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Eldar thread.

It's a shame they're so neglected...

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Dead thread. And I participated heavily.

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Avatar of khaine dying is a pit of shit

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I don't care if he dies, but if he dies, he should go out with a bang.

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How do we fix the Autarch? And Guardians too, for that matter.

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And not dying in a pit of shit or crushed by the bodies of imperial guard

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I wish there was more stuff about Harlequins. I want to see heaps more varieties for different roles. Like some that play C'tan in myths (though the Dark Reaper would obviously play the Nightbringer), or trainees who act as stagehands.

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There are some books about them.

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I know there are Avatar themed armies, but I can't bring myself to use them.

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Do we ever see Harlequins making jokes? They are disciples of the Laughing God after all. I imagine that they would constantly come up with witty one-liners and comebacks.

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I'm sure they are, but not on stage. On stage I imagine their performance a combination of Pantaloon the clown and cirque de soleil.

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And I'm sure the Solitaire is a great guy to hang around.

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>horrible WoW-ish design

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I'm just dumping my folder.

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Any thoughts on Farseer Starbane?

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Wow, the artist got this wrong. Yriel is Iyanden, not Saim-Hann

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Incompetent and embarrassing.

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Elenwe is best Farseer.

Idranael is a WHORE!

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I like the Flatseer.

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He's also a Corsair Prince, so him not having the official colours of his Craftworld make sense, especially if it's at the battle of Iyanden itself as he was returning from exile to participate.

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Whenever I see this thumbnail, I except to open it to see an Eldar Super Star Destroyer crashing into a Death Star

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M'Kar the Why Do I Even Bother vs. Starbane
who wins?

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But the piece is titled Glory_of_the_Saim_Hann.

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>Dying Empire
>Cause of their own destruction
>Supremely arrogant
>Dominating firepower
>Leaders have spooky/evil powers

Sure, why not?

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M'Kar gets sneezed on by a cultist and dies before the battle.Starbane gets lost.

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>circular barrel

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How does one justify CWE on CWE violance?

Is there any fluffy event where Craftworlders attacked each other?

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>Harlequins are in town
>A really hot chick is amongst them
>Nervously ask her when the show is on
>No response
>Try asking her again
>No response
>She's just staring at me
>Everyone's staring at me
>Sweating nervously
>Soulstones fall out of my pockets
>I try asking one more time, but I'm interrupted
>"Dude, why are you trying to talk to the Solitaire?".


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yeah, but I don't really remember;

also, Saim-Hann is divided into several rival clans that often kick each other's asses.

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Dawn of War 2 Retribution has a bit where dudes from Biel Tan (I think) attack the players from Alatoic because their Farseers foresaw that they would fuck everything up.

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Easy, Saim-Hann are notorious for it because they are sticklers for honour. Othere instances might be Craftworlds and the Farseers from each Craftworld trying to manipulate events into their favour, even if it means the detriment or direct conflict with another.

All of which would make absolutely no sense to an outside observer.

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Eldar versus Eldar is such a waste

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>So embarassed you become a Pathfinder
>Never have to deal with social situations again

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Last bit of Eldar love then I'm off to bed. Night folks.

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Not before that embarrassing stint as a Corsair.

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Unless there is something to gain.

Would a Craftworld attack another Craftworld to steal their soulstone supply and possibly steal worthy souls from their infinty matrix?

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But at least you never joined those Exodite hipsters.

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>Steal Souls

Sounds like perverse Necromancy. And I don't think the Eldar would fuck around with ancestors.

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Is there a supplement for any of the 40k RPGs that lets you play as an Eldar?

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Stuff like this is why I love Eldar and why I started an army of them way back. But then again, there's also stuff like their ships that just look full out retarded, and I hate how I had to ignore the official color schemes for most of their troops for my army to look consistent.

Eldar are very hit or miss is what I'm saying.

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Their stuff is scattered around. Only War has the Dark Eldar stuff, but I'm certain they released that Commorrite adventure too.

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Unused soulstones? Possibly, if there was an severe shortage. The reasons are likely to be far more bizarre/warped though.

Getting worthy souls? Absolutely not(*cough* very unlikely), even using the spirits of their own dead is viewed as a desperate measure tantamount to sacrilege, to steal souls from another Craftworld and enslave their souls to fight for them (if they even could) would definitely put them in the Dark Kin camp.

That said it's a pretty cool background idea, but yours guys would be more renegade (likely with DE allies) than your average craftworld.

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Poor blueberry! What are they doing to her?

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So how do we making swooping hawks worthwhile again also does anyone have a list of the different aspects that are used? I'm thinking of throwing them against a group of acolytes for shits and giggles

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Necromancy? Sounds like something the grim folk of Iyanden woul do!

Eldar souls carry with them a treasure of information and exprience adding them to your Infinity Matrix would be benefical. I could see Eldar fighting over a stash of Eldar souls.

There is also the matter of the soulstone material which is rare and hard to get. Eldar should take any chance to stock up on that stuff

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You've got to find a Craftworld you like. I love Biel-Tan the most, and they conveniently have a color scheme I really like.

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No. I always wanted a RPG that's focused on Eldar Corsairs.

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Give them Haywire Blasters like Scourges. Or a new weapon like a Plasma Blaster.And they could be cheaper

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Iyanden hates using it's sacred dead.

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Lets say a long dead Farseer from has information that is crucial for the purposes of Eldar from another Craftworld. If the Farseer's kin refuse to share his knowledge with the other Eldar for whatever reason, I could see this leading to a war.

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>Farseer's kin.

The Farseer himself could talk to the other Farseers in the Craftworld. Or he could even be a Wraithseer.

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Yet that falls under the previously mentioned point that, Eldar will basically only fight other Eldar when their lives are at stake and the other side is getting in the way.

Or, if you're Saim-hann and being a dick as usual.

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Eldar: started as space elves, now available in their own form of pointy-helmet awesome...

think about it. It gets especially cool when you think the dark eldar have no psykers and use especially malevolent magical items they FOUND as a form of counter magic. then, you have to add in that Craftworld eldar have this ritual habit of putting dead guys in tech bodies to fight. The savagery with which eldar fight is oft ignored...did anyone forget they are hate-filled shriek-machines once a'field?

and Avatar of Khaine, thank you.

(hey, rare race: why are you not sending the dead to fight all the time when the living could be pumping out babies? )

Slaneesh? oh, just do go all fetish. do it missionary/crane leg style, no protection, PLEASE, and clean up and snuggle lovingly after you're done...

I have no eldar pics....srry!

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>they FOUND
No. Dark eldars make their own magical artifacts.

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Would the Dark Eldar be empowered by the Avatar?

Personally, I think not. Khaine does seem to hate their guts and basically gave them a finger by denying them even a single piece of himself. Have you seen a Dark Eldar Avatar? No!

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The Eldar don't put the bodies of the dead to battle, only their souls.

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Or if they have been caught up in the deadly designs of Tzeentch. Not even Harlequins are safe from infiltration.

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A did Alatoic, but ignored the yellow, and instead did the splotchy blue thing that they usually reserve for vehicles on everything and everyone. It worked an I liked it. But I would have been happier if I knew that I didn't completely rape the lore by doing so.

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The Dark Eldar still venerate Khaine. And in the end, Khaine loved the Eldar, for he took up arms against Slaanesh to protect them.

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>Khaine does seem to hate their guts
where the hell did you read anything suggesting that?
How would he deny or grant them a single piece of himself, when they're hidden in the asshole of the Webway?
Why would there be a dark eldar avatar? It would require shittons of psychic energy and draw daemons near comorragh.

And don't forget that Khaine is the only god the DE still worship.

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I like how the Changeling imiated a soulless beings.

A solitare!

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>he doesn't know about eldar dreadnoughts

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Soullessness can be breached by warp powers (in Tales of Heresy one Sister of Silence gets turned into a psyker somehow), so why not imitated?

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A Wraithlord has the soul inside, not the body.

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Soul Reaver for Rogue Trader has rules for rolling up a Dark Eldar

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You got a problem with mah fluff boi?

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Still peeved over Daemons somehow claiming Necron skulls.


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That's not new though, CSM do it too.

I just assume the phase out mechanism is in the body, so if you take off the head the body will disappear without it.

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Allow them to assault flyers.
Or even be a sort of pseudo-flyer unit themselves. Dropping grenades as a form of vector strike.

>> No.23643314


Maybe give them a good cover save since they're "Soaring"

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What is the Eldar opinion of the Dark Eldar?

It seems wierd in the rule book they are 'Battle Brothers',

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No, they don't. If you're referancing that Rhino mini, then the artist admitted his mistake.

Necron bodies, as in their whole bodies, phase out or self destruct. The Necron fluff says that the Necrons piss off Khorne because he can't get any skulls from them!

Then comes this Codex and pisses all over it. I don't like it when my favorite fluff get Daemon piss all over it. It's an outrage!

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they hate each other, but they hate other races much more.

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In the older Dark Eldar codex, they were pretty fierce rivals.

Now the Dark Eldar just have bemused contempt for Craftworlders.

Craftworlders see the Dark Eldar as on the path of Damnation.

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Oh I was referring to the miniature.
You may continue raging at the Cruddace.

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This is from 3rd edition and may no longer be as valid.

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It was many years ago that I read the Eldar lore, so I'm not entirely sure if this is true, but aren't DE pretty much Eldar as they were before birth of Slaanesh? And the fact that Eldar were like that was what caused the chaos god to be created?

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FOOL! The Blood God does as he PLEASES!

>> No.23643430

The Dark Eldar are pretty much serving Chaos at this point.

Whether they actively admit it or not.

>> No.23643468


Yes. And there are some sub-realms in Commorragh where there are Dark Eldar from before the fall, still dancing, laughing, doing drugs and having blood orgies.

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Just wait until the next Necron Codex when Sautekh Dynasty is soloed by Maugan Ra.

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The Dark Eldar serve no one but themselves

>> No.23643487


But it's alright! Because one day Maugan Ra will die!

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The book's ally chart shouldn't be taken as being representative of fluff.

It says as much in the book.

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>Phoenix Lord

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Not exactly. The Dark Eldar are a little worse than the Eldar before them that caused the birth of Slannesh. DE are the progression from what birthed the God.

Pretty much the Eldar were too smart, they took on decadence as something new to learn, and since all Eldar were psychic, their thoughts passed through the warp creating Slannesh (and there were a fuck ton of Eldar back then).

It's not explained into specifics, but there was probably a lot of weird sex and ritualistic shit judging by how Slannesh is.

Dark Eldar are just the continuation of what the Eldar were falling victim to.

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>It's a shame they're so neglected...

it's because The Retribution is way cooler.

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Yeah and there it someone else who is heavily into debauchery and forfilling ones own desires above all else.

In fact you could say he thrives on it.

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The Dark Eldar aren't corrupted by Chaos or serve the chaos gods. Slaanesh might get the pain they inflict, but the same thing could be said about people falling into the ploys of tzeentch, or just killing, whihc empowers Khorne

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Not a small part of that is because 40k is terrible due to how neglected everything not-marines is.

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>Trazyn takes armour
>Uses it as a rug

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The Eldar went to war over one. They would do it again.

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To fix the Eldar, they need to fix the Aspect Warriors. It's been this way since 3rd edition, but the aspects are supposed to EXCEL at their aspects. Since 3rd, aspect warriors are basically meat sponges for a sub-par hero charater, the exarch.

The Farseers and Warlocks really could use some improvements on psychic stuff too, although I haven't played the new edition so I'm not sure if Eldar farseers with the new spells feel like psychic badasses like they should be.

When Tau/Necrons showed up in 3rd, they really stole the technology fluff from the Eldar, what was left was aspects that perform specific roles well (hah) and the best psykers (hah).

Eldar need a baller ass air superiority fighter too, but I'm assuming they'll get that.

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You just convinced me to start a Dark Eldar army.

>> No.23643619

''The chaotic powers that twisted the nature of the Dark Eldar, made them remarkable strong''

''Had the Dark Eldar refrained from conducting raids on their chaotic comrades...''

Soulstorm confirms that the Dark Eldar are mutants and are among the forces of Chaos.

>> No.23643626

Shadow Spectre models are awesome.

Just got a squad along with the Phoenix Lord, can't wait to paint them.

>> No.23643634


Good luck Commorrite!

>> No.23643640

But that is blatantly wrong, the Retribution is the eldars, without the classy exoticism, without the mixture of aesthetics and cultural references, without the variety and cool fluff, and with a lame WoW-inspired, clumsy cartoonish design.

>> No.23643649


Easily my favorite models.


Dark Eldar stagnated for 10 years. The new codex supersedes that. I mean, look at these mandrakes to the one in Dawn of War.

>> No.23643659


The Dark Eldar gets lots of fancy toys that keep them on level with the Necrons. Craftworlders need that too.

And I agree with you on aspect warriors.

>> No.23643685

>without cool fluff
I disagree entirely. The Eldar are poncy. Iosians are rugged and crazy.

>and with a lame WoW-inspired, clumsy cartoonish design.

Please explain this, because I don't understand what you're getting at there...

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>look at these mandrakes to the one in Dawn of War.
The new mandrakes look awesome. It's a shame they don't play half as well.

>> No.23643717

Dark Eldar advance foward

The Craftworlders don't. They're dying and declining. Giving them Technology outta nowhere would not mesh with their background.

>When Tau/Necrons showed up in 3rd, they really stole the technology fluff from the Eldar.


Tau and Necron Technology themes are unique and don't act in anyway near the Eldar's

>> No.23643719

My girlfriend plays Dark Eldar and I've played Biel-Tan since the end of Rogue Trader. Boy was I red in the face when Dark Eldar has all those cool artifacts and a HAYWIRE gun.

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>Toughness 3

Watch out, my warscythe might graze you!

>> No.23643777

You're lucky too. I have been contemplating getting back into the game again for the last few weeks or so and have been really torn as to which army I should go with. Chaos Marines and Daemons have been the main focus but both of those lack that little extra I want.

Dark Eldar, however, have now proven themselves to be exactly what I wanted.

>> No.23643780

I really meant that having an edge for tech was Eldar's thing. What faction had the best guns before Tau showed up? What was the oldest faction before the Necrons showed up?

Necron guns actually do function similar to Eldar guns. Gimicky and leaving a mess.

>> No.23643783


>initiative 2

Watch out grandma! Our Klaives are AP2!

>> No.23643798

Perhaps I misread that, because I thought he was saying that Ret was like WoW.

>> No.23643813

But that is a lie, mandrakes merely share their skin tone, they are not ripped as fuck, do not have a ridiculously tiny head and do not wield huge glowing plastic blades.

Simple: the WoW design (everything is exaggerated in size, looks made out of plastic and too bulky to be wieldable) makes things look clumsy and stumpy.

>> No.23643824

That is exactly what I meant.


Is trying to do a lame rebuttal.

>> No.23643854

If only I had a 3++, a way to somehow repair myself and maybe even a weapon that would make you hit yourself in the face...

>> No.23643880

Green glowing tattoos, half daemon/half elf, misunderstood and feared, and mutated into daemonic forms/shadowforms.

They're totally alike!

>> No.23643907

I could apply this to anything, it won't make it similar, because it won't have the same ridiculous proportions and lack of textures.

It's a matter of style, not of design elements.

>> No.23643930

>where the hell did you read anything suggesting that?
Well, he does hate them. It's just that he doesn't hate them anymore than any other Eldar. And that the Eldar are his only hope, and he theirs.

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>> No.23643957

Khaine hates Eldar because they were prophesied to bring about the end of the Eldar Gods.

>> No.23643970

Somehow all Avatar shards made it to all the scattered Craftworlds and yet not a single one reached the Dark Eldar.

The Shards were scattered across reality and sought their new homes inside Craftworlds within and outside the Webway. So there is no reason for Khaine not to pass on his gift unless....


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In the first piece of fluff he appeared in, a Solitaire impersonated a random Infinity Circuit technician for years without anyone noticing. The fact that Solitaire is Soulless doesn't necessarily mean the same thing as being a Pariah.

>In the older Dark Eldar codex, they were pretty fierce rivals.
Not really they weren't. In "Devastation of Assyri" the DE punish a human governor who collected spirit stones. They might dislike each other, but they dislike everyone else even more.

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>> No.23644011

Pretty much, they're like bitter siblings they hate each other but Family comes first. also look to the latest codex where the Dark Eldar captured some Cadians that had the name Eldar Killers and promptly made an example of them .

>> No.23644014

>Dark Eldar advance foward
>The Craftworlders don't. They're dying and declining. Giving them Technology outta nowhere would not mesh with their background.
Except there's at least two mentions in the last codex alone of the Craftworlders making new stuff since the Fall. You're wrong.

And the fact that they're dying as a culture and as a population doesn't mean they can't innovate. Just look at all the stuff Germany invented in the last years of WW 2.

>> No.23644030

Nowhere. That he hates all Eldar equally is what I said.

>> No.23644042

>Except there's at least two mentions in the last codex alone of the Craftworlders making new stuff since the Fall.

>10,000 years
>2 whole things!

>> No.23644062


Still better than the Imperium.

>> No.23644091



The Cratfworlds can travel inside and outside the Webway. Some of the Craftworlds could have been inside the Webway when the fall happened.

>Except there's at least two mentions in the last codex alone of the Craftworlders making new stuff since the Fall. You're wrong.

Got any examples of such innovation, hmm?

>> No.23644132

No craftworld was inside the webway, in fact I've never read about a craftworld traveling through the webway ever.

>> No.23644136

I don't think so, but even the Imperium has the excuse of a batshit religious sect having a monopoly on technology.

>> No.23644141

There's the Black Library.

>> No.23644212

Oh, true, now it's been retconned into a craftworld.

>> No.23644435

I love Eldar, they make for such fascinating subjects.

>> No.23644474


>Phaeron Imoutekh seizes initiative on a 4+ except against Orkz.
>Asdrubael Vect seizes initiative on a 4+

Pathetic Necrons.

>> No.23644486

The Black Library and the unnamed Craftworld in Shadowpoint are examples. There's also a dead Craftworld (yeah) in the new short story "Masque of Vyle" found in the Webway by Harlequins. Eldar of Lugganath plan to move into the Webway, though we don't know if they mean to take the entire ship with them.
Also, by looking at the maps, especially the 5e rulebook one, and the one in 4e codex, and on the last page of 3e codex, it's impossible for Craftworlds not to be able to move faster than light.
WD105 that described the Harlequins for the first time calls it a Craftworld (well, a craft-world because it was like 1992 back then). It's not a retcon.

>Got any examples of such innovation, hmm?
One is p. 41, second sentence. It's not like the codex is 1000 pages long and I have other things to do than re-typing all of it.

>> No.23644534


How's Lugganath going to do shit after Nurgle turned their farseers into trees for trying to rescue Isha?

>> No.23644774

I think they'll do better than all the other Craftworlds, after all it's the Farseers who fuck everything up.

>> No.23644823

I miss second edition.
All that glorious Eldar focus.

>> No.23644830

Farseers aren't irreplacable. All they need is Warlocks willing to take the Path of the Seer to its final conclusion, and negotiate with another Craftworld to get a couple of their Seers to provide the necessary training. It's the sort of thing that would weaken a Craftworld but won't doom it.

>> No.23644884

That's quite some mouth you have there.

>> No.23644991

I wonder how male banshees feel, being part of a group dominated by women. Do Dire Avengers and the others make fun of them?

Is it like a guy in ballet? Because they usually end up becoming walking sex machines.

>> No.23645118


It doesn't matter, because they're all actors. Just like how Strinking Scorpions or Dark Reapers are masculine, women don't care at all.

>> No.23645164

The Eldar are equal parts Indian, Greek and Japanese. In two of those cultures (Sanskrit theatre was gender-equal), men played the roles of women in theatre and weren't riduculed for that.
And there's relatively little feminine influence in the Banshee myth - they're daughters of Morai-heg the Crone, not Isha or Lileath and as far as I know they never seduced anyone sexually or did stuff like that.

>> No.23645298

>The Eldar are equal parts Indian, Greek and Japanese

They're more celtic than the three of those, though. And the only Japanese thing they have is those banners. Even their 'warrior path' thing, with them treating it as them acting and adorning themselves with decorations and war paint, is highly reminiscent of the war rituals of old Irish clans.

>> No.23645367

What about their shuriken based weaponry?

When they said shuriken, I always assumed that it was just highly accelerated pieces of metal, ala Mass Effect or something. But someone posted about similarities between Eldar and Japanese culture so I'm not too sure about that. Shooting literal shurikens would be a bit ridiculous.

>> No.23645638


You know that I could totally counter that by saying that they're totally Chinese, as the Banshees use dao swords, exarchs use the yin-yang symbol and the path system is about balancing out various emotions and finding an appropriate outlet for them? And the 7 original Phoenix Lords are totally the 7 Immortals of Dao?

And then a fourth guy woul come and say that they're totally Egyptian because lol they have beards on helmets, there's that one statue on Dire Avenger sprue and their highest god is a sun god who has this love-hate relationship with that dick god who tried to murder everyone but is needed to defeat an enemy that threatens all gods.

>> No.23645645

There are some examples of shuriken weapon ammo here.

>> No.23645669

>Shooting literal shurikens would be a bit ridiculous

They shoot mono-molecular "serrated disks... so kind of.

It sounds more impressive than it really is, its basically a magnetically propelled automatic lenoleum knife thrower (with about the same range too).

The fact that their technology is the second most advanced compared to ours, really says a lot about the current state of the galaxy. Might as well be throwing rocks with slings.

>> No.23645679

They shoot mono-molecular discs made out of crystal or something.

>> No.23645741


Aren't the Craftworld Eldar basically just puritans who left in their giant colony ships because the real Eldar Empire was having too much fun?
I mean, how much military gear did they bring across on the Mayflower?

>> No.23645900

The point of 40k is to sound impressive though, none of the writers even attempt to make it actually make sense.
If it's meant to sound high-tech and fancy, it's probably supposed to be high-tech and fancy

>> No.23645956

Depends on the Craftworld. I'd imagine that the ones which were able to get far enough away to escape the psychic aftershock of the Fall would have been constructed in enough time to aquire plenty of supplies, including military gear, before they left. The ones which were panic-launched at the last moment, if they were lucky enough to escape, might have found themselves lacking in certain areas.

>> No.23646034

The Craftworlds weren't built for the purpose of escaping the Fall. The Eldar already had the Craftworlds.

>> No.23646079

The Craftworlds were originally large trading ships, yes, but they weren't all launched at the same time, and some were built specifically to try and give the remaining sane Eldar something to escape upon. One of the main characters of Path of the Incubus - the Harlequin, Motley - mentions this. He and Morr visit a planet which was in the process of building and launching a Craftworld when the Fall hit.

>> No.23646122

Speaking of, does anyone have the ebook for Path of the Renegade, Outcast or Incubus?

>> No.23646148

Military gear by definition belongs to the military. We see no examples of the Craftworlds using the thinking machines that fought wars for ancient Eldar according to "Torturer's Tale" for instance (which might be outdated now though).

Commorrite (not yet Dark) Eldar, who as the members of the most powerful noble houses that suffered little direct damage during the Fall should have had access to the best stuff, used leisure craft and modified sky chariots. Why would space dissidents that the Craftworlders were have access to better equipment?

Also, modus operandi of the DE and CWE doesn't really strike me as the way the dominant galactic empire wages their wars. Their equipment reflects that, so it stands to reason that their equipment isn't military. An empire fights by assuming superiority, and the CWEldar can't really do that anymore, aside from air superiority they used to always have (which got pretty much retconned with the flyer edition) and titans, which might be the only relics of military grade gear they have.

>> No.23646152

That game had an awesome intro.

>> No.23646199

Wait, incubus came out? God damn it, I hadn't noticed.

>> No.23646204

Yeah :( eldar got retconned into not having flyers at all.

>> No.23646209

> the thinking machines

...That's a very good point, yes, I completely forgot about that. My mistake. In which case, any weaponry the Eldar had aboard the Craftworlds when they fled wouldn't have been much more than the sort of things used for sporting or hunting, and so they'd have had to develop everything else from there.

>> No.23646235

What about Nightwings?

>> No.23646257

Dont exist. Crons, space marines, and DE are the only ones with fighter jets now.

>> No.23646290

If you completely ignore the FW suppliment which gives them fliers that are perfectly legal to use in regular 40k games, that is.

>> No.23646295

And orks.

Even though MiGs are unareodynamic.

>> No.23646318

More like lifeboats. They're less colonists and more survivors, with whatever they could carry.

>> No.23646327

My headcanon is basically that they are in much the same situation as the Imperium, regarding their tech. They don't have access to most of the original designs and they weren't trained in using weapons or waging war anyway. Besides, the automated shit would give them excuse to descend into decadence once more, which would be counterproductive to their original aim of escaping such things.

Furthermore, I'm not sure they even have the materials for their old designs. I mean, they can't produce the needed quantities of Wraithbone to spam vehicles and armor, so they just use the stuff for the basic necessities, like the chassis of their vehicles.

>> No.23646659

>> No.23646683

The MiG knockoff is a piece of shit. Fightabommas are where it's at. And it's not a jet so much as a series of high-powered rocket engines attached to fuselage and wings.

>> No.23646755

I thought that was a retcon, but I wasn't sure. When'd they do it?

>> No.23646759

What do you think a jet is?

>> No.23646762

I'd say they just don't have the logistical and industrial capability anymore. That's also something you can see it the equipment, most of it is made of magicked up wraithbone, rather than more mundane materials they don't really have access to. Hence energy weapons, shuriken guns that use wraithbone as ammunition and only the tiniest slivers of it etc.
I'd imagine actual military grade gear would require something more, and it might be it would outclass their current titans.

>> No.23646830

Would America attack China to steal their corpse supply and possibly steal worthy corpses from their gravesites?

Long story short, no.

>> No.23646847

>Biel-Tan says "FUCK NO" to GW's Allies chart

>> No.23646858

2nd edition codex.

>> No.23646914

Hmm, looking back at 126, the reasons for craftworlds to go to war with each other is generally for disputed worlds, and colonisation or mining rights.

>> No.23646959

>Rhana Dandra is the Eldar name for the final great battle with Chaos. It is written about in the Asuryata which predicts the destruction of the Eldar and their remaining gods. Another section states that the battle will destroy both the materium and immaterium.
The Phoenix Lord Fuegan is said to be the one who will call the other Phoenix Lords together for the final battle and will be the last to die in the fighting, while Phoenix Lord Baharroth will also die. It is unknown what other races will take part in this, or even where it will occur, but it is a strong theme in Eldar mythology.

The only real way a Phoenix Lord can "die" is if there is no one else around to wear the armour.

>> No.23647025

>most of it is made of magicked up wraithbone
See, that's the thing; it isn't. Only guns, vehicle chassis and some equipment for the higher-ups are actually made out of Wraithbone. The rest is mostly made out of inferior psycho-plastic materials. Wraithbone is the best they have and it is also relatively rare, and difficult and time-consuming to produce. Fortunately for the Eldar, Wraithbone can repair itself. So I choose to go with the idea that they just reuse hardware and equipment, with relatively few pieces being manufactured recently.

>> No.23647088

>The rest is mostly made out of inferior psycho-plastic materials.
That supposedly "inferior psycho-plastic material" is wraithbone.

>> No.23647109

Well, I imagine they do make new things, they just don't ever improve upon them.

Ask an Eldar to make a gun, and he'll sign up a shuriken catapult, with lots of decorative shit, but still functually identical to other shuriken catapults.

>> No.23647123

Eldar are a bit more concerned with not fucking another Chaos god into existance and surviving to bother making new toys. But there are artifacts from the ancient Eldar empire lying about on Croneworlds, the same worlds that Outcasts and one craftworld (the name escapes me) are searching for said artifacts.

Also, in terms of Eldar getting new tech out of nowhere, well, its not the biggest thing GW has done to fuck with the continuity.

>> No.23647165

I always like how they make up a previously unknown craftworld to sucker-punch and burn to the ground.

But granted, that's par for the course for any army being used as a beat-stick.

>> No.23647196

Your tears are delicious!

>> No.23647202

No, actually. The Mesh Armor given to Guardians is not made of Wraithbone, and neither is the stuff the Aspect Warriors get. The hulls of their vehicles are not made out of Wraithbone, but the chassis is.

>> No.23647208

If wraithbone is the only psycho-plastic they use, why mention it as special compared to the others they use, and point out their ships and craftworlds have cores of it.

And that it's the most precious item to them outside of soulstones?

>> No.23647211

Eh, not really. I figure they'd adapt and try some new things from time to time even in exile, not to mention occasionally finidng some lostech.

>> No.23647843

I swear to god, that allies chart must be fucked up in some way or another. Granted, I'm not terribly good at 40k lore, but are Chaos Marines and Daemons supposed to be allies of convience with armies such as the Imperial Guard? Or Necrons with Marine chapters? And Tau are better allies with Daemons than any Marines, Chaos or not, except for when they don't belong to any particular chapter. My head hurts just thinking about it.

>> No.23648675

The guard list can also be used to represent traitor guard, since they use the same vehicles and technology, so them as allies to the chaos factions works.

>> No.23650726

Honestly the best way to represent Eldar tech would be like the earliest codexes when Eldar had lots of weird one-off artifacts, weird examples of their crazy-ass pre-Fall tech that certain characters could take.

It would end up looking a lot like the Necron armory really.

>> No.23652856

Whoops, sorry. Was wrong. It was actually back in Rogue Trader. The harlequin write up. You can see it in the White Dwarf Compendium.

>> No.23652919

Do you mean the Ancient Weapons?

While there were some of interest, most were simply power weapons or similar, and were made more normal wargear.

>> No.23653067

Necrons don't get along with loyalists on the allies chart.

...However, I give you it might be stranger that they are buddy buddy with traitor legions, especially sincethey are anathema to the warp and generally stop the flow of chaos in general.

>> No.23653099

No, although that web of skulls would be a neat add

I was thinking of another post I'd seen with artifacts associated with the various Eldar gods - the Tears of Isha and a bunch of other weird, one off shit that looked like it was probably from the Rogue Trader days.

I think it'd be cool if the Eldar got lots of unique, crazy, mythological super-weapons in the vein of the weird Necron gadgets, but with more of a psychic flavor.

>> No.23653161

Dark Eldar have always seemed to be a sort of anarcho-capitalist master race. They have no government in the conventional sense, they have reflexes and senses far beyond those of any other non daemonic species sans some Tyranids, their technology is second only to the Necrons, there are Dark Eldar pumped full of combat drugs and modified by the haemonculi into monsters like Grotesques or Scourges.

Honestly I prefer Dark Eldar to humans only because they seem to actually be constantly advancing and ironically have some of the most hope in the setting. They have developed bizarre weaponry like poison that can turn you into crystal and swords that turn you into a husk of flesh, their physical capabilities have evolved beyond those of their Craftworld cousins, a Dark Eldar can occasionally rise from nothing to lead their own Cabal based on their sheer ruthlessness and willpower, and they are safe from the Tyranids and everyone in the Webway.

>> No.23653195

>aspect warlocks
I kinda want these. Right now.
>dat Diresword
S9 Avenger, here I go!
This post right here is what I love about the Eldar. They are this funky mash-up of cultures, aesthetics, and myths that just seem to work well, when they aren't glam-rocking it out.

>> No.23653224

>and they are safe from the Tyranids and everyone in the Webway.

Except Necrons who can literally crack the dark city open like an egg shell when they eventually (and possibly accidently) find it.

>> No.23653282

Ah, maybe the artifacts from Rites of War?

>> No.23653300

Don't forget the phoencians and their love of eyes.

>> No.23653454

But who doesn't like a good pair of eyes?
And I don't seem to have a lot of good eye photos, if anyone wants to help out.
Certainly stands out against skulls and spikey skulls.

>> No.23653536

That's the one!

I'd love for Warlocks and Farseers to bedeck themselves in psychic doodads, for Autarchs and Phoenix Lords to be loaded to the gills with crazy weapons and ritualized wargear, and for Aspect Warriors to cover themselves in the Eldar equivalent of woad and grab the closest psychoplastic whatchamacallit and use it to brain a motherfucker.

>> No.23653622

The eldar sorting algorythm of society:

Eldar = uptight people.
Exodites = dirty stinking hippies.
Rangers = emo hipsters.
Corsairs = actually useful dudes.
Dark Kin = don't let them near my children.

Humans = dumb monkies.
Space Marines = larger dumber monkies.
Orks = Angry, dumbest monkies.
Tau = mmm... blueberries.
Tyranids = These are a threat? Feed them more monkies.

Did I get it about right?

>> No.23653639

Yeah, it's too bad all we'll see is probably some dumb, gimicky shit that sounds impressive, but is just more expensive, more specialized Imperial crap that is worse for it.
Oh, and the ongoing nerf to starcannons.

>> No.23653695


Necrons would could Black holed to death. Any section of Commorragh they invade can be sealed off and destroyed.

And The Dar Eldar number more than any Imperial Hive world, so they'd outnumber the necrons too.

>> No.23653737

>Did I get it about right?
Almost, you got the orks wrong. You should check out Ulthan the Perverse's thesis "Culture vs. Kulture". Enlightening stuff.

>> No.23653742

Reliable plasma?


Oh wait you said Starcannons not any of their sun weapons.

My point is still valid, I want Eldar just fucking covered in plasma.

Slap some plasma weapons on Swooping Hawks - I've long planned to do an Iyanden Swooping Hawk shrine that uses the bold yellow as sun imagery with sunset colors fading up their wings into the bright blue of the clear sky.

Because you might as well GLAM AS FUCK if you're gonna Eldar.

>> No.23653745

>Tyranids = These are a threat?

Yes, they wiped out several Craftworlds and Exodite worlds. Even the Dark Eldar are taking interest in the Tyranids because they're a long term threat to them.


All efforts to stop the Necrons have been met with spectacular failure. The Eldar are a disgrace to the Old One legacy.

How could they forget these guys existed? How could they suck so much?

It's impossible to respect or take the Eldar seriously after the Newcron Codex. Worst faction ever.

>> No.23653760


Dark Eldar disintegrater cannons don't get hot, do they?

>> No.23653790

You really don't know how Necrons work, do you?

Necrons would win on accident when they shatter the barrier between the city and the warp itself with their dolmen gates.
Even if the Dark Eldar find a way around that they can literally sit on top of singularities like a cat on a dresser because fuck physics.

>> No.23653794

>And The Dar Eldar number more than any Imperial Hive world, so they'd outnumber the necrons too.

Did the new Necron fluff really decrease their numbers or did I miss something?

>> No.23653805

Yeah, I'd definately hope for more legendary Eldar wargear.

Here's the other pages by the way.

>> No.23653822


>> No.23653834


Vect has plot armor out the ass and is Kelly's favorite, so no.


Commorragh to the largest of Hive Worlds as a termite mound to a mountain.

>> No.23653852

I just wish my computer was good enough to run Retribution, so I could check out the wargear in the Eldar campaign.

>> No.23653864


There are more Necron tomb worlds in the galaxy than human worlds. There are possibly more Necrons in the galaxy than humans.

Millions of Tomb worlds > Million worlds.

>> No.23653868

I remember when I was 13 and first got into 40k. I bought Necrons because I loved the whole egyptian robot thing. My main problem with them then was the lack of variety in models. Everything that wasn't their normal troops looked pretty much like their normal troops but was slightly bigger.
Today I went to GW's site to see if it still was the same.
It wasn't.
I mean, goddamn. Suddenly Necrons have actual options.

>> No.23653873


But the Necrons are like a beach to a hive worlds grain of sand.

>> No.23653879

Also don't forget that their are more tombworlds than worlds of men and every single one of them has populations larger than hiveworlds as well because they can exist in extradimensional space.

There might be more Necrons in the galaxy than their are tyranids in the galaxy (currently at least).
This fuck train doesn't stop there either because every warrior is about on par with a space marine in all but close combat.

>> No.23653886


Those are all wrecked/occupied/seeded with the flayer virus

>> No.23653904

>Sword of Wrath
>Rumored to be one of the swords crafted by Vaul

I want to see more of this kind of thing.

Both literally, as in let's see more of the Hundred Blades, and less literally in the sense of, I think one way to really revitalize the Eldar would be to play up the crazy ritualized aspect of their combat - the Eldar have externalized their War-Mind so much it's literally like an actor playing a role, taking on archetypes in the form of Aspect Warriors and playing out the vicious battles between their mythological gods and heroes, treating their foes as so many extras in the Peking Opera. An entire army of Wu Shen.

>> No.23653905


The Necrons can't bring all their assets to bear. And the Dark Eldar know the webway better than anyone. Their mastery over it would give them the edge over any attacker. The only drawback to this is the inherent treachery of the Dark Eldar

>> No.23653909

Cant run retribution? Dude, it's been two years, and it wasnt particularly impressive at the time either.

Maye it's time to level up.

>> No.23653926

Nope, only a small number of them were wrecked. There majority are still sleeping and there more than enough to overrun the galaxy.

>> No.23653930

And you know this exact percentage from where?

>> No.23653947

So what? My entire point was that there are greater numbers of Necrons, not which side has strategic superiority.


>> No.23653955

Hah, yeah, I know my computer's an old piece of shit, but what can I say, I'm like a craftworlder, I hate change.

>> No.23653964


Just read the codex entry for Anrakyr the traveler.

>> No.23653973

No, but S5 under S6-7
Sun weapons? And suns are stars. But yeah, their stuff is junky.
>How could they forget these guys existed?
I think that you are greatly underestimating the effect 60 million years has on what information is and is not retained. Still been pretty defanged. I think it is mostly because we never get to see Eldar big guns anymore, whereas you can't go two pages without the Imperium deploying half a billion guardsmen in a fleet of ten thousand vessels, or Space Marines/Inquisitors trying to blow up a planet.
They've gotten a lot more silly in the fluff department though, so you'll love it or hate it.

>> No.23653976

No those are just the intact dormant ones. If you include the defunct, its even higher.

>> No.23654005

And they actually brought the Egyptian thing to the fore. Which is neat.

>> No.23654030

Yup yup yup.

>> No.23654036

>They've gotten a lot more silly in the fluff department though, so you'll love it or hate it.
I play 40k because I want silly. The fluff is at its worst when it takes itself the most seriously.
That said, I don't think I'll start a Necron army again when I finally decide to get back into the game. Dark Eldar look much too nice for that.

>> No.23654047

We need more Eldar-Portable Bright Lances.

>> No.23654070

>the Dark Eldar know the webway better than anyone. Their mastery over it would give them the edge over any attacker.

I don't think you know how Necrons travel the webway.

They don't navigate shit, they smash it open like a sledge hammer and march from point A to point B. If they try that bull shit where they seal off certain areas they just break it down.

Hell if they stumble in on accident the barriers between the dark city and the warp disappear instantly as chaos floods in.
Then as Slaanesh is ripping their collective souls out of their dicks, the Necrons go, "did you feel that bump?"

>> No.23654122

For some reason I thought they labeled their plasma shit with Sun.

Looking at it now the only Sun-weapon is the Sunrifle and that's just a Swooping Hawk laser weapon, so obviously I've lost my mind.

>> No.23654186

Nothing says about the majority of Necron worlds being destroyed or not. He only purges the invading races and hasten the awakening of the Tombs.

>> No.23654244

Oh, I don't mind silly, I just mind "silly to be incompetent." And 180's like "The necrons are a silent wave of death" to "necron warriors cry out in pain when they are damaged". Along with weird things like plugging crons into jetbikes, only the jetbikes are basically drones that don't need pilots. They went from being totally serious to totally silly. No balance to it. But as I said, you'll love it or hate it, and the model range is pretty nice. But not a single Necron unit apart from their droids is fearless, or even stubborn. Weird stuff.
I really can't take them seriously anymore. And Overlord weapon options are crap, warscythe aside.
Dark Eldar are cool too. And they have that balance of silly and serious too.

>> No.23654301

>> No.23654323 [DELETED] 

I'll admit, that does a little too silly.

>> No.23654340

I'll admit, that does sound a little too silly.

>> No.23654427

So, Farseer, those walking metal assholes are waking up. Think we should do something about that?

I mean, we've got loads of these anti-robot nanomachine dissasemblers. Seriously. It makes them go down like Macha after half a drink.

>> No.23654438

I personally prefer to think of the scream as sever damage to the internal power supply of the necron causing it to leak. The scream is the sound of the energies leaking out.

>> No.23654479

Give it a page-through. If you like the rules, just do what everyone else does with specific parts of 40k fluff they don't like (See figure to the left). It's how I explain how a Space Marine inexplicably understood how to operate a Necron cruiser and set it to autopilot just by boarding it.
And we all should have saw this coming with 5th edition's wonderful army description of mindless waves of crons appearing and advancing so predictably that the local IG bases officially call them "Target Practice".

>> No.23654505

...Why does every Eldar thread turn into a 'cronthread?


>> No.23654534


It's the Necron screaming like a bitch because he knows he just died.

>> No.23654555

Well, mostly because there's a lot of fans of all ancient races, not just one in particular.

And what with the Eldar Yngir being the C'tan, there's a little crossover.

>> No.23654579

>And Overlord weapon options are crap, warscythe aside.
And mindschackle scarabs, you know what Fuck that noise.
Overlords have the single best pieces of wargear in the game.

>But not a single Necron unit apart from their droids is fearless, or even stubborn. Weird stuff.

thats probably more a balance concern than fluff related. If necrons were fearless they really wouldn't have any weaknesses because if they don't fold in assault they get back up and slap your shit anyway.

>> No.23654603


Same reason Chaos pops up in Imperial threads. The Necrons and Eldar are forever tied.

Also addressing your next question. The C'tan have look Eldraish at least the Deceiver does. C'tan forms were based on Necrontyr Gods which should be similar to the mortal Necrontyr. Follow the bread crumbs and you would realize that the Eldar are INDEED were based on the Necrontyr or looked a lot like them.

>> No.23654622

except he didn't die, so he was screaming because he thought he was going to die and cant remember he's immortal.

Its hard as fuck to kill a Necron.

>> No.23654627

Newcrons are Eldar but better in every way that matters.

>> No.23654665


Does the Monolith have to be blown up, or does the Neron just need to be thoroughly killed? Or jam their signals?

I felt the fluff was vague on this.

>> No.23654728

>better foresight, and it doesn't bite them in the ass
>more ancient
>better "magic"
>Can actually accomplish things
>immune to chaos
....yeah Eldar that actually know what they're doing about covers it.

>> No.23654831

Its pretty much almost impossible to intentionally block a phase out (unless you are also a Necron).

Even if a Necron is trillions upon trillions of miles away from home he can still phase back. On the rare occasions that someone higher up wants them dead or you are a shitty warrior and seen as now longer useful or not worth future repair, you self destruct (it looks exactly the same)

>> No.23654839


What are some big Necron defeats?

>> No.23654860


But any Necron that falls back leaves it kin behind, and the Self Destruct, denying them RP

So do those ones die a true death?

>> No.23654888

I can't think of any

Eldar: Still the best at losing

It's... it's something... right

>> No.23654897

Orikan could have avoid the Lazar blockade, but Necrons won any way.

...maybe the world engine, but it took fully 1/3 of the Imperial armada with it and (according to new fluff) is just a single mobilized tombworld, one of "many millions".

>> No.23654911

I meant their specific weapons, their wargear in general is alright. But it's like you only get one of:
>anti-MEQ gun
>I think a flamer that lets you reroll in CC
>Power Sword
>Rending Sword
That's it. You get one of them. And you can't give him a pistol, shield, or RoC, and you'll have plenty of them left over.

I get the game balance for no Fearless/Stubborn, but then we have those crazy "nihilist" destroyers that turn tail as soon as someone starts fighting back and all I end up picturing is some really weird version of the Big Lebowski. Which is funny, mind, but really makes them silly.
>"We believe in nothing, Helbretcht. Nothing. And tomorrow we come back and we cut off your hand."
>" Excuse me?"
>"I said: We'll cut off your hand!"
>"Just think about that, Helbretcht."
>"Yeah, your wiggly hand, Helbretcht."
>"Yeah and maybe we stomp on it and squoosh it, Helbretcht. "

>> No.23654969

There is, uh... this, I guess.

>985.M41 Conqueror’s Fall
>The Stormlord’s Tomb Ship Inevitable Conqueror comes under attack by a Black Templars fleet whilst en route to the Sautekh coreworld of Davatas. The architect of the assault is none other than Marshal Helbrecht, come searching for a long anticipated revenge upon the warlord who humbled him on Schrödinger VII. A broadside from the battle barge Sigismund strips away the Conqueror’s shields an instant before the Black Templars’ boarding torpedoes strike home and, within moments, the decks of the Inevitable Conqueror are swarming with vengeful Space Marines. Pride compels Imotekh to stand and fight, but his forces are in disarray and so logic wins out, dictating withdrawal. The Stormlord therefore teleports to an escort vessel and makes his escape. Helbrecht is incandescent with fury at this foe’s retreat, but consoles himself by personally setting Imotekh’s beloved flagship on a collision course with a nearby star, and blasting to smithereens those other Necron craft too slow to flee.

Necron ships seem to function somewhat differently now (pic is from the old codex).

>> No.23654983

Black Templar fleet ambushing Imotekh's flag ship and destroying it.

Tau and Ultramarine alliance beats a Necron Tomb World

Imperials defeat a Necron Death Star but a high cost of losing an entire chapter of marines.

The Daemons infest a Tomb World and destroy the awakening defenders. Necron skulls are thrown in huge heaps into the dark abyss of the planet core where the daemon Prince lurks.

>> No.23654999


Not very many. Even the Spess Mahreens get their asses handed to them more than this.

I'd like to see more Necron versus Necron

>> No.23655000

No RP is just self repair, even if over run and unable to repair in the field they phase out back to their tombworld for repair instead.
Then it is just a portal away to the front lines again.

Fully active tombworlds are literally impossible to take and it requires whole segmentum worth of ships to even try due to Necron defense system and an endless reserve of warriors porting in from around the galaxy on the surface.

>> No.23655032

That's dumb.

What's the fun in fighting an opponent who can just run back and touch base to respawn every time you manage a victory?

Phase out is dumb fluff. It takes all the drama out of battling Necrons.

>> No.23655039


Says they blow up

>> No.23655054

1000 Marines took out a Core world and engaged an entire system of Necrons.

They ain't so tough.

>> No.23655087

>Black Templar fleet ambushing Imotekh's flag ship and destroying it.

It was only his flagship and it's escourts, not his fleet.
Necron craft also phase, meaning he piloted the ship into the sun just to have it reappear in harbor.

>> No.23655183

If your talking about the astral knights they were assisted with 15 other whole chapters including black templar, imperial fists and ultras as well as 1/3 of the Imperial fleet.

The imperium lost "tens of thousands" of ships and the Astral knights sacrificed their chapter to bring it down.

>> No.23655256

Lesser races don't know the difference, it looks exactly the same to them.

This goes for zealous writers too.

>> No.23655348

I was talking about the Silver Skulls who alone faced down an entire system of Necrons and did serious damage

>> No.23655545

>With their chapter master slain and their forces in disarray, the Silver Skulls are force to witdraw- though they take great care to ensure that word of their defeat does not spread.
pg26, codex Necrons 5th- The traveller has come

Silver Skulls got their asses pounded and told all the other marines that they won a large victory over the Necrons... a flat lie.

>> No.23655600

And the Black Templars killed a psyker alien mind-controlling a hundred star systems, but couldn't mind-control them, somehow. Marines trump everything because they have to sell.

>> No.23655684

Doesn't change the fact that an entire system of Necrons were engaged and besieged by a thousand or less marines. The Necrons main world was overrun and destroyed.

They needed the intervention of a special character to save them from less than 1000 marines. Pathatic!

An Imperial crusade would crush them to dust.

>> No.23655719


Damocles gulf crusade couldn't even wipe out the Tau. The Imperial Navy is just so inefficient.

>> No.23655906

Small crusade that was halted because of tyranids sudden arrival. Tau Plot armor Whoooo!

Check the Zeist Crusade where a 1000 marines crushed the Tau third sphere and was gonna do more but were stopped again by dat plot armor.

I think a single proper crusade of average size can end any Necron Dynasty. They don't have plot armor so they would be fucked.

>> No.23655934

1) the "main world" hadn't fully awakened
2) the Necrons were isolated for lack of dolmen gate (which was on the main world)
3)satellite worlds were all that was left and they were still sleeping when the battle started
4) Necrons were without workable planetary defense

They caught them with their pants down, Necrons are most vulnerable when waking up and they still killed most of the chapter for want.
The fact remains an Imperial Armada gets swatted like flies from established Necron tombworlds.

>> No.23657694

Actually, it's stated in the codex that Vect's days glory might soon come to an end. He seems to be slowly losing his hold over the Dark City.

>> No.23657716

Nope. In fact, the Necrons seem to be more numerous nowadays. There are millions of Tomb Worlds and every world can potentially house innumerable Necrons.

>> No.23657732

Do they build new Dolmen Gates? I thought they just used old ones that hadn't been destroyed. It's even said that they can only access a small part of the Webway that was sealed off from the rest of it by the Eldar.

>> No.23657782

The Crusade met with heavy resistance, but the Tau would eventually have been wiped out, were it not for the more pressing Tyranid threat that forced the Imperium to divert its resources.

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