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The Imperium of Man arrives on Earth. The Spacemarines need recuits. Would you join?

Do you think you would survive the trails? or would they catch you hiding ration packs in between your chins?

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I want /v/ to leave

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hell yes. If I lived in the imperium I'd take any chance I'd get to be one of the best warriors. Which chapter were you thinking of?

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Shit Yeah I would. I am getting a PhD, maybe they will let me be an apothecary or something

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Rather depends on the chapter, if it's a slack one I'd be down for it, but otherwise I already have my life built and too many people I care about to leave everything behind

I'll gladly join the PDF as a tech-adept though

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NOT volunteering could be seen as an act of unrughteousness, despite the danger, because what is life worth in comparison to a chance to serve the Emperor?

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Unrighteousness. Derp.

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probably, I doubt I'd survive the trials, but I'd rather not see what happens if i refuse

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Congratulations, Anon!

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>Imperium of Man

Is there any way to destroy my soul completely in 40k? Empty Oblivion is a better fate than any possible scenario that can come about by existing in the 40K-universe.

Seriously, no matter what you do, you're going to die. And when you die, your soul gets turned into a Chaos God's bitch forever, oh boy.

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We are all probably over 16, so no.

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>Empty Oblivion is a better fate
NOPE, chaos has a chance, if slim of ending or altering, oblivion is just that, unending and bleak

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I don't appreciate the idea of torture as basic training.
The added organs are implied to be added to a conscious patient.

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You need to be a 12 year old serial killer in order to even be CONSIDERED for SM recruitment

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Nope Gave my life to the Guard already

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...You do realize that the fate of becoming a chaos god's plaything is eternal torture?
Warp fuckery fucks physics in the ass. So no, eternity doesn't end just because chaos turned good. It's eternity.

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12 is pretty old on that spectrum too, the closer to puberty the more chance there is of you dying during the process

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You can get rejuvenation/cybernetics.

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>Implying I haven't already been embraced into the warm bosom of Papa Nurgle

It's like you don't even know me.

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I thought rejuv was just cosmetic? Also, why would they give a thing that is only accessible by rich and high ranking members of the Imperium to a failed SM candidate?

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It prolongs your life. And this is a hypothetical thread.

But if we have to get into the crunch, Lorgar's adoptive father is a Space Marine, so you can be one too!

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I'd rather exist than not exist

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I'd rather be in the state I was in before I was born than take Slaneeshes thorny cock in my ass every day for a million years.

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Don't worry, you get used to it after a century or two.

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> for a million years
...That wouldn't be that bad. In that case, there's actually a point in existing.
The issue is that chaos gods torture you for eternity. That's not a million years.
An eternity of weak headache is already a fate worse than death.

...Wouldn't that defeat the purpose?

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and then in third century you start liking it, and fifth century you can leave any time you want because your now a Daemonette

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I don't swear loyalty to anyone. I'd sell out my own country for a klondike.

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You could screw with some necrons and hope they tesseract you.

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> Which one? You seem to have a bunch-

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why would anyone want to be a space marine

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Actually Arnold, a Human's soul isn't strong enough to hold form in the warp. You will just fade into it, so you'll be fine.

Unless you're a Psyker or Eldar, in which case clench your anus.

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>imperium lands on earth

>we're not all filthy stinking rich and powerful cause we're already living on Holy Terra

Get a clue, bozo - we'd be worshipped

>> No.23644637

It depends really.
Does that mean we now live in the W40K universe and we'll get a buttraped here and there by all aliens race?
In those case I would probably join or wait until Taus show up and join them, they are pretty cool.

Otherwise, nope.

>> No.23644672

If girlyman is anywhere to be found count me out

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Who wouldn't want to be a semi-immortal superhuman cruising among the stars?

And dude, free boltgun

>> No.23644778

are you implying he looks like that beneath the armor? because I like that idea.

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>Not Serving Roboute Guiliman
>Not obsessively reading the Codex Astartes
>Not taking a strong part in the civic life in the Ultramar sector
>Not being a space roman

Oh, I pity you.

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The funny thing about Chaos at that stage is you don't know where the armor ends and the man begins.

>> No.23644799

the idea is that the earth we live on is actually a lost colony that resembles terra, not unheard of actually

>> No.23645526

If its preheresy, Emperors Children. So much swag. Then I would remain loyal and fuck up some trator scum for a little bit.

Humanity, fuck yeah.

>> No.23645593

I am not versed in things 40k.

Where do chaos space marines come from? it seems like they only have a few planets in the eye of terror. Do they recruit in the same way the imperium does just more rapelike?

>> No.23645643

I agree with this, though I'd pick another legion.

>> No.23645697

most of them are still from the heresy being forever ressurected by the warp

>> No.23645740

no shit? so you kill them and they just rematerialize? what about their armor, weapons, and vehicles?

>> No.23645865

I'm too old to be a recruit. I'd happily join up with the Mechanicus once they arrive, though. Mechadendrites ftw!

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All these people thinking they will be tortured. Most of our souls are too weak to sustain themselves in the warp. You would simply meld into the warp.

Still better than nothingness

>> No.23645933

Made of Warp-stuff

>> No.23645976

Yeah, there was already a world that thought they were Terra in the Horus Heresy book. Hell, there could be dozens of lost human worlds that think they are the original Terra.

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They recruit though various ways. Sometimes loyalists simply go renegade and join a traitor legion, other times they get little kids they captured in raids and turn them into future marines, I think the Iron Warriors have a way to have women give birth to fully grown marines.

>> No.23646350

exactly, that's the idea of this senario

>> No.23646367

that way was mercifully lost with it's creator

>> No.23646450

people who don't want to be brainwashed semi-human hulks who do nothing but run around killing things until they get killed themselves

>> No.23646546


The man said free boltgun.

>> No.23646685

>do nothing but run around killing things until they get killed themselves
Sounds fun to me

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Space marines live for centuries. Battle is their duty. Imagine your job is lifting boxes. Now imagine you do that job 20 hours a day. You don't get paid. You don't have leisure time. You just lift boxes, and put them back down. Eventually, that's what all the shooting and explosions and shit will boil down to- Repetitive, predictable tasks, until one day the box falls off the top shelf and kills you and nobody gives a shit.

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Well, I try to die as fast as possible, cursing the Imperium and Chaos and other factions, gargling away that the Imperium and Chaos are the same horseshit.
If they reanimate me somehow, I will become the most cynical and sarcastic animator in the universe.
I will fuck them, fuck them all so hard, that their anuses will bleed from all the truth I power punch them.
I will fuck them so hard, that the harrowing look like innocent lil' puppies.
I will become the reason why the whole 40k universe will have a PTSD and an infinite yard stare.
I will become the reason why they break down and cry, the reason they wish they could sleep and never wake up.
I would hate that place sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much, even I can't comprehend how much hatred I have for the galaxy, the warp and everything 40k.
They will fear me so fucking much that they stop killing each other, gods will stop to corrupt the populance and try to eat modest amounts of souls.
And this all, this all isn't even enough to convey my hatred against them, this isn't even enough to become a drop of an infinite barrel called understatement of what I would do to them.
I hate them all, and even hatred can't get close enough to what I feel for all of them.
Fuck you 40k.

>> No.23646726

Why set my aspirations low when I can eventually become an Airborne Ranger?

>> No.23646758

Im far more suitable as Commissar material, and the Imperium is very much aware

>> No.23646794

I'm with you, brother.

>> No.23647140

Super human strength? vast intellect? unheard of agility and reflexes? armor and weapons of a tank? travel the galaxy defending the weak and exterminating traitors, beasts and aliens? Glory? near immortality?

Or utter uncertainty that my penis will ever work?

Really not sure here.

>> No.23647148

why do you hate it?

>> No.23647168

I am disappointed with life so I would join just cause I have nothing better to do.

>> No.23648100

Why? Why?!
Because everything I do is in vain.
Being a good person is in vain.
No matter what, I will be forced to follow a fucking person made god I didn't chose to follow.
I will end up with fucking Stockholm syndrome even if I don't chose the emperor.
The dark gods will use me just as much as a fucking toilet paper as the imperium will do.
Never will I have the time or chance to define myself without becoming a heretic or become corrupted for the lulz.
Never will I be able to live a peaceful live, knowing that the Tyranids, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Tau, Orks and Friends will fuck me just as much over and hate me for being born something I have no power over.
Maybe I will fall in love, only to end up traumatized forever and that significant over just as well.
I am nothing than a meat shield, I have no other worth in the imperium and in any other place. The Gear of a soldier is much more important than the wearer.
There is nothing that glory can give me.
There is nothing that the gods can offer me.
I will die for nothing.
I am not human anymore, my ideals and morals are denied, even frown upon.
How could I ever forgive them?
How could I?
Why should I not hate them with everything I have and still give more?
There is so much more, so much more to tell why I hate it.
Never would I, could I forgive them for denying and sanctioning, punishing me for being a "human".
Not the Imperium and the emperor.
Not the five gods in the warp.
Not the Tau.
Not the Tyranids.
Not the Orks.
Not the Eldar.
Not their Dark Kin.
Not their gods.
Not the Necrons.
Not the C'tan.
No one.
I would become their undying, eternal nightmare for denying me and every other like minded being, whether they be human, xeno, or daemon or another entity, this peace we long for.
And still Anon, this isn't enough reason why I hate them.
They all want us to burn forever, to die for their amusement and advantage in an unending hell.
It is never enough to hate them, never enough reason to tell you why.Never

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