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>You are GMing Black Crusade
>In the first encounter, during the psyker's first turn, he wants to use a power for the first time
>perils of the warp
>he rolls 100
>Annihilation: The psyker is immediately and irrevocably destroyed, burned to nothing by the screaming fi res of the
Immaterium or dragged into the deepest maelstrom of the warp. The psyker may not spend Infamy to recover from this
death, he is irrevocably destroyed.
>There is a chance that a daemonic entity of some sort appears in the psyker’s place—
the type of daemon that appears is determined by the GM, based on how powerful the psyker was—more powerful
psykers draw more powerful daemons. The percentage chance that the daemon appears is equal to the psyker’s Willpower
characteristic (roll a d100, if the result is equal to or under the characteristic, the daemon appears)

What do you do?

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This can be a difficult situation.

Give some in input please.

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gm fiat

almost any (good) rulebook says fuck the actual, do what fits

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Do what the dice says. Now he's playing a daemonette.

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Roll that Willpower and if it succeeds I choose a daemon fitting for the situation. If the players are foolish enough they can make a deal with it.

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It's a 40k RP game. Burn a fate point. Done.

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>The psyker may not spend Infamy to recover from this
death, he is irrevocably destroyed.

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Let him burn an infamy point to reroll the phenomena check?

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But he can't do that.

>The psyker may not spend Infamy to recover from this death, he is irrevocably destroyed.

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I don't see the problem here. He's destroyed.

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Seriously. What this guy said.

You're playing a system with free get-out-of-death cards. Burn one of those puppies and he just gets crispy and falls over. Remove him from play and have him deal with dodging death, some minor negative like a battle scar.

My two cents anyway.

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I think even DH disallows burning a fate for this.

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He's dead, and the rest of the party is going to have a bad day.

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It does say spend, though, not burn. Unless OP did not copy it correctly or BC does not differentiate between "spend" and "burn" in the way the others do, you should be fine.

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You have three options.

1) Fudge the rules, let him burn the point to survive if you're so inclined.
2) He's incinerated.
3) He is dragged into the deepest depth of the malestrom. Tzeentch is there. He offers to send him back to whence he came... if he beats him in a game of Blood Bowl.

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>if he beats him in a game of Blood Bowl.

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You can't spend fate points to avoid death at all so it could just be a terminology difference in Black Crusade.

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I'd play the shit out of that.

The other party members are summoned to participate in the Blood Bowl match. 40K Blood Bowl fuck yeah.

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"Wow, this is a really shitty result. Tell you what, it's too early for this crap; just reroll your perils. I'm not going to make you sit out this early."

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every time i see that I can't help but picture the Changeling holding a cellphone with one of those girly charms on it.

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It's my personal philosophy that GMing that when my players die, I stop having fun.

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It also says >he is irrevocably destroyed.
It's quite clear on the matter

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Sorta related, what if during charachter creation in DH one of my players rolls and gets a mutation rolls up a table rolls up a table and winds up getting a result where they're basically a demon?

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Let him, just this once, burn a fate point to escape it.

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I won't say I stop having fun when my players die, but it definitely shouldn't happen like this.

During a climactic battle? From complete idiocy? Hell, the same situation but later in the campaign? Sure.

That said, insta-death results on phenomenon rolls are bullshit, pure and simple.

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I'd have him sucked into the warp. Have him come hurtling out sometime later in the session.

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Congrats, he is now insane with no chance odd recovery.

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>Implying PCs aren't already insane

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This! Definitely this! Killing him off sucks, but not taking the opportunity for fun like this and just letting him reroll/burn a point sucks even more.

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Pass him a note that says he is now possesed by a daemon who whispers to him. Throughout the game, pass him "whisper" notes with secondary objectives sabotaging the party. If he does these, he receives daemonic presents, like perils rerolls and such. If not, the daemon just might use him as a homing beacon for other Chaos Forces, a good tie in for a later campaign hook. Why do all these Noise Marines keep showing up where we are? And since when did psyker John become such a ladies man?

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Just checked the rulebook for black crusade. "Burn" isn't the proper term as it is with Fate as it turns out.

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He dies. A demon comes out.
It's that fucking simple.

This is not a fucking logic problem.

Holy fuck I just noticed
Stop being the DM. Just fucking stop.
If you won't let your players lose a character, they're never going to be scared of losing a character.
You cannot be a hero if you're not putting your life on the line.
You are robbing your players of fear and excitement and immersion.

It's their first encounter. There is literally nothing at stake.
He dies.
A demon comes out.
The demon might well kill everyone.

It's the first fucking encounter. Just reroll.

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>a daemon comes out

I think you mean a skeleton.

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rerolling is not actually fun if you wanted to play the characters you made.

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That's the thing, though: characters are quite fragile in FFG WH40k games.

It's not like DnD where dead's no biggie you just get rezzed, here you have to be ready to deal with being fucked over and permanently crippled or die.

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I misunderstood OP. So the psyker goes splat and culteest appears out of the nether?

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Dude, it's a new player. You go easy on them.

You stop giving a fuck eventually, but if it's their first character, let it live longer than the first round of the first combat.

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Tell everyone to ignore it.
Then give him a note that a demon came out who's nearly the exact copy of his character with a specific mission from the chaos gods to fuck shit up.

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Only correct answer.

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thread over.

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He's hurled into the warp and a demon appear if the roll is "successful"

However is a very tiny and weak demon.
Now picture a 1/100 Bloodletter charging at your ankles screaming in a high-pitced voice.

Have it become the team's pet.

If you want, make the psyker re-appear, maybe have Tzeench send him back out of pity (read, the event made him laugh and he want to laugh some more so he sent him back)

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This...is black crusade, you know.

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If it was rolled in the open, I'll go with it. If I rolled the perils of the warp behind screen, I'll go with a slightly less lethal result instead, so he has at least a chance to survive.

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Yes, this will do nicely.

Blood Bowl also has my vote.

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In one of my D&D campaigns a character died and I gave him the opportunity to escape by literally fighting his way out of the abyss.
He pulled it off and was left all twisted by it and turned into a template creature whose name I forget

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Say, in your best GM voice...

>No, [player], YOU ARE THE DEMONS

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Have him make a new character while the other characters deal with the potential new daemon.

Introducing and making a new character in Black Crusade is easy as fuck and if you go soft on people you basically remove all joy from the game due to the way the game is made and presents itself.

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>you die
>You feel some watery substance around your body
>You feel the hot air of the jungle

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He's dead definetly. I use this opportunity to introduce a potential ally or enemy who might help them with their mission for a price. Who the demon is would depend on the mission and who the characters worship. I'd prefer him to be a powerful ally maybe one outside of their organization they're part of and I'd be sure if he was an ally they had some way to contact him.

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You follow the dice. Doing anything else spoils the fun of the game for you as well as the players.

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You're a faggot and you give GM's a bad name.

Boring, arbitrary deaths do nothing to improve a game. Find an interesting way around it, or at the very least an interesting consequence of it.

Burn a fate point, perhaps roll a few times on a mutation table and/or pick out some minorly bad ones as evidence of a very close call with utter doom. It'll also serve as a decent lesson to not misuse their power in future.

You should make this clear to the player. This isn't a get out of jail free card for psyker bullshit. Its just avoiding pointless, arbitrary deaths which add nothing to the campaign.

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Going to have to disagree. Seeing a psyker just explode right out the gate would be pretty memorable and interesting. Plus, it's not like it's totally difficult to create a new character.

I can understand where you're coming from, though.

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Psyker dies. Instead of daemon, he attracts Cultist-chan from warp, and she proceeds to annoy rest of the group to death. TPK, psyker gets slapped.

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Describe the character and party in greater detail?

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his psionic abilities are too weak for his powers to annihalate him, but wound him severely. The daemonic entetiy still comes out, a very minor daeom, but without killing him outright, and it is trapped inside the psykers mind.

The rest of the party dont know this.

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"Fortunately, we're using the slaanesshi variant table!"

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Isn´t this exactly what Fate Points are made for?
(I only know DH and RT)

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This is actually really good. Its an interesting consequence which is a very bad thing, but doesn't just end the story out of hand.

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Yup. Have him burn a Fate Point to survive, as a demon tears its way out of his skull.

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Laugh. Hard.

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Note "survive". Nothing says he must keep his brain or identity intact. The trauma can just Kolea him.

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Why ya gotta be like that, chief? Now I'm all cryin' again.

Why ya gotta be like that, huh?

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>dragged into the deepest maelstrom of the warp
Warp could just spit him back out after the encounter. It has been known to do that on occasion. Like, half of Caliban.

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I'll clap slowly. And possibly giggle my silly fucking head off. We'll even tack the character sheet on the wall.

Then I'll compose myself, clear my throat, and say "So [Name here] is immolated in a conflagration of Warp fire. He's deader than dead.

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Rock Blood Bowl matches? the one who does the best riffs go first or something like that.

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It's all advantages. He gets to keep his character too! Who could dislike a child with no memories, channeling the warp over and over again because he can't remember what are the consequences?

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sorry. Mentally impeded. Wrong choice of word. It's a synonym with children however, little buggers.

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Something incredibly powerful. I get it to kill the party and the Inquisitor leading them. Next session - New party and Inquisitor sent to deal with the unexpected threat. Base the whole campaign around the freak occurrence.

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>okay my fellow slav- i mean "assistants" now you'll have to use the power of rock to make my blood bowl team win vs khorne's
>Good luck.

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Its specifically says you can't use the Fiat save my ass mechanics. Eat shit you casual. A true roleplayer will make a new character.

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assuming the game hasn't been going on for long, I'd call a halt to the actual game, and play the results as a side game
Depending on how the players react to it after finishing the inevitable cluster fuck, I would suggest either continuing with the game from before it happened or playing the game as it went
Would explain away the 100 roll as getting a flash of the future or some such

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>Black Crusade

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I know this is going to sound dumb, but bear with me guys...

Why don't you do what's fun for the player?

No, seriously. Have them be possessed or something and only let the player know. Have the demon be the new character, but give it to them. You can then have his actual self locked away inside his own mind and his demon persona in control. Muck around with it and see where it goes.

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Why would you GM fiat to save someone in Dark Heresy? Thats missing the point of having a low enough chance to get high enough to get Perils of the Warp at that number. It's no easy feat

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I mostly GM to prove the players to be chumps. Sorry pal, you just weren't good enough.

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