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Battle brothers, the lands of omegle is not yet purged and our mission is not yet finished. Get out there and make us proud. Report back.

Mission: Show the people that are roaming the plains of omegle what good roleplaying is about.

Tags: /tg/, fatguy, grognard, roleplay, rp, rollplay, adventure.

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Looks like Omegle doesn't like word bearers

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That actually looks kinda fun. Which god are you going to preach for? Slaanesh would probably be the easiest, but Nurgle is best god.

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All four, why limit your faith?

In other news, Cadia's Marshall of the Recruits is finding it hard to get volunteers

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You and the stranger both like roleplay.
Stranger: hi
You: Hello! Are you of military service age?
Stranger: no
You: Excellent, have you considered signing up for the Cadian youth volunteers?
You: benefits include lasgun training, your own set of flak armour and experiancing war around the imperium's domain. Graduats of the youth corps are known to progress to imperial guard officer commissions and stormtrooper training!
You: Can i put your name down then?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Find strangers with common interests (Settings)

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>Giving all four your time of the day

Slaanesh only cares about pleasure, Khorne about killing and Tzeentch only cares about his plans.

Papa Nurgle cares about you.

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Ah but together try form one super 'god' of chaos undivided, I wouldn't be a true Dark Apostle if I divided my attentions in administering the dark gods message

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You seem to have converted someone

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I don't have much luck with this either.

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>mfw my sides go into orbit

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Almost got one

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You and the stranger both like roleplay.
Stranger: ello
You: Greetings puny corpse-slave, do you have a few minutes to spare to hear the good word of chaos undivided?
Stranger: sure
You: Excellent! Are you aware that gods are ery much real and capable of gifting their followers immortality?
Stranger: yes sir
You: are you also aware of their names? Nurgle, khorne, slaanesh, tszeench?
You: As a worshiper of chaos undivided we revel in the glories of all four of the dark gods, exploring and enhancing our devotion to each aspect
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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I can't look at this without laughing hysterically

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Reposting the Brogan saga, will probably make more today.
Depends on my ability to think up puns.

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Still, if you can figure out the method, it's easy to pull off Brogan.

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Fucking Slaanesh cultists.

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Protip: it involves violence puns

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And that's the last Brogan for now. I feel legitimately attached to this character; I might have to use him in a game or something.

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bump for justice

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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You and the stranger both like Roleplay.
Stranger: Hey M here. I’m George/Georgia, I’m looking for a role-play with anybody who wants to go with this story. I’m a very submissive cross dresser, who is 5’4 (Yes i know Im small) with a slim build and shoulder length blond hair, blue eyes and a completely shaved body
your my best friend/neighbour/step brother/stepdad/step sister/(Anything you want.) or something and you’ve come to my house and knocked on the door, but theres no answer so you use the key we keep under the mat to let yourself in, you’re walking around quietly, your in my room and you see a bag filled with lots of sexy out fits, slutty costumes feminine clothes and sex toys, Then you look down the hall way and you see me facing away from you, wearing 6 inch platform high heels, stockings, a garter belt, a corset, a bra, and a thong, I even have large fake boobs in the bra cups, I also have my face completely done up all slutty and my hair done in a girly way.
Im willing to do anything and everything
Reply with a description and your move.

Just say if you want to make
You: I walk over to you placing my hands on your shoulders with a soft smile on my face
Stranger: I yelp. not expecting you as I take a step away
You: "Have no fear" i say as i slowly begin taking my shirt off "i know you want me, and i definatly want you"
Stranger: I turn to you and smile, and in a very girlie voice ask. "How long have you known about this?" I ask softly
You: "Oh i've known a while" i say as i slowly unbuckle my pants. Pulling them down i reveal a large snake in place of my penis. Pushing you on to the floor the snake inserts itself into your mouth, absorbing your soul as i quiver "aaaaaahh yesssss!"
You: writhing in pleasure as i gorge on your soul and bodily juices i dedicate the sensations to slaanesh, screaming aloud
You: you just got fucked by a daemonette
You have disconnected

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Bumping with Captain Kahn.

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>You have disconnected

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Never fun when adventure stops halfway through.

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Reposting this little adventure.

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had a great one going and this cool concept about a copy room. IM SORRY ANON MY INTERNET FUCKED ITSELF

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I had fun though. Too bad that it ended. It was a great little adventure so far.

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Oh shit, wait, wrong one.


THIS is mine.

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I wanted to finish it so bad, was gonna be cool, that room was gonna be sweet too. Bummed out now man

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I wanted to finish it too, but I guess that's life. Just retell it for someone else.

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bump for the Battle Brothers

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You said fucking ANY

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Fuck the guys that does that.

>Tfw I'm 8 hours into a roleplay now

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You are an inter-stellar police officer, charged with defending intergalactic spaceports from piracy and black market dealings. Describe yourself in detail and we'll go from there

There's the paste, you guys know what to do.

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>mfw it was probably the same person
>mfw they probably though we were the same person

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>tfw no fatguys to rp with on omegle

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This is one from the thread that started this, about two weeks ago.

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try grognard tag

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From my email she actually tracked down my facebook and google+ account, and added me.
I'm a little scared.

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I'm down. I wanna do a freeform Dark Heresy-style roleplay. What would an average Inquisitor's starting equipment be?

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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You and the stranger both like Role playing.
Stranger: (Let me know if you're reading.) (Sydney or Syd. 18 Years Old. Green Eyes. Blonde Hair. 5'4. Skinny and Athletic Body. A Bit Pale.) It was just a normal day in my small town, I was working at the local bookstore. Nothing interesting really happens here, just the usual couple of customers. When all of a sudden I see a face I've never seen before. You walk in confidently, looking at magazines when I catch your eye. (If interested please leave your name, a description, and please continue. This roleplay can go any where.)
You: (reading)
You: (and sneezing, gimme a moment)
Stranger: (Haha okay)
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Go anywhere my ass, this sight is full of liars.

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>Forgetting my image

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And then she disconnected.

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Well, she was rude.

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>Have an amazing adventure with a great roleplayer
>For hours and hours
>Suddenly the stranger disconnects right after writing something

Fuuuck. Now I'll never know how it ended.

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Was it me?


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Nope, sorry, it just ended.

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five star post

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>ponyless education

I am not familiar with this term.

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for the record i don't know jack shit about 40k

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Probably why you didn't abort as soon as the words "marines malevolent" were spoken. I'm surprised you came out of that RP alive

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These were good.

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fuck this shitty ass GM with his artificial difficulty

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son, i am disappoint.jpg

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Nor am I.
I pray it has nothing to do with... that.

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part 2

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>Brogan always has a leg up on the enemy!
I lost it

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Not familiar with 40k fluff myself, are Marine Malevolents really such gigantic assholes?

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Yes. Yes they are.
(Well maybe not THAT bad. But the ork camp thing is something that actually happened).

But really, look at their name.

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am i really that good of a trap?

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For reference, it's a noir-modern fantasy setting.

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It's just like my Delta Green campaign!

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Great stuff man, thanks for the good time

Weird Western Zombie Apocalypse: Part One

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Weird Western Zombie Apocalypse: Part Two

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Weird Western Zombie Apocalypse: Part Three

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Weird Western Zombie Apocalypse: Final

He had to go after that, oh well, great twist man

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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You and the stranger both like Roleplaying.
You have disconnected.

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part 2.5

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Stranger: Hi

You: Hello!

Stranger: Asl?

You: 49/M/Korsos IV

Stranger: 14 f USA.

You: Would you like to hear the offer of a lifetime?

Stranger: I would love to!

You: If you sign today, you can have an adventure amongst the treacherous stars!

You: Join the Shienbrad dynasty and you'll receive a signing bonus of ten thrones, a flashlight, and your own Cadian T-shirt (frag grenades not included).

Stranger: What? Frags not included? What is this bull-shit???

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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>Stranger: What? Frags not included? What is this bull-shit???

I like her.

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Omegle glitched up and I'm not able to get a link, so I'm going to have to copy and paste it. This is a long one, so be warned.

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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You and the stranger both like rp.
You: hey man i need tech support
You: so you see
You: when i start up google chrome
You: it tells me about some kind of
You: demon thing
You: like there are demons on my computer
You: do you know any good exorcists
Stranger: Hmm. Have you tried cycling the power? Sometimes a simple reboot is all it tak
Stranger: T͑͗̔̏̒͟҉̩͉̦͙̙ͅo̸͎͚̫͍̱̠̭͛͠͝ͅ ̞̲͋̈́ͦͨ͐ͧ̕i̤͖̦͋̎ͯ͐̊̽̾ͤ́͠n̷̷̞̻͕̙ͩ̃͆͝v̻̰͉̗̘͍̻̱ͭͦͬ̈́̄ͨͨo̧̢̮̞̳̣̖̖̦̭̻̾͗k͓̜͎͕ͤ͛ͫ͐ͨ͞e͚̰̺͉͆̂ͬ͒̈́ͯ ͖̤̭͖͔̫̃̄ͭ͆ͮͥṯ̮̗̺̪̳̰̲̄̓ͣ́̓͗h̢ͦ̿̀ͪ͏̝̗̤͍e̵̙͎̫͍̘̭̽̊͛̀͛ͪ͒ ̢̧͕͍͓͖̫̝̬ͯ̍ͣ̌ͥ̍͟ͅh̴̩̫ͧͬ̈́͆̈́͝ȋ̢̳̌͛ͬ̆̔̇̏ͦ́ṽ̹̯̫͖͓̪͙͕͗̓͌̇͝͞ē̩̟̝̜̻̯̎͋͆ͥ͐ͣ́̚-̸͖̻̫̭̪͂ͥ̄̅̈́͗̂̍͗m̜̫͔͙̦̽́̉̑̏̎̅̅̀i͇̭͎͍̣͍̺̊ͪͬ́ͫ̽̎n̴̟̗̱͎͚̊̽̓ͤ̏ͥ̏̒d͂̔ͧ̂̑ͭ͏̲͔͎̼̮͙̖̹ ̦̰̩̩̫̖ͪ͗̈̒ṛ͇̲͌ͧͧͣͩͅe̠̩̩̰͐̓̊̆̓̈̕p̢̢̥̣̘̝͈̮͚̳͂̆̽̓͐ṛ̟̜̫͈̝͚̈̇̅ͩ͑͂̑ͭ̚ē̴͉̺̦̎̽̓̈́̎ͪsͯ̎́ͩ͞͏͈̹e̦͔̱̣̞̰ͬ̾̕͢n̺͈̼͖͊̀ͣ̿̅̋̚͞t̷͖̩͂̀ị̸̲̼̹͙̜ͦͥṇ́ͩ̓̒̍̾̾̑g̬̜͈̝̳̀͌͊̓̅ͫͥ͒̃͟ͅͅ ̘̙̦͓̖̙̏̅͋̀͞c͔̙̠͖̗̯͈͈̓ͥͣͥ̄͌͝h͎̝̭͇̺ͯ͗ͫ̓ͧ͞ͅa̡͉̠̦͔̜̺̯͒ͭ̄͡ő͓̮̜̙͈̰̠ͥͣ̉ͥ̋̀ş͈̗̳̩̻̼̤̇̐̔ͬ.̸̡̲͔̘̂́͂

con't, of course.

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̸̯͍̻̩̲̃̓W̸̨͓͖͚ͭ̇͆ͯ̂̂͛͝i̴̟ͩ͑ͨt̛̙ͬ́͌̒̋ͨ̚h̓͐́͝҉̻͎͓̮̭ ̧̩̠̼̺̤̥̟̔͐̍̓̏̕͝o̡̯̜͐̓̿̉̏ͥ͘ṵ͎͚͍ͫ͂̾͛̈͡ͅt̴̹̼̱͇̙̻̟͉͇͊͂͊̃͊̀͝ ̢̙̱̣ͮͤͦ̈ͪ̃͗̄͛͟ȍ͎̞̜͓͎̉̇r͋̃̎͂̒̒͏̯̝̙͖̞̝̺̠̥ḋ̩͚̮ͦ͗̏ͥͬ̚ę̺͇ͫͬ̂̀̌̀r̷͎̥̲͍͇̟ͬ.̶̗͖̝̳̬̍̎ͭ̓́
̶̧̪̦̬͗͑̽ͮ͠ͅT̷̛̤͕̘̟͔̳̤͇̓ͧͤ̍̋͟ḩ͊̈́͏̦̦͈̙͉ͅͅe̟̭̩̞̟̎ͯ͐ͯ̔̈ͅ ̬̼͇̟͖̱͓̘̓̆N̳̣̥̾̆ͨͬ̃̑͊̂͜è̽̔̍̿҉̥͚̮͇̫̜z̧̛̺̼̬̳̳̙̻̪͚͊̍̇ͪ͢p̣̜̓̂̇ͧ͟ͅeͪͣͨ̔ͫ̒̑͏̲̠̦̙͔̗͚̟̭r̖̰͖̦̥̦̲̣͈ͮͣ̽̈́̅ͦ̆̒̚͘d̝̤̣ͩͬ͝i̶̧̲̞̳̩͋̃͛͆̀a̢͙ͥ̅̈́̔ͪͤn͔̪̰̪̪͂̎͊́̑ͨ͟ ̥͔͎͚̺́̂̆͛͆͟h̒̃͑̓̋͛̏͜͢͏̤ḭ͚̟̓̑ͮv̷̢̥͕̘̥̳͎̅̏͐͂̂ͯͨͭe̷̘̲̯̞̭̺̘ͭ̿͢-̵̻͕̜̦ͤ̎̚͘m̷̧̳̜̩̳̦̦̘̱̝ͬͦ̓ͩ̑͠ị̴̪̦ͧ̈́̿̄͜n̓̍̓͂̂͋ͦ͏̵͇̝͝d̷̡̰̮̊ͯ͗ ̨͎̙̲̠̹͛ͩ̈ͬ̀o̦̪͍̲̭͚̖ͩ͗͌͑̂͞f̸̱̲̤̮̭͇͖̻̍̀̆͟ ̵̛̈͌ͩ͏̤c̐̓̂҉̥̯̙͎̠̬̹h̛̜͉͕ͫ̓̆̓̚͘a̢̢̫̖̞̼̥̰̭ͧ͒ö̸̸̫̹͇̜͔͊̅̀̽̚s̸͕̯̬͙͑.̵̛͓͇̹̹̼͚̖̃̊̓̉ͧ ͍̘̐ͤ̒ͨͨ͑ͤ͜͠͡Z̢͓̗̦̘͉̉͑͡ͅa̷͈̝̮̫̎̊ͣͨ͢l̨̧̧̘͍͈͕̥͐̍̉ͧͥͅģ̬̏̑͌̌ͯͮ̓̈́͜o̥̼̥̔̏̿͗͛̆͋̋̃̀.̡̖͍̤͙̮̰̪̦̤̓͆̀̈́́̎͝ ͇̱̫̹͑̇͂ͭ̌͂̀
Stranger: WE WATCH.
Stranger: WE SEE ALL.

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Stranger: So anyways, try downloading some software utilities to clean out your registries...
Stranger: Hello? Sir?
Stranger: What's this about Azatoth?
You: Azatoth likes to intrude on things randomly and generally act like an asshole
Stranger: I see. Sir, have you considered calling a psychiatric help line?
Stranger: Wait. Ah fuck.
Stranger: The power's out.
You: Nah man, they're all fakes
Stranger: You said the electrician would fix this. I've got a customer on the line.
Stranger: Wait, I heard something from the phone.
You: Aren't we... on the phone?
Stranger: ...but the power went out to our facility. Hello? Sir, can you still hear me?
You: Yes, yes. I'm still here.
Stranger: Tell me about these demons.

>> No.23621734

You: Well, Azatoth is the one that randomly hijacks the internet to try to drive me insane using eldritch majjicks and shapes that couldn't possibly exist in our reality.
You: He also likes tentacle porn, it keeps showing up in strangely labled folders on my desktop.
You: I guess it would make sense, because he's some kind of tentacle abomination...
Stranger: Â͕͔̹̪̯̫̘ͬz̦̯̪̖̻̫̝̎a͇͓̣̎̐̑̆̉̏͌t̘̠̦̞̥͖͐ͫ̊ͮ̏͆͒o҉͖ť͈h̭̟̬ ̯͚̫̽͒l̢͍̳͔̣̠͖̥iͦ̊͏̺ḳ̯̪̙̖̘̥́͂ͪ͛ͩͥë̬̘́̾ͫs̼͖͕̜̖͛̋̐ ̹̻̙̤͕̥ͩͬ̔̐̓͗̓ͅẇ̴̳̘̯̹͗̂ͨͅḣ̵͇̹͎̒ͯͧ̓a̲͍̫̮͈͎t̢̜͉̳ͫ̂ͥ̋͛͆ͅ ̢̖͖̬̮̠̝̍͊̍ͪ͒̔͊h̝̭̞̗̖ͪe̠̼̹ͦ͌ͣ̿͛ͪ̚͢ ̧̞͔͎̩͈̀͌͋͂͆s̤̘̺̜̩̽͌͐̓̔̌ẻ̖̻͇̼͚̗͇̎e̻̦s̰͇̘̣̣̭̭̒͌͌ͦ̆.͓͈̰̯ͨͣ̓̀
̢̗͎̮̟̹̉͊͋̀T̩̳̹̻̣ͤ̊̆̃̒h͉ͦ̕ẹ̬̼̥̺̩̗ͬ̾͋̾ͬ͗͝ ͚͕̬͍ṭ̰̰͕ͩ̚e̼̮̘̪͙̬n͔ͪͯ͢t̖͚̣͒̚a̯̫͎̯̮̳ͭ̈́ͨͪc̬̄͐l̫͍̹͈̫͓e̥̅ͮ͂ͬ͐ͅs͖̠͖̤̟̿̊̉̅̀ͣ̒,̦̩̓͐̉͌͌̈́ ͂ͭ̔ͬͅt̳͚͎͎̫̖̺̊h̙͎̳̭̪ͦ͑ȇͯͬ̈ͣ͟y͎̖̘̭̪̠̏ ̼͔̠̥͎̈́a̓̏ͩ͗ͮ̄̔͏̟͔͈͎̲̭̠r͈̳͚͌͗̍ͪͨͮ̑ȇ̛ ̗̹͎̭̪̫̺́ṕl̹͉̩͛ͥ̊̿̋ͥ͘e̤̼̺̣̜͂ͩ́̄̕a̳͒s̝̀i̗͙̮̯̫̰̊͊̌̈̌͡ņ͉̺̪͈̪̟̮ͭ̐g̨̱͎̩̳̯͙ͯ̉̃ͅ ̡͖ͤͯ̈̍̅͛t̛̬̰̙̼͒͑͛̾͐̅o̙͚̮ ͙̰̹͖̦̲̪̔̇̉ͫ̊ḣ̙̯͖͈̹͋͌̚ͅi̙͓̙͕̝͊ͧ͋͌ͬ̚̚m̰͉̯͍̥̗̫̂̇̇͐ͮ̈́̎.̹͙̪̮
̖͕̥̩̯̙̅ͦ͌Dͩ̏ͩ͂̆̅̚͝o̡͈ͣ͂͂ͧ ͖͓͍̥̳̥̠͛n̿ō̵̹̰̰̃̾t͍̯̰̣̣͚̩̔͑̆ͩ͑ ̞̱̘͊͗͠a̢̭̅d͌ͅͅj͉̲̼̘̕u̸̎́ͪ̚s̷͙͖͚̝̒͋t̸͖̭͍ͮ̏̌͑ ̯̫͇̞̫̠ͭ̈́̓ͅy̺̼͋̾ͦͬ̓͘o͕̠̹ͮ͌̽ͯ̂̉̈́u͙̺̱̙r͉͇͂͟ ̳͎͊͆ͨͦ̽͟m͙͎̘̭̌̔̎ͪ̏ͯ̔o̙̦͇ͣ͋n̢͇̖̥̩̰͔͒̀́ì̯͈̹̠̣ͪ͆ͦ̂ͦ̓͝t͋͑͋̋̄͗̀o̶̞̩͙̪͚ͧ̑̓̃r̢̟͕̙̣̹̞̬ͦ̈.̖͋ͩͥ̇̐͂

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Stranger: A tentacle abomination?
You: Yeah, like some giant squid monster
You: Like what that guy Lovecraft wrote about.
Stranger: But those are just stories.
You: They might be, but all I know is that a text file labled "The King in Yellow" keeps showing up randomly when I'm trying to send an email, along with a whole host of other things.
You: You know, it's really disconcerting when you try to boot up the internet and have a decomposed corpse just staring at you from the corner of the screen
You: You get used to it after a while, though
Stranger: Hell, it can't be much worse than working tech support, right? I swear, half of the people I've seen managed to infect themselves with a gay porn "Desktop buddy", or pop-ups for "Hot Naughty Teens".
Stranger: Hold on, I heard someone down the hall, I'll be right back.
You: Aight, I'll be here.

>> No.23621757

Stranger: ...
Stranger: So one of my buddies, Mike, he's passed out on the floor right now, and not just because he's a lightweight who likes to drink too much.
Stranger: He's got Hastur carved into his abdomen.
You: Hmm. Any of your coworkers named Hastur?
You: Oh wait, it's acting up again.
You: goddammit azatoth stop with the insanity causing images.
You: ï̧̥̙̯ͦ͂t͏͕̰̘̹͈͉ ̰̤̣̱̹̫̌̔ͪh̢̺͂̅ͥ͋ṵ̼͇̏rt͙̐ͮ̉͂s͉̯̝̘̙͑̃͒̇ͨ̏͊
You: So, anything about that Hastur guy?
Stranger: Have no idea. Hastur.... sounds like something out of a kid's show. Hastur... hastur.
Stranger: Shitty name.
You: I know, right? Doesn't roll off the tongue at all.

>> No.23621769

Stranger: but we speak of hastur and cassilda
Stranger: it hurts
Stranger: the ambition of caesar and napoleon pales
You: You alright there, guy?
You: Hey wait, there's a .png on my desktop now.
You: It looks... strange...
You: Yellow...
You: why
You: why does the pain
You: why does it hurt
Stranger: hey man i need tech support
Stranger: so you see
Stranger: when i start up google chrome
Stranger: it tells me about some kind of
Stranger: demon thing
Stranger: like there are demons on my computer
Stranger: do you know any good exorcists
You: Hmm. Have you tried cycling the power?

>> No.23621784

Stranger: Why do we persist, Mr. Wilde? Does the sensation of life justify its banality? What do we accomplish, beneath it all?
Stranger: It is a blue marble covered with apes, and before it was a blue marble covered in lizards.
Stranger: Time passes, and kings rise and fall, but the kings never die.
Stranger: Serve, courtier, serve.
You: strange is the night where black stars rise
You: and strange moons circle through the skies
You: b͇̆ͬ͗ͮ͊̔̚ṵ̳̲̹̤̪̂t̅ ̣̜̑̿̉͘s̡̝̭͓̲̩̟ͧ͑ͧͫt̷̆̊͌ṛ̨̭͉̺ͯḁ̸̀̈́̿n̯̞̗̬̹̊g̗̯̹e̛̾rͤ̾̊̋͑̽̒ ̵̣̝̻͇̫̮ͅș̭̰̣̹̑ͮ̇̀̀t͌͊̓ḭ̩̤̯̦͌̎̉̀̔l͓̮͉̖ͫͬ͟l̶̮̼̰͉ ̧̟̳͎ͯ̏i̦̯͎ͩ̐ͨ͊̚s̮͈̖ͩͥͫ̉̄
You: l̂̒o̵̙ͦͣ͆̃̑s̨̤̮̰̗͚̜̻̎ţ̉ͭͅ
You: c͓̪̭ͭ̓ͭ̿̒́̍ȃ̠̟ͯr̛̀̄̓̐͌̚c̄ͪ̄̃o̅ͫ͛̿̐̉̋s̙̯̄̏͊̊̀̚a̢̬̝̙͎͉͊

>> No.23621800

Stranger: Take a bag of a thousand marbles. Draw one out. Grind it to dust. Repeat this. Grind them all to dust, then melt the dust down and cast new marbles.
Stranger: The colors change. The glass changes. but the marbles are all the same
Stranger: did the marbles matter
You: songs that he hyades shall sing
Stranger: Hello? Sir, can you still hear me?
You: Are you still there, guy?
You: I'm hearing things, they don't make any sense
You: You getting anything like that on your end?
Stranger: Yeah... maybe a little. Listen, how about we close this ticket? Issue resolved.
Stranger: I'm sure if you sleep on it, you can solve your own problem.
Stranger: At the very least, you'll feel better while you dream.
You: Maybe, yeah.
You: Hopefully we'll be able to find out who this Hastur bastard is.
Stranger: Yeah, yeah, maybe. He's probably one of those guys on those stupid reality TV shows.
You: Yeah, like a children's cartoon character or something.
You: Eh, well. I'll take your advice and sleep on it.
You: Who knows? Maybe I'll end up dreaming a way to fix my computer.
Stranger: Anyways, if the problem persists, you can call me again. My name's Arnold. Feel free to call the line at (840) 719-34SA if you want to give feedback about your customer service experience.
You: Aight man, I'll write that down. Stay safe.
Stranger: You too.
You have disconnected.

D-did I do good, /tg/?

>> No.23621859

Two battle brothers avoid copyright infringement with Monty Python as they go about a sinful community looking for purges in all the wrong places.


>> No.23621895

first time doing this.
I did good, /tg/?

>> No.23621913

Click "Get a Link"

>> No.23621914

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You and the stranger both like roleplay.
Stranger: hi
Stranger: 15m
Stranger: O_O
Your conversational partner has disconnected.


>> No.23621928

shit, I screwed up my picture

>> No.23621933


>> No.23621977

http://logs.omegle.com/8db8817. Which one of you crazies stuck your damn torso on me?

>> No.23621997

Brogan... his name is now cursed by the Shade Witches that serve the Fallen Lords. The spiral burn scars from the Eblis Stone's magicks cause soul scarring nightmares that Brogan cannot remember. Soulblighter awaits in the North, reconstituting himself from the Murder of Crows he was forced to become. The Tenth marches southwards to Madrigal, approaching the village of Crow's Bridge.

[email protected]

>> No.23622010

Well this was my amusement so far.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You and the stranger both like Roleplay.
Stranger: Sister
You: Hail battle sister!
Stranger: Yea...
You: How goes your front of the war?!
You: You seem confused. Have you suffered a head injury?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

>> No.23622279

Hmm. I thought /tg/ and grognard would always show up for other fa/tg/uys. Yo wassup you still having chrome problems?

>> No.23622349

this seems to be a common theme

no fun allowed lol

>> No.23625078

>16th century

>> No.23625217


>> No.23625580

an average family get together for brogan

>> No.23627022

You: Wake up John
You: It was all a dream
You: You wake up forcefully, multiple cords attached to you, you're half submurged in a clear, lukewarm liquid
You: A constant beeping noise can be heard, and a dim red light provides you light
You: What do you do
You: Some time passes as you attempt to regather yourself, the whole life you lived once before was all some kind of simulation
You: The metal clanging of approaching footsteps can be heard
You: You should probably do something
You: The clanging metal foot steps begin to make the water jiggle and distort, signifying they are coming closer
You: A hiss of steam gets released and you get your first few gasps of 'real' air
You: A hulking metallic figure can be seen with the dim red light reflecting off of its chest, possibly chassis
You: It begins to make a winding noise, and some lights appear where a mouth would be on its face, if you could call it that
You: It speaks in a robotic monotone voice "Another has awakened master, what shall I do" CSHHHRRRT
You: You notice it has a kind of blue tooth head set, of which it is speaking to
You: You listen closely and begin to hear the barely audable phrase
You: "do wh-- do an-- dispose of"
You: With incredible speed the robot begins ripping the cords out of you, causing you incredible pain, it hoists you over its shoulder as you limply submit to its forceful wil
You: Then you black out, presumably dead
You: Game over
You have disconnected

What a shame.

>> No.23627160

Sleep well fair Tulio.

>> No.23627185

And now just for fun! Add a single RPG name (D&D, WoD, DH, Adeptus Eva) and try to meet a fellow fa/tg/uy who plays this game!

>> No.23627306

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You and the stranger both like roleplaying.
Stranger: Hello,
Medieval roleplay: Amelia. 18. 5'4. Blue eyes, red curly hair. I want this to be a cute, romantic little roleplay . Please use good grammar/spelling and pick up where I left off.] And yes. I WILL GIVE YOU TIME TO READ!

I am the queen in Scotland, I've been married to you, the king. It's been a while since we got married, around 4,5 months, and it is concluded that I am pregnant, probably the result of the night after our wedding (but that doesn't mean things can't happen)

I want it to be cute, perhaps, maybe sexual. But no rushing into the sex. Interested? Answer with Name, age and apparel. You should be somewhere around 18-25 though. I CAN ALSO DO THIS IN THIRD PERSON IF YOU PREFER THAT ^^
You: Brogan, 20, loin cloth and fur lined boots
Stranger: Hello
Stranger: So, who shall begin?
You: I'm in the castle pouring over a map when you enter. "Here, come look at this," I beckon over.
Stranger: "What is it?" I ask, frowning as I look at you, walking over to you
You: "A map of the castle. We about to invaded by orcs." The door start shaking before they collapse as green skinned monsters flood into the room. "BUT FEAR NOT MY QUEEN!" I yell drawing my claymore, "YOU STAND WITH BROGAN TODAY!". With a single blow I slice off the first orc's head which slides across the floor, "DON'T GET AHEAD OF YOURSELF BEAST!"

You conversational partner has disconnected.

My first attempt at Brogan. I think I fucked it up with the introduction though.

>> No.23627340

I was writing this over the coarse of 10 minutes, 'she' was completely silent the whole time. RIP

>> No.23627382

You did kind of derail her shit. It would probably have been more funny if you had played along.

Also, minor nitpicking, technically bolts aren't 40mm bullets. They're .75cal (19mm if I did my conversion right) AP rockets.

>> No.23627394


Yeah, TBH I don't know the exact details of spess marine gear, also I considered playing along. "YES, WHAT IS IT MY QUEEN"

>> No.23627592


>> No.23627654

What did Brogan do to those orcs that are causing them to hunt him across time and space?

>> No.23627974

The crusade continues?! I am with you now brothers!
Anyone else still forging onwards with our sacred war?

>> No.23628003

Not really, it's been on and off.

>> No.23628034


I am currently in the middle of a crusade, will post results when it finishes

>> No.23628639

Cleaning up the streets, one scum at a time.

>> No.23628672



As promised, hope you enjoy it

>> No.23628769

Nice one; haven't laughed so much for a while!

>> No.23629245

I had like zero clue what was happening the entire time.

I was so pissed when my summoned thing got one shot

>> No.23629305

More adventures of brogan


>> No.23629341


10/10 would eat yogurt with

>> No.23629345

He just couldn't handle the heroism...

>> No.23629595

I bring good tidings.

You and the stranger both like roleplay.

Stranger: do you want to do a furry roleplay?
Stranger: i promise ill be gentle~
You: sure
Stranger: ha ok, do you have a fursona?
Stranger: im a cat :3
You: I'm a wolf
Stranger: maybeyou want to do a student/teacher thing where its the first time you have been in heat and i...explain it to you?
You: It'd be great.
Stranger: cool :3 do you have steam just incase we get disconnected?
You: oh no I don't use steam.
Stranger: no problem cutie~ ill start if you want
You: yes,please.

Stranger: *i sit at my desk playing with a pencil, wearing a loose suit. I look over to the clock every so ofton to see when the lesson will end*
You: *scribbles stuff on a paper*
Stranger: *as the bell rings i stand by the door and see everybody out*
You: I start walking out of the classroom
Stranger: *i hold my hand out as you pass* "ah could i have a chat with you please?"
You: am I in trouble?
Stranger: "oh no i just wantto talk about your behavior lately, sit down"
You: oh okay...
You: *sits*
Stranger: *i sit down and lean over* "have you been feeling different lately?"
You: well ...
You: I mean...yes a bit...
Stranger: *I place a hand on your knee* "in what way?"
You: well...
You: *gulps*
You: I don't know I just get really really warm
Stranger: *i run my hand up your leg as i shuffle in closer* "Is it a good warmth?"
You: *whimpers*
You: *nods*
You: but it's weird
You: I don't know what happens
You: I just get very very hot
Stranger: *i lightly grip onto the side of your hip and caress softly.* "I understand, its natural. Have your parents talked to you about it?
You: *sneezes in your face*
You: oh sorry sorry sorry!
You: I'm so sorry It's just.
You: *growls*
You: *I shit everywhere and run around yelling "you don't have enough badges to train me!"
You: I set everything on fire and devour your furry underage corpse.

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

>> No.23629618

Good to see it, thanks for posting after that convo, keep on trollin'

>> No.23629684

What is it with lawbreakers this evening?

>> No.23629822

I wonder if she'll spread the word.

>> No.23630010

it ain't easy being a sword.

>> No.23630134

The Legend of Brogan continues.

>> No.23630169

This didn't go so well

>> No.23630244

>those puns
glorious, absolutely glorious

>> No.23630286


It's for the better, the wench did not deserve to rest her head on your man pouch.

>> No.23630377

This was my try at it
Stranger: f looking for sexy roleplay of brother and sister
You: I am Bronan, aged 22
Stranger: Im Aubree age 20
You: You may begin
Stranger: ok
Stranger: *laying in my room*
You: *I come in, wearing naught but a loincloth and boots, leather straps holding something to my back*
Stranger: "hi"
You: "Orcs come. Get up, and prepare to fight"
Just then, the orcs beat at, and break down the door, charging in waving their weapons. I draw my claymore from my back. "STAND STRONG, FOR TODAY YOU FIGHT WITH BRONAN!" I yell, as I behead an orc. "THAT'S HOW YOU GET A-HEAD!" I yell, and proceed to remove an orc's arm. "I AM SORRY TO DIS-ARM YOU!" I follow through with a downwards cut to another orc's leg. "TOO BAD YOU CAN'T STAND ALONE!"
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

>> No.23630631

you dun goofed, boy

>> No.23630674

I thought this deserved to be seen.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like roleplay.

Stranger: F1^


Your conversational partner has disconnected.

>> No.23630811


>> No.23630812

I don't even know what to think of this one...

>> No.23630832

>> No.23630923

I had some encounter with Dark And Edgy Killing Spree Teenager.
It's good to be a retired adventurer who tends his turnips.

>> No.23631080



>> No.23631461

i lol'd

>> No.23631587

In which I yell at a child and doom somebody to eternity in hell

>> No.23631604

The saga continues.

>> No.23631674

>cuts hand
>grip of situation
you.. you're a funny person

>> No.23631684

I love how well her scenario played into the Brogan template.
I was laughing at the buildup.

>> No.23631866


>> No.23631877


>> No.23631982


>> No.23632102

These punchlines are making me laugh my ass off every time.

>> No.23632112

Well fuck you too, Satan.


>> No.23632145

You'd think they'd eventually get old, but I am still laughing.
This thread needs more brogan.

>> No.23632221

I find it funny that /d/ is doing something similar right now.

>> No.23632236

They are?

Now I need to browse omegle more frequently.

>> No.23632245

They are indeed, albeit much slower.

>> No.23632250

They probably got it from us, The Omegle Crusade been going for several days (maybe a week at this point) and there's a lot of overlap between our boards.

>> No.23632260

I think longer than that.

>> No.23632267

thread link?

>> No.23632285

Newly arrived servant of Chaos. The conversion aspect of the 13th crusade is going poorly.

>> No.23632364

Just browse around /d/, you'll find it.

>> No.23632386

He's killed a lot of orcs.

>> No.23632470

can't find the thread

>> No.23632550

>You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
>You and the stranger both like Role play.
>Stranger: Make me wet
>You: *gets a bucket of water*
>You: *throws it at you*
>You: wet enough you stupid gook

oh god this shit is awesome

>> No.23632556

It was only a matter of time before the Slaanesh World of Omegle corrupted the forces of the Omegle Crusade

>> No.23632565

The Crusade grows ever stronger.

>> No.23632575

Why was that so fucking funny?

>> No.23632584

I am doing a fap free month, but don't worry brothers. I shall keep fighting.

>> No.23632655

>You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
>You and the stranger both like roleplay.
Stranger: Hey! i'm Avery. i'm 19 years old. i have long brown hair and crystal blue eyes. i'm slim, athletic, and curvy. We've known each other for a long time. Both our father's are kings of their own kingdom. We used to play around in the courtyard when we were children. Our kingdoms were great friends. That is, until my mother died. Everyone loved my mother. She was kind and loving. When she died, my father turned dark. cold. he began killing off innocent people, such as your brother. That caused a war. Today, my father has sent me to your kingdom's masquerade ball to kill your father, the king. You've heard of me and are keeping a lookout along with the other guards. You have no idea what i'm to wear or look like, for it's been so long since we've seen each other last. I arrive in a stunning blue dress, my hair curled, and a detailed silver mask. I have a sword attatched to my peticoat. (Romantic and it can turn sexual if you'd like. please be descriptive and have good grammar. describe what you look like and what you would be wearing. thanks! xx )
>You: I'm a big guy with a full grown beard, my sword is always on my belt soldiers respect me for my strength
>You: As soon as i heard of the plan, i made a pact with urkotz god of vengeance! as soon as the evil doer will arrive at the scene urkotz will mark him!
>You: Now, my dear "friend" you have a giant mark over your head
>You: people take steps away from you
>You: "THER HE IS!"
>Stranger: dude. you're fucking stupid. I'm a girl.
>You: Now you rott in the dungeon
>Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Never trust them /tg/ never! They will kill your brother and disconnect

>> No.23632843

Holy shit you guys. I never expected Brogan to get this popular when I made him.

>> No.23632857

Goddamnit, who are all these people with /tg/ related tags but leave at the instant you try to say anything?

>> No.23632880

What if two Brogan met each other?

>> No.23632886


>> No.23632911


Then there will be no more orcs.

>> No.23632970

As the creator of Brogan, what's your favorite brogan not done by you.

>> No.23633041

Hard to choose. I'm just flattered I started something at all, but I think >>23631982 is probably the best so far.

Also I made another one.

>> No.23633063

Gombur just wants to protect them from the lizards! DAMN LIZARDS!
when will i meet one who believes me?? ;_;

>> No.23633169

Brogan would believe you.

>> No.23633177

>Gombur and Brogan killing lizardmen and orcs together


>> No.23633205


>> No.23633226

I remember you!
Didn't we agree to meet on sup/tg/ though?

And I guess other people can join as well.

>> No.23633230

No fucking way.

Please post results.

>> No.23633239


>> No.23633307


You magnificent bastard.

>> No.23633318

>Tfw tired as fuck and gotta get up in 5 hours
>In a great roleplay

I guess there's no sleeping for me tonight.

>> No.23633328

Fuck I cant find anybody from /tg/

>> No.23633342

Use grognard and /tg/ as tags and cross your fingers.

>> No.23633369


>> No.23633416

>Finding people from /tg/


>> No.23633457


>> No.23633471


Well the brother, care you explain why we are using /tg/ related tags?
captcha precious ngdoops, muh ngdoops!

>> No.23633490


>> No.23633512


>> No.23633524

Also I am done with caps, seems rude to the people who wish only for adventure

>> No.23633537

>> No.23633557

You roleplayed correctly.

>> No.23633584

>> No.23633586

Thanks. I don't know where she wanted that to go.

>> No.23633609

Well within the parameters of the scenario. She should have saw that coming.

>> No.23633615

That was pretty cool.
I didn't stop using asterisks until near the end, unfortunately.

>> No.23633741

>No orc ambush
>No RP derail

The Joke is dead and we have killed it.

>> No.23633779

It's because I met another /tg/ guy, and not an ERPer. There would have been an ambush if I'd have led.

>> No.23633876

Oh man, the fighting ones make it so easy.

No reason to be such a negative nellie.

>> No.23634041

/tg/ Take piety on a simple anon, how do you save your convos?

>> No.23634114

get a link

>> No.23634330


>> No.23634339

there should be a button that says "get a link"

>> No.23634418

Does this appear after the convo has ended, into some good RP right now, will post afterwords

>> No.23634613

>> No.23634789

She didn't reply for like, a minute. I'm assuming the operation was a success.

>> No.23634878

Well The "get a link isnt working so what should i do to get the story to you guys?

>> No.23634893

Screencap always works.

>> No.23634923

This was pretty fun, actually. I managed to turn a slave erp into the quest for a civilized orc to return to his more savage roots.

>> No.23634946

FAK, Only got one screenshot before fucking it up, good thing I had it saved in words via skype, Will post green text in a moment, piece by piece
also will go by name anon 23

>> No.23635004

Stranger: you see a large cavern filled with rats and small water leaks you follow the path to reveal a door marked with a number 1

You: I check the floor for anything useful

Stranger: you find small rocks, a used torch, and a letter

You: I pick it all up, pocket the rocks and open the letter

Stranger: The letter reads: Whoever opens this letter must have an adventurous ambition. If you so choose to accept open the door and step inside. If you make it to the end you will receive a great treasure. The choice is yours alone

You: *looks around room* well, Finding a letter in a mountain cant possibly lead to anything bad *opens door and steps in, closing it behind*

Stranger: You open the door to reveal a fairly large room similar to an inn lobby. The room is covered in childish renditions of ghouls and goblins floating about. there is even small toy rats strewn about.

Stranger: (am i limited to a timeframe)

You: Is there any thing else of note? If not, I begin to pick up these toys and examine them closely

Stranger: There is a small metal sign next to a door marked with a 2. the sign reads continue?

You: I pick up the toys and go into the next room

Stranger: the next room is that of a living room area complete with paintings and furniture although the room has an eerie feel

You: I try to light to torch I previously picked up

Stranger: the torch lights giving a brighter view, but you also see shadows of people that are not there.

You: I gasp and meekly say h-hello?

Stranger: The shadows shudder at your greeting and dissappear as soon as they arrived. short after a rattling comes from a dresser drawer in the corner of the room.

>> No.23635011

I have been crusading for many days now. Or at least, I have been attempting too. This happens every single time. Am I that scary?

>> No.23635056


You: I approach and slowly open the drawer

Stranger: the drawer contains a large knife a key and a letter

You: A grab the knife and open the letter

You: *I

Stranger: If you have gone this far and still have your wits about you i assume you want to continue. *at the bottom is a yes or no*

You: I look around the room before taking some dust off of the ground a circling yes

Stranger: The paper rattles to reveal writing being scribbled on the page as if someone was writing by hand: Good then take the key and continue. A door appears that was not there before marked with a 3.

You: I search for a key

Stranger: a key is found in the drawer

You: I go to the door marked 3 and knock and listen carefully

Stranger: you hear nothing. But a silence

You: I open the door and thrust my torch inside

Stranger: as if it had been off the torch shines no light on the floor walls or ceiling. just darkness

You: I toss a rock into the room

Stranger: you watch the rock as it disappears into the blackness but hear no sound

You: I go back into the other room and close the door, then putting the key into the lock i open the door once again

Stranger: The door reveals nothing but black once again. the letter begins to ruffle again.

>> No.23635067


You: I put the key back into my pocket and withdraw the letter

Stranger: the letter reads: What happened to that adventurous quality of yours?

You: You mock me? How dare you! I toss the letter into the darkness and jump afterwards

Stranger: Your body is consumed by darkness. you hear no sound. you see nothing. The only thing you can feel is your own heartbeat

You: I fumble around untill i find one of the toys and toss it outwards

Stranger: Nothing happens

You: I withdraw the other letter and say "Well, If you are as crafty as I why would you limit yourself to one letter? I try and hold the torch close to the letter but far enough away as not to burn it

Stranger: Suddenly you feel a presence.

You: "I know that you are there, I mean no harm, please show yourself."

Stranger: you feel the presence approach but nothing is said.

You: I wait for the presence

Stranger: you feel something touch you. but it is not a physical touch but an emotion.FEAR

You: I jerk backwards and draw the key close, Looking to the letter I faintly ask "Why?"

Stranger: Nothing is said. but the presence approaches

You: "Do you mean death for me?!" I shout and thrust the torch twords the presence

Stranger: Only for a second the letter flickers with light. run. but not only the letter but the figure is revealed. its form is not recognized by your brain but you mind is shot with fear at its sight

You: I flee from this form as fast as I can while dousing the torch and griping the letter tight

Stranger: You run for what seems like 20 minutes before you slam into wall. the only thing you see is a knob

>> No.23635080


You: I fumble with the key trying to find a keyhole in the darkness

Stranger: there is no keyhole. but the presence has already caught up with you

Stranger: it is close

You: I turn the knob and try to rush into the room, slamming the door behind

Stranger: The next room reveals a forest of some sort. although it is indoors as the roots intertwine with floorboard. and carpet. the trees reach very high and block the ceiling

You: I look to the letter for answers while trying to light my torch

Stranger: the letter is blank

You: I continue to try and relight the torch

Stranger: the torch lights.

You: I begin to venture forth into the forest, It feels more at home then the dark rooms of before

Stranger: you begin to hear birds and various bugs but cannot see them

You: I attempt to mimic the bird call

Stranger: The birds quiet .

You: I follow to where I had herd the birds

Stranger: you come across a headstone. the dirt before it was as if it was dug and refilled.

You: I attempt to read the headstone

Stranger: The headstone is blank except for a name. It is yours.

You: I look to the letter and begin to uncover the dirt covering this would be grave

Stranger: the letter is blank. you uncover the grave to reveal a hatch with a lock and a 5.

You: a 5?

You: Oh

You: Nvm

You: I produce the key and unlatch the lock, lifting the hatch

Stranger: The room appears to be the same as the second room. Furniture and all.

>> No.23635107

You: I produce the knife and begin to carve on the gravestone, "A lust for adventure began this path, and so too shall end it" Then I proceed into the room

Stranger: the room is same as before except this time. the shadows are back.

You: I say hello, please dont go, I wish no harm

Stranger: this time they stay. but it is not what you see it is what you hear. The voice of a little girl behind you. "hello"

You: I turn to the little girl and say these must be yours, and hand her the toys, Im sorry, I didnt know they belonged to anyone I say with a smile

Stranger: The girl smiles but something is wrong you see the girl but you see a Demon aswell as if in the same spot but not the same world as if your looking into 2 worlds.

You: My eyes widen but I quickly correct this and pull out the letter hoping to gain advise from the only one willing to give it

Stranger: The letter only revels one word but this word is not read it is said by the..

> Is anybody reading this? if so it will be a while before more is posted

>> No.23635270


He wanted superhero sex play

It took a while, I had to wait for him to go full ham before I unleashed my lovely form

>> No.23635403

>> No.23635581


>> No.23636256

Eh, I don't think I quite did the demon summoning right, but I think I may have converted her to following Nurgle, so that counts for something, right?

>> No.23636745

>it just wants a hug
Glorious, absolutely amazing.

>> No.23636886


>> No.23636946

All night and I've failed to find an incest RP. Good job, /tg/. You are really turning Omegle around.

>> No.23636995


>> No.23637018

I've found 2. It's all luck

I've also found the same person, twice

>> No.23637149

Holy shit that's amazing

>> No.23637212

>mfw i try to mess with a Hetalia fan who wanted to rp and we end up doing a fun romantic comedy

>> No.23637234

Whoever you are, anon, I'll always remember you

>> No.23637322

>> No.23637420

How about you believe in me, ya punk?! LIKE I BELIEVE IN YOU!!

>> No.23637482

That was cute. You're cute, Anonymous.

>> No.23639183

Same here. I've been trying for several hours to try to get an actual RP going.

Is there anyone on the entirety of Omegle not looking for underage sex? Guess it's probably not the best place to look for an actual storyline.

>> No.23639305

I love you.

>> No.23639307

I've found a guy that lives close to me 5 times over the last few days now.

>> No.23639462

beautiful brogan

>> No.23639869


Things could be worse.

>> No.23640301

Sometimes I've been lucky and found people looking to talk. I've also found fellow members of our crusade.

>> No.23640559

Am I doin it rite?

>> No.23641116

After a tonne of 'Asl' and 'M here' comments etc. Along with even more disconnects I got this little gem.

>> No.23642493

it's a sign

>> No.23643168 [SPOILER] 

Hello /tg/, I've been coming up with a little thingy for omegle, basically the stranger is a prisoner in a cell with a computer terminal, the terminal has a few different games to simulate what people might want to roleplay. So far I have 4 ideas.

GLADIATORS ARENA, you begin off as a prisoner condemned to fight in an arena against monsters and stuff.

WIZARDS AND WARLORS III, you become an adventurer and go places

WILD WEST BETA, one I'm not too familiar with, I'm thinking of turning it into a 'you're a wild wild west cowboy bounty hunter dude. there's revolvers and stuff'

and lastly, INFECTED CITY, a zombie survival horror sort of thingy, not entirely sure how i'd want to go about it.

Thoughts? Possibly better names for the games? New ideas for different games? Any feedback would be great.

>> No.23643251

UNTOLD HORRORS Lovecraftian horror.

>> No.23643260


I like it, noice idea

>> No.23643316

A game where you're trapped in a spooky place and on the run from a serial killer?

>> No.23643414


Maybe, what would you call it?

>> No.23644621

She means "pointless".

She made it two words, point less, because she's bad at English, then just missed the i and nit one key to the right for the t.

>> No.23645399

How about a scenario where the computer terminal is the game. They must win a mind game with their opponent (you) or be annihilated. Thoughts?

>> No.23645655

who the fuck wears a dress up a ladder?

>> No.23646538


Thaaat sounds a little silly

>> No.23646670

That was different.

>> No.23646689

Still here, being me. Did you find it, stranger? I'm always curious.

>> No.23646698

Not yet, I'm still moving though.

>> No.23646754

Oh, that's a shame. Well, keep going.
>tfw you didn't notice the grognard tag

>> No.23646804

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like fatguy.

Your conversational partner has disconnected.


>> No.23646844

I have discovered something that I thought I'd share with you guys.

There's a bunch of people on omegle doing ERP with the /d/ tag.

>> No.23646868

It was mostly me talking, but hopefully I got a recruit.

>inb4 that's not how physics works

>> No.23647378

Not really /tg/ related, but I think it's one of my better ones.

>> No.23647419

>> No.23647460

I am not sure if that ant was not underage.

>> No.23647509

Even we don't like you.

>> No.23647862

Here's my first, not that great but amusing to me.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You and the stranger both like roleplaying.
Stranger: Greetings I am Yzyrk. My demoncock aches for release. Are you the slut for the job?
You: I am the Paladin Lanthiel, sworn to defeat all evil!
You: I will slay you fiend!
Stranger: Aww. But I'm a nice rape demon
You: You are a Demon! All demons must be slain!
You: *Casts Holy*
Stranger: Thanks dude you made my day
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

>> No.23649544

Went into question mode:
"First to talk is the DM, the other is the adventurer. Go on an adventure."

Took a while to get a good team, but shit is hilarious. Will post when finished.

>> No.23649703


>> No.23649837

Alright, this was pretty good.

>> No.23649942

these are all turning out better than I thought.

>> No.23649982

I had a little fun doing this one.

>> No.23650103

Had to bail out of spy mode. The quantity of emotes were making my eyes bleed.

>> No.23650218

Give them a hook and you will eventually find players.

>> No.23650292

This was the most bizarre I have seen...

You're now watching two strangers discuss your question!
Question to discuss:
First to talk is the DM, the other is the adventurer. Go on an adventure.
Stranger 2: dibs
Stranger 1: bitch
Stranger 2: you awaken in a cave
Stranger 1: okay
Stranger 1: erm
Stranger 2: there is a faint glow ahead of you
Stranger 1: go north
Stranger 2: obvious exits are north and south
Stranger 1: What hemiphere we in?
Stranger 1: hemisphere*
Stranger 2: you head north, deeper into the caverns depths
Stranger 2: southern hemisphere
Stranger 1: Ah
Stranger 1: okay
Stranger 1: go down
Stranger 1: if possible
Stranger 1: down is fun
Stranger 2: you find a srt of rickety stairs
Stranger 2: running alongside a cliff
Stranger 2: it leads down so far you cant see yhe bottom
Stranger 1: sprint down stairs
Stranger 2: lol
Stranger 2: you sprint down the steps
Stranger 1: screaming ALLAH AKBAR ALLAH AKBAR ALLAH AKBER te whole way
Stranger 2: just as you reach the second step the board gives way
Stranger 2: your leg is now stuck
Stranger 1: shit
Stranger 1: gnaw off leg
Stranger 1: actually
Stranger 1: do i have a spoon?
Stranger 2: you hear a faint scratching and footsteps coming from the south
Stranger 2: you have a spork
Stranger 1: spork my leg off and raise it above my head as a weapon
Stranger 2: juat as you finish sawing off your leg with a spork a goblin appears
Stranger 2: hplding a small lantern and a spnife
Stranger 1: throw leg at goblin
Stranger 2: (half spoon half knife)
Stranger 2: you throw your leg at the goblin, kicking its ass from ten feet away
Stranger 1: fuck yeah
Stranger 2: it deals 24 dmg
Stranger 1: rape and plunder goblin carcass
Stranger 2: the goblin isnt dead yet
Stranger 1: shit
Stranger 2: his ass is pretty sore tho
Stranger 1: throw spork at goblin's balls
Stranger 2: critical miss
Stranger 2: you hit yourself in the eye
Stranger 1: bollocks

>> No.23650337

Stranger 1: use spork to remove eye and throw THAT at the goblin
Stranger 2: the goblin approaches
Stranger 2: the gpblin never saw it coming
Stranger 2: but you sure did
Stranger 1: I did, it was my eye
Stranger 1: lol
Stranger 2: there is a gpblin carcass to your north
Stranger 1: rape and plunder it
Stranger 2: you hop over to the carcass
Stranger 2: and begin to derobe
Stranger 2: when a loud bang shakes the whole cave
Stranger 1: Dammit
Stranger 1: take goblin's left testicle then use my severed leg as a crutch to run
Stranger 2: you obtain goblin testicle
Stranger 2: -5 to dignity
Stranger 2: you hobble as best as you can with your makeshift leg crutch the exit
Stranger 1: put goblin testicle in empty eye socket
Stranger 2: you gain testicle vision
Stranger 2: all testicles are now clearly visible to you
Stranger 1: just what i always wanted
Stranger 2: as you reach the exit you hear another loud bang
Stranger 2: and the cave collapses behind you
Stranger 2: you see many testicles behind the rocks go dim
Stranger 2: and eventually die
Stranger 1: dammit
Stranger 1: zombie nao
Stranger 2: you stand on a presipice over looking a gorgeous elven city
Stranger 1: masturbate
Stranger 2: you continue to derobe
Stranger 2: pull out your penis and start to beat the meat
Stranger 2: suddenly an elven merchant with a caravan of goods turns the corner
Stranger 1: point at him
Stranger 1: continue to masturbate
Stranger 2: he freezes midstep and stares
Stranger 1: smile
Stranger 2: he slowly backs away
Stranger 1: advanc
Stranger 2: a caravan gaurd soon turns the corner
Stranger 1: advance towards him
Stranger 1: shoot spunk at guard
Stranger 2: you release an animal like howl
Stranger 2: and eject your seed in the direction of thr gaurd
Stranger 1: laugh maniacally
Stranger 2: unfortunately you are short by about 20 feet
Stranger 2: but you can see his nuts
Stranger 2: the gaurd advances
Stranger 2: his nunchaku drawn

>> No.23650369

Stranger 1: rip off dick and throw it into his anus
Stranger 2: you long distance anally rape the gaurd
Stranger 2: he falls to the ground,
Stranger 1: retrieve penis and advance towards merchant
Stranger 2: moaning in either pain or ecstacy you cant tell which
Stranger 1: if he's still there
Stranger 2: you obtain your penis
Stranger 2: you are now male
Stranger 2: the caravaneer has already begun running away
Stranger 2: his cart of goods sits in the midle
Stranger 2: of the road
Stranger 2: completely vacant
Stranger 1: hijack caravan
Stranger 1: ride towards elven city
Stranger 2: with your newly aquired penis and caravan you set out for the elven city
Stranger 1: after shitting on all goods
Stranger 2: lol
Stranger 2: you maintain your status of nudity and begin to deficate over all the goods contained in the cqravan
Stranger 1: smear shit on self and set off at full speed towards city
Stranger 2: maybe you should check the contents of the caravan
Stranger 1: naaaaah
Stranger 1: shit on them alll
Stranger 2: now that theu are shit covered
Stranger 1: FINE
Stranger 1: lick a few of them clean
Stranger 2: you let out a heroic roar and head to the city gates
Stranger 2: after licking a few of the goods clean of course
Stranger 1: what did i get?
Stranger 2: you notice that food tastes better before you digest it
Stranger 1: less sexually invigorating, however
Stranger 2: a caravan full of magically enchanted ass-seeking-dildos
Stranger 1: activate all of them and prepare my anus
Stranger 2: you begin the encatations necessary
Stranger 2: how you know these incantations is better left to the imagination
Stranger 2: you prepare your body
Stranger 1: fuck yeah
Stranger 2: the dildos are as ready as your body
Stranger 2: they hover menacingly
Stranger 2: your caravan is 500' away from the city gates
Stranger 1: begin to scream
Stranger 2: what do you scream?
Stranger 2: or do you just dcream a line of vowels

>> No.23650380

Fuck it


the rest is here

>> No.23650459

I guess his own rules involve donuts being more important than his job.

>> No.23650723


>> No.23652038

Guys, I have a problem. Someone's playing along with Brogan and doesn't mind the puns. Actually, she thinks they're cool.

Wat do?

>> No.23652081

god dammit omegle

>> No.23652097

Have a gorram adventure with her and slay lotsa orkses, for fucks sake

>> No.23652135

Keep going and have awsome adventures.
Also play this everytime you encounter your archenemy.

>> No.23652223

Here we go.

>> No.23652526


>> No.23652542 [SPOILER] 


>> No.23652644

Jesus christ, how heretical.

>> No.23653011


>> No.23653104


>> No.23653165


I was going to explode in my next action though.... Chloe being a powerful psyker/psion

>> No.23653384


First time doing this, never played a /tg/, did I do any good at all? I don't understand this madness.

>> No.23653456


>> No.23654380

I have not tested this myself, so I cannot verify its efficacy, but in the interest of giving back to the board I present to you a gift:


>OmegleSpyX is an application that allows you to spy on people's conversations on Omegle. You can also send text as either stranger, block messages, disconnect strangers, and even swap a stranger without the other knowing. There are a number of fun and entertaining features that you can play with, too.

Please, do not use it for evil.

>> No.23654399

OK here's a question, why is it 90% of the relationship RPs girls post up on connection involves them as a cheerleader and you as a football player?

>> No.23654482

Because women are uncreative and sex hounds. Especially the fat ones who never got noticed in school and are hungry for cock but pretend like they have standards.

>> No.23654495

Just do what Brogan did: use them to seal your own glory. >>23634613

>> No.23654501


>> No.23654704


Like so.

>> No.23654886

Im trying this now, it is pretty badass.
If somebody out there piques my interest, I will let them know I am there.

The codeword is "Flamingo"

>> No.23654887

Thank you, brother.

>> No.23655313

The spirit child was very dense.

>> No.23655385

>The end there
I'm in tears.

>> No.23655638

ho lee fok, this is amazing. I've been masquerading as an admin, and breaking up ERP with the Fresh Prince right when the sex starts

>> No.23655836

[01:39:34] Finding two strangers...
[01:39:34] Stranger 1 connected
[01:39:34] Stranger 2 connected
[01:39:36] Stranger 1: m
[01:39:43] *Stranger 1: OR AM I
[01:39:58] Stranger 1: bckjsck
[01:39:52] Stranger 1 disconnected
[01:39:59] Conversation ended after 25 seconds

You should not have shown me this shit.

>> No.23655947

My favorite thing to do now

Is to mute both of them, and then I just slightly alter what they say. So I am having two conversations, but they are actually the same.

>> No.23656018

I have a story, if you guys would like to hear it.

[01:23:18] Finding two strangers...
[01:23:31] Stranger 1 connected
[01:23:35] Stranger 2 connected
[01:23:35] These strangers have 'RP' in common
[01:23:38] Stranger 2: hi
[01:24:00] Stranger 1: John 21 M 6'1, muscular, well toned body. I'm a trainer at a local gym and you and your husband are new in town. You come to the gym to work out. I see you and come over, offering to help you work out. I use this as an excuse to grope you and dryhump you right in front of your husband. Afterwards, I take you off to a private room for some "private lessons", and charge your husband money for the lessons when we get back. (Older females, 25+ only roleplay wise but you can be any age IRL.)
[01:24:30] *Stranger 1: let me know if you're reading
[01:24:44] Stranger 2: reading
[01:25:43] Stranger 2: im 24 is that okay?
[01:25:49] Stranger 1: That's fine.
[01:26:22] *Stranger 2: no i mean my age is 24
[01:26:24] Stranger 2: so need a discription?
[01:26:27] Stranger 1: Yeah that's ok.
[01:26:31] Stranger 1: And sure.
[01:27:19] Stranger 2: Amber light brown hair blue eyes. Average body
[01:27:44] Stranger 1: Sounds good.
[01:27:50] Stranger 1: Would you like to start?
[01:28:05] Stranger 2: can you? please?
[01:28:11] Stranger 1: (Sure)
[01:29:32] Stranger 1: I notice you and your husband walk in. You seem very disinterested with him as you lie down on a mat and start stretching.


(asterisks mark what I put in.)

>> No.23656043


[01:29:43] Stranger 1: "Hello miss, would you like some help?
[01:29:44] Stranger 1: "
[01:30:10] Stranger 2: "Sure" I smile lightly
[01:30:27] Stranger 1: I sit behind you and place my arms around your waist.
[01:30:33] Stranger 1: "Ok, lean back against me."
[01:31:32] Stranger 2: "okay sir" I do as you say. My husband seems to disapprove.
[01:32:01] Stranger 1: I place my hands on your inner thighs, gently squeezing and massaging.
[01:32:40] Stranger 2: I try to hold in a soft moan.
[01:33:00] Stranger 1: "There you go, miss" I say, gently grinding against you and groping at your inner thighs.
[01:33:57] *Stranger 2: I let out a small moan, outside a soft sound, awfully like rapping can be heard.
[01:34:12] Stranger 2: "T-thank you for the help"
[01:35:32] Stranger 1: I continue to grind on you, my hands moving in between your legs.
[01:37:09] *Stranger 2: Right as you're doing this, my husband walks back into the room. "What the fuck are you doing with my wife?"
[01:37:19] Stranger 1: "Sir, please. I'm simply helping her stretch."
[01:37:23] Stranger 1: "I'm a professional trainer."

Continued, again.

>> No.23656060


[01:38:25] *Stranger 2: "Helping her stretch. Rrrriiight. Is that why you're practically groping her?"
[01:38:45] --Stranger 2: "he's professional" I give you a small wink not letting my husband see it.
[01:39:20] Stranger 1: "Don't tell me how to do my job, sir."
[01:41:19] --Stranger 2: *I whisper in your ear* "wanna gimmie private lessons?"
[01:42:24] Stranger 1: (Hello?)
[01:42:40] --Stranger 2: (ya?)
[01:42:45] *Stranger 2: My husband leans in closer. "Wait, do you smell that?" He says, as he sniffs the air. "Smells like... onions." Suddenly, as if on cue, hundreds of greenskinned beasts begin crashing through the doors and pouring through the windows. My husband tears off his clothes, revealing a loincloth and fur-lined boots. Grabbing a greatsword from underneath the counter, he shouts "FEAR NOT, PERSONAL TRANIER, FOR TODAY THE MIGHTY BROGAN WILL PROTECT YOU!" With one swing, he cleanly decapitates an orc. "LOOKS LIKE HE'S LOST HIS HEAD!"
[01:42:51] Stranger 1 disconnected
[01:43:19] *Stranger 1: this is so homo, seriously
[01:43:36] Stranger 2: what?
[01:43:53] *Stranger 1: this is seriously homo, i can't get off to this
[01:44:21] Disconnecting conversation...
[01:44:21] Conversation ended after 20 minute(s) and 45 seconds

>> No.23656398

I have been using that program to play God. I pick somebody and then spectate and watch over them to make sure they are never lonely. It is funny because they just never have their partner disconnect.

>> No.23656544

Strategic Stranger Swap
[02:20:25] Finding two strangers...
[02:20:25] Stranger 1 connected
[02:20:25] Stranger 2 connected
[02:20:26] Stranger 1: Hey, 20 / M / USA, with Kik, looking for a girl to have some fun with.
[02:20:32] Stranger 2: ok
[02:20:33] *Stranger 1: if ya know what i mean
[02:20:36] *Stranger 1: sex
[02:20:39] *Stranger 1: I mean sex
[02:20:45] Stranger 2: ok
[02:21:03] Stranger 1 disconnected
[02:21:04] New Stranger 1 connected
[02:21:07] Stranger 1: hello hello!
[02:21:17] Stranger 2: has is your dick gunna come here
[02:21:30] Stranger 1: gimme a minute to translate that...
[02:21:37] Stranger 1 disconnected

>> No.23656783

I commend his persistence.

[02:28:50] Finding two strangers...
[02:28:52] Stranger 1 connected
[02:28:56] Stranger 2 connected
[02:28:56] These strangers have 'SEX ROLEPLAY' in common
[02:29:02] Stranger 2: Hi
[02:29:03] Stranger 2: asl
[02:29:13] Stranger 1: Girl hi uk 16
[02:29:21] Stranger 2: Nice
[02:29:27] Stranger 2: 22 m uk here
[02:29:47] *Stranger 1: Bit young for you isn't she buddy?
[02:29:52] Stranger 1: Ya want to sex role play??
[02:30:03] Stranger 2: Yeah
[02:30:16] Stranger 2: And your not too young
[02:30:38] *Stranger 1: She kind of is bro.
[02:30:45] Stranger 1: Kk pick the roles an no I am not
[02:30:58] Stranger 2: Stop using the omegle hack thing
[02:31:04] *Stranger 1: Make me
[02:31:08] Stranger 2: Master/slave?
[02:31:24] Stranger 1: Master
[02:31:51] Stranger 2: So you pick that role?
[02:32:10] *Stranger 1: No, I did. YOU CANNOT ESCAPE ME
[02:32:27] Stranger 1: Kk umm bf an gf at the club
[02:32:38] *Stranger 1: how original
[02:32:43] Stranger 2: Ok
[02:32:54] Stranger 1: U start
[02:32:54] Stranger 2: You start or me?
[02:33:14] *Stranger 1: Yeah, you sex this slut up.
[02:33:33] Stranger 1: U start
[02:33:39] *Stranger 1: Go bro
[02:33:41] *Stranger 1: start
[02:33:48] *Stranger 1: you heard the lady
[02:33:48] Stranger 2: While having a drink with youI put my hand on your butt "Let's head to the backroom"
[02:33:58] *Stranger 1: Oh wow, no build up there huh
[02:34:04] Stranger 2 disconnected

>> No.23656834

I take it stranger 1 doesn't know that someone is talking through them?

>> No.23657026

[02:47:56] Finding two strangers...
[02:47:56] Stranger 1 connected
[02:47:56] Stranger 2 connected
[02:47:56] These strangers have 'roleplay' in common
[02:47:59] Stranger 2: Hey asl
[02:48:05] Stranger 2: m 20 usa
[02:48:09] Stranger 1: 20 M Aus (Blocked this line)
[02:48:14] *Stranger 1: 20 F Aus
[02:48:19] Stranger 2: Name!?(:
[02:48:27] Stranger 2: Cody here!
[02:48:28] Stranger 1: James
(Long fucking awkward silence)
[02:48:48] Stranger 1: What are you looking to RP?
[02:48:56] Stranger 2 disconnected

>> No.23657523

>Women interested in men because of how much other women want them

>> No.23657699

But... but I did brogan 8...

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