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Assemble, my brothers!

>use roleplay, roleplaying, rp, grognard tags
>roleplay with people
>post stories and logs

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The crusade lives!

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Its not funny if you do it every day.

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Different people are on, surely.

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here you go

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Your work is mighty. Glory to the crusade!

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I hate it when people do as I ask.

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Hey, at least you're seeing new people.

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I just did this one.

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Posting a favorite for yesterday even though it ended prematurely (the guy said the other dude was afk for 10m).

The stranger's first reply, my sides everytime.

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I was the stranger :D! I suck :C

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He dropped his tool all right.

In other news, adventuring is gay, this guy said so

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What the hell...

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Nah! I think you did pretty good.

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Fuck logic.

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These fuckers are accepting my silly adventuring prompts but they aren't giving me time to write shit up!

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>Not having it pre-copied so you can immediately paste it

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It's not that I don't have the original prompt all copypasta'd up, just they won't stick around for me to write the response for their first action.

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So... I have achieved total victory.

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Were you running the Orc guarding a chest thing last night?

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/tg/ please advise. I'm in an incestuous erotic omegle rp and I don't know whether to fuck it up by leaving the other party hanging, or by exploding their internal organs with ninja powers.

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lol guse wud go on hear?

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ninja powers is always the way to go.

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tripfag pls go

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tfw accidently the BBEG of your setting. Though it's implied near the beginning that there may be some other, greater, dark power at work. They should have expanded on that.

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I am teh stranger, and yes FUCK LOGIC!

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What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

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>old and stale pasta
>not even bothering to use the Ultramarine version.

Emotes, poor spelling, and now this. What's happening to you /tg/?

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you seem upset?

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What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Gamemaster's School, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Goblins, and I have over 300 confirmed adventures. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top GM in the entire Rusa D&D forces. You are nothing to me but just another player. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of ogres across the Kingdom and your magical signature is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your character. You’re character's fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with rocks falling. Not only am I extensively trained in wiping the party, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the D&D Corps, and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your character's miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over your character and your character will drown in it. You’re character's fucking dead, kiddo.

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Stranger: 17 f

You: Hmm

You: Well, I guess that will do

Stranger: asl?

You: 45 m UN headquarter

Stranger: hey

You: You are about to be enlisted into our secret squad fighting alien menace

You: Do you know how to shoot?

Stranger: no

You: Dammit, nobody of our recruits does

Stranger: lol

You: Well, at least, do you know what end of the gun do you point at the enemy?

Stranger: yes

You: Which one?

Stranger: go for a guy hell know

You: Well, we have quota for female agents

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

And feminists are wondering why there is such prevalence of males in the alien fighting industry?

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Bunch of crazy pervs on omegle. How come no one wants to go on a fun adventure!?

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You just answered your own question.

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I am coming, Brother. You do not stand alone.

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>omegle cannot into rcl

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some people don't want to be james bond, it's wierd.

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it can... eventually. If they learn the name of our god, they will fear it!

Convert them with fire!

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Stranger: hey, m24 and i'm already hard

You: hey, im 25, black bald male and about to rape you

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>will only rp with someone mature
>no kiddies
Oh you, ruseman.

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So OP ...
how many creeps did you help jack-off today?

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>Matt ward saves the day!

You: Incoming orks, what do?
Stranger: Secure the perimeter and check the flanks and prepare for a battle
You: You order your spess mahreens into position. The orks fight well but are sriven back. Their leader appears on a hill near your headquatres with reinforcements. What do?
Stranger: Asses the immeadiate situation and decide to fall back to the nearby mountains to launch a surprise attack.
You: Your mahreens fall bak in codex fashion. You are now positioned on the mountains. You can either dig trenches and reinforce your defences, or you can continue falling back deeper into the vallies, what do?
Stranger: dig deeper to prepare for the incomiing threat
You: You set up defensive positions and dig in. You have reinforcements orbiting above ready to deploy by deep strike if required. The orks amass below your position, setting up artillary and egin bombarding your position. What do?
Stranger: remain in the same position and allow them to set up artillary.Send in a small unit of explosive expert to take out the cannons.
You: Unfortunatly the orks outnumber your scout strike team 200-1. While your mahreens try to break through their seige line they are defeated with the screams of SQUAD BROKEN. After bombarding your position to soften up the defenses the orks start moving in. What do?
Stranger: call in all reinforcements from orbit right in the middle of their troops, as they begin to deploy i order all squads to fire at will.
You: You order your deep striking mahreens in the STEEHL REIHN manouver to strike at the enemy's centre. With your defensive positions acting as the anvil, your reiforcements hammer out the ork's. CONGRATULATIONS captain, your company of spess mahreens has defeated the xenos!
Stranger: sweet!This sint a time for celebrationg though we lost lots of men today...
You: Other then the scouts, you lost very few men. You were Ultramahreens with a matt-Ward save of ++1 and Plot Armour!

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You need help? Here you go.

Pic related.

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I enjoyed this. Although he set my blood angels up for great failure. Fucking bastard.

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oh god, what have I done, I didnt even know people like this existed:
You: that will work
You: roll initiative
Stranger: you want me too?
You: yeah
You: we're going to run an encounter, so you kinda have to start there
You: d20+dex
Stranger: 11+22 (33)
You: ...wat?
You: dex mod, not dex score lol
Stranger: oh lol then 17
You: plus, you cant make a lvl1 character with a stat higher than 20, its in the rules
You: just so you know, I dont care, but its in the rules for 5e
You: anyway
You: I didnt get anywhere near that, so you attack first
You: whats your weapon?
Stranger: short sword
You: ok
You: go for it
Stranger: so il leap into the air (jump is11) and jump over the orc. then when i land, i drive the sword into his back befor he could turn
You: ok, roll jump, and I may take an AOO for that
You: let me check
Stranger: ok
You: ok, technically I think that jumping over me provokes, but the language is unclear, so Ill let it slide
You: continue
Stranger: ok, so iv stabed the guy, right? i guess i leap back then fly up into the sun, so he cant realy see me.
You: cant do that, jumping is a move action, and so is flying
You: you only get a move, and an attack
Stranger: so then its the orcs turn


>> No.23581654

You: ok
You: care to figure out how much damage you did stabbing him, or whether you hit?
You: that could help, you know
Stranger: heh yeah sorry
You: roll D20+bab+dexmod
Stranger: bab?
You: base attack bonus
Stranger: oh ok so for me it would be the 1d6
You: I dont think so
You: I think its a flat +1
Stranger: ok. so the d20 got 13, plus bab 1, plus 6 = 20
You: why are you adding a 6?
Stranger: dexmod
You: dokay
You: well you hit
You: roll D6+dexmod for damage
Stranger: 5+6 so 11
You: ok, the orc parries for 6, so he only takes 5
You: orcs turn
You: whats your AC?
Stranger: 18
You: ok, give me a sec
You: ok, do you have a shield?
Stranger: no
You: ok
You: orc hits with 17+3+1
Stranger: can i dodge
You: and how does that work?
Stranger: well the way my group plays is its a d20 and the closer it is to 20 the less damage taken. so a 1 will be no damage reduced, while a 20 will be no damage taken. and a roll of 10 will cut the damage in half. you understand?
You: I thought you said you'd never played 5e before?
You: hell, thats not even close to how dodge works in 3.5 either...
Stranger: like i said, we are kind of new. but feel free to do whatever you want. your the dm
You: o.....k....
You: well, you get hit for 7 damage and you're disarmed
You: if I remember correctly, that makes you dead

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>logic now wants your number and to meet your parents

I love you

>> No.23581684

>Character can fly for no reason
>That dodge interpretation

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Are you faggots still in omegle?

>> No.23581830

I am, trying to find someone decent..

>> No.23581846

Me too

>> No.23581859

Give some indication, like some special greeting
at least something like "Hello~" or something

>> No.23581873

Posting a few I made earlier.

>> No.23581876

Roger. I shall do a "Hello~~" with two wavy things.

>> No.23581886

This is gonna be my thing, as I rather enjoy Brogan.

>> No.23581897

Last of them for now. I'll make more when I get back on Omegle later tonight.

Fuck orcs.

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Fucking Brogan, god dammit

>> No.23582064

No one decent

>> No.23582067

>all the puns

>> No.23582071

I had a pretty nice conversation with one of you folks yesterday.

I told you about how shitty the movie Battleship was.

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I do not think there was ever room for a Mandy within those ranks.
A Pekka on the other hand would have been fine.

>> No.23582188

did my good deed for the day

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bitch can't handle no grimdark

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Select Language▼
33,994 strangers online

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like roleplay.

You: for the emperor

Stranger: For the Queen!

You: queen?

Stranger: Not the queen of england... Just... I wanted to be funny and I failed.

You: the emperor of man kind never took a wife heresy


Stranger: I know what a emperor is... :(

You: were done here my woods gone.

Stranger: Gone? Oh... That's a big problems.

You: oh whys that

Stranger: I don't klnow.

Stranger: know*

You: im confused are we cybering at this point or not. it just seems so awkward.

Stranger: I know... It's almost too awkward... Um... So... What do you like...? *awkward sway*

You: i like roleplaying games like D&D. what about you baby.

Stranger: What is that? :O

You: well it can very but usually involves dungeons and large lizards.

Stranger: Dragons and Dungeons, of course! Cool!

You: lol

Stranger: So, you want to rp about that?

You: yes i want to roleplay that were erping in D&D and from there things can move out of character. its kind of like the movie inception.

Stranger: I... see... A bit complicated.

You: its the only thing that can get me off, its my kick.

You: im sorry

Stranger: Well... I can try...

You: you're going to have to force me from the out of character layer of the roleplay, into the in characater layer of the roleplay, then into reality

You: but first, you're going to need to come up with a character\

You: and after that, you're going to need to come up with a character who your character will be playing as.

You: ...do you have a D&D 3.5 players guide?

You: I can work with pathfinder, too

You: but no 4e, please

You: no offense if that's like your thing, I just don't care for it

Stranger: I didn't understand a word, so I'll just leave...

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I... I'm sorry /tg/. I went in there hoping for something 40gay related and I ended up playing romantic roleplay with a 15 year old.

>Shame famiry
>Commit Sudoku
>My name's not actually Michael

>> No.23582291

Also I ended up practising for when I pick up a bitch in a shitty romcom.

>> No.23582516

I love these threads.

>> No.23582613

>Giggles to himself

>> No.23582619

Undead quest bro, if you're here, you're the best and I love you muchly. Keep being awesome, you marvelous gentleman.

>> No.23583365

Are there any other crusaders out there? I feel very much alone in the sea of ERP.

>> No.23583433

>alone in the sea of ERP.

I am! I had a great attempt with a guy, where we were going to leave india, and try to become kings in Kafiristan. But my internet connection failed, and tragedy followed.

>> No.23583462

And I brother!

>> No.23583568

This is a most heartening sight, comrades! The sacred war truly knows no conclusion.

My last round. Not the most amusing, but a pleasant interlude with some honourless swine. barbarians, all of them.

>> No.23583698

Truly, the Emperor's work is never done.

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>> No.23584501

you can tell I've not got much experience at this.

>> No.23584768

I am the best leader.

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>> No.23584959

>Black bag my wife
That was exquisite.

>> No.23585126

Its quite annoying trying to find you guys.

>> No.23585181

Have you tried Grognard?

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>> No.23585304

The irony was, she was right. She just never understood how deep the manipulation ran.

>> No.23585323

use the tag grognard. it should put you with other fa/tg/uys and ca/tg/irls when possible.

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>> No.23585402

Jesus I wish I could random into some of you people, your scene skills kick mine in the nuts.

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>> No.23585621

By Crom's left testicle that is hilarious. Good on you sir.

>> No.23585623


>> No.23585634

Oh Brogan, you always make me laugh so!

>> No.23586076

why do they always leave when it gets interesting?

>> No.23586271

how do i find someone to DM me?

>> No.23586293

use grognard as a tag and hope like crazy. I don't think there are many on atm

>> No.23586318

When two of us meet, adventures usually ensue, so typically there're a bunch of us questing. Just keep searching and keep the faith. You'll find someone eventually.

>> No.23586339


I tried it, got paired with a random girl and have been chatting with her for a hour using the fanciest english I can come up with. Not roleplaying, nothing delicious, nothing hilarious, just chatting about literature and our studies.

>> No.23586353

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like roleplay.

Stranger: (Tell me if you are reading, only males please) You are my brother’s best friend, we had been dating for a while but nobody knew.. Then I found that I was pregnant, and I decide to go away because you didn’t want babies. I come back 2 years later with our son; I was playing with him in the living room when you come in with my brother. (Marie, 18 F, long brown hair, green eyes, 5’’6’, skinny. Leave asl, name and continue please)

You: (reading)

You: "But yeah man, if you can hoo-" Comes in, and finds you there, with the kid. "What the FUCK are you doing here?"

Stranger: I look up at you and I stand up nervously "I'm back" I whisper picking up our son

Stranger: (Name?)

You: (Jim, or Jimbo. In a black leather coat, a brown graphic tshirt under that, with jeans and chuck taylor shoes. Short hair, a bit built and a large goatee)

You: In shock, he seems to bolt angerly out the door towards his pick-up

Stranger: I stroke his hair "seems like I'm not welcome here" I walk out of the room

You: (Where are you walking out of, the house, into a different part room in the house?)

Stranger: (a different part of the house

You: All you hear is loud footsteps in room you just were in, followed by a audible clang. "Marie? Where'd you go? I wanna talk."

Stranger: I leave the kid in my bed and I open the door "I'm here Jimbo" I say

You: He levels his Grandfather's M1 Garand at you, and with a look of utter rage in his face he squeezes the trigger, not once but twice, putting two .30-06 rounds through the center of your skinny frame.

>> No.23586398

We did good, comrade.

>> No.23586473

Yes we did, yes we did

>> No.23586523

I lol'd

>> No.23586716

Holy shit, I found a grognard!

>> No.23586773 [DELETED] 

>> No.23586797

No, I have lost the President of Russia

>> No.23586990

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like grognard.


Stranger: What?


Stranger: Alright, alright, calm down.

Stranger: What's the problem?

You: well, you see im in kind of deep with these guys in the wizard mafia and...

Stranger: ...Is that a thing?

Stranger: Seriously?

Stranger: A wizard mafia?

Stranger: What fuckin' chump believes in magic?

Stranger: I-I bet they got like, fuckin' beards, too, right?

Stranger: They'll conjure cement shoes on me, right?

You: yeah. serious shit, man, serious shit. if they find me they'll probably

Stranger: Hah.

Stranger: Dude, that's gay.

Stranger: And queer.

You: *old bearded men with tommyguns kick down the door*



>> No.23587002


Stranger: Alright, okay.

Stranger: Get behind that door.

Stranger: Don't open it, no matter what you hear.

You: *pulls out magic wand*

You: *loads 44 magnum magic into the wand*

Stranger: Alright...

Stranger: *I pull out my double headed broad-axe.*

You: alright, lets do this shit

Stranger: *I inhale best I can, slashing the axe width wise.*


You: *pop up and aim at the wizards*

Stranger: *I stop the ground, the wizards' heads pop off their necks, spurting blood.*


You: *suddenly the other door gets kicked in*



>> No.23587014

Stranger: SHIT, GESTAPO.

Stranger: I KNEW IT.


Stranger: POP 'EM TY-WIZZLE!

Stranger: GOD DAMN, POP 'EM!

Stranger: *I use my broad axe to shield myself from the magic bullets.*

You: *shoot magic all over the place*


Stranger: AIM, AIM!

You: wheres the wizard russians when ya need em?



You: *roof collapses*


Stranger: *I grab a Geswizod as a shield from the roof.*


Stranger: SHIT, WHAT!?




Stranger: ALRIGHT.

Stranger: *I throw the nazi wizard shield down.*

Stranger: PICK ME UP.


You: we couldnt be in deeper shit right now

Stranger: JUST PICK ME UP.

You: *picks you up*

Stranger: HURL ME AT 'EM.

You: now what?

You: *hurls man at the aliens

Stranger: *I bend my knees as you hurl me, rotating my axe and air-guitaring the face of the blade, the axe glows with metal-magicks(TM) and the Wizard-Aliens explode in a shower of pyrotechnic fury as I scream "POWERSLIIIIIIIIIIDE!"*

You: *the wizard nazis cower in fear and run away*


>> No.23587033




You: damn, you saved my wizard ass back there

Stranger: *I fall out of the air, screaming "SHIIIIIIT!" and land on my back, groaning.*

Stranger: Wai-wait.

You: if it werent for yo-

Stranger: You're a wizard?

Stranger: Come on!


Stranger: Come on!

Stranger: *I shield myself with my axe as the wizard explodes in suicidal fury.*


Stranger: *I swing my axe, and dig it into your ribcage, pulling you close.*



You: b-but the wizard marines are on there way!

Stranger: *I tear out your heart as I mutter, "That's more that forever."*

You: why?

Stranger: *I powerslide out of the room, the entire building erupting in flames as lightning strikes it, the wizard-soul being released from his prison to go back to the aether.*



You: *bearded chopper looms ahead*

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

>> No.23587059

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like rp.

Stranger: M 15 sub usa wants to be kidnapped

You: M 347 tall, black robes, gray hair, wicked smile

You: "Yes! You will make the perfect subject for my experiments!" I cackle maniacally. I place you under a paralysis spell and put you on an altar, when suddenly a group of paladins comes bursting through the door. "Stop there, evil-doer!" They shout. I hiss at them and summon skeletons before teleporting away. The paladins deal with them while one releases you from the spell. "Are you okay?" He asks.

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Well, fuck.

>> No.23587083

This was amazing
Elect this man!

>> No.23587207

Well played.

>> No.23587227

One of the better Omegle's I've seen before.

>> No.23587233

I'm sorry, I accidentally disconnected while trying to skip an opening cinematic.

>> No.23587244

No worries

>> No.23587253

Question, did we ever actually allocate that extra 3 trillion dollars?

>> No.23587273

That was a typo, it was actually 3 billion

>> No.23587302

Man, medical costs are expensive...

>> No.23587408


>> No.23587423

>I am guard #15438 and I must put you in the evidence locker.

Oh god

>> No.23587487

I haz the giggles now.

>> No.23587507

But wait there's more.

>> No.23587528

It keeps happening

>> No.23587538

>tfw you connect to someone more than once
>they remember you

>> No.23587579

emperor preserve us!

>> No.23587637

>TFW nobody wants to be a cold war era superspy

>> No.23587697

You disconnected on me bro
I was about to take out a missle with a rowboat, one oar, a metal rod and a pack of gum

>> No.23587810

I lost connection.

>> No.23587834

Well, if it makes you feel better I wouldn't have known what to do with it anyway

>> No.23587906

>> No.23587992

Whelp, I'm done.

>> No.23588016

You're now chatting with a random stranger
You and the stranger both like roleplay
You: My name is Commissar Aldo Raine and I'm putting together a special team, and I need me eight soldiers. Eight Cadian-Imperial soldiers. Now, y'all might've heard rumors about the armada happening soon. Well, we'll be leaving a little earlier. We're gonna be dropped into the Eye of Terror, dressed as cultists. And once we're in enemy territory, as a bushwhackin' guerrilla army, we're gonna be doin' one thing and one thing only... killin' Heretics. Now, I don't know about y'all, but I sure as hell didn't come down from the goddamn Segmentum Solar, cross five thousand light years of space, fight my way through half of the Segmentum Obscurus and jump out of a fuckin' Valkyrie to teach the Heretics lessons in humanity. Heretics ain't got no humanity. They're the foot soldiers of a Emprah-hatin', mass murderin' maniac and they need to be dee-stroyed. That's why any and every every son of a bitch we find wearin' a Star o' Chaos, they're gonna die. Now, I'm the direct descendant of the jungle man Sly Marbo. That means I got a little Catachan in me. And our battle plan will be that of a Jungle Fighter resistance. We will be cruel to the Heretics, and through our cruelty they will know who we are. And they will find the evidence of our cruelty in the disemboweled, dismembered, and disfigured bodies of their brothers we leave behind us. And the Heretics won't not be able to help themselves but to imagine the cruelty their brothers endured at our hands, and our boot heels, and the edge of our knives. And the Heretics will be sickened by us, and the Heretics will talk about us, and the Heretics will fear us. And when the Heretics closes their eyes at night and they're tortured by their subconscious for the evil they have done, it will be with thoughts of us they are tortured with. Sound good?
Stranger: (Reading)
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Well I though it was pretty good.

>> No.23588488


I liked it.

>> No.23588688

you got my vote

>> No.23588769


>> No.23588844

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like grognard.


Stranger: Salutations, traveler!

You: Greetings in kind to you as well, traveler.

Stranger: Not many folk come into the farlands

Stranger: Not sure why they would want to, either. Cursed lands these be

You: Nay, this is quite foreign land indeed. The powers of chaos are quite potent here.

You: What brings you here, traveler?

Stranger: Why,just the other day I saw me a beast so horrendous I couldn't describe if i wanted to.

You: These beasts are common in these parts. Was it humanoid-esque? With whale like features and some sort of hair-like growth around their neck?

Stranger: Me? I'm no traveler, just an old wiseman livin out in the middle a now here's

Stranger: *nowheres

You: You live out your days in this realm of chaos?

Stranger: Chaos? I don't suppose I understand

>> No.23588857

You: This land? Haven't you seen? It is constantly shifting, changing. Mountains turn to oceans in an instant. It rains blood and excrement one moment, and the next is it perfectly calm and serene, with kittens prowling the landscape.

Stranger: Really? I need to get my eyes checked. All I see is desert, wasteland, and dried up dirt. Must be used to the curse by now

You: Perhaps. Such may be the fate of all those denizens of these lands who are not born here. I am not sure, but I am here to find out.

Stranger: Well, I'm no use sitting in this ol' shack. Might as well help you on whatever quest you may be on.

Stranger: You'll definitely need a guide

You: Are you sure? What I seek is defiantly not for the faint of heart, and of minds. I have been sent by the gods, the gods of these lands. I have traveled all the way from the Dutchy of Atmosia, from the district of brass, that is my home. The gods of chaos have brought me here seeking an artifact, one that will allow me to commune with them all the greater, and seek enlightenment.

Stranger: Trust me son, I may be aged but I ain't no pushover. *picks up twisted wooden staff* this land will eat you up if you don't gots your wits about ya.

You: Alright then, I seek the location known as the Temple of the Hallowed Damned, do you know where that may be?

Stranger: Hmmm... A temple. I think I've seen watch yer talkin about. Big, scary, filled with the spirits of the damned, right?

You: Something like that. Deep within the crypt complex of this temple lies a guardian. Legend has it that it is made of pure chaos, that dragon. I must slay it, and capture it's essence in order to power the device it guards.

Stranger: Well then, we best get goin. Don't want that guy over there hearin too much *eyestalk a few feet behind us pops back into the earth*

You: Guy? -He turns to notice-

Stranger: That's just the greeter. Welcome to the farlands, son

>> No.23588863

Stranger: *walks into the distance *

You: I can tell it will be alot more interesting than Atmosia. -Follows the wiseman-

Stranger: So, you got a name?

You: I am Argust, Champion of the Cult of the Flayed Skull. and you?

Stranger: You know, I never thought if one. Always thought my name was "myself"

You: I think you've existed in the realm of chaos for too long, my friend.

Stranger: But my name isn't important. What is important is that tentacle coming up behind you

Stranger: *ear-piercing shriek followed by an unearthly groan *

You: -On the realization of what the man said, he spins on the heel of his boot, drawing his cultist sword from underneath his crimson robes, cutting as he draws-

Stranger: *the monster pushes its way out if the ground, revealing its massive toothy maw and many tentacles*

You: Ei' Nath! -He extends his left hand at the beast, projecting a bolt of dark arcane energy at the beast-

Stranger: *the beast recoils, then recovers and heads straight towards you*

Stranger: *suddenly, a dark shadow appears over head*

You: -Gives a quick glance above before moving against the beast, charging with blade in hand-

Stranger: *the shadow lets out a blood curdling shriek that knocks both you and the creature down*

You: -Immediately attempts to recover- I will not die here! The gods favor me!

Stranger: The shadow swoops down, and is actually much larger than it appeared. The shadow sprouts a large clawed hand and grips the creature, pulling it into the sky

You: -He blinks- Well, that's fortunate -Gets to his feet, given time-

Stranger: Well ain't that something? *chuckles heartily*

Stranger: Hey, you remember that temple you were talkin about?

>> No.23588871

You: Yeah? -He sheaths his cult sword-

Stranger: *points at a huge structure now standing immediatly in front of them* is that it?

Stranger: (PS the temple wasn't there before)

You: Well, it could be.

You: No one actually knows what it looks like...

Stranger: Do you see any other temples round here?

You: -Actually takes the time to look around- I guess not.

Stranger: *knocks on the door* hello? Any body there?

You: -keeps his hand on his blade and puts his hood up-

Stranger: *disembodied voices scream in agony* welp, looks like someone's home. *chuckles*

Stranger: *opens the door*

You: -Swiftly gets on the floor-

Stranger: Suddenly a massive reptilian beast pulls you both into the temple

You: Oh fuc- -Goes screeming off into the temple, attempting to walk like the reptilian beast in an attempt to be set free of his grasp-

Stranger: Wait a minute, mark?

Stranger: *Dragon lets out a horrific roar*

You: Mark?

Stranger: Mark what the hell are you doing here?

You: Who is mark?

Stranger: Oh, I should introduce you to my friend here. Mark, this is argust, argust this is mark. I used to know mark when he was just a egg!

You: Pleasure to meet you ma- -realizes its a dragon- Hey wait a minute, I may have to kill this thing.

Stranger: Hey mark, you still got that wind up you from when we were kids? *the titanic beast nods his head*

Stranger: *wind up toy

You: Wind up toy?

Stranger: *the dragon pulls a wind up toy car out from a cave in the back of the temple* argust, I believe this is what you are looking for. *hands you the toy*

You: -He blinks- I... uh... wat

Stranger: You did say it was a machine you were looking for, right?

You: Yes, but it was to be powered by the essence of... mark

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

>> No.23588908

B-but I'm still here
I was waiting for you
>You: Hey mark, you still got that wind up you from when we were kids? *the titanic beast nods his head*
You: *wind up toy
Stranger: Wind up toy?
You: *the dragon pulls a wind up toy car out from a cave in the back of the temple* argust, I believe this is what you are looking for. *hands you the toy*
You: You did say it was a machine you were looking for, right?
You: Oh dear, it seems I have put the poor boy into shock. Well anyway, how have you been mark?
You: *dragon grunts and growls in an unrecognizable tongue*
You: Well, mark I think I should be on my way. *picks you up while still frozen with shock*
You: *dragon waves goodbye and retreats back into the temple. The temple then sinks into the the earth*

>> No.23588954

you are making me cry with hapiness. Those puns...

>> No.23588964

Missed opportunity. Should have said, "But, the Codex Astartes does not support this action!"

>> No.23588977

>mfw I feel bad for this Imperial Dog

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like roleplaying, roleplay, and grognard.

Stranger: Friends! Comrades! Humans! Hear me! The Slaaneshi devotees tread close, closer to our lines than ever before! However, they are no match for the righteous fury of the Emperor's armies! Stand with me, my brothers! Stand with me, and drive these heretics back!

You: Oh I will stand with you all right... -Comes up and jabs a bayonet into the officer/commissar and lets loose three rounds before dropping the body- YOU HEARD THE IMPERIAL DOG, OUR ENEMY MUSTERS EVER CLOSER. GATHER YOUR BLADES. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD.

Stranger: ......

Stranger: ;-;

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

>> No.23589007

Stranger: As you sit in the chair, the suited man in front of you begins to speak.
"Hello. I am agent Donovan, and you've been selected by the CIA, due to your exeptional skill and ability to manage yourself under stress, to undertake a mission for your country. But first things first, do you accept? If not, you'll be dropped off back at your residence, and have one more pub tale to tell your friends, we won't kill you or anything like that."

You: I accept. I let him know I am an expert in foreign languages, thanks to google translate and pirate copies of Rosetta stone.

Stranger: A couple lines noticeable disappear from the agents brow.
"Good, glad to see there are some patriots left in this country. Your knowledge of languages will be quite useful, more on that later. Now, as you probably have seen on the news, the USSR is building up it's arsenal of nuclear weapons, and more and more European states are being coerced into joining them, but what the news doesn't tell you, is that there's a war going on behind all of the politicians and negotiators."

Stranger: The agent sighs.
"And we're losing it."

You: "Really now, agent?" I inquire. "I assume the U.N. is doing a good 'old job of accomplishing nothing again?"

Stranger: "Absolutely nothing at all, and we're accomplishing almost less. The Nordic countries are all under pressure from the USSR, they've got a missile base pointing no less than 50 SCUD launchers in their direction. it won't be long until Norway, Sweden and Finland cave to the soviet demands."

You: "You can always chalk up disaster to classic human greed." I took a long drag from my cigarette, letting wispy trails of depression-addled smoke drift through the air. The Company man's offer was risky, no doubt, but I was running out of options. My time with the NYPD was as in the past as was my family. So I it was there that I asked him,

You: "When do we start?"

>> No.23589022

Stranger: "Tomorrow." The agent replied. "As I mentioned, the soviets have a missile base loaded up with SCUD launchers and warheads, there is also a slight possibility the base holds plans for a new soviet weapon platform. We need you to infiltrate the base, located in northern Lativa. After you infiltrate the base, you will attempt to find these plans, if they do in fact exist, copy or steal them, and then destroy the base, along with any SCUDs or warheads you find."

You: With that, the stone-faced agent bid me away with a cursory wave of the hand. I made my way back to the apartment, crunching on the bitter snow. Tonight was another night of alcohol-laden hazes punctured by brief nightmares of sanity. I sat lying in the bed, gazing out the window into the crime-stricken lights of the city. The next morning I arrived to the Company man's office again, acquitting myself as cordially as a washed-up has-been could.

Stranger: The agent rises, and shakes your hand. "Welcome back, new agent. We've arranged your flight, you'll be dropped by a civilian cargo plane, using the excuse of instrument problems to fly in soviet airspace, before it continues on to Finland."

Stranger: "Once there, you will move 3 miles south, and meet with a turncoat KGB agent, who will supply you with a uniform, extra equipment, and any new orders or changes in the mission plan."

Stranger: "Now, if you don't have any more questions, Simmons will supply you with a few basic items for you mission, down in equipment." He gestures to an old service elevator.

>> No.23589024

Brothers, I am at a shitty country dance bar in Oklahoma. I wish I were at home bringing the light to the unwashed. Carry on the lords work.

>> No.23589033

You: "No sir." I answered the agent with an expression as that was a lifeless as the concrete floor. I departed quickly for the elevator, stealing a quick moment for self-reflection on the way down. By now, I'd been undercover dozens of times, both in the bleak street-lamps of New York and the faded cityscape of Sao Palo. Simmons was identified easily enough, as he was the only person I could qualify as important-looking on that floor.

Stranger: The doors open, and reveal a small workshop, staffed by five people at most, Simmons is easy to recognize, he is the only one wearing a lab coat of the bunch. He quickly moves over, well, wobbles would be a better term.
He grabs your hands in an enthusiastic handshake, before letting you go. "I assume you're the new agent Donovan recruited last night? I'm Simmons, head of the laboratory here." You note this looks nothing like a laboratory.

You: The scientist, or who I assumed to be one, greeted me with cloying enthusiasm. In another time at another age, I would've returned the favor. But this wasn't that time. "Yeah," I replied, "he'd said you'd have some equipment for me before I'm shipped off."

Stranger: "Ah yes, follow me." Simmons said, leading you to a rusty metal table with quite a number of items on it, some familiar, some you cannot even imagine the use of.
Simmons lifts up a compact pistol, before screwing on a suppressor.
"First of all, let's start with the basics, compact 9mm pistol, three magazines, not including the one already loaded, with a suppressor."

You: "Good to know." I removed my hand from the black trench coat, gripping the weapon while giving it a quick look-over. "How am I sneaking this past airport security?" Though I was curious as to how they planned on smuggling this military arsenal onto a civilian airplane, I remembered that I was no stranger to these issues. It turns out hot lead is just as effective at clearing UFE checkpoints as three fluid ounces of water.

>> No.23589048

Stranger: "You'll be escorted to the cargo plane on the runway, no need to go through security when you're a member of the CIA, one of the best perks, might I add." Simmons said with a chuckle, before grabbing another item, which appears to be a zippo and a couple of cigarettes.
"Want a smoke?" He asks, before pulling the items back. "Just kidding, this zippo functions as a miniature camera." As he says this, he pulls on each side of the zippo, revealing a small lens.
"And the cigarettes.." He adds, placing a cigarette into the nozzle of the zippo. "Are the microfilm."
"Just put a cigarette in, twist it until you hear the click, and take pictures by pressing the logo in the center of the zippo."
"Oh, and try not to smoke the microfilm."

You: The man's humor was commendable, almost as much as the benefits of this new position. They were bright lights in a dark alley. I tucked the new equipment away in a deep pocket, while fastening the pistol to the weathered holster on my belt. "Don't worry. I've got the real deal here."

Stranger: "Good, keep them seperate." Simmons held up something which looked like an ordinary wristwatch.
"This, is an ordinary wristwatch." He said, rather anti-climatically.

>> No.23589064

Stranger: Heya, asl?

You: You first. :3

Stranger: Oh, you're one of those teases.

Stranger: Alright, fine. Fine. I'll play your little game.

Stranger: I'm a seventeen year old male from the United States of America.

You: Cool beans. I am a 10,849 year old Chaos Space Marine from the Eye of Terror.

You: I have come to kill.

Stranger: Oh ha, a W40k nut.

You: Wow, you know what it was.

You: What are you doing trolling for epoon when you should be thinning your paints!

Stranger: Well, I'm not exactly a nut myself, I'm just fully aware of W40k's existence.

Stranger: Probably due to Spehss Mehreens.

You: Ah, alright.

You: Well, stop trying to erp and give yourself over to khorne, damn it!

You have disconnected.


>> No.23589065

Stranger: "That is, until you remove the battery, which functions as a small piece of plastic explosive, detonated by pressing the right side button thrice." Simmons says, pressing said button thrice.
"Don't worry, when the battery is in, it does nothing out of the ordinary, so don't worry about blowing off your hand."

You: Of course. What would an undercover agent be if he didn't herald his escape with a series of violent explosions? I gave the device a look over. Chrome finish, spit-polished case, Roman numerals. A true diamond amidst the rock. "Very well then, do you have anything else on hand or should I get going?"

Stranger: Simmons shook his hand. "No, nothing else which you could use, I assume the KGB agent will have a little more for you, probably a rifle or something like that, part of your disguise."
Simmons looks at his watch. "Ah, it's almost four, you better go see Donovan, your flight leaves in about 2 hours. Good luck!" Simmons says, before turning back to something which looked quite a bit like a lawnmower, but with 8 wheels and a flamethrower.

You: I began to wonder about the instruments of mass-munder in the room. ICBMs and anthrax-laced letters were as good of a threat as any, but these Company men were also packing an arsenal of their own.. Were I saint, I would've called them out on this then and there, but I knew better. I'd had sinned the most out of anyone there, so I wasn't in a position to speak. Two hours later, I boarded the flight, bound for God-knows-where. I spent my time casually flipping through the newspaper, practicing my Latvian in silence. It was all I could do to tide the lack of cigarettes and painkillers.

Stranger: With a buzz, the CIA agent acting as the pilot turned on the intercom. "Approaching the drop zone, agent, we're about 5 minutes out, prepare your chute." With a click, the hum of the engines once again became the only noise in the compartment.

>> No.23589071

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: Alright, so you're surrounded by orcs, and on your last legs.
Stranger: I swear to the Seven Hells if you ask for an asl i will hunt you down and beat you with a sac of socks
You: Fuck that, rp. Orcs, what fucking do.
Stranger: i kill the orcs
You: Alright, so you just punching them to death
Stranger: I'm that tough
You: They're low level, they only knocked you down because of numbers and arrows, they got close and got dead
You: What's next muscle monk?
Stranger: i use a healing potion get back on my feet
You: Alright, feeling good. Pulled out a few arrows from your armor, but nothing major now.
You: You're on a quest to save some bitch ass princess, who got kidnapped because the king is useless.
Stranger: I'll claim that bitch for my own, knock down the bitch ass king, and claim the throne for my self
Stranger: the Muscle Monk
You: So now your King Muscle Monk, the useless king is probably going to try to rebel or some shit, but you have people for that.
You: Well you're ruling the North, got more Orcs to the west, some elves to the south and who the fuck knows what's east
Stranger: I do a fucking dragon
Stranger: but its ok
Stranger: he's my pet
Stranger: Muscle Monk's Dragon

>> No.23589083

You: I positioned myself, gathering momentum as I leaped off the ramp and plummeted towards the ground. Falling from great heights wasn't a new experience to me, but this time I wouldn't be breaking any bones. Once I'd fallen to an extent where I would not die, I give the chute a pull before scanning the ground below me.

Stranger: As you survey the ground, you seem to be heading towards a large field, surrounded by forest on all sides. In the distance, you can see a small smoke trail form what you assume to be the cabin you're supposed to meat the KGB agent at.

You: Adjusting my descent, I made my way towards the only place in the wilderness that upgraded my chances of survival. Landing in front of the cabin, I surveyed the land once more. At least one positive of my life was that airplane flights came cheap.

Stranger: (Ah fuck, it's one AM already?)

Stranger: (Sorry guy, but I need to sleep, I got shit to do tomorrow.)

You: (Alright, thanks for the adventure, but will you let me end with one last statement, anon?)

Stranger: (Yeah, sure anon.)

You: As I opened the classified Soviet intelligence files, I glanced through the documents with increasing dread.
There was something disturbingly familiar about the chat log before me. The typing was eleven-point font Arial.
“You’re in a roleplay chat, Max.”
The truth hit me like a searing white blaze to eyes.
Flashing orange tabs hanging in the browser, poorly-proofread dialog being smashed onto the keyboard, my out-of-character appearance in a Latvian country, and the sneaking suspicion of an anonymous stranger dictating my every thought and him.
I was in an Omegle roleplay.
Funny as hell, it was the most horrible thing I could think of.

>> No.23589085

You: You horrify your court by having some pretty kinky sex with a Dragon
You: They get over it after some squats though
Stranger: No i don't do that, they took my ugly ass princess for a dragon
Stranger: i get her surgery of plasticous
You: Damn, she's pretty ugly but they didn't have to call her a dragon. So you go out and buy some magic to fix that mug of hers because seriously, that's not even funny.
You: Some punk steals your money bag though
Stranger: yes plus i have the gold of the kingdom to use on her
Stranger: oh i punch his kidney out of his mouth
You: Fucking kid, did not know who he was fucking with. He'll remember it in hell.
You: So the princess still looks pretty busted but at least there's no knights lining up to slay her
Stranger: yeah plus she's scheduled for that potion
You: Yeah, so you buy the potion but you need a wizard to make sure that shit goes off perfectly
You: You're a monk, potions are for lesser men
Stranger: i hire SleepyDouche
Stranger: the wizard
Stranger: hes the best in the land
You: He says he'll do it, when he wakes up. In a few years
Stranger: can't wait that long
Stranger: i punch her face into a good shape like spongebob did to squidward
You: In a pretty epic display of spousal abuse you beat your wife until she's stacked like a love goddess
You: This pisses off the current love goddess though
Stranger: its the middle ages, whataya gonna do
Stranger: i find the necklace of unchanging love and use it on the love goddess
Stranger: take her as my new bride
Stranger: for the last one did not survive the beating
You: SleepyDouche has a imp come bring it to you, he only charged you two towns for it.
Stranger: Limpy the Imp

>> No.23589090

>Having a relatively normal conversation with a girl
>They insist for your facebook/phonenumber at one point

>> No.23589098

You: He lost his leg in a war
You: He doesn't bitch about it though, he did his part
Stranger: now he has a sword for a leg
You: The blacksmith still has nightmares about it
You: The new bride and love goddess says she's pregnant
Stranger: Uh oh
You: She was too close to you for too long, instant babies
You: And she can only birth females
You: Love Goddess curse
Stranger: Ahh bunch of Demi Goddesses PMSing
You: Bunch of Amazoness Demi-Goddess PMSing*
Stranger: Muscle Monk pulls out his sword cuts off his own head, but before wrote an inheritance for the children
You: And thus the kingdom and swiftly the world falls to ruin
You: Alright, 500 exp and a minor wonderous item for your next character.
You: You're buying pizza though, it's your turn.
Stranger: Ok
You: See ya next week.
Stranger: same time same place
You have disconnected.

>> No.23589401

Should I ruin a good RP with a Bel-Air bait and switch? Answer, hurry

>> No.23589409


>> No.23589422

But itll be hilarious

>> No.23589435

I'm with the other guy. Don't. Good RPs on Omegle are too rare to spoil.

>> No.23589449

Cmon, i've got the lyrics pulled up already

>> No.23589487

It's been going for over 2 hours now

>> No.23589525

I need an answer

>> No.23589546

The answer is "no"

>> No.23589575

Alright. No it is.

>> No.23589784

Was having a lovely RP with a character named Aunae when I think we got D/C'd. Damn.

>> No.23590462

Is there a reason I'm getting an error when I try to get a log?

>> No.23590509

Oh, you're that guy who did the Zombie thing with me, right? Just pastebin it, the file is apparently too large.

>> No.23590534

You're god damned right.

>> No.23590572


Thaaaat would be me. And I almost threw my phone when it timed out, haha

>> No.23590586

Big one, warm off the presses.

>> No.23590619

Twenty-seven thousand Users online...

Twenty-seen thousand souls to convert...

The Crusade never ends.

>> No.23590660


>> No.23590694 [SPOILER] 

Image resolution was too large

>> No.23590773

I lol'ed. Not heartily. More of a sol. Snicker out loud.

>> No.23590791


>> No.23590822

Tonight's (and going back to yesterday's) thread is so full of work. Thank you /tg/, the crusade lives on.

>> No.23590858

I love this image.

>> No.23590878

thanks. When I made the one at the top of the thread the other night, I thought it was missing the crucial part "Hi ASL?" or some fluff faggotry. Its for a celebration of these heroic deeds.

Anybody can role play with people want to... Only TRUE heroes can make people who don't want to really role play, do it.

>> No.23590910

That is, and always has been, my dying belief, sir.

>> No.23590922

Stranger: hii :D
You: Howdy.
Stranger: What anime do u like roleplaying?
You: Akira.
You: KANEDA!!!!!
You: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stranger: ummmm what=
Stranger: ?
You: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it ended with me insulting the stranger, cause they didn't know what Akira was. They disconnected.

>> No.23590939


You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You and the stranger both like Roleplaying.
You: Howdy
Stranger: **Keep Reading ONLY If your into fantasy RP's** Your the prince of your kingdom, And I am the princess of mine. We both hate eachother deeply but were suppose to be married in a week. Were both forced to a small castle alone, Where we are suppose to 'bond' before the marriage. It's about 5:00 PM and were both sitting at the dinner table and I don't even look at you. I just stare at my food, And you finally choose to say something. (Ello! I'm Ara, Long slightly curled brown hair, Crystal blue ish green eyes, 5'7, 102 Lbs, 18, Curvy, Skinny, Nice body. You'll know the rest soon : P)
You: Your should be You're.... still reading
You: eachother should be spaced to each other
You: were should be we're
You: contraction of we are.
Stranger: Omg, stfu?
You: learn to write?
Stranger: Fuck off
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

>> No.23590964


>> No.23590979

how could anyone be "curvy" at 102 and 5'7?

>> No.23590987

A rare genetic disorder. I believe it goes by the name of Suevian Syndrome. Its very common among free form characters.

>> No.23591010

My favorite from yesterday

"Your name is now Winston"

>> No.23591015

Well shit E-Mail me and we'll finish sometime, hahah

>> No.23591020

The night takes a turn for the... worse.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You and the stranger both like rp.
Stranger: Hey
You: Hey
Stranger: Asl and sexuality

>> No.23591022


What did you answer

This is important

>> No.23591044

On my phone atm, so [email protected] I was actually really hoping you'd end up on the thread, that was one of two really good rps I got.

>> No.23591054

my friend, i leave the gift of mystery and opportunity. She is out there still. You could find her, and chat her up, and find out for yourself... Because the best answer, is the one you've already made up!


>> No.23591060

Alright, I gotta crash now but I'll drop you a line tomorrow.

>> No.23591119

Part 1 of 2

>> No.23591124

Part 2 of 2

>> No.23591130

FUCK, Forgot the image

>> No.23591135

what was the other one?

>> No.23591150

Still enjoying my virgins, heathen

>> No.23591168

Oh jeez.

>> No.23591177

I just do like four at a time

>> No.23591184

last one for tonight

>> No.23591192

no wait I found one more

>> No.23591236


Improv is all about saying yes.

Say yes to the pee, Adept.

>> No.23591264

I assumed that particular tech-adept died.

Bless his/her poor soul.

>> No.23591276

>> No.23591291


>> No.23591304

Worst adventure ever.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You and the stranger both like roleplaying, rp, and grognard.
Stranger: Greetings, traveler!
You: Um.
You: Well, hello there.
You: I really though, don't like to talk to, uh, strangers. I should just be, moving along, you know.
Stranger: ...alright.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

>> No.23591324

Damn,man. I am embarrassed by proximity.

>> No.23591331

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You and the stranger both like roleplay.
Stranger: hello
Stranger: i am
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You and the stranger both like Roleplay.
Stranger: no.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

>I will never have a sale.

>> No.23591339


I remember you, traveler!

>> No.23591357

You're the one who called me a traveler, so I was playing a traveler... who expected brigands.

>> No.23591577


There you are, gents.

>> No.23591679

I hope I find you. I'd love to deal with Crazy Hassan.

>> No.23591706

>TFW no grognards at all


>> No.23591722


>> No.23591741

I'm still in.

>> No.23592144


Was fun brothers. Take it easy.

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