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Ugly/stupid/poorly designed gun thread.

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Look at all that Bakelite.

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Did you mean to post this in /k/?

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What are you doing?

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oops, looks like im a goddamn moron

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Doesn't matter, keep posting.
We enjoy this.

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>meant to post this to /k/
>/tg/ gives no shits and continues with the thread

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Rolled 67, 35 = 102

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Reminds me of something...

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It's a prototype from times of the Soviet Union. I think it competed with the AK.

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I am running out of guns so i guess guns general thread.

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Ok, how do someone shoot this thing without losing the arm due to recoil?

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So what's wrong with this gun, exactly? The colour is terrible but isn't it just a bullpup?

Enlighten someone who knows very little about guns.

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...someone stuck a gun on a chainsaw.

Use both hands?

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Piece of junk. Why doesn't the US use superior Russian weapons?

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The line of TKB-022 experimental assault rifles is one of most intrigying developments in small arms, made in Soviet Union. In many respects these weapons, designed during early sixties by Soviet gun designer G. A. Korobov were many years ahead of its time.Those guns were simply too advanced for conservative-thinking SovietArmy officers who preferred simple, familiar, proven and reliable Kalashnikov assault rifles over anything else.

Regardless of thst, the TKB-022 is well worth mentioning, if just for the sake of curiosity.
TKB stands for Tulskoe Kosntructorskoe Buro- Tula Design Bureau, an arms-designing organisation associated with Tula arms factory (TOZ), which later evolved into the KBP - large and famous arms design and manufacturing state-owned company. Korobov was one of the more advanced designers at KBP, and he always tried to step ahead of its time. In this case, he tried to create a compact weapon,suitable for motorized troops riding in cramped armored personnel carriers (BMP, BTR) or helicopters. Despite very compact size, thisweapon retained full-length barrel (and thus effective range andlethality) of much longer standard assault rifles such as Kalashnikov AKM. In fact, TKB-022 has best barrel length to overall length ratio among most military rifles ever built. During mid- to late sixties Korovov produced several variations of the TKB-022, from TKB-022PM toTKB-022PM5. The last one, the TKB-022PM5, which was produced in 1968, was chambered for then-experimental 5.6x39 ammunition (which latter evolved into 5.45x39). All weapons were tested by Soviet army,but turned down on unpublished reasons (most probably because the gun was simple too advanced for contemporary military thinking, but alsopossibly because no-one at the time could tell for sure if plastic housing would hold its integrity in extreme weather conditions orduring many years of storage or use).

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I like bullpups. I... THINK the main issue there is it LOOKS like it's made of the same plastic junk that old radios were made of. Like >>23645599 said.

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The TKB-022assault rifle is gas-operated weapon with annular gas piston located around the barrel. To achieve minimum length, it is assembled into bull-pup configuration and uses vertically sliding bereech block (bolt), rather than traditional and most common bolt that cycles back and forth. Since the movement of the bolt (breechblock) in this design cannot be used to extract, eject and load cartridges,Korobov developed a special U-shaped rammer / extractor, that strips the frech cartridge from magazine, pushes it into the chamber, then,after the discharge, pulls the fired cartridge case back from the chamber. Upon feeding the next fresh cartridge, the fired case is pushed forward and slightly up, into the ejection chute above the barrel. Spent cases finally fell off the gun above the muzzle. Gun was capable of full- and semi-automatic fire, with combined safety / firemode selector switch located above the trigger on the left side of the gun. The gun housing was made from reddish-brown plastic, with metall structure hidden inside.

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Caliber:7.62x39 mm M43 (also experimental 5.6x39mm)
Action: Gas operated, vertically sliding bolt
Overalllength: 525 mm / 20.7"
Barrel length: 415 mm / 16.3"
Weigth: 2.8 - 2.4 kg (depending on version) / 6.2 - 5.3 lbs
Rate of fire: 560 rounds pr minute
Magazine capacity: 30 rounds

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the worst right here

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sauce on the middle picture?

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Say i'm no /k/ommando and therefor don't know jack about how guns work, but why wouldn't that work/be really terrible?

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>Russian weapons
>not Belgian weapons

My dear African-American fellow, I do believe that you have just went full low-class.

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I'd guess that it was terrible, since even early AKs were really prone to jamming and fucking up until they refined the design somewhat.
Bullpups are very finicky compared to standard ARs, so if they have problems with the regular AR, they're going to have a lot more problems with a bullpup.

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So there's nothing 'bad' about it except the way it looks?

What the fuck was OP thinking?

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It could be my bakelite fetish, and my ignorance regarding guns, but I don't see the problem with these.

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Doesn't seem to bad. Costs more, but shoots two bullets so has more chance of killing.
These don't all fire at the same time I don't think, although I can't be sure. Even so. The idea is to be compact have as much force/size ratio.
Isn't too bad for it's purpose IMO. Good Knuckle duster, then turns into trench knife and then into shitty pistol. Even a small barrel would help, but the intention is to drop people in a street fight.

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Hey, fuck you, pepperboxes were ancestors of revolvers.

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Doc don't lie am i going to survive this, and if not will it hurt.

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Its also because the brass were unsure of the bullpup design, and plastic components. Very few modern miltaries use bullpups to this day. And lets face it, bakelite, while virtually indestructible is very heavy.

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It's supposed to be used point blank (think hugging distance), where the complete lack of a barrel doesn't matter.

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/tg/ don't give a fuck

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Where do you think you are? /k/ is simply a board for people from /tg/ and /pol/ to get together.

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Weapons, something we can all agree on.

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>This giant pepperbox unusual. It's twenty-four round, made around the middle blued barrels certainly made it of the 1800s by the Zanotti heavy and unwieldy. It has brothers in Bologna, Italy, is ring trigger, and the external...

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Massive nerd boner.

I don't even care if it works worth a shit, I want one.

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Making fun of stupid guns is a traditional game.

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>get ready for noguns telling you all about which gun is worst/best

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Reminds me of that shotgun in Metro 2033 that takes for-fucking-ever to reload.

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Making fun of stupid weapons is the traditionalest game.

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The apache revolver was perfectly suited to its use as a gang weapon.

It was highly concealable, immediately effective as a weapon without being unfolded, could be used for stick-ups or discouraging pursuit, and could be used for silent murder. As a bonus, it was unusual enough to make a good badge of gang membership.

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What's the best system out there for Gun Porn games?

and don't say Ops and Tactics, its exaggerated differences in firearms and childish insistence on being d20-based are the exact opposite of what makes a Gun Porn game good.

I've been using Cyberpunk 2020, but if /tg/ has something better I'd love to hear it.

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The best part is the belt is a closed loop, for infinite ammo!

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I think the issues have been fixed but when this one came out it was a terrible, terrible, terrible gun. Imagine the exact oposite of the AK in all the aspects, for worse. It was so cheaply made that soldiers had to use duct tape to hold the gun togheter and had dangerous problems with the trigger and the magazines.

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>United Kingdoms
>Military might of the 21st century

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>What's the best system out there for Gun Porn games?
There isn't one. You have to homebrew it yourself.

I recommend using whichever system is most familiar to you as a jumping off point.

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and having that out of the way pretty much anything H&K gets my vote because fuc H&K
pic related

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They may not be on the level of the USA, China, and Russia, but the UK is still high on the list of countries with the strongest militaries.

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This is code for "GURPS already does it but I don't want to learn GURPS so I'll make a new system from scratch that does the same thing but not as well as GURPS."

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best korea

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What the fuck is that? Four shotgun shells and no barrel? Who...? Wha...?

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Gurps or (suprisingly) nWoD with Armoury and Armoury Reloaded (you need the combat hacks if you want any semblance of realism).

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Is that an IRL heavy bolter?

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Ah, Osa, my favorite so-called non-lethal gun. If only I could afford you.

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I say homebrew because gun porn (at least as I understand it) means guns are represented in a way which you find to be realistic.

The chance that a game system just so happens to agree with your view of how firearm combat should work is very small.
Therefore, you have to homebrew if you want guns to fit your view of realism.

Of course there is a small chance that a system in fact does perfectly meet your needs,
but if that's the case I still can't really help you because I don't know what is realistic to you.


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Push that against someone's chest and make the magic happen.

>captcha: zonsibe scheme
Indeed, captcha, indeed.

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it needs to be real?

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How the tits do you reload that thing if the stock's unfolded? Or hell, at all?

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Seems like it would be uncomfortable stockless, as well.

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It's a nonlethal Russian "gun" that shoots teargas/pepper spray/rubber bullets; not shotgun shells.

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dark heresy isn't bad. Unless you want HURR STAWPAN POWA! Even though shot placement is king. Did you know that in WWII us soldiers reported that the 30-06 didn't have enough stoppan powa?

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>I have no idea how GURPS works

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If you think Dark Heresy is good enough then by all means use it.

>Did you know that in WWII us soldiers reported that the 30-06 didn't have enough stoppan powa?

You can never have enough stoppan powa

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I think I should stop talking and just post pictures now

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Actually I do.
And I don't like the way it handles combat.

If you do, that's fine.
I just can't recommend it for a "gun porn" game.

You can't really say any system is better for that type of game because different people want different things.
All you can do is give your opinion.

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This card is probably bad already based on the amount of rules explanation it requires:

>Players can’t choose modes that have no legal targets. This means:
>- That player can’t choose to exile a random permanent they control unless they control at least one permanent that Consuming Singularity could target. Consuming Singularity has shroud, so it can’t target itself.
>- That player can’t choose to exile a random card from their hand unless they have at least one card in their hand that Consuming Singularity could target.
>- That player can’t choose to exile two random cards from their graveyard unless they have at least two cards in their graveyard that Consuming Singularity could target.
>- Since the last mode doesn’t target, that player can always choose to exile the top three cards of their library. If their library has three or fewer cards in it, they will exile all of them, then they will lose the game the next time they try to draw a card.

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Whups wrong thread :U

brb, an hero

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It's so terrible that the commies made fun of it. I'm pretty certain that all the bad press about the M14 was only made to cover up what an awful piece of shit the M 60 was.

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I actually don't hate this. Could be ok in a near future setting.

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Something isn't right in that picture. Oh wait I get it THEY STAND THE FUCK OUT WITH THOSE OUTFITS!

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Looks like P90 only dumb and backward.

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>time to make camo guys!
>what color will blend in best?
>oh I know, how about BRIGHT NEON GREEN

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Nonsense. You absorb the recoil using only your forearms, like a true /k/ommando.

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More like a Cx4 with a fucking retarded clip.

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Nonlethal my ass. It can shoot out your fucking eyeballs and crush your dick. And if you were unlucky enough to catch one in your temple, you straight up die.

There's a reason it's the most popular "every day carry" gun here.

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That guy closest to the camera. Are his eyes closed or am I a racist?

>> No.23646867

Well judging by the smoke clouds, they're actually firing those guns, so his eyes are probably actually closed.

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Why would the M14 get bad press?
It only does everything.


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Fun fact, in Spycraft 2.0, taking a fucking Sten is a better choice than taking this thing.

>> No.23646945

time to step up

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Googlesearching it and citing the fictional description of the magazine:

>The keytechnology that enables 50 rounds of 5.56x45 in a PDW is the cMAG. It's made from translucent plastic and placed right behind the firing hand, therefore the current count of cartridges is always visible. The cartridges are stored in normal two row fashion with the last round being rotated 90° into feed position by a helical ramp, similar to the system used in the FN P90. The advantages of this layout are a efficent use of space as well as great weight-balance behind the firing hand.

>Reloading the cMAG can be achieved within seconds, as the magazine release drops out the magazine no mather if the buttstock is in place or folded. With a simple press of the bolt catch, the THOR can be ready to fire another 50 rounds as fast as you can pull the trigger. Never before has a weapon delivered that much punch within such limited dimensions.

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That's brilliant!

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That reload sounds like a great way to get something jammed or caught in the mechanism unless the designers are fucking safety masters. Seems heavy, too.

>> No.23647034

...And we shall call it "twinlinked".

>> No.23647037


It still is shit. Even the german couldn't make it work good.


Surely in the top 10 but even France and Germany seem to have outmatched it.

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The full gun sales page thing can be found http://www.pascaleggert.de/ThorA1.html

It's mostly a designer's exercise as far as I can tell, and in that respect it fucking delivers. Practicality would be a matter of applying handwavium by the barrelload.

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The ergonomics of that thing are frightening.

>> No.23647073

"Say hello again to shrapnel!"

>> No.23647077

For when you really need to say make a statement (that being "FUCK YOU") to your opponent.

>> No.23647098

more like "hello, im suicidal"

>> No.23647100

Wouldn't using an actual M79 grenade be more... everything?

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>> No.23647112

Thus, the "FUCK YOU" is delivered.

>> No.23647114


The point of camo is more to break up your outline than blend in with your surroundings.

It'd actually be easier to pick someone out and target them at long range if they were wearing a solid color that was similar to the local environment than if they were wearing an irregular pattern of bright eye-catching colors.

So it's better to wear bright green stripes and spots than solid olive drab, even in a forest.

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>> No.23647149

-Oi, Boss, what up?
-Told me mekboyz ta fix me a new Dakka

>> No.23647160

ive run out of proper stuff now

>> No.23647176

I'm guessing this is supposed to be more of a poor man's flechette round, for clearing charlies out of the trees without blowing everything to shit.

>> No.23647232

It's 40mm for law abiding citizens who can't fork over hundreds per shell.

>> No.23647237

poor Eru-chan

>> No.23647245

Or you know, in places where grenade launchers are actually illegal.

>> No.23647262

Then... how would you have an M79 to use this stupid thing?

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>> No.23647287

well sure, you might be right, but what's stopping them from having an irregular pattern of NOT bright, eye-catching colors?

>> No.23647312


Except nobody did that.


And your momma is fat.

>> No.23647321

I'm OTC and this is painfully true

>> No.23647339

you could buy and supply the cartridge in areas where grenades themselves are illegal but the launchers are not?

>> No.23647342


Kim Jong Il's commandments graved into stone.

>> No.23647361

Common sense. Rather, a lack of it.

>> No.23647362

Warships and dazzle camouflage.

Choke on that, groundfag.

>> No.23647375


It only looks bright and eye-catching because of the dried-brush background. Look at it again; it's all fairly normal forest colors.

I would avoid standing there if I were those guys, though.

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Rolled 85, 82 = 167


>what is Ops and Tactics

>> No.23647395

>dazzle camo
"Norman Wilkinson explained in 1919 that dazzle was intended more to mislead the enemy as to the correct position to take up than actually to miss his shot when firing."

>> No.23647407

You start a bad gun thread with that beautiful classic that is also wonderfully functional?

OMG WTF!? Ok, that's a shitty gun.

>> No.23647426


Are you really comparing a battleship and a fucking gook inna wood?

They even painted other ships silhouette on their ships yet no one is painting Burt Reynold on his cammo.

>> No.23647434

And it misleads the enemy by breaking up their profile into an unintelligible mess of zebra clusterfuck.

>> No.23647448

Are you a ship?

>> No.23647472

And what if I am?

>> No.23647489

Dazzle camo was only ever used on ships. Its purpose was to break up the outline of the ship, thus (hopefully) accomplishing two things:

>Make it difficult to correctly identify the class of ship and thus its firepower
>Make it difficult to correctly identify the distance of the ship and thus correctly calculate an artillery trajectory that would land a hit

Neither of these is really applicable on land. Camo patterns are still effective at breaking up outlines, but they're made even more effective by blending in with surrounding colors.

>> No.23647492

Toot toot, motherfucker.

>> No.23647536

>yet no one is painting Burt Reynold on his cammo.

I think you may be on to something.

>> No.23647537

I think the same principle applies to zebras, though.

You have a bunch of them together, their stripes make them look like a single blob of nothorse, it messes with your head if you're a predator.

And then they start galloping. Now your senses are all kinds of fucked since you can't really figure out where the individual zebra starts and ends.

Still not exactly the same as the stationary blend-type camo preferred by soldiers, but the principle works on ground.

And in the air there's the Ferris camouflage setup and its active attempts to mess with your head as to whether or not the aircraft is upside down or right side up (dem fake cockpit markings)

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>> No.23647626

Guys, I'm a /k/ommando, and this is my first time on /tg/. I just wanna say, this thread warms my heart and I am gonna start coming to /tg/ more often. Brb going to chanarchive to see what I've been missing all this time.

>> No.23647644

Nah go suptg or 1d4chan

>> No.23647652

thats the shortened gif, the long one has 3 different types of jams.

>> No.23647661

Why the fuck are they all squinting while shooting?

Oh... Never mind.

>> No.23647665

Holy fuck is this real? I thought it was ridiculous when I saw it in Skyfall but dayum.

>> No.23647673

Do what the man says. 1d4chan has a massive amount of ye olde /tg/ materials and clearly marked NSFW stuff.

>> No.23647694

>shell has 10 holes for .22 rounds
>there are only 9 .22 rounds in the picture

Enjoy your enemy only being 90% dead.

>> No.23647705

>more like ar->9000

>> No.23647717

Alright, 1d4chan it is. Brb reading about the angry marines.

>> No.23647754

maybe, but lions don't use ranged attacks

>> No.23647767


/tg/ or /k/, please, do it.


>> No.23647774

10/10 would operate with

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>> No.23647798

I'm legitimately impressed that one can actually hold it. Still, why are there just empty mags glued to the sides?

>> No.23647807


>Terry Pratchett here, showing you why you should never mix parkinson's with fuddery

>> No.23647811

Not yet.

But soon.


>> No.23647817

do you even tacticool

>> No.23647825

by all means provide the other

>> No.23647834

meant to be a reply to >>23647798

>> No.23647872

>this is the weapon Cosmonauts took with them into space for personal defense
>note three barrels, two smooth bores for shells, one rifled for bullets.

>> No.23647900


Count again please.

>> No.23647910

that the one they gave them to kill wolves on the return in siberia?

>> No.23647917

Scratch that, I am a faggot.

>> No.23647932

>very very early revolver
>note holes in the "cylinder" for shot

>> No.23647964

>> No.23648003


For mere wolves you were supposed to use the fire axe all soviet space vehicles had as a standard equipment.

Gun was for hunting and for self defense against the wild tigers and bears russia has.

>> No.23648013

>why doesn't the US use superior russian weapons

Because we like to be able to hit the broad side of a barn from outside of the barn. Also russian weapons are ugly as shit. Also fuck you commie.

>> No.23648053

German Army cant do shit
Thats a widely acepted fact among Germans

>> No.23648054

It's main problem was its was ahead of its time. Soviets had to make a fuckton of guns and decided to play it safe with more AK variants.It was meant for troops in BMPs to carry since a full size gun inside an APC is awkward to handle

>> No.23648066


Weren't a villan from The Green Hornet used something like this?

>> No.23648093

Well, we assume that becasue everything they actually do is so classified.
Or do you think the KSK are just twiddling thumbs?

>> No.23648139

"i'll shot you, then stab you, then open a nice bottle of wine and laugh"

>> No.23648214

At some point during the cold war, everyone decided that "frogmen" were gonna be a big deal.

Cue everyone developing retarded "amphibious" assault rifles like this.

Note the weird hyperbolic tetris magazine shape, basically the large top bit of the magazine holds the harpoons the thing could fire, while the smaller bit of the magazine has the more regular bullets.

Spetznaz apparently hated the thing, harpoons would have troubles bruising people if fired out of the water, and you HAD to fire them off before being able to fire the makarovs, which because of the way the entire gun had to accomodate the harpoons tended to come out sub-sonic and wildly inaccurate due to the way the rifle handled its internal pressure.

And then they stuck a fucking ginormous set of sights on it that weighed more than the rest of the bleeding gun. Stock wouldn't fold because of "fears about seaweed" so amphibious spetznaz used to just bring an AKM in a sealed plastic bag and ditch their dedicated "amphibious" guns the moment officers weren't looking.

in other news, no one has ever won a war with frogmen.

>> No.23648290

>starts firing automatic
>kill every enemy

>> No.23648338

I imagine this is the assualt rifle you get at the start of TFTD

>> No.23648366

>> No.23648452

have some ivan

>> No.23648453


bear in mind that this is what the modern bullpup AK variant looks like, currently in use by the MVD, who are sort of like the Secret Service of russia, except that they also handle traffic police stuff for the entire federation of russia.

>> No.23648489

KSK is cool and all but they cant raise the Bundeswehrs average on them selves.

>> No.23648504

I love that fucking thing. It's so ugly and yet so cool at the same time.

>> No.23648537


That was glorious

>> No.23648593

>Surely in the top 10 but even France and Germany seem to have outmatched it.

neither the french nor german armies can match the british on a unit for unit basis and neither of them could ever risk a fleet engagement either

european military rankings are UK>france>germany>>>>everybody else

>> No.23648604


I haven't laughed that hard at anything gun-related before in my life.

>> No.23648613


>Implying there are any Nogunz retards on /tg/

>> No.23648619

no the groza was made for combat engineers and various other frontline troops in the chechen war.
the Vikhr (pic related is what you are thinking of. Although a majority of special law enforcement groups use neither due to logistics and prefer a generic akm with folding stock.

>> No.23648626

>> No.23648709

are you declaring a challenge?

>> No.23648710


Isn't that sorta similar to how caseless ammunition weapons operate?

Only nothing jams because there is nothing left after firing?

>> No.23648750

Isn't bakelite made out of, like, cheese?

>> No.23648806

Not really.

Well if you mean the "efficient use of space" then yeah kinda, propellant blocks in place of cartridge bodymass theoretically achieves that, but the CMag design aims for a compact means to hold a ton of rounds, and it does that by essentially forming the backend of a thumbhole stock config.

>> No.23648877



>> No.23648902


Yes. Low fat American singles.

>> No.23648936

...Well. I know who's babies I'm having.

>> No.23648963

Why haven't I heard of this? Why didn't they use that in the movie Apollo 18?

>> No.23648966


>ar-15 and all the variations

You may only chose one.

>> No.23649015

O contraire.

>> No.23649018

About the magazine. The rounds are just conventional cartridges with long, dart-like projectiles in them. This is why the magazine has that wider part. The short bit sticking out the bottom was the spring and the follower. You'd be surprised how much space in mags is taken up by that stuff.

>> No.23649052


Yeah, from the movie.

He was so proud of it.

"My gun is two guns! Do you have any idea how hard I worked to get this?!?"

>> No.23649054

Rolled 96, 90 = 186

If we're being German stuff into this, I counter with the fish gun

>> No.23649056

failure to perform corrective action, no alibi.
dropped for safety violation

>> No.23649057


Have you seen the russian way of driving on youtube videos?

No wonder you have to call at least the secret police to handle that shit.

>> No.23649103

Please tell me that was designed for the navy or marines.

>> No.23649116

>> No.23649118

Rolled 58, 76 = 134

If its funny gun stuff you're looking for, here's /k/'s finest hour

>> No.23649124

A most fitting weapon for a christian nation, don't you think?

>> No.23649138

Or is American cheese made out of bakelite?

>> No.23649140

thats H&K. AR is still all kinds of sexy if you know how to dress it properly and not like some ganguro slut. Not saying that a ganguro m4 wouldn't be hot though. brb fappin

>> No.23649176

more /k/ screenshots?

>> No.23649185


It is german yet it's so tacticooly gripped I want to throw up.

Help me /tg/!

>> No.23649196

Platonic Mechanism just became the best spell in Mage.

>> No.23649224

Who cares about such big weapons, anyway?
Call me a pedophile all you want, love knows no barrel length!

They want to sell it to Americans, after all.

>> No.23649229

>pull up videos
>dem crashes, general insanity, and a fucking Flogger/Fencer looking plane buzzing a driver at low altitude

Holy fuck, get it together Russia.

>> No.23649236


Damn it WE FIXED THE FUCKING GUN! OK!? we made a mistake and gave it to the Germans and they fixed it for us, I can make bullseye at 500 yards easy with it, jesus!



>> No.23649247


If every man (or loli) in the english army that couldn't unjam the L85 was dropped there would be like 5 men in the army.

And the falklands would be argentinian.

>> No.23649261

more importantly, how much powder is being wasted in those fuck-off-huge cartridges?

I know pic related's barrel is still too short for all of the powder in a .50BMG round to combust before the bullet leaves the muzzle, resulting in a close-combat firework; which, amazingly, compensates for the still atrocious recoil even with that massive underbarrel reduction system, and makes anyone within three feet or so a member of the collateral damage casualties

>> No.23649288

It was supposed to replace the M-16/AR-15 family o weapons within the US military. Then they realised that its housing melts under sustained fire conditions.
And that it was ugly, so they canned it.

>> No.23649297

Rolled 72, 27 = 99

We used the FAL in the Falklands, L85 was still in development then
Sorry, history sperg moment over

General question, is the hate against attachments well founded, or is it just the excessive CoD kiddy shit people hate?

>> No.23649325

That looks awkward as fuck.

>> No.23649328


Never drive in Russia.

You can get a license for five bucks a bribe there.


>> No.23649363

This gun is literally wizard.

>> No.23649375


>> No.23649397

It was still a prototype at that point and they delivered the fucking M16 to troops in the field.
My guess is a decision for reasons very much unlrelated to the gun.
Somebody threatened to boot workers or greased the right hand -or both- most likely.

>> No.23649399

Not really H&K USA has and is having a major uphill battle with customer relations. Basically the one British CEO of H&K is the reason for all the shitty customer service to civilians. Mainly because he thinks civilians shouldn't be able to own any guns. I hear that the US department head would like to strangle him for all the poicies/stonewalling he has done to the american market. And of course the american civillian market is one of the largest in the world.

>> No.23649402

If i remember correctly a brit got a medal for picking up a mortar and using it as a make-do rocket launcher, who needs guns when we still have superior cannon technology?

>> No.23649405

It's taking every ounce of self control not to let my inner /k/ommando sperg out hardcore because of that pic.

>> No.23649407

>get linked to the very video I was watching

And on second glance yeah I think it was a Fencer.

>> No.23649429


You may hit at 500 yards but will you when it will explode in your hands, insult the queen in german and fuck your wife and daughter after pissing on them like in those dirty teutonic bukkake movies when you're off for duty?

>> No.23649430

Revolver long guns were tried early and often, but it's just not a good idea to put any part of your body forward of the cylinder.

>> No.23649440

>I made the magazine longer so it's an automatic.

>> No.23649445

Every time I see that image...


>> No.23649457


>> No.23649469


The second he tries to shoot, it falls apart.

Can't remember if it explodes or not.

>> No.23649477


After over a decade, over the course of a decade.

The M-16 got a worse rep for less. I just found it hilarious that they rate a fucking Sten over it. A tube full of bullets with basically no safety.

>> No.23649493

If you know what you're doing, the safety is frivolous...

...unless you intend to store the gun, in which case the safety merely need be some sort of means to immobilize the action.

>> No.23649517


Why are Russians so bad at everything?

>> No.23649529

Rolled 30, 63 = 93

Hello /k/, how's tricks? Don't often see you in these parts

>> No.23649537

No Colt and the US army signed an agreement that makes it so colt gets like 80 million if the armed forces ever changes from the AR family. Add this to the fact that most new rifle designs are just dusted off old ones not offering any large gain. So in addition to the 80 mil and the millions upon millions needed to rearm and retrain every service member along with the supply logistics for every unit. You have the reassurance that you are hardly going to see any meaningful gain.
TL:DR The ar and ak were just made by the right people at the right time in the right place to get famous. Until something like caseless rounds or lasguns you won't see either shelved

>> No.23649546

It looks like this gun from Mass Effect


>> No.23649549

I don't want to be on the internet anymore.

>> No.23649557


Once you go red you never get that brain power back.

>> No.23649568

Such is life in the zone.

>> No.23649582

Rolled 93, 21 = 114

Speaking of ME guns, one of the few model weapons I like here

>> No.23649595


That's mighty orky

>> No.23649600

They turned it down because they realized that HK had basically just sold them a G36 with a funny looking stock for over a billion dollars.

I wish I was joking.

>> No.23649631

Exactly, camo. Once you're being shot at THEY KNOW YOU ARE THERE!

>> No.23649637


I hope we fix the problems caseless ammunition has soon.

>> No.23649639

It works for Zebras and Tigers.

>> No.23649657


after expending itself so satisfactorily I would fucking better believe it would.

but it insulted the queen (in german!) so I would have to melt it down when I go on my next tour, you know after counting the bongs

>> No.23649679

I don't care how impractical it is, I want a top-break revolver shotgun.

>> No.23649681

The good part of these even make Sense

>> No.23649696

By the time we have the technology for decent caseless rounds, we'll probably have moved on to railguns or coilguns already.

>> No.23649715


The Sten's factory means of blocking the action frequently broke. It was also a total dog for accidental discharges. Treat it like it's loaded, people!

>> No.23649736

The thing fucking melts the moment someone tries to shoot with it.

>> No.23649746

>> No.23649748

Rolled 91, 81 = 172

Probably from shame

>> No.23649763


My uncle has a double-barrel revolver shotgun.

He basically extended it and added some redneck as fuck engineering to it.

Basically, not only does it revolve, but it has a thick as fuck guard surrounding the cylinder's front and back, locks the barrel in place when it's perfectly aligned with the barrel, and has some form of red-neck autoreloader extending down the barrel that automatically pulls the shells out and inserts another.

It empties the shells by extending a fucking prong and tilts it so it falls out, and then a fresh one slides down the prong into the empty spot.

He's fired it like, 70 god damn times with no hold ups, jams, or explosions, the one time a shell DID go off when it wasn't supposed to, the guard directed the slug into the ground in front of him.

No, I don't understand how it works or how the fuck he designed, the only thing I DO understand is that redneck engineering is scary.

>> No.23649764

>operator pulls the trigger
>gun says "I don't want to exist anymore"
>gun fucking melts

>> No.23649769

Well, if a G36 with a funny stock and dumbed down handling is meeting the target specifications, that's not really a point, is it?

Actually, it wouldn't. Insulting the queen in German is less satisfactory than following the invitation for an obvious pun, yelling 'God shave the Queen'.
And then it would fist your wife with that fat butstock until she likes it.
Which, given its superior experience in this field, shouldn't take too long, assuming the availability of sufficient lubrication.
With nothing but plant oil, things might get a bit messy.

>> No.23649777




The MAJOR problems with caseless ammunition is the fact that it's unstable to handle by hand, and it fucking melts in the rain.

>> No.23649783

>it insulted the queen (in german!)

That's fine. I'm sure she can defend herself quite eloquently (in german).

>> No.23649812

nope has to be easily produced and supplied. Everything in the armed forces is made by the lowest bidder

>> No.23649832


>I have a wife


>> No.23649853


I just assumed it was Ork and moved on.

>> No.23649868


you make a fantastical point my good sir

>> No.23649885


>> No.23649886

Yeah, there's something to be said about the way germans name things.

>> No.23649934

A friend of mine thinks this is a "sexy" design
I don't get him sometimes

>> No.23649938

>It throws flames, what should we call it?
>A flame thrower!

>> No.23649970

Kudos for your rectal stowage capabilities, then.
I imagine the padding somewhat eases insertion, right?

You might want to import a few nobles soon. Your royals start to look British.

>> No.23650019


>> No.23650030

My favorite.

>> No.23650031




>> No.23650059

What's a good 360 game for gun porn? I already have New Vegas and Far Cry 3, any other ones with big damn arsenals and/or weird ass guns?

Is Metro 2033 good? What about Resonance of Fate? Will Tulio and Bianca find love in Carcosa? Can Ophelia convince the river spirit to adopt her? Can this anon stop asking questions?

Find out next post on "The Guns of the /tg/arrone".

>> No.23650060


brb, renaming image to 'guaranteed replies'

>> No.23650075

>Don't stop me now
Oh boy.

>> No.23650076

While on 1d4chan, make sure you check out the angry marines shit if you haven't already. I cried I was laughing so hard.

>> No.23650087

> 3,7 anti-tank cannon
>call it a Panzer/abwehr/kanone = tank/defense/cannon

>doesn't actually reliably penetrate armor
>dub it a Panzer/anklopf/kanone = tank/knocking(in the sense of knocking at your door)/cannon

>> No.23650090

50-round helical standard mag
optional 100-round helical extended mag
ambidextrous action
bottom, forward-of-trigger ejection port makes brass-catcher feasible
comes in pistol, rifle, and SMG configurations
also comes chambered in .22LR nad soon-to-be .45

magazine-integrated rear sight
length of a small SMG

>> No.23650114


dued, you missed out the best problem with the A1: it would jam EVERYTIME you fired.

The operating manual even had to take this into account, encouraging users to get used to performing the "forward assist" (which, because of the way the thing would jam, involved violently hitting the thing until it unjammed) after every shot.

Of course we eventually fixed it and offloaded the A1s onto jamaica, because British.

And obviously, like any weapon, it's as effective as the user is competent, pic related.

>> No.23650129

/tg/ talks about everything but monopoly. oh and the janitor is allergic to ponies.

>> No.23650158


More like GREEN neck engineering.

>> No.23650193


Extending down the stock* not barrel.

I'm drunk, leave me alone.

>> No.23650197

>Danger, don't point the laser-sight in your eye
That seems a little redundant if you ask me.

>> No.23650221



Pic unrelated, it's the Taurus Raging Judge (chambered in 12-gauge, of course)

>> No.23650229

>magazine-integrated rear sight

Well... that's a first.

>> No.23650231

Oh man, I hated that gun in STALKER. That thing would fucking jam every other shit.

>> No.23650248

>O contraire.
It's 'au contraire.'

>> No.23650249


>> No.23650281

Stens were fucking lethal. You drop one and it would magdump, spinning around on the floor spraying lead everywhere.

Apparently you can still cobble one together with the appropriate shit from a hardware store.

>> No.23650282


Speaking of which, here's the ZM83 laser rifle, which was a real thing the PLA deployed for a like a year or so before they signed onto the international anti-blinding-weapon treaties.

The large computer tower thing on the floor that's hooked up to the laser itself was the power source.

>> No.23650357

There are in fact many lolis in the British army, that's part of the reason why it's so superior (as mentioned earlier in the thread).

>> No.23650361


Pic related, the protestant militia in Northern Ireland had little garage factories pumping home made stens like this, by the looks of things they were made entirely out of welds welded to other welds.


>> No.23650376


no fucking idea what order these were supposed to be in. 2/3

>> No.23650387

>welds welded to other welds

This reminds me of the fun times I had solder sculpting in tech class.

>> No.23650388



>> No.23650401

I've always wanted to try and make one, but I wouldn't have anything to put through it, and I don't think I'd like to get too acquainted with HM's Prison service.

>> No.23650405


Wow. What a twat.

>> No.23650419


Some of them fancied themselves gunsmiths after a spell. At least one of them held a patent, cheeky fucker.

>> No.23650424


So average up-tight Bad-Tooth elemental?

Like the old Britfag mod of /k/?

>> No.23650464

You have all failed.

>> No.23650465

Your uncle is an ork.

>> No.23650486

>Your uncle is an ork.
Oh yeah? well your mum is an elf!

>> No.23650511

>tfw you will never have an ork as an uncle

>> No.23650517


>> No.23650518

the reason its bad is because when it was made they didnt fully understand how the gun they reverse engineered from worked (fg42)

>> No.23650548

And why exactly didn't they copy the MG42?
It was clearly the most frightening gun they had encountered.
Or were they too afraid to touch it?

>> No.23650556

And of course we're smart enough to phase the thing out. But only barely.

>> No.23650558

It's... beautiful...

How is that a bad gun!?!?!?

>> No.23650560

I thought they reverse engineered it from the MG42?

WEll a quick look on ye olde wiki tells me that
>" It was derived from German machine guns of World War II (most notably the FG 42 and the MG 42),"

>> No.23650605

Please elaborate?

As to the topic of the thread: 88 PPSH guns as an assault plane weapon.

>> No.23650608

god damn french, dont know a whole lot about guns but i remember seeing that one in a WW2 documentary

>> No.23650630

Wrong world war.

>> No.23650634

Rolled 84, 27 = 111

WW2 documentary? The Chauchat was the french LMG in WW1, got phased out in the 20's

>> No.23650639

its... its beautiful

>> No.23650653

Maybe they went out of their way to stress just how bad it was.

>> No.23650670

whoops my bad

>> No.23650684

You need amazing music to be able to fire that fucking thing.

>> No.23650702

Rolled 78, 7 = 85

Funny thing, the Belgians never reported a problem with their Mauser version. Only the French and the Yanks had issues

>> No.23650735

>That Guy goes to /k/

>> No.23650737

That would explain why the US didn't produce an MG42 clone.

>> No.23650784

yeah but much of its internals are an exact copy of the fg 42 which is an insanely overengineered rifle

>> No.23650809

Rolled 2, 21 = 23

Its German, of course its over engineered.
Hell, I'm pretty sure left to their own devices the Germans would over engineer a spoon

>> No.23650820

>> No.23650827


>> No.23650843

>Not wanting a back scratching, gas powered heat seeking, beet avoiding spoon with afterburner

>> No.23650870

Rolled 13, 55 = 68

Dammit Claudio you Kraut bastard!

>> No.23650874

mind you even tho its overengineered it is still a very good rifle and the fact that it is overengineered is what allowed it to fill the ludicrous demands goring made for the gun

>> No.23650906

Rolled 1, 70 = 71

Not saying its bad, just remarking on the german tendency to over engineer, well, everything. Which does have it uses, they managed to fix the L85A1

>> No.23650970

Depends on what you tell us, really.
Tell us you want a rifle that does your tax declaration, and it will do just that and with all the little gears and springs required.
Tell us you want the cheapest way to kill a T34 with a hand-held weapon, you get these things.
And you can't call those over-engineered.
The Russians found a way to make them more complicated.

>> No.23650975

/tg/ has a long and loving hostory with guns, most of us are lightweight /k/omanndos.

>> No.23651037

Not to mention those innawoods threads we had going a week or two ago.

>> No.23651085

Metro 2033 have some nice easter eggs most FPS-players miss. Like something about laser sight or the wrist-clock-radiation-air-thing Artyon uses. But on vanilla it densest seems to have many guns.

>> No.23651117


Speaking of which, does anyone have pages from the bits in the Akira mangu where the Large Woman Whose Name I've Forgotten is wandering around the obliterated ruins of Neo-Tokyo weilding a panzerfeist as a club?

>> No.23651208

Faust. It's Panzerfaust. They don't make the tanks fat, they hit them like a giant's fist.

>> No.23651223


I'll hit you like a giant's fist.

>> No.23651250


>> No.23651280

>> No.23651284


>> No.23651319


Mmh, that's some /tg/ quality made up bullshit.

>> No.23651360

>They don't make the tanks fat

I would like to present evidence from ww2 that disagrees with this.

SOMETHING was making the soviet tanks get fuckhuge. Can we ever really be certain that it WASN'T german anti-tank cakes?

>> No.23651383

Also, the pic is shopped. I can tell by the pixels.

>> No.23651400

Thats not fat, it's just curvy.

>> No.23651404

I'm fairly certain there's enough overlap between boards for the same people to be making some of these stories. This stuff could have been right at home on /tg/

>> No.23651439

Heinz! Get me the cream! We almost have it immobile!

>> No.23651456

>german anti-tank cakes?
Ve must keep ze girl's figures trim! It iz vital to ze moral of ze troops!

>> No.23651919

That is an impractical knife.
Mostly a feint? "Don't fuck with me I have a gun!"

>> No.23651940

/k/ has mods?
well get out and get a 22 rifle when the price goes down. Plinking is fun as hell. I used to be on /tg/ until the debacle then I started staying in /k/

>> No.23651955

They had different ideas about gunknives in the year of our lord 7696.

>> No.23652004

>suburban australia
Also, which debacle in particular?

>> No.23652056

I already do. I've got my granddad's old .22 chipmunk rifle that I use all the time and his ancient but still functional Colt navy, not that I ever have a chance to use the latter given that I can't find percussion caps anywhere around here.

>> No.23652075

well I'll temp fate for you I left when old __ died. I would come right out and say it but this is a rather nice discussion and I still fear that mod.

>> No.23652175

Isn't it also a widely supported fact, given the popularity of the last 3 or 4 times the German Army actually DID do shit?

>> No.23652307

Germany is severely restricted by public opinion. So their ROE is similarly very restricted meaning that the soldiers can't do much or the politicians and newscorp will feed them to the wolves. The german army isn't bad performance wise its just that it has to walk such a pc tightrope that most times nothing gets done because of it.

>> No.23652354

It's like the driver's exam for Russia is "okay, you beat two mission in Grand Theft Auto, I give you license and bottle of cheap vodka for drive home"

>> No.23652407

And if shit gets done, the media try their best to prove you did it wrong.
Which is why everyone tries to keep them away from the forces whenever shit needs doing.
But that makes people think nothing was being done at all. Otherwise they would have heard, wouldn't they?

>> No.23652504

Is it that time again, comrade?

>> No.23652516


>> No.23652613

yes and no. While some units do manage to escape the press most don't since Officers thinking of their career will set up operations so as to minimize possible enemy contact. Do understand that I'm not ripping on the german army they are a competent army its just that they are in a similar place the US army was in vietnam. If something gets done its terrible and if nobody did anything its just as bad even if those were the orders.

>> No.23652719

oh tovarich my sides have gone to the next plane to meet comrade lenin

>> No.23652735

AR15: The Germans build a copy that doesn't jam
AK47: The Germans built a prototype
Mosin-Nagant: The Germans built camp fires out of them

They still use the helicopters from Vietnam, too.

>> No.23652971

>built camp fires out of them
But thats horrible like this picture horible.

>> No.23652975

Can someone tell me what the zog this is?

>> No.23652992


>> No.23653013

You get one for like every second killed Russian.
That's a whole lot of nuggets in a day and the winters are cold.

>> No.23653028

A really ugly, possibly automatic, grenade launcher?

>> No.23653260

I don't get the hype about the Mosin's fire power.
The K98 fires a considerably larger round.
Maybe because it doesn't kick so terribly?

>> No.23653398

>all those poor tokachus


>> No.23653527

Strictly speaking most full sized rounds of that era had roughly the same firepower. I don't know where it comes from either, but it's probably to do with the Red Army's reputation. Also because more people have nuggets and its probably the ONLY rifle they have chambered in a full powered round, so comparably hell yeah its powerful.
Rule of thumb about WWII era rifles AFAIK though is they're roughly the same in terms of fire power. Well unless its semi automatic.
That's cheating America.

>> No.23654241

Normally the mosin is compared to intermediate cartridges. Any full rifle cartridge 303, 8mm mauser, 30-06 would have the same results. also the number most people place with a cartridge is bore diameter which has very little relation to overall power. for instance a 223 rifle round has roughly three times the energy of a 45 acp. The easiest way to deal with this is to remember that doubling mass doubles energy but doubling speed quadruples energy

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