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Chaos bros. I require proofreading, insults, tips and ideas to add to these texts of walls for slaanesh and tzeentch armies. With CSM as the primary detachment, and allies of daemons.

>getting burnt out, need a to-do list for the next session
Pretty picture for the catalog comes first.

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This one is near complete. Slaanesh isn't.

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Working on slaanesh daemons, not that far into it and I've got other things to take care of.
>critique of tzeentch if you've got comments

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Finishing up Slaanesh. It'll be a bit longer, re-reading a few things.

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And done. Both requests fulfilled to do slaanesh and tzeentch CSM + Daemon Allies.

Now if there are any glaring details I need to be aware of I'll be checking back for critique.

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That must be a real powerful Daemonette, its presence alone makes me want to do HERESY

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There are a number of daemonette pictures floating around.

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Khorne or Nurgle next?
>I won't include forgeworld stuff or special characters, sorry.

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Nurgle if you please.

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Alright. It'll be on the list when I get to it. Not likely to be done today.

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Allied Tzeentch Daemons
2 HQs
Tzeentch Heralds with Prescience
180 Points
2 20 man units of Pink Horrors
360 Points
Total: 520 points

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#1 tip for Tzeentch armies now.

Screen your Horrors, since Pink horrors can't fire overwatch.

Doesn't matter if it's cultists,flamers, or thousand sons.

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>taking Chaos Spawn.

Bikers would be better fast attack.

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You need to protect that blob. And maybe give them a blasted standard.

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Spawn makes up for tough, fast ablative wounds, and a shit ton of attacks, especially on the charge. I wouldn't use them outside of lord escort however.

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Bikes would be nice, but they're terribly themed with tzeentch marks. Spawns offer anti tank ability and str3 units do not enjoy being in melee with them. Their ability to not be bothered by cover is also essential, as bikes are possibly very hard to manipulate cover over a period of turns.

>i am adding bikes to the nurgle write up, because toughness 6

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I'd debate their cost. 30 points for something that might not even get an armor save. And if you don't give it Mark of Nurgle, they'll die fast enough.

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Well, for that many points you can get 1 Hell Drake. And that makes your enemy sweat.

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Heldrakes may not get there fast enough. Plus the confliction of either a baledrake, or more sons. Since AP3, and ablative wounds to stay on table.

Pretty much no save, but if it's a big gun they'll aim at either the tanks. Because it has to be str10 to remove a spawn outright. Or try to hit a model that is a cultist, daemon or has a 4++ save. No good options other than shooting at a AV13 front tank or odd rhino if there is one.

It sort of goes with the theme, and fluffy. Plus synergetic when facing non str10 ranged weapons. Never the best option, but I included it anyway for the fans of tzeentch and their spawny ways.

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S10 isn't that common, at least in my meta. When it does show up, it's usually in the form of power fists and demolisher cannons, and those can be avoided/neutralized with other units, thanks to the mediocre range.

And sticking them to a pimped lord helps plenty by mitigating some of their weaknesses - the lord can bypass armor (solving part of the AP- issue) and take some armor saves (or delegate those wounds through look out sir!). He can complement the spawn nicely, and vice-versa

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How? They have a 24'' range. Putting them in cover is a better idea. Plus this is allies. And blasted standard only happens once. Why bother?

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>Heldrake might not get there fast enough

Where are you going? Within one turn they can hit anything with 60'' with Torrent and 36'' move.

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Yes, one turn. That could be stalled by anti reserves rolls. Also it has to be the second turn. Some armies are quick enough to assault on turn 2 no matter what you do. Spawns can deter that. Especially attacking a rhino or a pair of rhinos near each other, hitting both of them. Then being that wall of bodies that keeps them from walking forward because movement phase comes before shooting. A very effective "fuck you" to stop a hard push.

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I really want to counter this but I don't know where to begin. Sitting armorless assault units in front of your men as denial? Saying that everything happens turn 2? A 10 man unit can kill them with bolter fire and if they get assaulted the spawn goes second and dies. You're spending 30 points on useless soak. If you want a useless soak who can also shoot how about a Rhino? You can get 4 bikers who are more survivable, with shooting and better CC for the price of 3 spawn. This reasoning is just dummmmmmmmmmb

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Also I like how people will refuse to play against 3 Heldrake lisst and you've countered that problem by saying 'Eh, Turn 2!' goddamn man. I'm just, blown away.

Spawns a big fuck you. You've gotta be kidding. A MEQ unit with no upgrades has a >90% chance of killing the spawn before he attacks. I'm just so bamboozled. What do you play against?

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I'll do the math-hammer on spawns real quick.
>pausing my nurgle write up, it won't be done soon anyway

Fucking spam checker.

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Derp, I meant to say melee, not ranged combat for the 4+ armor results. Getting tired.
I'll have to proof read anything I type in the nurgle write up later.

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Your math is pretty incorrect.

With each shot you have a .22 to wound so with 10 shots you'll do two wounds average. What's the chance of getting 3 wounds or higher? 52% to get just 3 wounds. 75% to get 4 wounds. And if you add up all the probabilities of getting 3 or more wounds you end up with an 85% chance that bolters will kill in one round of 10 marines shooting.


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Let me edit that to say 52% to get 3, 75% to get 3 or 4

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I added a statistic by accident. Pic related, a tad scattered.

Each spawn is about as tough as a space marine without the 4+ save. 9 bolter shots, 6 hits, 3 wounds. The unit costs about 6 marines worth. Moves like beasts and attacks like berzerkers, without needing a transport.

They're still worth it, especially if their str5 can hurt rears of rhinos on 5+'s. 6 hits average to take a rhino down, and that's below their minimal attacks.

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I just treated them like toughness 4 models didn't I?
14 bolter shots will kill a spawn.

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So Marines fire 10 shots. Wait for spawn. Spawn charges. Gets killed because he attacks second.

So you shout 'Worth' and it's worth? There's a reason why they're the punishment on the Boon Table.

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They're beasts. 1 wound per 10 points at toughness 5. Yeah, to tie up marines (basic marines 9 attacks + whatever sergeant has + overwatch). They'll keep them pinned down for thousand sons to get ready. Go in, get hurt, die during their turn and they get to sit around and get shot up by thousand sons.

If they go in helping thousand sons, they get their attacks while evening the odds.

If they get the jump on a transport, a pair of units surrounding all hatches (1" distance rule and all) nothing survives. Two 90 point units on either side.

It's a fluffy and decently effective unit for a tzeentch army. Just have to wait to pounce with it, or use it to stop that first turn mad dash that ties the shooty units in melee.

I'm pretty sure 14 bolter shots is 7 rapid firing marines, which leaves the heavy weapon, special weapon and pistol the sergeant has to cause 1-2 or so more wounds tops. So 4-5 wounds, add overwatch maybe 6 wounds, 1 spawn still gets past. Treating their melee like bolter shots (3's to hit, 5's to wound) that means 14 more attacks to remove it. Cut off 3 because sergeant might have a power fist.

Still should somewhat average to tie them until their melee phase. If they do terrible, the spawns will eat up about 1-3 marines depending on random attacks.

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>Forgot to mention rapid fire won't happen, and that's 7 shots not 14. Beasts rarely let 12" rapid fire get there, unless misused/baited or a drop pod gets them there. So lets say a drop pod got them there.

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