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I just broke up with my girlfriend.
She was being an asshole but I'm still sort of sad. Can we get a thread full of funny WH(40k) pictures going to cheer me up?

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How about kittens? Those always cheer me up.

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Or corgis?

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Yeah I'll see what I got

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I seem to not actually have many 'funny' warhams images.

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So have some awesome.

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I do have funny threads, though.

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Are threads okay?

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this always makes me laugh. i don't care who you are, you are always a better painter than this guy.

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Because I've got threads.

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Threads are just fine too.

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Not many

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But I have some.

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Arguably, some are overposted.

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Others, not so much.

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And this guy

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>Ill skills

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my hero

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>dat grin

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Dude. Meltagun.

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If you were giving more attention her that your spess mahreens she would not dump you.

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Cheer up bro.

I've been bed ridden for 5 years and unable to do social stuff since 14. I'm just chuffed enough to have a Hot tub and managed to do a few naked hot tub parties when I was well as I could be....

So, it could be worse. I always think, "If I can't love myself, how can I love another?". Which is true.

Anyway, here is a screencap of a thread I took. Not a common one.

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I know this isn't funny.... Well, not LOL funny, but I thought it's a cool conversion and smile worthy.

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Somebody made this when I posted the picture in a 40k Cheesecake thread.

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Silly /tg/ not allowing me to post.

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I liked this picture, so, you should have it too.

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>That lady commissar model

>TFW I bought one
>TFW Her fucking left ankle broke off in the packaging
>I glued it back
>Now have to hide it with dirt/rocks cuz something went wrong

Love the model though. I used a chunk of city ruin for her to stand on instead of the box on her original base. I also had to replace the sword with a kitbash one because it was fucked up

>INB4 I should have waited and gotten a metal version.

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this always gets me

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Relax. You're OP now.

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That is slightly disturbing.

Careful.... I'm not 100% sure the mod who bans for any nudity is still around..... So, that might get you banned. I doubt it, but, be careful. I wish the mods/moot would announce that stuff like that picture is allowed, just no full on sex....

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It's how the universe is ordered. Herp derp. He named it Cat. Bloody moron.

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Far left is styling.

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not really /tg/ related

But I love this

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Fucking magpies.

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I dont know, the lion on middle left is pretty fucking pimping.

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I believe the final name was CREEEEEEEEEED Night Rape.

I think it's a great model. Lots of Not-Warhammer companies do similar.

Oh. Good God.

Chem-Chan and Krieg-Chan (is it Krieg-Chan? I can't remember)

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I've never quite got this one.

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this goes along with it

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Its a reference to Tribes, a game about going fast on jetpacks.

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Tis is some of the best 40k art i've ever seen

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The warp is a terrible place.

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everyone loves cats

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Don't know if the one on the left is male or female....

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Women of course

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I always post this picture with the following text:

"N-no! Not in my exhaust port!"

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Shouldn't it be "Haha! I am using the greenstuffs!"

Like "Haha! I am using the shaving foams!"

Originally thought that, but I wasn't 100% sure. She should be glad he's working on the Tank... And not like this poor Guardsmen.

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Oh no, I meant the Ork in the sewer saying he was a green space marine. Never knew what was funny about him claiming to be from the table of contents.

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>He want's funny

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Sad dump, fellow stalker?

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he isn't from a chapter (of a book), he's from the table of contents

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That would fucking rock. How it would work, I don't know... Perhaps it sort of solidifies the Fire which, depending on a setting you set using the rifle, turns back into flames when it reaches a target.

Or, perhaps it shoots promethium in a shell, which when it hits, explodes and engulfs the target.

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Because I have the sads.

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...Oh.Heh, oops.

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love that book

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Or maybe it's just a flamethrower with a scope on it

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Pussy faggot

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My post is a reference to the movie, It, based on the book of the same name by Stephen King. Fantastic book and movie. Tim Curry plays a scary as fuck clown.

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What book is that?

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My personal headcanon about the incinerators from Fallout 3 (flamethrower mortar gun thing) is that they use a magnetic containment field around the shot like a plasma weapon, but weaker or simpler, or maybe fire and fuel is heavier than whatever fallout plasma is, causing it to arc and burst when it hits something solid.

IOM has plasma tech.

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>I just broke up with my girlfriend.
I just got back to my home after a three-month long hospitalization following my stabbing at the hand of my late boyfriend.

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I do love these

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You ever been so mad at a motherfucker

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Motherfuckin Night Lords

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What is this from?

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This thread is finecast

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>Still has visible flash lines on his face

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Lost my shit

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Not only is that not a flamer (it's a combi-weapon), it's (probably) not even a combi-flamer at that.

Fire and Honor

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Looks like a fairly recent 40k comic. Other than that I have no clue.

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That is awkward sentence structure, try rephrasing it like: 'I just got back home after being hospitalized for three months due my late boyfriend stabbing me.'

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Fuck Grammar, acquire bitches

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Oh shit its the Red Scorpions, don't let them know Cadians are actually mutants... they might still help us

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Fun non important fact. This happened in a game of mine. I brought our Yarrick, My ally was orks, he brought out Gazhkull. They deployed within 6 inches of eachother.

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Btw, I hope you feel a little bit better OP. Hope you saved these images.

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Join Chaos, we serve alcoholic beverages.

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Which raises a point: are any Chaos followers actually happy, or even content? They seems to be ridiculously brooding and grimdark in all the literature. Don't they ever have a day off, when they just chill and maybe visit the mall or something?

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Nah, they hate everything.

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Dark Gods

Not even once.

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I guess maybe new followers of Slaanesh get to have some fun.

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No. There is only war.

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Maybe he got stabbed due to his shitty grammar.

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>my sides

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That is a sensible reaction, though. Who hasn't gotten into a fistfight over punctuation, at least once.

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Either way, he would still be less of a faggot than op. For shame, trying to make this place your personal blog like that.

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This shit is just unacceptable. Break it down intoblike ten parts.

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That is fucking brilliant

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So named in case anyone else finds my picture folders.

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Pawns of Chaos. Protagonist lived a happy life in a small village before Imperials came and wrecked their shit. The bigger cities and nations were mostly peaceful and even welcomed Imperials with open arms.

Farseer. Slaanesh worshiper runs a bar on an Imperial planet. Acts mostly as an informant to daemons. Noise Marine likes to sit around, listening to the beat in his head and pet his favorite slave.

Eye of Terror. There's a group of Tzeentch worlds shaped like roses where life seems to be pretty much a paradise. A hippie brother and sister cruise the warp currents on their rainbow ship from world to world to the whims of the gods.

Daemon World. There's mention of nations that are well enough not to see any point in overthrowing the planetary Chaos lord (or lady in this case).

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We canon now.

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No more canon than Boone. Less so, even.

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You jelly?

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Meh. Just saying that Boone has a full two paragraphs devoted to her while all you get is a vague allusion.
LCB was pretty bad, though.

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>Not a Flamer at all

Then what's up with that pilot light thing at the end of the barrel (I have no idea what those are called)?

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>Meh. Just saying that Boone has a full two paragraphs devoted to her while all you get is a vague allusion.
What where?

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The RoguebTrader Navis Primer.

>> No.23633607

Navis Primer.
"The Boons of Saint Alys"

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which book is this from?

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Despite the stretching giving me eyecancer, that made my chuckle my nuts off.

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Based on the ends of the barrels and the side-affixed tank, I'd be more inclined to say its a melta weapon of sorts.

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Well, meltas dont use pilot lights... so yeah

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That is magical.

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has anyone got the Blood Raven stealing thread?

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dude wtf?

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One of the Dark Heresy expansions.

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i couldn't stop laughing at this, had to stop before I choked

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Haha oh wow.

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Shoot flammable liquid instead of compressed gas. It's not long enough range to call it a sniper or warrant the use of a scope, but it's considerably longer range than compressed gas flamethrower. Napalm sticks to heretics.

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I sort of know that feel bro.

It was going really well at first but then it just fizzled out and died.

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I too broke up with the girlfriend today. It is still sad somehow. When you've bene the nerd who gets dumped in life, it's hard to be on the other side, becuase you know how much it hurts. Also, I am drunk so, ignore me if necessary

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Alcohol doesn't sound that bad right now...

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^^b *bump*

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>dead thread
>hasn't been bumped for ~32 minutes

Are you from /v/ or something?

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Holy shit, I didn't realize it was Tuesday.

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I must keep you alive. You are the girl of my dreams.

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Are we at the front page yet?

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>Drop the Emperor's Beat on these heretics
Fucking lol

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God fucking damn those things. Fuckkkk I was terrified of them as a kid.

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Bro, that's a Navigator.

>> No.23642526

Why would anyone cap this?

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Mere pretenders to the might Daftcog!

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fucking googly eyes get me every time.

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Because the dude didn't know who motherfucking Kirk Hamett is, man.

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I only managed 550.
I've failed the Emprah.

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Holy fuck mein seids

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Bump for a new thread?

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What even is this? I thought it was a Masakari battlemech from Battletech but it's got the Salamander's symbol on the shoulder. Is it supposed to be a dreadnought?

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