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(3 Fate Points)

House: Ravenclaw

Millicent is Anti-Social. This is the system-specific trait, not the popular definition of anti-social. She is not socially awkward, shy, or lonely; she actively hates people. But she is not a sociopath (she does feel emotions, and she does understand social expectations and rules, and does follow them, and is not manipulative; she just hates people).
However, being thrust into an environment where she MUST interact with people, no longer having the safe haven of her own room or of Dad and Mum, and with the threat of being disowned, has forced Millicent to begin accepting more people.

This does not mean that Millicent is lonely and wants friends for the sake of companionship or for the sake of friendship; she still feels hatred for people outside of the very small circle of family, familiar, doll, and acquaintance(s).
And that hatred will only subside with time, or her being forced to get to know the person better and becoming acclimated to them.
Her hatred isn't an uncontrolled thing either, unlike her fear of bodies of water or nausea regarding seafood; she can push down that hatred enough to work with people. People can do things they hate, and be unhappy with it but do it all the same.

People have to work hard to be liked or even tolerated by Millicent; Average Joe's can go take a hike, Real Relationships Only.

>A fear of large bodies of water and being unable to stomach foods with obvious fish.
>Natural aptitude to hexes, but not trusted by others because of it.
Supernatural Luck: Able to refresh a Fate Point on an 8, 9, & 10 on a d10.

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So, it begins.

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OP will be slow going tonight. Will try to make it last a few hours. Bear with me.

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We await with bated breath.

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Thanks for the heads up.

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Aw yeah! Time to do some magic.

>> No.23582224

you magnificent bastard

>> No.23582238

After talking things through will Olivia you decide that it's best not to join the DADA teacher's theater production. However you notice Olivia is paying particular attention to her shoes.

>What's wrong?
>Have I done something to upset you?
>Ignore her

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"Is there a problem?"

>> No.23582263

>What's wrong?
Olivia has gotten far enough to be in the "Friend" category. She's not at "Best Friend" yet, but enough for us to show some curiosity at her condition.

>> No.23582264

Tell her that just because we're not interested in doing the theater production doesn't mean she can't.
Like I'm pretty sure she didn't volunteer to do the Forbidden Forest thing with Joel and us, after all.

>> No.23582265

"You seem troubled, Olivia. What's wrong?"

I bet this is about Robert.

>> No.23582288

>You are tearing me apart Olivia.
>What's wrong?

Where were you OP?I waited for you.

And once again there is a site called Pottermore.
It is pretty nice in my humble opinion.

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>Have I done something to upset you?

>> No.23582315

Consider it a thank you gift for running an awesome quest. As you give, so do you receive, etc.

>What's wrong?

>> No.23582351

You ask what's wrong, she stays silent for a moment before looking at you.

"I think I'm going to do it anyway" she says "I've kinda sort of somehow always wanted to be in a play"]

>Go for it
>You could steal it for me
>You could help me steal it
>I don't think you should
>Think of your reputation
>I don't care what you do

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>Go for it

>> No.23582369

"If that is what you wish to do."

>> No.23582372

>Alrighty, go for it and who knows maybe I can ask a favor...or two?

>> No.23582382

>Go for it

Hey, as long as it's not us on the stage!

Also this >>23582372 for the mannequin.

>> No.23582385

Go for it

>> No.23582386

>Go for it
"If it's something you think you'll enjoy, go for it. I may not have time to help you, but I will if I can."

>> No.23582413

>Go for it, maybe check to see if anyone appears too interested in the dummy?
Might be a good way to discover our competitors, along with finding out the truth of what's really going on.

>> No.23582414

The mannequin is pre-built and ready for stealing, but shouldn't we consider using the Clockwork Charm to make our own? Especially because we could then build some backdoors into it, like a command override, into the enchantments?

>> No.23582437

The puppet is just a block of wood. You would need the charm on top.

>> No.23582449

I like a combination of these two.

We can make a backdoor after we already have the mannequin

>> No.23582476

Ah, so we need the play's puppet as a base for the Clockwork Charm.

Could we steal a mannequin from a Muggle department store and use the Clockwork Charm on that?

>> No.23582492

I don't think we will be near a muggle department store any time soon

>> No.23582500


well, I'm not one to stand in your way if you really want to do it.

>> No.23582504

Very nice, at least one competitor should be there. Olivia would be thrilled to spy for us, or so I hope.

We should never finish the job without implementing self-defense mechanisms of all sorts.
Meaning: It should be easily destructible by us and us only.
It should be never be manipulatable

When do we get paranoid level self-protection spells?
We have been literally mindfucked if you remeber?Possibly we are still in the illusion

>> No.23582518

I was actually thinking about having one to use as a body double later in the year, or next year.

>> No.23582520

"Go for it" you say, resting a hand on her shoulder. The class empties, leaving just you, Olivia, Olivier packing away his things and Joel and Nigel by the door.

You lean in closer "...do you think you could keep a lookout to see if anyone else is interested in the mannequin? It might reveal my competitors. Also, we might have to steal it for Nathaniel"

"Let me think about it for a bit" says Olivia "a lot is going on right now"

You leave the classroom with Olivia and join Joel and Nigel as you walk down the corridor.

"Where did you go last night?" Nigel asks as you make your way to Care of Magical Creatures.

>Go for the Alibi
>Brush it off as nothing

>> No.23582526

>It should be easily destructible by us and us only.
That sounds like a high level spell. Time for more studying!

>> No.23582535

We don't know much about either of them, and earlier we were thinking Joel was hiding something from us.

>> No.23582546

>Go for the Alibi
The more people hear it, the more likely it is that it will stick.

>> No.23582552

Reposting objectives

Immediate Objectives
__ Research and Build mannequin
__ Research Defensive and Inc. Awareness spells
__Form a more trustworthy relationship with Joel/Nigel for back-up
__Save the World

Secondary Objectives
__Go Patrolling for magical creatures
__Get out of being "that" student in Potions
__Make-up with parents
__Graduate from 1st year
__Save the World

Long-term Goals
__Join the Quidditch team
__Start Dueling Club
__Rename Ravenclaw House to Fauxley House
__Save the World

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>I will lie to you now and you will believe me.
>Go for the Alibi

Not sarcastic though

>> No.23582565

>Go for the Alibi.

>> No.23582580



they'll be upset if they find out later but that's a risk we're willing to take.

>> No.23582596

My answer and solution for all your objectives
Legilimency followed by Occlumency

Where is the dark power guy?

>> No.23582624

Can I add another immediate objective?
I think there's a possibility that the Trident ruse is a distraction, and Nathanial might be the key.
Like he said that he doesn't remember anything about when he was alive, but in theory that shouldn't stop us. I mean there must be yearbooks/records, somewhere right?
I want to know when he was alive, what kind of student he was, and when/how he died or was reported missing.

>> No.23582633

In cases like this, I'm pretty sure the less people know, the better.

>> No.23582667

Roll 1d100 - 80 or less wins for ALIBI.

>> No.23582678

Rolled 29

Incoming failure!

>> No.23582682

Rolled 8


>> No.23582697

You should fail like this all the time.

>> No.23582703

Very solid observation,
Trust No One
Especially to the ghost

This is me

Why are you going for direct alibi?
We should not trick our possible allies, this might turn out dealbreaker in the most crucial moment.

>I will protect Millicent with my everything.
>You fool. He lied to you about that night?
>How can you Millie?Were we not friends?

>> No.23582758

"Well..." you begin, trailing off into your rambling, pre-planned alibi with Olivia jumping in here and there as back up. Joel, at first worried, smiles.

"I'm glad you're alright" he says "It's weird that you were in trouble and I didn't know" he muses.

As you walk to the outer grounds he speaks up again, deep in thought.

"Funny thing is though, I dreamed that you were trapped somewhere" he says "like in a large room with big windows, and this really weird skinny guys standing over you...yeah, I know, weird right? It was so murky I couldn't really see what was going on anyway. But never mind that. No one cares about other people's dreams anyway"

>Yeah dreams are pretty boring
>You...dreamed about me?

>> No.23582771

"I hope your dreams were civilised"

>> No.23582780

Heh this

>> No.23582792



"Usually when that happens is because you were worried about that person. Were you worried about me Joel?"

>> No.23582800

>Were we not friends?
Besides Millicent not really considering Nigel and Joel as "Friends" yet (they're "Tolerable Acquaintances" right now), we don't know if they could get targeted by whoever tried to trick us into working against the Headmaster, and tricked into giving away information.

"Is that what Professor Tribs did to you while I was under the effect of that potion yesterday?
".......did any other boys dream about me? Who am I going to have to petrify?"

>> No.23582827

Rolled 41

>No one cares about other people's dreams anyway


Ask about every detail

see Immediate Obj. 3
and also
>Keep your friends closer, enemies even more closer.

>> No.23582842

>No one cares about other people's dreams anyway

Seeing as Millicent is from a wizarding family, she might actually be aware that some wizards and witches CAN see the future in dreams and others. Seers and whatnot.

>> No.23582854

Yes, those dreams are obviously meaningful!

>> No.23582929

"Yeah, no one does" You tease, giving him a playful nudge as you think over what he just told you. He saw what happened in his dream? Is that something a first year student does in their sleep? You don't know. Further investigation may be required.

You turn up to Care of Magical Creatures with Mr. Gleesan as well as Professor Bergle who holds a dead horned hare by it's ears.

"Okay class" Mr. Gleesan begins as he rallies the class into a tight formation, you notice Robert standing at the back, scratching an itch on the side of his nose with the tip of his wand. "I want you all to follow me and Professor Bergle closely as we go to the edge of the Forbbiden Forest"

>Go talk to Robert
>Stay with Olivia

>> No.23582944

>Stay with Olivia

>> No.23582954

>Stay with Olivia

After what happened last time, we could use a buddy. Who knows what might try to trample us this time..

>> No.23582982

>Go talk to Robert

>> No.23582989

>Stay with Olivia
There's something weird about how quickly Robert's attitude towards us changed

>> No.23583007

Because I'm going against the obvious choice.

>> No.23583014

Maybe he's just hoping Millicent is tsundere, when in fact no, she just honestly doesn't like him?

>> No.23583034

Nah. We're just tsuntsun--there's no dere in us.

>> No.23583040


>> No.23583048

You stay with Olivia as the two houses are lead to the edge of the forbidden forest, the lake, dear god, to your left. You feel slightly queezy but nothing to worry about. Just as long as you don't have to go near it.

"Now class" says Mr. Gleesan "watch as we teach you how to care for a unicorn"

Olivia's eyes light up. "Unicorn" she says dreamily.

>Yeah, they're just horses
>They're pretty cool

>> No.23583061

>They're pretty cool.
Time to look for stray unicorn hairs

>> No.23583082

This wholeheartedly

>> No.23583089

>Yeah, they're just horses
Because that's what they are.

>> No.23583093

Yeah. They're pretty cool.

>> No.23583105

This reminds me, how much money do we have?

>> No.23583117

60 Gal's I think. Or was it 40? I can't remember.

>> No.23583165

We're eleven. We try to maintain our aloof image, but it's a freaking unicorn and we're an eleven year old girl. I think it's acceptable to be pretty excited.

>They're pretty cool.

Also >>23583061 but be respectful of the magical horse.

>> No.23583181

Yeah they're pretty cool.
We've got a unicorn hair wand-core after all.

>> No.23583185

"They're just horses" you say as you walk with the group.

The lesson is pretty sweet. Professor Bergle mounts his broom at the start of the lesson and disappears into the forest, returning an whole twenty minutes later with a Unicorn following him to the edge, stopping before the trees do.

"Now class be nice and quiet" says Gleesan "You don't wan to spook it"

Roll 1d100. 65 or less.

>> No.23583187

I still want a pony and I'm twenty-eight years old.

>> No.23583201

40 galleons. We were told we'd get our allowance, but that was before we decided to stay in Ravenclaw.

>> No.23583202

Rolled 1

Let's do this

>> No.23583207

Rolled 9


>> No.23583209

Rolled 48

Spook it you say?

>> No.23583211

Rolled 47


>> No.23583213


>> No.23583216


>> No.23583260

For the first time you manage to hold down a sneeze that could potentially send the unicorn charging straight at you.

The unicorn trots out of the safety of the trees and steps forward to a patch of grass near the group. It looks up and starts to move towards you.

>Back out of the way
>stand still, try to pet it

>> No.23583275

Rolled 9

>Stand still, try to pet it
Unless the professor says we shouldn't for some reason

>> No.23583276

Paralyze it

>> No.23583286

> Paralyse it

>> No.23583289

Rolled 31

>Hug it
with the power of >>23583202

And take a piece of it's hair

>yfw this is the very unicorn that our wand core originated from

>> No.23583300

I don't know if I double posted (by accident) or if it was paralyse hive-mind

>> No.23583307

>Not (you)
Apparently not!

>> No.23583308

>stand still, try to pet it

>> No.23583311

Stand still and hug it.

>> No.23583315

Stand still, until it tries to impale us for having its brother in our wand.

>> No.23583326

Pet it with a rainbow of cuddles and love.

>> No.23583328


>stand still, try to pet it


>> No.23583338

Try and pet it, I mean we're a little girl and it's a unicorn.

>> No.23583418

Mr Gleesan is close by should anything go wrong yet he makes no effort to get in the unicorn's way. It trots right up to you as it lowers it's head, giving you room to stroke it's mane.

You nod for Olivia to do this too as she, starry eyed, touches a unicorn for the first time in her life.

A strong breeze rolls in from the lake as the Unicorn rears it's head up suddenly, it trots away towards the castle before circling back at a run. The class, somewhat frightend, forms a circle.

Mr Gleesan steps foward with Professor Bergle shortly behind him, both their wands drawn.

"No need to worry kids it's just spooked by something" says Gleesan.

The unicorn lowers its head and charges towards the teachers and the students which lay behind.

>Try and help
>Stay back

>> No.23583440

Stay back, cast Protego around ourselves and Olivia if we can manage it.

>> No.23583456

>Mr Gleesan steps foward with Professor Bergle shortly behind him, both their wands drawn.

I'm pretty sure the adults know what to do so I vote for >>23583440

>> No.23583501

Get in the way.

>> No.23583507

Stay back, Look behind us at the forest.
The unicorn trotted towards the castle the turned back and charged; in the direction of the forest.

>> No.23583513


>> No.23583519

Seems like the best option, or we could put that Expelliarmus charm to some use.

>> No.23583565

I don't think it's a good idea using a wand with unicorn hair against a unicorn. I think it's wisest to stick with Protego.

>> No.23583566

Now we're thinking like a Ravenclaw.

>> No.23583579

You ready your wand to protect yourself should the need arise. Instead however as the unicorn charges Joel steps forward, eyes closed, hands slighty outstretched. When the unicorn closes the distance it breaks into a trot before steadily slowing down before him.

A moment later the unicorn gallops around the group of students and back into the forest.

"The unicorn ladies and gentlement" says Mr. Gleesan, a sheen of sweat on his brow. He ruffles up Joel's hair "You've got a future in Care of Magical creatures me'boy"

>How is Mr. Gleesan still employed?
>That was fun.
>What's up with Joel.

>> No.23583602

>What's up with Joel.
Really, what's up with him?

>> No.23583611

"How'd you do that Joel? Charm or your boyish innocence?"

>> No.23583629

We are going to need to have a one on one chat with Joel soon where we find out his secrets. Might as well start prepping for it now.
>That was great Joel. You're pretty talented.

>> No.23583632

>>What's up with Joel.
Seriously, he's actually starting to get a bit on my nerves.

>> No.23583636

>What's up with Joel

Also ask Mr. Gleesan why the unicorn seemed to be charging at us innocent little first-years. Keep an eye on his and Professor Bergle's reactions.

>> No.23583649

Incidentally I just finished this.

>> No.23583652


>> No.23583663

His hair is a bit log than that, covering his ears. But otherwise "A-ok"

>> No.23583670

I like Joel, he steps in front of unicorns and doesn't afraid of anything.

>> No.23583717

>Confront Joel about his behaviour
>Or Nigel
>Or Olivia
>Or keep it to yourself.

>> No.23583729

Perhaps he's got a little unicorn in 'm.

>> No.23583730

Hey, I only said starting. I just feel like he's been a bit forced on us to a certain degree from the beginning and something about him just doesn't jive with me. Now he's seeing us and dreams and then this unicorn thing on top of his ridiculous charisma and what the hat said about him, well, he's just getting more and more...special, for a lack of a better term, and I kind of don't know how I feel about. I don't hate him or hold it against his character or nothing, I'm just getting a little too...I dunno, cautious?

>> No.23583731

>Confront Joel about his behaviour
I wouldn't go so far as to call it a confrontation though, just ask him "How'd you know the unicorn wouldn't gore you?" or something like that.

>> No.23583762


inb4 Joel's response is "Because I'm a pure and untainted virgin child."

>> No.23583790


>> No.23583829

>That filename
You're a real cheeky cunt, y'know that?

>> No.23583864

waddup wit joel

>> No.23583876

>Confront Joel about his behaviour
Not exactly behaviour, more like is there anything we need to know?

>> No.23583893

I do know that.

>> No.23583907

As the lesson comes to an end without you breaking any bones you realize this is the second time you've been in adanger and been saved by a boy. This time however it didn't take a hex to set things straight.

The bell for first break rings. You decide to talk to Joel about what happened.

"I don't know" he says "I'm a good looking guy" he jokes

>Yeah there's something else
>if you say so

>> No.23583915

>These horrible, terrible, horrible puns.

>> No.23583935

>Is that really all there is to it?

>> No.23583946

"What does that have to do with anything?!"

>> No.23583956

>Bitch about it
Actually, i don't fuckin know. How a girl would behave to show bitterness against eluding the question?

>> No.23583970

Turn it into an attack against themselves
>Oh, you don't trust me enough to tell the truth. I thought we were friends.

>> No.23583974


>> No.23584001

So, it has come to this.

>> No.23584002

I like.

>> No.23584021


>> No.23584035

Roll 1d100. 65 or less wins.

>> No.23584046

Rolled 73

dice gods be with me

>> No.23584057

Rolled 48


>> No.23584077


>a-okay'd by HPQuest

Be still, my heart! Here's Joel with longer, luscious hair.

>> No.23584089

"What does that have to do with anything?" you say, not realizing the mistake you've just made.

Joel grins and keeps walking with you and Olivia and Nigel who share a look.

"Where do you want to go for break?" Olivia asks.

>Go speak to Robert.
>To Nathaniel
>To Maud
>Go to Owlery
>Go Library
>Go Speak to the Ravenclaw Door
>Go speak to Olivier for Olivia

>> No.23584103

>Subtly admitting we think he's handsome by accident.

>> No.23584105 [DELETED] 

Rolled 35

We must investigate our leads, before they get cold.
>Go Speak to the Ravenclaw Door

>> No.23584109

Owlry check for letters.

>> No.23584117

We must investigate our leads, before they get cold.
>Go Speak to the Ravenclaw Door

>> No.23584129

>Go Speak to the Ravenclaw Door
>Go speak to Olivier for Olivia

Either of these two.

>> No.23584166


"Didn't you want to go sign up for that play Professor Olivier is making?"

After that, if there's time, go speak with the Ravenclaw door.

>> No.23584250

Rolled 53

I vote for this.

>> No.23584251

And here's Joelette, his long lost twin sister.

>> No.23584269


>> No.23584270

would bang when of age

>> No.23584313

In this order, yes?

>Check letters/send them
>Ravenclaw Door

>> No.23584327

Fine for me.

>> No.23584331

Sure thing, boss.

>> No.23584335

I would say switch door and olivier

>> No.23584338

Sounds good

>> No.23584361

You decide to go to the owlry.

>Go alone
>With Trio
>With Robert

>> No.23584376


>> No.23584382

Trio dat shit up.

>> No.23584390

> With Trio

Its not like the whole school doesn't know about our shame.

>> No.23584401

Trio. Everyone in the school must know about our shame by now.

>> No.23584402

>Go alone
If we're going to the Owlery, it's family business, so it's best to keep that to ourselves.

>> No.23584419

All the more reason to have Olivia there so we can collapse in her arms.

>> No.23584431

But why the others?

>> No.23584440

You go the the owlry with the trio. They wait outside by the overlook as you find the owl you've used before. No letters have arrived for you.

>Write letter to parents
>Turn and leave

>> No.23584462

>Turn and leave
They didn't send anything to us, sending them something won't gain us anything.

>> No.23584464 [DELETED] 

Rolled 85


>> No.23584475

Man. I don't like this at all.

> Turn and leave.

>> No.23584478

Or will it.

>> No.23584483


>> No.23584493

Okay. I changed my mind. Write back! Write back!

>> No.23584494

>Write letter to parents

Tell them how you're doing at school, succeeding in classes etc. Tell them you love and miss them a lot, and you're sorry to be such a disappointment, but you'll make it up to them with some great achievement.

And then you're proper motivated to get the Trident. To find something so great would surely please papa.

>> No.23584511

Or won't it.

>> No.23584552

Agreed. It costs us nothing to send a letter to our parents.

>> No.23584583


>> No.23584586

Except ten galleons

I'm fucking with you

>> No.23584589

Rolled 78

I'm inclined to second this however
I believe there can be consequences that are not best in our interests.

Still, let's send that that letter.

>> No.23584673

Homework time. Write a letter to mum and dad. I will grade you.

>> No.23584695

Yo mom and pops,

Where's the love?

yo bitch,

>> No.23584696

Sounds like the perfect excuse to go on a coffee break. Enjoy it!

>> No.23584717

"Dear Mother and Father,


Yours Truly,

>> No.23584730

Yeee are too smart for me.

>> No.23584741


">Implying Ravenclaw students can't be just as successful as Slytherin students."

In green ink.

>> No.23584755

Seriously, guys?

This is funneh.

>> No.23584773

Dear Mother & Father,

Studies are going well and I've made a friend. That is all.


If they're going to give us the cold shoulder, so will we.

>> No.23584798

Dear, Mother and Father.
I regret to inform you that due to your rejection I have decided that I am eventually going to kill both of you.

Your loving daughter

>> No.23584809

Add that it was nice of them to visit the school.

>> No.23584820

This is golden.

>> No.23584830

"Dear (Mother and Father's first names) Fauxley,

My studies at Hogwarts are going well, and I have met several acquaintances in my time here. I am confident in my abilities to exceed the expectations of my peers.

Millicent F."

>> No.23584843


>> No.23584849

This is so incredibly fitting.

>> No.23584850

Dear Mother & Father,

School has been going well. I have been studying a lot and plan to do well, so you don't have to worry about me bringing any shame to the family through academical failure.

Today at Care for Magical Creatures Mr Gleesan showed us a unicorn. It was beautiful, and allowed me and my friend Olivia, to get close and pet it. Unfortunately the unicorn spooked suddenly, and almost trampled the class, but Joel, who is a boy and in Ravenclaw as well, stopped it somehow. He said it was because he's good-looking, but I think there is more to it than that. Do you know how to calm a unicorn?

Well anyway, everything is going well here in Hogwarts. I hope you are both in good health. It was nice to hear you came by.

Seeing as the Sorting Hat put me in Ravenclaw, it must be my true calling. I could have done worse than Ravenclaw, admit it. I'll focus on my studies and make your proud by discovering something awesome so everyone will be in awe.

Your loving daughter,
Millicent Fauxley

>> No.23584873

These two are more plausible.

>> No.23584886

Ice cold.

>> No.23584902

This one is too familiar and warm, those damned parents were and perhaps still are two steps from disowning us.

>> No.23584920

Guys, you do remember that our Dad expressly and explicitly told us to not contact them, right?
That we are not to contact them, they will contact us?

>> No.23584969

I know it's late, but I'm going to say turn and leave.
Writing them a letter will be just one more point against us in their eyes (disobedient child, didn't you understand when we told you not to write to us?), and will take us one step closer to getting disowned.

>> No.23584983

>mfw he remembered this

>> No.23585006

It was a big deal at the time; if people really forgot about it, then their memory is like a fucking sieve.

>> No.23585030

Or OP leaves too much time between threads.

Have we decided on a letter? If at all?

>> No.23585034

wait another week, then

>> No.23585062

Then abort the letter. We can use Maud as a contact for now.

>> No.23585067

Aw shit, nevermind then.

We do what dad tells us.

>> No.23585071

Sounds good to me.

>> No.23585075

I'm still saying no letter.

>> No.23585150

Yeah no letter.
Ask Sophie about when that play thing is starting, and then head off to interrogate a door.

>> No.23585185

Because people forgot important shit like this:
Dad's letter:
~ Allowance will be on time. We are discussing options with the Headmaster. Do not write to us again for the time being. ~

And Mom and Dad's letter to Maud:
~ Maud. We just heard, we can't believe it, what a disgrace upon the family. We're so sorry you have to go through this, we know how much you love your sister. All I can ask is that you keep your distance until we can sort things out with the headmaster. We are a laughing stock in our social circles, work at the ministry has been a living hell.

Will write soon, your loving Mother and Father. ~

>> No.23585186

If no letter, I say to walk out of the owlry looking a little glum.

>> No.23585190

You decide not to write the letter after all, remembering what dad said about not writing first unless they contact you. You wonder if they've had that party with your other relatives yet and how that may have changed their opinion on what to do with you. Maybe Maud knows.

The other three, whilst they're here, send letters home to their friends and families, the owls soaring into the distance away from the school.

>Ask who they're sending letters to
>Carry on, you don't care anyway

>> No.23585213

Ask Olivia about her family's 'teliofone' and how it compares to a messenger owl.

>> No.23585217

>Carry on
It's not that we don't care, just that it's none of our business.

>> No.23585231


>> No.23585235

>Carry on to the Ravenclaw door
They didn't pry into our business

>> No.23585265

Rolled 65

>Ask who they're sending letters to
Only Olivia, if others volunteers to tell, bare with it.

Good night people, I have to sleep now. Remember we are going to be very best.

>> No.23585271

Welp, I guess I'll finish this drawing if/when the scene actually happens.

Yeah, this. Let them write their happy letters to their happy families. ;__;

>> No.23585276

Imma stop now. I know I'm satan and a bad person. I know.

Back tomorrow. Love you all.

>> No.23585300

Okay....see you tomorrow.

>> No.23585311


Til tomorrow, then! Sleep well.

>> No.23585317

See you next week.

>> No.23585413

Immediate Objectives
__ Research and Build mannequin
__ Look up Nathaniel in studen records
__ Research Defensive and Inc. Awareness spells
__Form a more trustworthy relationship with Joel/Nigel for back-up
__Save the World

Secondary Objectives
__Go Patrolling for magical creatures
__Get out of being "that" student in Potions
__Make-up with parents
__Graduate from 1st year
__Save the World

Long-term Goals
__Join the Quidditch team
__Start Dueling Club
__Rename Ravenclaw House to Fauxley House
__Save the World

Anything to add or remove?

>> No.23585636

I'm happy someone is keeping track of our priorities.

>> No.23586371

How about finding out what Robert's deal is anyway?

>> No.23586456



>> No.23587350

It's okay. He'll be back tomorrow. Hopefully.

>> No.23587924

Immediate-Moderate Objectives.

Actually study for classes, instead of failing Herbology-Mandrakes, then getting knocked out near a greenhouse. And sucking at potions, when was a risk of being poisoned.

Who would want to distract us from studies anyway? What is there to gain? We were told by malevolent forces to abandon studies and build a mannequin. We should be doing the exact opposite of that, because malevolent forces can go fuck off.

>> No.23588223

I get the feeling we're the only ones in the contest that's close of getting the mannequin done. Why pick us and scare us off from completing quickly? We really need to speak to Sam and find out what really happen. Next time when it gets dark, I say we slip off and go pay the tower for a visit.

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