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ITT: Games you've always wanted to run and never will.

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Anything with time travel as part of the core. Whether this ranges from a fully-fledged Chrono Trigger-styled game to just Bill and Ted.

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A political/diplomatic game set in Europe 1848 maybe with some very low-fantasy stuff.

Too bad my group isn't interested in history at all, the only way I could make it work is if it was extremely stereotypical steampunk, but I really don't want to run that.

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Fuck, where to begin...
>Civil war scenario in a modern day fictional Eastern Europe ex-Soviet republic using Savage Worlds with the players being rebels and saboteurs.
>A Harry Potter game. Seriously, anything Harry Potter will do.
>A Vampire: the Requiem chronicle spanning from Requiem for Rome to modern day using the Freemarket rules to keep and lose memories to the Fog of Ages.
>Game set in the Spanish Independence War against the French back in 1808, using Savage Worlds
>Urban fantasy game with vampires, werewolves and whatnot using the DramaSystem rules from Hillfolk
>A Werewolf: the Forsaken chronicle set in a fictional little town in Illinois. There was going to be a wiki, fake sites for the local newspaper and the tourism board, a fake twitter, fake blogs for certain minor NPCs...
>Polaris. Just Polaris.
And I can go on and on...

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>>Game set in the Spanish Independence War against the French back in 1808, using Savage Worlds

So Sharpe: The game?

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Any combat-heavy freeform game where the party is either extremely limited or totally lacking in actual combat experience, training, or skills. Sadly, my group tends to go for the super badass fighter types.

>I will never scrape by every combat encounter by panicked improvization because my main character is a history teacher whose closest brush with violence was a papercut

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When I proposed it to my players all they said was "it's too boring, sounds like history class".
Fuck them.

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>Sharpe: The game

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>>23489525 Here, I know that feel, I'd really love to run anything between 1453 and 1919. But my players won't hear it.

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A Dresden Files game, my group had such a bad experience with the Spirit of the Century system that No one will invest the time in Dresden.
Also "No you cant all be god damn max power wizards"

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>A political/diplomatic game set in Europe 1848

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>Cthulhu tech like setting thingy but with more MuvLuv politics and no Cthulhu tech ruleset.
>40k chaos god madness swapping into the mortal world.
never gonna happen

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Honestly? I want to run a fantasy adventure, perhaps in the universe of Prince of Thorns or The Dragon's Path. Just some settings with cool touches on standard fantasy tropes.

I am also tired of always doing Warhammer 40k roleplay. I love that setting but it tends to frighten my players into powergaming and backstabbing, and sometimes I just want to tell a more laid back story.

Unfortunately, its all they want to play.

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Dark Heresy.

The players are a small group of adepts sent to a monastery on a planet; an all but medieval planet, a planet where the last word from the emperor was fourteen centuries ago and in that time his holy teachings have been interpreted and confused and split into distinct branches of thought.

The players are sent to a monastery on a planet; the monastery with the best ecclesiastical library: although the books are a chinese-whispers version of ecclesiastical teachings, copied and copied again by hand in a demotic gothic.

The players are sent to a monastery on a planet; there for a theological conference.

The players are sent to a monastery on a planet; they discover a fresh grave. The grave of an illuminator who fell from a tower in a hailstorm. Falling through a window that didn't break, and wasn't opened, to a death on the rocks. The abbot is suspicious, monks keep claiming they see the shadow of a body of eight rats caught and tangled and knotted at the tail.

A second body is found, its legs protruding from a boiling pot. Found by a hunchback who speaks in tongues and of his few coherent phrases, one is the motto of a near forgotten heretical sect. The body's thumb is black.

A third body is discovered. A flagellant, an invert, his body hangs in the water of his bath, his thumb and tongue blackened.

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Anything I've ever tried to run involving Dungeons: The Dragoning.

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>A Dresden Files game, my group had such a bad experience with the Spirit of the Century system that No one will invest the time in Dresden.
>Also "No you cant all be god damn max power wizards"
I am playing a Dresden Files, Ghost of Albion, Buffy, Cthulhu mix Urban Fantasy right now. but with Cinematic Unisystem rules.
sounds crazy, but as GM it's the purest fun.

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Run as in GM? Excuse me while I hide from the responsibility. Like a little bitch.

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Something horror. But no one thinks it'll be any fun.

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show them this

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sounds kinda familiar... so does the pic.

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All flesh must be eaten

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I'd love, LOVE, to run Dungeons: the Dragoning, alas none of my players are fluent in English nor would they catch all the delicious RPG references.

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Rogue Trader

I am the only one in my group interested in 40k...

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A non-combat oriented game set in Equestria.

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oh you, didnt realise till the end

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A combat oriented game set there would be far more entertaining. XP bounties based on color.

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>sounds kinda familiar... so does the pic.

The Name of the Rose

I watched it recently and everywhere i looked there was the material for a brilliant investigative game of DH.

My play group, though, generally try and succed in making the denouement of an arnold schwarzennegar movie look calm and considered, which is a pity.

This same drawback also meant the campaign where they were jews in occupied prague trying to find and escape with the Golem of Prague lasted about fifteen minutes.

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I want to run a game where all the players are hired to collect X amount of McGuffins by a wizard that like to collect them.
They will be taken to varying regions of the world a to collect something fancy from vaguely relating to the region

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A game set in the American Revolution, with the party consisting of British imperial soldiers.

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ASoIaF RPG (I have the rules, a paperback and other houses and everything...) Both a political game and a combat one.

Rogue Trader (Also have the rules for and everything)

Every Group I want to play with: Fucking Caster Edition.

Seriously I have no more feels. None. I feel nothing.

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An game in the Avatar universe.

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>This same drawback also meant the campaign where they were jews in occupied prague trying to find and escape with the Golem of Prague lasted about fifteen minutes.
Ok, THAT is tragic, it does indeed sound like a badass game. Which system were you using?

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I've always wanted to run a game that's just fucking historical fiction.

No fucking magic. No fucking fantasy.


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I would play the shit out of that.

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I'm reminded of History's special about Roman sexuality.

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Undead apocalypse in fantasy world. Most of land under control of the undead, with a grand necromancer as their lord, and the living mostly staying in very fortified citadels.
All in pathfinder.

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a no magic noble dark fantasy similar to GOT but my one friend allways wants to play a fucking wizard

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>>A Werewolf: the Forsaken chronicle set in a fictional little town in Illinois. There was going to be a wiki, fake sites for the local newspaper and the tourism board, a fake twitter, fake blogs for certain minor NPCs...
dude...anon thats an awesome idea, i would love to play that

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I want to try different systems... Burning Wheel, Savage Worlds, TRoS, RuneQuest...

I want to play Sword&Sorcery instead of ye olde pseudo-medieval fantasy, I want to try Western in Space, Horror, Low-fantasy alternate Earth during the Classical Period or early Medieval Ages or anything between 1795-1960.

Unfortunately, my friends are stuck with The Dark Eye (the German D&D equivalent) and its quite extravagant that they want to play Shadowrun now, a setting I don't care about like at all.

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a postapocaliptic world in which networks of lagers fight against conglomerates of gulags, with no free population left anywhere

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Forgot Fallout / Post Ap general. Or Night Watch... meh.

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Call of Cthulhu.

They died trying to jump a staff car.

They didn't get to discover that the golem was being kept in a concealed room in a building that was occupied by jews. They didn't get to work out which of the rooms the golem was kept in, either by staking out the building for a couple of nights until they had a good idea which of the rooms were suspiciously unlit, or by employing some 'the fascists expect all jews to mark every room a jew uses to be marked by a yellow star in the window' trickery. They didn't get to sneak the golem out by pretending to be undertakers. They didn't get to hustle their coffin almost across the border, only to be caught by patrol. They didn't then get interred in a work camp run by an amateur historian who took an interest in the crumbling mud man they were captured with and offscreen inadvertantly reanimated it. They didn't then get the pleasure of trying to work out who was killing the fascist guards one by one. They didn't then discover that their fellow jews were also being killed (only those who committed small and regular sins, natch) in mysterious circumstances. They didn't then have the chance to hunt a rogue golem of prague through the camp with improvised weaponry, dodging patrols and searchlights. They didn't then get to confront (rather weakly statted) golem and experience a conflict between preserving their heritage, themselves or trying to find a compromise.

Instead, unarmed, they jumped a staff cr.

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I really fucking want to play Engine Heart, RT or DH.

Heck probably anything but D&D/PF, so sick of this shit. My group have played nothing but them for 3 years now, with a CoC oneshot at some point. ;_;

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Please, be so kind to tell your players that some random dude from the Internet thinks they don't deserve you. That's all.

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I do not know this feel. People in my vicinity are so starved for games, they would play ANYTHING I ran. I could run Toon or GURPS Gor and have six people at the table with a weeks notice.

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Only War.

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I'm tempted to write up campaign notes and put them on here as pdf's. It may be vain attention whoring, but I like to think I'm not the only person who thinks the Golem of Prague rampaging around a prototypical concentration camp could be immense fun.

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I want players willing to run a true open world rpg, beginning as peasants. I've been building the setting for 3 years, from the ground up. I began with tectonic plate movements, solar movements, and mass of the planet and went forwards from there. I've got 6 continents with over 2 dozen sapient species, hundreds of monstrous and mundane species, cultural diversity, varying tech progression, trade routes, and various political, magical, and monstrous campaigns of all levels waiting to be run. I'm slowly learning about linguistics so I can create unique, accurate languages for each major species and region. My troupe won't run it because it's too far removed from their standard dungeon crawl and the idea of being in character bothers them.

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A game of nWoD where the characters are mortals. Not mages, changelings, vampires, werewolves, or even hunters. Just plain regular fucking people.

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A ST:E era star trek alternate universe where the first earth ship is run by the players and myself.

Any star wars

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>Dogs in the Vineyard
>Don't rest your head
>Aegis Project
>The Extraordinary adventures of Baron Münchausen
>Sea Dracula

The list goes on.

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Maybe they don't like being railroaded into having to be peasants.

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Pre-Aang, Coterminous with Aang, between Aang and Korra, Coterminous with Korra, or Post-Korra?

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most of the societies here aren't yet in a state of serfism. They could be king and would still be essentially peasants.

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That, and they've stated specifically that rp is what they don't like. So instead I run mind numbing dungeon crawls for munchkiners who occasionally don't even name their characters.

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Heh. I've played that. The ley line rules in Magecraft are a little too nuts though.

Also the army rules/unit cards were not very balanced.

Games I wish I could run

>Pathfinder Kingmaker
>Another World of Darkness Technocrat campaign
>Mage: The Ascention, players run an Order of Hermes Chantry.

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I'm in a dearth of rp'ing lately, just off hand would anyone be interested in a game of wod (any splat)?

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Kult. The only way it could happen with my group would be if I lied my ass of to them about what kind of game it is.

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A Terra Primate / REIGN hack where the players are the scions of a Patrician family in an alternate world Rome that's made of intelligent apes. There would be intrigue, conquest, betrayal..and a shitload of apes ripping eachother's balls off as a sign of ultimate domination.

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Only Waaagh!

Only War, but with Orks. I actually have some of the mechanics on paper, but I haven't recently had time to finish them completely.

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A wod game where they start playing Innocents, then move on to the core rules for a few sessions, then start using different Splatt books.

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Ma Nigga... I thought I was the only one to have that game.

Ran it for about 8 months, it was awesome. Used Excel spreadsheets for the span book, made it easier.

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It's been sitting on my computer for a year. I'm not going to lie, /tg/, it's intimidating.

God damnit, that game scares me.

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The game everyone has and no one will ever play.

...Except MILLANDSON, apparently.

The cunt.

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It was written by a literal lunatic, so your apprehension is well-placed. On the other hand it's slightly less literally insane than that one game written by a literal crazy person.

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You mean HYBRID, FATAL, Synnibarr...?

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Delta Green: The Players are running out of time, resources, friends and body parts.

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Commoner quest.

The whole party takes only NPC quests found in the Player's Handbook, like Adept or Warrior. Idea is they live in a huge metropolis, and get caught up in a variety of shenanigans.

I already knew some bros who were interested, but sadly there just isn't enough time to really make it happen.

One player was a secretary in the court. He would brag about meeting the King once, when really the guy just nodded to him as he passed his desk one day. Another was a sailor who worked in the docks, and a third was an ex-city guardsmen that worked as a bouncer in a tavern. They all lived in the same apartment complex, and played cards together on weekends, which is how the first quest got started.

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A Trapdoor game using a refluffed Maid RPG.

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Continuum! That's the game! I always forget the name. Pretty fun, although, the DM has to be SUPER quick on his feet.

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I like you.

>> No.23492082

Alternatively, Hunter: The Vigil

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I would play the shit out of that.

Too bad I'm trying to get a AdEva game going.

>> No.23492105

I thought FATAL was written by two lunatics?

>> No.23492140

It is a hard game to run, it really is intimidating. It very much relies on having great players, and my players were amazing, mostly through being willing to work with me to make it good.

Nah, I've heard of a handful of other people who have managed it too, but yea, with a different group it'd have fallen apart.

I imagine running it as a Play-by-Post on a forum would work best, allows you to easily keep track of time travel, what happened previously EXACTLY, stuff like that.

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Yeah, I was just joshin'/expressing my jellies.

How do you keep finding awesome groups? My local gaming scene is like 90% "NOT 3.5, NOT INTERESTED" and nobody wants to GM online for reasons I totally understand.

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Oh, yeah, you're right. Switch FATAL for RaHoWa then.

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Pre-Nerevarine. Tribunal is at the height of its power.

it's a fucking GOLDMINE of an awesome setting.

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This. Elder Scrolls is criminally underused in the pencil and paper realm.

>> No.23492223

I'd love to run a game of Monsterhearts but don't think I could pull it off comfortably.

>> No.23492262

A select group of friends who are all elegan/tg/entlemen or ca/tg/irls, plus still being good friends with people at my former university RP society, which has about 80 members, and a large number of which don't play DnD/Pathfinder.

Currently 7 months into a weekly Changeling game I'm running, as well as my 40k RPG playtest group.

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man, i get frothing at the mouth when i think of Vvardenfell campaign ideas.

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You n'wah.

>> No.23492325


Stop that shit.

>A university group that doesn't blow

Can't handle this, Commissar.

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1) All characters are cartoon characters
2) All characters are aware they are cartoon characters
3) All characters know a audience exist
4) All characters know that if the audience isn't pleased that they are erased.
5) Players vote at the end of each game on ratings for other players.
Have it start off fun and get really dark really quickly as the cartoon characters try to escape through the 4th wall in order not to be canceled and erased forever.

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Not the same guy, but if I were running it I'd go with an alternate continuity, just to get away from all the pre-established characters. Sozin and Roku both died on the volcano, the fire nation never attacked the rest of the world, Avatar Katara is currently training with the Fire Sages, Aang having died aged 90-something, that sort of thing. Frees you up to have your own story without interacting with anything but the core of the setting. Might bump into Fire Lord Iroh and his son, or Toph (who would still be Toph), or the Kiyoshi Warriors, or the Dai Lee (still the secret police of the Earth Kingdom, but not supressing news of the war anymore), but you don't have to use any of them. They might not be all that important.

Oh, and if I could play anything, I'd play Rogue Trader. I'd be the captain, I'd have my stupid fast Orion clipper, and I'd Kirk my way across the Expanse. Probably never going to happen.

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A real robo game that plays like an actual war.

Haven't run it because I don't think it would actually be fun. I mean I think I heard that modern warfare is some 40% boredom, 50% diarrhea, and 10% abject terror.

>> No.23492710

A real robo game in the vein of Generation Kill would be awesme.

I would love to run Kult, Heavy Gear, or AdEva. But my group doesn't like horror or high combat games.

>> No.23492735

>Front Mission Generation Kill

I would be so okay with this.

>> No.23492775

That feel. That wondrous feel.

>> No.23492809

in /tg/, only assholes think that campaign material is atention whoring, is one of the reasons to /tg/ to exist.
Also, golem rampaging sounds like tons of fun

>> No.23492865

Golden Heroes. But I couldn't GM a game if my life depended on it.

>> No.23492889

A mecha game set in the universe of "Zone of the Enders". I've been wanting to do this since a botched game years ago. Not sure if I'll find the players.

>> No.23492922

you would have to rewrite and guess at alot of things. if sozin didn't use the comet then maybe others would have. would ozai have just straight up killed his brother? things like that. I think a better setting would be right after sozen's comet. still some remainder air nomads so they are playable, the fire nation is just beginning its push into the south pole and earth kingdom. alternativly set way way before. like either pre kyoshi or during her life if you want her to help you slaughter evil. that way you get all 4 elements but no conflicting lore.

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There's always accountech...

>> No.23493082



Lot's of unexplored stuff to be had.

>> No.23493121


My google search for Accountech only turns up accounting firms with that name.

>> No.23493152

It's the upkeep side of BattleTech.

>> No.23493168

Battletech with all the upkeep, maintenance and accounting stuff added.

>> No.23493202

Heroes of Legend, Round 2
A 3.5 plus house rules game set in a world where the BBEG won and the adventurers who were destined to defeat him joined him. Monsters are now the ruling race, the sky is permanently black with thunder clouds and heroes have not been seen in a generation. The common man fears and hates adventure. But four peasants following visions in their dreams are transformed into heroes by a mysterious crone. How will they save a world that hates them? And is the old witch really the helpful person that she seems?

A hybrid game set in a near future world/MMORPG. Either nWoD or some rules light story system for real world. 4E for the fantasy MMO. Something mysterious is happening in the game which is having effects in the real world. Real life investigation has themes of hidden conspiracies that the players can't entirely uncover or understand. Through plot PCs gain completely broken abilities or spells that only work during server malfunctions.

Dungeon Survival
A good old fashioned dungeon crawl. Players better be making their own maps, keeping track of provisions for food, water, fuel and treasure. Some sections are massively over level requiring back tracking and figuring out ways around the danger. Logistics of taking treasure with them or hiding it at a place to eventual return to. Occasionally bump into other parties of adventurers who may be potential allies or willing to kill the party for their treasure. Not sure on the system. Can't have too many cantrips or half the challenge disappears.

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Space. Anything space, I don't care if it was Star Wars or Rogue Trader or Save Worlds, any system with space ships and robots and aliens.

I want to run a game where the party finds a shitty space ship and eventually repair and upgrade it until they become a one-ship army in space. Do they hollow out an asteroid and become smugglers? Pirates? Help out the Alliance?

Whatever they wanted to do, I would love to lead a group into a space adventure.

>> No.23493266


That actually sounds deeply appealing to me.


I've always wanted to run a game based on 80s and 90s beat-em-ups. I'd have to homebrew up a system to run it and none of my friends share my nearly religious veneration for Double Dragon and Streets of Rage 2, so nobody I know would actually want to play it even if I made it exist. Lame.

>> No.23493267

I played a game set right after Aang disappeared and the fire nation war had just begun. Was a lot of fun since you can blend in any type of character you want into the story. Plus we had a flashback arc set during Kiyoshi times with really high level heroic characters. This was my GMs homebrew d20 variant so the flashback was a great way to use the story of the macguffin we were seeking as a playtest for higher level characters.

>> No.23493289

A game that takes elements from Jet Set Radio, Mirror's Edge, and Air Gear.

>> No.23493298

A game with the BBG is a somewhat addled but good hearted lich is accidentally ruining the world.

Zombie or two fell in a stream and ruined a water supply, evil necromancers worshiping him for no reason, wildlife going crazy after eating undead flesh, and eventually reality warping due to a god becoming angry that a mortal is living too long/becoming too powerful.

I've never played any tabletop game, but I've spent waaaaaay too many hours trying to make an interesting campaign with lots of scenarios.

>> No.23493302


VeloCity was supposed to be that game, in theory. I think work on it stagnated.

>> No.23493328

Battletech has rules for pretty much everything you could possibly be doing with a military unit.

>> No.23493351

The writer was always a flake.

>> No.23493358


>The PCs finally make it to the linch's castle
>They slaughter their way through looking for him
>Bash down the final doors and find the linch
>He pops out wearing an apron holding a tray of cookies "Oh, hello. I wasn't expecting company would you like a cookie? Careful they are still a bit hot."

>> No.23493366

Hunter on the Conspiracy level. I was thinking something like a TF:V game or a FBI game, where the players are government operatives. But everyone always goes apeshit I WANNA PLAY THE REDNECK GUYS when I bring it up, sooooooo....

>> No.23493392


That's to bad. I was thinking of just using GRUPS or Fates

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i've made rules for a 2-4 player campaign, set in 1812-13 in poland/russia. Players would play as french dragoons (armed with a carbine and sabre), and would be able to pretty much do as they please. obviously they would be assigned tasks like foraging and picket duty, but during battle they would have to fight, or flank/harry enemy flanks.
rules involve many tables of random events, rules for drunkeness and extreme cold/exhaustion/starvation.
the game is called DRAGOON

>> No.23493449

Add me on Skype: bel_dent
And on mail: [email protected]

You sound smart and so does your campaign. I'd like to be updated.

>> No.23493461

You want to figure out exactly how pay your maintenance crews and pilots need per month?
Battletech has rules for that.
You want to figure out how hard it is to source parts, how expensive they'll be, and how long it'll take to repair your machines once you have them?
Battletech has rules for that.
You want to fight on a volcano in the middle of a snowstorm with little to no gravity and a toxic atmosphere?
Battletech has rules for that.

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Pretty much. His main "craziness" is thinking undead are still alive, and considers the PCs to be murderers.

Oh, and refers to himself in third person and has an imaginary friend who he thinks is himself.

"Oh, ignore Krat, he's old and ugly. Hey, I'm talking to you! HEY, LOOK AT ME! Can't you see me!? WHY CAN'T YOU SEE ME, PLEASE LOOK! Wait, what are you holding? Was that Abel's sword? Why do you have his sword, where is he? What'd you do to him! He was my friend!"

One day I'll start playing, then I'll be the best damn DM ever.

>> No.23493579

Man, I'd love to play a game set in space... Ideally, something in the Outlaw Star/"Toward Stars" setting.

>> No.23493637

I want to run a game focused on high-level diplomacy and grand strategy that spans over multiple generations, with the PCs playing rulers, those character's children, and so forth.

It would be a little adversarial as PCs would be able to politik against or invade each other.

>> No.23493659

>The Extraordinary adventures of Baron Münchausen

I would play this on the condition that it wasn't probably maybe a dream or something.

>> No.23493667

I want to run the Masks of Nyarlathotep using Fate.

>> No.23493783

Only War game with a Titan crew- one player is Princeps, one or more Moderati, a Sensorium & comms operators, Cogboy/girl in the Enginarium. Comrades are weapon servitors, minor crew members, Enginseers or (for the princeps) the spirits of previous Princeps trapped in the Manifold.

>> No.23493811

Have I mentioned that I love battletech recently?
Because I feel like I should say that more often.

>> No.23494003

A world of darkness game set in New Eden (the known cluster in EVE Online).

>> No.23494054
File: 119 KB, 650x402, beautiful_face_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look out for the face stealers.

>> No.23494138

Nice game idea, but the basically released it without editing. I bought the box set the week it came out and brought it home by bike. Ahh, nostalga.

>> No.23494147

=THEY basically released it without editing

>> No.23494343

So supernatural creatures doing accounting and market manipulations in space?

>> No.23494411

I've been doing this recently with a new group. We're normal people with normal skills, justified by our individual interests and employment/education. No one expects us to be able to accomplish anything, so they don't prepare much to stop us (yet). We struggle to maintain our humanity while doing increasingly dangerous/immoral things in the name of self defense or the defense of others. I'm playing a journalism student who has an interest in parkour. The other PCs are a neopagan psychiatric doctor, a slightly corrupt medical nurse, an enforcer for MS-13, and an art thief. This coming sunday we'll be trying to prevent someone from opening a portal to hell. The others are going in on the ground. Also in attendance are the entire population of the Psych nurse's mental hospital and a three vans of Homeland Security personnel that showed suspiciously quickly. Admittedly we set off a pipebomb in a shed out back, but still. I wasn't in on making the plan, so I'm not actually sure why we did that. I have a stolen hunting rifle with a whole three rounds and a clear view of the suspected ritual sight from an elevated position, and my job is to cap whoever seems to be leading the ritual. I'll know him by his mask and unique obsidian blade knife. My character has never killed anyone before and is sweating bullets fast enough to feed a chain gun.

I have literally never had this much fun with the WoD setting before.

>> No.23494760

>Eclipse Phase
Pretty much anything but especially games involving layers of intrigue and Firewall and new aliens.

>Dresden Files
A game with all the players acting as agents of a local big dog White Council Wizard during the Rampire War.

>> No.23495349

A vampire has infiltrated a Sani Sabik sect's priesthood and has been embezzling from the blood farm.

>> No.23495962

There's a Streetfighter RPG as well as an indy game called Fight! which both cover the genre well enough.

>> No.23496145

Looks pretty cool. Torn between paying for the official or trying to a find a link that isn't dead.

>> No.23496174

Any complete campaign that I designed.

I mean...god damnit. Everyone is having a good time. They all WANT to play, and even go out of their way to make it happen. But somewhere along the line the world goes out of its way to split campaign groups up.

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