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/tg/, is anybody still working on this game? I looked over the PDF on it and while it is undoubtedly a very strong piece of work, at 38 pages it does feel a little light.

It's also rather first year-centric, which is fine, but there's loads of cool shit in the later books, y'know?

I'd be sad if something with such promise was doomed to remain unfinished.

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Some of us are playtesting it in a quest right now.
We have found that the Anti-Social Trait, while sounding interesting on paper, has a tendency to kind of make a character stagnate in practice if not properly handled.

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At first I couldn't care less of it, but that soon changed when I began to read a certain quest that's running of it.

I would like to play the game, but I'm too much of a n00b of its lore that I can't GM a game for it. So, I'm stuck being a player. Which is terrible since there's a 1 to 100 ratio of DM to players.

I have no idea if its still being worked on, but its last update:

> http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/22537094/

Show that it was still being worked on. Who knows now.

Also, that feel that HPQuest hasn't continued his or her quest.

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Is that still going on? Sorry I dropped out (I was Giles), but my connection to the sup/tg/ server suddenly became unstable for whatever reason.

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Are there any monsters or enemies statted up for this game? Death Eaters, giants, werewolves, trolls, centaurs, Dementors, that kind of thing?

Or, for that matter, are there any stats for NPCs from the books?

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And hasn't restabilized at all.

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I'm sorry to hear about that. I'm guessing people were dropping like flies, huh?

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I wouldn't know, my connection went kaput a few days after the first playtest.
The game runs pretty well though, and presumably they've been working the kinks out of it.

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Is there any way I can help?

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Bumping with Rule 63 Harriet Potter.

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I think they're talking about the connection to sup/tg/, not the game.

Millicent Fauxly and Trident of Rowena Ravenclaw still has a high number of players, last session was 2 days ago.

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I'm sure HPQuest is still recovering from that 10 hours marathon last saturday. I've never been one to follow quests, but I have to admit that Millie's one has made me change my opinion.

Now, Harry Potter and the Roleplayer's Game? That I don't like, the system was obviously made by someone a bit too much in love with Dark Heresy and it having Hitpoints is just terrible design. But hey, I don't see any better HP homebrew system out there and since my group doesn't let me run a Harry Potter chronicle for them, I guess I won't be doing one soon, so...

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No. I thought their game was doing bad.

It certainly does, and I'm still continuing to F5 the catalog in hopes of finding it popping up once more.

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Why is Ms. Lupin a Jewish stereotype? Also, why is Ms. Pettigrew really hot? I thought Lupin was supposed to be cute and Peter was supposed to be a fat loser?

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The first session was fine. Maybe it fell apart later, but like I said, I wasn't there because of network issues.

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They all look fabulous.

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Long ago, I was compiling a massive comprehensive spellbook for this, and then they changed the system and made it first-year and roleplay oriented and all my work became obsolete. If I was at my computer, I'd post a pastebin of what I've got.

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Which reminds me, I'll have to get on here later and see who would be interested in making a slightly more combat-heavy post-hogwarts wizard game. With Aurors and such.

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Would we be part of a magical NATO team tasked with tracking down and neutralizing international wizardly threats, such as rogue Chechnyan wizards and witches, or hunting down a Cambodian black magic wizard who's been hiding since his involvement in the Killing Fields came to light in the wizarding world?

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Actually, yes. BUT that would be mid-campaign content. Sessions would typically open with you as an entry-level member of the ministry, and your 'specialization' served as your class. Everyone's an Auror, but there would be Dark Aurors, Hexmasters, Animagus "druids", etc. So you don't get the juicy stuff until you've proven your worth around England. Or your starting country.

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We'd have to flesh out the magical political scene.
It seems to me that the British MoM is pretty powerful, since they operate in other countries with impunity. Or maybe many other European magical governments are just really weak and/or non-existent.

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>implying I'm not interested in removing Magic Kebabs

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The only other government we actually see is the Belgians, I think.

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>Or your starting country.
This brings up the question of indigenous or local magic traditions being different from the British Standardized system; we know that canonically there's a school out in Japan (Mahoutokoro), so would they teach traditional Shinto magic and numerology alongside the international British Standard?

Or maybe they have a European Wizarding Union, with provisions for law enforcement wizards and witches being able to cross jurisdictional boundaries with ease?

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There's also African magic users and American witches (The Salem Witches Institute, although, I'd guess that they teach the same type of stuff as the European schools)

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It was Bulgarians, and we don't actually know if the magical national borders are the same as the muggle national borders. Previous muggle empires could have fallen, but the wizarding borders didn't change. Or they changed less drastically. A European map could look like anything.

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Well, considering how they teach "bogus" magic like Divination, Numerology, and Runes (Although that's more like learning latin) in Hogwarts, one of the top schools in Europe, I don't see why other magic schools wouldn't teach other semi-magic subjects, such as shinto rites or voodoo rituals or whatever.

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Hey everyone running the quest in an hour or so! Get pumped!

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>I'd guess that they teach the same type of stuff as the European schools
Yeah, the impression I got from reading through Harry Potter wiki's and the movies was that the English system of magic (wooden wands, pseudo-Latin verbal components, hand and wand motions) is the accepted international standard now, like how English is the current standard for air traffic control worldwide and pretty common as a second language.

>shinto rites or voodoo rituals or whatever.
It would be interesting, is all, since Shinto magic has a lot of stuff relating to binding spirits and using familiars (especially using cut-out paper dolls as spell foci) and Chinese geomancy can allow for changing the landscape as well as amplifying your spells using leylines and geographic features.

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>>shinto rites or voodoo rituals or whatever.
>It would be interesting, is all, since Shinto magic has a lot of stuff relating to binding spirits and using familiars (especially using cut-out paper dolls as spell foci) and Chinese geomancy can allow for changing the landscape as well as amplifying your spells using leylines and geographic features.

This stuff sounds awesome!

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>everyone chatting in the thread
>HPQuest announces quest soon.

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Combine Japanese technophilia with Shinto spirit binding and object enchantment.
Voila! A folklore-accurate enchanted cellphone spirit using the latest smartphone from Sony.
Capable of projecting streaming movies from the Internet, unlimited text and 500 minutes of video-talk time per month, playing video games, and STILL working within the anti-tech field of Hogwarts.

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Pretty much.

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The wizarding version of the British Empire never fell...

All hail the Immortal Empress

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They have a prime minister.

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Japan's local magic traditions is a combination of Shinto magic, Buddhist magic, and Onmyodo occultism.
It's not easy separating them since they work together so well.

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Juusenkyo may actually exist

Beware the spring of drowned muggle (girl)

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>But hey, I don't see any better HP homebrew system out there
It's a bit simplistic and out of date but:

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The only two governments seen in the series, the Bulgarian and British, are technically subservient to the Muggle governments (they're both Ministers for Magic and the British, at least, reports directly to the Prime Minister) so it's very likely the magical borders are the same as the Muggle ones.

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He doesn't report to the Minister so much as gives him a heads-up on troublesome wizard events.

At any rate, I always assumed that the MoM reigned over all of europe as a core magical government, and each country had a lesser government that reported to it (save the UK, which has MoM in it already).

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Rolled 93, 71 = 164

Pretty sure the British Minister of Magic refers to the Bulgarian Minister as "The Bulgarian Minister of Magic" which would imply that they're equals, on paper at least.

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Nope. It seems that each country has its own magical government which is effectively independant of the Muggle government but still is part of it on paper. That's why Fudge needs to keep the PM advised of everything important that goes down, but doesn't actually care about anything he has to say. If it was all one government they wouldn't really need their Department of International Magical Co-Operation. There is a UN type of thing (the International Confederation of Wizards) but they're only for real international matters like making everyone agree to keep magic secret.

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Now, I haven't read any of the books, only watched the movies, so this may be a stupid question:
Do the Muggle and Wizard government departments ever work together? Like, if, there is the threat of a major terrorist attack that could kill both wizards AND muggles, would the Prime Minister order the Ministry of Magic to have a team of Aurors work with an SAS/MI5 team in order to stop the attack (and use legilimancy afterwards to remove memories of magic use from the minds of the muggles)?

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They do work together on some things (like getting Sirius Black on the Muggle news as a recently-escaped dangerous criminal, so Muggles are warned about him and can help find him) so it's possible, I suppose.

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I think you mean obliviate, not legillimancy.
Also, magic interferes with and makes Muggle technology malfunction, so no, that could never happen.

Shame, though, 'cause that's a very fun idea.

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>Also, magic interferes with and makes Muggle technology malfunction, so no, that could never happen.
Really? I was told that it only happens in areas of densely packed wards and ambient magic, like Hogwart's.
And even if the computers carried by the SAS and MI5 operatives wouldn't work when the wizard is in the room, they could still work and do analysis when he's not.

Actually, I'm fairly sure that this is the case. I can't remember which movie it was, but wasn't one of the professors originally living inside of a muggle house, hiding himself by using magic to expand internal spaces?

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That's Slughorn, in number 6. And Muggle technology would need a lot of background magic before it just straight up breaks, but casting spells near them would still cause some interference. So as long as the Muggles didn't take their lightning-boxes with them on the raid and kept the Wizards in a separate room it would probably work.

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>casting spells near them would still cause some interference
Would that interference be mostly limited to electronics, or would it begin to affect guns as well?
Could the SAS team use crossbows (with plastics and alloys, using cyanide-tipped bolts) to get around the interference issue?

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Magic fucks up guns, so that'd be an issue.

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What about semi-automatic crossbows like the ones the Chinese had a couple hundred years ago?

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Nope, it's specifically mentioned that it's electrical equipment that magic fucks with, so unless it was some kind of "fuck up guns" spell they'd work fine.

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Quest is up

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Hogwarts has some kind of anti-technology field that stops things from working (based on the age of the technology in question). So muskets or really old rifles would probably work there.

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