not in a hurry to paint them. But I do plan on getting them painted before the kickstarter boxes go out.

>> No.23733363

The models look pretty big.

>> No.23734569

The humans included with the game are slightly bigger then a space marine. Not enough to make a huge difference, but enough to definitely see it.

>> No.23734689

But that
is the resin version, isn't it? Looks bigger than the plastic minis.

>> No.23735346


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