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How do you like your mages?

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I don't.

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Like I like my women

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Grouchy, full of muscles, and with glorious mustaches.

Or, perverted and only able to do First level spells and cantrips, while being venerable. Always entertaining.

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The last one is the safest bet.

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Old, fragile and sad. They look upon the fighter and realize that despite his glorious power that the fighter have the time and skill to enjoy things. He'll feel the burn in his body and the sensation of laying with a woman.
When the wizard casts pleasure woman or climb mountain it's quick and without gain.

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I do not approve of Reality Deviants.

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Withdrawn, wise, cool. I don't know. Kinda like Raistlin I guess.

I don't like flashy showmanship.

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Short, redheaded and prone to nuking entire towns when someone makes fun of her small tits.

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no, I like my women Fabulous

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Someone call me?

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All said that you're short, flat and a weaker spellcaster than Naga.

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Isolationists. Magic causes conflicts with the morality and ideals of non magic users, so often magic users keep to themselves and dont often reveal their magical ability.

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Like this.

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>macros the black
>is how i like my magus

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Casting all their spells through intelligent Runestaves, with the ability to burn low-level magic items to add the effects of metamagic feats.

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