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so I want to play warhammer 40k, but aren't sure which army to pick. my preferences:

>fun minis to paint (chaos?)
>not outrageously expensive
>good to learn the game with

would I be wrong by going with tyranids? what about orks?

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>not outrageously expensive
w40k is not for you

In all seriousness, tyranids, in my opinion, are the most fun to paint, as you can do so much with them if you're okay with stepping of the two canon color schemes.

For ease of play, though, space marines would probably be your best bet. Go look up some of the basic fluff and pick your favorite chapter.

Orks are my favorite race fluff-wise, though I don't think they're really anything spectacular in-game. If you want something to really piss off the people at your local tourney, get some necrons. Their regeneration is a bitch

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I don't like necrons and I'd like my army to be somewhat functional

guess nids is probably it then

but what is considered the most competitive army? is warhammer like TCG where everybody netdecks or is it less... not metagamed, but you know what I mean

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Painting Tyranids is fun, but it's hard to master. You have to paint a lot of skin, and make it look at least interesting to someone looking at the model. And there's lots of crevices between layers of carapace and skin that are very difficult to reach, either you basecoat and then ignore, or you use a wash, unless you're like trying to win Golden Demon or something.

But the Tyranid models look really good once you're done painting them. Even the older ranges. Except maybe the old Biovores and the 2nd edition models, those are pretty derpy.

Tyranids are not a good learner army, though. You will end up needing to assemble a basic Gaunt swarm in addition to what you will actually be playing, twenty to forty models, so that you can spawn extra broods over the course of the game. The codex is awkward and is very mono-build right now: it is one of the few cases where a codex is released that is a direct downgrade on the previous codex, meant to nerfbat the entire army in the edition it was written for. The main saving grace is that the sixth edition core rules are very pro-Tyranid(except the obnoxious lore-based restrictions that you can't take allies or fire defense line turrets).

Chaos is probably a better bet for learning. The models are sexy on their own, there are huge conversion possibilities mixing and matching chaos parts with loyalist marines, daemons, tyranids, or who knows what else, you can basically do really cool stuff and get away with it. It's a low model count army(unless you go the Cultist route), and has some really overpowered units right now. And it has a big variety in fun units and different paint scheme possibilities.

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Orks, it is what must be done OP, join us in the green tide/ battlewagonspam/warbikerspam/whateverthefuckarmy you wanna field spam.

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That and it's all but confirmed we're getting a Wardex, and that's a very good thing. along with all kinds of supposed models.

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If you build Marine stomp cheese list then tournaments shall fall before you, until you find that one guy who isn't GK.

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SAG/Random spam, search your feelings, you know it to be the only true way

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Depends on what army. Some armies can do a lot of different stuff and have it at least have a shot at winning, like Chaos, Grey Knights, Space Wolves. But there will still be lists that win out for popularity, based on what is good in the core rules and the meta: right now Chaos lists are tending towards Noise Marines(unbreakable infantry with sonic weapons i.e. they'll kill you even if you're behind cover), Heldrakes(metal flying daemons that breath fire that ignores cover and most units' armor), The Burning Brand of Skalathrax(a unique flamethrower that ignores cover and most units' armor)... well, you get the idea.

But with Chaos, you can still do other stuff, and still win some games doing it. There's only a couple units in the codex you really need to stay away from at all costs.

Tyranids have a poorer designed codex, based on the nerfbat they were given, you WILL have to netlist if you want to win with them. Unless you really understand the army enough to figure it out on your own.

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Dumping muh ork images to show OP that might is right.

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There aren't enough ork pictures that show the orks giving and good as they're getting.

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>tfw no dakka or krumpin

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>Tyranids have a poorer designed codex
Please, it's Cruddace certified gold.

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>what's going on in this thread?

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that is to say, a complete pile of shit.

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I just posted this in a similar thread >>23553483
>Please consider other armies.
I went the space marines route b/c they were easy for beginners, not b/c I really wanted to.
After that I made a few models before switching armies and never really played many games.
I felt if I had looked more into what army was coolest to me from the start, I would have been playing more.
>TL;DR are the smurfs your gut choice for coolest army?

Losta people there said the same thing.

Can't put much input in b/c little experience, but I believe you could get creative painting+modeling any army, really.

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Yeah, OP, if you really like Tyranids more, I'd say go for it. I like them more, I play them, it's hard, but they might get a major errata via White Dwarf next month. And they are the first 5th edition codex on the update schedule.

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Listen to >>23554720 . By the time you get good enough to care about tournies there'll be a new codex and the meta could have drastically shifted. Until then you'll have much more fun with something that you like the feel of.

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Orks get shot to pieces, every game. They have no chance of winning in this edition.

Buy a Dark Vengeance box and go either with Dark Angel or Chaos, try buying the box for 50/50 with a friend or something.

If you want to start orks, try to find the old Assault on Black Reach orks, they're usually really cheap.

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