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Do people even remember these guys any more?

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... that's only one guy

he's an ork mecha or something?

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Yes, but don't be surprised if not everyone know of him, not everyone likes 40k/OC dunutsteel.

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Fuck yeah, Rainbow Warriors!

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Yeah, I remember.

Feels bad that they got forgotten. The Grot city was my favourite /tg/ creation ever.

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I swear I'll finish that fic eventually when I stop languishing in school.

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Blue thread?

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>OC from 2012
Can you even into OC from 2010?

No, for fucking real, i'm not being aggressive, I thought I could, but I legit can't remember shit.

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I know it's 2012 OC, it's just that I really liked it and I'm sad it seems to have been forgotten.

I see Blue pop up now and again, but she's a waifu so it's just how things work. I never hear about the Scraplootas though.

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Not really.

/tg/ has had a massive hard-on for spess muhreens lately. And Scraplootas aren't marines, so they're not interested.

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The grotocracy was great. Then it all went to shit when Blue became the only focus of attentiob.

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Marines are boring as fuck though. It sucks. The scraplootas fiction is pretty funny in a Pratchett way, and pretty imaginative too.

I like blue as a part of the whole, but I agree sort of. That and the fact the Scraplootas became the automatic nemesis of every single /tg/ 40k creation for some reason.

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Does anyone have a three grot story? He was the most interesting character(s) to me, but I never found any stories about him.

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Not really a story in itself, but he pops up regularly.

>Whenever asked why "he" called himself Threegrot, "he" replies "Cuz' I'm as powerful as three Grots. Now piss off."

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>Marines are boring as fuck though


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The problem is that no memes evolved from them so they have no legacy aside from memories. Cultist-chan and Angry Marines have little images that remind us of their existence.

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As long as the other factions remain interesting I have no trouble witj that.

Also teeg had made some great chapters: emperos nightmare, blood jaguars, etc. Now we all seem fixed on shitty chapters or interactions between primarchs.

But at least the Warhammer High faggotry is over

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He is right. They are boring as fuck. Every single 'variant' just comes down to a simple 2-word description. "roman marines". "twilight marines". "viking marines". "mongolian marines" "blacksmith marines". "cyborg marines". Even chaos gets the treatment by being summed up as "evil marines".

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Eh, I don't even see /tg/'s homebrew chapters as being very interesting. blood jaguars is basically just "space wolves and blood angels penetrated each other's honor". And Emperor's Nightmares are just "space marines gone /x/... when /x/ was still good".

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Cultist Chan and Angry Marines are also reposted and crammed down everyone's throats.

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>But at least the Warhammer High faggotry is over

Fucking agreed.

Yeah, same with Xeno. People know of them because they were forced hard. Scraplootas weren't.

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Marines are fucking boring. The only faction that is more boring than the Marines are the Eldar, simply because they are Space-Elves.

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They are remembered nonetheless. It's the same with Emperor's Nightmare. They are really cool but have no real way of sustaining their memory on the board directly, only through archives and 1d4chan.

Still cool ideas to use in RP sessions tho

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Also blue seemed to piss off a lot of people so they tendede just to ignore the whole scraplootas thanks to her.

Anyway Im hopeful, lets see this years flavor of OC

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>tfw I'm the guy who started Blue in that thread way back and kinda sorta regret it

I like her, but fuck. Suppose without her there'd be no Scraplootas though.

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You could do the same with orks.

>fast orks
>sneaky orks
>rich orks
>srs orks

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what's not interesting about Emperor's Nightmare?

They had a shitton of really cool fluff.

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Teeg in the end makes great ideas/OC but has no way to sustain because they arent memetic enough.

Or because they dont have quests/retelling. Remember the deffwoch

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Actually, I'll politely disagree with you on Eldar. Saim-Hann is fucking awesome when you read into their background. The craftworld is broken down into tribes and families, in a very fuedal fashion. A council of warlords makes decisions, and the Farseers are revered more as 'guiding shamans'. And they all wear warpaint, furs, feathers, and have tattoos.

But the others... yeah, Biel Tan and Alaitoc are pretty fucking boring. Ulthwe is at least "an actual army" with it's Guardians, even if it's not currently represented. But they're still dull as hell. Really Iyanden and Saim-Hann are the two most interesting craftworlds ever.

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The difference is Orks can be so much more, if you let them. Fundamentally, a Spess Mehreen is a Spess Mehreen. And that's that. Any stories they have are just "we fought these guys a bit", whereas stuff like the Scraplootas shows that if done right an ork group can be a bonafide saturday morning cartoon.

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Yeah, of course there are exceptions, but most of the Eldar are just cliche and boring.

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BJs have almost nothing at all in common with the Space Wolves other than having a mammal in their chapter name.

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Well they are sustained through the fa/tg/uys on /tg/. Just because /tg/ stops talking about them doesn't mean they are dead. It just means they are done. I still plan on inserting Emperor's Nightmare into the next 40k game I run.

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You can't tabletop the Scraplootas.


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Not really, actually. The bare minimum you can summarize the Ork clans as involves terms like "thieving superstitious looters", "suave car-salesmen orks", "mimics any other army ever, Orks", and "full-frontal assault serious bizness Orks".

Even so... you don't see them represented these days. So it's moot.

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Has anyone ever bothered using them in a game at all?

They'd be pretty fun to come across, I reckon. Might do it myself some day.

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Isn't an Ork an Ork? What makes SM inherently boring?

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Dude, how much of Eldar fluff had you read? I heard one of their original designers talk about them and it was interesting as fuck all the stuff he put in.

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Because a marine is a marine is a marine. No matter how much gimmicky trash gets shoehorned into their snowflake codex (that copies >60% of the vanilla dex).

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how the fuck would you shoehorn them in?

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I'm shocked this even needs explaining. Space Marines are the Super Mario of the 40K setting, except even less interesting because having a boring all-rounder faction doesn't work in a board game like this. Just imagine if there was an all-rounder 10th class in TF2, and how much it would be hated.

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I liked Blue, though... She was what started it all. She had a basic story but, like many of the other characters, never felt like she was fully fleshed out. We got half way and then sort of forgot about her in light of all the other amazing characters being created to fill up Boris the Titan and the rest of the gang.
Pity everyone got tired of it, I suppose. Saturated the board with it and people lost interest and everything ended feeling sort of half finished and incomplete...

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I wish I'd finished that story about Blue visiting the inside of Boris. The 60 second market and the 'Ed council were just great concepts I didn't feel I could do justice.

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>Just imagine if there was an all-rounder 10th class in TF2, and how much it would be hated.
And how everyone would play it....

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Glad I'm not the only who has no love for the primarch faggotry recently. Honestly, the latest stuff's somewhat ruined them for me.

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You can slap on more adjectives to Space Marines too.

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There's also the constant turnover of users, particularly around summer time. A lot of people don't look at the archives going back more than a year, and those that do are usually only those interested in quests. The people who DO remember them don't bring it up because, like >>23544463 says, they're done.

Off the top of my head? Gav & Bob, Asari raised Turian, Kriegers (and how they keep turning up in boxes), Elf Slayer...I think WHH and Tauquest first landed in 2010 too.

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So the problem with Blue, at least from a writefag's perspective, is that she's naturally the POV character because she's an outsider looking in on the Scraplootas' silliness and methodical madness just like the reader. You can explain things without it seeming strange that the exposition is happening through Blue.
If you'll notice, just about every story that involves explaining the Scraplootas is done from the point of view of someone "outside" of the tribe, Blue, Vaedrisa, random infiltrating Orks, Shas'El K'Lem P'rer, those two Chaos Marines, etc.
But Blue is easy to waifu because delicious wrench wench blueberry.

And thus the internal conflict, how do you write a story that is solely about the Scraplootas and not some external faction without relying on Blue or "Random New Ork #7?" The only other time I've seen it work is when Zizzbitz was reminiscing about the past. If you use Blue, then there are accusations of waifu-ing, if you use the Random New Ork, you're left with an unmemorable, unfleshed out main character, where Blue would be more interesting anyway.

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Someone should make a DW campaign using tg made chapters then post its crazy shenanigans here on teeg.

I loved deffwoch but I think squat crusade is just meh. They are trying too hard. But Shas seems to be an amazing GM

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Yes, thank you for reiterating my point. In such a system, an all-rounder would be both boring AND OP, an extremely rare and potent convergence of shittiness that every last Space Marine army happens to embody.

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grot army? grot army!

>> No.23544670

and my new Grott Attack Gun
(proxy Shokk)

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Whether or not you can makes no difference. The fact entire codices are wasted on these inherently dull, one-word theme armies is the point. Even though you are an anti-ork player who doesn't like them and thinks their sub-factions are 'dull', you still don't have them crammed down your throat or sucking up excess shelf space. They're blurbs. All their details, information, fluff, and thematic elements have been stripped away in recent editions and replaced with "-X- clan is -color-, and uses lots of -codex unit-." Whereas shallow justification is used as to why 'crusader marines' need a full waste of a codex devoted to them, and so the dev team writes up some gimmicky unit of "cross-riders" and renames all their otherwise identical equipment (i.e. "Black Fists").

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Gav and Bob... them feels

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More than anything I think people need to get over the waifu perspective.
Just because she's likeable doesn't mean she can't be useful as a key point in the structure of the story. She's useful because of that outsider perspective that's naturally applied to the character, albeit she was supposed to have been adopted by them anyway and raised by them--- it still fills a role that we as the readers could easily flow with as we, too, are outsiders to their society.

I would have loved more writing, and I can honestly say that, in my case anyway, I wouldn't have minded it being from her perspective one bit. She started it all, so it makes sense that she's play a major roll in it all.

Otherwise, I wouldn't have minded it from the perspective of that one ork that played batork the whole time. As the sneaky git he is, it would make sense he'd be watching from the shadows-- letting us have an eye at some of the interesting things happening all around Boris that only he could have seen.

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but isn't an ork an ork an ork?

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Holy shit, I forgot Crazy Hassan appeared in 2010.


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>Yes, thank you for reiterating my point.
You're welcome.
(and I was agreeing with you, by the way).

>> No.23544716

>hating on mario.

Look man you're saying, "Being X with a bit of Y sucks but being Y with a bit of X is great!"...when face it, what you really mean is, "I'm pissed Marines are stealing my Orks's screen time."

If you want more Scraplootas stuff, make more Scraplootas stuff. Draw a picture or write a story or come up with an interesting scenario.

>> No.23544718


Just place them as antagonists.

>> No.23544721

> Because a marine is a marine is a marine

You can argue this for every faction.

>> No.23544735

>but isn't an ork an ork an ork?
In the viewpoint of a marine-player, sure. But you still don't see individual codices dedicated to each one.

>> No.23544743

Anyone remembers when that whole mess with the drawfags started? Was it 2010?

Also crazy hassan is an icon

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>"I'm pissed Marines are stealing my Orks's screen time."
You miss the point. None of the anti-marine sentiments non-marine players have revolves around wanting more screentime/dev-time for their army. It revolves around condensing the giant clusterfuck that is marines so that armies aren't left 2 editions in the past for extended lengths of time, so that the design team's time isn't wasted on re-re-re-re-re-printing the same basic fluff and units over and over again each edition, and so that the game (as a whole) can be balanced better.

>> No.23544796

And again, no other faction has a codex devoted to each miniscule variation.

>> No.23544798


>Space Marines are the Super Mario of the 40K setting

>> No.23544805


>> No.23544832

Except Mario's more interesting when he's not hiding inside a suit of plot-armor like a coward.

>> No.23544843

> no other faction has a codex devoted to each miniscule variation.

Eldar used to, and there are two books for the Chaos faction. Guard used to have two books too.

Not saying Marines aren't overexposed, but that's actually a pretty recent development where they are the only faction to receive multiple dexs.

>> No.23544848

Ahh. I thought you were vouching for it's benefits. Glad we're on the same page!

>> No.23544871


But they aren't all-round. No given chapter can do it all, each has specializations. The codex may be flexible to allow for different play styles, but each of the chapters is unique.

>> No.23544881

. . . 'Scuse? I didn't know who the scraplootaz were until I started reading this thread, you've got the wrong anon. And that's not what I'm saying, at all, blatantly. The entire issue is with being a boring all-rounder in a system and/or on a scale that doesn't work for it. I'm not pissed at Marines, and I don't care for Ork "screentime".

TL;DR: Assumptions make you a twat, wherever you go.

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What does GW's codex release schedule have to do with /tg/ fan content? Other than feeding your hate-on for Marines which is distracting you from positive ways to get more Ork fan stuff out there.

>> No.23544899

Scraplootas popped up in a recent BJags remembrance thread, seeing as how we looted their revenge from them and turned it into a gargant.

And Boris pulled some image fuckery to become Conan the Barbarian.

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I actually love the orks and they are my favorite faction. Ghazzy 4 life

>> No.23544928

Blue came first, though, and was almost immediately put in the corner for things like the Grotocracy and Threegrot and Derknitt screaming at daemonic architecture until it goes away, only for her to be lightly touched on again later.

Stop with the revisionist history you spout every time the Scraplootas are mentioned.

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I play orks and an ork is an ork is an ork as much as a SM is an SM is an SM.

>> No.23544945

>but that's actually a pretty recent development where they are the only faction to receive multiple dexs.

Which is the crux of the problem. Everything else has been stripped down to it's bare essentials. The daemons split, but they were just a pre-existing 'piggy-back' faction that was completely removed from one book and given it's own. It'd be like if the Kroot suddenly dissapeared from the Tau codex, and were given an entirely separate codex instead. Or rather, if the Inquisition was removed from Grey Knights and given it's own book.

Despite all that the Eldar had 1 tiny splat-book that crammed short summaries of 5 craftworlds and outlined briefly the rules for running them (5 armies, 1 book). The chaos legions were similar and consisted of 9 armies, in 1 large codex (broken as it was). And Guard were 1 minor splat book that nobody every bought, a codex that let you customize your regiment to represent any given regiment. And the Ork clans were a WD article that was a tossed bone to an underpopulated fanbase, so they could get in on the variant faction fun as well.

And all of that is gone. Regardless of whether or not it's a recent development, marines are painfully boring and dull, and similar. And every attempt by GW to add *yet another* ridiculous element to further diversify them, just reinforces that samey, dull, boring feel.

>> No.23544949

I thought everyone else gave him the name and it was because he was a weirdboy that was weirder than three grots. You know, like when someone makes a joke that hits too close to home and you have to just chuckle along with it else you get found out.

>> No.23544968

>ghazzy 4 life, hurr

If you were, you wouldn't spout such nonsense.

>> No.23544971

Specializations? What, you mean tiny fucking variations and mindless renamings, like "Blood Missiles" for what are basically HKMs? Get real. The other factions make do with the options in one codex, but Space Marines not only get special faction powers in their Vanilla book, they get a whole bunch of other forced differences as well.

Tell me one unique thing that the Dark Angels have of any signifigance beyond the DW and RW, and maybe we have a talking point here.

>> No.23544974

Orks go on kroosades into the Eye of Terror itself out of boredom.

Marines dont.

>> No.23544980


What makes Blood Angels dull?

>> No.23544985

> And Guard were 1 minor splat book that let you customize your regiment to represent any given regiment

Are you talking about Codex: Catachan, or something different?

>> No.23544987

Tell that to Hitler.

>> No.23544990



Ghazghull is the coolest motherfucker in the goddamn codex, swag hats be damned.

>> No.23545003

Then you don't play Orks.

>> No.23545019

One Ork's Waaaagh did and it ended the same as any Marine penitence crusade into the Eyes.

They all became servants and playthings for Chaos.

That's the reason not so many Orks invade the Eye of Terror. Certain death awaits or something much worse!

>> No.23545021

>And Guard were 1 minor splat book and a main codex that let you customize your regiment to represent any given regiment

>> No.23545037

You forgot the story about Boris becoming Boris the Titan

The story where Urtylug decides what to do with his freshly looted titan

The story where Zizzbitz finds a blue grot

The story where Snekkit uses his mastery of disguise and subterfuge to blow up a krooza.

But yeah, I like Blue as literary mechanic as much as I do find her a fun character. Shes just a little rambunctious hooligan amongst giant rambunctious hooligans.

>> No.23545049

Fluffwise, the Blood Angels are fantastic, just like all the core chapters (ie legions and key extra foundings). But there's no real need for them to get their own army book. What do they actually have?

- Jump packs. Introduce a rule allowing for Assault marines to be taken as troops. Bingo, BA *and* Raven Guard sussed
- Death Company. Have a special chaplain character take them as a retinue. Chapters like the Minotaurs are now also covered.
- . . . and THAT'S IT.

Every other difference is just gravy, and not the good kind. The lumpy, petty kind that would be tolerable on beef but you're trying to eat porridge, damnit.

>> No.23545066

>something much worse!
Then explain to me why Tuska is having the time of his life in orky chaos heaven.

>> No.23545068

Ghaz is a hack and a failure. He's a half-assed 'go-to badguy for the Orks, and has failed at taking one shitty little planet twice now, both times due to rampant dev fanboyism. His best use is to represent a homebrew Warlord that can actually stand up (to some degree) against most of the HQs in the game. Nazdreg IS the swag motherfucker, and the playerbase worked their ass off to not get him killed (despite a million or so "billy's bad-dudes" spamming losses to ruin their efforts in the Medusa campaign). Ghaz is the 'hero' we've been spoon-fed... Nazdreg is the 'hero' we worked our ass off for, and never got.

>> No.23545070

Cough, are you talking about the Orks on the undying Khorne world where they are reborn each day? Because that's paradise to greenskins, and is a massive advert for their mass migration there if anything.

>> No.23545099

They're basically just image-obsessed red-marines. Hell the jump-pack shtick was just something recently added to make them 'more deserving of special snowflake codex'.

They're a dull army, and always were.

>> No.23545109

Props for the Naz support. I've always been way more interested in both his designs and his personal impact on the tabletop.

>> No.23545141

Tuska might be enjoying being Khorne's eternal bitch. Other Warbosses, such as Ghaz The prophet of G&M, will call him out as a Grot for mucking about.

An eternity of certain defeat. Only the dumbest Ork would accept this.

>> No.23545148


That's just to cover up the fact that he's really just being brought back every day to fail again and again and again... It's a life-ring basically, so you (as an Ork player) don't get depressed reading about an endless string of failures for the setting's punching-bags. It's the same thing with the "Orks' are never beaten in battle" shtick. Think about it... if that line wasn't mentioned, and the line about Tuska "enjoying" his grundhog-day style defeat, then it'd just make the Orks seem like a bunch of green-tinted losers.

>> No.23545157

Yeah... it's just a shame they didn't put him in the codex like they should have.

>> No.23545161

It means an eternity to WAAAAGH!, that's all.

>> No.23545172

Because they are the most selling thing GW has.

They are boring because they are bland.

They are bland because that allows people to project their special snowflake onto them.

And that is why they are boring. They are bland. Plain and simple.

>> No.23545174

But its precisely that psychology that makes me love orks. They cant lose, even if they're beaten. Its admirable and almost dignified in a way, especially in a universe like 40K.

>> No.23545176

No, it means the same old "hey guys! You should be happy to play the faction that exists purely to be a kill-count for everyone else"... As always.

>> No.23545180

. . . yet again, I am not an Ork player, and likely never will be. Why do you keep associating knowing both the established fluff (that Orks love battle, win or loss) and how to balance games with fanboyism>

>> No.23545183

Ah, you worded it strangely.

>> No.23545189

>/tg/ OC
>not the worst of the worst

>> No.23545197

So you don't know anything about orks then. Could've just said so.

>> No.23545199

>They're basically just image-obsessed red-marines.


>> No.23545217

GW always does stupid shit like that. Why did they get rid of Cypher and Doomrider, for instance? They were freakin' badass!!! But oerh noerh, the ultramarimjobs must have the most boring "special" character we've ever designed get cemented in place for them.

>> No.23545223

You'll grow tired of it eventually. I thought the same way about half a decade ago. I was still full of piss and vinegar, thinking "hey, we don't really lose!" Then I began to understand marketing and psychology... and realized the only reason that's added is because otherwise nobody would want to play the underdog faction meant to be a faceless bullet-catcher.

>> No.23545228

My Space Wolves are not bland.

They're colorful and bombastic

>> No.23545235


Doom Rider was a crap unit and a fugly model.

>> No.23545252

When several decade's experience you get, be aware of as much you shall as well.

>> No.23545259


Lucius is a far better representative for Slaanesh.


The less Mary Sues, the better.

>> No.23545282

If that's what makes you feel better about the piles of casualties, then sure thing. The "Orks are never beaten in battle" is a safety-line so that players aren't put off from wanting to make an army of them. I used to buy into it, hook line and sinker. Hell I considered it for a tattoo at one point. Then I learned marketing.

>> No.23545305

Who doesn't know the scraplootas?

>> No.23545307

He's right, the 'androgynous/beauty/art' shtick was always a blood-angel thing. They just double as sperglord rage-faces.

>> No.23545325

Crap model, yes, but they can and indeed will make better ones. I can't remember the rules from him the last time he was legal, but the concept and it's potential . . . well, that's subjective, but I think it's ace.

Lucius is a better representative for Slaanesh, but Doomrider is ~300% more fun. Cypher's not that Mary Sue, in fact if I remember he's actually a deal weaker than a regular Lord or Captain in many respects on TT. Fluff, well, maybe.

>> No.23545340

>The less Mary Sues, the better.
I do not think you understand what that term means. Mary Sues often have super elaborate backstories, and no flaws. Cypher really doesn't have any cemented backstory, and his actions best describe that of a devil's advocate.

>> No.23545346

Several decades experience of what? Making jackass assumptions about strangers over discussions about board games? Stop being pissy and make a real argument.

>> No.23545375

>Cypher's not that Mary Sue, in fact if I remember he's actually a deal weaker than a regular Lord or Captain in many respects on TT. Fluff, well, maybe.

Indeed he is. Cypher was represented as a Power-Weapon, Bolt-Pistol, Plasma Pistol wielding captain in 3+/5++. Originally he fucked with units he joined, causing them to do nothing for a turn on a failed Ld or something. His only real perk was being able to rapid fire both the bolt pistol and plasma pistol each turn.

>> No.23545399

guys, how would I play scraplootas/work them into a rogue trader campaign?

>> No.23545419

Your so-called insights are full of narcissism and projection. Orks have a good time, and that's their win. Ork players who know how to have a good time also win, even if they lose. That goes for all factions, you're a winner is you simply enjoy the game. Don't go around saying others are full of shit because you were.

>> No.23545459

I will when you propose an argument. As of yet you've done no such thing. The "well established fluff" you cite of Orks loving battle, which is summed up in the "Orks' are never beaten, if we wins we win, if we die we're dead, and if we run then we can come back for another go', is a safety line. It's a marketing technique so that the underdog faction of the game isn't widely viewed as a group of constant failures. It's so that GW's dev-team, and their writers, can use the faction as the go-to punching bag to show how awesome some hero is, or for some nameless mook faction that needs to be killed in mass. But because it's got a fanbase, they can't just say "this army exists to get the shit kicked out of it repeatedly". Instead they throw a 'safety-line', or rather a 'catch-phrase' theme so that even through a string of losses the fanbase doesn't lose heart.

>> No.23545525

you seem to be confusing Orks for craftworld Eldar, stop that

>> No.23545526

I've heard of them. Blue particularly. She's quite a QT.

Makes me sad that xeno has so much more art. I always found Blue better, and prefer the art of Blue. I don't like the idea of waifus, but I really like Blue.

>> No.23545595

I think you're trying to say that people who likes Orks would like Orks even if they weren't anything like actual Orks, and not that people like Orks PRECISELY BECAUSE they're easygoing ultraviolent brutes without actual objective. You're trying to turn their selling point, which they've revolved around since they were first published, into a safety measure, when without it they wouldn't be anything at all like Orks. And you're claiming that Ork players give a fuck about the metaplot in which they continuously lose, DESPITE them being the most successful faction in the galaxy and despite that NO faction is winning or advancing at all, which is ALSO a key point in the setting, that it's an eternal war.

>> No.23545625

I assure you that I am not infatuated with my reflection. And you fail at reading comprehension, because I have not told anyone they're "full of shit". Yes, if you enjoy the game then that's all that matters in the end. And kudos to you for enjoying it. But I guarantee you will never see the Orks score any substantial major victory in the storyline, most especially against a major 'point-of-view' faction. And by that, I mean you're not going to see them win a war against a named marine chapter or a named hero.

>> No.23545646

Yep, you've got absolutely no idea what I have and have not said, and are arguing with a ghost in your head. Go back and re-read *my* posts, you witless goon. Ps. you're also wrong about whatever the hell it is you're talking about, but w/e :)

>> No.23545661

The only difference thematically is that Orks have always been portrayed as such, and Eldar were never given a morale-booster to keep the player-base happy.

>> No.23545704

>Go back and re-read *my* posts
Care to flag them all instead of just assuming that everyone here has telepathy?

>> No.23545729

Let me direct you to your own words:
>You'll grow tired of it eventually
Because you did?
>I thought the same way about half a decade ago
Because liking them means thinking and liking them like you did?
>I was still full of piss and vinegar
Meaning that anyone who likes them likes them like you liked them and must thus be full of piss and vinegar like you were. Frankly, no.

>> No.23545734

> major victory in the storyline

It's a setting, not a story.

>> No.23545736

I think you're overthinking.

>> No.23545793

You need to calm down and take a breather. You're taking comments way too personally.

>> No.23545800

Fine, setting. Technicalities aside.

>> No.23545844

Mang, I'm sitting here listening to Charlie Mingus, on a break from deciphering Das Kapital, engaging in some light bickering on 4chan. There are no words for how unrustled I am. Hell, I'm not even cursing, and I usually do that all the fucking time.

>> No.23545847

No, no, that's not a technicality. It is an extremely important distinction that everyone on /tg/ keeps forgetting, particularly when they whine about the plot, or lack of plot development rather, in 40k.

There is no plot. There is a setting, with a timeline and that is it. Everything else (the books, the video games)is ancillary.

>> No.23545869

Yeah, it's time for you to walk away and take a breather, "mang". Get some fresh air. There's more to life than getting mad at an anonymous posting board.

>> No.23545928

Actually, there is plot. Plot occurs during stories set in the setting. You are correct in your assessment that 40k is indeed a setting. Every novel, video game, and extended piece of fluff (such as parts of the Horus Heresy) has a self-contained plot, within this said setting. Eisenhorn is a story with a plot set in the 40k setting. Deffskwadron is a graphic novel with a (brilliant) plot, set in the 40k setting. The Ultramarine movie is a turd without a plot, set in the 40k setting... but it wishes it had one.

>> No.23545944

>you're too mad bro
>no I'm not mad at all bro
>u totes mad bro
I'd say I won this argument if I wasn't in for the play.

>> No.23545964

Whatever helps you calm down.

>> No.23545977

...are you retarded, being obtuse or did you just not understand what the fuck I was saying?

All this shit:

> very novel, video game, and extended piece of fluff (such as parts of the Horus Heresy) has a self-contained plot, within this said setting. Eisenhorn is a story with a plot set in the 40k setting. Deffskwadron is a graphic novel with a (brilliant) plot, set in the 40k setting. The Ultramarine movie is a turd without a plot, set in the 40k setting... but it wishes it had one.

Is ancillary, and doesn't actually mean diddly squat to the game of figures and dice. It's an extra, it's an add on, that's what ancillary means.

>> No.23546070

Oh, are we talking about Blue? As the guy who made those first few posts, allow me to chime in here.

I never intended for Blue to be anything more than a few quick posts about a cute tau girl being adopted by a gruff warboss with a heart o' gold. I don't even really pay attention to what it balooned into, since as with many things /tg/ the idea really took on a life of its own once it became popular.

I don't mind, but honestly, it's just so far off what I had originally in mind for Blue that sometimes I just shake my head. She was supposed to be awkward and ditzily trying to be orky, not... Whatever it is I see whenever Blue pops up in /tg/ now. Whenever I see Blue referred to as a waifu, I cringe. She was supposed to be daughteru material, dammit.

I'm not even sure if this is relevant to the current discussion, but I feel it needs to be said. Carry on.

>> No.23546102

Bro, sorry to break it to you. But you already posted in this thread.

>> No.23546193

>Is ancillary, and doesn't actually mean diddly squat to the game of figures and dice. It's an extra, it's an add on, that's what ancillary means.
Actually, it does mean diddly. 40k is an IP. It is not 'just a game with figures and dice, and some minor ancillary nonsense'. It's as you said, a setting. 40k, as a whole, comprises everything from the game itself, to the backstory, to the fluff, to setting, to the novels and video games, and everything else it comprises. To think that one bit of it is less significant overall to the rest, is fallacy. For the game would have no meaning beyond it's gameplay without the background (in the way that chess or checkers has no background). Indeed Warhammer first came about because some model-making company in the late 70's, early 80's decided they could make it into a game. The game itself exists just to facilitate the sales of models. And the fluff itself exists to facilitate the sales of the models and IP. 40k is not "figures and dice" with extras tacked on. 40k is an IP owned by a company that encompasses all of these minor contributing factors to what the setting has grown into.

But you know that already. Or else you wouldn't want a nice discussion about a single word on what is otherwise another boring (and slow) Tuseday on /tg/.

>> No.23546207

That isn't me, and honestly while it's kind of insulting to have somebody claim they started it all (which they most certainly did not, since I vividly recall writing the little snippets that led to everybody jizzing themselves over cute tau trying to do orky things), I can understand if some people who were around since the beginning of it all feel they created her. In a sense, they did create the Blue that exists now, which as I said is far from what I had originally envisioned.

I guess this is what happens when you create something anonymously and people contrinute to make it take on a life of its own, but damn if it didn't spiral way out of hand.

>> No.23546227


>> No.23546230

No way... I totally created Blue!

>> No.23546231


No, I'm Alpharius!

>> No.23546265


>> No.23546291

Mwa ha ha

>> No.23546485

Didn't they wipe out some shitt muhreen chapter in some pretty recent fluff. Crimson fists or whatever I think it was.

>> No.23547310

Of course I remember Blue and the Scraplootas. It hasn't been that long.
What about that hitgrot story? It was pretty cool, and told from random scraplootas perspective.

>> No.23547342

No. A stray deathstrike missile kills *most* of the Crimson Fists, and all of the Orks. And the Crimson Fists effortlessly rebuild their chapter to fighting strength in record time.

>> No.23547734

God I love da funstikk. There should be a story where she beats up some nosy gretchin with it.

>> No.23547962

Hey cunt, go fuck yourself.

I made the first post of it. This one. I remember it well. There were a few people doing greentexts, which I got involved with, but I was the first one to make the post. Believe me or not, but know that taking credit for shit you didn't do is a real dick move.

Also, I was the one who created the threads about the scraplootas, had the idea for the Grotocracy, Mr Squig, and a few other things I forget.

This isn't me blowing my own trumpet, more that I dislike it when people act like they created some shit they didn't. I'm not going to stop being anon though.

>> No.23547994

i need more blue art

post that shit

>> No.23548003



lmao pseudo-intellectual. There is little to "decipher". Please tell me you've read the great philosophers first.

>> No.23548018


>> No.23548103

Am I the only one who hates the "Funstikk" stuff. It always seemed really shoehorned in.

>> No.23548524

Didn't care for it myself. The comic was funny though.

>> No.23548605

Yeah the comic was great still.

Posting because I like it.


>> No.23548619


>> No.23548640

Blue never got any diaper art and that makes her inferior to Xeno.

>> No.23548671

You misspelled "massively superior", m8

>> No.23548766

why does every /tg/ waifu into hips?

>> No.23548777

because hips are sexy, woman.

>> No.23548822

Not really though. Not in real life. They're just build-ups of cellulite.

>> No.23549027

It didn't really seem shoehorned. Not more than anything else. Though I always got a laugh at the anons that acted like it was the end of the world.

Just another little bit of fun. A ded killy dildo.

>> No.23549198

>hips are sexy
>not really
>not in real life
The fuck is wrong with you, anon?

>> No.23549315

> implying anything but quests exists in the archives.
1d4chan is where you should go for an idea of /tg/ history.

>> No.23549344

Isn't there a bitton in the archives that makes all the quests disappear?

>> No.23550170

Rumor has it that Lord Licorice purges non-quest threads that people archive.

>> No.23550187

Eh, I got kinda annoyed at how it became a derailing tactic, much like comparing Blue to Xeno was for a while or how discussing whether or not she is actually a “waifu” or not still sort of is.

>> No.23550206

Its enforced by outside influences, like Wafku and Kingdom Hips n Lanterns.

>> No.23550879

>Kingdom Hips n Lanterns

That art, man. That blasted art. What is this game even about, to justify such art?

>> No.23550931

Hips. And. Lanterns.

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