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Previously on Blatant Fetish Quest, our protagonist, Max Power, learned that 'he' was actually a female with male genitalia, as a result of having an incubus as a father. Three years later, Max, now fit and a martial artist, flew to Romania to enroll at the prestigious Scholomance, a school for magic meeting Liz, your new girlfriend, on the way. On arriving in Romania, you learned that the Scholomance is extremely deadly and that only half of each class proceeds to the next grade each year.

You joined the Lotus prestige society, befriended Dane and Lin, other Lotuses. Upon arriving at the Scholomance, a city-sized school hidden in a cave that's bigger on the inside, you discovered a tower and found an incubus who's probably your father chained up in the basement.

You're currently trying to balance Dextra Domini, rivals, commitments to your society, relationships, and studying while trying to survive. You're about a month and a half in. Your custom-built beast won the quiz and Liz made it into the Society of the Archmagi. Your dryad hatched and your mommy-instincts kicked into high gear. You were just nearly taken out by a mysterious attacker.

You're teaching Selene some counting after having issued Liz her punishment.

What do you do now?

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Ask Selene if she wants to play a game and use that to start her out on some basic enchantment.

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get her started on learning to see through Fap.

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Wait a minute...

Milady should be in that deathtrap lab that caught on fire.

Is this her pet again?

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I'm running a quick bit now. I don't need to be at the lab for another two hours. My pet is quite tied up at the moment.

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Rolled 40

Rawlin for potential neck snapage

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>tied up
I know she's enjoying it, but I can't help but laugh.

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find dad get a lesson in the word for us and Selene

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Genuine question: Is BFQ ever not running?

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Nope. It runs from the time I get up until I go to sleep and when night covers the sky it invades my dreams.

I had a dream that I was Breakfast the other day.

Thanks Fem.

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Between about 4-8am est

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It usually runs for about twelve hours each day.

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>twelve hours
My god...

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You decide to try to teach Selene some simple Enchantment concepts. You don't have the sensory skimming spell prepared as a game yet, but if she learns some Enchantment, that should make it all the easier for her once it is. Plus, if she's anything like you - and she should be, considering her fertilizer - she should have a natural and intuitive knack for it just like you did. You suppose that the simplest lesson you could teach her is how to find people's minds - to observe minds from the outside rather than entering or changing anything.

Roll Soul to get her to understand the lesson. I'll consider the first four linked 1d100 rolls.

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Rolled 18


>> No.23642175

Rolled 92


>> No.23642181

Rolled 75


>> No.23642182

Rolled 61

For learnings

>> No.23642201

Two out of four
the dice love selene

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You're pretty sure she's got it, especially when you ask her where everyone is, then cover her ears gently with your hands. She points up and says, "Mommy, Runch, Bekfist, Gavvy-san," and then points down and says, "Gampa, Lin." You cover her little face with kisses and praise her for being such a smart, wonderful little girl, and she giggles in delight at the attention.

What do you do now?

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We've got a wiki page now, too: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Blatant_Fetish_Quest

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They're just nurturing her so that our tears are that much sweeter when we eventually have to try to save her life from something and get all 1s.

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Go watch Liz and see if she ever managed to get Lunch to beg.

Be stealthy about it.

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finish of that alchemy

>> No.23642251

Fuck you for creating that jinx, Snapple.

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Rolled 36

>ceiling max is watching you

>> No.23642263

this also I hope that means she is calling liz mommy

dam you and your truth

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IIRC, the number of Self enhancements we get per timeskip seems to be tied directly to our alchemy score. So improving it is a good idea.

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Go down and spy dad and Lin. They're probably fucking, that would be nice tow atch.

>> No.23642291

We could probably just watch through Liz's eyes or something. Hell, why not test the version of the spell that lets us skim visual information from everyone in the tower? That's useful to make sure it works for Selene and useful for spying. After all, we haven't tested it yet.

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How much time do we have before we have to leave for class?

>> No.23642304

But Fem wouldn't do that, Fem's a cool dude.

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Do we have enough time to craft a spell of "normalcy"? Something we can hit Liz to prevent most of our classmates from noticing her inevitable boner while we use something else to draw attention to our pet?

>> No.23642342

this this this such a good idea

>> No.23642348

*we can spell Liz with without her noticing

>> No.23642352

Now why would we do that? Absolutely no fun.

>> No.23642372

It sound like consensus is trying to spy on Liz. Is that accurate?

>> No.23642385

Bring Selene.

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>> No.23642394

You can have a lot of fun with the threat of dropping an invisibility spell at an inconvenient time and place.

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I've been wondering.

When we sun striked Karou's sanctum you said that we could have just done long range alchemy to make the rock into hydrogen.

Could someone use long range alchemy to turn someone's organs into air? Or turn all of the Na into K so that they would be paralyzed?

If so then this is really really bad. We can't turn get antialchemy without nullifying our lotus augmentations.

>> No.23642436

Please tell me Karou has sex hair.

>> No.23642437

I think you need living alchemy for that

>> No.23642446

Who is this Karou you speak of?
Do you mean Lunch

>> No.23642449

But we could use a tattoo for a physical resistance to transformation type ward. Downside is it would shutdown real time living alchemy while active, should effect our augs though.

>> No.23642453

>Could someone use long range alchemy to turn someone's organs into air?
if they can that would be living alchemy, so only upper rank lotus members could.

>> No.23642457


i think you need to be very close to the thing/person you are trying to use alchemy on.

>> No.23642459

Who's Karou?

>> No.23642461

Living alchemy just allows you to use alchemy on living tissue without killing it.

You don't need living alchemy to murder someone with alchemy.

>> No.23642482

The former, yes, the latter, alchemy tends not to be that precise in a living system without Living Alchemy. You would get a roll to resist, though - in your case Body + Toughness - and most students tend to use Conjuration for long-range attacks rather than Alchemy - Alchemy is one of the less-commonly mastered schools.

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So, do you guys want to spy the normal way or with magic?

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>> No.23642498

One day, one day this thread will have something for us fans of vanilla.

>> No.23642502

I'd say the normal way, though nor so much spy as lean in the doorway and leer.

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>like us
What makes you think that?

>> No.23642536

Be aware that there are no doorways, per se. Each room is one level of the tower accessed by ladders, until you get down into the new sub-basement level that doesn't yet have wards.

>> No.23642551

The tower is vertical, you can't lean on a trap door. Just go into the kitchen and take an unobtrusive seat somewhere.

>> No.23642562

We need to get a periscope.

>> No.23642583

Do >>23642551 instead

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>> No.23642628

Do this

>> No.23642636

Why spy? I thought it was time for breakfast now anyway? Lunch will be so embarrassed if she's not done preparing her meal when we come up...

>> No.23642659

Yeah, maybe we can come in, sit down, watch for a while and then ask about the breakfast

>> No.23642674

Do we know what Liz's after school SoA schedule is? (trying to figure out when the best time to make some new toys for our girl will be)

>> No.23642682

They hadn't even started making it when Liz went up, they were still planning it out. Liz just kind of put a rush on her to try to get started while working her up.

But Max doesn't know about any of that, so it'll just make Lunch squirm harder.

>> No.23642715

But we spent a good chunk of time playing with Selene, teaching her counting and then showing her how to detect minds via enchantment (our little girl's enchantment stat is going to be ridiculous when we get to see her sheet) its probably been a half hour if not a full one since Liz asked permission to use Lunch (which I'm still surprised we gave).

>> No.23642741

She spends almost all of every Saturday with them, but otherwise just has the occasional project, training session, or what have you after school for which Petrov will keep her after class.

>> No.23642771

We should give Liz that spatial shield focus since we're going to start up on anticonj tattoos soon anyway.

>> No.23642774

No way of knowing in advance if she's staying late today, ok.

>> No.23642784

You pick Selene up and start climbing up the ladder. You want to see how Liz has progressed with Lunch, want to get a bite to eat, and should probably get Selene a sippy cup of enriched water, and maybe a bit of meat. You move slowly and quietly, hoping to surprise them, though it's no big tragedy if you fail.

Roll Body to sneak. You get a +1 from Speed. I'll consider the first five linked 1d100 rolls.

>> No.23642793

Rolled 84


time for plot.

>> No.23642795

Rolled 81


>> No.23642799

Rolled 3


>> No.23642800

Rolled 20

dice time

>> No.23642802

Rolled 91

sneaky sneaky ninja

>> No.23642814

3/5, interesting dice gods, interesting

>> No.23642826

Though we succeeded, I think this situation justifies us getting a "stealthy" augment.

>> No.23642839

the next augment we get should be memory

>> No.23642844


even if it's just a sticky note, with stealth written on it, attached to the character sheet.

>> No.23642858

Saturdays, like we have to be at the Lotus Sanctum.

>> No.23642880

Agreed, then maybe something like a general upgrade to learning. We really ought to cram a bunch of mind augs in before we hit four boxes. That said stealth I just one of those things that is an enabler of fun.

>> No.23642908

Saturday is definite, she sometimes has sessions after class as well.

>> No.23642913

on that note, we should get 24 hour incense coils so that we don't have to have them replaced mid mediation

>> No.23642935

And a freaking mp3 player with loaded chanting we can loop! ...not like I've been saying that since we got a meditation room or anything...

>> No.23642978

You slip in almost silently. Before you even get into the room, though, you can hear moaning and the sound of flesh hitting flesh. When you climb in, you find Lunch bent over a counter, her hoodie pulled up to her waist, and Liz pounding into her with her fake red cock. You consider that maybe Selene shouldn't be seeing this, but realize that she almost certainly 'sees' everything in the tower at all times anyway with her echolocation.

You take a seat and enjoy the show, letting Selene snuggle up in your lap. "Please help me cum, Madam Lawson!" Lunch begs as she's pounded into. "Please don't let me get punished for being a bad slut!"

"How are you supposed to be a good slut if you won't squeeze down tighter?" Liz asks in a cold voice, then slaps Lunch's ass hard enough that a red hand print fades into existence. Lunch yelps and makes a whimpering little sob. "Ahhh," moans Liz. "Much better."

They keep going on and on like that for a few minutes until Liz finally slams deep one last time, by all appearances cumming hard. She stays there for a moment, then pulls out slowly. Wetness trickles down Lunch's leg when she does. You clear your throat. "So, where's our breakfast," you ask as they both turn to you looking shocked and startled. Liz blushes, but Lunch's lip starts trembling. She looks like she's about to cry.

What do you do?

Also, this might be my last post until tonight. We'll see. I'll be watching on my phone.

>> No.23643020

Might as well help cook something.
Lets make a point of subtly teasing Liz as much as possible during class.

>> No.23643028

Rolled 70

aww, now I feel bad for Lunch

>> No.23643059

Watch them fumble and rush around to get it made.

>> No.23643100

If Selene were a little older I would have Max ask her who she thought was responsible for the lack of breakfast. As is, I'm torn between simply not further acknowledging any of that (for now) or sighing and letting both of them know that fun is no excuse for avoiding chores (additional punishment session for both later this evening).

>> No.23643114

"how lewd, and no food :( " kiss liz on the check and make Selene a bottle

>> No.23643145


"should we give these two another chance, Selene?"

make them both cook up a good meal for us.

Lunch wasn't at fault here so maybe keep from punishing her to severely.

>> No.23643148

No, no, it's more fun just to let them panic and build up fear from their contradicting orders causing them both to possibly get punished. Mind games are just as important as physical ones.

>> No.23643169

Sounds good to me

>> No.23643381


if things go well Lunch might become more comfortable around Selene.

>> No.23643420

Why do I expect Selene to giggle and say "No, pwunish mommie!"? I guess I just expect kids to ruin any given plan in new and exciting, well unexpected, ways...

>> No.23643543

Kids love to figure out what the boundaries are. If they think one answer is obvious, they'll try another answer just to see what happens.

It's the same logic behind asking "Why" over and over. At some point they stop caring about the actual answer and just want to see how long you'll keep answering them.

>> No.23643572

we could ask her who she thinks is responsible. She likely heard everything

>> No.23643700

Oh we know who's responsible (Liz), but we gave her permission to distract Lunch. I think the question we should ask is whether or not they should be disciplined for not completing breakfast (I'm leaning towards a light yes), but either way we should make our disappointment in their lewdness getting in the way of Linch's chores.

>> No.23643726

I know we know that, I just want to know what selene would say

>> No.23643742

"Click click click, mama gib em tha dick"

>> No.23643774


regardless of what happens, I'd still like to hear her opinion on the matter.

>> No.23643883


Oh you slay me

>> No.23643987

Oh god.

>> No.23644083

my fucking sides

>> No.23644365

my vote is play some small mind games but in the end lightly punish Liz and tease and or funish Lunch.

>> No.23644490


>> No.23644581

Pic related?

>> No.23644592

Read the end of Femcock's last post, no more posts until tonight.

>> No.23644615


Still waiting for the nobility.

>> No.23644618

When is "tonight"?

>> No.23644634

Well, Femcock's post was at 11.45am, so many hours from now I'd imagine.

>> No.23644724

here is a list of the different modifications we may want.
Phisical we probably need:
stealth, stamina, recovery, healing(reduced scaring), dexterity, reflexes, reduced Oxygen, diseases resistance, drug resistance, temperature tolerance, slow aging
we might want:
forcefields both kinetic and spacial.

Mental augmentations we probably need:
memory, learning, comprehension, creativity, pattern recognition, meditation, willpower, self control, calm, recovery, endurance, reflection, drive, multitasking
we may want:
aggression, empathy.

we also need
mp3 player with loaded chanting we can loop
24 hour incense coils and a desktop waterfall.

>> No.23644787

I still think we should get some scented wax to melt rather than incense so we can use it for meditation and wax play.

>> No.23644820

Around 18:00 EST, I think

>> No.23644890

You forgot soul: charismatic, trustworthy, commanding, convincing, calming, seductive, etc.

No idea if we can even safely modify our soul in this setting, but we could use the dice...

>> No.23644905


you forgot strength and toughness, although we have to wait with toughness 2 till we have all our tattoos.

I think we should get a TV
Mostly because I have this image of everyone cuddling together on the bed and watching a movie

>> No.23644981

I think both are good and they are spare foci
I wasn't sure if those exist or are something like archmage level but those are good suggestions.
I left those out because we have started them I wanted to list new things to start because starting something useful is easier than improving an old thing.

>> No.23645023

i think we should get onto finding a new bribe for the librarian

>> No.23645129

Check the wiki and add anything that's not on the list already.


>> No.23645249

This is important. Maybe Pierre after we mindfuck him.its funny how we keep talking about Pierre like he's a shit and not a reincarnation of a famous demon hunter or natural born hunter. I can't wait for fapfics where max and her coven of whorish sluts and monsters are punished by the dextra's

>> No.23645264

Things involving moving/binding/modifying the human soul is Conjuration on the same scale as Living Alchemy.

>> No.23645294

>on the same scale as Living Alchemy
You mean impossible without knowing the specific secret to it, which is closely guarded by whichever person/group knows about it?

>> No.23645313



>> No.23645407

Nemesis is external, so I'd guess internal would be Dextra.

>> No.23645429

If he survives the year announcing to anyone and everyone about how he's a Dextra and constantly spewing the propaganda, then we'll worry about him.

As of last time grades were posted, Pierre was 19th. So he's worse than Lin, Sam, and Hera, but in the "safe" zone for first circle.

>> No.23645441

Probably neither.

Nemesis are more about controlling demons and other spirits rather than people, Dextra apparently aren't in to conjuration in general.

I'd imagine it's probably one of the many societies we haven't even heard of.

>> No.23645465

Dextra don't specialize in conjuration, though.
They specialize in Fire.
Holy Fire.

The reason I said "person/group" was because we hadn't heard of a group that it was likely used conjuration in that way.

>> No.23645639

So if alchemy's secret self modification is body
enchantments is mind improvement
conjuration's is soul improvement
that is sorcery's Luck?

>> No.23645664


improving ones grasp on the elements?

>> No.23645680

>Dextra don't specialize in conjuration, though.
>They specialize in Fire.
>Holy Fire.

No they don't, they specialize at anti-demon wards/magic , which means they are pretty much the anti-conjuration group.

>> No.23645710

Sorcery secret modification is making you a high level Psyker.

>> No.23645738

>speculation presented as fact

We don't fucking KNOW for certain what IF ANYTHING Dextra specializes in, because we haven't seen any of it first hand. We haven't even heard rumors.

Goddamn, you guys are almost as bad as FOX News.

>> No.23645810

Yeah, but flaming swords and "divine light" would fit their style, which fall under sorcery.

>> No.23645866

But you can't KNOW that, so stop acting like you do.


>> No.23645877

>We don't fucking KNOW for certain what IF ANYTHING Dextra specializes in, because we haven't seen any of it first hand. We haven't even heard rumors.

Oh really.

>"What tricks do the Dextra Domini have?" you ask.
>"Spells that let them read auras. A few techniques for disrupting energy flow in spells and spiritual beings. Like I said, they're bad news if they manage to survive their first year."

>> No.23645909

And I must add that info was from Dane, so its pretty trustworthy.

Also >>23645465 & >>23645810 are retarded and you should stop listening to them/him.

>> No.23645953

I'm not saying for I know for sure, but speculation is fun.

One thing we need to keep in mind is this bit:
"Oh, there are spells and items that can reveal them," he says, giving a smile. "No need to worry about them hiding.

Maybe we should look into the risks of a permanent effect that hides our Spirit side. It certainly would have prevented Lunch from noticing we'd been near her Sanctum.

>> No.23646444

Oh lawd. I laughed hard enough that I think I pulled something.

>> No.23646751

incense ash sugar splenda disposable handcuffs
to teh utility belt list

spirit hideing
to our list of augmentation

>> No.23646842

We planned to go to Paris, right. When is that? I thought we wanted to go on a weekend but it seems that liz has to be at her society on Saturdays, which leaves only Sundays, so we will have to do our shopping at another time
It will be good to spend some time away from Scholomance.

>> No.23646883

I'm pretty sure that the place we're in is ahead of Paris, timezone wise at least, and she doesn't spend the entire day, just a lot of it.

So after she's done with that we'll rest up and get to Paris and can easily get there at early evening, and then we party the night away.

>> No.23646903

Saturday classes are during the day, and Paris is an hour behind.

And we'd have zero travel time.

>> No.23646963

We're going to have to ask dad to convert some gold into hard currency for us before we go. Wait can we just creat counterfeit currency? Hadnt really thought about it...

>> No.23647003

Not really worth the risk since we've already got something worth trading for actual money.

>> No.23647607

"Excuse me?"
"How can I help you, ma'am?"
"I'd like you to turn this..." thump, desk groans under weight, "into Euros for me. Preferably small bills."
"You can do that, right?"

>> No.23647691

Purchase a gold mine. Suddenly we "hit" a "mother lode". We keep a foundry on-site, and all the necessary documentation.
Easy way to keep money flowing. Everyone is willing to buy gold.

>> No.23647696

There are ways to do it which are more subtle, the problem with spending counterfeit currency is that it will be noticed and it can be traced.

>> No.23647772

We could just use long range enchantment to make a bank manager take a briefcase full of cash and hand it to us down the road a ways after he gets off work.

>> No.23647784

I find this amusing enough to support.

Also, are we making a wig before we head to Paris or are we going with our natural regrowth.

>> No.23647787

That is a far worse idea than counterfeit currency or selling gold.

>> No.23647823

Why? He could disable all the cameras beforehand.

Also have him destroy all the records in the bank.

We could even make him kill himself afterwards by self immolation in the bank vault.

>> No.23647857

Getting a bank manager to murder himself is pretty evil even by the grey standards of this quest, and banks have a lot of checks in place to ensure that one guy, no matter how senior, can't just walk out of the vault with a briefcase full of money.

>> No.23647890

Bills have serial codes. Serial codes are tracked if they disappear like that.

>> No.23647897

Then make several do it.

Not like they'd be able to do much about it without magic.

Or just do it to a manager of some fast food place.
Not like they have super stringent security measures.

>> No.23647907

Why not just ask our dad to get the gold changed to cash, since he's done it a ton of times in the past and knows exactly what to do? Hell, we could, and get this crazy idea, ask him to tell us how too!

>> No.23647920

This is the only sensible idea so far.

>> No.23647923

>Not knowing a thing about how banks work
To access the vault, you need three people.
Cameras cannot be disabled simply on the manager's orders
Records are kept digitally, with backups of varying amounts of time and records of who changed them

You don't think that most banks in this world are headed or secretly ruled by some kind of wizard?

>> No.23647930

Hence the forced self immolation in the bank vault. People would think they just burned up with the rest of the money.

We'd just have to make him disable the fire sprinklers first.

>> No.23647951

I feel like someone in the know might notice something like that. I mean it sounds like something an amoral second year might try, so non-scholomance trained mages probably alsoattemp such schemes. Also, we know Sam works in imports/exports, other classmates and graduates probably work security.

>> No.23647962


>> No.23647966

We could just have Dad bring a pile of gold to Russians and they exchange it for actual money.

That's the simple and easy solution.

>> No.23647967


That is stupid.

We are not going on a murder-theft spree when there are better ways to get money.

Just stop posting.

>> No.23647972

Imports/exports of magical items.

It seems like magic and mundane trades are kept mostly separate.

>> No.23647982


Fem, after the last two thread, I was going to ask you something! I'd really like to see more of the setting, what happens with other characters, dane living through super dangerous and paranoid stuff, what its like for the other students and in other societies. Things just beyond our current limited viewpoint of through max's eyes.

Its something that's been at the back of my brain for a bit.
And then your Kitten comes along and does exactly that.
It was fantastic, and something I'd like to see more of. I said as much at the very end of that thread, but the thread died shortly after, so i'm sure nobody even saw it.

Milady Would you be willing to do a Blatant Fetish Sidequest or Blatant Storytime?
More viewpoints are a GOOD thing.

>> No.23648014

This was my first suggestion, I just made the mistake of adding a speculative question at the end of it...

>> No.23648015

Well the mine is an ok long term idea but this is the best. The mine is relay good because it allows us to ship money to mom without an overly suspicious paper trail.

>> No.23648019

I think part of the reason to stick to one viewpoint is that scholomance is an inherently paranoid setting, if we get inside other people's heads, we understand everything about them and therefore know what makes them tick.

Not that I'm necessarily opposed to your suggestion, but I feel like it might undermine some aspects of the quest.

>> No.23648044

Dad pays for a lot of the stuff he buys in our alchemical gold.

>> No.23648058

Really? I thought he was also bypassing mundane customs with historic treasures and black market items. Also, are you implying that there is a magic counterpart to mundane currency? Because that might be a bit more convenient than constant bartering.

>> No.23648106

Have to agree with this.

>> No.23648168

So uh.. Anyone know how making magic items works? I don't know if it's been explained or not yet.

>> No.23648189

My impression was he mostly moves things like kraken tentacle, jotun bones, phoenix ash and other magical oddities and occasionally smuggles gold and art treasures. As well as deliver subs freaky fast, hes not a ninja so he doesn't deliver hamburgers...

>> No.23648222

>Not that I'm necessarily opposed to your suggestion, but I feel like it might undermine some aspects of the quest.

While true, this can be mitigated to some extent by exploring things in areas unlikely to clash, such as other circles.

Also, understanding what drives others won't really make a huge difference, i think - everyone will still yell for cock and smut, after giant 'discussions'.

>> No.23648250

Lotus self augmentations are based on "magic item theory".

If someone could find that thread in the archives that would be awesome.

Anyway I assume that changing an item's properties would be similar to self augmentation.

Or you can enchant it to do something using any of the schools of magic (or multiple schools) and then bind a spirit (elemental, incubus, whatever) to power it.

>> No.23648270

It's binding the effects of a spell to an item using either alchemy to alter it's physical properties or conjuration to bind a spirit to the item to constantly power the magical effect.

>> No.23648294

The next time we go to the Lotus sanctum we should ask Carl about applying the method to other things. I've been curious about this for a while now.

>> No.23648368

So would the spirit be sealed inside of the item when bound?

>> No.23648465

Yes. Our tower, for example. When Liz bound that first elemental to it's wards, it became part of the tower, bound inside the sigils drawn throughout the inside.

>> No.23648579

>Pavana gives you a lesson in the fundamentals of permanent enchantments, and explains the basic pattern for the entire bodily durability class of Lotus enhancements. You don't actually make any progress - you find out it's actually an extensive process to enchant yourself.

>In mechanical terms, each roll for self-enchantment requires three hours of meditation. You need to acquire a total number of successes equal to Body/Mind/Soul based on what you're modifying before you actually succeed. If you stop before you succeed, all successes are lost. That means you would need to accrue four successes to get tougher skin with three hours in meditation per roll in order to gain permanent, persistent benefits. And yes, appropriate foci, like tattooing, incense, and so forth can provide a bonus to these meditation rolls.

>Still, you learned a lot about alchemy, a bit about enchantment, and a little about how souls work from Pavana. The chant has just ended, which you take to mean that the meditation session is winding down.

from thread XVI

Dad has also mentioned things on general enchantment in several places

>> No.23648650

>And yes, appropriate foci, like tattooing, incense, and so forth can provide a bonus to these meditation rolls.
Well that's neat. but it wasn't the post I was talking about.

I believe the one I remember was when Dane was talking to Max in the sketchy hostel while waiting for the bus.

I'll see if I can find it.

>> No.23648693

Found it. Thread VII

>"The Lotus?" you ask. "I'm starting to get a little sick of this prestige society bullshit."

>"Hah! Tell me about it," [Dane] says. "Anyway, the Lotus is based on the idea of Eastern internal alchemy. Manipulating the flow of chi using magic item theory. It's pretty neat."

>> No.23649273

I'm worried that Fem's pet might still be tied up, to be perfectly honest.

>> No.23649321

For almost ten hours?
I hope she was.

>> No.23649508

I don't. You could seriously hurt someone doing that.

>> No.23649530

Well, I'm worried she might be bored. also after a few hours that can get to be torturous rather than kinky.

>> No.23649606

So, is the consensus for some chastisement, possibly asking Selene for input on it?

This is the reason I wasn't showing other viewpoints. Also, one of the main reasons why I punished my pet for not asking permission first. Most of these characters I also have vague ideas for plot hooks to let you know them better while also showing off a different aspect of the setting.

It's all about designing a magical system that produces an effect, then binding a power source to it. Most wards are stationary magic items powered by a spirit. Lotus augmentations are turning you into a magic item powered by your own chi. Max's macro-focus warding tattoos will be a magic item powered by the same expenditure of energy that causes you to accrue strain on magical schools.

That would be really bad for her circulation, and could leave really bad friction burns. Also, it would stop being punishment or exciting and start being boring. Now I have a certain remote control set to randomized interval and intensity.

>> No.23649642

Why would we chastise them? Liz asked, Max said yes.

And Lunch was just being a scared pet.

>> No.23649668

Could also potentially cause dehydration if you kept it up that long.

>> No.23649691

I'd rather just sit there, hands folded over eachother with our chin resting on them. Watching. Let them wait for second in anticipation.

".... Well?"

>> No.23649701

I'm with this guy, mostly. There's no real reason to punish Liz.
Lunch, however, was supposed to make breakfast, and instead chose to slake her desires.

>> No.23649719

Well she sent breakfast away. So no breakfast making breakfast. Lunch is innocent, this time the horny little slut.

>> No.23649730

I was thinking more along the lines of cocking an eyebrow, pause to see if they get on breakfast prep without further input and if not offer a reminder that play can't come in the way of work (directed at both Lunch for not getting Liz off fast enough and Liz for holding up breakfast). But I do kinda want to see how Selene reacts to all this...

>> No.23649739

We told Liz to get Lunch to beg. Which means we authorized teasing. Max knows it would be effort to get her to beg, and that means time taken away from food prep.

Punishing Lunch for that is a dick move.

>> No.23649741

Well, Liz instigated it. Lunch is just a pet. She's not exactly one to be free to disobey or refuse orders. I guess we should chastise Liz for her actions, but it's not worth it to punish her for it. She's got enough to handle for the moment. Also, having Lunch start bawling is no good for our breakfast. We should make an effort to prevent that.

And of COURSE Armin van Buuren's "Feels So Good" would start playing right as you come back. I swear to god.

>> No.23649753

Change this to ruffling Selene's "hair" and raising an eyebrow before "Well..."

>> No.23649761

Well at least Liz/Lunch are bonding. And we did give Liz permission and Lunch was just too horny for her own good. So chastisement should be minimal and enjoyable.

Stand there, tap one of our feet, cross our arms. "I came down to get some food and instead I find two sluts fucking away.

I'd like two things, some breakfast for myself and Selene, and a full detailed explanation, if both of these are good I might not punish you two that much."

>> No.23649795

We never gave any orders for Lunch to submit to Liz, and we specifically told Liz not to order Lunch to do anything.
It all comes down to permission.
Liz had it, and Lunch did not. Lunch had other orders that she failed to follow through on.

>> No.23649815

>Lunch had other orders that she failed to follow through on.
Actually, Liz was the one who told them to make breakfast in the first place.

>> No.23649847

I had forgotten this, good point. Does that mean that breakfast was Liz taking initiative or was it her responsibility and she delegated to the new Meal?

>> No.23649873

I'm pretty sure the dynamic is Max->Liz->Lunch for this relationship, so while we have authority, Liz has direct responsibility to make sure Lunch does her job. At the least, that's the impression I've gotten. The boss should be correcting the Manager for their underlings not doing their job, not the underlings themselves.

>> No.23649920

Ah, that's a good point.
Hmm. Liz had permission to distract Lunch, but is responsible for Lunch not completing her task because of what she had permission to do...
Seems difficult to decide whether to punish her or not.

>> No.23649943

Hm... Light teasing seem fair?

>> No.23649951

Plus we want Lunch to think of us as the Kind Dom and Liz as the mean Dom.

>> No.23649956

We gave her permission to fuck Lunch if she got Lunch to beg, and she did that.

I think we tell Liz to comfort Lunch for being a good slut, lightly tease Liz, and get some food.

>> No.23649974

>Making Lunch run off to us when Liz is being a meanie
I like the way you think, good sir.

Also, yeah, some light teasing is about all the situation warrants. It's not like not having breakfast done right this moment is going to ruin the entire day. It's a minor setback.

>> No.23649995

And drain foci are like super specialized mana batteries right?

>> No.23650037

Right. Or chi batteries, or ruach batteries, or essence batteries, or orgone batteries - every tradition tends to have its own ridiculous name for magical energy.

>> No.23650039

yes that's my basic opinion i would maybe do it this way >>23649691

>> No.23650093

Oh hey, seems this has been up for a long time despite the lab.

Would it be possible to get all the character sheets posted? I want to put them on the wiki.

>> No.23650125

They update constantly. Why would you want them?

>> No.23650130

For the love of whatever do this! This is the only quest I will have three archived thread opened of in addition to the live thread to keep track of everyone's stats.

>> No.23650151

You let them stand there for a few moments. You fold your hands together and rest your chin on them, staring calmly at the two of them. Selene mirrors you, tucking in under your arms to do the same, standing up on the chair. Could she be more adorable?

"...well?" you finally ask.

It's only then that the wheels seem to start turning with the two of them. They start dashing around, cooking as fast as possible. You play with Selene while they go, ruffling her petals, playing the counting game you made up for her, playing around with Enchantment, and so on. Finally, they serve you your breakfast, a mishmash of cuisines - miso soup, a scoop of rice, scrambled eggs, some bacon. They bring you some coffee and a sippy cup of enriched water for Selene while they're at it. You start sipping your coffee as Selene immediately starts in on your bacon.

Liz and Lunch stand there expectantly, waiting for praise, or maybe chastisement - anything, really.

What do you do?

>> No.23650161


>> No.23650169


>> No.23650175

>They update constantly.
They don't change substantially all that often. In any case, it's little trouble to upload the new version to 1d4chan whenever FemCOCK posts it, it's just the initial setup that takes a bit more effort.
>Why would you want them?
Because listing what enchantments we have in the notes section is horribly awkward.

>> No.23650180


>> No.23650191


>> No.23650198


>> No.23650209

Some of these show strain that they don't actually have anymore, but I can't be bothered to fix that until it's time to post an updated sheet for real.

>> No.23650234

Thanks, and that's no problem. Once I've got the system in place "post an updated sheet for real" is trivial anyway.

>> No.23650235

Eat the whole damn meal without saying a word to either of them. If they try to walk away to do something without an order, stop them with an "Aap" or "uhp-uhp" and a finger wag. If it is good, after we've finished, we slather them with a short, rich bit of praise and send them both on their way.

>> No.23650250

Huh, she's going to be quite a bit smarter when we get home.

>unaltered fluberr
I don't think Petrov is quite so absent minded captcha...

>> No.23650261

Not too bad sluts, lunch you need to work on your self control. Liz why did you dismiss breakfast? She was perfectly capable of cooking while you humped around like the horny slut.

>> No.23650273

At some point we need to wink at Lunch and say "You did a good job cooking. *Take a slow sip of coffee* For such a slutty girl"

She'll go all red in the face for sure.

>> No.23650312

Take another sip of coffee, place Selene on the chair off of our lap, slowly walk over to them, and then place our hands on their heads and pet the both of them.

"Good sluts, you made a lovely breakfast together. You could have been more timely, but I really can't expect two sluts like you to not fuck all the time.

Now give each other a kiss and have some breakfast."

>> No.23650343

That should have already worn off by now though. And yeah, Petrov is gonna know what's up. He still won't do anything though.

I'm convinced the archmagi all bet rare magic junk on the student infighting.

>> No.23650373

you are awesome btw anon

>> No.23650437

thank them both for a good meal we don't want to give Selene any bad habits, you should always thank people when they do something for you

>> No.23650492

We need another Gaviscon scene.

>> No.23650532

you might want to update Lunch's anyway, since she has had her head mucked with since you last did that sheet. Anyway we should give lunch instructions on what foci to make today. I'm thinking A foci making strain reduction foci.

>> No.23650539

Lol this is my vote.
seem as annoyed as possible without actuality diving definite signs while doing it.

>> No.23650546

Stats posted.

>> No.23650550


>> No.23650588

that is more specific than necessary we can just have her make a drain focus for making any foci.
This is my vote BTW

>> No.23650621

Whatever happened to the focus making focus we had Lunch make?

>> No.23650625

Assuming the meal is good do this. We have to ration our punishments as well as our praise.

>> No.23650659

works for me. It could potentially double her output!

>> No.23650673

It's been sitting on a side table in the sitting room since she made it a few hours ago.

>> No.23650685

I think dad has it. Which reminds me, we need to check if he's still refreshing the wards every four hours and if so start coming up with a plan for a more permanent solution.

>> No.23650698


Let's remember to tell her to bring it to dad before we leave.

>> No.23650771

Unfortunately it isn't quite that good making a focus takes about an hour I asked like 2 threads ago and was disappointed. But it dose let her make more and use less drain. And if she has like 3 she can work continuously for no drain.

>> No.23650777

You just calmly sit there eating your breakfast, bite by bite, and feeding Selene when she reached for things. Liz and Lunch just keep standing there, waiting, each looking to be dangling on the edge of panic - and Liz making an embarrassing tent in her skirt. Finally, you finish your food, drain your coffee, and leave Selene sitting back in the chair, sipping away at her cup.

You walk up to the two girls, stand in silence for another moment, then pet their hair. "Good job," you tell them. They visibly relax. "Next time, try not to let distractions get in the way of what needs to be done, though. I understand that you're both insatiable horny slut," you say, and Lunch blushes and looks down at her feet when you say that, "But you still need to make sure things get done."

"Yes, Mistress," says Liz immediately.

"I'm sorry, Mistress," adds Lunch.

What do you do now?

>> No.23650796

we weren't specific is it the drain or the boost kind and what is the form factor?

>> No.23650808

Isn't it time to head to class?

>> No.23650815

It will be in about an hour, if you want to cut it close, not quite an hour if you don't.

>> No.23650822

Ask where breakfast is, wasn't she helping, if so she needs to be punished for wandering off...

>> No.23650823

How much time do we have before we need to go to class?

>> No.23650836

If we have time before class we should make a teleport drain focus in one of our tattoos and use it to go to class

>> No.23650852

give them both a big hug ,"now lunch,(grab her shoulder and have her kneel) help liz (point to her skirt )

then grab Selene and get reedy for school pack some random foci note books exct

>> No.23650854

Glorious, FemCOCK is back. I vote we praise our two sluts for the breakfast, but frown at how rushed and all over the place it is. Say you'll expect better next time. Then we tease Liz a bit before she heads out, rendering fucking Lunch moot.

> Maniacal laughter

>> No.23650855


I say make a sweep of the outside of the tower before Liz and Lin leave. Just to be double-sure there's not a tengu sniper out there who's been waiting for days for us.

Yeah, he's probably constituent atoms due to either the teleport or the sun-nuke, but without confirmation, I don't want to risk it.

>> No.23650866

It would take longer than that. But yeah, teleportation foci are a good idea.

Well, we have nothing in particular to do now. We should remark on how Liz is still giving herself away even though we allowed her to use Lunch to prevent that.

>> No.23650873

Liz told her to leave though max doesn't know that. I say we let her be How dose everyone feel about Lunch teaching Breakfast how to make Foci

>> No.23650884

We should leave early and stop by that roof we got darted on to light the entire thing on fire.

No need to have any blood drops laying around in the open.

>> No.23650887

This would probably be a good idea.

>> No.23650921

Tell lunch to make a drain focus for making foci next. Then maybe teach breakfast something while she waits to recover.

>> No.23650931

Actually, that only makes it better. It seems Liz is earning even more punishment.

This is possibly the least terrible idea that I've ever seen that involved arson. Cleanup of the area is a good idea, although preferably we could just use some alchemy to make the blood go away, not something as visible and destructive as a raging inferno.

>> No.23650933

>before Liz and Lin leave.

Why are we letting Lin leave again?

>> No.23650952

Just a straight teleport to class is better He probably isn't dumb enough to attack us with an archmage right there.

and we do need to teas Liz

>> No.23650957

Pull both of them into a hug and give them both kisses.

"As long as both of you sluts understand that. Your Mistress does want you both to be happy, if I ever punish you it's for your own good."

Then flip Liz's skirt over her 'erection' exposing it.

"See, she's such a naughty girl. Lunch help her with that, she can hardly go to class in her current state." Gently but firmly push down on Lunch's shoulders and get her to her knees.

"After you're done with that Lunch you should work on making a drain foci for foci crafting."

We have class later today.

>> No.23650969

>why are we letting Lin leave
I think you're getting Lin confused with Lunch.

>> No.23650984

She's an active student and not under our control in any way. You sure you're not getting your characters mixed up? Lin is the chinese reincarnate who likes listening to music and fucking our dad.

>> No.23650992

she is our friend. Not our pet and the 3 of us have class.

>> No.23651056

Agreed. We should have Lunch get to work on more foci.

>> No.23651244

Oh, we need to find a hat or something to wear to class.

Also >>23650957

>> No.23651363

>Oh, we need to find a hat or something to wear to class.
Seems to me a hood would be idea, since it would cover the neck as well. Perhaps we could use a red hoodie.

>> No.23651381

>The red hoodie
Oh god, no, no. Not that hoodie. Any other hoodie, please.

>> No.23651403

Hell no, no wearing a red hoodie.

>> No.23651414

You give them each a big hug and a kiss, Liz on the mouth and Lunch on the forehead. "I'm just glad that both of you sluts understand that," you say. "I only punish you when you need to improve."

Then you flip up Liz's skirt, revealing her not-even-really-hidden erection. "It looks like we still have a naughty girl, here," you say, smirking at Liz. You put your hand firmly on the back of Lunch's neck and push her down to her knees. She blushes and looks up at you with a trembling lip. "After you're finished there, you should get started on some more foci - ones to help make foci and to mitigate drain when making foci."

Then you push on the back of her neck again until she's forced to open her mouth and accept Liz's cock. She groans and puts her own hands on either side of Lunch's head. "Thank you, Mistress," she says.

What do you do now?

>> No.23651453

Give Liz another smooch. "Be sure to tell Lunch what a good cocksucker she is. She ought to be recognized for her talents."

Then get Selene, see what Lin and Dad are up to currently.

>> No.23651460

take Selene and get reddy for class play with her toss her in the air have some fun

>> No.23651462

Give a short chuckle "If you're this needy all day I'll have to punish you for months"

Lets go find a hat. Or make one.

>> No.23651474

>What do you do now?
Liz, from behind.

Unless there's something a bit more practical that needs doing, anyway.

>> No.23651493

yes we need a hat of GRAND PROPORTIONS.

>> No.23651513

Gather up Selene, get everything ready for school, get a hoodie or a hat.

>> No.23651516

This. And find/make a hat, something that covers all of our crown chakra tattoo.

>> No.23651536

I really hope Petrov isn't one to be like "Take your hat off in the building, Max", or this is going to be a problem.

>> No.23651537

Hat not hoodie. We thinking a beanie, fitted baseball cap or what?

>> No.23651544


>> No.23651557


>> No.23651561

Only if we leave the stickers on.

>> No.23651565

i fucking love you
i was thinking of that exact fucking hat
i vote this

>> No.23651569


I nominate this hat. Except with the name replaced.

>> No.23651583

How about we pick a hat that doesn't make us look like we have mental problems.

>> No.23651585

You guys were wearing a knit cap your dad got you when you went to actually get your tattoos done. Are you wanting to get a new hat?

>> No.23651589

Hat you say?

Go find just a nice looking beanie for now, no reason to draw too much attention.

>> No.23651596


>> No.23651598

Hey, dat's a nice hat!

>> No.23651601

fuck you

>> No.23651605

Yeah, let's wear the knit cap.

>> No.23651610

Knit cap is good.

>> No.23651616

>Hat not hoodie
That won't cover our throat chakra, then. I'd rather cover it.

I wonder if we could make hair? It wouldn't be alive but I bet we could do a nice real-looking wig, which would also head off the "no hats in the classroom" thing.

>> No.23651618

That is a perfectly serviceable hat. We're joking around about the commissar hats and so on.

>> No.23651619

Nah, that works.
Go play with Selene some more.

>> No.23651623

Go with the knit cap.

>> No.23651625

Let's just wear a ski mask then.

>> No.23651641

We'll wear it for now, sure. The others wouldn't actually hide our baldness very well anyway.
But some day, we will have the most absurd, over-wrought banana republic hat in the universe.

>> No.23651650

but but but

>> No.23651652

Turtleneck sweater would work.

And I somehow doubt that Petrov gives a flying fuck about hats.

>> No.23651659

We didn't get one done on the actual throat, it's on the back of the neck.

>> No.23651663


>> No.23651667

Until out hair is longer nobody will know what it is, anyways. It's just a weird design to them. Maybe Sam will notice it's not abstract, but it's not something we'll be able to hide unless we wear a turtleneck at all times from now on.

>> No.23651685

If we're going knit cap, we might be able to cover the throat chakra with a collar, and if it's not covered normally, pop the collar. It might not be the classiest look but there's way stupider fashions in a room full of sixteen-year-olds.

>> No.23651698

i fucking forgot about sam
probably not gonna be a problem but still

>> No.23651702

Oh, or one of those afghan scarfs that are still kind of in style in the US.

>> No.23651703

I agree

>> No.23651714

Did somebody say hats
No, thats good. I just missed the part where we already had one.

>> No.23651716

Depends on whether Sam has learned the first language or not. Remember, we recognized it as a language, but not what it said until we were taught.

>> No.23651718

Try everyone from the special dorm. Hera might notice, too.

>> No.23651721

Do you intend to keep hiding the tattoo on the back of our neck for the next six years too, then? There's no point in keeping that one hidden.

>> No.23651738

This. It's completely fucking pointless to try to hide our throat chakra tattoo.

>> No.23651739

This is true, just let people see it, it's no big deal.

>> No.23651746

This hat shit on TF is getting out of hand.

>> No.23651782

It doesn't matter if he's learned it at all. It matters if he can tell if it looks like language.

>> No.23651809

So what if he can?

>> No.23651823

Why does it matter? It's ancient poetry / philosophical writing. Not like it gives any insight into what the tattoos do.

And almost anyone smarter than Pierre would probably figure out that weird looking tattoos do something magic.

>> No.23651853

He will probably just think its some weird language he never learned like we did. We can always tell him its ancient Mesopotamian or something sufficiently obscure and archaic.

>> No.23651865

No, he can recognize it as something other than a mess of nonsense just by virtue of being demonic.

If we're trying to hide our chakra at all, we should hide them all.

>And almost anyone smarter than Pierre would probably figure out that weird looking tattoos do something magic.
This is the main reason to hide tattoos; so that we have a resource people don't know about.

>> No.23651872

So, grab a hat and do some scouting outside the tower, maybe cleaning up any blood you left behind at the scene of the attack. Is that accurate?

>> No.23651878

Sounds good.

>> No.23651887

That sounds good.

>> No.23651898


Indeed so.

>> No.23651922

never return to the seen just wait for every one to get reedy and leave as a group

>> No.23651931

>No, he can recognize it as something other than a mess of nonsense just by virtue of being demonic.
Not necessarily, Dad was surprised we could tell it was a language, and we're not his first kid.

>> No.23651944

Yeah sounds good

>> No.23651945

If the throat chakra is seriously an issue just wrap some bandages around the side of our neck and maybe one arm. If anyone brings it up just say something to the effect that vampire lord thralls still chase you after their lord dies, and your done talking about it. I very much doubt we're the only member of our circle getting tattoos though...

>> No.23651985

And there probably aren't that many other students who'd know about the meaning of the color and placement besides Lin and Sanjay, and they know to keep quiet about it.

>> No.23652013

Only one guy thinks it's a problem. We're never going to be able to keep the throat chakra tattoo a secret long-term, and we'll just end up drawing more attention to it by trying to hide it. It's a bad idea.

>> No.23652044

if dad has a phone and can get us out in an emergency that is ok. If not i say we wait till after class. Also we should talk to dad and ask him about using enchantment to make sure Selene's hearing is as good as she remembers before the explosion, if Sam has a chance with Petrove and him getting a cellphone

>> No.23652053

True, but we're working off the chakra energy flow paradigm, I have no doubt that there are other, equally valid, systems of understanding that other societies use. This is a guess, but I don't think it's wrong.

>> No.23652106

Either way the tat is right there on the back of our neck. There's no good way to hide it beyond completely changing our style of dress, and it ultimately doesn't really give anything away directly.

>> No.23652168

Nope, awful idea, wait for class.

>> No.23652295

You take Selene back down to her room, then head up and get dressed, getting some clothes free enough for athletics and pulling your hat on. You climb on down to the front door, then head out and start jogging around. You plan on doing a few loops of the tower in a spiral search pattern, keeping your eyes peeled to make sure there's no dangerous shit waiting around your home, be it the tengu or monsters that were dislocated from their homes by the scary-ass explosion that happened earlier.

Roll Mind to search the place. You get a +1 for Perception, so I'll consider the first four linked 1d100 rolls.

>> No.23652312

Rolled 22


C'mon, Max, do not has the dumb!

>> No.23652315

Rolled 73


>> No.23652318

Rolled 18


>> No.23652319

Rolled 97


>> No.23652320

Rolled 91


>> No.23652322

Rolled 3

Lookan' for threats.

>> No.23652328

That'll do it, hopefully.

>> No.23652336

That's two successes.

>> No.23652555

>We're never going to be able to keep the throat chakra tattoo a secret long-term
We're growing our hair out.

>> No.23652698

Fem's internet shit out again?

>> No.23652758

I assumed FemsPET needed a bit more attention.

Or something unexpected is getting statted...

>> No.23652779

Oh, I just reread what's been going on. We're going back to the scene of the explosion and stuff? Great. Great. No way anything bad will happen. It's fine.

>> No.23652809

not the explosion the scene of where Lunch ambushed us.

>> No.23652823

that is what i think as well. Thats why i voted we port to class.

>> No.23652827

Well, that's only marginally less dangerous. If it's still there. Was it close enough to get hit from that explosion?

>> No.23652851

We really, really need to focus on getting teleportation worked out to the point where moving small distances every once in a while (like from base to class) is a given success. Yes, Selene's vision thing is great, and so is cutting down on sleep and food, but cutting out our one blatant opening (traveling to and from places in the open) should be a high priority.

>> No.23652855

You search around, but find no trace of the tengu, luckily. What you do find, however, is a lot of foot prints in the thick layer of dust now covering most of the outside of the buildings. Some of them are clearly monstrous, a few look like they were made with human shoes, and a few are just giant scuff marks. None of them are exceedingly close to the tower, but the closest are a mere five minute walk away.

It's getting close to time to head to class.

What do you do now?

>> No.23652873

Go meet Liz and Lin at the tower and head to class.

>> No.23652883

get to class

>> No.23652890

Get to class. Port (preferably from home) if possible, run if not.

>> No.23652892

Oh geez, we've got a stalker. This is a problem. Can we examine them to see if a consistent layer of dust had collected on the prints themselves? If a decent amount of dust has collected, we can assume they're old.

>> No.23652895

Head back and go to class with the others.

>> No.23652898

Go back to the tower to grab L&L, then go out.

On the way to class stop by the scene of the jumping and torch any blood we left.

>> No.23652913

I don't think we do, I think we're just seeing the various movements of monsters and people travelling nearby thanks to the layer of dust.

>> No.23652916


It may be safer to have the three port themselves directly to class instead of walking. It is time to get our entourage and get to our schoolin', though.

>> No.23652922

Do we? It wasn't clear if the closest footprints/scuff marks were human or monstrous in origin.

>> No.23652937

It says they were both, from what I've read. We've either got people watching, or there are people that pass within visual range of the tower. If people can see the tower, someone is bound to try to get in eventually.

Please tell me Dad has at least warded and sealed off the transition from the basement to the tower. We don't need people scrying the area and finding out the basement is unwarded. Doesn't matter if the tower is warded if they know where it is in the first place.

>> No.23652967

take some pictures then head to class

>> No.23653009

Think the warding is still underway. However we're about to increase our ward footprint by 40-80% (I think the sub-basement is in that size range relative to the rest of the tower) without having dealt with the inevitably increased power consumption that will entail. I'm guessing Lunch will end up taking over some of dad's summoning shifts whenever he has a project to get done.

>> No.23653029

Dad might be able to identify some of the monstrous prints. This is actually a pretty good idea.

>> No.23653038

Seriously. We should order her to get to work crafting tons of foci for summoning elementals.

>> No.23653048

Thirdingding taking pictures. We have our phone yes?

>> No.23653167

Take pictures, head back to tower.

>> No.23653173

Fetch Liz and head to school.

>we've got a stalker
Three types of tracks; that's a negative. Probably a fight unrelated to us, but it's way too close for comfort. We should make another Fap and use it to surveil the area with the spell we made for Selene. We could make Selene in charge of local security when we teach her the spell and she gets a bit older, but I think she's to young for it now. Gonna have to wait for a timeskip before it's viable, probably. We might be able to have Lunch do it in the meanwhile.

Yeah, a full-on elemental summoning workshop in the ward-power level is probably wise. And of course it would be handy for other things too.

>> No.23653399

Actually, could we modify the wards to incorporate Selene's sensory skimming spell into the tower itself to create a closed circuit passive surveillance system? Might not be useful, but I'm curious.

>> No.23653431

You snap a whole ton of pictures of all of the different distinct footprints that you can find using your phone. Your dad might be able to identify them and, even if he can't, you might be able to print them out for use as foci or something. You jog on back to the base, making a point to make as many leaps and vaults as possible to make your tracks hard to follow, cutting through some areas with overhangs or roofs as well. When you get in, you find Liz pacing nervously around the entrance area; her cock seems relaxed now, at least.

"There you are," she says, giving you a relieved smile and running up to you. "I wish I had known you were leaving. Who knows what's out there looking for you right now? I wanted to try to convince you to do the safe thing and teleport to class for the next few days. Looks like it's too late now."

What do you do?

>> No.23653441

Wouldn't it just be easier to hide cameras for that part and have detection wards for everything else?

>> No.23653452


I don't think the tower itself has senses to skim off of, though.

>> No.23653463

Wait, did we leave tracks heading back to the tower?

>> No.23653471


Embrace our beloved and try to set her at ease. Explain that we were making sure it was safe to leave at all, and then agree with her suggestion to teleport directly to class.

>> No.23653473

Well, we did now, probably. Shit.

>> No.23653481

Give her a hug. Say that we just needed to take a look.

Did we ever search the scene of the darting for blood? If so we need to do that.

>> No.23653484

In case you haven't noticed, I'm awful at teleporting, so I need to scout and stay aware of what's in the area and atay on my toes while I travel.

You on the other hand, should definately teleport, you're capable, and I don't want you caught in the crossfire should anything actually happen.

>> No.23653488


FemCOCK said we took a lot of roof paths and long vaults to not leave a direct path in and out of the tower.

>> No.23653512

If we did maybe dad can clean up after us while we're at class. Release a couple air elementals to stir up the dust maybe?

>> No.23653513

Give her a hug.

"Liz, I made sure that my tracks were difficult to follow, and there weren't any tracks in the immediate area, there was a mish mash of tracks in the distance but that's to be expected. If we just teleported in an out we'd have no idea what the surrounding area was like.

Now let's get to class."

>> No.23653541

kiss her "thanks for worrying about me "

>> No.23653565

that is brilliant we need to hid them well though

>> No.23653705

Tell her we need to know what's going on around us too.

No, because the wards don't have eyes.

Using cameras might well be easier for the area around us too. The downside is cameras can't fly around much.

Actually, Selene's spell should be able to see through bats so we wouldn't even need Fap golems, just mind control a bat (which I assume should be easy since bats have like 0 mind) to go where needed. Bats are easier to get than cameras around here.

We made sure not to.

>> No.23653759

>Actually, Selene's spell should be able to see through bats so we wouldn't even need Fap golems, just mind control a bat (which I assume should be easy since bats have like 0 mind) to go where needed. Bats are easier to get than cameras around here.
bats need to eat, golems don't

>> No.23653780

and god do they shit

>> No.23653796


>> No.23653800


And are nowhere near as adorable.

>> No.23653819

Are you the guy that was traumatized by chicken shit?

Do you also have bat shit horror stories?

>> No.23653827

but the spell use eyes to see and add to echolocation

bats cant do that as well as a golems

hell I could understand a bird but not a bat

>> No.23653837

Bats take care of their own food supply, though. We only need to subvert their minds for specific purposes when there's something that merits specific investigation, I think we can safely assume that there are enough bats around for us to passively piggy-back on their perceptions without missing much of anything in the area. If there's specific blindspots, we can send unobtrusive golems to them.

>> No.23653838

But they are less conspicuous

>> No.23653850

Rolled 90


there is a guy on /wsg/ that is horrified by peanuts, cashews all that jazz in space. it was hilarious

>> No.23653863


How many birds do you think there are in a cave system? Then again, Scholomance is probably big enough to support bird populations, but they'd get eaten off pretty dang fast, I bet.

>> No.23653875

exactly bats for passive golems for blind spots mind control for active and cameras for redundancy.

>> No.23653897

>Bats take care of their own food supply, though.
which means that you can't guarantee they will be covering all the blind spots

>> No.23653929

Bats tend to have pretty good eyes.
Source: http://www.jstor.org/discover/10.2307/4533622?uid=3739560&uid=2&uid=4&uid=3739256&sid=21101753529073

>> No.23653958

"I needed to make sure the area outside was safe," you say, pulling her into a hug to reassure her. "You can teleport around easily enough, but I need to know I can go places on my own. I can't rely on you and my dad to get me everywhere."

"Fine. Okay, Mistress," she says, though she's clearly not happy about it. "Can we at least teleport for the next few days, though? It's only a matter of time before a draft clears some of the dust or an archmage conjures wind to blow it all away or something. Let's just wait until that's all gone before we actually walk around outside."

What do you say?

>> No.23653981


Perfectly reasonable. Liz and / or Lin will have to lead the teleporting, though, we'll assist. Maybe have Lunch work on some teleporting foci for us while we're gone, too.

>> No.23653989

Fine... We're going to be doing something about that blood on the roof though. And soon.

Let's zap it from long range after classes.

>> No.23653992

fair enough

>> No.23654002

sure thing lets go

also got some pictures, leave dad our phone and show him what we found

>> No.23654012

"I will honey. I had to check to make sure nothing was sauntering around too close to our place while I had a chance to check for any tracks, but other than that I'll be teleporting.

Now we've got class to get to."

No, no, no. We keep our phone on us for this.

>> No.23654025

Eh, if any of our specific enemies were going for it it's probably too late anyway. If anything we probably should have taken care of it when we were throwing bits of the sun around.

>> No.23654035

Don't leave our phone behind.

>> No.23654052

Sounds reasonable. Now, let's head off to class.

Then tease her a bit before you go to get her a little excited and half-erect. Bonus points if we can do it just by whispering sweet nothings into her ear.

>> No.23654057

Lin's at the same level in Conjuration as we are. 1. Dad's the best, and Liz just behind him.

"Alright, might as well play it safe. Lets go grab as much foci as we can. Split it so we can get back, too."

>> No.23654088

Oh, this might be of interest too:
Whatever bats are in this cave will probably be one or more of those species.

>> No.23654115


So Dad can port us out, then Liz can port us back in, with Lin and us assisting. Hopefully class is enough time to offset the Conjuration strain, or we just meditate it away.

>> No.23654116

With the duststorm the sunbomb threw up, what few droplets there were are dry and gone.

>> No.23654235

"Okay," you agree, in large part just to make her feel better. She does have a point though, at least. "We'll teleport for the rest of the week when going to and from class."

"Thank you," she says, burying her face in your neck as she hugs you. "That makes me feel so much safer and so much less worried."

That's where I'm going to end it for tonight. I'll archive this thread. If anyone has any questions or wants to chat, I'll be here for a while.

>> No.23654254


Besides having us control Liz instead of Max, how do you think your pet ran the quest yesterday?

>> No.23654269

How exactly did you punish your pet?

You mentioned a remote control set to randomized interval and intensity, what was she doing while you had that running?

>> No.23654297

Rolled 83


most likely a vibrator egg or vibrator itself.

>> No.23654298

when we were on the plain was there anything interesting about the guy next to us or the stewardess?

>> No.23654319

She did a decent job. I'm a little bit bothered that you guys can't second-guess Liz's motivations nearly as much anymore. If she had asked me beforehand, I probably would have allowed it instead of having to punish her, though. I think she mostly just wanted the attention after a night of drinking with my friend and then a day of being hungover and antisocial.

Her usual chores with extra punishment when she failed to do something correctly or hesitated too long. I switched the punishments up a lot today.


This thread is now archived. Remember to vote it up.

>> No.23654437

>She did a decent job. I'm a little bit bothered that you guys can't second-guess Liz's motivations nearly as much anymore.

I said it a while ago, but I really do miss the pacing of the older threads.
Its harder to get a read on people, and how they change/what's going on currently, when it seems like more of the threads is taken up by arguing about what to do instead of doing it.
I think everyone is kind of assuming things are falling into patterns of being samey

>> No.23654478

>I'm a little bit bothered that you guys can't second-guess Liz's motivations
We already knew Liz's motivations, more or less. I don't think there was any new insight in particular.

>> No.23654562

honestly i was already pretty much certain about Liz. The only motivation concerns i have with her are flubbed soul roles like when we asked if we could do dad.

>> No.23654591

>I'm a little bit bothered that you guys can't second-guess Liz's motivations nearly as much anymore.
To be fair, nobody really was and if you really wanted to, you could handwave her inner thoughts as Liz's lust-addled mind that is unaccustomed to thinking with a dick. Sort of like the whole finding porn fucking disgusting the moment after you cum phenomenon, except for in regards to her devotion to Max.

I guess what I'm saying is that anything you would do now with her that would surprise us hasn't really changed.

>> No.23654614

Yeah, that and the Gaviscon thing both seemed a little odd with regards to her character and motivation. But it's not that weird for a girl to have hangups even if she's pretty much down with whatever we tell her otherwise.

>> No.23654655

Honestly, both of those made sense since theyre way out of the comfort zone of a lot of people. The anal was what surprised me, seeing as she was able to bareback a dickgirl in an airport not but a few hours before.

>> No.23654681

Oh, I know. Like I said, if she had just asked, I would have probably said yes, even if I was a grumpy mess at the time.

Yeah, I'm personally looking forward to the end of the current in-game day. That's when the next time skip will take place, to the day when you go to Paris, barring doing anything in school today that necessitates action before then. That's really the whole reason that I started implementing time skips in the first place.

Generally speaking, I'll only call for Soul rolls against people when it's something on which they need convincing, but that they could possibly be willing to go with. I won't call for them when they'll already say yes or when they're guaranteed to say no.

>> No.23654778

>Honestly, both of those made sense since theyre way out of the comfort zone of a lot of people.
Every other female in the building has been fucked by Gaviscon though. Even if something may seem taboo, that taboo goes away quick if you see everyone else doing it like it's nothing.

>> No.23654795

>That's when the next time skip will take place, to the day when you go to Paris, barring doing anything in school today that necessitates action before then.

Aww. Sweet. good to hear.
Unfortunately, I think the quest is a victim of its own success. The audience is so large that everyone wants to try to cram their stuff in it, and the quality suffers a bit from being spread out among so much input.

Discounting the smut, and ideas that will kill us, I've seen a lot of neat things brought up that just fall by the wayside, and it's kinda sad.

Anyway, i was thinking of doing some writings for Dane, at one other anon's suggestion. Is there anything you can suggest/share to incorporate about what he can do or what he looks like?

>> No.23654842

It's the difference in how they see it. Liz sees a pet, like a dog. For Max, it's more like a really capable robot.

And for Lin, she brought it home and saw a Fucking Machine.

And after that Breakfast saw a warm buddy to sleep with that has a fantastic COCK!

>> No.23654845

>that taboo goes away quick if you see everyone else doing it like it's nothing.
Not when the people committing it are so vastly different from you it can be hard to relate to them, and it is probably hard as hell for her to relate to an immortal slut and a horny demonic dickgirl.

>> No.23654849

This is why I rarely give any actual input.
Most of the time I just read the thread as it happens and wait for it to hit the bump limit or for FemCOCK to finish before contributing to the post-thread discussion and planning.

>> No.23654900

I think I mentioned in his introduction what he looks like. Let me check.

>Leaning against the door frame is a young black man, tall and lanky with a short beard and a mop of curly hair.

There we are, from VII. Anyway, his intended demeanor is a sort of casual paranoia. He's relaxed rather than skittish - perhaps because of Lotus mental augmentations - but his paranoid thought processes become more obvious when he talks about plans and gives warnings. He's frighteningly smart, even more cunning than that, and considers loyalty to be a gradient of shades of greys rather than simple black and white. Oh, and he's fifth in a class of eight and personally observed someone getting poisoned back when hew as in his first week of school years ago.

Any more questions?

>> No.23654954

How much cock would a cumslut suck if a cumslut could suck cock?

>> No.23654973

>Unfortunately, I think the quest is a victim of its own success. The audience is so large that everyone wants to try to cram their stuff in it, and the quality suffers a bit from being spread out among so much input.
You think this is bad? Check out any big quest (especially Lunar Quest) on tgchan. /tg/ quests have fucking tiny audiences compared and this level of autism seems way below the usual threshold to me, compared to that sort of thing. It does wear away at the more carefree nature of things, like the first time we went to Paris, but more than that I think the problem is omnipresent danger coupled with a wide array of tools, which makes people want to innovated and come up with great solutions to things that haven't happened yet. Note that I called this a "problem", but it's not entirely, it's just a different tone. Sperging about how to use our magic is fun in its own way.

>I've seen a lot of neat things brought up that just fall by the wayside
Hopefully the wiki page can preserve them and allow cool things to happen after all.

How do you feel about this quest's success?

>> No.23654990

are you planing at looking at the wiki and just hand-waving things like assembling the utility belt in appropriate time-skips or do we need to be more proactive?

>> No.23655008

>And for Lin, she brought it home and saw a Fucking Machine.

Sooooo true.
I love how we called lin out on her intentions when that happened, and she was like "YOU CANT TELL ME WHAT TO DO! BWHAHAHAAH MAD SCIENCE"

>This is why I rarely give any actual input.
>Most of the time I just read the thread as it happens and wait for it to hit the bump limit or for FemCOCK to finish before contributing to the post-thread discussion and planning.

Sadly, this is true for me too. I've been here since the beginning, but there's rarely a chance for me to contribute in a meaningful way.
Shit, my crowning moment was naming breakfast, but getting something INTERESTING done? It just gets stifled.

Excellent. thank you. That helps a bit.
I get the idea that he had a rather upscale, maybe nice middle/upper class upbringing before he came to scholomance? Smart enough to excel, and driven enough to give his best at everything and not hold back, but when exposed to this bloody place, not just understand how cutthroat this place it, but REALLY internalize it?

Warm? Cold?

>> No.23655041

>(especially Lunar Quest)
This is, until he decides to start Keychain up again, if ever, that quest is the only way anybody's getting Exalted stuff out of the guy.

>> No.23655100

Depends on the refractory period, the attachment to any given cock over the others, availability, and how long it takes for her jaw/tongue to get tired.

I'm pretty pleased. This is the most successful quest I've run. Also, I definitely see a lot of people arguing about solutions to problems that haven't happened yet, and a lot of people arguing about things that have already passed. It makes me equal parts pleased at the paranoia and bothered by how much it bogs down threads.

I'll hand-wave things that require only a nominal amount of effort as occurring during time skips, though they'll still take time if done in-game. Things that require someone more effort might require dedicating some of your skip-actions to it.

He was actually from the projects, brilliant since he was a child and put in an environment that only rewarded people driven enough to overcome their obstacles before them. That was one thing; this place is another entirely. People getting poisoned for graduation is something entirely different from threatening violence to maintain social standing. He went from being someone who thought he understood what it was to lead a hard and dangerous life to, well, this. He reacted accordingly.

He's outwardly warm, but as you get to realizing how he thinks, you realize there's a coolness to it.

>> No.23655170

>Sperging about how to use our magic is fun in its own way.

Actually, I kind of wish we did more of this.
We TALK about dumb shit like the heart of power, but I wish we did a lot more magical experimentation and stuff in class.
The bits with Gaviscon were great, and I'd like to explore more of what's POSSIBLE with magic getting impressed into the first years.

Half the terrible things we come up(the heart of power, trying to bend the Word to things it can't do) is because we really don't have guidance on how it works.
Even dealing with the tengu was cribbed from something someone else said.

I'd like to see more INNOVATION and experimenting with magic , honestly.

>> No.23655260

That doesn't make it fun to have a hundred 5000 word posts between every two updates and a dozen updates devoted to figuring out what exactly we're going to spend our not-xp on.

Assembling the utility belt is probably worth a skip-action, but no individual thing in it is worth all that much, and maintaining it (or slightly expanding it if we come up with a few more things to add) I'd say fits into "nominal effort" pretty easily.

Yeah, I'd like more actual lessons too. I hope there's something beyond just "don't get a boner Liz!" going on in the upcoming class session.

>> No.23655270

Stone Bible

>> No.23655305

This must be a suggestion I missed. Please elaborate.

>> No.23655321

>It makes me equal parts pleased at the paranoia and bothered by how much it bogs down threads.

Really, if there were ways to help slightly seperate the Erotica Time, and the Crunch Time, particularly where timeskips and focusing on specific scenes are involved, it would go a long ways towards dealing with both issues.

I play in mechengineer quest when it happens, and its somehow reached an equilibrium of social and designing shit that actually gets RESOLVED within a thread. A blessed playerbase, I think, but possibly worth looking into. I'm not sure how anontech does it with such a hands-off approach.

Excellent, thank you once again. Any type of magic he's particularly good at?

I get the feeling dane is kind of an allrounder, due to being so brilliant and a fourth year, but also because he goes out of his way to hide what he can do - so when he busts out magic that lotus isn't known for, they are surprised.
Have you fleshed out/though about how he got into that society, by the way?

>> No.23655341

>Stone Bible


>This must be a suggestion I missed. Please elaborate.

>> No.23655374

>That doesn't make it fun to have a hundred 5000 word posts between every two updates and a dozen updates devoted to figuring out what exactly we're going to spend our not-xp on.
I know, and it's even worse that any kind of post outside of an action vote gets a bitchy "take it to questdis!" So at this point all I'm doing is watching for his updates to pop. He can clearly draw again, so why hasn't he at least put another update on the front page of KoC?

>> No.23655422

>if there were ways to help slightly seperate the Erotica Time, and the Crunch Time,
Why do you think we're going to Paris?

I'm not familiar with this either.

To be fair, /questdis/ is for discussion, and the quest is bogged down enough without it. On which note, it might also be handy for this quest to have a /dis/ thread over there, for long-term planning. I can't see it getting a ton of use, though.
Although he can draw again, apparently he can't draw for long stretches of time? I think motivation is a factor too though.

>> No.23655427

how do you compensate for some time skip options taking less tome than others? What about the fact we have so much more time from not sleeping?

>> No.23655439

The only things that people know for sure he can do are be impossibly strong, almost impossible to harm, does lots of stuff with fire, especially lighting himself on fire for no damage, and seems to be able to shrug off any magic thrown at him. What's more, nobody's been able to figure out how to scry on him since he came back from summer break after his first year. As for how he got into the society, he set himself up as a prospective SotA candidate, then joined the Lotus the day before they were due to announce their pick; lots of people speculated that he was just trying to draw out the good offers and candid information by making himself out as an attractive candidate.

Some people say that the actual reason he's fifth in his class is that he he purposely fails assignments to keep people from knowing what he can actually do. Others say that even he couldn't so paranoid that he would shoot himself in the foot like that. Enemies and rivals of his tend to disappear silently and without a trace, which suggests to many that he either uses allies or has a lot more going for him than just what people know about.

He's an enigma wrapped in a mystery surrounded by whispers and rumors, and it seems that he goes to great lengths to keep it that way.

>> No.23655474

I provide less stat boosts and augments on shorter skips. I added somewhat more when you stopped needing to sleep as much.

>> No.23655486

Stone Bible is Jive it means that is the Rock Solid Gospel Truth
I should know not to use obscure slang on the internet but it seemed appropriately emphatic.

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