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[Hello, I'd like to make a recap thread for Magical Girl Noir Quest if it's not too much! It's been 84 Threads and a lot of posts, so I'd like to take this opportunity to recount what's happened so far, for everyone who's been keeping up and missed threads and hopefully new readers who just found it annoying to read through the ton of archived threads. Please indulge me in this strange way of doing a recap thread, as I wanted to turn it into a sort of exercise too. Thank you for your time and patience!]

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Decu pls

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But it's already 6AM

Are you doing this on purpose?

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"Hello, everyone! Welcome to the first recap episode of Magical Girl Noir Quest, where we try to catch up on what's happened so far in MGNQ! I'll be your host for this thread, Pinky, and we'll be trying to summarize the last eighty or so threads made! Hopefully we'll manage it before the writer croaks from stress or clinical depression, which he swears up and down he doesn't have!"

"...No, seriously, he doesn't have it! Anyway, since this is a recap thread which promises seriously zero new content, we'll try to make it interesting by having some characters come up here with me and answer a few of your questions. You'll be picking who comes on, to add a little interactivity and just have a bit of fun to what should really be just a longwinded summary!"

"Ah, in fact, let's start things off by picking someone from the current character roster, before we get into the really boring thread summaries! S-so, um, who do we interview first?"

[]Mami Tomoe, The Pancake Lady!
[]Miki Sayaka, She Who Is Always Angry!
[]Kyoko Sakura, Maximum Audacity!

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>[x]Miki Sayaka, She Who Is Always Angry!

Start low and go high!

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Decu runs on suffering.


[x] MAMI

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[X] Madoka Kaname, alias Malal.

You work for us now, 8-ballface.

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>[X]Miki Sayaka, She Who Is Always Angry!
Best get the worst out of the way.

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[x] Mami

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We're off to a fine start today.

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>>[X]Miki Sayaka, She Who Is Always Angry!

Don't tell anyone, but I've been on a bit of a MadoSaya binge lately...

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Kyouko Tomoe, the abominable combination of Mami Tomoe and Kyouko Sakura, deliverer of MAXIMUM Pancakes.

Or, I guess,
[x]Mami Tomoe, The Pancake Lady!
if I have to choose just one.

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>Decu runs on suffering

That explains so much. Deculture is actually trying to prevent the heat death of the universe.

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[x] Poorfag

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>[]Miki Sayaka, She Who Is Always Angry!



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[x]Miki Sayaka, She Who Is Always Angry!

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[X] Blue Raspberry Bitch.

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>[X]Miki Sayaka, She Who Is Always Angry!
Tell us about the bitch first.

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Holy shit, I change my vote for this!

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[x] Sayaka, Sayaka, why are you gay now?

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[x]Miki Sayaka, She Who Is Always Angry!


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We do need to find out about Poorfag, though

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Because Kyousuke is somehow more irrelevant in this timeline.

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Oh god, almost as moe as Charlotte.

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>>23608263 >>23608276 >>23608282 >>23608299

"With an overwhelming number of votes - a-and some rather underserved commentary, if I would say so myself - here's Miss Miki Sayaka!"

"Ahh, thank you, it's good to be here. I think."

"Thank you for taking the time to join us today! You're first up in the interview request for the recap thread. How does that make you feel?"


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"It's...it's good, I suppose? Although...heh...the worst? Start low, go high? ...Blue Raspberry Bitch?"

"...You guys really don't hold back, don't you? It kinda hurts, you know..."

"W-well, um! What would the first question to Miss Sayaka be? Make it known through your comments, everyone!"

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Wait, I get it. In this timeline Madoka isn't around.

Madoka not being here made Sayaka gay.

I'm not sure what that says about either.

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Why so much hate for Chiaki?

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Why are you such a bitch?

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How did the soulgem licking go?

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You don't hold back around Matsuda, so we don't hold back around you.

Speaking of which; why do you hate her so much? Is it because of the Kyubekkake thing?

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what was your wish? Still try to fix whatshisface hand?

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Why *are* you gay now?

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Does Kyouko's lack of depth percerption cause problems in bed?

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Have you done the soulgem thing with your girl yet?

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How and why did you end up with Kyouko, why did you contract and how many times have you seen Murderface lose her memory

Also why are you so angry all the time?

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Well, Sayaka. What music do you like?

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On a scale of 'my hips are moving on their own' to 'oh my god I'm going blind', how hot did you find that pic of Kyouko in a suit?

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at what point in time did you get together with Kyoko Sakura?

>i don't think you're that bad, you could try to get along better with Chiaki.

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It says it's not gay if you're friends.

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Were you really trying shank Chiaki's kidneys way back when in the first thread? If so, why all the animosity?

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We still like you. Just not as much as the others.

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This should be asked as well

Also the soul gem thing

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This, also how did the soulgem licking go? Or haven't you tried that yet?

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What do you know about the interactions of Kyouko and Mikuni Oriko?

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Or Chitose Yuna, for that matter...

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Why didn't you allow the cripple jousting?

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wow i really didn't notice her until now....
i....i really feel sorry for her. i hope she is not living on the streets on this quest...
so much for my thing for misbegotten chars..

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>Why so much hate for Chiaki?

"Guess that'd pop up first, here. I don't...look, there's always that guy you hate to be around with, right? THAT guy in the group that you can't stand no matter what you do? Where I work, she's that guy. Or THAT magical girl. I don't think I have to explain more than that."

>Why are you such a bitch?

"...I'm professional, if that's what you mean. Next."

>Speaking of which; why do you hate her so much? Is it because of the Kyubekkake thing?

"...Kyubekkake...? Clever. No, that's not it. Maybe the start of it, but not the thing and the whole of the thing."


"You guys...I don't talk about that kind of stuff. I'm not answering those. That's private, and I wouldn't sharing them with you."

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Technically Chiaki never actually asked, she just thought about asking. So a better question would be "Would you have thrown down if Chiaki made her killing intent known and had a wheelchair joust?"

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>Not answering


We'll ask Kyoko instead. She probably spill everything.

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>"You guys...I don't talk about that kind of stuff. I'm not answering those.
You know we can just call on your girl friday, cap'n Stabbity McMonocles and she'll probably tell us whatever we want to know, right?

You might as well give us your side of the story...

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What about Kyouko do you like?

>> No.23608734

Ever thought about adding bling and some gold to your swords?

>> No.23608742

What'd you wish for? Did the smugness come with it, or was that a gift from your dearly departed teacher?

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Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

>> No.23608753


you can get very in to your job, how is your gem holding up?

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I think it would be better if that was not a thing.

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Have you ever read the Miracle Midori series?

>> No.23608759

How close did you come to pissing yourself when Chiaki pulled her DEagle on the way to the thing with Kirika?

>> No.23608761


Have you read Murder Mayumi and Magical Midori?

>> No.23608763


"We just did. We got partnered up by Kyuubey on a Witch Hunt, and things fell into place there. It's kind of unremarkable and boring and not worth expounding on."

"...I made the contract for a personal reason, same as the other Magical Girls."

"And she's lost her memory at least...eh, three, four times? Not that I really care anymore. Maybe the first few times, but as far as I'm concerned, she can forget breathing next. Do the entire world a favor."

"Ah, finally the sensible questions! I'm pretty partial to classical music, but my MP3 player's got a lot of death metal to it at the moment. Helps you get in the zone if you ask me."

"...I spoke too soon, I think. That picture...I'm never going to live it down, aren't I? Fine. I thought she looked...really good in it. There."

"...I didn't know it was her at the time, jeez. Look, a Witch manifesting in the apartment you're in, you'd be leery too, right? Next."

"...Yeah. Well, that's something, at least. Thanks, I guess."

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As a confirmed bisexual, how does it feel for people to only ever assume you're either straight or a lesbian?

>> No.23608775

Actually she said racing but jousting was thought

>> No.23608791


Beside the lewd things and very lewd things, what else do you do with Kyoko?

Or do you two only do lewd things?

>> No.23608794

You ever thought about improving your image? You know, chilling out, being more moe and whatever? Not being so standoffish?

>> No.23608801

We're never gonna get past Sayaka. This is too much fun.

>> No.23608810


what was your initial reaction to Chiaki being made WM in training?
what do you think about it now?
what would you think if she came back from Siberia, a slightly better person?

>> No.23608816

What makes you madder, Chiaki, or the thought of some douchebag dating Mami?

>> No.23608818

If we're also getting Kyoko and Mami, we're never getting to that recap before thread hits the limit.

>> No.23608821


Your thoughts on the whole deal with golden weapons?

If a golden sabre appeared in your arsenal, would you use it?

>> No.23608823

i have no question, but i want to say you are awesome sayaka!
>there he is! OI!
welp i gtg, did not pay for the ticket after all!

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>> No.23608853

Don't let him get away!

>> No.23608857


"Oh, I know. Kyoko doesn't know I know. But Oriko's pretty much nice to everyone, just like Mami is, so...I don't put much stock to that. Yuma, well...she's a good girl. Just can't stand hanging around her, though. Not her fault, but I always get nauseous whenever a Culexus is around. I try to be nice to her through Kyoko, give her the occasional gift and such."

"...Cripple jousting would've exacerbated Kyoko's injuries, could've made her spine heal the wrong way if it gets jarred too much. And it was stupid in the first place."

"I guess I'm a sucker for redheads? Aheh."

"...No comment. Although, that's cute. Kirika was pretty smug, but she could back it up. I try not to be unless I've got good reason to."

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>> No.23608876

Would you wear this if it would get Kyouko back into the butler outfit?

>> No.23608908


"Gold? Nah. That's too flashy. The Rabbits gifted me a sword, though. It's a strange one, has the trigger mechanism of an AR-15 rifle on the sheathe...kind of fiddly to use, but pretty stylish. Maybe I should start using that."

"...Oh, The Rabbits're the Eversor Squad of the Eighth Officio. The one in America, the one with the Warmaster with the longwinded name. ...Or at least, they used to be, but that's another story..."


"It's fine. Kyoko checks up on it every night. She's paranoid like that. Never lets me sleep until it's purified."

"...Nah. Never have time to read manga nowadays. There's always work to do."

"...Doesn't really affect me any which way, really. Not one to care about that."

"I told you guys..."

"My image is fine. If it gets me flak, I don't mind."

>> No.23608915

If you are a professional then why do you let your hate for Chiaki interfere with your work?

>> No.23608922

Okay, time for some Mamis then

>> No.23608923

If you weren't a magical girl, what would you see yourself doing?

>> No.23608927


Scattered reports have you working alongside elements of the Transpace Guard.

Can you confirm or deny those rumours?

>> No.23608932


How is your normal working day like?

>> No.23608955

>that sword sheath

>> No.23608956

>Has the trigger mechanism of an AR-15 rifle on the sheathe

Metal Gear Rising: Sayaka?

>> No.23608958


What do you do on your off time? Any hobbies?

>> No.23608962


The hell is that?

>> No.23608970

You pull the trigger, causing the charge inside to detonate and thus fire the sword out of the sheathe.

Yes, it is absolutely cuhrazee.

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>> No.23608978


>> No.23608996


"...I'd want to say 'No comment' here, but you try keeping all your piss in when you've got something like that aimed right at your face."


"...I think Kyuubey was rolling around the catnip when he made that decision. I...I think I got carried away when I heard about the news. Tore apart three training cages because of that...well. I wasn't happy about it."

"I'm still not happy about it. It doesn't make sense, giving the position to the worst drunk in the Officio. Time stop my fucking ass, let's see how useful it is when I chop off the arm that damn shield of her's attached to. That's what Kirika did, and I'm pretty sure I can do that too."

"...Heh. You say that like it's going to actually happen."


"A little bit of Column A, little bit of Column B...? But the second one'll grind my gears great. I heard she was dating some kinda FBI guy. Now I think she's dating someone older, not too sure. He seems like a good guy, though. Kinda tall. I hear he's still studying in college."


"A better question: why can't she just kill herself?"


"...No comment."

>> No.23609012

Advanced Iai shit.

Why pull your sword really fast when your sheath can do that for you?

>> No.23609021


[X] As a corollary to the musical tastes comment, what particular pieces would you recommend?

[X] Also, if I remember correctly, Magical Girls still undergo training after being contracted under their respective Officio before being sent out on the field. How long is this "boot camp" in average?

>> No.23609022


"A-ah, anyway! I think we've taken up enough of your time, Miss Sayaka!"

"...Yeah, those were a lot of questions. You guys still have that recap thing to get to, right?"

"Quite so! Then, um, Miss Miki Sayaka, everyone!"

"Thanks. This was pretty good, I guess. Wasn't expecting a lot of questions to be asked, being the WORST and all. Heh. Anyway, see you."

"Thank you for your time!"

>> No.23609026


Nevermind, bloody ninja-ed.

>> No.23609037


>> No.23609038



>> No.23609041

>Why are trying so hard to live.jpg

>> No.23609043


You aren't "the worst", Sayaka! I still like you!

(but you could use some anger management)

>> No.23609044

Suck a golden DEagle, Blue Raspberry.

>> No.23609045


"We'll have another character from the roster be available up for another interview shortly, but for now let's get to the recap proper! It'll be really quick, but if anyone wants to chime in and help out in case anything is missed, please feel free to elaborate!"

>> No.23609050

Stop being so cute, dammit!

>> No.23609058

I like how that picture looks respectable... until you notice how she isn't wearing any panties.

>> No.23609062



>> No.23609063


I know, right?

>> No.23609067 [SPOILER] 

Do you really want to see an uncute Faust?

>> No.23609068


Kyoko must have stolen them

>> No.23609071

Oh hey, you're right.

We'll have to ask Kyouko later if Sayaka likes going commando.

>> No.23609073


Such is the way of the fandom.

>> No.23609080

So, not only are we to have anime quests on /tg/, but we also need threads to recap what you did in your last thread?

Fucks sake.

>> No.23609082

Is STR Quest with Magica still happening? What about a Magia x Noir crossover one-shot?

>> No.23609084

I don't see the issue.

>> No.23609087


Think of it as Decu needing a reprieve to stock up on his creative juices.

Also, think of the new-fags who just discovered this quest.

>> No.23609090

It's not a last thread recap, it's a last 80 threads recap.

>> No.23609098

Could be worse.

It could've been a fetish quest

>> No.23609102 [SPOILER] 


Just ignore the sage man

>> No.23609104


>think of the new-fags who just discovered this quest

Yes, truly, I am nearly tingling with anticipation.

I honestly don't know why quests like these don't run on /a/

>> No.23609107


oh god, he's made of jello.

>> No.23609117


"Oh, no! This isn't about the last thread, it's about everything that's happened in the quest so far, from the first thread to the latest one!"

"Right, let's start! MGNQ started off with a Magical Girl waking up in her apartment with no idea who she is or where she came from. She started remembering things little by little, including giving herself the name Chiaki Matsuda, which she seemed to like despite being too 'idol-like'. She remembered enough to operate a cellphone and call the people in her contact list, to remember a bit more."

"A few calls here and there and she as called to Mami Tomoe's apartment! But stuff suddenly started happening, with a Witch apparently manifesting right then and there! Chiaki, eager to get the pancakes she deserved, quickly came to Mami's rescue, getting into a slight kerfluffle with Sayaka in the process!"

"She managed to subdue the Witch, but not before the Witch calling her a strange name!"

>> No.23609123

Didn't Magica/Magia die?

>> No.23609129


It went to anon-kun

>> No.23609140


Someone hit that magical girl with a abr of soap. :(

>> No.23609150

She also met the first of many people who hated her at that apartment

>> No.23609155


You forgot "amnesiatic" and "substance abusing" there.

>> No.23609164

Ah yes. The Witch who might have been a pseudo-Witch that we killed without mercy even as she cried in a vain attempt to beg for her life.
I am regretting killing her so quickly now, because we could have attempted capture and interrogation. Something to keep in mind next time.

>> No.23609178


"Directly after that, she visited an old rundown bar that was apparently the one she always went to. It was here that Kyoko - and Pinky - made their debut, harassing poor Chiaki out of the bar! She received an assignment, though, and it's to protect a very popular idol from a kidnapping threat coming from an organization of super-otaku that were really just bad people."

"Ever the professional Magical Girl, Chiaki cased the joint out, ruffling a few feathers along the way while leaving cigarette ashes in her wake! She even got into a spat with the principal, Minase Iori, for treating what seemed to be her best friend Yayoi too roughly. Sulking in her very comfortable chair, Chiaki sat guard, until she realized that she was actually in an illusion - and Yayoi was not who she seemed!"

"With a bit of help from Pinky, Chiaki managed to wake up just in time to rescue Iori and kill some people! Iori seemed to be a bit kinder to Chiaki then, and Yayoi was revealed to be a hired Magical Girl by the name of Hanegawa Midori. Midori, who was supposed to be a throwaway mook, was sent off to the Silent Room for interrogation, while Iori was taken care of by Mami and the rest!"

>> No.23609189

I thought Pinky was supposed to be recapping?

>> No.23609197


Sounds like she's narrating it, yes.

>> No.23609200

At least the paranoia and professionalism paid off. Chiaki seriously needs to get a good 7-8 hours of sleep though.

She is recapping. What made you think otherwise?

>> No.23609201


She's talking in third-person?

Also the whole thing's pretty meta right now, so whatever.

>> No.23609208

Iori ended up being quite a headache in the shirt time Chiaki worked for her

Comes from being one of those spoilt idol types I suppose

>> No.23609213


Midori, the little throw-away mook that could

>> No.23609219

It's not in her voice. It's in Decu's.

>> No.23609225

I want to lick the edge of Pinky's thighhighs...

>> No.23609228


I hope we get a chance for Q&A with her.

>> No.23609233

No it's meant to be Pinky narrating the events until now

Including the third person bits because it is a recap

>> No.23609234

Hopefully, she's still recovering from last thread, mind.

>> No.23609242


Then again maybe not.

We'll make her cry.

>> No.23609247


"The second mission Chiaki picked from a choice of two was to retire a fellow Magical Girl. It's here that Misaka and Tiny Pete made their debut as well, with Chiaki asking the russian weapons dealer for sniper assistance. Sayaka was brought in to help, as well."

"This mission also saw the first instance of golden weapon corruption - or even the knowledge that they corrupt to begin with. The first golden weapon spotted in the story, of course, is Pinky's Desert Eagle - a weapon that Chiaki mysteriously ended up having after the Iori incident. The second was the katana in Kirika's possession - Kirika being the Magical Girl Chiaki was supposed to retire."

"It was a hard-fought battle, with Chiaki opting not to use the Desert Eagle and going after Kirika with the firepower she borrowed from Misaka. After getting her arm cut off, Chiaki eventually succeeded, thanks to the russian weapons dealer giving sniper support."

>> No.23609254

After doing the one thing Kirika would never expect: drive a foot or so of hard-forged steel into her.

>> No.23609279


it certainly wasn't an open casket funeral.

R.I.P. 2012

>> No.23609288

There is no such thing as overkill, mate. Only "Open Fire" and "Reloading".

>> No.23609294

We also learned that Misaka loves her tech and Chiaki for some reason.

Despite her otherwise standoffish personality Chiaki also seemed to like the hyperactive arms dealer

>> No.23609300

Like the little sister Chiaki never had.

>> No.23609303

Because Misaka is best.

>> No.23609305

Why does a chibi character look so bangable?

>> No.23609308

eyepatch moe

>> No.23609316


>Because Misaka is best.
>Because Misaka is a good girl.


>> No.23609320

Craziness apparently does that to chibis

>> No.23609324

It's the tongue.

>> No.23609345


All three are right, the last moreso than the others. Sticking your dick in crazy is an impulse many find hard to resist.

>> No.23609373


"Interrogation started for Midori soon after that, with Chiaki finding out that Midori was indeed contracted to Jyuubey, the Tenth Incubator. She was also identified as a Callidus, the type of magical girl much more suited for espionage and subterfuge, the sort that used their magic to blend into the environment and remain invisible. The idea of getting her into the Ninth Officio took root here."

"After that, another mission came for Chiaki, in the form of escort duty for Minase Iori. She wore a maid outfit for the duration of this mission, pretending to be Iori's servant. The mission ended in quite the bloody manner, with one of the guests proving to have a Golden Weapon in his possession. Tiny Pete, a walking suit of armor, came into play here, going toe-to-toe with a huge daemonized Kilgore. Chiaki finished him off with a few well-placed sniper rounds."

"Midori was re-contracted to Kyuubey immediately after the event, following a...certain misunderstanding between Chiaki and Iori."

>> No.23609382

Never talk on the phone while drunk.

>> No.23609391

Or in the middle of anything lewd.

>> No.23609392

>It went to anon-kun

>> No.23609395


After the mission, Chiaki and Tiny Pete shared a brofist.

>> No.23609398


>> No.23609407


Well Midori didn't tell say who her incubator was at the time, but we gathered that it was Jyuubey from the description she gave.

>> No.23609409

It turns out that aside from making great whiskey stones, soul gems absorb some of the it surroundings and transfer it to the hosts consciousness.

This meant the interrogation was more sloppy but less messy than originally planned. And more enjoyable for Midori

>> No.23609419


"Alright, whew! I think that's enough for now. Shall we bring out the second interviewee, then?"

"Who among the cast does everyone wish to talk to?"

[]Kyoko Sakura, Maximum Radicality!
[]Mami Tomoe, Patron Saint of Pancakes!
[]Valnikov Kharn, The Betrayer!

>> No.23609423

>Midori, the little throw-away mook that could

>> No.23609430

Some of why Pinky's so popular, too.

>> No.23609433

[X]Mami Tomoe, Patron Saint of Pancakes!

>> No.23609436

Blue & Red back to back

>> No.23609441

[X]Kyoko Sakura, Maximum Radicality!

We need to ask if Blueberry goes commando!

>> No.23609448 [DELETED] 


Let's get Mami on stage.

>> No.23609450

Also while Chiaki was interrogating Midori she still was wounded from their first encounter, and as such was confined to a wheelchair suffering an acute case of exploded knees

In the aftermath of the Kilgore mission in which Kyouko had gone along as backup and managed to get herself badly injured they had considered wheelchair racing but were denied by Sayaka

>> No.23609456


>[] Kyoko Sakura, Maximum Radicality!

>> No.23609457


>[X]Mami Tomoe, Patron Saint of Pancakes!

>> No.23609461


>> No.23609463


>[x]Mami Tomoe, Patron Saint of Pancakes!

We need to get some class in this thread.

>> No.23609465

Have to go with Kyouko for some MAXIMUM ANSWERS

>> No.23609473

Kharn-chan breasts! Kharn-chan breasts!

>> No.23609476

> mfw
Looks neat, if kinda simple.
Does Decu run anything there yet?

>> No.23609483

[X]Kyoko Sakura, Maximum Radicality!

Needs more ketchup.

>> No.23609486


Let's try that again. Voting for Mami.

Mostly because we haven't heard from her in a while.

>> No.23609490

>It went to anon-kun

RIP in peace, Magia-Series.

>> No.23609491

Kyouko in a butler outfit was the first step in making Murderface not kill on sight with Sayaka.

Also, we met up with Fabiola, a very unique maid of the Lovelace family.

[X] Mumi pls

>> No.23609492

Put Sayaka back on the stage!

>> No.23609496


Absolutely fantastic

>> No.23609507


Mami! <3

>> No.23609516

>[x]Mami Tomoe, Patron Saint of Pancakes!

She's been around for a while, but never really in the spotlight. Let's give her a chance.

>> No.23609520

Gimme some Mami-alries, Decu.

>> No.23609522

Kyouko chaser to go with the Sayaka we just had.

>> No.23609527

>RIP in peace, Magia-Series.
Looks like it's gotten two sequels since it's been there.
That author is absolutely crazy with updates.

>> No.23609535

And they're all terrible.

>> No.23609536

[x]Maximum Radically!

>> No.23609541

[x]Kharn, she still has some 'splaining to do.

>> No.23609543

But it was always that way

>> No.23609547

Mami deserves a cameo.

>> No.23609557

Kharn is dumb she won't able to give sensible explanation

>> No.23609575


Maybe some.

like exactly how the labrat pussy didn't lose his dick in that sissorhand.

>> No.23609576

Not exactly. More along the lines of "brash" or "hot-headed" or as Midori had put it: "Thinks with her adrenal glands."

>> No.23609582

The guys voting for Kharn suddenly made me think of Kharn showing up to get interviewed... but her head is off-panel because she's so much taller than Pinky, hahaha

>> No.23609589

>[]Kyoko Sakura, Maximum Radicality!

Yay, a recap thread! Now I can know what the hell is happening and participate maybe!

>> No.23609596


makes it a lot more focused on her chest doesn't it?

Souji is going to have it rough but i envy the guy.

>> No.23609603

Ilike it.
Although his newer things are a ton better.

>> No.23609614

You know, for all the issues I have with anon-kun, they're mostly performance (holy shit does it lag at times) and community-related - reading a quest there really shows how impractical the *chan-interface is for quest running. Simply having a vote-counter, sidelined chat (though the aforementioned performance issues makes it a pain at the moment) and that holies of holies, an ability to schedule sessions and a place for the quest runner to update if things come up in-between sessions are enormous improvements.

If only most quests weren't either /u/ or had a worse playerbase than even /tg/ manages.

>> No.23609643

I love Kharn, but I will admit she wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed. Literal sharp bits aside.

>> No.23609644

> at times
You mean whenever more than two quests are running at the same time with more than 10 players in each?
Shit runs on a fucking EeePC from the look of things, but the rest of your post is spot on.
Maybe this could be a solution to the constant bickering the way Tgchan was supposed to be.

>> No.23609650

The creator is a bit of a dick as well, really doesn't take any criticism well from what I have seen

>> No.23609660

I don't think you guys get it when I mention lewd things about Pinky's thighhighs.

I've been having dreams. actual dreams of being tied up and blindfolded as I feel the caress of her bloodied fingernails across my chin. Her gaze staring down at me like the pathetic bag of meat I am as she tells me to lick the uppermost edge of her stockings like a dog. Her cold hands guiding me as she makes it clear that her claws can rend me into ribbons for her hair at any moment. The flowery smell of her skin corrupted by the stench of gore and carrion. It is truly bliss.

>> No.23609667

That's what happens when you combine /g/ and /a/.

>> No.23609674


I am interested and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

I'm gonna need a blow-by-blow account.

>> No.23609686

...Keep going.

>> No.23609695

Faust so cray cray.

>> No.23609706

Dayum. That's one vivid dream, mine are always vague as shit.

>> No.23609728

t-too lewd

>> No.23609733

"Uwah! By a staggering amount of votes, here is Miss Mami Tomoe, one of the more popular characters of this quest! Miss Tomoe Mami, thank you for indulging us!"

"It's no problem at all. Thank you for having me on."

"Um, before we take their questions, how do you feel about being quite popular?"

"It's...quite surprising, and a bit embarrassing. But flattering, too, if I may say so."

"As expected from Miss Tomoe! In...in any case! Everyone, what do you want to ask Miss Tomoe?"

>> No.23609739


>> No.23609744


3 sizes pls!

>> No.23609747

You and QB seem to have a closer relationship than your peers. How did this come to be and do you enjoy some benefits as a result?

>> No.23609748

What is your secret to be so elegant and perfect?

>> No.23609749

What are your thoughts on >>23609660 ?

>> No.23609751

What's the recipe for Whisky infused pancakes?

>> No.23609754

How do you think Chiaki will take the revelation that you are dating a man that she doesn't know?

>> No.23609770


what were your thoughts about Chiaki before you sent her off to Siberia?
what do you hope she'll be like when she gets back?

>> No.23609773

After seeing Kirika corrupted by her own weapon, aren't you worried about Chiaki and yourself?

>> No.23609774


Do you really go about without a bra sometimes?

>> No.23609776


Mami-san, you seem to have been really fond of Girl A.

She was also quite a handful.

What made you so attached to her?

>> No.23609777

What is your favourite dish and color?

>> No.23609780

In the event of a full-scale war, how fast can the Ninth Officio deploy its assets and can the main office be used as a stronghold in a last-ditch situation?

>> No.23609783


Whatever made you think >>23609751 was a good idea?

>> No.23609791


Did you ever use the blackmail picture against kyuubei?

>> No.23609804

How long have you been a worshipped of the blessed lady

>> No.23609819

Motherfucking autocorrect

>> No.23609828


As a corollary: Have you ever had urges to consume the Flesh of the Fallen Angels?

If so, how did you combat it?

>> No.23609840

Mami nearly went full FOFA in her flashback, it was thanks to Sayaka that she snapped out of it.

>> No.23609873

Ahh, I must've missed it. Thank you.

Anyways, Sayaka couldn't have been there 24/7

>> No.23609890


A sharp pain suddenly pulls my scalp back as the fallen goddess continues looking upon me in contempt. As if granting me temporary respite, she leans in, whispering directly into my ear about what a filthy animal I am, less than a worm, where the only redeeming worth I have is as her meat slave. All the while, her other clawed hand is slowly grasping down my chest, leaving painful scratches as it goes, which only leads me to further pleasure. Realizing this, she stops what she's doing, commenting on how much of an unforgivable pervert I am, batting me around a few times with her thighs as I kneel, helpless to be her plaything.

>> No.23609906


>> No.23609912

No. No more.

>> No.23609923


Greetings Miss Tomoe.

If I may ask, What do you think is the most important quality for a magical girl?

>> No.23609927

No, seriously. Stop

>> No.23609945



>> No.23609999


"I...I'm flattered, really, but proposing right off the bat...! I will have to turn you down, I apologize. We don't know each other that well yet."


"That is a secret."


"Hm? Well, we do have to work close together, but I don't see it as a close relationship. I'm not aware of any benefits, if there are any."


"Elegant and perfect...? You're very kind to say so. I simply try to look and be at my best wherever I'm needed."


"Whisky-infused pancakes? Why, it's only a simple matter of adding three tablespoons of whisky into a mix that's enough for four pancakes. Make sure to always keep your eye on the pan, and always think of the person you're serving to every step of the cooking process!"


"...I think it's a very personal dream for the poster to share, so I can't comment on it."

>> No.23610021

You work together but you stuck your neck out to help her early on and have since then taken care of Chiaki when most others gave up on her

Does she remind you of a little sister or child or something?

>> No.23610026


I have dreams about you too Mami, don't think you'll be left out. But sorry, our Blessed Lady is superior.

>> No.23610036


You must be very popular, how do you deal with all the attention?

>> No.23610038

>always think of the person you're serving to every step of the cooking process!

Is the secret ingredient love, then?

Quads for the quad goddess!

>> No.23610039


What's your opinion on the Officio's newest Callidus, as well as her assignment to Chiaki as a subordinate?

>> No.23610046


Out of respect for Deculture, I'll pass on continuing this vein of thought any further. It's a bit distracting to the thread as a whole. I'll just be over here, looking at every picture and fanart of Pinky ever made. Fapping.

>> No.23610081

I don't suppose you've picked up any golden weapons recently?

>> No.23610101

What was Chiaki's reaction to the whisky-pancakes?

>> No.23610120 [SPOILER] 



>> No.23610124


We already know that.

The cold room.



>> No.23610138


So rumor has it you have a significant other! Wanna tell us the details? Wink wink nudge nudge?

>> No.23610145

Will we ever get to see your secret, charming and savvy "benevolent manipulator" side again? .

>> No.23610147

Do you happen to read MagicalMidoriXMurderMayumi?
And if so, what was your favourite monster of the week and why?

>> No.23610169 [SPOILER] 


>> No.23610170

There was something between eating them and the cold room. This is what i want to know. I do not believe Chiaki went in willingly.

>> No.23610201

It probably involved the application of sedatives (both manual and chemical) as well as lots and lots of restraints.

>> No.23610202


"Chiaki-chan may be a bit ill-tempered, but she's quite mature, all things considered. I have complete faith in her that she'll take it well."


"I thought of Chiaki as someone who hasn't really gotten into her niche yet. I thought moving her into a more important role would remedy that. ...As for how I hope how she'll be when she gets back, I hope that she's becom a bit more...wise. Miss Kharn isn't the most...traditional of teachers, but I have no doubt that she'd imparted quite a bit of wisdom to Chiaki, in her training to become Warmaster.

"That said, Miss Kharn does have quite the knack in mellowing out a few unruly students."


"O-of course not..! Well, um. There were a couple of times I forgot...but those were exceedingly busy days."


"I'm...I'm not attached, per se. I consider her a close, personal friend. I simply couldn't leave her alone when I found her. She needed help, and I was in a position to give it."


"Cake. And I'm rather fond of the color yellow, but I think that's plainly obvious. ...I suppose I'm quite into purple, too."

>> No.23610208


You do your waifu credit. I'm proud.

Just so long as you keep your filthy hands off my Kharn.

>> No.23610219


>> No.23610240


>I suppose I'm quite into purple, too.
>oh man.

what is your opinion on Hanegawa Midori? from the moment you met her to the current state of affairs.



>> No.23610255 [SPOILER] 



>> No.23610271

>>It's been 84 Threads and a lot of posts, so I'd like to take this opportunity to recount what's happened so far, for everyone who's been keeping up and missed threads and hopefully new readers who just found it annoying to read through the ton of archived threads.

What happened? I'll summarize all 82 threads in sentences.

It started out as a decent Meduka Meguca Quest. Then it got infected with the 40k cancer and everything went to horseshit after that.

That is all that happened, nothing big just the usual /tg/ quest shit.

>> No.23610280


"Ten minutes, depending on how many of the girls are out on active missions. But never more than ten minutes. And yes, it can be used as a stronghold, in case it's needed."


"It was supposed to be a surprise for Chiaki. I...wasn't aware she'd like it so much."


"Heavens, no! ...I just keep it safe in my phone's memory. It's one of the pictures I look at when I need a pick-me-up."


"...No comment."


"Conviction. That's the most important. Anyone can shoot a rifle or wield a sword, but conviction is what seperates the Magical Girl from someone who's wished themselves in a terrible position."

"...Well, that, and a named finishing move. You can't go wrong with a named finishing move!"


"Chiaki simply needs assistance in getting through some things. She's...been through a lot, and I'm there to help her."

>> No.23610282


This doujin was something else.

Personally, not my cup of tea, but all those smirks made me really think of Pinky so I might be going back to is as a reference for expressions at some point.

>> No.23610305

Everyone's mad about something.

>> No.23610311

Weak attempt at thread derailment. 4/10

Good thing we're all too smart to take the bait.


>> No.23610321


Oh, I've got plans for him, don't worry.

>eaniped measure
Captcha knows.

>> No.23610327


Why did you not want to be the warmaster?

It was just a miscalculation, wouldn't have happened again.

>> No.23610329


I would rather not name my attacks, but that is just me.

Anyways, ten minutes is quite fast. Excellent.

Yes, back to our regularly scheduled Meguca.

>> No.23610333


And the ntr

The ntr was delicious

>> No.23610381 [SPOILER] 


>> No.23610403


It's QB.

>> No.23610411


>> No.23610420


>> No.23610429


Oh come off it, he's the a significant other for every meguca. Regardless of their opinion.

>> No.23610797


A painful question i know but how can you date and even consider marrying another when your life expectancy is so short? Does your partner know what he is getting into?

>> No.23610883


"Oh, not that popular, surely. But I try to attend to everyone who asks for me."


"Hnn, I suppose."


"Midori...I suppose she's a special case, that one. She was quite the anomaly back then, we didn't really know what to do with her...until, of course, we realized just how much she was enamored to Chiaki."

"Right now, I think her being Chiaki's subordinate should be a good learning experience for the both of them."


"...Of course not."


"I...I think you should really ask her that, but suffice to say we found out that she really does like pancakes. She had to spend some time inside the Silent Room, really."


"I'm sorry, but I can't say anything about that. It's a private matter."


"...I wasn't aware I had such a side! I simply try to be considerate with everything I say and do, that's all."


"A bit of it, although I haven't really caught up with the latest releases. ...If I have to choose from what I've read, though, it's probably in Volume 3, when they fought the Dark Magical Girls. It was quite the harrowing volume. Violent, but it showed quite the conflict that ensues when two magical girls fight, each one believing they're fighting for the greater good."

"...I really think Green Green should decrease the amount of fanservice, though. Some of the scenes can get a bit excessive..."

>> No.23610894

I am loving the return of a lot of decuart

>> No.23610924


>a bit excessive

someone who actually reads porn for the plot?

>> No.23610968


This. A million times.

>> No.23610983

Probably while blushing furiously, too.

I'm wondering if anyone besides Chiaki knows that Midori is the brain behind MMxMM.


>> No.23611016

Are you ever worried that the Incubators' long-term plans may be harmful for humanity's autonomy?

>> No.23611028


"Personal reasons, mostly. I've been acting Warmaster ever since Kharn abdicated the post. I've had well enough of it, and I think Chiaki would do much better at it than I would."


"...I did think about that, yes. And regrettably, no, it's not something you actually tell them when you're trying to get into a relationship, is it...? I do however think that being in a relationship, whether they're in the business or not, gives you that much more to fight toward...surviving, at least. It gives you that drive. If you're careful, and you're conscientious in all your duties, then you can turn a relationship into a powerful driving force for you to get home after every mission."

"...At least, that's what I think."

>> No.23611038

What do you think of green green's style, talent and overall ability as a mangaka? Is there anything you would tell her she could work on?

>> No.23611057

What really grinds your gears?

>> No.23611112


have you ever met any of the other officio warmasters?

if so what do you think about them?

>> No.23611202


"And I think that's enough questions for Miss Tomoe Mami! Thank you for giving us your time!"

"Don't mention it. Thank you for having me, and I hope the rest of the recap goes well."

"Everyone, Miss Tomoe Mami! Now, let's try and get a bit more of the recap done...!"

>> No.23611245

How do you think you "stack up" against that ex-warmaster, and the girl in the hoodie, in terms of.. You know.

>> No.23611255

The most important question, lost to the sands of time.

>> No.23611260

Like tears in the rain

>> No.23611267


>found my sun.
>praising it furiously.

>> No.23611286

>Try holding with both hands

>> No.23611290

Next time we should interview Pinky.

>> No.23611294

>Amazing Chest ahead.

>> No.23611326

Exhausted. Have some art before I go.

>> No.23611333

And an alternate take.

>> No.23611342


>all dat purple

nice work.

>> No.23611433


"Now, where were we? Oh, yes. After that, it was decided that Chiaki would get some time off, somewhere nice and comfortable. This 'somewhere' somehow turned out to be Siberia, or rather the Research and Development Base in Siberia. This base was staffed by none other than Misaka's older brother, Souji, and the Ninth's former Warmaster, Valnikov Kharn, who also had the dubious title of The Betrayer."

"After making some hasty preparations and saying goodbye to Iori, Chiaki flew off to Siberia, taking along Misaka and Midori with her. During the flight, Pinky paid Chiaki a visit, telling her about the Golden Weapons and how she must collect every single one."

"Chiaki soon met up with Kharn, who seemed to know her In fact, it was revealed by Kyuubey that they've been friends of a sort, before her amnesia somehow relapsed. They were close friends along with a Culexus named Malal."

>> No.23611457

>Violent, but it showed quite the conflict that ensues when two magical girls fight, each one believing they're fighting for the greater good."


>> No.23611497

[x] Lick soulgems and Mami

>> No.23611500


And it's revealed that Midori had been drawing porn of her own fantasy version of Chiaki for at least a year or so.

>> No.23611660

Kharn as it turned out also had giant stabby sharp bits for arms and legs

She had quite a good sense of humor for someone called the betrayer though and took a shine to Midori after she made some improvised not quite takoyaki

>> No.23611676


Also, these are great

>> No.23611678


That's not even the start of it. The Malal reveal was foreshadowed as far back as just after Kirika's retirement.

>> No.23611781


"Kharn quickly arranged a bear hunting party to get things started, but the ambush of Wakaba Mirai interrupted things. It was discovered that Wakaba Mirai was a part of the Pleiades Saints, the Tenth Incubator's elite Magical Girl squad - and she was sent to retrieve Midori. Pleasure soon quickly turned into business as Chiaki lead Kharn and Midori into Mirai's bear trap, and hell broke loose. Kharn was able to dispatch Mirai, while Chiaki ran into some trouble with Kirika's katana, the Golden Weapon that had turned Kirika into a slavering lunatic before she was retired."

"The katana turned Chiaki into something approaching that, until Midori somehow stopped her. She came to her senses soon after, although not without difficulty, and not without having already dealt some grievous wounds to Midori herself. Thankfully, they were able to get back to base, and that's where Kharn started to regale Chiaki of tales about the past."

>> No.23611806


This is the best thing.

>> No.23611808

dat mirai art

>> No.23611823


Which thread number this happens at again? must read!

>> No.23611843


Threads 40 and 41 are the confrontation with Mirai.

>> No.23611874

Jesus it's like decu was saving up all his art energy to do it all in one thread.

>> No.23611911

Or perhaps this was all made beforehand in preparation for a recap thread. But that's the boring answer and I like yours much better.

>> No.23611921

That is somehow retardedly cute
Even the bears look cute

And Chiaki ate them afterwards

>> No.23611954

He's got OC art and is posting relatively quickly.

Not sure if we should be happy or worried.

>> No.23612080


"Chiaki learned through Kharn about how she was found in a Barrier, and that she did hang out with her and a Culexus named Malal. She also learned the antics that the two get up to quite a bit, and how Kharn saved her from execution by a bald-faced cunning maneuver that even had Kyuubey impressed. It was also here that Chiaki was given the name Murderface, a name she would be known by a lot of people for quite a long time."

"Formally attached to the Warmaster's retinue, Chiaki was taken along for a meeting with the Third Warmaster, for the sole purpose of negotiating the payment for the Eversors that Chiaki herself killed in a fit of anger (three squads worth). Before the meeting, though, Kharn met with a beautiful pink-haired young woman, who introduced herself as Faust."

"The meeting went predictably awry, with Kharn leading the attack and thirsting to mobilize the Ninth Officio into a full scale offensive. A hundred magical girls were slain on the spot - the Third's - before the trap itself came into fruition. Ahriman, the Third Warmaster, had a golden weapon in her possession, and it seemed it needed sacrifice to do its dark duty."

"Ahriman, transforming into a winged demon, then began to do her level best to kill Kharn and Malal, with the help of her equerry Erebus. Murderface was knocked out early in this match, followed by Erebus who very nearly did Kharn in. Malal took the brunt of Ahriman's attacks, long enough for Kharn to get the final blow in - with a pair of golden weapons that the Blessed Lady herself gave her. Pinky's gifts."

>> No.23612083


>> No.23612090

oh my god that image

>> No.23612110


She was pretty legit. Shame she wouldn't just stay down.

>> No.23612127


hahaha, oh god, can't breathe

>> No.23612212

In hindsight I regret not making any head jokes while Mami was here.

And this is by far the best thing I have seen all day.

>> No.23612244


>> No.23612260


Aw man, we totally messed up there.

>> No.23612301


"After that - and a rather disturbing turn of events that had Chiaki wandering the base on her own - it was decided that the main reason for this 'vacation' was to be jumped ahead of schedule: the treatment that would render Chiaki immune to the Golden Weapons' corruption, or at least temporarily halt its progress. It seemed to go without a hitch, until Chiaki woke up with no memory of who she was."

"It was decided that Wakaba Mirai was to be interrogated at this point, so after a rousing match where Chiaki made contact with the soul of a Magical Girl inside a Golden Weapon (Kilgore's, two bracelets that turned into massive punching gauntlets), Wakaba Mirai's gem was placed in a simulacra of a Magical Girl's body, in order to be interrogated."

"The interrogation didn't go exactly as planned, with the Tenth Incubator seemingly forcing Mirai's soul gem to Witch Out inside the Silent Room where it was being interrogated in. Midori and Kharn, who were with her at the time, managed to escape. Chiaki did not."

"Without wasting time, Midori came to Chiaki's rescue, teleporting herself into the barrier."

>> No.23612307


tiny pic, is tiny.


>> No.23612334


Sorry! Accidentally uploaded the thumbnail, hahaha!

>> No.23612341


>dat filename

Day made.

>> No.23612424


The spar ended up a lot more than just practice.


you are forgiven.

>> No.23612425

Despite being repeatedly asked to go away and let us resume speaking to Mirai dickbutt didn't

He seemed to be trolling and got mad when we didn't bite so he got mad, packed his toys up and tried to kill Chiaki, Kharn and Midori

Also the simulcra was more an old desktop computer than anything else. It was startlingly effective in breaking it's victims

>> No.23612460


What a dickbutt.

>> No.23612477

"Skulls! H-yeah-he-he! Blood for the Blood God!"
"Uh-huh-huh... settle down, Betrayer."

>> No.23612507


that... fits pretty well actually.

>> No.23612522


"Stumbling through the nightmare - with only a hypogun and a teleport beacon in hand - Midori soon found herself reluctant allies with Pinky, who volunteered her help in finding Chiaki. It seemed that Chiaki was split into four separate beings, with distinct and different personalities. The first of which Midori found in a simulacra of Mitakihara Middle School. The second was found in a replica of Charles' bar. The third, they managed to subdue with the help of Mirai and Malal - who seemed to be doing just fine in a nested barrier. Mirai was her old self, although she seemed to be hiding something. Malal was her usual mysterious Culexus self. Things seemed to look up then, until Kharn came into the picture. Apparently, she'd teleported herself into the nightmare as well, looking for her last swordfight. Midori drove her away with a heated exchange of slaps and coarse language."

"They set out after a few hours' rest for the fourth - and they found her in a clearing, surrounded by ghosts carrying Golden Weapons. The encounter turned deadly, as Midori was struck down soon after it began. While she lay dying, Madoka - a benevolent Madoka, with amber eyes - helped her up and told her that she needed to make Chiaki whole again. With her help, such a feat was managed, a feat that almost failed when the second fragment - who was the most Chiaki-like of the four - went berserk on the fourth, killing her and making her the last fragment still alive. Through conviction, the second fragment was brought back, and the process was completed. Chiaki was whole again, and after an intervention from Malal - so was Midori."

>> No.23612549

Oh my god I can't even sage properly anymore.
The shame.

>> No.23612623 [SPOILER] 


And there was a very big reveal concerning what Malal actually looks like under her helmet

>> No.23612643


"And that brings us back to Thread 84, I think, where the arc officially ended!"

"Some of the threads not discussed here, of course, concern Miss Tomoe Mami's flashback, Kyuubey's flashback, and Miss Kyoko Sakura's Christmas special. They don't quite add much to the story, so you can skip them if you want, but they do fill you in more of the background info of the story!"

"S-so, um, at this point, we'd like to take suggestions from everyone who's been following so far! What comments do you have about the quest? Would you like the implementation of dice and stats in the future threads? Please don't hesitate to let us know!"

>> No.23612668

More fanservice.

>> No.23612673


Mirai had to die so Midori could live. It wasn't the best outcome but sometimes you just have to be happy with what you got.

>> No.23612674

more pinky being yandere please

>> No.23612680

I would not like the implementation of dice and stats.

I would like more Midori because she is the best.

>> No.23612683

More Midori and Chiaki love.

>> No.23612688

Malaladoka is the best girl.

>> No.23612691

Perfectly fine without dice.

More art!

>> No.23612692

Dice yes, stats no. Adds that element of risk without going overboard on fluff.

I think it'd be neat if we got to learn a bit more about the other officios and warmasters.

>> No.23612699

Giant robot fights! Like, Santa Death Parade versus Pete Impact~

>> No.23612704


No dice or stats, shit would get way too complicated.

More Midori pls as she is best girl. More yandere Pinky would be fabulous, too.

>> No.23612705


>take it off!

but seriously? I'm fine with things as they are. maybe more draw fagging but thats not a crucial point.

is it archive time now?

>> No.23612709

Mirai saw that Midori was about to win the 'Best Tragic Sacrifice' award but then she came up with a brilliant maneuver to gank the prize.

>> No.23612711

No need to implement anything, it's working well as it is.

>> No.23612714



make threads more often

>> No.23612726

We used the hypogun surprisingly little given our insistence we take it

And before we found the fragments Midori actually ran into Pinky in all her insane glory and instead of being turned into a bloody stain teamed up with her like an RPG segment and had a few adventures along the way to finding the first fragment and Midori used her powers to disguise Pinky into a form she would recognize and be comfortable with

On their way to find the second fragment however all hell broke loose when Pinky had to break off to buy Midori and the fragment enough time escape

>> No.23612736

Second best quest on /tg/, meant in an entirely good way

More art, more Misaka, more Midori

No dice is fine

>> No.23612755

>Second best quest
what is the best quest?

>> No.23612757

More side stories! More questions!

Bring out Kyouko and Midori. They have things we must know

>> No.23612760

Better to have the hypogun and not need it than not have the hypogun and need it.

No dice, it's been running well without it and /tg/dice is obnoxiously fickle.

>> No.23612763

no stats or dice, more Midori, threads more often

>> No.23612770

I'm fine so long as we keep having more threads.

I would say more Pinky, as she's my favorite, but I don't want her to become such a frequent fixture that her appearances begin to lack impact.

>> No.23612776


More healing, please, Genculture!

>> No.23612784

More Q&A in the future because it is hilarious

>> No.23612797

One day we'll have to make up for our lack of head jokes.

>> No.23612836

I would like to see this universes Homu and the Tummy Puncher. Cats are fine too.

>> No.23612875


I.. I want an Episode where Midori drags out Chiaki for shopping, to get clothes for them both or at least for Chiaki, I mean, she is probably running around in Underwear when not in Meguca-Outfit.

I.. kind of want an Episode where they have the time tp behave like two normal females teenagers. Just.. slice of life-ish.

>> No.23612878

Unlike everyone else, I would like some stats and dice.
Stats on Timestop for how much we can use it, and chance of success, and maybe some perception checks.

>> No.23612925

I think that would have been more fun during pre Siberia.
Now that Chiaki is all healed and a better person she won't be as amusing for it

>> No.23612927


Haha! I'll consider it!




Ah, alright! I was thinking about dice, but with this, I'll consider this one shot down, then. Thank you! But yes, definitely more threads more often, or at least as my work schedule allows. :'D


Hahaha! Well, Midori and Chiaki's there already, and there will be a flashback with Malal soon enough!

Oh, they will be at the forefront soon, they're heavily involved in the storyline!

Pete Impact!

Hahaha, well, I'll definitely make more, then! I didn't expect such a reaction!

This universe's Homu and Tummy Puncher will definitely be featured in capacity!

>> No.23612958


Yo Decu, I used to talk to you on dA (Hedgehog Superfrieeeend) and I just wanted to say I've been really enjoying MGNQ so far. So you have a Skype or something? I really wanna catch up with you. :3

>> No.23612959

>Oh, they will be at the forefront soon, they're heavily involved in the storyline!

>> No.23612961



archive is up!
hope you fine gentlemen like the description!

>fun fact: i have archived a very large portion of the threads up till now!
>I hope I'm doing a decent job.

>> No.23612963


I will certainly consider it!

Hmm, I see! I will consider this! I also thought about making the Soul Gem Purity meter a more constant thing.

In any case, thank you for everyone who's been following so far, and who's been participating up till now. It's really been great running this quest for everyone!

>> No.23612968

>Hahaha! Well, Midori and Chiaki's there already, and there will be a flashback with Malal soon enough!
they are there already, but they are not kissing!
They need to kiss!

>> No.23612977

Nah, no dice or stats. I like the quest just how it is.

>> No.23612979

You don`t become a better person over night. She will still be awkward and grumpy for a long time, the difference is that now she will try to give more of a fuck about how she behaves.

I think.

>> No.23613020


Oh, hey! Note me there again, I'll give you my skype-thing. Hahaha!


Oh, thank you for archiving them! You've been doing a great job, for sure!

>> No.23613032

You are. Good work mate.

>> No.23613054


Done! :D

>> No.23613068


I am now blushing, goodnight!

>> No.23613087

You don't become a better person overnight unless you happen to have the various shattered parts of your psyche that you had forgotten about reformed into one and added to your memories and personality

Three of her fragments seemed to be a lot better off than Chiaki was alone and she got all of them shoved into her head at once so it is going to change some things

>> No.23613119


Well, there's also RibbonHomu in there, and she was kinda loopy.

>> No.23613158

Thats why I specified three

Even the armored fragment seemed better adjusted despite everything.

>> No.23613172

I wanted to see Ribbons in action more.

>> No.23613557

Very dangerous is what that is. To the wielder I mean. You have to muzzle sweep your own hand every time you want to draw the sword or put it back. ND's are bad enough when your hand isn't in the way.

No the barrel looks to be beside the sheath.

>> No.23613588

As the one who started archiving this shit, I salute you sir.

>> No.23613646

As long as you run regularly and run the day you say you're going to, I'm happy.

You should do this interview thing again.

>> No.23613655

What happened to the guy making a .gif of all of the opening pictures?
I don't know if the one I have is the latest version, but I haven't seen one for quite a few threads...

>> No.23613748


Skip to 20:20

The gun uses blanks to drive a piston that launches the sword because loljapan

>> No.23614018

So you have a guntana and then you fire fucking BLANKS to still ruin your own hand but no ability to SHOOT PEOPLE?

This is the most retarded invention ever.

>> No.23614235

Ah, well apparently Deculture didn't post the Ebook version of MGNQ that I made.
No matter, I can post it now before the thread 404s.

Ebook: http://www.mediafire.com/?udtw7e7x4meu2qf
Pictureless version: http://www.mediafire.com/?x6iaow9s3jp70m8

>> No.23614287

>581 pages in word

Holy shit.

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