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So who wins /tg/?

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OP will bump with pics

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you are the most boring kind of troll

these threads only exist because of the immediate implication that anything from 40k will win

because it will, because its from 40k. Where being retard overpowered is the fucking point

Have you ever read a war hammer book? A space marine can kill HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of guardsmen in one battle.

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thats really badly written
fantasy wins cause magic
40k scenario i cant tell how big the armies are supposed to be. presumably 40kdudes win anyway

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Fuck man, this is like the 4th or 5th 40k vs _____ thread you've made in a 24 hour period.

Give it a rest man.

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To be fair Star Wars beats out 40k on some measures. It's not completely uniquely hyperbolic in every respect.

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Badly written?

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LotR setting is watched over God Himself. 40kiddies would simply find it impossible to get there.

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>anything goes
>All the Valar (including Morgoth), Maiar (including Sauron with the One Ring and the Istari), all the tippy-top elves (Galadriel, Fingolfin, etc.), Nazgul and let's throw in every dragon, Balrog, and eagle ever, then round out whatever's left with Rohirrim, giant spiders, Uruk Hai, elfs, and dorfs.

Lord of the Rings.

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Versus Fantasy or 40k?

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Luke vs The God Emperor of Mankind.

God Emperor is the motha fucking God Emperor in his prime.

Luke is EU Luke.

They can use any weapon from their respective universes.

Who wins?

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Emps, but Luke would make it difficult for him

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The Galactic Republic / Empire, CONCORD, EVE capsuleers, Downstreamers, ARM / Core Commanders, SupCom ACUs, the Culture, and the Xeelee are all regularly invoked as 40k Killers.

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40k would still win with ridiculous ease

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the emperor could look at Luke and he would explode...

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What if Geoge Lucas decided Luke can't die for another decade and put Lucas grade plot armor on him? Actually who am I kidding the Emperor can wait a decade before he 'splodes a bitch.

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Considering LotR would have an unlimited army, and multiple beings that are AT LEAST on a level with the Emperor (including many that are above his level), no, no they would not

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Tom Fucking Bombadill, he would prance right past all the space marines, bitch slap the emperor into a coma and then prance home in time for dinner with no fucks given.

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Depending on when in the EU Luke would come from, he could be an immensely powerful person, with enough kooky Force techniques to slow down or even halt the Emprah. And to top it off he's probably one of the best lightsaber duelists of his time.

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I don't think a lot of people realize how strong some of the shit in 40k is

A space marine without power armor can take a rock in his hand AND CRUSH IT TO FUCKING DUST im not making this shit up, not goddamn pebbles fucking DUST

A mandrake can move so fast A NORMAL HUMAN EYE CANNOT SEE IT

Imagine a fucking warp spider teleporting behind you and swinging a sword a hundred times faster than you can react

After reading a 40k book and learning all this shit i fucking hate 40k. They make shit overpowered and then have to make everything else overpowered to fight it

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Ten Marneus Calgars

The Valar have a new spiritual liege.

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Refer to lower post:

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Anyone looking for a certain Warhammer pic by chance? I have tons.

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dont say it to me, star wars is by far the more interesting and well thought out setting and has a way better timeline of lore, but there is no fucking chance against 40k, or even the imperium

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Rolled 15, 4, 69, 28 = 116

>Tom Fucking Bombadill

Holy shit, yes.

That guy is OP as fuck.

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face it the 40k armies lose...

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I saw a pic of a word bearer once where his chapter symbol was an actual 3d demon head with fire coming out of the mouth and eyes

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This one?

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As well as Timelords, Daleks and the Combine

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Starship yields are the only numbers you care about, and the Galactic Republic and Empire both outclass the IoM by an order of magnitude. The 40k X-TREEEM numbers just don't hold once you get into space, which is where definitive sci-fi battles are fought.

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Agreed, not that any of the Star Wars fanboys like hearing that. They like the wankmath coming from a few people and gargle that ejaculate as if it were water.

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Given the fact that LOTR has all the Valar and Maiar(spelling) I'd think they'd beat old.

For new, I think the common folk would be slaughtered. Anyone not divine is screwed. However, once again there are the divine. We don't even know if they can be killed. I'd but it 4:3, LotR on top.

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Anymore pic requests?

You name it I got it

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nope but I havent seen this one, saved thanks

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>To be fair Star Wars beats out 40k on some measures. It's not completely uniquely hyperbolic in every respect.

A number of settings can grind the combined of forces of 40k into dust and treat all of it as pest extermination. Zones of Thoughts' Beyonder civilization. The Culture and its major opponents. The Xeelee, or the humanity from the Xeeleeverse. And Star Wars beats 40k too, just it will be an actual war, instead of 40k forces just being blown to bits by enemy forces they cannot even detect.

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well for one aren't all the tyranids in the galaxy war hammer takes place in like 1/100th of the actual number of tyranids...

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Hey /tg/, since this is kind of a shit thread to begin with, how do the space forces of the Halo series compare with the Imperium? This isn't a Spartan vs Space Marine battle because those are retarded. But rather the UNSC vs the Imperium in terms of Space Battles. We can include the Covenant as well.

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This one?

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>but there is no fucking chance against 40k, or even the imperium

No. The only things in 40k verse that have a chance of taking on SW Galaxy are Chaos (corruption, lol) and Necrons. Everyone else's fleets are so damn slow, that by the time they reach any important SW planed, SW fleets have already glassed a thousand of planets in their rear.

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You're a shit thread. Halo isn't part of /tg/

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no but I haven't seen that one either, thanks again

The demon had fire coming out of its mouth and eyes

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The Imperium's ships dwarf the UNSCs. Just the difference in tonnage allow the Imperium to win.

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At what point. As the series goes on, the UNSC gets their shit kicked in, then gears up, then REALLY gets their shit kicked in, then is nearly obliterated.

Both they and the Covenant are small-time players in the grand scheme.

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Was it an icon like this or an actual Space Marine lol

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Forgot anything from the Boloverse.

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it was a pic not a mini

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>The Imperium's ships dwarf the UNSCs. Just the difference in tonnage allow the Imperium to win.

Big =/= strong. The Culture's ships are tiny in comparison to the Imperium's ones, yet one of them can reduce all of the Imperium to space dust

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Hot? Cold?

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I guess you could say christian mythology would beat 40k as well, if one of the settings attributes is just "we win"

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Can we change the Khorne one to something that falls alongside battle and honor and glory?

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cold brother, its a marine with the flaming emblem

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I didn't make it buddy, just posted it. But I agree although Maim Kill Burn is nice... I know Khorne characters have said some high-brow stuff

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This one?

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do you have the panoramic photo of the emperor with sisters of silence to his right and the custodes to his left?

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A legion of sexy Leia-style slave girls


Sister of Battle in their holy battle-pajamas

Who would win in a no holds barred, anything goes pillow fight?

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If you have any idea for what you'd like instead, I could try my hand at prodding it till it changes.

No srsly.

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I photoshop a lot as well.

Let gather some quotes and see what we can do.

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And Dune. Show them who the real God-Emperor is

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I have this one

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Well, i'll start looking since im taking a break from painting.

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Add the Forerunner to that list

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There is no peace. There is only time wasted between battles.”
–Ergathon of the Skulltakers, Champion of Khorne

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“Let the Galaxy burn. Let the Heavens bleed.”
–Warmaster Horus, prior to the Siege of Terra

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yeah that's from the one i was talking about, though the one i was looking for was panoramic. this part of the photo posted on the center and more squads on the left and right.

i saved it once but lost it during reformat. been looking for it ever since

thanks for the effort though.

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might have been a fanshop

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That's debatable. They were a galaxy wide empire but they were destroyed by the Flood, which is arguably a less dire threat than something like the Tyranids or Chaos. Their only hope was to kamikaze the whole galaxy.

But if they tried that then the Necrons would still win so 40k wins

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Nah, 40k gets curb stomped.

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Figured it out.
It's from a book, and it's the pages together.

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>Less dire threat than tyranids

Not true at all. The Flood are a tier above Tyranids because they are extra-dimensional. Any infected hosts knowledge and memories goes into the gravemind and stays there, even if the host is destroyed. They aren't a collection of creatures, they're one entity inhabiting trillions of bodies at once. The gravemind could talk to you face to face on one side of the universe, have a million conversations all the way across at the same time.

Precursor tech, brah.

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Found it. But it's small

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I'm a jackass here you go!

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Forerunner are low level Culture tier, they'd be right at home in that setting. A single promethean warrior could simultaneously control a million small attack craft through his suit's ancilla AI. Their space combat focused on redirecting enemy fire through tears in reality and ai augmented reaction speeds bordering on nanoseconds. The largest Forerunner capital ships were 100km in length and made mostly of almost indestructable hard light, allowing the ship to change configuration and shape instantly even in combat.

Their production base was also insane; they could complete construction of even their largest ships within a day thanks to their hardlight composition.

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Missing the point...

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Very well gentlemen. I guess I never gave them enough credit.

Then how did they lose to the flood?

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my dick would win

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Well in warhammer fantasy case, combat magic is a very common thing, so ultimately I'd give it to WHF.

In warhammer 40k... well, you've got ninnies with basic swords and mail / plate armor going up against people with tanks and machine guns, what the fuck do you think is going to happen.

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Because they either were made by or are these guys. The Flood test sentient species. They let humanity live after they proved themselves.

The Forerunners tried to stand against the waves and destroyed themselves. The Flood, meanwhile, still live with all their stolen knowledge and intelligence as long as a single spore remains.

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Basically by losing control of the AI set to stop the Flood to the enemy and attrition.

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LotR has no limit so send all the tanks and shit you want. Morgoth is gunna sing them into dragons with cannons to help out his already impressive army (which includes Balrogs riding dragons). Sauron and the One ring at full power, the Wizards, the Elves, the fucking army of ghosts!

And lets not even go into Tom Bombadil

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I've always thought that was the weirdest aspect of the flood. A gravemind can be put into a timelock where it experiences a billion years from its point of view as it ages into dust, then in the outside world a few seconds later a new one is formed that is basically the exact same being.

The fact that Precursor buildings and artifacts are indestructible to everything but a weapon that targets neurological pathways has to be related

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The C'tan beg to differ

>> No.23574187


Yeah, The gravemind basically had a chat with the Forerunner super AI they'd built to stop it and won him over with logic. Similar to how the Minds of the Culture can dominate AIs.

They then wiped out the Forerunner capital world.

>> No.23574200

The Ainur sang a song and the universe was created,

Or how about Eru Iluvatar? How does the C'tan fair against God?

>> No.23574228


Matt Ward retcons Eru Illuvatar as a transcription error. Your move.

>> No.23574237

A new codex comes out where its revealed that Wards retcon was just propaganda and Draigo is Erus cockslave.

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The C'tan as well as the Old One's in Warhammer are that and more.

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>true lore i.e books as written
>books as written

You can at least lose with dignity instead of cheating to try and win

>> No.23574263

Being incredibly powerful is still less than omnipotent. It doesn't bring them to the level of God

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“But most humans are immune,” the Didact said. Then he seemed to understand, and lowered his great head between his shoulders like a bull about to charge. “Can the Flood choose to infect, or not to infect?”

The wide, flat head canted to one side, as if savoring some demonic irony.

“No immunity. Judgment. Timing.”

“Then why turn Mendicant Bias against its creators, and encourage the Master Builder to torture humans? Why allow this cruelty? Are you the fount of all misery? ” the Didact cried out.

The Captive’s strange, ticking voice continued. “Misery is sweetness,” it said, as if confiding a secret. “Forerunners will fail as you have failed before. Humans will rise. Whether they will also fail has not been decided.”

“How can you control any of this? You’re stuck here—the last of your kind!”

“The last of this kind.”

The head leaned forward, crimping the torso and front limbs until one leg actually separated and fell away, shooting out a cloud of fine dust. The Captive was decaying from within. What sort of cage was this? The misty blue light seemed to vibrate and a high, singing sound reverberated through the hemisphere, shaping razor-sharp nodes of dissonance. But the Captive still managed to speak.

“We are the Flood. There is no difference. Until all space and time are rolled up and life is crushed in the folds . . . no end to war, grief, or pain. In a hundred and one thousand centuries . . . unity again, and wisdom. Until then—sweetness.”

The Didact stepped forward with a sharp grunt. He lifted his hand and a panel appeared in the air, shaping controls. The Captive’s head squared on its torso, as if bracing for what it knew was about to come.

“It is your task to kill this servant,” it said, “that another may be freed.”

>> No.23574285

And more.

They are the Gods in that universe. The C'tan are On par with the the Old Ones but not as powerful. They're essentially Dr.Manhattan on roids

>> No.23574287

Does anyone else get the feeling that these threads aren't about which franchise is more 'powerful' than another, but about giant losers arguing about nothing?

Ergo, the most traditional game of all.

>> No.23574300


Then how did they lose to the Newcrons?

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>> No.23574310

Matt Ward

>> No.23574353

I was actually just referencing Draigos fate but okay.

>> No.23574363

Warhammer FB seems to have magic on a much more tactical scale, but magic in LotR is like war winning nukes or some shit. Battle at Helms deep for instance. WFB wizards would probably tip the scale for them, and many of the non-human/chaos warriors are 'ard as fuck, harder than anything I can really think of in LotR. But then Sauron/Morgath or the Valar show up and completely wreck shit with their magic.

>> No.23574380


Son, Hurin would tear apart any chaos champion within five seconds. And he's just a human. Fingolfin is a tier of two above him.

>> No.23574404

>ANY Chaos Champion
I know not all of them are over the top. But some can kill Demi-Gods and or are themselves

>> No.23574437


Morgoth is above demi-gods.

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Please stop comparing totally unrelated settings.

It's silly.

>> No.23574513

Okay but we're talking about Hurin and Champions of Chaos. If you want to keep pulling ace out your sleeves prepare to be flustered.

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