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Is this part of that greater backlash against grim-darkness you guys are always raving about?

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I do not recognize the witch on the left.

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nah, you're just cherry-picking, that's all. not saying it's intentional, but that's what it is

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Interesting fact:
The werewolf in "NOW" isn't a werewolf at all, but a skin-shifter.

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It's from 1990's The Witches.


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I think it's from Witches. A movie based on a book by Roahld Dahl.

Also left Werewolf is goofy looking.

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Avatar did not invent humanoid aliens that look extremely like people except slightly different.

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Man, this movie was awesome. At least when I was a kid.

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the left werewolf is in mid-transform

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You could have similarly cute stuff on the left hand side, like the Interview with a Vampire dude and an ewok.

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To further this, werewolves in that setting do exist, and they're pretty much the same monsters we expect when we hear the term.

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They dont even have the same target audience.

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Wait wait wait what it got a movie?

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>How to Pick and Choose, by OP

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Vampire and Werewolf are from teenage romance shlock.

Witch is the interpretation of demonic pact making monster vs simply "girl with magical powers".

Alien one is stupid. Might as well compare Prawn from District 9 with Klingon and say how much better aliens have gotten.

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Will skeksis ever get a teenage-love transformations?

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I appreciate your moments of lucidity, /tg/

Carry on, gentlemen, carry on.

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There are also underworld lycans.

Also, I personally think the witch is an improvement...amirite?

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Witches now.

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>Still bitching about twilight
Nobody even cares anymore just stop talking about it and it will go away.

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They don't need one. I'd make sweet, sweet love to one just like they are.



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Good, even pretty, witches have been around since at least the Wizard of Oz

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You mean since Greek Myth. Medea was a hottie.

Not so good though. Of course, the Norse have some good witches, iirc.

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Skeksis would be devotees of Slaanesh in another setting.

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Except for the fact that its writer is still churning out terrible stories that are immediately snapped up by Hollywood and pumped out into equally terrible movies.

It's hard to ignore the damage that woman has done to the genre as well as fiction as a whole.

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The Norse have sexy giantesses, genderbender nonsense, bestiality, genderbender bestiality, and boneable zombies. The Norse had it all, man.

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Good lord she is hot.

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Norse mythology is top tier.

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Italian strega were generally benevolent.

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/r/ing the "Genre formally known as teen fiction" picture

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Except she's not.

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mah nigga!

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All of the movies on the right were made with a larger demographic in mind. Since movies cost so much more now they usually have to market with the largest demographic appeal possible. It's the same reason you rarely see R movies.

Also all the characters on the left are antagonists while the characters on the right are protagonists. Protagonists are always meant to be more appealing so people care about their joinery, while most antagonists tend to be simple 2d stereotypes of their core concept (which with monsters is usually pure evil).

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So I guess The Host never happened and its not getting a movie.

Oh wait, it did and it is.

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No, it's part of the whole "I'm so nerdy XD" thing /v/ is always raving about. Women getting into this sort of thing and wanting their romance built in.

Also neither that witch nor that vampire are really good representations.

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Not as hot as before, but still smoking hot.

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Are you talking about The Host? That book was amazingly better than the Twilight books. I can only hope that Hollywood doesn't fuck it up too badly.

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>boneable zombies
Wait what?

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>better than the Twilight books
That's really not saying much.

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I sure hope they won't. Saoirse will play the protagonist.

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>Not as hot as before
Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

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>amazingly better than the Twilight books.
My Civil Procedure notes are a more engrossing narrative than Twilight. Also, a better romance.

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I thought the grimdark backlash was over-saturation and people confusing mean settings/stories with grimdark ones?

If anything I think graphical design today is fucking horrible compared to 20 years ago.

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>still a better love story than twilight.

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>Movies for the female audience are something new

Are you sure about that?

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>tfw Warhammer, the source of the term grimdark, has a rational and thoroughly explained reason (the warp) for grimdark, unlike most grimdark creations

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I for one welcome our Emma Watson Witch overlord

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Movies about vampires and werewolves and witches and aliens are, at least in the mainstream.

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That oufit is incredibly misleading. And frustrating

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What about the C'tan and Tyranids?

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Yeah I'm OK with that one.

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All generally unexplained genre conventions originally come from a setting where they had a rational reason for being as they were.

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>still smoking hot
Hell yeah, we oughta pour some water on her! She's too hot!


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Tyranids are a force of nature, much like the warp. C'tan are basically the same. Most of it comes from the warp, though.

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Twilight's pretty grim.

Pic related, Kristen Stewart being high in the Academy Aware.

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You can't cum in her or even sweat over her. My boner is ruined.

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Man, everything on the left look retarded except the xenomorph.

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This is revealed to have been some sort of ruse in that one Broadway play. Water does nothing to her.

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>He doesn't like From Dusk Till Dawn
Also, the werewolf is coming out from his or her mouth

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Vampires and other supernatural creatures has been used for romantic shlock for generations now. They never belonged to the nerd to begin with either.

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So, have you seen this movie? Why not?

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Boner restored.

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We just wanna fuck.

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>Gordon Levitz - or what the fuck ever
You sexy bastard. One of the few men I'd go gay for.

Jared Leto is the other one...

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people stopped fearing the weird, bizarre, and different creatures and instead, in their yearning for a less boring life, wish to be them.

see: furries, otherkin, fanfic writers, escapism media, roleplaying games, et al.

everyone wants to be something else, this is just the latest flavor of it.

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this is what werewolves should look like.

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Oh, I didn't see that.

I thought that was just a supremely bad costume.

Still, the witch looks stupid and while that movie might be good, that vampire is not.

He reminds me of the aliens from DS9.

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I fucking love Dog Soldiers

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Yes, and?
Vampires have always had that air of mystery and sex about them.
We've had less threatening renditions of everything for decades.
Same for Aliens (E.T.), Witches (Wizard of Oz), Werewolves (American Werewolf).
Not to mention all the saturday morning stuff.

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The vampires don't usually look like that. It's more of a combat form.

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>Wizard of OZ
>Not threatening.

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Thanks, anons, now I must see this amazing movie again!

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Not all of them.

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everyone with half a brain loves dog soldiers

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I'm just saying, that is not something to hold up as an example of what Vampires should look like.

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Except the vampire on the right is not a vampire.

He is an earth elemental that subsists upon the iron in human blood and sweats diamonds.

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Go see look up 30 Days of Night, then. I'm curious as to what you'd think of it.

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just watched dorkness rising last month, so awesome
but yes, from anne rice, to even earlier penny dreadfuls released after bram stokers dracula, if it has a hole or a dick, people will make porn of it, rule 34 is older than the internet, just in other media

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Wicked is essentially fanfiction. It's good, but it's fanfiction.

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Eh. Most vampires looked pretty shitty, I think.

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Yeah well, then he's using Wicked's canon instead.

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I personally loved the 30 days of Night vampires.

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I do, too. Great movie. Shame that the sequels were fucking awful.

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Gods - Then and Now

Then - constructs and abberations as angels, voice of God could make you lose your sanity, prophets were frightening oracles, vindictive and punitive.

Now - an old man in Rome wears tiny red shoes and rides around in a glass-enclosed golf cart. Actual omnipotent being has been AWOL for some time.

Then - Baited sea monsters with animal heads, wielded legendary weapons, heaven was a place to drink and fuck and fight for eternity, powerful fey-like overlords controlled your fate.

Now - LOL Wiccans.

Then - all kinds of cool animal hybrids, Underworld, gods named Osiris and Set and Ra, monuments built to honor their divine instruments of wrath on earth. Later, a wise warlord with multiple wives unites the disparate tribes, and lives eternally.

Now - ALLAH AKBAR, shoe and underwear bombers

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>omnipotent being
>getting his ass kicked by iron chariots
God wasn't so awesome.

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Not to mention his bipolar temper tantrums that results in extinction of humanity.

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So you weigh mortal fanfiction-shmocks against the immortals of canon?

Then - Notorious fraud scamming idiots with his personal rendition of the bible.

Now - Immortal master of mankind holds together an empire that spans the galaxy and his person projects a light that makes stellar travel possible. Only faith in Him can keep your world from falling into darkness and corruption.

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Aren't they supposed to be like based on nekomimi? That's what I saw, anyway. I think it was an easier way of explaining their natural agility. However, I was concerned that they used their hair to mate (see, fuck) and connect to animals. Which.... Scared me.

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You do stream porn and news throught the same cable as well.

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I am the only one who finds Avatar aliens creepy as shit?

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By the Emperor! You're right! We must purge the unclean! DESTROY ALL CABLES!

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>Not wanting to have sex with it, just to see.
You're new here, aren't you.

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No. The size thing is very off-putting.

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No. I would seriously prefer to stick my dick into xenomorph than those abominations.

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Only the one who looks like Ripley has any right to be creepy.
The rest are either hot or stupid looking.
I would entrust that with my dick any time.
You think they can make those shining fibers go up my urethra?

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>Vampires back then
Allegory for godless people who give into their carnal desires. Rapacious men who prey on women and leech off the blood of society like a tick.

>Vampires now
Handsome hunks who glitter in the sun.

>Werewolves then
A curse for people who are ravenous, violent, brutal, or murderers. Fighting against their wild nature may be part of their redemption.

>Werewolves now
Handsome hunks in short shorts.

Cautionary tale for the twisting effects of vile magic and turning away from god.

>Witches now
People who can cure cancer and solve world hunger but decide to hide from the world instead of helping it.

>Aliens then
Allegory personifying the unknown. Post WWII aliens symbolized foreign invaders bringing with them strange weapons.

>Aliens now
Thinly veiled Native American or "noble savage" trope. They live in tree houses in a paradise world and can commit no sin.

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Imagine fucking one with the female one on top? Those eyes, staring down at you.

Be like fucking a pet cat.

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Yeah, but I dont plug my fuck cable into bitches and horse alike.

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Nope. In fact, RLM did a whole 20 minute video on why Avatar sucked and the Thundersmurfs were creepy as fuck.

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Then you are not here for long enough.
I'm sure /mlp/ can give you tips.

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>Witches now

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Better not get her wet and covered in fluids.

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Hahaha, what the fuck, man.

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what the fuck, man.

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Used as a sound effect
That's it I'm done

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To be fair the sequals to the original comic were not much better than the shitty movies either.

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The fuck did I just see?

>> No.23634930

I've seen *SCHNÜSEL* used as a sound effect.

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You must kill them all.

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vamps and witches can work both as inhuman or as overly attractive types (come on, vampires used to represent sexual predators), and the wolf... that's just the tech getting better.
but the alien with the human eyes and mouth is just plain unacceptable.

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>Not knowing about witches.

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...I just looked this word up and the best I got was-

"young, immature, boorish, cheeky, cheeky lad who meddles in things that do not concern him"

from a Google translated German dictionary, I must say I'm disturbed

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>Real witches.

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I don't understand.

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That's a Schnösel. I have no idea what Schnüsel means, it sure as hell isn't a German word.

>> No.23635029


>Drawing "Different Person" on her forehead.

I fucking love Werewolf Jones.

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That's a 'Schnösel'.
'Schnüsel' was a sound effect I think I saw in a music video and that stuck due to its absurdity.
It is not a word and not at all onematopoetic.

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Was this made by some fat chick with a devient art account?

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>wtf happened
Vaginas did.

>> No.23635113

Nope, it was made by a skinny Australian chain smoker who bags and sells his eraser shavings and does drugs I've never heard of.

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Like krok?

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I must meet this gentleman.

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From what some folks on /tv/ told me the actual werewolves in that setting are only white people who are essentially quite evil and don't form packs at all.

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I think these are pretty funny in an unorthodox sort of way.

>> No.23635168

>vampires used to represent sexual predators

Anybody besides Stephany Meyer sexualizes vampires more obviously than ever.
Have you seen True Blood? No, don't go out and watch it, it's shit, let me just tell you that it has become indistinguishable from its own fanfiction.

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Oh well thanks I guess, I can rest easier now.

>> No.23635216

At your service.

>> No.23635233

Nowadays, "drugs you've never heard of" probably just refers to research chemicals.
I'll go and look up Werewolf Jones now to see if I'm right about that. It's not as if I planned to sleep tonight anyway.

>> No.23635238


I hope I give you the shits, you fucking wimp.

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>> No.23635343

Megg, Mogg, and Owl on /tg/.

You guys need to come to /co/ more often.

>> No.23635372

All my female spellcasters will introduce themselves saying "I cast megahexes and cut bitches."

>> No.23635421


I'd rather not. /co/ coming over here with its tumblr culture made me leave /tg/ for a while.

>> No.23635463

Storytiming comics is cool, though.
I'd never heard of Saga, otherwise.
Saga estas mirinda komikso.
Also the best use you can get out of Esperanto.

>> No.23635775

I don't understand at all what's going on here. Why can the cat not stop?

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Am I the only one who really never cared for vampires or werewolves at all?
They never made sense, they're corny, not at all scary, and they're fetish fuel.
As for witches, I felt the whole evil swamp wizard to be overplayed.
And the persecuted old-religion wisewoman to be just a sap story for every sixteen year old girl with daddy issues.

Aliens as murder machines can be scary, but Independence Day ruined that.
Aliens as not-Pocahontas was an interesting idea, but it was poorly portrayed.
Also Joss Whedon can lick the sweat from my taint.

>> No.23635916

Personally, I blame Anne Rice, and the derivative works of White Wolf for turning vampires into something romantic.

>> No.23635940

I agree, really.

>> No.23635943

funny how everyone forgets carmilla

>> No.23636626

Ehh, cut white wolf some slack.The wod setting's actually pretty neat, it just attracts terrible players.

>> No.23636658

I know, right? Varney's got her beat by a few decades but I don't think he was particularly romantic.

(Although I was surprised to learn that Carmilla predates Dracula. I'd thought it the other way around.)

>> No.23638393

It would be a coin toss for me. Both are sexy.

>> No.23638465

>Carmilla predates Dracula

>> No.23638545


>> No.23638606

Well I'll be damned it actually does.

>> No.23638610

1872 < 1897
Basic math.

>> No.23638982

i for one, welcome our new cute witch overlords

>> No.23639807

Not exactly.
They're undead people who turns into ferocious killing machines that resemble your typical werewolf on full moon nights. They're slightly weaker than vampires in "human" form, but in werewolf form they're way stronger, that's why they were hunted down until the verge of extinction.

Also they're mad all day erreday

>> No.23639856

Twilight never bothered me because I could happily ignore it and I still haven't watched the movies. What did bother the shit out of me were how people acted like it was the end of all things gothic horror. Christfuck, I was so pissed off with how people would shitpost whining on /tg/ about it. At least /co/ had the brilliant immunity system of killing the threads by turning them in to Jojo's Bizzare Adventure threads.

>> No.23639894 [DELETED] 

The hell are these deleted posts? What did I miss?

>> No.23639918


man the harpoons

>> No.23639926

I'm going to say something that I'm not very proud. I read Twilight, mostly because my gf asked me too, the thing is the universe isn't that bad, only the main story and characters.

>> No.23639973

I figured as much. The main complaints seems to be how horrible people the main characters are when it's not about Mr. Sparkle vampires.

>> No.23639988


>> No.23640015

Almost every setting has a few interesting details to it from Naruto (which is fundamentally about a cold war between nations and their magical supersoldiers) to Twilight (which is extremely WoD-like, when you look into the details of the setting).

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>> No.23640041


Nice try though.

>> No.23640042

But Alucard is not the protagonist of Hellsing.

>> No.23640092

would you like to know more

>> No.23640109

How are they going to redesign them in the new movie?

>> No.23640126

I honestly hope they dont.
They are as iconic as xenomorphs.

>> No.23640149


I disagreed with everything politely up until Joss Whedon.

I must end you.

>> No.23640154

Sure he isn't. Keep on telling yourself that.
See, it may not be from his perspective, but he is the one the spotlight is one. Kinda like how the second half of To Kill a Mocking Bird was about Atticus, and not Scout.

>> No.23640161

Yeah, they are pretty distinct. But if I know my Hollywood right I figure they are gonna screw them up.

>> No.23640164

fine then... here is your vampire

>> No.23640168

Thanks to this thread I watched Dog Soldiers
Holy shit man
I hope I give ya the shits, you fucking wimp!

>> No.23640173

But the Major is a cyborg, not a vampire.

Not being a vampire is actually a fucking huge part of his character.

>> No.23640181

already done

>> No.23640212

maybe it was referring to how he controlled Nazi Vampires, and how he wasn't one himself.
Either way it could be alot more clear

>> No.23640214

That's not the PG13 more patriotic remake they threatend us with.

>> No.23640230

I agree. Emma watson is ALWAYS an improvement.

>> No.23640251

oh... i just read the wiki and i guess your right. he is a cyborg. ummm... well, there are plenty of other vampires in Hellsing who are scary monsters, but none of them are quite as scary as Alucard. he is the protagonist, but i don't think those are mutually exclusive. in my defense the wiki says that the Major isn't revealed to be a cyborg until the very end of the story. i just assumed that he was a vampire.

>> No.23640267


>> No.23640303

I wanna read all this Megg and Mogg stuff

Having trouble locating a solid source for all of it, where can I find a list?

>> No.23640351

>i just read the wiki
I don't know why but this seems to be a popular trend lately.

>i just assumed that he was a vampire.
he has no fangs, he eats and drinks normally...

>> No.23640355

Travolta looks so happy...

>> No.23640363

Really that scene where you find out what he was made him one of my favorite characters

>> No.23640385

I was thinking the same thing.

>> No.23640389

no he doesn't and Seras Victoria eats tomato soup

>> No.23640390

Sparkly vampires you say

>> No.23640402


>Twilight saga
>morbid testimony of human women succumbing to twisted undead and furry freaks over regular human men.
>bestiality, necrophilia, violence...
>not grimdark

>colorful, yet depressing show of how human civilization has been reduced to a horde of resource-devouring locusts where only outliers put any value in honor and dignity of other sapients.
>not grimdark

If there's a backlash against grim darkness of the turn of millenium, it's >>>/mlp/

>> No.23640481

Still not grimdark. Grimdark is when everything sucks for everyone.

>> No.23640522


Posting pose simulator is cheating

>> No.23640527

>Twilight saga
If there's love then isn't grimdark

>> No.23640528


>> No.23640537

What about marriage?

>> No.23640543


Orks love fighting and looting. You can have romantic attraction and infatuation without sexual conduct.

>> No.23640594

That has to be the shittiest fanart of Melusine, ever.

>> No.23640598


I feel that there is untold love story about orks and war. Like, one ork decides to go all romantic on war, like leaving love letters on his enemies' corpses, breaking a fight in some bar to bring war there, making a bouqet of flowers made from enemies' armor and stuff like that. I'd a call it "A Boy and his Waaagh"

>> No.23640626

As always, the movies/books are much less destructive than the fans.

>> No.23640652

Damn, why is that witch so fine?

>> No.23640679

Fabulous Ancient South American Super Vampires are the best vampires.

>> No.23640684


>> No.23640697

Don't eat the brains, bro. That shit'll fuck you up.

>> No.23640703

More best movie!

Sure the cotumes weren't perfect on harsh inspection but considering the budget and how well they used shadow and restricted camera angles the result was fan-fucking-tastic.

>> No.23640726

Kaiju went the complete opposite direction.
>Awww wookit da wittle lizaaaard so cute

>> No.23640748


To be fair most Kaiju are pretty fucked up.

Gojira was pretty much always the most "normal" looking one, along with King Kong and the 50ft Woman.

The larger creatures from "The Mist" were even worse than Clover though.

>> No.23640751

That's a nice pic for "vampires now".
Have one for "vampires then".

>> No.23640765




>> No.23640803


Also you could put shitty "anne rice" vampires in as "then" vampires if you wanted to flip it.

>> No.23640809




...*5pt print* Werewolves ate my platoon

>> No.23640813


Well, Kaiju are also nearly extinct. Aside from a new Godzilla movie every five years or so, the genre's very much on the ropes. Here's to Pacific Rim...

The OP's pic has multiple examples for recent bastardized iterations - Vampire iterations are a dime a dozen, as are sympathetic werewolves, and there's multiple shows in the past fifteen years that use witches as "strong females".

Strangely, aliens are less common now than one would expect, outside of animation. Star Trek going off the air is undoubtedly at fault here.

>> No.23640818

Who cares, vampires suck anyway.

>> No.23640833

Meanwhile, in Japan...

>> No.23640844

>be vampire
>everyone tells me that I can only eat blood
>mfw faggot japanese vampire gets his ass full of sweets and I can't have them since I would puke my brains out.

>> No.23640849


>Implying there is no love in the grim darkness of 40k
>Implying that love cannot bloom
>Implying spawning a half-elfdar is not less grimdark than spawning a half-vampire, especially in twilight.

>> No.23640857

Franken Fran was fucking terrifying though.

>> No.23640860

She can't help it, she was drawn that way.

>> No.23640861

As are any "yandere" females.

At least there's Junji Ito. He is the hero Japanese horror deserves.

>> No.23640910

>implying impure halfbreed spawn isn't the ultimate downfall of humanity
>implying that's not fucking grimdark

>> No.23640911

Which is funny, because they are nothing like described in the books. And before you say anything, I loved the Starship Troopers movie despite it being nothing like the book, I just find the whole situation concerning its production kinda funny.

>> No.23640913

Who the fuck is the dude with all the skeletons on a leash? And the black guy who is a Sea Bishop?

>> No.23640923


I know that feel.

>> No.23640924

And then she got captured and dissected because GRIM

>> No.23640928

Letting the halfbreeds play with a barker toad is pretty mean. Necessary for keeping Mankind's genes pure, but still unpleasant.

>> No.23640933

Doesn't she get mind-raped/regular-raped by SoB?

>> No.23640941

Meanwhile, on the notebook of Japanese Peter Jackson...

>> No.23640951 [DELETED] 

I fucking love Junji Ito. He's great, better than Umezu Kazuo even, and less strange a person.

>> No.23640954

I was just thinking of requesting the polar opposite of /d/.
Lofn in a bodyglove with a strap-on ambushing an SoB, titled Lillies Will Bloom. Hope I can get 百合 (yuri) written across the background.

>> No.23640958

Is it just me, or does that black-haired woman have facial hair?

>> No.23640960


>> No.23640962


I fucking love Junji Ito. More than Umezu Kazuo, even.

>> No.23640965

>polar opposite of /d/
>so, dickgirls, but artificial

>> No.23640967

No, that's Thorin Oakenshield. He comes with beard, regardless of genderswap.

>> No.23640970

She does manage to get a little rapevenge in that story.

>> No.23640981

Which story?

>> No.23640996


It's a man...

>> No.23641015


>> No.23641025

What?! No it isn't. You're just trying to trick me!
That one.

>> No.23641039

Isn't Umezu Kazuo the guy that wrote Fourteen? I want my 12 hours reading that manga back!

>> No.23641054


I have a good one!

>> No.23641066

>I'd melt her if you know what I mean.

>> No.23641076

Anon, might I suggest Drifting Classroom

>> No.23641084

Never again Umezu Kazuo.

>> No.23641095 [DELETED] 


Oh J Scott Campbell

>> No.23641112


This wickedness need some serious inspection.

>> No.23641120

but it's violently fun, without a chicken man

>> No.23641135


When does Emma get her Stand?

>> No.23641258

The chicken man was the heart of Fourteen.

>> No.23642113


Why? How is the Xenomorph attractive?

>> No.23642119

>How is sleek black beast of rape attractive?

>> No.23642344 [DELETED] 


Sympathetic Werewolves are common now.

There's Twilight and Being Human I guess.

There's that one dude in Sanctuary that's a Lycan but you could watch an entire season of that show and never see him transform. Its really a minor plot-point.

>> No.23642353

Sympathetic Werewolves are common now?

There's Twilight and Being Human I guess.

There's that one dude in Sanctuary that's a Lycan but you could watch an entire season of that show and never see him transform. Its really a minor plot-point. I don't think he really counts.

>> No.23642483

and Underworld, and Van Helsing, and to some degree that awfull The Wolfman remake, and Teen Wolf, and An American Werewolf in London, or Paris, To some Degree The Howling series

>> No.23642613

They dangerous and look like made of black latex.

>> No.23642704


Those fuckers scared the shit out of me when I was a kid.

>> No.23642737

Yeah but classical, and by that I mean mythological to early 20s movies, werewolves also do not form packs and are portrayed as vicious murder engines rather than pack hunters.

>> No.23642912

Necromancer and Merman

>> No.23642969

Then just don't buy her books, god damn.

It was funny to hate on twighlight for like two months. It's been like 5 goddamn years, plz stahp.

>> No.23643090


>> No.23643121

That's an alien-predator hybrid, of course it's sexy

>> No.23643160

And this is how you do sexy extraterrestrials! Take notes smurfs.

>> No.23643202

Skektech ands skekoc were my favorite. Thanks for posting them

>> No.23643317

Aliens then.

>> No.23643340

Vampires then.

>> No.23643387

This is just chick painted green. Look. Paint is coming off.

>> No.23643397

I like where this thread is going.

>> No.23643426 [DELETED] 

HFY then

>> No.23643431 [DELETED] 

And now

>> No.23643457

Dinosaurs then.

>> No.23643470

And now.

>> No.23643485

>buddawiser the less you want it the better it tastes

>> No.23643488

God dammit, Dinosaurs. Step it up.

>> No.23643491


The Wolfman was always a sympathetic character to some extent though.

>> No.23643492

Witty, I admit.
Thought you were gonna post that feathery T-rex and I would have to tell you that that theory has little support. But we're cool.

>> No.23643500


>> No.23643504

Jews are now explicitly going into the idea of "You should love things that are different"

>> No.23643520

Humans are the REAL monsters. (animated)

>> No.23643526


>> No.23643559 [DELETED] 

>le happy vargr.jpg

>> No.23643566

They were glorious.

>> No.23643577

Grim reaper and a character from "My Bride Is A Mermaid" respectively.

>> No.23643582

Bitch please, I'm fabulous.

>> No.23643591 [DELETED] 

Ponies then

>> No.23643594

Carmilla came out before about 20 years before Dracula, and it was about a lesbian vampire seducing a woman. Varney the Vampire was a series of penny dreadfuls that came out about 50 years before Dracula and it stared a vampire who was pretty much just a normal bloke with a mild hunger for blood. It's not like vampires all used to be Count Orlok.

Werewolves being mindless killing machines infected and controlled against their will is a pretty new thing. Most European folklore werewolves were warlocks who used magic to shapeshift, though some were cursed to change. Even then, they were wolves, not wolf-man things.

>> No.23643612



>> No.23643623 [DELETED] 

And now

...huh. Not really much change there.

>> No.23643638

No it's an alien I can tell because I it happens in space.

>> No.23643650

And even before that vampires were corpses that were coming back from the grave to kill humans. So more or less zombies.

>> No.23643664

I think there's sufficient difference between those two versions of werewolves that they shouldn't be considered the same thing. People who compile folklore are incredibly lazy.

>> No.23643703

Some vampires used to come back from the grave to lie on people. Not attack them or anything like that, just lie on them during the night. Say what you want about people in the past, they were smart enough to notice "wait a minute, no-one I know, or anyone anyone knows, has been found dead drained of blood, but every now and then I feel like I can't breath during my sleep."

>> No.23643724 [SPOILER] 

you forgot to show japanese witches.

>> No.23643740

Ah yes. Mares. Some people in eastern europe still believe in those.

>> No.23643784


Silly anon, that's not witches, that's airplanes.

>> No.23644514

It was designed from the ground up to be uncomfortably attractive, you know.

>> No.23644639

Dont forget Japanese guns

>> No.23646457

>Aliens as murder machines can be scary, but Independence Day ruined that.
You are a very fickle person.

>> No.23646488

The Indians that change into Wolves in Twilight aren't werewolves. They're shapeshifters that connect to an animal. Their tribe just happened to connect to wolves. The Twilight books talk about 'actual' werewolves and they sound nothing short of the monsters they're supposed to be.

>> No.23646652

no wonder she's so wicked
she wants the D
but cant have it

>> No.23646769

> Yeti
> Yuki-Onna
These aren't even supposed to be the same thing. Before you go making something like this, you should at least do a little research. What the hell do you expect a beautiful maiden dressed in white who lures travellers to their deaths in heavy snowfall to look like? A yeti?

>> No.23646829

So Dorothy instead killing her with water should just give her dildo?

>> No.23647171

>less threatening
>An American Werewolf in London

Are you high?

>> No.23647310

Sadly, Twilight vampires aren't that bad. Vicious, bloodthirsty, and very powerful.

They are brutal killers cursed to sparkle in the sunlight and have their biggest pussy be their most famous.

Whiches can be pretty. They just aren't in old stories because ugly = evil.

Also, when Aliens came out they were also human looking aliens like Vulcans and shit. Na'vi are more alien than Vulcans. And District 9 came out around the same time and they are even more alien. (though not as alien as Xenomorphs)

>> No.23647336

This. These pics always fill me with passionate and vengefull butthurt.

>> No.23647682


So what the Hell did they see here? I'm dying of curiosity.

>> No.23647766


>> No.23647785

Joseph Gordon-Levitt you faggot

I would too

>> No.23647927 [SPOILER] 

No, THIS is how you do a sexy extraterrestrial.

with your penis

>> No.23650162

>What the hell do you expect a beautiful maiden dressed in white who lures travellers to their deaths in heavy snowfall to look like?
Wendigos, man.

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