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Just finished ripping and cleaning a bunch of portraits from the Pathfinder NPC Codex, figured I'd dump them here for you guys. First time using 4chan X's dumping option, so bear with me.

Feel free to dump your own stuff, too.

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Are those fucking hooves?

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Personally, I blame Incase for the fact I can't see that hair style now without thinking of chicks with dicks.

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Coincidentally, the character that sports that hairstyle is in fact, a Male Halfling who is attempting to be a Female.
Maybe you said that because you already knew, but whatever.

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So like... do they just hire the worst artists they can or what? I would adventure with none of these losers.

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Yeah, NPC Codex has some gems, but a fair amount of seemingly 'bottom of the barrel' selections.

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Wouldn't you normally cover the chest for that?

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You. I like you. Let's mate.

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You would if the Halfling in question wasn't criminally insane and bent on eating people.

But he/she is.
So people don't often get to ask him/her questions about his/her ideas on how to look less like himself/herself and more like a different gender.

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>Implying you aren't going to roll a lion tamer now

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>has some gems

Okay, see there ya go.

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Thanks bro. I take 90% of my inspiration for characters/settings/stories from visual sources, so dumps like this one are always welcome.

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>So I said, 'Listen, bitch, I'll walk on the ground when my suit isn't as blue as the sky,' and floated the fuck outta there

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No problem man, glad people appreciates it.

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I feel like I'm looking at something /tg/ makes as a joke now.

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Not sure what you mean.

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>Sometimes, after I hit them with the mace I'm carrying, I drop it and draw the other one on my back so that I can hit them again.

I guess it could be made of a different material or something but c'maaaan

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Usually the over the top things you see in that guy or chaotic neutral threads.

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Well, I'm not saying it's NOT 'That Guy'ish, but it's totally canon.
Straight outta the book, I mean:

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That's all for now folks, I'll dump more some other time. It takes a lot of time to trim off all the background shit, I'm not quite bored enough right now.

Feel free to dump more stuff yourselves if you like, I'm sure people appreciate it.

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I dunno why, but I absolutely hate Pathfinder's clothing style.

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Not every artist does the clothing the same way.
I mean, I get what you're saying, but it's not really 'Pathfinder's' style, is it?

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So, is this just a character art thread now? Because I'll gladly dump.

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Sure, why not.
I'm not OP, but I'll dump a few things too.

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Dorf dump incoming.

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The core rule book is pretty funny in that regard.

The art of just items and armor are pretty beautiful for the most part, and then every person in it is wearing the most horrible looking shit possible.

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I'm just dumping whatever, my folder is not well organized.

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It is. Go ahead and dump all you got brah

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I bet its a stinky dump from a dorf

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>Railroad talkie

Sounds like a few campaigns I've been in, captcha, IFYAKNOWWHATAHMSAYIN

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I'm sure I've got some dumbass story around here somewhere about Yngmar the Stout's Famed Shitpocalypse that caused the Avalanche of Dalentarth and killed 654 Orcs, but really, I just have a beard and like drinking.

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Anyone got a pic of a human male, light armor and white hair?

Preferably something that makes him look all casty too, because MAGUS.

My character uses a heavy pick, but it doesn't really matter - he's 4th level and doesn't even have any masterwork gear yet, so it's all good, he would drop and trade for anything, really.

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Oop, sorry bout that. Replied to the wrong post. The picture I posted couldn't be further from a human male with light armor and white hair.
Tell you what I do have though...
'Nuther Dorf.

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And then I guess these.
I know they're small, but they're cool, and you can print em off for minis.
Plus, they got Dorfs in 'em.

That's the end of my dumping anyway. Cheers.

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Well, not bad, but he does look... Intense.
Still a better character portrait than NO character portrait, but my guy is a NG grumpy assed nearsighted old bastard who's basically been a "travelling companion" and "scout" most of his life...

Which is to say, he's basically a hobo.

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I literally just googled "Geralt" because Geralt from The Witcher sounds exactly like your character, appearance wise. Try searching yourself.

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Nice tip, I found one that's perfect!

>never played witcher or witcher 2, though I hear they're great

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Fucking midget

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what do people generally look for in the way characters are designed?

or, lets say, how would you, the average player, want your character to be designed as?

in terms of detail, stile, realism, color, attitude etc...

im asking cauze i might be in a situation to do character design and other didactically helpfull art for some friends who play DnD, and my stile is kind of specific, in that it pretty much opposite to what character design usually looks like, so im just asking to get info on what people actually want, as opposed to just trying to copy standard examples and stile, which is no problem either tho

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Rolento is brunette, dude.

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>dwarf barbarians: always extreme to da MAX

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