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Remember these guys /tg/? Remember their sexy SoB sidekicks?

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they are my favorite non canon chapter

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Remember the time the Blood Jaguars fought the Scraplootas in last year's Chaos Cup?
Yes Jim, they got the krumpin' of a life time. The fans can smell the blood already in this rematch rivalry.

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Why isn't there a 40k version of Blood Bowl?

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The one important thing we never really fleshed out with them is how they deal with the black rage. They are Flesh Tearer successors, from the line of Sanguinius, but the death company was never touched on.

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Because 40kids are too grimdark serious.

Also when you take away all the guns from 40k you are just left with humans, elves, orcs, undead, etc...

Blood Jags are awesome though.

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Did they HAVE to be Flesh Tearers successors, or can they just be another totally seperate chapter who just happen to have a love of blood sacrifices.

...if they do have the actual black rage then they probably deal with it by big blood orgy sacrifice sessions. It's okay it's totally legit if the sacrifices are in the name of the Emperor, I mean he gets thousands of psykers sacrificed to him every day.

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Hard to decide a base statline

40k treats MEQ as the baseline, whereas a 40k Blood Bowl would be more likely to use a Guardsman as the baseline.

It all breaks down from there.

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>Remember their sexy SoB sidekicks?
Oh yes.

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>mfw da Scraplootas won da Superb Titan

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> Did they HAVE to be Flesh Tearers successors

Yes. This actually makes them somewhat interesting as now they are the successor as a successor instead of coming straight off the Blood Angel teat, further justifying their more esoteric and unique aspects.

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Also, you are confusing the black rage with the red thirst. They -do- sacrifice to the Emperor and eat hearts to sate the Red Thirst.

The Black Rage is when they go full blown suicidal and battle crazy, thinking they are Sanguinius fighting Horus during the Seige of Terra.

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Is anyone else seeing this as two entirely separate images?

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Yes. I'm seeing Conan here, but I'm seeing Boris when I click it.

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Boris confirmed for being Conan-like Ork before he went all Titan.

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He still looks pretty buff in that picture.

And if that throne Conan assumed has a giant killmech, he probably wouldnt have ditched it to go adventuring again.

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Hmm, yes. A once savage ork who turned mek boy who turned Titan.

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Just a thought for the Death Company thing. Maybe Panther Company? A suicide squad sent deep behind enemy lines to rip'n'tear until death finds them.

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you and your filthy PNG manipulation

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Jaguar and Eagle? Separate companies, the Jaguar being the Death Company, while the Eagle being more of an Aeronautica/jump troop thingy.

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Can't use Jaguar since that's in the chapter name, but Eagle squadrons could work as their flight division. Thunderhawks and skimmers and the like.

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Ah yeah, they are already Jaguar... then, the Eagle must be another chapter, maybe a brother chapter, if you will. Then why not take Jaguar bodyparts/aspects for the company names? something like:
-Fang Company
-Stalker Company
-Claw Company

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That has the danger of leading into Space Yiff shenanigans.

Eagle Company doesn't have to be a separate chapter, just a unique formation within the chapter that specialises in aerial vehicle combat.

Hell, you can connect that to the death company by having them be responsible for orbital dropping the death company behind enemy lines for psycho-guerrillas shenanigans.

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chupacabra company, lel

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Eh, I'm just kinda OCD about it, since in IRL Aztec culture both Eagle and Jaguar gets treated equally. Still want the Jaguar and Eagle to be separate though. Whereas the Jags are primarily close-combat and Aztec-inspired, why not have Eagles be Incan inspired? They can be leaning more towards Aeronautica stuff.

Maybe have the Jags' Death Squad be named after the Aztec god of death or something. Hell, maybe all of them are named after Aztec gods.

>that Huehuecoyotl, Trickster God
Coyotes be hue hue hue' ing.

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What if the death company were called the Bloodless? They've given up on life, blood is life.

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I like Moon Company. The regular Jags have their RIP AND TEAR, PRAISE THE SUN thing going on, but the black rage has a different effect. They're psychopathic killers who stalk their prey deep behind enemy lines, the scent of blood filling their burning brains under a jungle moon as they hunt anything that moves...

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Throwers firing the blood bowl from their bolters would be kinda neat. Deathleaper would make a badass ball carrier.

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> in one final move drove his barbed power fist deep into the daemon’s chest, and pulled out its still beating heart

Blood for the blood God-Emperor!

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I like the version where we've frozen that thing in a stasis bubble, keeping the fucker from ever truly dying, which by extension means he's not returning for as long as the Great Pyramid stands.

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Inb4 shitstorm

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I like the idea of Panther Company for the Death Squad. Their armor is black (blackened by gun smoke and flame in battle, etc. etc.) to distinguish them from their brothers.

Maybe give them a different CCW than chainswords, to distinguish them further? Like a macuahuitl?

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Power macuahuitls oh god yes

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I thought some of y'all would appreciate that.

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>Power macuahuitls

Fund it!

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Activate the STC engines on Mars!

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They already have these things. See >>23497903

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There's a not-40k version of bloodbowl. It's called Dreadball. (also is pretty fun)

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Well, since power machuachuitls are common in BJags, why not have different ranged weapon instead? They are supposed to be sneaky, right? So instead of bolters messing up their stealth they use a mechanized blowgun or something.

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The concept sounds silly at first, but you guys have made it pretty damn awesome.

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yes.... compressed air dartgun sort of thing. though, it doesn't sound very destructive.

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What explosive/poison tips?

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Not when they are filled with corrosive acid, or plastic-y explosives. This way they could spitball lots of sticky explosives and remotely detonate a base undetected.
Or just a silenced version of bolters that makes a sound similar to a native bird.

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Flechette railguns?
Instead of a dart from metal we use slivers from a native crystal wrapped around with conducive wire.
Main enemy are Orkz, so there's not gonna be a lot of ceramite or wraithbone to be pierced anyway.

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Could work. Also remember the big, toxic pod-plants with metallic shells? Well the flechettes are made from the shell of that plant, and its end coated in the toxic dip. As I remember, the plant itself is explosive, so it could work both as a poison dart and bomb-dart. Imagine slivers of metallic needles with a bulb on its end and coated with toxin on the business end. This way, if the enemy only needs silent takedowns, they can use the needles' toxin and recover it from downed enemies, only needing to re-coat them with toxin for the next go. And then we can still do stuff like blowing up a base with a hedgehog of those needles.

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More of these. I have SOBs I need to paint.

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> Flechette....
> railguns
My /k/ boner is confused.

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Innovation is tech-heresy.

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could i get more art for them please. and The Order of the Martyred Heart

>> No.23503533

Thats all there is, I'm afraid.

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Motion to give our SoBs spears or lances.
Yes, I am inserting my fetish for staff training in sanded pits here.

>Innovation is tech-heresy.
The Admech doesn't like the BJags, that much we established on day one or two.
Taking local tech and banging it together till it fit their needs is hardly gonna make relations any worse.
Of course you could turn it up to one hundred and say it's based on an STC printout found on the planet, but I don't know how close to SPESHUL SNOWFLAKE this would be.

What do you wanna know?

Aww hell yea, I love it.
Those things are seriously connected to everything now.

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>What do you wanna see

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>Boris is a snakebite turned mekboy turned Titan
Why is this so awesome?
Why do the Scraplootas continue to get even more ridiculous?
Why does /tg/ itself seem to encourage this with crazy dicerolls and image screwups?

Anyways, I know some people are iffy on it, but I find the rivalry between Scraplootas and BJags great. Its almost like a Yarrick/Ghazghkull thing if Yarrick was an Aztec Dreadnaught and Ghazzy didn't even know why Yarrick was so angry with him.

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Not that other anon, but now that you mentioned it, two Martyred Heart trainees doing some staff sparring in a sandy pit would be nice.

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So did anyone knock up a painting guide for these guys and girls? I'm really tempted, but I'm also a shit tier painter.

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BJags had lots of Librarians/Auxiliary psykers, didn't they?

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Space marines can spit poison...

>> No.23505151

>Space marines can spit poison...
We know nothing of its potency though, and it's more economic to just dip darts rather than having people spit on each one in turn.

>> No.23505159

Whelp I know what my next team will be.

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>BJags had lots of Librarians/Auxiliary psykers, didn't they?
All those psykers during the centuries-long warpstorm had to go somewhere.
I think civvie psyks get captured and given a crashcourse or killed ritually if they can't cope.

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IIRC it was enough to burn through prison bars, though I don't remember where I read that.

I suppose somebody could approximate by how much damage it does in deathwatch.

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chewbacas with lascrossbows

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I mean no offense to the individuals that participated in this homebrew...

But 'Blood Jaguars' sounds like a blood angel showed his honor to a space wolf, and this is the result.


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There was some controversy that the chapter's initials were BJ.

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There's an inherent air of homo-eroticism in anything involving men with muscles large enough to wrassle bears that live, fight, and die together.

>> No.23510037

>any space marine chapter ever, homebrew or otherwise
>not homoerotic as fuck
The Yiffs have a gay crush on the Dark Angels for fucks sake.

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